Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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9 December 2011 Thought for the Week:

“Nothing is so well calculated to produce a death-like torpor in the country as an extended system of taxation and a great national debt.”

“The tendency of taxation is to create a class of persons who do not labour, to take from those who do labour the produce of that labour, and to give it to those who do not labour.” (this was before the Industrial Revolution, followed by the Automated, Technological Revolution really did take the burdens off the backs of men…ed)

“The Christian religion, then, is not an affair of preaching, or prating, or ranting, but of taking care of the bodies as well as the souls of people; not an affair of belief and of faith and of professions, but an affair of doing good, and especially to those who are in want; not an affair of fire and brimstone, but an affair of bacon and bread, beer and a bed.”

- - William Cobbett (1763-1835) quotes

The Institute of Public Affairs has released a carbon tax calculator which shows the true impact of the carbon tax on the price of electricity. This will be available from all Coalition Members and Senators. See the Carbon Tax Calculator

Unelected Puppets of a German-dominated EU:

Nigel Farage is an EU British politician and Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). He is a current Member of the European Parliament for South East England and co-chairs the Eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Democracy group.


by James Reed
The media were falling over themselves when the out-going South Australian Premier Mike Rann announced the signing of an indenture deal with BHP Billiton which will transform South Australia into the world’s largest open-cut mine. Why, oh why am I so cynical, why am I not chanting “jobs, jobs, jobs”? For a start the existing Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982 makes the mine exempt from the Environmental Act 1993 and the Development Act 1993 so that corporates have a free run in digging up wealth with the environment and health issues put way back.

Am I joking? Only the Greens have so far noticed that so-called environment minister Tony Burke, despite saying that the Olympic Dam has the “toughest environmental conditions that you’ll ever find imposed on a uranium mine” has allowed mine tailings to be simply dumped and left on the land surface! This is radio-active material with a half-life of 4-5 billion years. The material exists in powdered form, all 70 million tons of it. The huge winds in the area will quickly deposit radio-active material all over Australia including Sydney. How will the migrants like that! Will Asians want to come to a radio-active wasteland that Australia could become?

A plea to our political leaders: we know that you don’t care about Anglo-Australians and would be very pleased to nuke them, but doing this to multicultural Australia is just … radio-active racism! The UN will hear about this and write you a very stern letter indeed.

Update: Olympic Dam bill passes SA Parliament, ABC News 29/11/2011:
Legislation to enable the Olympic Dam mine expansion has passed the South Australian Parliament. The SA Government says ratification will allow BHP Billiton to start $1.2 billion of initial works on the project. The Greens tried without success to amend the bill in the Legislative Council, including on the issue of a fixed-term royalty rate. BHP Billiton's board is expected to decide next year whether market conditions are right to convert its current underground mine to a vast open pit. Copper, gold and uranium are mined at Olympic Dam, near Roxby Downs.  


Economist Steve Keen is one of the few economists to have predicted the global financial crisis and now he says we are already in a Great Depression. He says the way to escape it is to bankrupt the banks, nationalise the financial system and pay off people's debt. He admits what he is advocating is radical but says it is time governments gave money to debtors to pay down debt instead of to creditors such as banks who have held onto it.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, 19/11/2011, Total household debt in Australia at the beginning of 2010 increased, from five years earlier, 71 per cent!  


by Wallace Klinck, Canada
A suggestion: The "Occupy" movement has within it people with many legitimate grievances but who are lacking focus and understanding regarding the real underlying financial nature of the issues at hand. Ireland, a moderately populated nation with a historic Christian culture and once home to a number of good Social Crediters such as Eimar O'Duffy (author of that wonderful Social Credit book "Asses in Clover") would be an excellent place to concentrate efforts.

In recent decades Ireland has been lifted by the Financial Ascendancy from economic doldrums to unprecedented prosperity only to be dashed subsequently upon the shoals of financial ruin. Douglas advised us to concentrate our efforts in order to score a breakthrough and not to dissipate our resources by spreading them too widely. One decisive success at a time. Any nation that attempts to implement Social Credit will likely be placed under greater duress from the international financial powers so that nation must be prepared for a vicious propaganda, financial and perhaps even military onslaught.

