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26 August 2011 Thought for the Week:

The Luddites Did Not Want to Tend Machines for WAGES! The following is from recent correspondence between social crediters Wallace Klinck of Canada and Dr. Frances Hutchinson, United Kingdom: “I've just glanced at your latest message, and a sentence jumped out at me: The Luddites smashed the machines because tending them for wages was the only basis of economic security (marginal as it was) known to them.

The Luddites did not, and did not want to, tend machines for wages. They saw their multiple income source way of life was being smashed by the machines. They spun and wove cloth in their cottages, selling it to outsourcers for cash, not wages, while at the same time they retained plots of land for basic foods. They built their own homes/workshops and hated the new 'manufactories' with the inhuman working and living conditions they brought.

The financial price-system which lies at the heart of the problem came in from the earliest days of enclosure (15/16 century) when an oligarchy was able to set prices for wool. They also smashed the guilds, who were in truth guarantors of good work conditions and methods.
The early machines were technical marvels, but they still had to be manned. And they were manned by forced labour. Basically, it is time to revise some of the assumptions presented to us by the orthodox version of history.”
(Reread “Obama Observes: Technology a Cause of Unemployment” )

- - Economist Frances Hutchinson, 17th June 2011

“Thanks for this observation. I can understand why the sentence "jumped out at you"! Of course, you are entirely correct. The Luddites smashed the new textile machines because they feared, quite rightly, that their traditional cottage or home spinning and weaving industry was being threatened by the new technology that could be operated by cheap labour…”

- - Wallace Klinck, Canada

If this is the best hope that former Labor faction leader Stephen Loosley can offer, Labor is toast: “Next year, carbon pricing becomes a reality. Contrary to opposition charges, the sky will not fall and Western civilisation will not end. On the contrary, Australian leadership on this issue brings opportunity for Australians, just as the Hawke-Keating economic liberalisation not only led globally, but also resulted in many Australians becoming skilled and active participants in international markets.

Andrew’s comment: Loosley is spending too much time in the company of merchant bankers. (Emphasis added...ed)

- - Andrew Bolt’s Blog, 15th August 2011  


Taken from Gilad Atzmon’s webpage:
Upon reading the following, one comes to the conclusion this man is not far from Christian/ Social Credit concepts. Dr. Frances Hutchinson dealt with the Pyramid of Power (Mr. Atzmon writes about that pyramid below) at the very recent Australian League of Rights seminar held in Adelaide, South Australia. The seminar was filmed and the DVD will be available at a later date.

Now to Gilad Atzmon in “Analysis, Britain, Cultural Criticism
“It is astonishing to find that the British press that is so quick to tell us about the ‘true’ nature and motivations behind each mass protest in the Arab world, is somehow intellectually lame in its attempt to grasp their own huge scale riots at home. Until now, I have failed to see even a single worthy analytical attempt to understand the full meaning or significance of the current violent events taking place on the streets of cities all over the UK. British papers have been outlining the events as being driven by, associated with, and defined by hooliganism. They talk to the victims, and sometime even manage to interview some protagonists and perpetrators.

But, amongst such shallow, sensationalist coverage, we are still missing the most important information. What is the demography of the riots? Who is leading it? Does it have any leaders? Is there an ideology behind it all? Why do they loot, what do they loot, and from whom do they loot? And most importantly, what is the meaning of it all?
The events we saw in the past week in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and Manchester were possible signs of disintegration within British society. Some sectors within the society were clearly saying “we have had enough of it.” The truth is that these people we see rioting on our streets have been drifting away for quite some time, and no one has shown any concern, and now they are clearly not interested anymore in obedience to any notions of law and order. They do not see any great value in it. And the reason for that may be simple -- there is simply not much in it for them.

What we see in Britain is not a political protest. It is not a battle with any coherent call for justice. Neither is it an outburst of mere racial hatred. It is none of those things -- and yet, considered in its entirety, it comprises and manifests all of those factors at once. It is actually a rejection of the entire system. It is a clear manifestation and forceful expression of generations who have lost all hope in a society that does not convey any prospect of a future for them -- what we now see in British cities is young people who are putting the current system on trial. It is a spontaneous eruption of a demand for recognition.
For the obvious reasons not many in Britain are willing to listen to the desperate and urgent message voiced by the deprived. But I think that we must try to understand what is going on here.

If you want to know why the British media fail to understand what is happening, the answer is fairly straightforward – though they are there to transmit an image and appearance of freedom of speech, liberty and the spirit of enlightenment, large parts of the British media are deeply embedded as an inherent part of a wider system which they serve and bolster.

