Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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13 May 2011 Thought for the Week:

“The reporter should forget about yesterday's principles of respecting reality. "That's not the way the world works anymore. We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality - judiciously, as you will - then we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do." (See www.321 gold, Feb 2, "We are Victims of a Financial Coup d' Etat", by Catherine Fitts.)
This is not me moralizing about how the modern world runs on fantasy. This is a Washington insider of insiders, positively boasting of how the modern world is run on fantasy. Do not his words correspond exactly to the fabrications, for instance, of 9/11 and Saddam Hussein's “weapons of mass destruction", "created" to justify policies otherwise impossible to justify?..."

- - - Bishop Richard Williamson, "Unbelievable Hubris" reported in OT Vol 47 No 8 2011

‘Mmmmmmm… Something is fishy’: "They accomplished three objectives: justification of all the crimes (kidnappings, torture, illegal imprisonment, murders, etc, etc.) having been and presently being committed in the name of the war on terror (whatever that means). Next, loosen even more the purse strings of Congress for additional multi-billion funding for the continuation and enhancement of the first objective, and last but not least, political points for the party now in power, particularly the president. All the rest that comes with this official murder is gravy."

- - -Manuel Sotil, ReportersNotebook, 5th May 2011.

"Many that live deserve death. And some die that deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then be not too eager to deal out death in the name of justice, fearing for your own safety. Even the wise cannot see all ends."

- - - Gandalf in “The Lord Of the Rings”, Book VI, Chapter I, by J. R. R. Tolkien (1892 -1973)  

RACE-WAR – A DEEPER DIVISION from Geoffrey Dobb’s The Local World Part X

From Class War to Race War: There are deeper divisions which can be carved into human nature than those between cultural and economic classes: being biological they are even more deadly. 'Race' is one of these. In one sense it may be said that in the matter of insane thinking about 'race,' Hitler won the War. While the totalitarian imposition of 'correct' political and religious opinion in the U.S.S.R. was tolerated and even praised by the opinion-formers of the Left in the West for generations, because they agreed with the opinions imposed, the monstrous abominations committed under the Nazi regime, as suddenly and dramatically revealed at the end of the War, produced a reaction so violent that it partakes somewhat of the insanity which produced it.

What concerns me is that the abominations which came to light when the Hitler War ended have so long occupied and polluted our minds and emotions that after fifty years they have induced a sort of back-to-front Naziism (one might call lzanism) intolerant of any impartial enquiry into them or into how the German people came to follow Hitler.

Public thinking on this subject is that of the lynch mob: these men were monsters of evil; therefore all they thought or said was untrue and wicked; it follows that anyone who looks into it and finds any truth in some of it shares in their guilt, is condoning their crimes and should be denounced. This was the Nazi attitude towards the Jews, and is the Jewish attitude towards the Nazis, and is now the only 'politically correct' attitude, departure from which is liable to be punished by the post-War invented terms of political abuse such as racist, fascist and 'anti-semitic' (meaning anti-Jewish).

In contrast to this attitude, is that reported of an old priest who had known Hitler in his youth. When asked what this monster was like he paused, and then said, with a sigh: "He was a man. Like every man. Like all men. Like Christ."

Further reading here…


by Peter Ewer
But the great mystery remains: Like good detectives let’s cut to the chase on the death of the world’s No 1 Terrorist, Osama bin Laden. Let us not get bogged down as our US right-wing brothers have, comparing Osama and Obama, Saddam and Hussein (Obama) but let the facts call out for an explanation.

We, the people, all thought bin Laden was living in a cave. Instead he was allegedly living in the posh Pakistani Bilal Town in a mansion. The US sent a team of elite Navy Seals (not the fish-eating, flipping kind) into Pakistan to kill him. There was, apparently, no joint operation with the Pakistani security forces. Some media comments suggest that as bin Laden was virtually next door to the Pakistani Military Academy, the Pakistani government may have protected him. If so, they failed.

