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18 November 2011 Thought for the Week:

There are two basic philosophies in the world and, because these philosophies are diametrically opposed to each other, they give rise to conflicting policies.

· The first philosophy is one which conceives of all power and authority arising from a point EXTERNAL to the individual.
· The second philosophy conceives of all power and authority arising from WITHIN the individual.

The first philosophy automatically gives rise to policies which demands a certain type of organisation in order to impose certain conditions upon the individual.
This philosophy results in the Individual being subordinated to the State, the System, or some other abstraction. It can be termed a false philosophy, because it gives rise to policies which conflict with the natural desires of the Individual. This false belief system is helped by many people who may even be opposed to one another. For example there is the alleged conflict between Communism and Fascism. We must learn to look beyond labels to the reality behind the labels.

The second philosophy which conceives of reality as an environment in which the Individual can make the greatest progress towards self-development, gives rise to a social structure in which there is the greatest possible decentralisation of all policies including financial policies. Jesus of' Nazareth stated the Christian - the realistic philosophy - when he said:- "The Kingdom of God is within you."

- - Only Two Basic Philosophies

"In my council-school days, in London, I was mistaught that Australia was first colonised by British 'convicts', and consequently regarded the first Australians I met, in France, with awe and respect. So subtle is the poison which still runs in our veins from those times. For what was the crime for which many of these men who were shipped overseas were convicted? That they sought to defend their ancestral right to live, work and eat!"

- - "Lest We Regret", Douglas Reed, 1943  


Senator Barnaby Joyce insists:
“This is a broad based consumption tax, an attack on every household via every power point in their house. It does nothing to change the temperature of the globe but opens every household up to its complete avenue via the powerlines to the Australian Taxation Office.
At the Australian Taxation Office they will get that money, they will churn it, they will burn it, they will blow it up but they will not change the temperature of the globe”.

What the good Senator did not say is that the idea of a Carbon (Currency) Tax has a long pedigree. Smart Meters need to be studied alongside Carbon (Currency) Tax. Read further here…


Douglas-Ferguson Meeting – Michael Lane, "The River" in Triumph of the Past:
With no fanfare whatsoever, our Official Archivist, Wally Klinck, one day sent me evidence of a meeting between C. H. Douglas and Charles Ferguson. It is contained in "Publicity and Credit," a lecture given by Douglas at the Women's Advertising Club and published in New Britain, volume 1, number 2, 1933. Douglas says, "A brilliant writer, who I had the pleasure of meeting – some years ago in the United States, Charles Ferguson, was in the habit of saying that credit and publicity were concentric; that whichever you controlled you could ultimately control the other."

Another Douglas article nails down the date of the meeting.
The article is titled "This Technocracy" and was published in the New Age in 1933 (FDR had just taken office). "Technocracy" was a descendant of the organization founded by Ferguson and H. L. Gantt in 1916. Douglas is critical of Technocracy:
"While accepting gratefully the data both in regard to production and in regard to finance, which have been provided by this organization, with whose progenitors I was already in touch in 1919 in New York, I think great caution is required in accepting the deductions which appear to be being put forward in their name as to the form of organization which is indicated by this data" (my italics… Michael Lane).


The August Forecast and Review - a good job in bringing the history up-to-date:
“In 1932, Technocracy, Inc. called for the destruction of price-based economic systems and the creation of an energy-based accounting system that would measure inputs and out­puts of human activity in terms of energy production, distribution and consumption. The requirements for a successful system was co-authored by M. King Hubbert, a young geo-physicist who later developed “Hubbert’s Peak Oil Theory” that provided intellectual backing for the modern environmental or “green” movement.

Specifically, Hubbert detailed the requirements for a successful implementation of Technocracy: “Register on a continuous 24 hour-per-day basis the total net conversion of energy. By means of the registration of energy converted and consumed, make possible a balanced load. Provide a continuous inventory of all production and consumption. Provide a specific registration of the type, kind, etc., of all goods and services, where produced and where used. Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual.” [Scott, Howard et al, Technocracy Study Source, p. 232] Of course, the technology to fulfill these requirements did not exist in 1932.

