Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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10 June 2011 Thought for the Week:

Only an Eco-dictatorship Will Save the World! Democracy be Damned! Thanks to the Global Warming Policy Foundation we can finally See the Light!, and it shines from Germany’s green government advisers. Get Ready. To save the world you must give up the right to vote. To cool the planet, you will forgo the right to have a say in the laws of your land. Why? There are gifted, anointed higher beings out there (who knew?) and they are smarter than the masses. They may not know what an 8-sigma-tree is, but they know how to control the weather.

Through their benevolence you and I will live in a bountiful land, where there will be no more floods or droughts, no more record hot days, or blizzard filled cold ones. Instead life will be perfect. Every asylum seeker shall find what they seek, every climate scientist will have their own suite, and thus and unto infinity, the glorious bliss of perfect weather will descend upon the poor and worthy people of all lands, starting with Germany.

The gifted elite who have the Vision have given up trying to convince or persuade the stupid throngs of doctors, geologists, engineers, lawyers, businesspeople and other heathen fools (like NASA astronauts) who “don’t understand” their control of the atmosphere. Now is the time to force the carbon legislation into being, to take action, and help those who cannot or will not think for themselves!

"*We*, the new preachers of the world, are here to tell you peasants how to live:" This is the dark communist totalitarian megalomaniac side of Green exposed... (again)

- - Joanne Nova, former associate lecturer in science communication at the Australian National University.


Over the 1990s and in the early 2000 years, the Commonwealth and State governments combined to implement State native vegetation laws resulting in the involuntary sequestration of an estimated $11 billion of carbon on the land of 30,000 farmers. The carbon retained in the vegetation by the lockup, has been accounted as a reduction in emissions in Australia’s Carbon Accounts to the UNFCCC. No payment or compensation has been paid to those who have lost the right to enjoy their property rights.

The basis of Peter Spencer’s case is that this scheme (between the Commonwealth and NSW State governments) amounted to acquisition of the use of Spencer’s land effectively sterilizing it for bio–sequestration purposes. He is arguing that the legislation and the Commonwealth/State agreements on which it is based are invalid as they amount to an acquisition of property by the making of laws that acquire property on other than on just terms - contrary to the Australian Constitution.

A directions hearing of Spencer v Commonwealth of Australia was scheduled to be heard in the Federal Court, Sydney on the 31st May gut has been put back till 2nd September 2011. Peter Spencer has submitted categories of documents for discovery to which the Commonwealth must respond.

The UNFCCC had its origins in such international agreements as the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The major feature of the Kyoto Protocol is that it sets binding targets for 37 industrialised countries and the European community for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission.

The major distinction between the Protocol and the Convention is that while the Convention encouraged industrialised countries to stabilize GHG emissions, the Protocol commits them to do so. The Kyoto Protocol was adopted in Kyoto, Japan, on 11 December 1997 and entered into force on 16 February 2005. The detailed rules for the implementation of the Protocol were adopted at COP 7 in Marrakesh in 2001, and are called the “Marrakesh Accords.”

Interview featuring Peter Spencer’s lawyer here…


We have been asked to inform our readers of a Class Action against the Banks is currently being developed, to give Justice to Home Owners. As Mortgage Fraud is exposed again and again in the USA it is time for Australian courts to stop protecting banks which have ripped off their customers. The Borrowers Class Action aims at exposing any misrepresentation or fraud by lenders who fail to disclose the true nature of the financial relationship they call lending.

‘Securitisation’, practiced by all Aussie lenders, voids their rights to claim against home-owners. But they do claim and they lie in court. It is time to challenge this behaviour and get JUSTICE for Aussie Home Owners.

To join the Class Action send your name and contact info, with the name of the lender and the bank you deal with, to
The MORTGAGE CLASS ACTION will challenge banks about the validity of their actions in regard to loans. All Australian banks have serious issues to answer regarding how they create and maintain loans.