A Sustainable Economy
A Social Credit economy would be stabilized by a balanced price-system and would have a much lower price-level than that of nations operating under orthodox financial cost-accountancy. A Social Credit economy would have no need to export for the purpose of capturing a net surplus of foreign credit because it would operate without an internal deficiency of purchasing-power.

Thus, with relatively low prices a Social Credit economy would be able to out-compete other nations in the export markets and for this reason alone would be considered a threat to other nations existing within the international financial hegemony. However, a Social Credit dispensation would not be under pressure to achieve an excess of exports over imports and external trade would become balanced rather than increasingly competitive -- rather than striving for excess export of goods and services, increasingly as now, evermore in the form of military expenditure.

Rather than dropping our "National Dividends" on other nations in the form of bombs we would in a Social Credit nation choose increasing release from the Wage-Slavery of the Work State in the form of growing Leisure. The Leisure State would be benign rather than malignant as is the Work State. The British Social Credit technician and prominent activist, John Hargrave, expressed the matter succinctly and with powerful accuracy in declaring, "He who calls for Full-employment calls for War!"

Banks Appropriate the Community’s Capital
Having said the above, I feel that many people attracted by Social Credit are prone consequent to lack of understanding, especially of its philosophy, to fall into the error of demanding that all credit creation be placed in the hands of the State. This policy is advanced allegedly to eliminate the charging of interest but neglects the far more fundamental problem which is the appropriation of the communal capital by the banking system.

Surely by the examples of State appropriation of national credit creation such as in National Socialist Germany, Fascist Italy and the Soviet Union we should have a clear object lesson of the destructive results to be expected from the centralisation of credit-power in the hands of the State. We do not want creative initiative to be stifled, misdirected, controlled or appropriated by centralised control of policy. Creative initiative is critical to the efflorescence of society and involves the real credit of a nation. The latter resides primarily with the people at large and must be allowed to flourish independently and spontaneously and the power of credit creation required to actualize this creativity should reflect this reality.

Social Credit stands for optimal and widespread decentralisation of power. The National (Consumer) Dividend and the Compensated (Retail) Price are mechanisms designed to compensate for the deficiencies and travesties of the existing financial order by terminating its monopoly over the creation of financial credit. This would confer upon all citizens their rightful share in the communal capital which derives from the Unearned Increment of Association and the Cultural Heritage.

The importance of the Dividend and Compensated price is deeper and more profound than being a mere technical addition to earned incomes and the creation of a falling price-level. It involves the realisation of the rightful inalienable inheritance due all citizens by natural law.
Douglas's proposals would confer this economic equity without turning to the State as the sole issuer of credit. Private banking, especially at higher levels, has been involved in inappropriate, irresponsible, immoral and perhaps even criminal activities (rather an understatement Wally…ed) directed to ulterior ends both recently and historically. However, these problems lie more with appropriate and effective regulation of the industry and proper definition of the functions of banking as it serves, or should serve, the accountancy needs of a nation.

From a Social Credit standpoint all new production must, in final analysis, be financed by new credits because monetary saving of earned incomes prevents or defers liquidation of the financial costs incurred through their issue during the original production process. If such savings are re-invested this will create new goods with an attached commensurate equal amount of new financial costs to be recovered from sales.
Also, Social Credit asserts that all things physically possible and desired must be financially possible and there must be no artificial monetary restraint on human activity. Any talk of need for "austerity" when a nation has experienced no diminution of its actual physical and psychological ability and desire to produce and consume (i.e. its Real Credit) is a reprehensible and criminal act inasmuch as such talk constitutes advocacy for sabotage of the real credit of society.

Money, properly, defined is a unit of measure
To speak of a shortage of "money" is as senseless as to declare a shortage of inches, miles, centimetres, kilometres, ounces, pounds, tons, etc. The proper function of the financial system is simply that of correctly accounting the production and consumption activities of the population of a nation. In performing their proper moderated function as the accounting houses of the nation, in conformance with proper statutory regulation, there would not seem to be any justifiable requirement that the banks be compelled to cede the creation of all credit to the State.