However, it is worth noting that Technocracy Inc.’s leadership was intimately familiar with the early work of International Business Machine’s (IBM) computing technology. They clearly envisioned a time in the future where the advancement of the technology would meet the minimum level necessary to implement these requirements.

That day of advanced technology has come and the project is now called Smart Grid. The endgame is to implement a modernized version of historic Technocracy on a national, continental and global basis”.
It is strongly recommended that the reader carefully review A Smart­Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy and Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy? to gain a solid perspective on the historical aspect of Technocracy. Source: https://www.augustforecast.com/2011/06/15/technocracys-endgame-global-smart-grid/

Geoffrey Dobbs wrote of those days in “The Local World” Part 1 & II:
While many of the scientists who had worked on 'The Bomb' in ignorance were horrified when they discovered for what purpose they had been used, some of those who were well aware of what they were doing justified it by adopting an 'ideal' of a World at Peace cowering under a World Government armed with a monopoly of nuclear punishment.

As the late Colin Hurry put it, in his Song for A.D.A. (Atomic Development Association):

“It's nearly in the bag boys; it's nearly in the bag. The loftier the sentiments, the lovelier the swag.
A high ideal has such appeal- One Bomb, One World. One Flag- AND it's nearly in the bag, boys; it's nearly in the bag”.

Further viewing World Economic Forum explain “Smart Grids”. Of course, this is the 'soft' sell. The 'ideal'.


by Betty Luks
I wonder if westerners will ever understand the difference between a free enterprise productive system and a communist-monopoly-capitalist productive system? According to the Aljazeera website Chinese communists are warning the West, “Europe ruined by the welfare state”. The West is not ruined by ‘the welfare state’ as such but it is most certainly ruined by the monopoly-debt-money system within which the welfare state was promoted until such time as now, when the wolves in sheep’s clothing are ready to pounce on what they see as their weakened foe – and what are the stupid westerners now proposing? That Communist China ‘bail them out’!

MPs such as Barnaby Joyce are continually speaking out on behalf of ordinary Australians, but, until the deceitful credit/banking/financial issue is dealt with, at its very core, they are really just ‘howling at the moon’.

In an Online Opinion (The Institute of Public Affairs) Tim Wilson recently complained about the lack of policy leadership in Australia. “Leadership is still about "that vision thing." But it's also about being able to prosecute it within your sphere of influence for challenges you can respond to… For those of us enthusiastic about public policy, the Australian debate is rather depressing. Sound bites rule. Substance doesn't seem to matter. Scant regard is paid to outcomes. What's most concerning is that the lack of policy leadership is intertwined with the enormity of the challenges we face… But our political leaders have lost the plot on influential leadership resulting from the international alignment of Australia as a country worth emulating because of survival through the crisis…”

You couldn’t be more wrong Tim.
What you are witnessing is the Fabian leadership’s determination to take us further into the New World Order by which – as an example – the Carbon Tax is but one of the means. They are showing ‘leadership’ – totalitarian leadership!

Let me quote from little Bobby Hawke’s speech to The Fabian Society Centenary Dinner, Melbourne, 18th May 1984:

“We all have to face the fact that if our Government is to make really great and worthwhile reforms - reforms that will endure, reforms that will permanently change this nation - then it is not enough simply to obtain a temporary majority at an election, or even successive elections. For our reforms to endure, the whole mood and mind and attitudes of the nation must be permanently changed.

Certainly, we are proceeding to implement the policy on which we were elected and the platform of the Party with a thoroughness, I believe, not excelled by any previous Labor Government In our history.
But that specific task must go hand in hand with the more general and deeper, longer range task - the task of establishing, in the mood and mind of this nation, permanent acceptance of the naturalness and inevitability of change and reform, as the authentic Australian way of life. And that, for the first time in our history, is what this Labor Government is attempting.”

As for what he had to say about so-called ‘conservatives’, wouldn’t you agree that he was ‘so right’!

