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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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29 April 2011 Thought for the Week:

Prince William, second in line to the British throne, elder son of heir to the throne, Prince Charles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, will marry Kate Middleton, daughter of Michael and Carole Middleton.

The couple met while studying at St Andrews University in Scotland. Prince William proposed in October 2010 in Kenya, with his mother's diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

The ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. on April 29 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London, England.

Every good wish to Kate and William  


Under the heading: Appeal from the Polish People to the Citizens of Europe and the World, folk from Poland have asked us to give prominence to their petition:

“We, citizens of the Republic of Poland, reject the Russian report of Aviation Committee MAK* - which misleads public opinion with regard to the reasons and circumstances of the plane crash that claimed the life of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 95 other Polish citizens on Russian territory.

We demand answers to the key questions on the investigation. Why did the Russian control tower not precisely direct plane TU-154 M towards the landing strip, misleading the Polish pilots by communicating that the plane was "on path and on course"? What are the reasons for such a suspicious state of the plane wreckage - the stripping of the plane body and the total lack of the cockpit?

We demand the publication of the photographs registered by satellites, of the observed flight and the site of the accident and we demand the handing over of the evidence of the investigation: the wreckage of the plane and the black boxes which belong to Poland and yet are still being kept in Russia.

We are appalled by the attitude of (the) Polish government which does not care for the basic interests of our citizens. Starting from letting the Russians take the personal property of the plane's passengers - among them the President's (including the laptops and mobile phones) - with all their delicate data. It made the decision to hand over the whole investigation to the Russians, without sufficient legal basis. We believe that such actions amount to treason.

It is difficult to take seriously the MAK report, which sees the reason for the crash to be the result of the alcohol in the blood of one of the passengers (whose body was identified several days after the crash) and of the pressure that was supposedly put on the pilots in relation to landing - none of these arguments were supported by any evidence.

We protest against the destruction of the evidence of the investigation - for instance the destruction of the plane wreckage by the Russians, as was documented by the Polish TV crew.

We protest against the defamation of the Polish Army leaders' memory. We want to apologize to the widows of Polish officers for the unfounded calumnies broadcast by Russian Special Forces and repeated by the media in Poland and around the world - with no reaction from the Polish authorities. Alone in our struggle to get to the truth, we appeal to the sense of justice and solidarity of Europe and indeed of the World's citizens, the whole of international opinion and we call for help from all people of good will.

We wish to express our deepest respect and solidarity towards the families of the deceased and we want to reassure them of our determination to get to the truth. We demand an international investigation, punishment for the people responsible for the death of Polish citizens, among them Polish President. We believe that the honest investigation of this matter is at the heart of the interests of a Europe of freedom, independence and solidarity.

- - Solidarni 2010, Petition Website:  


Australians need to read slowly and digest thoroughly the previous reports from the files of On Target, 25 July 2008 (with apologies to Charles Dickens and "Our Mutual Friend," 1867):

"The mature young lady is a lady of property. The mature young gentleman is a gentleman of property. He invests his property in futures and derivatives speculation. He goes, in a condescending amateurish way, into the City, attends meetings of Directors, and has to do with traffic in globalized 'free market' Shares.

As is well known to the wise in their generation, falling house prices, and mortgage foreclosures traffic is the one thing to have to do with in this world. Have no antecedents, no established character, no cultivation, no ideas, no manners; have mortgage brokers' predatory and fraudulent lending practices. Have multibillion-dollar rescue packages mounted with dizzying speed to rescue greedy investment banks. Have Shares enough to be on Boards of Direction in capital letters, oscillate on mysterious business between London, New York and Paris, and be great.

Where does he come from? Shares. Where is he going to? Shares. What are his tastes? Financial systems that reward unconstrained speculation, and Shares. Has he any principles?
Yes, commodification of food (i.e., its trading as a means of generating profits rather than an end in itself), Shares. What squeezes him into Parliament? Shares. Perhaps he never of himself achieved success in anything, never originated anything, never produced anything. Sufficient answer to all; Shares. O mighty Shares!

