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Edmund Burke
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4 February 2011 Thought for the Week:

A time like this demands: Strong minds, great hearts, true faith, and ready hands.
Men whom the lust of office does not kill; Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy;

Men who possess conviction and a strong will; Men who have honour; men who will not lie -
Men who can stand before a demagogue and denounce his treacherous flatteries without winking.

Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog in public duty and in private thinking:
For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn creeds,

Their large professions and their little deeds Mingle in selfish strife,

- Lo! Freedom weeps. - - Wrong rules the land and waiting justice sleeps.
God... give us men !!!

... Author unknown  


The headlines read: 'Pommy bastard' Prince Charles reveals 'huge affection' for Australia The Prince of Wales has offered his deepest condolences for Australia's losses during the Queensland and Victorian floods – but quipped that his character was built living in Australia as a young man and being called a "Pommy bastard".

During a heartfelt and spontaneous speech at an Australia Day function hosted overnight by the High Commissioner in London, John Dauth, Prince Charles spoke about the enormous hardship to be overcome by flood-ravaged Australians and the endurance he too learned when a student at Geelong Grammar's Timbertop school in Victoria in 1966.

"Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones, who have been incredibly badly affected by this appalling natural disaster," he said. "And yet have shown such extraordinary ability to survive, endure and somehow made jokes about the horror that everyone is facing.

"I could not get over just reading about the ladies that are busily shooting brown snakes trying to get into their houses, dealing with the crocodiles and the spiders and god knows what and all the things I remember so well ... let alone the ants.

Prince Charles spoke about his "huge affection" for Australia, not that he said his royal standing meant he escaped teasing at the Australian school he attended. "I have gone through my fair share of being called a Pommy bastard, I can assure you of that," he said to roars of laughter and an ovation from the gathering. "But look what it has done for me. By god, it was good for the character. If you want to develop character, go to Australia."

He said the thoughts of the royal family were with the flood victims but even questioned the value of his own words. "We are thinking so much of all those out there in Australia, it seems so inadequate and it seems so hopeless in many ways to do this,’’ he said. "But all we can do is show real sympathy and understanding and so on this particular occasion may we wish you every success despite all the challenges ahead." Watch: https://www.abc.net.au/news/video/2011/01/27/3122797.htm


– from Gilad Atzmon’s website
Along the years we have heard about ‘Jews against Zionism’, ‘Jews against Racism’ and ‘Jews against anti Semitism’. In the last few days we have learned about a new Jewish collective. They are called ‘Jews Against the King.’

Apparently some Jews in Hollywood are not happy with the great cinematic success of The King’s Speech, the latest British film. The King’s Speech follows the story of King George VI - a man who never wished to be King, and had trouble with his confidence and public speech as he had an uncontrollable stammer. From a Jewish perspective King George VI was nothing but an anti Semite.

Hollywood blogger Scott Feinberg cites an anonymous email, supposedly from an Academy member, which claims the picture ignores George VI’s role in preventing Jewish refugees from fleeing Nazi Germany to Palestine. "I'm an Academy member and there are a LOT of us who won't vote for The King's Speech for this reason," the email reads.

Feinberg speculates that the email may be part of “an orchestrated smear campaign”. Critics claim that George VI indirectly conspired with Hitler to prevent Jews from reaching Palestine, which at the time was under British mandate. I guess that sooner or later Hollywood may have to liberate itself of its Holocaust driven agents.  


by Betty Luks
While it is a story of the vision of an Indian man, Sanjit "Bunker" Roy, who, as a social entrepreneur and founder of the ‘Barefoot College’ has been championing a bottom-up approach to education and empowering rural poor since 1972, it struck a cord with me. I remembered being taken to view the hut where C.H. Douglas had once set up the means for generating electricity for his home and workshop.
As a social crediter he firmly believed in personal initiative and the decentralisation of power – whether electrical, economic, political, monetary, etc. – back to the people in their own localities. After all, isn’t that what freedom and free enterprise is all about?

