Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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1 July 2011 Thought for the Week:

The sole value-system which takes substantial exception to Christian social teaching is that of Rational Economic Man (REM) and his neo-liberal free-market individualism. According to REM, religious beliefs are matters of individual conscience, to be confined to the private sphere.
Christianity encompasses values which enable the individual to set their own rights and responsibilities within the broader social context.

In sharp contrast, neo-liberalism sets all relationships within the context of market mechanisms, where money is the sole indicator of value. Global capitalism demotes spiritual and ethical values to matters of private individual conscience, of no relevance to the public sphere of life, the so-called level playing field of the market economy.
Only in the world of REM can a child be considered as merely another consumer good upon which the parents can choose to spend their money as an alternative to a car or other luxury commodities… The rational economic agent cannot deal with issues which do not relate directly to the formal (i.e. money) economy.

- - Frances Hutchinson, “What Everybody Really Wants to Know About Money”, 1998

“Parliamentary democracy has one meaning now: the replacement of democracy with a business plan for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope, every child born.”

- - John Pilger, 2011  


Andrew Bolt’s Blog 22/6/2011:
“Many flattering and supportive things were said by very fine speakers at the IPA function on Monday defending my right to free speech... But… Mark Steyn’s contribution was the one that brought down the house. I confess to being in awe of it - not just because I appreciate the compliment of having it come from probably the most brilliant columnist in the English-speaking world, but because it’s such a tremendous piece of writing.”

This is a Must watch and listen:

** After watching Mark Steyn you will find “The Big Idea” by C.H. Douglas of immense value. Written many years ago subsequent events have merely confirmed the facts exposed in this book. $5.50 plus postage.  


Time to end carbon stealth taxes. From The Australian Conservative
Costs are rising, especially for electricity. Naturally, politicians blame everyone else, but most of the blame rests with them and their covert climate taxes. These Green Stealth Taxes do nothing to reduce real pollution, have no effect on the climate, but do inflate costs. Sly climate taxes are everywhere, like weeds in the garden.

For example, Queensland has a “Climate Smart” law mandating that 15 per cent of electricity must be generated by gas rather than by low-cost coal. In addition the feds have a target to generate 20 per cent of electricity from renewables, which are far more expensive than gas. And they dictate propped up prices for solar feed-in tariffs, which push up costs for all electricity consumers.

Then we have the Climate Change “industry”, a multitude of businesses creating pretend-jobs supported by stealth taxes and subsidies. These parasitical “industries” include ethanol, wind/solar power and carbon sequestration. Taxpayers also pay for wasteful spending by governments on climate junkets, carbon tax propaganda, carbon accounting, one-sided climate research, the Carbon Bank, deceptive advertising and carping climate commissioners.

All of this money could be reducing taxes or providing infrastructure or services that people really want. The government’s own “Productivity Commission” identifies 230 carbon stealth taxes and subsidies with an estimated cost of $44 per tonne of emissions reduced.
It is not sufficient to stop The Big Carbon Tax – we must also smoke out the Stealthy Carbon Taxes.


by Mike Burston, Climate Skeptic's Newsletter
The following ‘snippet is taken from Climate Skeptics Newsletter 21/6/2011: “The Labor/ Greens alliance would bridle at any suggestion they were elitist but now appear to have assumed the role of a sort of symbolic aristocracy - keepers of cultural symbols and beliefs that we are neither allowed to know about nor indeed be part of. In other words they are not inclusive.

Climate Change alarmists are quick to rubbish any suggestion of conspiracy theories although they have not identified anyone doing so, but the sad fact is a majority of big businesses look to benefit from the whole new tax-subsidise-and-trade empire that will be created from the commercialisation of carbon. Banks, commodity traders, lawyers, accountants, regulators, academics, solar, wind and gas entrepreneurs, and the carbon sequestration lobby are all planning to profit from trading hot air certificates

Complete failure of Coalition to Challenge: While the bulk of the community is undoubtedly sceptical of people driven climate theory the nation is faced with the complete failure of the coalition to challenge the “conventional wisdom” on Climate Change”.

Editor’s comments: Don’t forget the role the Coalition has played in all of this. Refresh your memory by following the ‘Technocracy’ thread and ‘Carbon Currency’ via the League’s On Target website search facility.  