Note that once the MORTGAGE CLASS ACTION has been filed each participant should be able to file for an injunction, putting a hold on any action by their bank until the MORTGAGE CLASS ACTION concludes. A successful filing in this MORTGAGE CLASS ACTION may cause laws to be changed to block similar actions. We hope this is not the case. Only those listed in the MORTGAGE CLASS ACTION filing will be able to take part. No late entries allowed. Cost of the retainer for each participant is approx $2,000.

Register your interest and get more information by sending your

• First Name
• Last Name
• Street Address
• State
• Email Address
• Mobile Phone
• Landline Phone
• Name of Lender
• Name of Bank (Note the lender and bank may be different)
• Current Foreclosure position (are you in foreclosure?)
• Ability to commit to retainer

Send this information to Note: There are no guarantees, but the initial group is happy they have found good legal support.  


by Peter West
What households face under a $30-a-tonne carbon price on households is $863 a year. But that is the beginning, not the end. There will be a transformation to a floating cap-and-trade emissions trading scheme within 3 to 5 years. That will enable the elites to really put a squeeze on the average punter, regarding food, energy and everything.

But why, why destroy the Australian standard of living? My hypothesis is that Australia, once more, is being used as a testing ground. If this works on the Aussies then it will work on the rest of the West with some fine-tuning. The tyrannical financial elite already control the world but (and I borrow here from the philosopher Kierkegaard) frequently get bored.

Like spoilt, mentally deranged children, the evil ones enjoy destruction for destruction's sake, just like some children enjoy burning down schools. Thus, in a moment of ennui they dash off a memo to one of their servants, a president or prime minister, with new tricks to perform. Then they sit back and munch on endangered species, such as Nordics, and enjoy the show. 


by James Reed
When I was a kid I read a comic about an alien invasion of Earth. The aliens got around to monopolising water resources and selling water for $1 a bottle. Absurd, I said at the time. And yet $1 for a bottle of water is “cheap” as overseas firms own “our” water. We are to go further than that alien invasion with the Red Lizard Julia Gillard's carbon tax. Almost everything will face this tax because most things are either made of carbon or somehow interact with carbon. Think fuel, food, clothing. The soaring costs of electricity alone will cripple working families and non-working families.

Gillard said during the last election that there would be no carbon tax, then after announcing it, said that she didn't say it. But that's the price of electoral survival depending upon the Greens and Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor, who must be thrown out at the next election. And the Greens...or a better name, the “Reds”. This is not an environmental party at all. If it were it would oppose immigration. Instead it supports every sort of new class, politically correct agenda available.

Labor has been told by the Elders of Labor that they must win back voters from the Greens by tackling climate change, supporting “gay” marriage and courting the migrant vote (The Australian, February 25, 2011, p.1). My god! - what more could this party do apart from giving migrants absolutely everything? Perhaps Julia, Kev and the rest of the gang could start by giving away their personal wealth? Go on, set an example for the rest of us!  


by Peter West
People who have never been very ill do not understand that after a point of suffering and sleep loss, after enduring pain and decay, death is not to be feared, but is to be welcomed. The same applies to societies. Michael Stutchbury,” Cheap Liquidity in US Fuels Global Inflation Alarm”, The Australian, March 1, 2011, p.12, is (in my opinion) a densely written, but interesting piece about the pessimistic predictions of former Reserve Bank economist Warwick McKibbin. McKibbin has some runs on the board for predicting that Australia would be spared much pain from the September 2008 financial crisis.

However he now predicts a commodity and Asian property bubble bigger than the US Subprime property bubble. That bubble almost destroyed the sacred global financial system. There has been a steep jump in the price of commodities such as food and oil prices have surged. This is in part due to Chinese demand but a bigger factor is crazy US monetary policy where the Federal Reserve is literally printing money and running official interest rates close to zero. Cheap liquidity “is feeding into emerging markets, attracted in part by their higher interest rates.