I realise that we have become enmeshed in this state-bureaucratic web – but it will not always be so. Just as soon as Australians decide they want their freedoms back the turn-around will begin. Thinking for themselves will be the spark igniting that initiative.

Now read on:
“Turning grandmothers into solar engineers is one of Sanjit "Bunker" Roy's favourite jobs”. It is now a global enterprise with roots in India. Roy recruits women from around the world to install and maintain solar lighting and power in their home villages. "If you ask any solar engineer in the world, 'Can anyone make this in a village?' they say it's technically impossible. And if I say a grandmother is making it who is illiterate, he can't believe it, it's beyond his comprehension," says Roy.

"The way to go about this is not a centralised grid system, which brings in power from hundreds of miles away," he says. “It is to bring in basic light right down to the level of basic household wherein they take ownership and control over that technology." Women are the focus for the solar power projects that the Barefoot College runs because men "were very untrainable," says Roy. "(Men) were restless, compulsively mobile, and they all want a certificate and the moment you give them a certificate they leave the village and go to the cities looking for jobs. So why not invest in women, older women, mature women, gutsy women who have roots in the village and train them."

Coming from countries across the world, the women are trained for six months before returning home. Many of the women have previously never left their villages before. "We were scared. We don't even know (our neighbour) Rwanda...how can we go to India?" says Moyoonia Olive from Democratic Republic of Congo. But, since everyone was interested in having electric current soon, we even convinced our husbands!" To overcome any language barrier, classes are taught primarily with sign language and colour-coded circuits. The women learn to build and maintain a variety of solar-powered lamps and chargers.

The Barefoot College "campus" in Tilonia, Rajasthan, is a testament to the power of solar -- everything there is powered by the sun; food is prepared using a parabolic solar cooker, night classes are powered by solar lanterns. Roy says that the school has trained 150 grandmothers from 28 countries, electrified around 10,000 houses with solar power and saved several thousands of litres of diesel and kerosene from polluting the atmosphere. "We have shown that solar-electrified villages can be technically and financially self-sufficient," says Roy.
"The Barefoot College is supposed to be a sparking off process. People are adopting it and owning it, which is really the story behind the college."

CNN video here: …. More information about the Barefoot College here:

AS to FINANCIAL decentralisation, and the answer to Julia Gillard’s problem of finding the financial CREDIT for the reconstruction of the flood-damaged properties, towns and cities, you need to read:-

The Yarra Glen Report” and The Story of the Commonwealth Bank”  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Conservatives are supposed to be in awe of the common law. Yes, it is true that it is an impressive creation of the English legal mind. Yet the common law system is not beyond the principle of entropy, of decline and decay.
An article in The Weekend Australian Review (13-14 November 2010, p.71, “High Court Finds its Place in the Sun” tells us that under Chief Justice Robert French the High Court has become aggressive in using the Constitution to strike down laws. Cases involving refugees feature here, with refugees winning rights to have their refugee status claims decided by Australian law.

Of course there have been other controversial decisions, such as its decision that the Australian Military Court was unconstitutional. These sorts of decisions do not produce social stability but rather are the equivalent legally of volcanic action in nature.
Generally thought, the High Court of Australia has throughout its life supported centralism and eroded away the rights of the States. This has been a profoundly unconstitutional move because even a glance at the Commonwealth Constitution indicates that the original intention of the document was to create an Australian Federation with robust States’ rights.

But don’t put too much faith in “original intentions” – originalism is rejected as the first act in constitutional law classes. The legal elite must be free to make law as they see fit and to construct a world not bound by the constraints of tradition.  


by Wallace Klinck, Canada
After a lifetime of study, formal and private, I consider that there is no short-cut to effective policy and action. They require disciplined and applied study. Ill-informed or fear-based action is no solution to the problems and is likely to push humanity even more into the whirlpool of destructive policies.