Douglas gave us the example of the cattle producer of a number of cows who made an equivalent number of leather discs and issued them to members of the community in exchange for goods and services--the option of any recipient being to redeem one or more of the discs for an equivalent number of cows. Would we want the State adjudicating this process or usurping the right of issue from the cattle producer?  


by Peter Ewer
Rio Tinto Chairman Jan du Plessis sees Europe “battling for its life” (The Weekend Australian Financial Review, 5-6 November 2011, p.15). “I am almost unreservedly negative about Europe. [The] economic imbalances and the respective sets of cultural values that gave birth to them are, in my view, so intractable that it is hard to see any solution that is truly sustainable over the long term”. And the reason why is given by Michael Lewis in his new book “Boomerang: The Meltdown Tour” (reviewed by The Australian, 23 November 2011) which gives a cook’s tour of the Euro-crisis from Iceland’s meltdown to Greece. Lewis says frankly that the Greek state was corrupt and the “epidemic of lying and cheating and stealing makes any sort of civic life impossible; the collapse of civic life only encourages more lying, cheating, stealing”.

However, moving beyond Lewis and ‘conservatives’ like Janet Albrechtsen, the fault must lie with the modern culture of Money, Mammonism, which sees affluence, indulgence and greed as intrinsic goods. Modern man has embraced a degenerate philosophy, a false god that will only deliver, ultimately, a sticky end.  


by Peter Ewer
A friend had given me a pile of The Australian Financial Review. I didn’t read them because I get violently ill looking at financial papers. But while cleaning up an ugly mess on the floor I noticed Diedre Macken’s, “Even Kids Know the System’s Broke” The Weekend Australian Financial Review (5-6 November 2011 p.62.)

There she said that just like in a household, Euro debts have been wiped out like kid’s debts from a white board. She cites David Graeber’s “Debt: The First Five Thousand Years” which argues that debt is a socio-economic construction and that in the end, most debts are written down rather than honoured. Macken points out that the average Joes are cottoning on to all of this. My god, perish and forbid – whatever will happen when Joe sixpack comes to realise that money too, is a socio-economic construction, a set of arbitrary conventions set in place by those who rule? Why Joe will drop his sixpack of beer and join our crusade, won’t he? (Maybe – after more beer!)  


by Betty Luks
I was prompted to watch a Bill Gates DVD presentation ‘unveiling his vision for the world’s energy future’ before a ‘TED’ audience in 2010. While the correspondent’s primary concern was for the long-term health effects by mass vaccination of the poorer nations - “UN, Bill Gates Foundation Push Deadly HPV Shots on Poor Nations Under ‘GAVI Alliance’” - my immediate interest was sparked by another issue in the presentation. Bill Gates also talks about the need for tracking the amount of energy each person uses (or is allocated?).

Wow! Shades of the Grid Systems and Smart Meters!
The correspondent writes: “What he (Bill Gates) says is shot through with lies, illusions and false, unscientific statements that it has to be heard – critically – to be believed. Measures include massive sums of money to be spent on Research and Development of some alternative form of nuclear energy underground, so that mankind will have enough energy to last as long as the earth lasts. The measures are to be paid for by the people. (What! isn’t old Bill going to use any of his own billions?) In due course, we will be tagged to receive an allotment of “carbon currency” non-transferable coupons in a totally cashless society. The age of total subservience to THE MACHINE is just around the corner…”
The reference to ‘The Machine’ takes us back to the 1909 science fiction story by E.C. Forrester, “The Machine Stops”…

But if we are going to understand the psychology and philosophy behind the push for a New World Order, rather than refer back to early 20th century science fiction, what about ‘dusting off the covers’ of some eyewitness accounts of life under the Soviets and/or the Communists in China? It was survivors of the brutal regimes who wrote of life under such ‘utopias’.

Along with what Bill Gates wants to do, the Soviet leaders centralised control in their own hands and directed the lives of the citizens. In 1973 Alexander Solzhenitsyn bravely wrote a long letter to the Soviet leaders in which he warned them that not only were they headed for disaster but so was the West.

