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1 April 2011 Thought for the Week:

Never waste a good crisis: In the halls of “power politics” and in global “money management” circles, this is a well known though seldom articulated rule of action. It is claimed that no less a politician than Niccolo Machiavelli once said, “never waste the opportunities offered by a good crisis”. Perhaps he did. If so, he was not the first to say it or to urge those he served to act upon it. The bending of opportune crises for political ends is as old as politics - or crises. A cursory glance at history can unearth hundreds of examples of this practice...

Ignoring the appalling destruction of life and property and playing on the heartbreak, despair and natural mental fragility of those swept up by this catastrophe, this Japanese crisis is being played for all it can contribute. And it can and is contributing a great deal - to those who are increasingly desperate to divert attention to the man-made problems of the world.

- - - The Privateer 2011, Mid March Issue Number 674  


by John Brett
The following is an excerpt of a letter one young Australian wrote to Julia Gillard PM:
“My name is Brittany Stuart I’m 17 years old and shortly I will be 18 and legally allowed to vote, along with many others. But what is the point in me voting when some aspects of the government are taking our say away from us, which will eventually lead to our future. Let’s say something recent as the ETS and the Carbon Dioxide tax? I’m well aware of this as I re-call you said something along the lines that you wouldn’t bring this in BUT you lied to your fellow Australians, not only the older generations but the younger ones as well…”

John Brett responded to Brittany
I was once asked how could I know when somebody was lying to me? I still cannot be sure when lying is on a person to person basis, like a salesman at the door with a money back vacuum cleaner if it does not work as described. Of course the key to discerning this type of person to person lie, is the ability to foresee the consequences of any action arising from the lie. But this requires experience and a measure of intuition, tempered with the lessons of the lies you have manufactured yourself along the way. The consequences of indulging in this personal lying affects only a few people for a short time, while the compulsive liar eventually destroys his own credibility and ultimately his sanity. As someone observed, “The lie is both murder and suicide”. In any case, we all know from our own experience that we tell a lie in order to instigate or prevent action or a reaction, “I didn’t pinch Mary on the bottom”, or “I didn’t take Mary’s ice cream”. The lie is a device to deceive; it is man made always associated with action, mostly negative action, hence its dynamic quality by invention and application.

Psychological force is subtle and mostly subliminal. That is, it is concealed. The lie is the major and now dominant political force in everyday use. It is disguised at the same time it is revealed by having been renamed "politically correct". The word "correct" gives the catch phrase all of its credibility, almost the very opposite to its intent -- a lie. The credibility that becomes attached gives it coinage and assures it of continuity. Its effect can be negated to a degree by always referring to it as PCL, a "politically correct lie", not just PC. This brings it very close to being oxymoronic.

The complimentary opposite of the Lie is the Truth. If there is no truth there can be no lies as vice-versa. Truth is passive. It stands alone without malice or intent or accomplices or continuous repetition. It exists outside of man’s invention and corresponds to reality, and words about it should reflect its reality.

Our culture, through 2,000 years of experience, once instructed us by example and education the bedrock importance of knowing both and discriminating between the two. They became visible and identifiable as virtues and vice. The two had their cultural roots in the New Testament, as revealed by Christ.
The original education by Christ is recorded in the Gospel of John, chapter 8-44 in these translated words:-
“Your father is the devil and you choose to carry out your father’s desires. He was murderer from the beginning, and is not rooted in the truth; there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie he is speaking his own language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. But I speak the truth and therefore you do not believe me”.

The truth of what Christ was revealing was vindicated weeks later when the powerful liars of the day did in fact murder him for telling the truth. He was not confronted with the truth at his trial, only false accusations. The action that flowed as a consequence from his tormentors lies, was his crucifixion.

The Truth and the Lie down the centuries ebbed and flowed with all their consequences until suddenly in the 19th century there began an explosion of revealed scientific truth that was to change the world forever. By the end of the 20th century man had left the earth to journey beyond to the moon and elsewhere and now after discovering the Atom, the building block of all matter, he can now move and manipulate single atoms themselves. (10 million atoms placed side by side would just cover this full stop.)