To set those blaring images so high, and to cause us smaller vermin, as under the influence of henbane, opium, to cry out night and day, "Relieve us of our money, scatter it for us, buy us and sell us, ruin us, only we beseech ye take rank among the powers of the earth, and fatten on us!"  


by Betty Luks
In OT 13th July 2008 we reported Ellen Brown’s article “Let the Law Suits Begin: Banks Brace for the Storm” :

Ellen wrote:
“The thought could send a chill through even the most powerful of investment bankers, including Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson himself, who was head of Goldman Sachs during the heyday of toxic subprime paper-writing from 2004 to 2006. Judge rules Deutsche Bank did not have standing to foreclose: “Mortgage fraud has not been limited to the representations made to borrowers or on loan documents but is in the design of the banks’ “financial products” themselves.
Among other design flaws is that securitized mortgage debt has become so complex that ownership of the underlying security has often been lost in the shuffle; and without a legal owner, there is no one with standing to foreclose. That was the procedural problem prompting Federal District Judge Christopher Boyko to rule in October 2007 that Deutsche Bank did not have standing to foreclose on 14 mortgage loans held in trust for a pool of mortgage-backed securities holders.
What if defaulting homeowners contested the foreclosures? Ellen Brown continued: “If large numbers of defaulting homeowners were to contest their foreclosures on the ground that the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue, trillions of dollars in mortgage-backed securities (MBS) could be at risk. Irate securities holders might then respond with litigation that could indeed threaten the existence of the banking Goliaths”.


According to the ABC News April 2011- “Senate report slams Goldman's role in crisis”:

“A US Senate committee says 'greedy' investment bankers are the biggest culprits in the financial crisis (ABC: Lateline Business) A US Senate inquiry has slammed Goldman Sachs and other investment banks for triggering the financial crisis, and in some cases profiteering from it.
A committee chaired by Democrat Carl Levin has singled Goldman Sachs out for particular criticism, saying the investment bank misled investors and manipulated markets, particularly with regard to sub-prime loans.

The subcommittee report says the investment banking giant, "used net short positions to benefit from the downturn in the mortgage market." In layman's terms the committee is accusing Goldman of betting on the value of collateralised debt obligations backed by housing loans to fall, while still packaging and selling the same type of investments to its clients.

This created conflicts of interest with clients while also at times providing the bank with profits, "from the same products that caused substantial losses for its clients." Goldman Sachs rejected the allegations, but says it will look closely at the criticisms in the report.

Read rest of article here - ABC/Reuters


by Peter Ewer
Rare it is to see criticism, if it can be called that, of Asia in the Australian media, let alone the Murdoch press. Jaswant Singht “India Hobbled by Heavy Weight of Corruption”, The Australian, 1 April, 2011, p.8, states what everybody who knows anything about India: “corruption” as we understand it in the West runs deeply through Indian society through to its government.

Various stand offs have even led India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to express alarm about the “future of India’s parliamentary democracy”. For example, it seems that misconduct in India’s telecommunications ministry may have sucked off $30 billion from corrupt practices. The government ignored demands from the opposition for an independent inquiry. India is becoming increasingly illiberal, with a lack of tolerance of dissent. Thus, “as a result, what remains of representative institutions is an empty shell of residual decision-making, with bribery being the only real conversation of government.”

Jaswant Singht is perhaps being too pessimistic. Democracy in India, as with democracy in Australia, is a facade, a ritualistic process. As long as economic growth continues so will modern India. As long as capitalism keeps ticking over, business will continue as usual.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Following on from Peter Ewer’s “The Corruption of India” a good legal example was given in the “Legal Affairs action” of The Australian, “The Day Freehills Wrote off Millions” (25 March, 2011, p.29) “Australian legal firm Freehills was involved with Indonesia’s Makarim and Taira, but relations soured in the early 1990s. Due to mounting tensions Freehills withdrew from the relationship.

Then Freehills got a huge tax bill from the Indonesians which Freehills thought was without foundation. One of the Freehills partners flew to Jakarta to try and sort things out. He was at one point summoned to a waiting limousine accompanied by a jeep full of armed Indonesian police. He was told over a two-hour limo ride that he would face “unspecified consequences if he and the firm’s resident partners did not do as they were told”. The firm wrote off the money.