As part of the Washington-Beijing currency war, China is resisting US pressure to allow the exchange rate to strengthen. By effectively pegging the renminbi to the dollar, China is importing an ultra-loose American monetary policy that is feeding into asset prices such as for Asian property prices, commodity prices and generalised inflation.”
Australian export prices are likely to fall in the new world inflation and import prices rise. According to McKibbin: “As interest rates go up, a whole bunch of assets and balance sheets can get crunched, so I am not optimistic it will work out well”. Indeed, such is the price paid for internationalising the economy and tying our fate so closely to the global financial system.  


by James Reed
For those of you who think that I rave too much about the race/ immigration/multiculturalism/civilisation-doom problem please consider this. The issue is discussed in “The Rise of Anti-Western Christianity”, at Alternative, March 1, 2011. Third World Christianity is changing Christianity and as pointed out by Philip Jenkins in "The Next Christendom", due to immigration and population expansion, Christianity will soon be largely a religion of Africans, Asians (to a lesser degree) and Latin Americans.

African versions of Christianity filter in many traditional African beliefs. Christianity does not exist in a cultural and ethnic vacuum and will change when the numbers change. Thus by 2025 about 75% of Catholics will be non-Western, being mainly African and Mexican. There will be a few Anglicans in 2050 with Nigeria being the new centre of Anglican Christianity, not England. In South America the mestizo, or mixed blood is celebrated in Catholicism against “the racial arrogance of the pure-blooded elite”.

The Alternative Right article says: “Snake handlers and faith healers may be the new norm for Catholicism as for Pentecostalism.” This is one reason why the race survival issue must now become our No.1 issue. I know economics is important but what does the economy, the age of leisure and all that matter if the West and the Northern European people (Nordics) cease to exist? I doubt whether the post-West world will embrace social credit, or care.  


by Peter West
Can you believe it? The National Farmers Federation wants Julia Gillard to send migrants to the bush (The Australian, April 19, 2011, p.5). And the rural unemployed and Aborigines may be surprised to hear that this is because of a shortage of workers in the bush! Tax incentives and infrastructure investment would, according to this modern cargo cult, bring these magical migrant beings to the bush where they could...well, work their magic, giving Australia “bold new solutions” and long-term prosperity.

The National Farmers' Federation has the same cargo cult view of migration as the rest of the Establishment, but at least it realises that migrants wont leave their city enclaves just because of a few employment participation programs. The investment costs to get the migrants into the bush may well outweigh any benefits coming from them. Far better to invest in jobs and training for our own unemployed Aboriginal populations in the outback. No migrant should go to the bush for a job while an Aboriginal remains unemployed.  


by James Reed
The SBS television series "Immigration Nation: The Secret History of US" has been well criticised by Mr Patrick McCauley at Quadrant Online, 7 March 2011. He invites people to email him with their concerns and proposals about what to do:

I would suggest that a racial vilification action be taken, and the title of his piece which uses the phrase “racial vilification” suggests this. If you agree contact Mr McCauley and thank him for his good work. 


by Chris Knight
ANZAC Day is sad enough without political correctness debates adding to the weight of sorrows – but it will, eventually. Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby has apologised for a “tweet” saying that the Anzacs did not fight for an Australia “characterised by gay marriage or Islam” (The Australian, April 26, 2011, p.5). His apology was directed at the Anzacs and he stood by his sentiment. Good on him.

Critics responded along the lines that the Anzacs fought for freedom from prejudice and persecution. Yes, from Nazism, but not for the Australia which the power elites have created. Most Australian soldiers of that time supported the White Australia Policy and would have found Asianisation and multiculturalism unthinkable, like an invasion had occurred. In fact, expressing these sentiments on Anzac Day is not a slight on the day. What is a slight on the deaths of all those brave men is what has been done to this country.

I recall a number of Diggers saying to me before their deaths that if they had known what they were going to do to this country, they would not have fought in the war. That thought remains with me on every Anzac Day. If Australia is to be ultimately gobbled up by say China, do you think that they would be proud?

China Fear: This “fear of China” is not my invention. A recent survey indicates that almost half of the sample believe that China will become a military threat to Australia in the next 20 years (The Australian, April 25, 2011, p.2).  


by James Reed According to the Melbourne Herald Sun (February 23, 2011) “racism is on the rise in Australia". Oh no, not again, where is Captain America when you need him!