Meanwhile whilst being mesmerized by this staggering revelation of truth in so short a time, the invented collective lie has achieved a feat of the same magnitude as the revealed scientific truth of the age. Amongst the great discoveries of the scientists were new mechanisms that allowed them to control imparted information. Newspapers, Radio and TV were to flood our minds with more information than could be assimilated in two lifetimes. A lie could be generated and amplified at any desired speed to any destination. Constant repetition gave it increasing force until in the minds of the beholder it became believed as “truth”.

The first great national exponent of this new mass hypnotism, which relied for its potency on the omission or exclusion of any conflicting truth, was the German scientist Dr. Joseph Goebbels’, who right at the outset told his confederates, “If you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.
This worked so well it led the German nation to its destruction, not recovered to this day. Dr Goebbels was not experimenting on the German people; he was entirely familiar with the success of the lie in sending millions of Russian souls to their death together with the destruction of their nation. He knew how well it worked; all he had to make sure was that the truth was omitted. “What the eye doesn’t see, the mind doesn’t grieve”.

We are now told that any lie emanating from an institution of authority, such as the Church, the Government, the Bank, UNO, Universities or even the local council, will have between one quarter and one third of the population wanting to believe what they have been told.
Nothing, even the passage of time will not have them dissuaded from the original lie. “Global warming is an absolute truth to one quarter of the population”.

All of what was happening in the Soviet Union, Germany, Cambodia, Iraq and China and currently Afghanistan, was concealed from us during its progress by our own media and publishers. Their cry is, “There are no collective lies” in our “free” nation, as millions of refugees flocked here from the lands of the lies. But all the time the lies became bigger and bigger around the world, encompassing the vanquished and previous victors until finally in 2009 every nation on earth was to meet in Copenhagen to agree by treaty to the biggest, most outrageous lie ever invented. The solution to a man-made lie that the world was perishing because of excess man-made Carbon Di-oxide, was to be the handover of all legitimate democratic and other government to a new selected world government which was to be the only way to solve this non-existent problem.

Again the dynamic for repair is to be finance, that invisible power, as it was in the beginning. The power of this lie can be gauged by its ability to silence almost every contradictory voice and fact in the world.
The opposition to the lie and all else about this new world order has been suppressed by people who we can never trust again, though we will be allowed to vote for some and buy newspapers from the others, as we please.
It is diabolical and has left us speechless and powerless, just as happened 2,000 years ago in that little country where Truth first obtained an audience, at a sacrificial price to the messenger. The current messengers of our fate will be exalted and revered by the sponsors who pay them so well. Can we “Forgive them for they know not what they do”?


Dear Reader, Julia Gillard has thrown down the gauntlet to all Australian's and it is past time to take up the challenge. Here it is accepted! I commend the attached files for your earnest consideration and then to share them with others.
The battle is just beginning but it will not end with Gillard's departure... the rest of the elected representatives at all levels of government, must be made aware that "this is not your world" and "your seat belongs to the people"... abuse it and YOU ARE GONE!! Come on... sock it to them; if you don't then they will tax your life away!

Ooooooo this is getting exciting
ABC TV News (finally) has done a huge coverage of the Canberra NO CARBON TAX rally. 4,000 people have travelled across Australia (during working hours) to rally on the Lawns in front of Parliament House Canberra. ABC aired the whole of Tony Abbott's speech, as many Parliamentarians, and a huge atmosphere of excited and happy people flanked him. We will probably see more of the other speakers later.
This has just begun. We must give out the information emails/flyers etc., that tell the Truth about the Wind Farm Industry, (it's cost and effectiveness). Information here

Also, the truth about CO2; and the exposure of the whole sorry mess and mistake, and those who are leading it. PM Gillard and her Left-Green Entourage have staked their reputation and careers on the fact that people do not know simple facts about CO2, and various methods of electricity generation.

Facebook sites with folk joining in their hundreds
Yes; and there are Sites on Facebook etc. springing up, that have members joining in hundreds; with excellent comments. The movement is growing exponentially; in addition to the established ranks who organised the previous Monckton and Watts Tours. Even though today's rallies are in business hours, many who are free, are travelling interstate to give their support.