As a nation, we claim to believe in democracy -- though we often enough kill en masse in the name of freedom. Closer to the truth is the fact that we are submerged in a culture of self-love, and hence, we simply find it impossible to imagine that anyone within our proximity would dismiss our ‘greatness.’ And yet, here is the bad news -- it is clearly all spinning out of control now -- for far too long, we have been celebrating our ‘greatness’ at the expense of our underprivileged neighbours. Clearly, our next-door neighbours do not buy into this notion of freedom and liberty, since they do not posses the means to celebrate such freedom: they are left out, excluded from the game.

When I was young, I used to wonder what I would do when I had to finally support myself, and indeed, there were many options to choose from: education was available for most of us; but more than anything else, there were jobs to be found, since there were many different industries. I knew, for instance, that I would always be able to at least settle in a factory job and support myself and my future family. But Britain doesn’t offer any of that anymore. There are no jobs. There are no industries, and from this year, higher education will not be a viable option for countless youngsters.

Tragically enough, our politicians do not appear to be at all concerned with these matters: British politicians, much like other Western politicians, seem impervious to the austere challenges faced by our youth, and the implications of all of these events for their future and their sense of hope. It has been convincingly argued that Western Liberal democracy is simply there to merely set parameters, and to create the appropriate conditions for big businesses. Such a state of affairs is certainly true in Britain. The democratic system in Britain can be more accurately described as a form of subtle, perfidious and devious political oppression that simply gives the appearance of the ‘true reflection of our own will’. It gives the false impression that ultimately, the current order is nothing but fulfilment and reflection of ‘our own personal choice.’

The truth of the matter is actually far simpler -- the Western political system is there to maintain consumerism, and to keep big business going. Our civil freedom is reduced to a simple set of entitlements: we are free to consume, to buy, to spend, to purchase, to acquire, to lease, to hire, and to rent. And yet, there is a big problem here that will not go away, because as we move up the ladder of our consumer existence, more and more people are falling behind. As the more fortunate among us proceed upward, more and more youngsters are realising that they will never even be able to join the game.

On the one hand we are subject to a ‘dictatorship of commoditisation’; we are trained to identify with a set of gadgets and brands, and yet, on the other hand, an increasing number of the people around us are left out -- they can barely afford to possess these objects of desire, and find themselves removed from the ‘identity game’. They become faceless, their existence denied, left to wander, ghost-like, wrapped in training suits in a society driven by ruthless hard capitalism and sheer greed.

Such a reading of the riots in London may well help us to grasp the fact that many looters were apparently happy to be pictured by the press as they were seen in the streets with their new possessions. For the first time, they also had a chance to join the Western ‘symbolic order’. They smile at the camera, showing off their entry card into our society. They don’t want to be faceless anymore -- they insist to be seen.

Lamentably enough, British politicians seem to be very enthusiastic about ‘moral interventionism’ in other countries. But I believe that the time is ripe for Britain to be subjected to a true form of moral interventionism -- an influx of spiritual ideas that would redeem us all from mammon-seeking and hard Capitalism.
Yet it is increasingly clear that within the British political spectrum we will not find any such force that could lead to such a transformation, and that is indeed both a volatile and tragic situation.

Source: https://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/gilad-atzmon-london-riots-and-the-big-picture.html  


“The Last Carbon Taxer” Wall Street Journal: Review & Outlook Asia, July 17, 2011-
“Carbon cap and trade is dead in America, the Chicago emissions trading exchange has folded, and European nations keep fudging on their Kyoto Protocol promises. But Al Gore's great green hope still has a champion: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who announced last week that her government will impose a cap-and-tax regime. Her Labor Party-led coalition wants 500 of the country's "biggest polluters" to buy carbon permits issued by the government, starting next year. Canberra would then create new bureaucracies to re-allocate that money to interest groups and selected businesses, to the tune of billions of dollars annually.

The news has caused a public uproar—not least because Ms. Gillard ran and won last year on an explicit promise not to pursue such policies. She ousted her predecessor in a backroom coup after his popularity tanked because of climate-change boosterism and promises to raise taxes. But Ms. Gillard's Green coalition partners hold the balance of power in parliament and pushed hard for cap and trade. The PM caved and has now been labelled "Juliar" in the popular press.

