Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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15 July 2011Thought for the Week:

More and more centralisation of power: Money in the modern world is mere accountancy where a monetary unit is like a ticket or a claim to wealth. It cannot be defined properly as a ‘store of value’ because real things spoil, rust, corrode, wear out and obsolesce. Douglas explained that money, in an economy becoming more capital-intensive, is increasingly a means of distribution and not a means of exchange.

Economics is a dynamic process of production and consumption: Obviously, an existing stock of goods can be exchanged for an existing sum of money and vice versa as in a game of musical chairs, but this is not a true representation of the modern economy as it operates.
All money earned is a cost that must be recovered by the producer through sale of product. It is not part of a permanent money supply that is just circulating around. Money issued by a bank is money bound for return and cancellation. Monetary savings by individual consumers would not, as I understand the matter, be a major feature of a Social Credit economy.

- - Wallace Klinck, Canada July 2011  


by Wallace Klinck of Canada
Money as debt: A response to an email enquiry.

The video by Paul Grignon has been around for quite a long time, although, I think that he updated it at some point recently. It is the usual "monetary reform" theme blaming interest for all our troubles, and seems to say, that preventing banks from charging interest by having the State issue all money as interest-free debt would solve our problems.
Once some people learn, to their amazement and horror, that banks create money through lending credit, and that they require additional interest in repayment, they seem to become arrested at this point and bring in the government to end the process of "usury" - as they call it - by taking over the money-creation process.

This is more centralisation of power and certainly not Social Credit. They can't seem to get their head around the cost accountancy and pricing issues involved and the necessity not for interest-free debt but rather for actual debt-free money to assist consumption. Too bad these people do not read Douglas seriously before rushing off to expostulate on the problem.

A big conceptual problem
I think that the big conceptual problem is that economists wax independently in a world of heady theory, while accountants simply do their job with a two dimensional art in a three dimensional world - and the two professions never really attempt meaningfully to communicate with each other. So events just march on and problems intensify without any realistic resolution.

For those who haven’t done so: Listen to Jeremy Lee on MP3 explain “The New World Order and Global Debt” here…  


Here… When I looked at Australia’s National Debt – now in the Billions of Dollars and the figures keep spiralling up so fast that I can’t type quick enough to give an accurate figure for the time of day - my share was $7,687. 00. Phew!

I think I will migrate to Tasmania. Whilst watching the figures tick over I noticed Tasmania’s STATE DEBTS were actually decreasing. Tasmanians must be paying off their money debts at a faster rate than they are adding to them.

National Credit Card Debt: As for the Credit Card Debt, the speed with which the debt-figures keep rising makes me dizzy. The National Credit Card Debt was $51,644,572,207.00 at time of typing. ‘They’ said my share of the Credit Card debt was $3,551.00. How can this be? I don’t have that type of debt Credit Card!

Don’t Forget “De-Coding Mammon: Money in Need of Redemption” is available online from the University of Exeter:


The League Immigration Special, by Brian Simpson:
The government’s sustainable population strategy was released on May 14, 2011. Set to give an answer to the big Australia debate, where on current immigration levels Australia would top 36 million (some say 40 million) people by 2050, the report does not set population or immigration targets. Tony Burke, Sustainable Population Minister, is basically a mass migration type and said that the “greater cultural diversity increases the vibrancy of Australian society and helps to build our relationships with other nations’. (The Australian, May 11, 2011, p.4) A silly position that does not withstand analysis: do the “other nations” need this diversity (e.g., homogenous China and Japan) to be loved by us? And isn’t it “racist” to relate vibrancy with cultural diversity?

While a number of journalists and academics lamented that the strategy did not embrace the Australia unlimited vision as much as they would have liked, the fact of the matter is that Kevin Rudd’s big Australia is already embraced by Gillard. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has announced an 11% increase in the 2011/2012 permanent migration program to reach 185,000 places (with 4000 extra humanitarian places). This does not include 457 temporary workers or international students (also directly linked to migration).

At the present immigration rate Australia will reach 36 million by 2050, with White Australians becoming a racial minority. The values and culture of Anglo-Australia, the Constitutional monarchy, even English language as the language of the nation, will be gone. This is what the champions of big Australia and Asianisation will give us. I say: to hell with mining booms, service jobs and the slimy economy itself! This is incredible stuff: According to Professor Peter Van Onselen (Winthrop professor at the University of Western Australian) (“Pollies are Blind to the Bigger Picture”, The Weekend Australian, May 14-15, 2011, p.14) “our political leaders are loathe to stridently back what most economists want: large-scale immigration as a mechanism towards ensuring strong economic growth”. Incredible: even the Bureau of Immigration Research concluded that immigration had only small positive benefits (remember that costs have to be considered too).