Chapter 3 “Civilization in an impasse” reads:
“A second danger is the multiple impasse in which Western civilization (which Russia long ago chose the honour of belonging to) finds itself, but it is not so imminent; there are still two or three decades in reserve. We share this impasse with all the advanced countries, which are in an even worse and more perilous predicament than we are, although people keep hoping for new scientific loopholes and inventions to stave off the day of retribution. I would not have mentioned this danger in this letter if the solution to both problems were not identical in many respects, if one and the same turnabout, a single decision would not deliver us from both dangers. Such a happy coincidence is rare. Let us value history's gift and not miss these opportunities. And all this has so 'suddenly' come tumbling out at mankind's feet, and at Russia's! (emphais added...ed)

How fond our progressive publicists were, both before and after the revolution, of ridiculing those retrogrades (there were always so many of them in Russia): people who called upon us to cherish and have pity on our past, even on the most god-forsaken hamlet with a couple of hovels, even on the paths that run alongside the railway track; who called upon us to keep horses even after the advent of the motor car, not to abandon small factories for enormous plants and combines, not to discard organic manure in favour of chemical fertilizers, not to mass by the million in cities, not to clamber on top of one another in multi-storey blocks.

How they laughed, how they tormented those reactionary 'Slavophiles' (the jibe became the accepted term, the simpletons never managed to think up another name for themselves). They hounded the men who said that it was perfectly feasible for a colossus like Russia, with all its spiritual peculiarities and folk traditions, to find its own particular path; and that it could not be that the whole of mankind should follow a single, absolutely identical pattern of development.

No, we had to be dragged along the whole of the Western bourgeois-industrial and Marxist path in order to discover, at the end of the twentieth century, and again from progressive Western scholars, what any village greybeard in the Ukraine or Russia had understood from time immemorial and could have explained to the progressive commentators ages ago, had the commentators ever found the time in that dizzy fever of theirs to consult him: that a dozen maggots can't go on and on gnawing the same apple forever; that if the earth is a finite object, then its expanses and resources are finite also, and the endless, infinite progress dinned into our heads by the dreamers of the Enlightenment cannot be accomplished on it.
No, we had to shuffle on and on behind other people, without knowing what lay ahead of us, until suddenly we now hear the scouts calling to one another: we've blundered into a blind alley, we'll have to turn back. All that 'endless progress' turned out to be an insane, ill-considered, furious dash into a blind alley. A civilization greedy for 'perpetual progress' has now choked and is on its last legs…”

The West’s Betrayal of Civilisation – all of us are standing on the brink of a great historical cataclysm… BBC address 26 March 1976


A phone call from a long-time supporter was to remind me that the Jon Corzine currently in the news is probably the same Jon (John spelling error?) Corzine referred to in the updated edition of “The Money Trick”, page 31 ($10.00 + postage). Sure enough it is, and upon searching On Target archives a number of references to the person in question can be found. reported 22 November 2011:Missing MF Global Funds Could Top $1.2B, Trustee Says”:
The court-appointed trustee overseeing MF Global's bankruptcy says up to $1.2 billion is missing from customer accounts -- or double what the firm had reported to regulators last month.
The Wall Street Journal reported the revelation by James Giddens, who is overseeing the unwinding of the securities firm formerly run by Jon Corzine, raised the stakes in a widening regulatory and legal hunt for the missing money and the circumstances of the firm's collapse into bankruptcy three weeks ago. In a statement, Giddens's office said "the apparent shortfall" was as much as $1.2 billion or more, but noted that the figure could change. (One media report claims the figure could be as high as $6Billion).

Regulators are now probing whether MF Global tapped money from clients' accounts as its own financial condition worsened, a violation of securities rules. The FBI is also investigating whether New York-based MF Global violated any criminal laws. The firm collapsed after making a disastrous bet on European debt.