The question to be asked, all conspiracy aside is: why did they take so long to get him? We can understand a man living in a cave would be hard to find – but a luxury mansion? Satellite technology? – come now! And most importantly, the US advertised they wanted bin Laden dead or alive, but mostly the emphasis was on dead. The trained Seals killed him. No doubt he put a fight in, but any man with just a gun can be taken alive. Stun and gas grenades, wounding shots, etc., could have subdued him. Not because of any liberal pinko reasons - but because an alive bin Laden could have vital information extracted from him. Physical torture is no longer necessary.

Killing bin Laden was sheer folly, a terrible outcome. Obama looks like a child, clapping his hands with glee, like a seal at the brief rise of his fortunes in the opinion polls. But the mission was far from adequate. And the bin Laden body was buried at sea – so second opinion is possible, no questions raised about his identity. The claim that this sea burial was done to prevent the creation of a land-based shrine for worship is simply silly because there are innumerable places on land to plant a body, where civilians cannot go. (Keep the burial site a secret, maybe!)

Radical Arab websites are already doubting his death. Then of course, is the threat by al-Qa’ida to nuke a European city if bin Laden is dead. If this happens, let’s hope that the Seals really did get bin Laden, otherwise all has been in vain. In short, a new Osama conspiracy is likely to be born: the US did not want him alive to speak to a court because he had too many uncomfortable tales to tell. No doubt the 9/11 Truth folk will pursue that one.

Finally, now if bin Laden is dead, what reason remains for the West to remain in Afghanistan, since as President Hamid Karzai has recently said, “Terrorism is not in the villages of Afghanistan.” Oh, I forgot about the oil.  


by Brian Simpson
Peter Ewer in the above article makes the valid point that the bin Laden operation is highly suspicious. Here are some confirming points. First the US denies that the operation was an assassination. Obama said that bin Laden died in a gunfight i.e., bin Laden shot back.

However, the Israeli media, who know most things, described the operation as a “targeted killing operation par excellence” (“Kill Gives Us Carte Blanche: Israel”, The Australian 4/5/2011 p.11). The Israeli media, according to this article, holds this general view: “Israel can consider from a legal point of view, the liquidation of bin Laden outside of US borders gives us a blanket authorisation to act against terrorists outside of our borders”. As if they needed that for justification.

Further, Israeli press noted that the assassination of bin Laden has transformed Obama (not Osama) into a hero, from the ‘loser’ as he has been seen. Thus, could it be that (1) bin Laden had been killed long ago and this event has been kept up B. Hussein Obama’s sleeve? (2) bin Laden was not killed at all.
On this last point an article in The Australian (4/5/2011 p.2) “DNA No Guarantee It’s the Top Man” notes that the US has released no evidence that bin Laden is dead including DNA documentation. No evidence of a sea burial has been given. Why make this a big secret?

Finally, I wonder what would happen if the Arab terrorists denied that bin Laden is dead? There seems to be no comment from them, not a pip. Very strange indeed, but that’s show business!  


by Betty Luks
Don’t know about you, but these days I treat with great caution and suspicion what modern governments continually dish out to their gullible peoples. I made a special point of surfing the alternate media on the announcement that American ‘special forces’ had murdered bin Laden. I thought I might be able to get some balance in all of the hype.

Later murdered herself, in 2007 Benazir Bhutto said Osama dead:
In a 2007 David Frost interview Benazir Bhutto quite matter-of-factly says that Osama bin Laden was murdered by Omar Sheikh - former MI6 recruit, the man behind the murder of Daniel Pearl. At the 6:15 mark in this video, Benazir Bhutto refers in a matter-of-fact manner to "the man who killed Osama bin Laden."

Before she was murdered, there was a previous attack on Bhutto's life. She told David Frost that she was not even allowed to file a police report let alone get a serious investigation of the attack. She stated that she specifically wanted the source of the financial support of the terrorists traced. Saeed Sheikh is the man Bhutto refers to in the interview as being the killer of Osama bin Laden.