“One of the great paradoxes of Australian politics is that the parties and forces of conservatism and reaction - for all their self-proclaimed loyalty to tradition - have no real continuity and no true sense of continuity. And without a sense of continuity - in the case of Individuals or parties or movements or nations - there can be no true sense of identity.

I believe it is precisely because our adversaries lack that sense of their own continuity, and in a deep sense, their own identity, they are obliged to seek it outside themselves - in other institutions and even other nations. And that I believe explains, at least in part, much of their current conduct - their lurches, not only in search of a policy, but in search of an identity”.  


As for the Carbon Tax legislation the Labor Party, with the help of the Greens, pushed through, Senator Joyce sums up our future: “Sad day for Australia” It is a very sad day for most Australians that we are about to “move forward” with legislation to redesign our economy on a colourless, odourless gas that quite obviously will put up the price of power and put pressure on real jobs in the real economy.

It is a very sad day when we approve a new broad based consumption tax delivered to every house whether they can afford it or not via the power points above their skirting boards, via the heater that keeps them warm, via the air conditioners that keep them cool, via the power that cooks their food, via the washing machine that cleans their clothes.

It is a very sad day when a government seems oblivious to the economic turmoil of the world and belligerently sets the ship of state blindly into precarious waters where the carbon tax we pay will be far in excess of any other scheme in the world, and our own government fails to acknowledge that the vast majority of the world has no such scheme at all.

It is a very sad day when the Australian people are taken for granted, deceived with a platitude addendum that “don’t worry about it; they are just simple souls, who’ll forget about our deceit and get over it.”

It is the height of conceit to think that other nations such as India or China, which the IMF states that by 2016 will be the largest economy in the world, will somehow be influenced by the legislation of our nation at the expense of their people. (And how did these nations become so powerful and yet the western nations declined? It was planned this way.…ed)

32 Billion Dollars away from our (own) debt ceiling:
Continuing Senator Joyce: We are more guided by Al Gore than by common sense and the chambers of this building have become fascinated with a highly naïve view that disregards the reality that we are merely 32 billion dollars away from our debt ceiling, the point at which on presentation of the nation’s credit card the checkout operator will say “transaction declined - see bank for details”.

One would think that we would be doing everything we can at this juncture to make our nation’s economy strong; to dispense with wondrous thoughts and replace them with utter pragmatism. We should look to the core requirements of core Australians which is to keep control of their cost of living and, more to the point, do nothing to exacerbate the loss of real jobs that require cheap power as their only competitive advantage over other nations who have cheap labour in abundance.

Yet today will end in a back slapping, hugging, kiss-a-thon that will be the bitterest of pill for those away from Parliament House who make the ultimate payment on this absurd tax”.


by James Reed
New York University academic Nouriel Roubini, who predicted the 2008 global financial crisis is lovingly called “Dr Doom”. He has now predicted that China will experience a “hard landing” which will undermine Australia’s boom, boom, growth. Roubini believes that a recession will hit the advanced economies. China’s reliance upon exports rather than domestic consumption is not sustainable. However the elites continue to believe in the myth of the Asian system, the next big thing.
The University of Sydney has a new China Studies Centre which will have high-level scholarship doing the “predictable” and scholars, no doubt, saying the “predictable”. Certainly the Chinese Communist Party has left no such room for scholarship, however “predictable.”

It seems that the Chinese are hungry now, not just for food, but to become consumerists like those in the United States, according to writers Paul French and Matthew Crabbe, in “One Billion Shippers: Accessing Asian’s Consuming Passions” and “Fat China: How Expanding Waistlines are Changing a Nation”.
Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey sees Australia’s future beyond the resources boom in servicing the Chinese middle class. (The Australian, October 26, 2011, p.2) The likes of Hockey see this as opportunity, not tragedy because they don’t believe that the world is approaching limits. If they are wrong about this, in the most risky experiment ever conducted, the coming resource crises will plunge the planet into chaos.

This type of simplistic thinking is well illustrated by Paul Keating (“The World is Being Remade and Inclusion is the Byword”, The Australian October 24, 2011, p.13) These extracts from “After Words:
The Post-Prime Ministerial Speeches” represent the standard pro-Asianist line, that China and India will rule. “Europe and its offshoots like the US have run the world for 300 years. That period is now over.”