The Liberals and Andrew Bolt have described the carbon tax as a carbon dioxide tax. CO2 is colourless, odourless, etc., and is therefore blatantly mis-described when we see photos of huge chimneys belching emissions. This is mostly steam - not CO2. Of course carbon monoxide (a car exhaust emission) is related to carbon but not mentioned in the blurbs we are bombarded with.
Carbon is a black sooty substance which occurs when crop residue is incorporated into soil with the normal rotting process, adding to water retention, and is a good nutrient, but this is NOT what industry emits.

Patrick Secker, Member for Barker recently addressed a South Australian public meeting on the carbon tax. He gave an example of how much man-made carbon dioxide would exist in the atmosphere by saying “If this room contained 80 000 balloons of CO2, one of them would represent the amount generated from human activity”. He committed to repealing the legislation if the coalition forms the next government.

He warned that a carbon tax would cause costs to rise for every business and resident. Power bills alone were estimated to rise $350 to $400 per house per annum. Some industries were likely to relocate to lower-cost countries, causing more unemployment at home. He used the EU as an example: Cement manufacturing is carried out in Turkey, not because of the pollution but because of cheaper power. Also a carbon tax will surely lead to much rorting of the system as carbon emissions are measured and compensation is claimed.

Write to Tony Windsor today: Readers are urged to write to Independent Tony Windsor at Parliament House Canberra; he will probably be the deciding MP when the votes are counted. Also write to Independent Rob Oakeshott, but Tony Windsor is the first priority. Brief letters will be best. Ask them to them to vote against the tax.

Editor’s comment: While Mr. Secker is “committed to repealing the legislation if the coalition forms the next government”, what about the ‘global warming’ bureaucracies originally set up under John Howard’s stint in office?
Where is Patrick Secker’s public commitment to go against the warmists in his own party in the fight to dismantle the bureaucracies and repeal the legislation? (OT, Vol.47 No24, 2011. “Howard’s Dark Deeds: Built ‘Global Warming’ Bureaucracy”).  


by James Reed
Professor Greg Craven, constitutional law expert and vice-chancellor of the Australian Catholic University has said that universities are facing something of an existential crisis: “Universities in Australia have never been able to articulate a vision of themselves that is compelling to anyone but themselves, or even to themselves.” (“Universities fail because of a Lack of Faith in the Truth”, The Australian, April 27, 2011, p.18)

Lacking a vision of “the truth” universities become the play-things of governments, preoccupied with export income from international students and the like. As proof of Professor Craven’s claim the Higher Education section of The Australian edition in which his article appears is full of this concern with money and funding; e.g., “Macquarie Facing Looming China Crisis”, The Australian, April 27, 2011, p.19).

Craven also believes that universities have a Socratic role to criticise government and “vested interests” while “supporting academic freedom”. This is a lone voice in the wilderness, even if he is a vice-chancellor. There are many cases of Socratic individuals who have been simply pruned and shredded from the university system for doing just what Craven recommends. No doubt there are limits to Craven’s open-mindedness – would he support a university research fellowship for a brilliant mind willing to take apart the politically correct outpourings of the present multicultural/racial/immigrationist regime? How about a fellowship for a social crediter in order to dissect orthodox finance?

Editor’s comment: For those who would like to study a ‘dissection’ of finance by a Christian could download Canon Peter Dominy’s recently completed PhD thesis entitled “Decoding Mammon: Money in Need of Redemption”. The author is a retired Canon of the Church of England.
The thesis is available online from the University of Exeter


Canadian social crediter Wallace Klinck had his attention drawn to US President Obama’s recent musings over an “observed tendency for science and automation to create ‘unemployment’". What! It’s taken the Americans this long to wake up to what the Luddites grasped so long ago.

Wallace Klinck noted: The Luddites smashed the machines because tending them for wages was the only basis of economic security (marginal as it was) known to them. The Luddites smashed the new textile machines because they feared, quite rightly, that their traditional cottage or home spinning and weaving industry was being threatened by the new technology that could be operated by cheap labour. (These days it is the Chinese people who provide the cheap labour to operate the machines…ed)

Of course realistically, mere man is very limited in his physical efficiency and only the development of more productive machines can provide increased security through a higher standard of living (which is) characterised by increased volume and quality of goods and services. Thus the Luddites blindly attacked the very basis for their increasing economic salvation.