If Christopher Monkton’s events can be outside working hours, we will get huge numbers who earnestly want to protest against Gillard’s Mammoth Con Job (of Libyan proportions). Monkton could find that his mission in Australia is the biggest thing since the Billy Graham Crusades of the 1950s filled the Melbourne and Sydney Cricket Grounds. Gillard likes to talk tough in Parliament; waving her finger at the Opposition and saying "Bring it On". Well Julia.... we might just Do That, with the help of millions of Australians.

PS: this radio interview was recorded nine days ago on 2GB: --
Angry Anderson is an Australian TV personality who for decades has championed the causes of the least privileged.

Does anyone know how many protesters attended the GetUp Rally?  


While we don’t agree with all Mr. Joyce’s claims in the following letter, we do agree that it is our responsibility to inform our representatives of what we want – and also WHAT WE DON’T WANT!
He writes:

Dear friend, In 2009 The Nationals led the charge against the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme. At the time only 7 per cent of people supported us. With your help we convinced our Coalition partners, the Australian people and eventually even Julia Gillard herself to ditch a plan to impose a big, new tax as a way of cooling the planet.

Now, despite telling the Australian people five days before the last election that “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”, Julia Gillard is telling Australians that we really do need one. So now we have to fight the carbon tax fight again. I have no doubt that with the support of the millions that helped last time, we can stop another Labor tax - again.

We will win because you can’t cool the planet from a room in Canberra. We will win because if taxes cooled the planet, the place would already be an icebox.
We will win because people are already paying over 40% more for their electricity since Kevin Rudd was elected in 2007. People don’t need another excuse to turn down the heating.

We will win because we have a choice between cheap power and cheap wages. If we end up with dear power and dear wages we will have no jobs.
We will win because a carbon tax would especially hurt those that live outside our capital cities, who rely on affordable transport to keep the cost of living down.

We will win because the Australian people don’t like being misled, particularly by their Prime Minister. Julia Gillard sits in the same office as Curtin, Chifley, Menzies and Whitlam.

All of these Prime Ministers had their faults, but none deceived the Australian people in the way that Julia Gillard has. The only way that the Australian people can stop this from happening again is to send a loud and clear message to Canberra that they will not tolerate such deception.

Today I spoke at the “no carbon tax rally” in Canberra where thousands did exactly that. I realise that many Australians could not make it to Canberra but there are many other ways that you can help. We are ready to fight against a government whose every solution to every problem is a new tax.

- - - Signed, Barnaby Joyce, Leader of The Nationals in the Senate.

Join the fight against Labor’s carbon tax: • Get involved • Forward this email to a friend • Tell your friends about our policies • Make a donation • Sign a petition against Gillard’s carbon tax. Nationals’ Petition on line now at  


We are so pleased to acknowledge that the earthquake warning by Mr. Ken Ring did not eventuate (On Target Vol.47 No11 - “Ken Ring’s Earthquake Warning for 20 March 2011 in NZ”).  


Readers will remember we harked back to an OT 1987 article to seek the motives behind the anti-Gaddafi attacks.
We quoted former president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev - now a darling of the world ruling elite - who warned that the Libyan leader could be chased out of his own country if he did not “begin to bend to the will of the people”.
Now we are to believe that out of the goodness of their hearts the warmongers of America along with their British and French counterparts, have, ‘just like the knights of the Crusades’ (as described by Russia’s Putin) gone to the rescue of the Libyan people – bombing the hell out of them in order to rescue them!

The question must be asked
Do these latest moves also serve ‘the Zionist strategy’ as did the 1993 Clinton 2AM missile attack on Baghdad? At the time, that great student of history Eric D. Butler reminded us: “Generally forgotten is that the air strike against Gaddafi in 1986 was justified by the allegation that Gaddafi was plotting to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, and that his agents were responsible for the murder of American servicemen in the then West Germany. It was subsequently revealed that the terrorists responsible for the West German killings were almost certainly based in Assad's Syria. But Assad, previously isolated internationally, was miraculously rehabilitated when the American policy makers required his support against Saddam Hussein.