Video: check it out - 6 minutes 15 seconds into this interview


Well aware that the American media do like to sensationalise their news, we report that Alex Jones broke the story thus: “Oh Man!!! The real life "Jack Ryan" is just going to ruin everything. The feeders, nitwits, and imbeciles might find out how they have been played..... Nah. They are too busy watching "Dancing with the stars." Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison and asks the question of Americans – “When are We the People gonna wake up to the duplicity coming at us from the Repugnicans and Demonrats? Time to take back America, folks!”

There are a host of videos online for readers to follow the trail of the claims made. Here are just a few:

Top US Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag:
“Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who held numerous different influential positions under three different Presidents and still works with the Defense Department, shockingly told The Alex Jones Show yesterday that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that he was prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job…”

Further reading here…


by James Reed
Hold the image of dental pain in your mind – you know the throbbing murderous pain that drives one to the point of madness. That must be the sort of angst that B. Hussein Obama felt from billionaire and possible Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump pursued the “birther” issue about the lack of B. Hussein Obama’s long-form birth certificate. Obama did not post this on the internet, creating a movement which held that he was not a natural born US citizen. After Trump took on this issue Obama put the certificate on the net. Trump trumped Obama, showing him for what he is.

Obama then extracted his “revenge” for the Trump attacks by mocking Trump at the White House Correspondents Association annual dinner. Trump, Obama said, would turn the White House into a casino with a whirlpool in the garden. But at least it would be better than what Obama has done. Jokes aside, it is a sign of desperation to launch such an attack on a US citizen, not yet a political rival. Obama has been told that he is special for far too long. Trump showed that he could knock him down a peg or two.

But never mind, just when the ratings looked down for the “Obama Show” along pops up celebrity guest Osama, who is promptly executed, body disposed of by being weighted down and dumped in the sea – and oh boy are we back in the presidential business!  


Nova News - Freelance journalist Felicity Arbuthnot reports 14 April 2011:
“George W. Bush embarked on the casual snuffing out of uncounted, unique, human lives in majority Muslim populations, chillingly called it a “Crusade.” President Barack Hussein Nobel Obama did not go that far, he left that to the French Minister of the Interior, Claude Gueant who, on 21st March, praised President Nicholas Sarkozy for having: “headed the Crusade …

“For the “change we can believe in” President, reducing another ancient land of eye watering archeological gems, massive oil and water resources and a population of six million – little more than Scotland – it is, reportedly, a “turd sandwich.” Humanity is not “at the crossroads.” It is on the Cross, scourged, nailed (in all senses) and utterly inconsequential, in face of murdering, marauding, looting Empire…

Now for the real reasons Gadaffi was ‘to be thrown to the wolves
“Further, in a train wreck of factual inaccuracies in President Obama’s speech, a (possibly) Freudian slip crept in. “Benghazi”, he said, was: “a city nearly the size of Charlotte” in danger of suffering: “a massacre (staining) the conscience of the world.”

A quick check shows that Charlotte, North Carolina: ‘has a major base of energy-orientated organisations and has become known as “Charlotte, USA – The New Energy Capital.” In the region there are 240+ companies directly tied to the energy sector … Major players are AREVA, Babcock and Wilcox, Duke Energy, Electric Power Research Institute, Fluor, Metso Power, Piedemont Natural Gas, Siemens Energy, Shaw Group, Toshiba, URS Corp., and Westinghouse. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has a reputation in energy education and research and its “Energy Production and Infrastructure Center” trains energy engineers and conducts research.” ‘ (Wikipedia.)

Whilst many respected oil experts have argued that since so many western energy companies operate in Libya, this is not about oil, there are some points worth pondering. All companies operating in Libya must have Libyan partners, entitled to 35% of profits.(iv) Trading is via the Libyan Central Bank, in the Libyan Dinar, not US$s. The Libyan Central Bank is also independently outside the IMF and the World Bank.