Even as we saw above that current immigration levels are set to give us big Australia, van Onselen says:
“Our politicians on both sides of the major party divide pander to uninformed opposition to large-scale immigration”. Presumably, having the entire population of the Earth in Australia, even in Sydney, even at the University of Western Australia – even in Peter’s own house – would not be enough, for in neo-classical economic wonderland, there are no limits to growth. Interestingly enough van Onselen sets the score right on John Howard:
“No one was more on top of the importance of lifting Australia’s immigration numbers than John Howard. He quietly did so for years”.

True indeed. To read about how John Howard’s immigration policy helped establish an Asian technoclass in Australia see “The Howard Legacy” available from Heritage Book Services.

* Send them to live ‘Down Under’:
Likud MK and Australian MP discuss "humane solution" for thousands of 'Muslim infiltrators' in Israel.

Australian MP Michael Danby and Israeli Danny Danon believe Israel should “Send African migrants to Australia” writes Lahav Harkovin in the Jerusalem Post 06/30/2011 16:35.
Danon and Danby discussed the issue during the Australian politician’s visit to Israel for the World Jewish Congress’s International Conference of Jewish Parliamentarians.

Read here  


by James Reed
Across the world China is spending its newly acquired money wealth to buy up farm land to supply the Chinese elites with food when the horsemen of the ecological apocalypse come riding our way. Prime farmland across Australia has been gobbled up by Chinese investors, including tens of thousands of hectares of timber plantations.
Apart from taking food resources, China is buying up farms where coal lies beneath their soils. A Chinese government mining firm, Shenhua Watermark Coal, has already bought up 43 farms outside of the NSW township of Gunnedah. The Chinese government will soon seek permission for a coalmine on the Liverpool plains. And of course it will be granted. A farming community will become a hole in the ground.

The Foreign Investment Review Board permits this buy up of Australia. This situation, which would not be tolerated in Asian countries such as Thailand, is another parallel to the race destruction theme. Australians have been so done-over by anti-nationalism and globalism that they rejoice in selling off the nation. Many farmers happily sold to the Chinese for a profit and ‘skipped to the loo my darlin’. With their bag of money. Rich, fertile farmland will be destroyed and who knows what damage could be done to the water table and ground water.

The end goal of our traitorous leaders is to see Australia become a vast toxic rubbish dump. No doubt within a few years all of the world’s nuclear waste will be sitting in our back yard. We Australians are the turkey which not only willingly and joyfully puts its neck on the chopping block, but it helps its executioner by banging its neck against the axe.  


by Peter West
It is not just agricultural land that is threatened by mining mania: miners were denied a permit to look for coal under Toowoomba. (The Australian, June 23, 2011, p,1) Exploration is already reaching within 500m of homes in Sydney and Brisbane. This probably indicates that existing coal reserves are starting to be depleted. The Chinese appetite for coal is virtually infinite and in time will absorb all of Australia’s reserves.
There will be nothing left for future Australians. But our breed of Capitalists are particularly short-sighted and unlike older generations who tried to do some good for the community, and thought about future capitalists, they want the world now. They live for today. If they can make good money with a deal today that kills them tomorrow - they will take it. Welcome to the insane society.  


by Brian Simpson
Federal draft dietary guidelines have come under criticism from some food scientists for advancing the myth that sugar is as dangerous as fats and salt. The claim has been made that unlike salt, sugar does not do any direct harm to the human body. (The Australian, June 23, 2011, p.3) Actually some fats, such as Omega-3’s are essential to life and so are small quantities of sodium, usually found in natural food, but to excess in processed foods.