Purpose of Work … is? Any society that makes an end of a means** by regarding the purpose of an economy as being the creation of "work" or "employment" is at fundamental odds with its own best interests. Every engineer worthy of the name is attempting to reduce the need for human energy-input into productive processes. (Further reading: The Use of Social Credit by C.H. Douglas on website… ed)

Politicians working to sabotage best efforts of science and engineering: In advocating policies allegedly designed to offer so-called "full-employment", virtually every politician is working to sabotage the best efforts of science and engineering to free mankind from the necessity of endless work.

Let’s get down to reality. The proper ultimate goal of a sane economy is to provide a maximum amount and quality of genuinely consumer-desired goods and services with absolute minimal real cost. This necessarily entails the elimination of human effort as an input factor cost of production.
In the days of Merry England I am told the people enjoyed approximately 150 holidays per year. Does the present situation denote progress? While the rational socio-economic ultimate goal is a totally automated economy the obvious question arises -- how to transfer the outpouring of consumer goods and services from the production line to the consumer? Social Credit as presented by the late Clifford Hugh Douglas provided the solution to this increasing ‘problem’ of the modern age approximately ninety years ago.

Obama is definitely glimpsing economic realities but unless he has something more constructive in mind, he is merely hearkening back to the old misperceptions and errors of Karl Marx and his blinkered work-worshipping comrades -- and of the Fascists who succeeded them. If any of you have easy access to Obama feel free to forward this message to him.  


Phillip Adams was at it again (The Weekend Australian, April 9-10, 2011, Magazine) while commenting on the carbon tax protests, wrote of the crowds containing “many members of deranged cults owing their existence to a truly evil man called Eric Butler”.
Yes folks, that’s our Eric. Eric was a “traitor”, according to Adams, because of his alleged “pro-Axis activities”. And what were they? No details are given beyond Eric criticising Western Leaders for being puppets. Doesn’t the Left in their own way say this too? And what about the security authorities at the time? Why didn’t they lock young Eric up like they did many others? Well they were “stumble-bum”. Never mind that the authorities at the time did not share Adams’ view, as did a lot of people.

Why continue to circulate a story which even on its face seems unconvincing – that is, the highly efficient Australian security authorities are dismissed? Well, Phillip wants to warn Abbott. But about what? The Coalition is as pro-Israel as any party could be. Surely it goes further. Phillip just didn’t like Eric. Why, we will leave it to the psycho-historians to explore if they care. As for me, I am proud to be “deranged” if the worldview of Adams represents sanity.  

Watch Jeremy Lee's "Answer to Slander"


by James Reed
Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor and one of the Republican Party’s potential candidates for the US presidential elections next year, has said in interview about how tough Obama will be to defeat, how much money he has (campaign funds of US$1 billion) etc., etc. Political commentators said Huckabee sounded more like someone commenting on politics than one keen to be president.

Well, he has a new book “Simple Government”, so he is…busy. Not too busy though to dismiss claims that Obama is a Muslim and not born in the USA. The argument: gee, wouldn’t Hillary Clinton have used that? Now, that’s the sort of person that the New World Order needs as president, but why bother while they have Obamarama as Emperor Maxima.  


by Peter West
The photo depicts: Julia laughing with Chinese political and business leaders – and the joke’s on us. What must such a strong masculine nation think of weak Australia which sends a girl to do “The Art of War”? Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military expert must be laughing wherever long dead experts laugh. Australia has been emasculated and like spilt milk will just be licked up.

Then there was the Royal wedding, where Julia and the First Lady, sorry, bloke, what’s-his-name, “living in sin” attended the Church service. The spectacle of a “First bloke”, tagging along behind a female PM was observed in Asia as a sign of our decline. What do you think Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia thought where defacto relations are against the law?

Finally, the PM could see no need to “contain China”, despite opinion polls showing significant numbers of Australians thinking differently and the rest of Asia having a great fear of a Chinese dominated world. From Pig Iron Bob to Pig Iran/Coal Gillard, the song of a fast buck remains the same. But worse, as a socialist, red Julia can see Red China doing no wrong. That is the faith of the Left.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
A Sydney court is set to decide whether 7 asylum seekers who rioted at Sydney’s Villawood detention centre are being held as criminals or refugees (The Australian, May 6, 2011, p.6).
Although the men have been charged under the Commonwealth Crimes Act, the case will be put by the defence that the men are still in immigration detention, because they don’t have visas.