There are only 5 nations without a Rothschild model central bank: North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Cuba and Libya. There were two others: Afghanistan and Iraq, but they were gobbled up by the international banking system within a heartbeat of the invasions.
“It has always been about gaining control of the central banking system in Libya. Oil is just a profitable side issue like every other state asset that is waiting in Libya to be privatized and sold off to multinational corporations like Bechtel, GE, and Goldman Sachs. Oil is important and it is certainly a target but it isn’t the driving force behind these global wars for profit. Banking is.” (v)…” (Emphasis added…ed)

Read full article here….


ABC News: Last month Ms Hanson claimed the preferences were not distributed fairly. (AAP: Dave Hunt) Her lawyer has issued a statement saying the papers will be lodged in the Court of Disputed Returns. Last month Ms Hanson claimed the preferences were not distributed fairly and raised concerns about the preference system used by the NSW Electoral Commission.

Nationals candidate Sarah Johnston, who took the 21st and last spot up for grabs in the NSW Legislative Council, was 1,306 votes ahead of the former federal MP. Before preferences, Ms Hanson led the Nationals by 7,540 votes and the Greens - which took the 20th spot - by 15,470.

Ms Hanson was also upset by reports a scrutineer had discovered votes for her in a bundle of blank votes. "It's not just about Pauline Hanson," the former federal MP for the Queensland seat of Oxley said on April 13. "We need to make sure that this is a fair and just election. I just don't feel that this election was conducted this way." Source:  


by Brian Simpson
Race, we are told, is skin deep only and even then it is a social construction. But we find evidence against this in surprising places, often unintended as the facts speak for themselves. Thus the Heart Foundation, Guide to Management of Hypertension [high blood pressure] 2008 notes that Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander adults having confirmed hypertension should be considered for drug therapy. And: “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a high prevalence of risk factors for cardiovascular disease.” (p.4)

No doubt some aspects of this are environmental, such as diet. However the age-standardised prevalence of hypertension in these groups is about three times higher than in the rest of the Australian population, indicating in my opinion, a genetic cause. Maori and Pacific Islanders also have hypertension problems. These racial/biological facts need to be embraced and defined away as “social constructions” so that realistic strategies to deal with the health of these groups can be implemented.  


by Brian Simpson
A real symptom of Australia’s social decline is news that over a million Australians put off seeing a GP because they can’t afford it (The Australian, 24 March, 2011, p.8), about another million can’t afford to get their prescriptions filled. Even among those who can afford to see a GP, 940,000 were unable to get an appointment.

The statistics are from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The problem is due to a shortage of doctors and widening gap payments for medical care. It indicates social decline as Australia’s social capital is eroded and wasted on self-destructive ideologies of national suicide.


by Chris Knight
Wikipedia has been criticised by conventional academics because it is allegedly full of errors. It is true that some big errors do get in, but these are soon corrected. In fact the error rate of Wikipedia is not much more than that of respected encyclopaedias. What is important about Wikipedia is that it represents a democratisation and decentralisation of knowledge, far distinct from the standard university model.
The Wiki model accepts that a decentralised view of knowledge with self-correction is far superior to a centralised view. Further, Wiki is evolving and can be corrected quickly.
Of course, it is always necessary to check sources and get more than one reference but Wikipedia and all of the other Wikis have been profoundly liberating. The idea that the intellectual sky would fall if the people got into the knowledge cycle has been shown to be a centralist myth. Likewise the universities, which primarily had a past monopoly on knowledge because of their usually vast libraries can also be replaced by the internet and the “virtual” university.  


by James Reed
Shock! Horror! Did you hear the joke about the university employee who charged up to $11,000 to falsify English language tests for potential migrants (students) to meet visa requirements: not just one but dozens of individuals? It’s no joke though, it happened (D. Guest, “English Exams for Migrants Falsified”, The Australian, March 22, 2011, p.3)

In the Higher Education section of The Australian, March 23, 2011, p.29, 33, debate continues about the claims of “soft” marking of international students. It is not too hard to join up the dots and see all of this, from a nationalist position, as constituting a decisive critique of the existing Asianist university system.