And what of the report that Gaddafi was ‘miraculously rehabilitated’ by our own wise ‘leaders’ at the time? Eric continued: “And now, tucked away in only a few papers, is the report that arch villain Gaddafi has also been rehabilitated, with the Federal Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Mr. Andrew Peacock, announcing last week that the Opposition was endorsing the Government moves to lift commercial restrictions on Libya, pointing out that they had little effect on Gaddafi. The Government has decided to restore trading relations because it was felt that the 1986 restrictions were "outdated" and were now working against Australia's economic interests.”

A good summary: Libya, Serbia, and Iraq... Libya: Become US President, Declare War!


According to an ABC report 21/3/2011: Mining booms with fewer jobs
A mining boom has been driven by rising commodity prices but produced a fall in jobs (Local Radio). The University of Adelaide's Australian Institute for Social Research says South Australia's mining sector employs 5,000 fewer people than in 2007.

While just under 12,500 people were employed by mining in 2007 the number fell to just under 8,000 by last November. The author of the report John Spoehr says a mining boom has been driven by rising commodity prices, but has not led to more jobs: "Most people expect that mining employment would've gone up over recent years as a result of significant growth in the sector, but surprisingly it hasn't," he said.

Would somebody tell Mr. Spoeher research into the effects of technology might yield some interesting details. Have a look at the huge machines now used in the mining industry to gouge out of the earth’s minerals. Go to “Financial Credit Versus Real Credit” presented by Jeremy Lee and view the huge labour-time-saving machines.

“Social Credit? Some Questions Answered” by Frances Hutchinson:
“What happens to wages when machines take over? Under the present wage (and salary) slave systems, technological change often renders people ‘unemployed’. Deprived of the right to income through work, the ‘unemployed’ receive incomes through degrading means tests and ‘work fare’ schemes.
The social credit proposals for a national dividend, or basic income, are designed to enable all to share the ‘wages of the machine’ deriving from the common cultural inheritance and the collective increment of association.” Price $9.00 plus postage.  


by Wallace Klinck, Canada
Full or near-full employment is not a rational goal. It suggests that we live in a condition of real scarcity or on the edge of it. Any nation that requires nearly its entire employable population to provide for its material needs and wants is a very inefficient producing organization. (Viz. the former Soviet Union) A rationale goal is to provide material abundance with an absolute minimum of cost.
Labour is a cost and its elimination by technology as rapidly as possible should be a national goal. "Man does not live by bread alone." Provision of increased leisure should be regarded as the rational and ethical goal to be achieved by economic activity, which is simply a "functional activity of men and women in the world to be accomplished as quickly as possible with a minimal of expenditure of energy." (C. H. Douglas)

The policy of ‘full employment’ – a policy of control
Full employment as a state policy is a means of subjecting citizens to centralized control and has nothing to do with sound economic policy or the basis of a free society. It is the cornerstone policy of communism, fascism -- and debt-driven finance (Keynesian Fabian Socialist) capitalism -- not to mention being diametrically opposed to Christian thought and practice and being also a manifestation of anti-cultural and crass materialism.

It goes hand-in-hand with centralized finance and attempts to achieve its results in both increasing state intervention and in increasing intensity of international competition as nations attempt to export more real wealth than they import. It is, therefore, a major impetus to animosity amongst nations and the prime source of war.

Citizens saddled with hopeless task of un-repayable and escalating financial debt
From a realistic rather than financial aspect, full employment is neither necessary nor desirable from either an economic or a cultural standpoint. People accept the policy of full employment only because the faulty orthodox financial system distributes increasingly inadequate consumer income, primarily, through paid employment, while working directly in opposition to real technological advances in productive efficiency by negating such real efficiencies through rising prices.
Citizens are saddled with the hopeless task of trying to repay un-repayable and escalating financial debt while not realizing that attempts to do so by further production under the orthodox conventions of national cost accountancy will only exacerbate the problem.  