If the court agrees with this argument then the men cannot be treated differently from other detainees “merely” because of their alleged crimes and would be returned to normal detention! And you wonder why I am cynical and sceptical about “The Law”!  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Members of the Australian Left and the Indian media were quick to jump on the idea that attacks on Indians was evidence that Australia was a “racist” society. Oh quick, get the politically correct insect spray and fumigate the nation! However the Supreme Court of Victoria has recently held that the death of one Indian student, Nitin Garg, was because Mr Garg had refused to hand over his mobile phone, not because of his race. (The Australian, April 21, 2011, p.17)

This tragic death led to Indian newspapers depicting in cartoons the Victorian police as white hood-wearing members of the Ku Klux Klan. If police had followed the “racism” hypothesis they would not have apprehended the killers so quickly. In this case, political correctness would have delayed justice being done to the murder of Nitin Garg.
You can be sure that the Australian Left and the politically correct guilt squad will be issuing no apologies. Being “Left” means that you never have to say sorry. For that matter, the Indian media have been mighty quiet as well.  


The following are the details of Lord Monckton’s coming 2011 Australian tour. He will be accompanied by Australian scientists Dr David Evans and Jo Nova. Bookings are through Ticketek: Phone 132 849 or go to $25 per person.

• 6th July 7.00pm Starlight Room, Wests New Lambton NSW
• 7th July 6.30pm Wesley Theatre, Sydney NSW
• 8th July 7.00pm North Sydney Leagues Club NSW
• 13th July 7.00pm Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club QLD *
• 20th July 1.00pm German Club, 291 Dandenong Rd, Windsor VIC *
• 20th July 7.00pm German Club, 291 Dandenong Rd, Windsor VIC

Bookings for the following venues are non-ticketek and as indicated
18th July 7.00pm St Patricks Pavilion Sturt St, Ballarat VIC Ph: 0435 423636 *
21st July 7.00pm Traralgon Town Hall, Traralgon VIC Ph: 03 51763559 *
22nd July 7.00pm Adelaide German Club, 223 Flinders St SA Ph: 0435 423636 *
(*Lord Monckton speaking only)

Lord Monckton will also appear with Bob Carter on
• 16th July 3.00pm The J, Noosa Junction, QLD Ph: 07 54554455
• 16th July 7.00pm The J, Noosa Junction, QLD Ph: 07 54554455 or for Noosa appearances see  


by Betty Luks
Andrew Bolt’s article reads: “Labor is now unsellable almost everywhere: The latest polling figures from South Australia show that Labor’s brand is bust almost everywhere:
The latest Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian from April to this month, (June) has the Liberal opposition still well ahead, 54 to 46 per cent on two-party-preferred terms, 15 months since the Rann government won re-election for a third term…

The Liberals, on 40 per cent, retain a comfortable primary support lead over Labor, on 30 per cent. The Nationals remain on 1 per cent, the Greens on 14 per cent and other parties and independents on 15 per cent…”.

Frankly Andrew I am not so much interested in the ‘number crunching’ of the political parties as I am interested in what can Australians expect should the Coalition find themselves in power.
Other than continually trying to point score off a political party that is now showing its true colours, what are we to expect from the other bunch? Both parties see themselves as part of the New World Order and sell themselves like any other brand-name soap powder.

Further reading: “Steps Toward the Monopoly State: An Examination of the Socialist Conspiracy” by Eric D. Butler

“The Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance” by Eric Butler
"...who, remembering that those (policies of high taxation and centralisation of credit) were the demands of the Manifesto (issued by Marx and Engels in 1848), can doubt our common inspiration"… asks Professor Harold Laski, famous Fabian Socialist theoretician in his “Appreciation of the Communist Manifesto for the Labour Party” (1948).  


The Editor, The Chronicle, Toowoomba:
Dear Sir, In the dying days of the Roman Republic Julius Caesar appointed trusted friends to the Board of Augurs. The Augurs were religious officials paid by the State to advise Caesar about important natural phenomena the deities favoured or disapproved of.
The Augurs looked to the sky, the domain of Jupiter, who was also the Patron of Caesar, where migrating birds and volcanic ash would influence their advice to Caesar.
Caesar could easily overcome popular public opinion opposing his policies, once he obtained the policy approval of the Augurs. The Augurs were next to the Roman gods - but understood perfectly whom was paying them and for what auguring.
2,000 years later Julia Caesar, an ideological descendant of Julius, does a name change from Augurs to scientists and we get the same results as Julius obtained in the dying days of Rome.
There is nothing new under the sun, change the words and you can change the world!

Yours truly, John Brett, Toowoomba Queensland  

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159