A study conducted over 12 years involving 12,500 respondents by researchers at the University of Western Sydney found the following groups as being “disliked”: Muslims by 48.6% of the general population; Aborigines (27.9%); Black Africans (27%); Asians (23.8%); Jews (23.3%); Italians (11%); Christians (9.7%) and British (7.8%).
The 7.8% who hate “British” no doubt comprise other races who hate Anglo-Celts as well as Anglo-Celt suburban types who hate their own ethnic group. Get ready for a big re-education 1984-style program.

All of this is not surprising given the creation of a multicultural Australia which has produced a “nation of tribes”. Endeavour magazine, April/May 2011, p.7 has an instructive quote from academic Jock Collins which gives us an insight into the real nature of multiculturalism:

“A 2010 study of 339 young people aged 14 to 17 who live in Sydney's west and south west suburbs found only one-third called themselves Australian even though two-thirds were born here. Instead they identified themselves by their ethnic background as Tongan, Chinese, Lebanese and so on and 16 of the indigenous young people identified themselves as Koori or Aboriginal.
Less than half of them also felt “Australian” all the time and one fifth did not feel “Australian” at all. They feel at home in their neighbourhoods in Bankstown and Lakemba and think the bad press about these areas is misleading. They particularly enjoy the multicultural feel of their suburbs and have friends from many backgrounds. When they move out of familiar territory they sometimes feel uneasy.
(Jock Collins, a professor of economics at the University of Technology, Sydney, who presented findings from the study at a conference in Europe said the unwillingness of these “cosmopolitan” youth to identify as Australian should not be seen as a problem)”

It is clearly time for people of Anglo Saxon descent to move beyond the nation state, time to abandon this thing once called “Australia” and to form their own identity group. It is time to think racially and ethnocentrically like all other ethnic groups do, to put our own kind first, second and third. No longer should we define ourselves as “universal” or act as a “protoplasm” for all the universe, Universalism, cosmopolitan, globalism and internationalism in all its forms must be rejected. We must build our world anew.

Conservatives have not yet had the courage to face this and if they don't all that they hold dear will disappear down the drain of history.  


by John Steele
Way back in the dark ages of 1996 John Howard took most of Australia's private firearms away. This was to conform to internationalist opinion and the Tasmanian massacre was a convenient opportunity. Some argue that Port Arthur was a government job like some argue 9/11 was. Speculation, but what is coming our way is not speculation.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and the Obama Administration, joined with that evil of evils, the UN (pronounced “un”) are set to pass a new “Small Arms Treaty' under the covers of an “International Arms Control Treaty”. The aim is to confiscate and destroy all civilian firearms after a softening up period of ultra tough licensing requirements and an international gun register.

So get on the alert, research further on the internet looking at US pro-gun websites (e.g., Guns and Patriots) and get ready for the fight of your life. This time its global, well, at least for the West. The “rest” can keep their guns.  


from Len the Cleaner
Here is a human-interest piece from Adelaide that our friends in “the East” may have missed: “University Cashier Admits $27m Fraud”, The Advertiser, March 5, 2011, p.23. It seems that a former cashier at the Flinders University of South Australia was able to steal $27 million from that university, which enabled him to help out the local basketball team, set up a loan business and give money to friends.

But don't worry, the story has a happy ending as “more than $20 million had [has] already been recovered” and “The final shortfall of funds is likely to be less than $1 million [or] less than one third of 1% of the university's annual expenditure”.
Now let me see...that means $300,000,000 is spent on just one university....

There are 49 of them which I think leads to a total cost of... I can't work it out on the back of an envelope... there are too many zeroes for a mere cleaner to contemplate! And what do we get from all of these universities? All the poison documented by James Reed in his many diatribes against these evil social institutions.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
It seems that almost 600 men have had to financially support children they did not father (“Dads Demand Blanket DNA Tests”, The Australian, February 16, 2011, p.3). In almost all cases the courts have not forced the mothers to pay back the money which they falsely received, mainly because the women are not working. Of course, they have better things to do!