Perhaps through this pattern of “top of the pops”, where nations are like rock bands is also fundamentally flawed and if the nation state itself is at an end, so too will end the Asianist ideology behind the likes of Keating. The byword will not be inclusion, but exclusion in a highly decentralised, retribalised world.  


by Chris Knight
The chattering class of the Left often like to think that Christianity is doomed. The Left likes Islam because given the great liberal death wish, Islam in its radical guise seems to spell the end of the White man’s world. It means as well, the end of the Left, but that is a small price to pay. Hence the Left’s unquestioning, mindless enthusiasm about all things migrant and multicult. Christianity, as Geoffrey Blainey puts it, is the “bedrock religion of Western civilisation”, and he sets out to show this in his new book “A Short History of Christianity”. I have not got the book but material published in The Australian indicates that this book may be one of his best.

Of interest to us at the moment is Blainey’s common sense remarks about the fallibility and uncertainty of science. Looking at the climate change debate with the eye of a historian, he notes that about 40 years ago the consensus in science was that global warming was not occurring and if anything cooling was a possibility. (“Blainey Speaks to Science’s Fallibility,” The Weekend Australian, October 29-30, 2011, p.5)
Today the consensus is supposedly that global warming is occurring. But following this point through, it is equally likely that the scientific consensus could change again. As I see it, what sense then is there on radical social change such as a carbon tax?  


by James Reed
We hear constantly all the bad things that follow from keeping illegal aliens in detention centres. The latest is that teenagers are at risk from sexual assault and suicides. (The Australian, October 25, 2011, p.8) Now, soberly consider this. The pro-immigration lobby sees asylum seekers as poor, oppressed, wonderful decent people. Who are we to question that? How then is it possible that such teenagers could be at risk of sexual assault because by definition, poor oppressed, wonderful, decent people would not do that?

However, if this is true and detention centres really are like the US’s Guantanamo Bay then there is an alternative to simply leaving open the gates to Australia, at present held up wide by legal immigration. The alternative is to make luxury five star resorts, funded by a special act of parliament selectively taxing the pro-immigration, political refugee and legal-academic lobby to pay for it all.
Obese professors should enjoy great health benefits after paying taxes of say 70% of their income: the more asylum seekers come, the more the refugee lobby should be taxed.
The taxed will have the superior morality of the oppressed and after living on cheap food, like pensioners (including yours truly) will have a waistline to be proud of!  


by James Reed and Peter West
Billionaire mining magnate Gina Rinehart is worried about the future of Western Australia. (The Australian, October 27, 2011, p.6) She sees a “massive labour shortage in Western Australia’s Pilbara region within years.” Inconsistent with this, she also says (rightly enough) that the carbon tax will drive off investment from mining. The labour shortage of 150,000 workers will come by 2015. The WA Chamber of Commerce puts the figure at 200,000.
However, Bob Birrell and other co-workers have shown that this is a myth. The difficulty is that migrants do not come to this country to work in the Pilbara, but to live in their ethnic communities in Sydney and Melbourne. “Skilled workers” among the migrant groups don’t move West. Increasing migration will not solve the capitalists’ problem. No doubt the capitalists’ don’t want to pay higher wages. So the only option is to have guest workers living in “labour camps” out West.

Maybe “asylum seekers” could prove themselves by working for mining companies for decent wages? Would that stop the boats? In any case Gina shouldn’t worry, for the carbon tax will destroy the Australian mining industry and just about everything else, so there will be no boom to worry about. When Communist China needs our resources it will just invade us, and after defeating our armed forces in about 25 minutes, will simply take what it wants. So you see Gina, there really is nothing to worry about, the future is so bright that we all have to wear sunglasses, especially for the Chinese!  