The Gillard government estimates its plan will increase electricity costs by 10% and gasoline by 9%—increases it calls "modest." That's easy for politicians to say. In a nationwide poll taken after the announcement, 60% of voters opposed the tax and 68% said they'd be financially worse off because of it. Ms. Gillard's popularity has plumbed new lows.
The plan is economically damaging enough that even the normally timid business lobby—many of whose members originally supported climate-change legislation—is speaking up. Opposition leader Tony Abbott slammed the plan as "socialism masquerading as environmentalism," and he has a point. The government plans to use some of the carbon tax receipts to triple the income threshold before the income tax hits. In other words, this is in part a scheme to redistribute income from energy users to Labor voters. It is an odd kind of tax reform that narrows the tax base.

All of this for negligible environmental benefits. Australia emits 1.5% of the world's greenhouse gases. Even if the country cut its emissions to zero, the move would do little to reduce global emissions. Australia 's per-capita emissions are high compared to other developed nations because it's a sparsely populated continent blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Aussies have developed profitable, world-class natural resource and energy businesses that have lifted incomes at home and helped supply developing countries like China and India.

This is bad? It is if you believe in the theology that loathes carbon fuels and wants government to allocate the means of power production. In a speech Thursday, Ms. Gillard vowed to press forward with cap and tax and said that her convictions are "very deeply held." We'll see if her government can survive them.”  
(emphasis added...ed)


by James Reed
Greg Johnson’s "Confessions of a Reluctant Hater" (Counter-Currents Publishing, San Francisco, 2010) presents a heretical challenge to the Western secular religion of racial egalitarianism, multiculturalism and multiracialism. Johnson is editor-in-chief of Counter-Currents Publishing (https://www.counter-currents.com/) an important US nationalist publisher and editor of the annual journal North American New Right. "Confessions of a Reluctant Hater", is a selection of his journalism, and what a selection it is!

Twenty eight articles are included ranging over a diverse array of topics and reviewing literature and films that will probably not be known to an Australian audience interested in the question of the survival of the White race. The essays are all highly readable, clear and soundly argued. Most importantly Johnson is not burdened by the need for endless quivering qualifications, as he plunges straight into his topic. Thus in essay 13 “The Persecution of Kevin MacDonald”, he addresses the charge that MacDonald is a Nazi and anti-Semitic. He is not, he says, but for the sake of argument suppose that he was. Why should this be a problem for his university which prides itself in “diversity”, for the presence of such a person would only increase the diversity further! (p.73)

And he continues: “ “Diversity” does not mean that all races and all ethnic groups should take pride in themselves and watch out for their interests. No, when Whites do that, it is not “diversity” it is “hate”! And the fanatical persecution of “hate” is what Leftists call “tolerance” – and, presumably, “love” (they are all just snarling and sputtering with love)” (p.73)

This sort of wit is found throughout this collection of essays. Reflecting on “truly shocking” US interracial rape statistics (in 2005, 37,000 White women were raped by blacks, while in the same period, “fewer than ten” black women were raped by White men) he says “according to the conventional wisdom on racism, we are supposed to be worried if, on any given day, a White person somewhere in America is harbouring racist attitudes toward blacks; but if one is concerned that, on the very same day, 100 White women are being raped by blacks, that is racism most foul”. That is an interesting argument indeed, that the liberal elite will not be likely to address any day soon.

In another interesting essay on nationalism Johnson compares the prospects of White nationalism to the mission of “Treekies” who push the multiracial, cosmic miscegenating message of Star Trek. White nationalists are dark and brooding but Trekkies have a vision, however crazy, and are forward looking. Johnson says: “With this in mind, ask yourself who is more likely to preserve the White race (1) the present White Nationalist movement, or (2) a group of kooks who, taking Tolkien as their bible, decide that through eugenics they are going to mould every successive generation of their progeny closer to the archetype of the elves, the fairest and wisest race?” (p.108)

Johnson concludes: “A vital White Nationalist movement would be a utopian, progressivist, eugenicist, mythical-cultural phenomenon. It would not be founded on empirical studies of how race influences culture. It would not propagate itself through academic conferences and policy studies. It would be founded on a grand culture-creating, race-shaping myth, propagated through art and religion, that enthrals and mobilises a whole people. It would be less concerned about the race we were or the race we are than about the race we can become”. (p.106)
Again, an excellent point-but the real challenge is to come up with this grand narrative. Any suggestions?  


by John Brett
Listening to a re-broadcast of Margaret Throsby's interview with Nancy Wake when Nancy was 88, on this last Friday (12th), was a reminder of the situation we now find ourselves in. She reminds us again that Hitler was a good-looking man who could "talk". With his message of hope for the unemployed youth of Germany, he gained his popularity there. But he was deceiving all Germans with the Lie, except that few who had ‘disappeared’.