Just in case ‘conservative’ Australians think that Madam Guillotine and her Labor comrades are possibly the most centralist government they have ever experienced, let me remind them of how we got into the present mess by quoting from an article written in 1996:

Down the Hole with Howard and Costello”:“Early in June, (1996) representatives of the world's 100 largest banks arrived in Australia for a conference, which attracted relatively little media interest. Members of this group spent half a day discussing what they required from countries around the world who want them to bankroll them. According to a Financial Review report, Mr. John Corzine, Chairman of the well-known U.S.A. investment bank Goldman Sachs and Co., and a former central banker, outlined the rules which should govern lending:

Rule number one was that there was "no substitute for consistent, disciplined fiscal monetary policies... We should not lose sight of the fact that for individual countries, chronic account deficits are a symptom of structural imbalance taking the form of over consumption and under savings". In other words, nations which allegedly are "living beyond their means" must be "disciplined" by financial restrictions. International banker Corzine then spelt out what was required from countries like Australia: "Commitment to privatisation, subsidy reduction, progressive tax policies, reduced public payrolls, pension reform..." According to Corzine these measures would "solidify credit-worthiness, enhance competitiveness, and send welcoming signals to investors".

Later in this conference, those described by Alan Kohler of The Age as "Financial monsters (who) reshape the world", invited Prime Minister Howard to address them. They wanted to hear from the Prime Minister of a so-called sovereign nation about his financial programme. John Howard was to be assessed on Australia's "credit-rating"; whether he should be permitted to borrow any more from those who were making it clear they were his financial masters.

John Howard was given top marks, as well he should considering his financial programme. He and his Treasurer Peter Costello have now informed Australians that the financial "black hole" they discovered after they had won the March 2nd election, was even bigger than they thought… Press reports state that more than a third of Australia's most prominent economists think that the Howard Government's proposed Budget cuts are appropriate, while a similar number are happy with the Government's progress in "reforming" industrial relations. Most of the economists quoted work for the big banks, these also desperately attempting to become even bigger and more centralised in keeping with the philosophy of centralisation…

“Wall Street Boyz Occupy MF Global…Celente, Too!”
Mr. Corzine also gets a mention in Brother Nathaniel’s video at Realzionist News

Further comment: John Howard and Peter Costello the ‘conservative’ economic rationalists. Both were/are zealous devotees of the gospel of ‘economic rationalism’... and were advised by officials who worship the same god.
“The Banker and the Economist” in Asses in Clover by Eimar O’Duffy sums it up (pages 260-262): Famous economist Professor Swallowdown is jinxed into demonstrating the stupidity of rational economic man automatically obeying economic laws invented by his own stupidity.

* “Asses in Clover” by Eimar O’Duffy, $18.00 + postage, Heritage Bookshop Services.  


by Peter Ewer
If the good guys lose this life-and-death battle against psychotic globalism and crazed cosmopolitanism - then what? Somalia is one vision of the “Mad Max” future that awaits us after the collapse of Western civilisation. Somalia proved too wild for even the US-New World Order forces to control, and not worth the price of a “nuke”.
Its violence is well captured in the movie “Black Hawk Down”. Somalian pirates run the place and once restricted their horizons to attacking ships on the open ocean. Now pirates are preying on Westerners in Kenya, murdering and kidnapping Western tourists. Robert Kaplan published a famous paper “The Coming Anarchy” in 1994 and a book with the same title in 2001.
It was thought that the West as well was not immuned from the fate of collapse and becoming a series of “failed states.” Social crediters see our present financial system and its destructive effects on the environment and community as the main force putting us on the road to Mad Max.  


The Editor of The Australian, 29th November 2011: James Allan, usually such a good advocate for free speech, has made two errors in his latest article ('Hate speech law defence is shaky', 29/11). Firstly, his style: there is too much sneering and personalised invective in his approach; and the attempt at neo-Shakespearean parody is terribly laboured.
Secondly Allan uncourageously attacks 'Holocaust deniers' as 'moronic' and 'idiotic' without supplying a shred of justifying reasoning and evidence. Is he not aware of the fatal ambiguity of the term 'Holocaust' and the need to differentiate carefully between 'Holocaust revisionists' and outright deniers (whose numbers are thin on the ground)? Does he really believe the research findings of Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, Jurgen Graf and Carl Mattogno can justly be so disparaged?

- - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Victoria  

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