This is another example of the enhancement of the "social credit" of a community in a perhaps somewhat unexpected place. Subject: Hi Tech Parking in Budapest. WOW! Isn't this something! Look Mum no people! And precision parking at that! Watch here:


This warehouse in Vaughn, Ontario is almost fully automated. It puts the product away, picks orders, sorts them on pallets and gets them ready for shipping. The technology is quite amazing. The link here and you can see the facility. Count how many people are labouring in order to keep this warehouse running smoothly and efficiently.  


Libyan ‘intervention’ decidedly fishy:
The Australian
23rd March 2011:
The 'allied intervention' in Libya looks decidedly fishy to me. I find it hard to believe that this military attack, organised with astonishing speed, is being conducted for altruistic reasons. Colonel Gaddafi, no matter what his past sins are, suddenly looks to be the victim. Matthew Sussex is right to note (Commentary, 22/1) that the questionable doctrine of 'right to protect' can 'be manipulated by countries wanting to justify much more selfish objectives' and 'used by countries to take actions that have little to do with human rights.' And Charles McPhedran on the same page has pointed to a series of self-interested motivations behind the French contribution to the attack. Also suspicious is the way some media reports have betrayed obvious bias against Gaddafi, such as referring to his troops as 'goons'. Is it possible that internationalist elites want to foment a major war in the Islamic world for reasons that have nothing to do with the welfare of Libyan rebels?

- - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Victoria


Citizens need to be made aware – financial noose is tightening:
To the Editor, Shepparton News:
Greater Shepparton City Council has joined a fight for constitutional reform to recognise local government. The Australian Local Government Association sought the council’s support and councillors have passed a resolution endorsing amending the Constitution, which would allow direct funding of local government bodies by the Federal Government. Greater Shepparton City Council has declared its support for financial recognition of local government in the Australian Constitution and for inclusion of local government in any new Preamble to the Constitution and has called for a referendum on the issue by 2013. The new push for recognition follows a 2009 High Court decision that the Federal Government does not have the power to fund local government directly because of the Constitutional issue. Australian councils were asked to pass a resolution endorsing the ALGA position. ‘‘I believe it will not impact on the relationship between councils and the state government,’’ Cr Jenny Houlihan said in support of the resolution. ‘‘This is very important for future funding.’’

- - Louis Cook, Numurkah Victoria

Read of the Plan for Local Councils here:

Future funding of NZ superannuation:
To the Editor, Grey Power Focus, New Zealand:
Several correspondents have discussed the future funding of NZ superannuation. Politicians and economists hint at raising the age of eligibility, and there are endless suggestions about how it might be better funded. Usually overlooked is an investigation of actual money, what it is, how it comes into existence. It is in fact a mere numbering system. These days notes and coins are a tiny part of the total money supply. The rest is mere book, or rather computer, entries.
Money is created with the granting of loans from banks and this is the source of all bank deposits. If there were a proper keeping of national accounts it would soon be seen that for every $1 of costs imposed on the public less than a $1 is issued. Every viable business imposes more costs on the public than it issues in wages, salaries or dividends.
With the present method of cost accounting it cannot be otherwise. Conventional economic doctrines all fail because they are based on a sort of two-dimensional thinking in a three-dimensional world. A constant issue of new loan money only maintains the present economic order direct to the public via home and farm mortgages and various methods of personal loans.
When a society’s total indebtedness becomes unsupportable the conventional “solution” is another decade or so of high inflation accompanied by governments running large deficits.
Richard Cooke of the US, among others, has proposed that every citizen should be paid a sort of national dividend, financed from the issue of new credit, not taxes, the amount to be calculated from the difference between total prices and total present incomes calculated within a given period of time.
His calculations several years ago indicated that if this was done every American would have received around $8000 that year. It would not be inflationary because no extra burden is placed on producers or consumers. Existing economic theories unnecessarily pit one section of society against another. Materially this is a super wealthy country and we have a modern system of technology, which makes it easy to supply all that we need. But we now need to bring the cost-accounting-money system into the modern world.

- - Yours sincerely, Bill Daly Auckland New Zealand

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