While the "hate" was for the Germans occupying of France, they found many allies amongst those Germans. There was "hate" for those Frenchmen who had betrayed France, as "hate" had arisen in Germany for those who had betrayed Germany. The designers of the war had found three great talkers to take their nations on this treacherous course.

A comment of those times was - "Hitler could sell snow to the Norwegians, Mussolini could sell sand to the Arabs, while Churchill could sell anything to anybody". Only the Georgian sphinx, Stalin remained silent". (Bullets spoke louder than words!) While we have been pointing our finger at the folly of these Europeans, we are being betrayed on a larger scale, by the same ideological people and they are winning for the same reasons they won in Europe - no alternative opposition.

We are now the last nation where this situation could be turned around... If we had a leader who will take us where we want to go! If we cannot expose and deal with this massive CO2 lie, we don't deserve the Constitution we were bequeathed.  


by Peter West
Guillame Faye’s "Why We Fight: Manifesto of the European Resistance" (Arktos Media 2011) is an English translation of Manifeste de la Resistance Europeenne, published in Paris in 2001. Arktos Media (www.arktos.com) is an important publisher of nationalist literature, especially European nationalism. Guillaume Faye is a leading French “New Right” thinker who is concerned with issues of European identity and the survival of Western civilisation. Faye was seen as a leading advocate of white resistance until the publication of La Nouvelle Question Juive in 2001, The New Jewish Question (not yet translated in English).

This book argued that Gentile Europeans and Zionists should unite against a coming Islamic threat. (p.11) That is a thesis worthy of debate and one which would be folly to dismiss without detailed consideration.
This brief note is not a review of the book or any attempt to do full justice to it, but rather a note of introduction. In the future a larger article will hopefully contribute such a review. Faye is well aware of the problem of the decline of Europe, mass immigration, ethnic dilution and Islamisation. However he is, unlike many White nationalists, aware that a period of “economic catastrophe” is approaching. (p.61) This will result in a planetary economic and ecological crisis. Faye sees a coming religious-ethnic civil war (p.70) which Europeans must prepare for.

The bulk of his book consists of a “metapolitical” dictionary” which defines in a politically incorrect fashion many key terms in the present struggle to save Western civilisation. For example, “Ethnomasochism” is defined as “The masochistic tendency to blame and devalue one’s ethnicity, one’s own people” (p.136)
Faye goes on to say “It’s akin to ethnosuicide. Ethnomasochism is nothing new in history. It is a symptom of a people too weary to live and perpetuate itself: an ageing people ready to pass the baton to another. European elites have succumbed to this collective disease, which explains their indifference to the present colonisation and their idea that we should welcome it”. (p.136)  


by Peter West
No trace of what? Australia? No, that is not what they said, but what I misinterpreted from alarm at seeing the headline (“We’ll Leave No Trace, Chinese Miners Pledge”, The Australian, June 29, 2011, p.8) The Chinese government-controlled mining corporation Shenhua Watermark Coal, who have bought up vast expanses of prime farmland in northern New South Wales, have said that when they have finished coalmining in 30 years time “they will leave no trace”.

Local mining groups disagree and see pollution contaminating underground aquifers and fertile soil. Farming communities will be crushed. But for a “few dollars more” people have allowed this to happen. Australians deserve to starve if they don’t take a stand against this.  


by Chris Knight
The results of a study on the use of antimicrobial copper surfaces in hospitals was presented at the World Health Organisation’s 1st International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control in Geneva Switzerland. (Natural News, July 15, 2011) It was found that these surfaces reduced the rate of hospital-acquired infections by 40% and that the surface kills 97% of bacteria, along with viruses and fungal pathogens.
This includes a number of pathogens that are multiple drug resistant. This is yet another example of common folk medicine practice turning out to have scientific validity.  


The movie "Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business" (reported Natural News, July 14, 2011) documents the 14-year battle of Stanislaw Burzynski against the Establishment. Dr Burzynski devised a theory and treatment for cancer which he called “antineoplastons”. The idea was to use a natural therapy to correct the genetic malfunctions.

Burzynski claimed to have successfully treated many people, including people with allegedly “incurable” cancers. Burzynski had a 14-year legal battle to obtain FDA approval for clinical trials and over that time the US government engaged four Federal Grand Juries in an attempt to indict him.

The movie tells an incredible story with a simple motive: Burzynski could hold the exclusive licence to a highly effective cancer treatment, and that means billions. You can see the movie here:


by Chris Knight
The alternative “Freedom” sites have begun warning folks about another round of the GFC (global financial crisis) flowing from US debt problems. As documented at this site, Australia and every other Western country has their own debt crisis and as social creditors have been saying for a long time, this is in the nature of the system. It is worthwhile though being aware of the “hints” that are dropped in the conventional media.

