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28 January 2011 Thought for the Week:

“A peace is of the nature of a conquest; for then both parties nobly are subdued, and neither party loser.”

- - William Shakespeare  


by Wallace Klinck, Canada
When will the nations of the world learn from Douglas and pay the wages of the machine to all citizens to supplement and even to replace any earned incomes that they may be receiving? How can we expect the costs of labour as income to pay the combined cost of labour and physical capital when the latter is rapidly outstripping the former?
Nations that account their assets as a liability have a grim future. And, it could be rendered all so different if we merely altered the abstract system of accountancy that we use as "money" so as to reflect the true physical, as opposed to inflated financial costs of production.

More examples of Social Credit in the process of realisation.
The evidence? “German high-tech-car-factory, an engineering marvel !”
View it here:

The Zero-Emissions Electric Vehicle of the Future. A Reality Today!
Something I have been waiting for - for years! And it is not a hybrid. A true advance in technology.
Look here: And here: 


by Chris Knight
On Target, 14 January 2011 contains a thoughtful discussion on the question of whether or not the League of Rights is a socialist movement. Social Credit, for example, a core part of the League philosophy, is concerned with a just distribution of the fruits of human labour in a world where technology has largely solved the problem of production. And in its own weird way, so is Socialism.

Liberalism operates with a social ontology (philosophy of being and existence) of social atomism or individualism. Society, as Margaret Thatcher once said, does not exist. Communism and Socialism exists at the opposite extreme and adopts an ontology of social holism – the only reality are collective entities such as societies and cultures. This view of the Left is characteristic of postmodernism and social constructionism that denies that external truth exists.
The Jewish philosopher Jacques Derrida has said that nothing exists outside of the “text”. This is the extreme expression of a dogma that has gripped philosophy since the time of Kant – that we are cut off from the world by our concepts, language and theories and can only know the world through this conceptual veil.

Social Credit, through the writings of C.H. Douglas, has a much saner philosophy. Individuals exist and so does society. Society is a social product of the association and interaction of individuals. Older individuals create and maintain the social institutions, e.g., language, which newer individuals are born into. There is no Kantian veil hiding us from the world because we are not isolated atoms as individuals.
Individuals are, among other things, biological beings. Sociality is part of man’s human nature, but it is by no means the sole defining characteristic as the Communists and Socialists believe. Their ontology is very much an “over-socialised conception of man”. Modern sociology is largely flawed as a cognitive discipline because of this fundamental error.

It is because individuals transcend social structures and are never reducible to them, that is, because they have a transcendental essence re sociality, that the political philosophy of Communism and Leftism in all its forms (e.g., feminism) is wrong. The necessity of individuals to have private property is a part of human nature because it is an ecological condition of individual freedom.
Thus, the political philosophy and ethos of Leftism is also fundamentally wrong because it ignores this fundamental aspect of human nature. For this reason, even though Social Credit and Leftism, are both critical of Global Capitalism, these philosophies do so from an entirely incommensurable ontological position. The Australian League of Rights therefore cannot be correctly viewed as a ‘Socialism’.

Essential viewing in relation to the above article is the Eric D. Butler 1989 DVD “The Planned Surrender of Australia”.
Such matters are discussed from a historical/philosophical position. History has taught man there are fundamental truths about human associations that are just as absolute as the Law of Gravity – which we have ignored to our own peril.

Price: $12.00 posted from Heritage Bookshop Services and Veritas Books online.  


by Betty Luks
“Even a racist and conspiracist has rights,” declares Andrew Bolt on his Blog 20/1/2011. He continues, “The man is a loon and his views are disgusting, but does being an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist mean you should lose your rights to, say, a gun: A man declared a white supremacist by police and ruled a possible risk to public safety by a psychiatrist has been granted the right to possess a handgun.

Darryl Potts, who believes there is a Jewish conspiracy to destroy other races, had his AB firearms and probationary pistol licences revoked by police after he expressed “white supremacy views” to officers during an incident involving domestic violence. But, in a landmark case, the Administrative Decisions Tribunal has ruled that, even though Mr Potts might hold extreme and offensive views, that does not mean he is mentally impaired and he is legally entitled to a firearm licence.

The decision was at odds with the opinion of police, the Firearms Registry and a psychiatrist’s clinical assessment that Mr Potts had the potential “to put public safety at risk”. Mr Potts, an elevator technician at Federal Parliament, pursued the case because he believed having a revoked firearm licence could affect his security clearance to work in government buildings.

There was some alleged “domestic” incident two years ago that worries me, but I tend to agree with the reasoning of ADT member Peter Molony: Mr Potts is an intelligent, manipulative and calculating man. The fact that he holds political and religious views and opinions that are offensive is not, in my opinion, sufficient to find that the public interest requires that he no longer hold a firearms licence… To do so would be to embark on a slippery slope ... to totalitarianism.”