That is the bottom line of business with Asia. However massive violations of the rule of law does nothing to disrupt capitalism in these countries. Playing by the rule book is a Western creation.  


by Brian Simpson
Ross Gittins “A Crack in the Wall of Xenophobia” The Age, February 23, 2011, puts the case that human beings are xenophobic, having an “instinctive fear of strangers”. As he puts it:

“Our evolutionary history has left us with an instinctive fear of outsiders – people who are different, people who invade our territory to steal our food and our women or, in the contemporary context, to jump the queue and steal our jobs, overcrowd our schools (and win most of the prizes) overwhelm our culture, push up housing prices and add congestion on the roads”.
One would have thought that there were good survival reasons for an evolutionary-based “fear of strangers” because very often strangers do harm us, more frequently than our “inner circle”.

Gittins though, as a believer in the religion of egalitarianism, finds this shocking and looks for a “crack in the wall of xenophobia”. For him it is the human aspect of asylum seekers, their personal tragedies and the like which can soften the xenophobe. But that response, as I see it, is completely inadequate.
We can feel sympathy for an orphaned boy asylum seeker at the funeral of his father, just as we can feel sympathy for hopeless and unemployed Anglo Australians. That does not alter the basic fact that people prefer being with their own kind and that feeling resentment to what has been done to Anglo-Australia by its elites, is a justifiable resentment.

Of course the Gittins-style argument is for local consumption only; the Chinese would not have a bar of it and would shoot “boatpeople” who did to China what is done to Australia. China shoots down planes that illegally enter its territory. Of course I am not supporting this, merely pointing out a moral dilemma.
The weird thought of egalitarianism seems to be that only whites face the moral tribunal. Why are non-Western nations ever “judged?” Surely because that would conflict with the golden rule of egalitarianism, that only whites are guilty of xenophobia. Black pride, Asian pride, etc = good; white price = bad, racism.

A brilliant refutation of the Gittens argument was given at Oz Conservative blogspot, 28 February, 2011. There it was argued that the open borders cosmopolitanism applied to the nation state could also be applied right down to the personal level, such as the family, or even, I think, the person him/herself. Why discriminate in favour of one’s family with resources and loyalty?

Why share one’s resources with one’s family rather than the universe? For that matter why have a discriminatory bias towards one’s own life? Plenty of people are on waiting lists for organs – why not have yourself disassembled to save a few lives? The cosmopolitan xenophilia of Gittens, a ruling ideology with our chattering class, is absurd. It is a trendy philosophy which is held but never consistently practiced, for its practice leads to self-destruction.

Chris Kenny, “Allegations of Racism May Confront Guilty Parties, but it also fuels Resentments”, The Weekend Australian, 12-13 March, 2011, p.11, makes the related point that it has become a common political strategy to “trumpet your tolerance” by condemning others as racist and intolerant. This is a strategy to get the moral high ground and win the argument. As always, it must be dealt with by the cool hand of reason.
Often, as in the case of Pauline Hanson in the late 1990s, the strategy can backfire, leaving one like a cartoon character with one of those exploded cigars in one’s mouth.  


Gilad Atzmon writes, 14th April 2011:
“One of the main differences between my work and the writings of other humanists within the peace movement is that I am willing to move beyond the political discussion -- I dig into the ideological and philosophical roots of the Jewish state, Jewish politics and Jewish identity politics. I look into the meaning of 'Jewishness.'

In my work I clearly identify a continuum between Israel and 'Jewish ideology' ('Jewishness'). And since Israel defines itself as the Jewish State, then surely --we must be brave enough to question what Jewishness stands for. And clearly, Israelis are proud about their Jewishness -- They are far from being shy about it all.

AIPAC conference:-
In the following video Judeo-Centric Israeli Law Professor Ruth Gavison spreads some Jewish Tribal ideas at AIPAC conference.
And here…


I was told to watch the video of Yindjibarndi Aboriginal folk taking on a mining giant. I had to search around the internet but finally found it on their own webpage.
As you watch the video, remember the words of Geoff MacDonald all those years ago when he sought to warn the Aboriginal folk they were being used for ulterior purposes (“Red Over Black”).