A couple of slices of bread virtually gives you one’s sodium limit, showing how salty our bread is. Salt, like sugar, is added to food to make one eat more. Sugar has made the young fat, especially the massive amounts in soft drink. (High fructose corn syrup, like that used in soft drink, has been said to be more addictive than cocaine – Ed)
It stresses insulin production and, it has been argued, is implicated in the diabetes epidemic. Saturated fats, trans fats, salt and sugar are all a major part of the fast “food” business and it is this toxic sludge which is harming the younger generation.  


by Brian Simpson
The Eigen error threshold is a measure of a species’ genetic health. If mutation rates exceed this the species faces extinction: it genetically falls apart. The Eigen error threshold for humans has been thought by some geneticists to be fast approaching. Our world is full of artificial mutagens and our toxic food could be resulting in enhanced oxidative damage to nuclear DNA.
This means that the end of the human species could be just around the corner. The need for healthy food and clean living (no “drugs”) has never been greater.  


by James Reed
Some indication of the role that overseas students have played in recent migration has been given by figures mentioned in the Australian Financial Review (June 6, 2011, p.7) A big drop in numbers, from a peak of 315,000 per annum to a projected 160,000 this year (I will believe that figure when I come to believe Queen Julia can walk on eggs without breaking them), is allegedly due to a fall in the number of international students staying in Australia after completing their studies. John Howard’s government, in a bid to fast track the creation of an Asian Australia elite, allowed such students to stay while waiting applications for permanent residency. No one went home and the rorts were many.

If it is true that net overseas migration will stabilise at around 180,000 a year, that still means that non-Whites will be a majority in Australia about the same time as they are in the United States and Britain: 30 years time. Some estimates put the date sooner. The real immigration debate is about race and that debate has yet to occur.  


by Brian Simpson
The Parliamentary Report, Doing Time - Time for Doing, reports that there are more indigenous juveniles in gaol today than at any time since the Aboriginal ‘deaths in custody’ Royal Commission handed down its report in April 1991. The detention rate for indigenous juveniles is 397 per 100,000 compared to non-indigenous juveniles at 14 per 100,000, 28 times higher.

A summary in The Australian 21 June 2011, p.3 also says “Indigenous juveniles account for 59% of the total juvenile population across the country” - which if true, means that Australia would be on the way to having a majority indigenous population in a generation, which is somewhat counter-common sense. Indigenous Australians make up 2.5% of the population but 25% of all prisoners in our gaols are indigenous. And the percentages are increasing: between 2000 and 2010, the number of indigenous prisoners in gaol increased 55% for men and 47% for women.

The Committee was concerned that little has changed “given increased funding”. Their view is that governments have failed to address “chronic disadvantage in indigenous communities”. Recommendations include a new COAG agreement to reduce gaoling rates and to register foetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Aboriginal communities as a disability.

These are good recommendations but deal with only the tip of the iceberg. The shocking level of domestic violence and child sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities has been raised as a crisis issue by Aboriginal women leaders, but the wealthy White suburban feminists, drunk on political correctness, won’t touch this issue. Meanwhile…suffer the children and women.  


by John Steele
In our deracinated, emasculated, castrated, feministised society – one which I don’t particularly like! – there remains one thing that a man still has, and that is his shed. A place to retreat and recharge one’s batteries, sometimes even physical ones. A place full of men’s stuff, tools, knives and a lifetime of memories. Sheds are rough homes where men can be men. They can let off steam, in more ways than one.

Most of my old army buddies virtually live in their sheds, having spiders as constant companions. But even this refuge from a cruel, dark, politically correct world is going as mass migration is sent, in the cities at least, to eliminate the Aussie dream of a ¼ acre block (with a shed). How, I ask, can a sardine aspire to manhood? I am told that that is the general idea; there is no place for the White man in the New World Order. They want a world without sheds.  


from Len the Cleaner
When I saw the leaflet advertising that ex-PM Malcolm Fraser was to be in town speaking on “From White Australia to Now” I just had to go. And there he was, on a cold Adelaide night in his nice suit to criticise both parties of inhumanity to refugees. Apparently all asylum seekers are refugees. He seems to want everybody here. I wanted to ask him that: why have borders at all, why not open borders, isn’t that what is behind your ears?

But I didn’t get a chance to bat a question to him. Now a man of the globalist left; I remember back in 1975–1983 how the Left of the day hated him. But on Friday night (24 June, 2011) all manner of pinkos parked their noddy cars in the University of Adelaide car park and scampered into Elder Hall – which had some sort of construction work being done to it – I had a paranoid fear the building might fall down! Sorry, I must have identified the building named after Tom Elder with “old Australia”.  