We need strategy supported by widespread support but it must be influenced and guided by sound philosophy, policy and leadership. We cannot achieve anything by the blind action of enraged mobs because the energy behind it will almost certainly be co-opted into support of those who seek world dominion.
We must understand the dynamic processes that are being fostered through finance primarily to subjugate and enslave us. Then we must establish a proliferation of non-party "voters policy" constituency organizations to communicate with and discipline our elected representatives. The key is to making them realize that their electors are becoming informed and that their careers will be better preserved by heeding an awakened citizenry than their traditional shadowy financial and political lobbies.

Knowledge is power and the first required step is to help the electorate acquire it and to impart a knowledge of how to exercise it. There is no temporary "solution" to our problems because in the long run this will change nothing…
The British Social Credit technician John Hargrave referred to this situation as the "catastrophic opportunity dynamic." There are times of "crystallization" in the affairs of mankind when opportunities present themselves for those who are prepared. Opportunity is lost by default by those who through lack of vision fail to prepare themselves for the task of the moment at the critical time.

Further reading:The Policy of a Philosophy” and “Social Creditby C.H. Douglas : Also "Defence of Free Enterprise and the Profit Motive" by Eric D. Butler

Go to: Social Credit Blogspot : Social Credit Secretariat : Social Credit School of Studies.

Listen to Eric D. Butler talk of his early Social Credit days and the Impact of Douglas on Australia

DVD - Eric D. Butler 1989 “The Planned Surrender of Australia”. History has taught man there are fundamental truths about human associations that are just as absolute as the Law of Gravity – which we have ignored to our own peril. Price: $12.00 posted from Heritage Bookshop Services and Veritas Books online.


by James Reed
This is a conclusion which I have reached after considerable research and thought. Many journalists have asked “Who is Julia Gillard”? A collection of thoughts was presented in The Australian’s “Cut & Paste” (17 January 2011). Gillard has a grating, mechanical voice, one journalist says. Another : “She has looked and sounded robotic and rehearsed”.
Yet another : “Gillard moves her hands in mechanical fashion, often chopping the air and sometimes holding up her hands like a traffic cop. Gillard was passionless an unemotional about the Queensland flood tragedy. And so it goes on…

Isn’t it obvious by now: Gillard must really be a robot! Kevin Rudd, who as PM had a wind-up key protruding impolitely from his back, was never as “robotic and rehearsed” as Gillard. So maybe I have been mistaken in comparing Gillard with all manner of creatures red and reptilian. I, Robot…  


by James Reed
Wikileaks has revealed that Kevin Rudd has warned the US that the world may need to “deploy force” if China refuses to play ball and integrate into the international community.
Normally such comments should not cause one to bat an eyelid, but I pause for reflection in the light of my articles dealing with Rudd the Asianiser, written over the last few years. The evidence is clear from Rudd’s Asianisation immigration policy, that he has essentially abandoned the West. Why then say that China needs to be contained?

Essentially Rudd had and no doubt still has, a vision of an Asia Pacific Community with relatively balanced powers. China, set to dwarf the US, would threaten this globalism and produce a new “monoculturalism”.
Thus, even though Rudd loves China, he loves the ideology of globalism even more. But an alternative explanation is that Rudd’s remarks to Washington are just what they wanted to hear and as PM he did what he was expected to do by the ruling elites. Who knows what sweet nothings he whispered in the ear of China.  


by Brian Simpson
If one accepts the establishment view of climate science then climate change is occurring. The change to renewable energy is slow, so the climate catastrophe will presumably occur. Hence the scientists will rush in to save us with a high tech fix. This is known as geo- engineering.
Weird plans are circulating including giant mirrors in space, polluting the atmosphere with sulphur, seeding the oceans with iron to increase plankton growth and so on.