But beyond this though, thinking philosophically for the moment, universities in principle are the antithesis of localist and nationalist sentiments. They represent the universal, the cosmopolitan, the critique of everything for critique’s sake. Such entities by definition are beyond reform; like toxic waste, they are a threat to the nationalist environment.  


from Len the Cleaner ( Good to hear from you Len. We see you are still in there fighting!... Ed.)
“One of the champions of “Big South Australia” through mass migration is Business SA. Its most recent media coverage was CEO Peter Vaughan writing to the Federal government to complain that overseas students seeking a study visa in Australia must wait up to 12 weeks for an application to be processed. Why, such an application can be processed in a mere five days in the United States!

Yes, these delays are costing us - Indian students. Worse, Vaughan in concerned about “racist” businesses who do not provide international students with enough work experience – and they need this to join the migration train. Hand me a tissue or two, please.
Welcome to the Asianised economy where the universities, the dollar degree international supermarket and mass migration join hands. Let us hope that the study visa processing time is increased from 12 weeks to twelve years. Let us hope that the worldview of Big Business comes crashing down. Global economic collapse is preferable to all of this.  


by Brian Simpson
A recent article by Dieter Helm (“A Short Cut to Law Emissions”, Australian Financial Review 21-26 April 2011, p.4) has led me to some heretical meditations about peak oil. According to Helm there is no such thing as ‘peak oil’ with heaps of oil in Iraq, Africa, Brazil, the ocean, under the Arctic (once all of the ice melts). Technology, as usual will save us allowing more efficient extraction of a field’s reserves. Then there is natural gas which is super abundant.
There is a vast literature putting the opposite case. The position taken by the ‘conservative’ side of politics seems to be that peak oil is either some sort of conspiracy by the oil companies or shows a lack of faith in the god of technology.

In the name of free thought can an alternative be canvassed?
Peak oil is not a creation of oil corporations, but of geologists and resource ecologists. It is consistent with a view of the world that sees limits to resources and human technology – something which Christians once embraced. The idea of unending progress and growth is the ruling ideology of corporate capitalism and the oil companies. Peak oil is the antithesis of this.
Further, it is the oil companies which attack peak oil: if there is a conspiracy here, it is the oil companies pushing the idea of unlimited energy resources to keep the machine of global capitalism rolling and their own wallets fat, green and juicy with the loot.

Scientists should keep an open mind on questions such as climate change and peak oil. Yes, maybe oil is created deep in the earth by geological processes, but maybe it is not, and oil reserves are finite and limited. On questions like this we don’t want to back a loser because it will discredit us. Peak oil can be used to show the limits of globalism and the need for decentralised economies.

A recognition of humanity degrading the Earth is consistent with Christianity and the idea of the Fall. Christianity recognised human limits. Anti-environmentalism and pro-corporate capitalism does not. Think outside of the square.  


by John Steele
For all our enemies out there in media dreamland rattling on about the dreaded League of Rights and how radical we are, take a refresher break and have a look at what US conservatives are saying. Dear to my heart is opposing gun control. One surprising group doing just that is ‘Jews for the Preservation of Firearm’s Ownership’.

Articles at their site pull no punches. Thus we have Kirby Ferris, “Can We Prevent a Second Civil War?” speculating about how a civil war may occur today in America. The three issues he lists are (1) illegal aliens (America is reaching a tipping point on this issue”); (2) Abortion and (3) gun control.

On the immigration invasion Ferris says: “At what point will citizens themselves be forced, by government inactivity, to confront this invasion by force of arms?” A good question. Note that such a radical approach is discussed openly on a conservative Jewish site. There is nothing wrong with that – God bless free speech. And on all of these issues, this is the same sort of robust free speech that we in Australia should also have, but lack.  

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