Extraordinary Meeting:
A meeting held to discuss an agreement which allows Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) to do anything, anytime, anywhere it wants, on the traditional country of the Yindjibarndi People – but which prohibits the Yindjibarndi from ever claiming compensation, if FMG’s future activities prevent them exercising their legally determined land rights – was the subject of an extraordinary meeting held in Roebourne on 16 March 2010.

Titled “FMG’s Great Native Title Swindle” Now on youtube


from Len the Cleaner
All you Freedom folk there in the East, try and outdo this! (“Land Developers ‘Wrote Government Policy’”, The Advertiser, 26 March 2011, p.1) A 2,500-home project at Gawler East, Adelaide, had its rezoning document prepared by developers rather than the South Australian government’s planning department.

Don’t worry about the details, just enjoy the flavour of how things are done in South Australia. Perhaps this state will be the first one to completely privatise parliament by abolishing state government and allowing the corporate to completely rule. After all, why keep the useless “middleman?”  


At long last people are recognising the bleedin’ obvious! From ISIS REPORT 4/04/11:

“There is now widespread recognition that a rapid shift from industrial monoculture to sustainable farming is needed to save the climate and guarantee food security for all. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho:
A rapid and significant shift from conventional, industrial, monoculture towards sustainable production systems is needed, says a new discussion paper from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) [1]. This follows on the heels of a report by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier De Schutter demonstrating that agroecology or eco-farming can double food production in entire regions within 10 years while mitigating climate change and alleviating rural poverty [2]. These two new papers confirm what we have found in our comprehensive report released in 2008 [3] (Food Futures Now: *Organic *Sustainable *Fossil Fuel Free , ISIS/TWN publication), which supports our call for a global shift to non-GM sustainable agriculture in 2003 [4] (The Case for A GM-Free Sustainable World, Independent Science Panel Report, ISIS publication).

Scientists consistently find agroecology can double food production:
De Schutter’s report Agro-ecology and the right to food presented to the UN Human Rights Council on 8 March 2011 draws extensively on recent scientific literature to support its conclusions [2]: “Today’s scientific evidence demonstrates that agroecological methods outperform the use of chemical fertilizers in boosting food production where the hungry live - especially in unfavourable environments.”
“Agro-ecology mimics nature, not industrial processes. It replaces the external inputs like fertiliser with knowledge of how a combination of plants, trees and animals can enhance productivity of the land,” De Schutter told Stephen Leahy of IPS (Inter Press Service) [5],
“Yields went up 214 percent in 44 projects in 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa using agro-ecological farming techniques over a period of 3 to 10 years... far more than any GM [genetically modified] crop has ever done.” Other recent scientific assessments have shown that small farmers in 57 countries using agro-ecological techniques obtained average yield increases of 80 percent. Africans’ average increases were 116 percent.

Chemical fertilizers produce quick yield boosts but not sustainable:
De Schutter criticised efforts by governments and major donors such as the $400 million Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to subsidise fertilizer and hybrid seeds: it produces quick boosts in yields but are not sustainable in the long term [5]. Malawi is touted as an AGRA success story by funders such as the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation that have massively subsidised chemical fertilizers for a corresponding improvement in food production. But the country cannot afford to continue those subsidies and is shifting to agro-ecology. “The [Malawi] government now subsidises farmers to plant nitrogen-fixing trees in their fields to ensure sustained growth in maize production,” he said.

The dominant view of agriculture is the industrial approach to maximise efficiency and yield.
That approach is utterly dependent on cheap fossil fuels and never having to be held accountable for environmental degradation and other impacts. “It is fair to say that between 45 and 50 percent of all human emissions of global warming gases come from the current form of food production,” De Shutter said. Greenhouse emissions from industrial agriculture are more than just carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. They include vast amounts of the super greenhouse gases like methane from intensively raised feedlot animals, and nitrous oxide from chemical fertiliser. Add deforestation, mostly done to increase farmland or plantations, and that's around a third of all emissions.