by James Reed
There goes Gaddafi, at the end dragged from a pipe where he was hiding, beaten up and shot. So Libya is liberated to use the media’s love of L-words. Banking will, like resources, be firmly in the hands of the globalists. But what of Libya? The West’s attention will shift to other lands such as Syria and Yemen. In Libya a civil society will need to be hammered out of already tense tribal and religious factions.
Having secured its economic interests the West will move on. Probably Libya will become another failed State or a State perpetually tottering on chaos. Western chattering elites will get guilty and lobby for refugees. These people will come, set up their communities and the Titanic will sail on. For the time being.  


by Wallace Klinck
It is surprising how many folk think the answer to the present ‘financial crisis’ is a return to a gold-backed money system. One such person with his own website is a former Jew converted to Christianity known as ‘Brother Nathaniel’. Canadian Wallace Klinck wrote the following to him: Dear Bro. Nathaniel, I greatly admire your dedication and indefatigable educational work. However your video supporting gold as a basis of national money is entirely unrealistic. God has provided the real basis of wealth in the form of food, clothing, shelter, communications, transport, and genuine culture, etc. The worship of gold is the ultimate idolatry. Basing our lives on a scarce metal of which insufficient exists to support even a fraction of expanding modern commerce is a psychotic delusion.

As an example: Find oneself stranded in the Sahara Desert completely isolated from the services and amenities of civilization with several billion dollars worth of gold and one will quickly recognize the delusion of regarding it as basis of wealth. (American) Ron Paul says some good things but his advocacy on behalf of gold as a monetary instrument flies wide of the mark and would be the cause of a disastrous and ruinous deflation. It is indeed a classic bankers' policy which they have in the past used to ruin nations by using it as a base to inflate and deflate the money supply to their own great advantage over the people.

A Gaping and Widening Chasm Between Costs and Effective Consumer Finances:
The financial system is essentially a mechanism of accountancy and the reason it is pulling us evermore into the abyss is that the system of industrial cost-accountancy working in tandem with a financial system that issues money only as debt is the source of the problem. Consumer prices necessarily include ever-greater allocated charges (which do not distribute income in the same cycle of cost-accountancy) in respect of capital as human effort is increasingly, and beneficially in a real sense, displaced by technology. There exists a gaping and widening chasm between industrial financial costs and effective consumer incomes.
As things are today the only option we are given, if we are to carry on, is to bridge this growing gap with debt in form of bank credit, i.e., debt. This allows us to purchase a substantial part of ultimate consumer production but only by drawing upon (i.e., mortgaging) future incomes derived from future cycles of production.

Thus unliquidated financial costs of one cycle are passed on as an inflationary charge upon future production. But the physical cost of all production has been met fully for all final consumer goods when they emerge from the production line. Consumption is the final stage of the economic process and the consumer at all times should have at hand sufficient effective demand capable of liquidating costs of production simultaneously and dynamically as goods emerge onto the market for consumer use. There should be no need for consumer debt whatsoever. There is no debt in nature.
Unfortunately by means of a false system of accountancy, i.e., of legerdemain, mankind has increasingly abstracted our economic system from reality. We are paying the inevitable consequence. Essentially, the consumer is quite necessarily and properly charged in retail prices with capital depreciation but quite improperly and wrongly not credited with capital appreciation which is evermore increasing relative to capital depreciation.

The Ratio of National Consumption to National Production
A continuous supply of new money is absolutely essential in an expanding economy, but the money required for consumption should be issued without registering financial debt in the form of 1) National (Consumer) Dividends and 2) to effect Compensated Prices by payments to retailers on condition that they lower their prices at point of sale by a factor determined by the ratio of national consumption to national production, always a diminishing value.
Increased real efficiency of production should lead to falling prices. Displacement of labour by technology should be accompanied by increasing incomes additional to those earned in production. Decreased need to work should be regarded as a blessing and would be so regarded in the context of a realistic financial system. Today unemployment means a loss of purchasing power and economic ruin. A system that produces abundance and denies the means of its distribution is nothing short of insane and is patently evil.

I understand that in the days of Merry England, a relatively high point of British history, the people enjoyed approximately 150 holidays per year. But that was a time when the Christian ethic still had some influence on society.

Read The A+B Theorem and Social Credit and National Accounting on the League’s website...

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