* We at On Target think the present readers will find Malcolm Fraser’s political background history of interest. The part he played in the betrayal of that little nation known as Rhodesia is recorded for all to see. 


another note from Len the Cleaner
That is the title of an article by Joseph Wakim OAM, founder of the Australian Arabic Council and a former multicultural affairs commissioner (The Advertiser, June 25, 2011, p.76). Wakim begins by discussing the question of why the country of his birth, Lebanon, doesn’t grant citizenship to Palestinian refugees. A good question.

His answer: “When considering the full narrative that rendered the Palestinians homeless, a different set of questions needs to be asked. Why are these refugees treated like commodities that can be cut and pasted from one Arab land to another? This line of propaganda is fundamentally racist, assuming that all Arabs are the same: Palestinians should feel at home and simply dissolve into the familiar sand dune.”

No, they want to be in their ancestral home in Palestine. While that seems fair, in the case of Australia, according to Wakim, we were part of the Coalition of the Willing that invaded Iraq without UN approval and so now we are responsible for the desperate that wash up on our shores. And, Wakim notes, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights gives everyone a right to seek asylum.

Thus unlike the Palestinian case, we have an endless moral duty to take in “everyone” – for by the same reasoning as above, the West has affected everyone on earth. Here comes “The Camp of the Saints” folks.

P.S: I was going to also argue that we surely can’t “save their souls” but I didn’t want to get caught up in Islamic theology as I know nothing about it.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Greek Australian John Mangos, former Sky newsreader had a 33-year broadcasting career brought to an end by his comments on a lottery winner hiding his identity: “I don’t know why he bothered. I mean, I can tell you now he’s Chinese. He’s got straight black hair and he’s got squinty eyes and yellow skin”.

Mangos was “horrified to be considered racist because he has been on the end of it all his life”. According to Mangos “I’ve been called a ‘wog’ and a ‘dago’ and a ‘spiv’ all my life”. (Sunday Mail, 26/6/11, p.36) Why, he was even punished by a teacher (no doubt an Anglo Australian) at school for having a smelly ethnic lunch! Yet, so ‘racist’ has been Australian society that he was able to enjoy a successful broadcasting career until he slipped up. And Mangos had been “donating to the Chinese community for 20 years.”
But that is the multiculturalism system that has been created.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Leading legal philosopher Professor Jeremy Waldron had this to say about the logical inadequacy of the legal reasoning of the US Supreme Court:
“The alleged reason-giving advantage associated with courts is a sham. What courts call “giving reasons” is an attempt to connect the decision they are facing with some piece of abstract and ill-thought-through eighteenth-century prose. Or it is an attempt to construct desperate analogies between the present decision they face and other decisions that happen to come before them (in which they were engaged in similar contortions)… And all the time, the real issues at stake in good-faith disagreement…get pushed to the margins. They usually take up a paragraph or two of the twenty or more devoted to an opinon, and even then the issues are seldom addressed directly”. (J.Waldron, Journal of Law, Philosophy and Culture (2007)).

Political correctness – pure and simple:
This opinion, a low opinion of the US Supreme Court’s standard of legal reasoning, is shared by US legal philosopher Steven D.Smith, who in The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse (2010) says: “the resulting opinions can be ponderous and intimidating (to non-lawyers and students, anyway). But the actual quality of reasoning is almost invariably thin, conclusory, and disappointing. Assigned to write an essay on a similar issue for a freshman English course, a thoughtful student could usually produce something that, although of course lacking in authority and gravitas, would be as searching in its substance”. (p.9)

The same can be said of the legal reasoning of our own High Court, as I will show in a series of articles. Consider Magill v Magill (2006) 226 CLR 551 a case involving paternity deceit. In short the wife who had an affair during the marriage and as a result had two children was not liable for deceit when the (former) husband found out that he was not the biological father from DNA testing.

The Family Law Act 1975, section 119, permits either party to a marriage to bring action in contract or in tort against the other party. However in the past an action for damages for adultery could be taken: Section 120 of that Act abolished that right.
The trial judge found for the husband and awarded $70,000 damages. The Victorian Court of Appeal reversed this. The High Court of Australia upheld that decision, holding that marital relations are not a suitable environment to construct legal rights and obligations (Gleeson CJ (Chief Justice)). The decision by the joint judgement of Gummow, Kirby and Frennan JJ is stranger. “Private matters of adult sexual conduct and a false representation of paternity during a marriage are not amenable to assessment by the established rules and elements of deceit”.