Now, pile on the emissions from food processing and long distance transport of foods around the world, and it comes close to half of all human-caused emissions. The food system doesn't have to be a major source of emissions, the problem is just the way we have designed it around cheap fossil fuel energy, De Schutter said. Eco-farming can produce more food for the world’s poorest, while also reducing emissions. It can even store carbon in the soil. Small scale farming the key…

Read the rest of this report here…


by Betty Luks
It is because Eric had such a great sense of history and knew the importance of establishing historical records that we who have come after him can draw on the League Archives for reference. Articles in the On Target collection go back to the early 1960s.

James Reed in August 2006, wrote of the media attacks on Eric when he died. He wrote:
“Eric Butler has gone - and Australia is the poorer in his passing. But predictably enough, the mainstream press took a last swing at Eric. Let's swing back.”

After referring to a distorted and inaccurate piece by D.D. McNicholl, James turned to Phillip Adams’ abusive claims. “Writing a few days later Philip Adams ("Anti-Semitic Zealot Held Surprising Political Sway," The Australian 13/6/06 p.10) repeated the same abuse as McNicoll and added his own mud. Butler, he says during World War II "had been consorting with the enemy via the Japanese Chamber of Commerce," and the Attorney General H.V. Evatt at the time sought to lay subversion charges against Butler because of the articles which he had written criticising the war loan campaign. This says more about H.V. Evatt than it does about Eric Butler…”

WWII Labor Attorney General suspected of working for the Soviets
A recent article in The Australian newspaper (29/4/2011) revealing that former wartime Labor Attorney General H.V. Evatt “secretly worked for the Soviet Union against Australian Interests” brought a smile to my face.
If Adams had done his homework he would have known about Evatt’s connections during the war years, in particular from Eric’s book answering his own slanders (“The Truth About the Australian League of Rights”).

Those with internet access need only go to our On Target archives website, type in Search ‘H.V. Evatt’ and read much on the man. Or, if they want more info, purchase our New Times DVD-Rom, there are around 300 references to the man. The DVD-Rom is $35.00 posted.

While we are on the subject of Australia’s history, as recorded in On Target and other League publications, let me remind you of what the Liberals once stood for.

“Checks, Balances & the Division of Power” by Jeremy Lee in same OT edition:
“Professor Greg Craven of Curtin University (Australian Financial Review, Weekend, June 9-12) accurately portrayed the loss of a philosophical base in the Liberal Party.

He pointed out that the original Liberal Party founded by Menzies held valid four principles: firstly, a suspicion of centralised power; secondly, a clear recognition of the limitations of government; thirdly, a profound respect for society's institutions, from the Constitution to the Courts and Judiciary, to the Senate - no matter how inconvenient they might be at particular moments; and, finally, traditional Liberals once firmly rejected the venal policy "Whatever it takes …." introduced by Labor's Graham Richardson in the Hawke era.

Pragmatism: All these principles - the bare minimum for reasonable government - have been shed by the modern Coalition in favour of survival at any cost, "whatever it takes …"
From here on the slide will be rapid. The 'blind eye' which a complacent electorate once turned to the shallow lies and broken core-promises will, from here on, be wide open and unforgiving.”  


1. “Lion of Freedom” 40 years of the “On Target” - good value at $20 posted.
2. “The New Times” - 74 years, from 1935 to 1999, 1575 issues,

There are 300 references to H.V. Evatt on The New Times files. PLUS several videos. Value packed DVD-Rom for $35 posted.
Only readable on the computer, but a great tool to have on hand for reference and/or give to your children and grandchildren as a historical record of the work of the “Australian League of Rights”; with writers like Eric D. Butler, Jeremy Lee, David Thompson, Betty Luks, Ivor Benson and many more.
A compendium of articles about The Monarchy, Finance, China, The Common Market, The Middle East, Communism and many more important topics which you will not find in the newspapers BUT are in the archives of the National Library in Canberra! Someone other than League supporters must think it worth keeping. Price: $35.00 posted.

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