All this has added fuel to the fire of the use of DNA testing to determine biological parentage after birth. It has been argued that getting the tests done once the child identifies with the father can be destructive to the child's sense of identity. As 30% of men who had a DNA test done found out the child was not theirs, it is best to get this done early. This certainly says something about the women in those 30% of cases who have been cheating on their partners, but the new political correctness, which also applies to “conservatives", prevents me from saying what.  


“How Goldmans cost Gaddafi a $1.3bn fortune” -, by Alistair Dawber, 1st June 2011: “Goldman Sachs managed to lose nearly all of the money it had been given to invest by the Libyan government, which eventually led the giant Wall Street bank to offer shares as compensation that would have effectively made Colonel Gaddafi one of its largest single investors.

The Libyan Investment Authority, a sovereign wealth fund worth tens of billions of dollars into which the Gaddafi administration poured the money it made from oil sales, handed over $1.3bn to the bank in 2008 with a mandate to invest in foreign currency markets and other structured products. The deal was struck months before the onset of the financial crisis, and sources close to the bank yesterday claimed that the LIA had initially been uninterested when Goldman told it that the value of the investment had lost several hundreds of millions of dollars.

But by early 2009 Goldman Sachs had lost 98 per cent of what it had been given, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. It is believed that senior Goldman Sachs officials were then summoned to Tripoli, and were told that, after losing the cash in just a handful of complex trades, the bank would need to offer some sort of compensation. The bank alleges that its officials were physically threatened during meetings in Tripoli, but denies that it hired bodyguards for its staff.

Along with several other Western companies, Goldman Sachs was eager to get its hands on some of the newly available Libyan wealth after international sanctions were lifted against the country in 2004. The LIA was, until the start of the country's civil war this year, feted by the likes of HSBC, JP Morgan and Lehman Brothers as well as Goldman Sachs and other large companies in Europe and the United States.

When Colonel Gaddafi's security forces were ordered to put down pro-democracy demonstrations that began in February, the LIA's assets were frozen. Goldman Sachs is understood to still hold at least three different accounts containing LIA money; two in its asset management division and one in foreign exchange, a legacy of the initial $1.3bn. The bank yesterday declined to give details of how much money it was holding, but said that the accounts had been frozen in line with worldwide efforts to throttle the Gaddafi regime…” Further reading here -


The UK Independent has reported on a small earthquake in Blackpool which could be linked to nearby controversial shale gas drilling. “Controversial shale gas drilling halted pending investigation into possible connection with tremors" by Steve Connor, Science Editor

The controversial new drilling operation for natural shale gas in Lancashire has been suspended following a second earthquake in the area that may have been triggered by the process. The earthquake last Friday near Blackpool occurred at the same time that the energy company Cuadrilla Resources was injecting fluids under high pressure deep underground to deliberately blast apart the gas-bearing rock – a process known as "fracking", brought to Britain from the US, where it has been highly contentious.

The 2.3 magnitude earthquake recorded in Blackpool in April is about 12 billion times smaller than the recent earthquake in Japan. Earthquake experts from the British Geological Survey said that the 1.5 magnitude quake last week was similar to a 2.3 earthquake in April in the same area and that both may be linked to the experimental fracking for shale gas at Preese Hall on the Fylde coast.  


The South Australian State Weekend will be held on 13th and 14th of August 2011. We are delighted that the Chair of the Social Credit Secretariat Dr. Frances Hutchinson has agreed to participate in the two days of the State Weekend.
This will be a major event, do make the effort to get to it. Further details will be published as they come to hand. Remember 13th and 14th August. The Public Schools’ Club has been booked for the two days.

The National Weekend: The annual New Times Dinner will be held on the Friday 23 September and National Seminar 24th of September. Place the dates for the full weekend in your diary NOW.
Confirmed guest speaker will be Pastor Chris Field. Pastor Field was evicted from his home, not because he was behind in his mortgage payments but because he wanted to know who received his payments. In other words, he wanted to know who held the legal deeds to the property and mortgage.  

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