There are also sensible proposals such as planting desert lands with “tequila plants” to soak up carbon dioxide, but as usual the sensible, cheap, practical projects are downplayed before high flying, big money big “gee-whiz” projects such as mirrors in space.
Needless to say, nobody knows the exact effects of polluting the stratosphere with sulphates: too bad if it destroys the ozone layer and life on earth. Clearly too much attention is paid to scientists, who are in the pocket of the corporate. Scientific claims need to be viewed with a pinch of sceptical salt for this reason.  


Science and Technology Committee @ /wattsupwiththat.com:
Flawed ‘Climategate’ Inquiries Failed to Restore Confidence in UK Climate Science, 25/1/2011: The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) remains deeply concerned about the failure by academic and parliamentary inquires to fully and independently investigate the ‘Climategate’ affair.

The latest follow-up report by the Science and Technology Committee on the disclosure of climate data from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) confirms that the Climategate inquiries had serious flaws, lacked balance and transparency and failed to achieve their objective to restore trust and confidence in British climate science.
The report by the Science and Technology Committee shows that the inquiries into the conduct and integrity of scientists at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia were deficient and biased…
More here:


“Victory for Independent Science” - ISIS Report 26/01/2011:
World-famous independent scientist researching the risks of GMOs wins libel case against biotech association fronting a concerted campaign to discredit and victimise him, wrote Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. Gilles-Eric Séralini, professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen in France, and president of the scientific council for independent research on genetic engineering (CRIIGEN), is a leading researcher into the risks of GMOs.

Not surprisingly, he and his team became the target of a concerted campaign of vilification, which included Monsanto, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and scientific societies representing biotechnology in France: the French Association of Plant Biotechnology and the French High Counsel on Biotechnology (see Defend Gilles-Eric Seralini and Transparency in GMO Risk Assessment! SiS 46).
This attack was triggered by the team’s recent thorough re-analysis of data submitted by Monsanto to obtain commercial approval in Europe for three GM maize lines, MON 863, MON 810, NK603, on which EFSA had given a favourable opinion. In a published paper, the team concluded that the data “highlight signs of hepatorenal toxicity, possibly due to the new pesticides specific to each GM corn. In addition, unintended direct or indirect metabolic consequences of the genetic modification cannot be excluded.”

Séralini and his colleagues received massive support from scientists and civil society. But Séralini decided to sue for libel; he believed the researchers Claude Allegre, Axel Kahn, and Marc Fellous were behind the defamation and intimidation campaign in France and that is why he pursued Fellous, who chairs the French Association of Plant Biotechnologies (AFBV), in the courts. Séralini argued that the campaign had damaged his reputation, reducing his opportunities for work and his chances of getting funding for his research. On Tuesday 18 January 2011, the court of Paris concluded the lawsuit and decided in Séralini’s favour, much to everyone’s surprise.

During the trial, it transpired that Fellous, who presented himself as a ‘neutral’ scientist without personal interests, and accused those who criticise GMOs as ‘ideological’ and ‘militant’, actually owns patents through a company based in Israel. This company sells patents to corporations such as Aventis. Seralini’s lawyer showed that various other AFBV members also have links with agribusiness companies, and so their scientific impartiality and integrity came under intense scrutiny.
The judge sentenced the AFBV to a fine on probation of €1 000, €1 for compensation (as requested by the plaintiff) and €4 000 in court fees.

Rest of report on the ISIS website:

Worth reading in the light of the above article:
“Thine is The Kingdom” by Ralph Laslett Duck. Price $6.00 plus postage.
The League has carried this booklet for many years; first published in 1952 it is just as relevant now as it was back then – maybe more so. This booklet reminds us we have lost sight of the real world and the knowledge of how to live in harmony with it. We have failed to seek what C.H. Douglas referred to as ‘the canon’ in all areas of life.
The author pinpoints the thinking behind, and origins of, the germ theory of disease: “While the prevailing fear of microbes as agents of disease can be expected to subside before the increase of knowledge concerning the means of building up resistance, I can understand, if not altogether share, the public's fear of microbes. It is a legacy from the early days of microbiology. The teaching of the early bacteriologists was directed towards showing that microbes were agents of disease…
The medical scientists have not neglected the study of immunisation (far from it), but they have decidedly neglected to enquire scientifically into what constitutes and maintains ordinary good health. This is probably because the 'causal' micro-organisms of a disease can be easily manipulated in the laboratory and because for the medical man the study of disease has a peculiar fascination which health lacks…”