All this is political correctness, pure and simple. The fact is that the marriage relationship is full of legal rights and obligations. Look at property law settlements: each day multitudes of men are taken to the cleaners, losing their economic life-blood. With this goes the loss of their children and any ability to start a new life. Regarding deceit about paternity where false representations are made on a birth certificate, if this is not a paradigm case of dishonesty, nothing is.

Case law, especially from contract, well demonstrated that a knowing silence (going along with it) can also constitute deceit. Now, although Gleeson CJ seems to argue that the case for deceit was not made on the facts of the case, the team of Gummow, Kirby and Crennan JJ goes much further and denies the very legal basis to an action for paternity deceit. Much scholarly analysis of case law is given, across jurisdictions including the UA and Canada to reach the conclusion that it is not the role of the court to “supervise the promises made between two consenting adults as to the circumstances of their private sexual conduct”. (p.51)

As they conclude: “Private matters of adult sexual conduct and a false representation of paternity during a marriage are not amenable to assessment by the established rules and elements of deceit.” (p.594)
Paternity deceit though is not a “private matter” as it does involve the husband, wife, biological father and children and it has economic implications. The law has made marriage an economic relationship. But to carry this logic through to paternity deceit would upset feminism and the women’s self interest lobby group. As there can be no male paternity deceit, then it is clear that the conclusion is as stated above.

But as Professor Jeremy Waldron has said in a passage quoted earlier, this is not a conclusion reached by iron-clad deductive reasoning, but a rationalisation.  


by Chris Knight
Children, as we all know, or should know, are being brain controlled by our runaway technocapitalist society. There are endless avenues for “communication” – email, Skype, iPhone, iPod, all the “I’s” for an i-generation concerned with self and “my” this and that and all big money for the corporates.
Children are sleeping less now than in previous generations (The Australian, June 3, 2011, p.5) engaging in this endless communication by Facebook and other absurdities. Thus we have the image of a lone teenager communicating via technology: A: what are you doing? B: not much. A: me neither.

Once upon a time a rebellion would involve physical activity, like hooning around in cars. People got together to make mischief! Now youth has merged with machines in the ultimate act of technological dehumanisation. Sometimes I find myself even wishing that the peak oil/coal/energy crowd who see major energy collapses and blackouts and brownouts were correct. Maybe in the stillness youth could rediscover the magic of…just being alive.  


The South Australian State Weekend will be held on 13th and 14th of August 2011. The Public Schools’ Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide has been booked for the two days. This will be a major event in celebration of the League of Rights’ 65th year. Make every effort to attend.

The theme for the seminar is “Breaking New Ground”

Speakers, Saturday 13th August 2011:
• Dr. Frances Hutchinson, Chair of the Social Credit Secretariat, economist and author from the UK. Her topics will be: “The Writing of Understanding the Financial System” and “Try It on a Map” - Dr. Hutchinson explains that if we understand the present we will have a better grasp of the future.
• Mr. Bill Carey, farmer of Streaky Bay SA, will speak to “Australia: Latecomer in Present World Drama”. Bill Carey (together with the late Jim Cronin) set up “Bankwatch” in the late 1980’s to help drought-stricken farmers who were about to be forced off their lands by the banks.

Speakers, Sunday 14th August 2011:
• Dr. Frances Hutchinson, “Finance and the Threefold Commonwealth” and “In Praise of Idleness”, insisting it’s time to move beyond anger, blame and protest. It’s time to work towards a vision of routes out of all this mess!
• Mr. Harry Dreckow and son Brenton will speak to: “We Went the Organic Way” Harry pioneered organic-farming in his area of Mylor and has now handed over to his very capable farmer-son Brenton.
• There will also be “Time Out for Some Creative Thinking” What do you think of the proposition that “Waste = Food” in this wasteful, extravagant western world?  

The 65th 'New Times' Dinner & National Weekend
The 65th Annual "New Times Dinner" will be held on the Friday 23 September and the National Seminar 24th of September, the Divine Service and Action Conference on Sunday 25th. The early notice is for you to make your accommodation bookings and secure the rooms you would prefer.

To Book Your Accommodation:
The Bendigo Motor Inn, 232 High St. Kangaroo Flat gave us very good service last year so we are pleased to return. Bookings can be made now and payment made at the Seminar: Phone 1800 032 941.
Book well in advance to get a room on street level. The cost of double rooms (double bed and one single bed) is Friday $99.00 : Saturday $125.00 : and Sunday $99.00, less 10% for our group. There are two rooms with more beds. 

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