So Andrew, you see that “Mr Potts is an intelligent, manipulative and calculating man”? But wouldn’t you also agree that Mr. Potts is not alone in this category? Isn’t it time all Australians carefully considered how we are being ‘intelligently and calculatingly manipulated’?
I learned many years ago just how the Hegelian dialectical strategy and tactics are used by the power-lusters to divide and rule the people in order to gain their own objectives – and this includes the tactics and strategy used by the mainline media.

Let’s look at how we are politically divided and manipulated:
Geoffrey Dobbs in “What is Social Credit” wrote, “The Left/Right conflict is a divide-and-rule strategy, and it is remarkable how closely it has succeeded in splitting the population down the middle, so that a 'swing' of only a few per cent can change governments. The two sides are at one on their evil policy, they differ only on the truth, which they divide between them and so render (the truth) impotent.

To a large extent the difference between the real power base of the Right and the Left is a matter of age and temperament. Naturally enough, the older one gets, and the less adaptive to change, the more one perceives the importance of maintaining the status quo, of law and order, of heredity and tradition and the cultural inheritance; the younger one is, the more urgent for growth and change and adventure and activity, and the more passionate for fairness and justice and the righting of wrongs. And it is obvious that both sides are needed if we are to resolve our miseries - not a compromise between lies, but a combination of differently perceived truths.

Conservatives defend the right of inheritance – for themselves:
For instance, Conservatives once used to defend both the cultural tradition and the right of individual inheritance, but only for those families which had managed to accumulate some personal property. This restriction very largely to their own propertied class conflicted with natural justice, since the earth and its resources are a free gift to man; it also revealed that they did not really believe in inheritance as a general and inalienable right since they would not concede it to the moneyless proletariat who had been driven off the land; so that, in the end, even 'Conservative' belief in inheritance has withered away, just when technological advance and invention have made it blatantly obvious that, so far as real productivity is concerned, there is ample provision for a large element of inherited wealth for all…”

The Left and the Right in Politics:
In politics we are constantly bombarded with this ‘intelligent, manipulative and calculating’ Left/Right confrontation - but the Whole Truth of the matter is never discussed by the ‘intelligent, manipulative and calculating’ politicians or persons within the media.

Andrew, are you implying there is not a conspiracy to impose world government on us? But then ‘conspiracy’ is hardly the word to use now, it is blatantly obvious to those who are not politically blinded altogether. It was certainly ‘hidden’ when such men as C.H. Douglas, Eric D. Butler, Jeremy Lee, Geoffrey Dobbs and many others first wrote about it, doing their best to warn their fellow countrymen of what was happening and what would be their future should ‘the conspiracy’ succeed.
In League history, the story is told of one politician who sneered at the suggestion that there was a conspiracy to set up a New International Economic Order (NIEO), who contemptuously retorted to a League of Rights supporter that it was simply “a figment of the imagination of the Australian League of Rights!”

Let’s give you just one recent example Andrew:
In a media release, 18/1/2011, Senator Barnaby Joyce warns South Australians: “Labor Government to tax the rain”. The Labor Party in South Australia has now self promoted themselves to a state of omnipotence. It had to happen, they are now charging for the rain, and farmers are to pay for water that falls on their own place stored in their own dam for stock. Reports today indicate that a water allocation plan in the Western Mount Lofty Ranges will call for irrigators to install meters on dams and charge them for licences. The Labor-Green party wants to tax you for carbon dioxide, charge you for rain and take away the essence of ownership for the land you bought but leave you with the rates. The complete destruction by the Labor-Green party of the principles of ownership leaves all ultimately worthless…
If you, the individual, do not own anything, make anything or grow anything then you have nothing to offer and you are nobody and as a state or nation you will fall. Maybe that is what Labor and the Greens want, for it appears to be where they are leading us.”

Andrew, it would be so simple for you as an investigative journalist, to trace the pedigree of this policy just announced by the Fabian Socialist Labor-Green party in South Australia, and it would be simpler still for Senator Joyce to trace the same policy back through the policies of his own party.
You know how I know Andrew? I have just done a brief search of the League’s On Target archives; all of the editions from 1 February 1965 are now online. Use the search facility, type in such words as Rio Earth Summit, Climate Change, Agenda 21 and the whole ‘conspiracy’ is placed before you.

Liberal-National-Socialists did with their hands what they denied with their mouths:
Do a search and follow the pedigree of the ‘Conservative’ parties’ betrayal of this nation and their own followers. You will find they have been ‘going along’ with the New World Order programme for many a year.
You don’t believe me Andrew? Then you need to read Jeremy Lee’s book, “Australia 2000” What Will We Tell Our Children?” first published in 1997.
Jeremy did his homework – as you could have done – and he has documented the UN agenda from the UN’s own sources.