“Béchamp or Pasteur : A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology” by Ethel D. Hume.
Another book (recently back in print) is “Béchamp or Pasteur : A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology” by Ethel D. Hume - a companion book to Ralph Laslett Duck’s booklet.
It has listed: Part One: The Mystery of Fermentation; Part two: The Mycrozymas (‘little bodies’); Part Three: The Cult of the Microbe; and is prefaced by “Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter: The Germ Theory Exploded”. Price is $45.00 plus postage.


by Peter Ewer
A wikileak here, a wikileak there, everywhere a wikileak! The wikileak controversy proved one thing: that the conspiracy theory of history and politics is correct and that just behind the scenes there is an amazing world of dirt and poison.
The 750,000 leaked classified cables from US diplomatic missions showed that, let alone the revelations of US military torture incidents, airstrikes and civilian deaths by the dozen.
Democracies are not supposed to work like that. As long as they do, there will be a few brave souls who will dare to say that not only is the Emperor naked, but he is corrupt as well.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Although there is much that conservatives may dislike about Geoffrey Robertson QC, there is no doubt about his legal skill. Wikileaks man Julian Assange is fortunate to have Robertson defend him following fears that the US will get him via a Swedish arrest warrant for the obscure charge in Sweden of “sex by surprise”, which does not exist under Australian and US law. I did not know what this was and had to look it up. “Sex by surprise” is having sex without using a condom, even by consent, in Sweden. It carries a US$715 fine. That is a measure of how desperate the establishment is to nail Assange. A bill is before the US Senate seeking to have Assange, an Australian citizen, declared a “transnational threat”. A Canadian advisor to the Canadian Prime Minister’s office called on national TV for Assange to be assassinated.

Assange insists that Wikileaks did not break any law or endanger any lives. It merely exposed the dirt behind modern politics. Assange (The Australian, December 8, 2010, p.14) hoped that PM Julia Gillard would defend his act of whistle blowing, but the “Red Lizard” as James Reed calls her, is looking into ways of having Assange charged! Assange in the end recognised that Gillard acts only to save her own skin. She shoots the messenger because she does not want dirty secrets revealed about diplomatic and political dealings and double dealings.

Nobody has yet said what Australian and US laws Assange has broken. The claim that the publishing of a document listing important US assets around the world that could be harmed by terrorism is hardly groundbreaking news: all the information can be put together from the internet. Charges of treason and espionage are hard to make out. The legal case ahead will be very interesting indeed. Let us hope that Assange does not get extradited to the US from Sweden. He should have been careful with the condoms when dealing with such world shattering material.

Great men always seem to come unzipped because of sex. I would like to see the establishment try and undo such old salts as James Reed and Len the Cleaner with sex: it would not be cost effective because so much time would need to be used reviving decaying memories of what once existed!


by James Reed
Sociologist Catherine Hakim has published a paper “Feminist Myths and Magic Medicine: The Flawed Thinking Behind Calls for Further Equality Legislation” with the UK Centre for Policy Studies.

She has upset the politically correct establishment by showing that the alleged pay gap between men and women is not caused by the sexual segregation of occupations. She says that the reason is that “higher levels of female employment produce higher levels of occupational segregation (as more unskilled women join the labour force) and thus a larger pay gap”.

And something for academic feminists in the university to chew on: “Sex differentials in the professions are due primarily to substantially different work orientations and career choices among men and women”.   

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