Oliver Marc Hartwich, “A Bad Time to Damage Our Economy as the Next Stage of the GFC Looms”, The Australian, July 15, 2011, p.12, puts an argument which Betty Luks has put in these pages, namely that the GFC was a product of excessive levels of public and private debt and the trillions spent on stimulus packages only increased the debt and put off the day of reckoning. It was like avoiding a hangover by staying continuously drunk: but eventually something will give.
G. Elliott and D. Kitney, “The Looming Crisis”, The Weekend Australian, July 16-17, 2011, cover ground that will be well known to our readers: cost of living pressures (food, energy etc.) and the rise of mortgage arrears.

The next round of the GFC will be a return to the Great Depression with no safety net. Beggars with signs “We are Hungry” are common now in Europe and the US (one such photo can be seen in the Elliott and Kitney article). To survive what is coming get into a survivalist mindset with food stockpiles etc. John Steele is interested in putting together a booklet on this if reader interest is high enough. Let us know.


by James Reed
The world is still in shock from the tragic murder of Nordic youths by gunman Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo. Breivik, a fundamentalist “Christian” and anti-Islamic “Knights Templar”, cowardly shot around 69 (the figure at the time of writing is not decided) youth attending a Labour Party youth camp. Whilst the media will make much of Breivik’s access to a military assault rifle, probably little discussion will occur about Brevik’s praise of violent video games. Many of these games involve massacres of people where the player can shoot, knife and kill people with a car or by bombing. Breivik was obsessed with such games.

In Australia, Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor rejected calls for a reconsideration of the government’s new classification for violent video games, saying: “Because there’s a madman who has done such atrocities in Norway, I don’t think means that we are going to close down film or engagement with games.” (The Australian, July 25, 2011, p.9) Nevertheless, by the same logic there would be no good reason for the comprehensive gun grab made by Little John Howard in 1996 and other inspired gun control measures.

The connection to violent acts, by violent video consumption seems much more direct than by possessing a hunting rifle or a .22 calibre semi auto rabbit rifle. The world needs to ask whether having these games, which make the corporations ever richer, is in the best interests of society. I would ban the lot of them.  


The 65th Annual "New Times Dinner" will be held on the Friday 23 September and the National Seminar 24th of September, the Divine Service and Action Conference on Sunday 25th. The theme is "Making a Difference".

The special speakers at the Seminar on Saturday 24th September 2011 are:

1. Chris Field: “Taking a Stand”
Chris and Susan Field gained national recognition a year ago when they re-possessed their home after eviction, claiming that the bank had lied and the courts not given them justice. Since then Chris’s book, “Banks Lie”, gained international acclaim as an easy-to-read eye-opener exposing many deceptions that are part of modern banking. The Fields were evicted a second time in March this year and were kept from returning by guards, fence and dog.
Hear firsthand from a man who chose to take a stand. Discover his motivation and the lessons he has learned along the way. As a Christian minister Chris recognises that if he cannot take a stand then he has no right to expect others to do so. Chris is a polished presenter whose desire for truth and freedom resonates with the hearts of people around the world. Despite his limitations in legal knowledge and skill, he has nonetheless taken a bold stand that completely changed his life. He is a role model to be learned from.

2. Topher Field: “Communication – Making the Penny Drop”

Topher is son to Chris and Susan Field (fifth of their seven children) and has become a popular YouTube identity through his punchy “Unpopular View” videos about water issues. Coached in communications by his dad, Topher has energised the emergent technologies and the language of his generation to become an effective communicator now sought after by academics, businesses and people with a message to get out to the public.
Topher took the last part of his name (Christopher) to avoid confusion with his dad, Chris. He then took serious interest in polishing his professional skills as a presenter and actor, to empower him to reach his generation. Get a rare insight into the thinking and actions that have made Topher a respected and effective voice for the Australian public.

Please take particular note: THE SEMINAR (ONLY) will be held in the ALL SEASONS MOTEL, McIVOR RD., BENDIGO

To Book Your ACCOMMODATION: The Bendigo Motor Inn, 232 High St. Kangaroo Flat gave us very good service last year so we are pleased to return. Bookings can be made now and payment made at the Seminar: Phone 1800 032 941.
The cost of double rooms (double bed and one single bed) is Friday $99.00 : Saturday $125.00 : and Sunday $99.00, less 10% for our group. There are two rooms with more beds. 

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