What do you think of the idea of the United Nations controlling the world’s foods, fibres and minerals? Maybe, just maybe, this policy to measure the rain that falls to the ground and charge the farmers for it, is a policy towards the control of food, fibres and minerals.
Don’t take my word for it – do some research yourself.


I once searched out the meaning of the term ‘free enterprise’ before it disappeared down the memory hole and the terms ‘capitalism’ and then ‘free trade’ were introduced to take the place of free enterprise and help us forget what freedom was all about.

The term meant: free: not in bondage to another and enterprise: a bold undertaking. You really do need to consider – deeply – what the following report means in fact.   


A West Australia reader sent me the following announcement on a government website. Note carefully it is a Regional Government website. Ask yourselves fellow Australians: When were the referendums held, both State and Federal, to abolish Local Governments and State Governments in this land? Source: http://regional.gov.au/local/awards/leading/entrydetails.aspx?entry=ZZ367&entryYear=2002

“Resource Allocation Model, Gosnells City Council
The Resource Allocation Model (RAM) project successfully linked the annual budget and the goals and strategies of the City of Gosnells strategic plan, enabled the City to evaluate and rank unlike expenditure, and enabled the City’s scarce resources to be allocated on a non-political equitable basis. The RAM process is unique in Australian Local Government. Use of the cost–benefit analysis tools applied through the RAM has enabled Council to demonstrate the most efficient and effective use of its finite resources as applied to competing priorities. It has gained widespread acceptance across key stakeholders as a fair and equitable method of allocating resources to fund the City’s strategic plan for the local community. (emphasis added…ed)

Under the heading of ‘Financial management’:
The Commonwealth Government already has programmes in place that encourages individuals and local communities to protect and preserve their environment. Now Local Governments and the wider communities they represent are being encouraged to become the lead agencies in achieving sustainable development by integrating environmental, economic and social goals. The Local Agenda 21 (LA21) Award recognises the efforts of Local Governments, regional organisations and communities in the promotion and implementation of ecologically sustainable development at the local level through Local Agenda 21 or other integrated planning frameworks. Visit the sponsor's web site: https://www.nrm.gov.au…”

Well gentle readers, thanks to Australians’ complacency we are now being herded into our own version of the Gulag or the New World Order.
If you think it is going to be a breeze and ‘she’ll be right mate’ no matter what type of government and political system you are under, ponder on Solzhenitsyn’s words to the West in his BBC speech: “The West's Betrayal of Civilisation” here…

The Whole World in Debt Chains by C.H. Douglas - HERE...


Having watched Aboriginal brothers Noel and Gerhardt on a 2002 TV programme candidly speak of the tragedies and problems within their own local Aboriginal communities, I was moved to write the following in On Target, November 2002/Vol38 No45:
Cape York Aboriginals ‘Tell It How It Is’
: “I watched Aboriginal-activist brothers Noel and Gerhardt Pearson share their burdens with the Australian people this week. The ABC programme, The Australian Story: The Cape Crusade, Monday, November 11th, told it all.

The communities on the Cape York Peninsula are destroying themselves through drug and alcohol abuse, physical and sexual violence and illiterate, neglected children. The problems are huge. Noel Pearson put the aboriginal industry's bureaucracy on notice: "There's a big industry involved in Aboriginal dysfunction whether it's in juvenile justice or the adult criminal justice system. That industry we have to struggle against." Noel's brother, Gerhardt explained, "We've undertaken a tough and relentless campaign to admit to the Australian public that we have a situation in Cape York that is caused by our own doing..."

We’re in this together:
I think the Pearson brothers might find it hard to believe that Betty Luks, national director of the Australian League of Rights means it when she says: As a fellow Australian I do believe we are in this battle together. Before you dismiss me, let me explain. In the 1980s the League published a book "Red Over Black" by former communist Geoff McDonald. Geoff did his best to expose the machinations of the Communist Party and the long-term objectives behind the 'land rights' and related Aboriginal issues.

The League warned:
The Aboriginal people were being used for 'other purposes'. For our 'sins' we were demonised and branded as 'racists, and the tribal Aboriginal people were isolated and marginalized in their 'land-right ghettos'. (In South Africa it is called apartheid.) Their hopes and dreams didn't materialize because there was no real foundation upon which to build and those in power had another agenda. George Orwell's "Animal Farm" shows how it’s done.

First the propaganda:
The Pigs in Animal Farm, through their unrelenting propaganda (mass-opinion mind-manipulation) stirred up discontent against Farmer Brown and his system (Free Enterprise, Private Property 'Capitalism'). The Pigs sowed discontent. We should have 'equality', they cried. They didn't point out that no two Animal groups are alike; each group is distinct, is 'different'. Horses don't understand Sheep that well, and Mother Hens like to scratch in the soil and lay eggs in a nest – not catch the mice as do farmyard Cats.
What the Animals forgot was that working relationships require that each group was given its own 'space,' for them all to be who they are. Yes, there were problems with Farmer Brown's management, but surely they didn't need to destroy their home and livelihood in order to resolve the problems, the injustices.

You are being exploited!!! – whispered the Pigs into their ears. What's needed is a Revolution! We must turn the present system on its head. All Animals must be 'equal'. The rest is history: Differences were exploited and exaggerated; disharmony and dissatisfaction was generated, and mutual trust and reciprocity broke down.

The Revolution having begun, the farmyard 'rules' were changed. Work-horse Boxer now had to produce enough for the packs of Dogs (bureaucracy) and the Pigs luxurious life style (the ruling elite) – AND Mr. Whimper appeared on the scene. Ah!!! Mr. Whimper. Who is he? Where does he fit into the scheme of things? Mr. Whimper carries on 'business' with any system, whether Farmer Brown's system or The Pigs' system. "Business is business' to Mr. Whimper; whether the Free Enterprise Capitalism of Farmer Brown and/or the Socialism/Communism of The Pigs. Mr. Whimper is Super-Capitalism, the Money-Power. In fact Noel, you did say "Money is King', but I don't think you really understood in what way 'Money is King'! You need to look into Mr. Whimper's background and his past history.

Noel – a question:
Is your community's land freehold? Do you and your people own the land freehold in the same sense as most Australians understand freehold title and private property? I have asked a Constitutional lawyer that question and his reply, based upon studying the Land Rights legislation was: "It is not clear." Didn't I once see you on TV complaining Aboriginal communities couldn't raise bank loans? The reason being, there was no one person who could be held responsible for the mortgage debt? In which case, isn't it a matter of "What The Pigs have given, along with the collusion of Mr. Whimper, the Pigs can take away? " That is, when the Revolution has finished running its course; but mark you Noel, Mr. Whimper will still be 'on the scene' to do business with whichever Pig takes Napoleon's place!

Noel and Gerhardt Pearson, for what it's worth, the Australian League of Rights joins with you and your communities in the heartfelt desire for a resolution of the problems between us and those we have in common. But in doing so, I believe we have to tackle The Pigs, their Dogs and Mr. Whimper. Farmer Brown's system wasn't working as well as it could have, but after 80 years of experience we now know it sure beats the hell out of the others.”  


SOS-News is keeping us informed where Peter Spencer is at in his fight – on behalf of us all – to keep his property rights. He will make a second submission to the Federal Court on the 21st January, detailing documents for discovery in the "carbon case", Spencer vs the Commonwealth.

We have been informed, “Your support is requested at 09.30 - on the morning of Monday 7th February to be at the Federal Court, Level 17, Law Courts Building, Queen's Square Sydney. Bearing in mind court times can change the public needs to be there at 09.30.

All Australians should stand behind Peter and need to send a LOUD message to their local member of state and federal parliaments:
“I will not stand by as government steals Australians’ property rights. I support the stand Peter Spencer is taking on our behalf as well as for himself. Signed…..

Telephone, e-mail, fax, and write TODAY! These politicians and bureaucrats are servants of the people. Not the other way round!
TELL THEM - politely !

Contact details:
House of Representatives: The Senate: Detailed link to all politicians:


Ballarat Courier death penalty for CO2:
Dear Editor,
Leon Ashby is right (Letters January 3), we are a dictatorship, albeit an elected one. The official religion of this nation is now called climate change, a euphemism for global warming.
Left, right, and centre, carbon dioxide has been convicted on theory and dodgy evidence. Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is adamant we must have “a price on carbon” while our ostensibly conservative Premier, Ted Baillieu, aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 per cent.
In the last sixty years carbon emissions have escalated at a relatively constant rate but the changes in temperature have defied predictions and reversed circa 1975 and 2000.

In 1975 science was very concerned about declining temperatures that were feared to presage a coming ice age, but the trend was reversed and some warming was observed. CFC’s were blamed on similar evidence to that which has convicted carbon dioxide. We obediently discontinued their use and by coincidence the warming ceased to be replaced by record snowfalls and the best skiing seasons for years.
Snowfalls in the last two northern hemisphere winters have caused unprecedented disruption while here in the southern hemisphere the onset of summer has been delayed giving us a six month period of virtual winter. Climate change is a cycle of approximately 25 years periodicity. It is time to lift the blinkers.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159