Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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30 March 2012 Thought for the Week:

The Queen Addresses Parliament to mark Diamond Jubilee
The Queen made a special address to both Houses of Parliament to mark her 60 years on the throne. Her Majesty spoke to party leaders, MPs, peers and dignitaries in Westminster Hall where a stained glassed window specially commissioned for the Diamond Jubilee was unveiled.

The Best Testimony of the 21st Century - George Galloway vs the US Senate
Republican Senators got more than they bargained for when they subpoenaed George Galloway all the way from the UK to testify. “I gave my heart and soul to stop you committing the disaster that you did commit in invading Iraq and I told the world that your case was a pack of lies… I opposed the policy that you promoted… I gave my political life’s blood to try to stop the mass killing of Iraqis by the sanctions on Iraq, which killed a million Iraqis, most of them children. Most of them died before they even knew they were Iraqis, but they died for no other reason other than that they were Iraqis with the misfortune to be born at that time…”

"We deny the snobbish English assumption that the uneducated are the dangerous criminals...
We say that the dangerous criminal is the educated criminal. We say that the most dangerous criminal now is the entirely lawless modern philosopher. Compared to him, burglars and bigamists are essentially honest men... They accept the essential ideal of man; they merely seek it wrongly. Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become their property that they may more perfectly respect it. But philosophers dislike property as property; they wish to destroy the very idea of personal possession... the evil philosopher is not trying to alter things, but to annihilate them." - - G.K. Chesterton  


- Dr Ivan Molloy
Recent moves by powerful vested interests underpinning the media, the major political parties, and the 'top end of town' in this country, to destroy the credibility and electoral chances of Katter's Australian Party reveal some essential home truths.

• First, they mirror the way they also crucified Hanson's One Nation. (And Graeme Campbell’s fledgling Australia First party….ed).
• Second they reflect a determination to silence and derail Katter's party, which has the potential to spark a major Australian 'people's power' movement which could well threaten the operations of many powerful but questionable interests in this country heavily involved in siphoning off profit and Australian resources overseas.
• Third, such actions also reveal the essential differences between the Coalition, the ALP and Katter's Australian Party.

The Coalition and the ALP are virtually one and the same, and row for the same captain - that is private corporate capital. The Coalition stands above all for profit for powerful business interests much of it foreign with little regard for true Australian interests. The ALP above all stands for jobs for unionists and thus similarly allies again with vested, generally foreign corporate capital with little regard for Australia's interests. Katter's Australian Party, however, is vastly different and hence poses a threat to foreign capital. The Australian Party's primary political stand is not for selfish profit, or jobs regardless of principle, instead it stands for the protection of Australian social values and Australia's essential interests i.e. Australian resources, companies, the environment and a basic, decent Australian way of life for all Australians (including health, education, employment etc).

In 2012, ideology and politics is being re-injected into Queensland politics. So it is going to be an interesting election indeed watched not by just the rest of Australia, but also in many boardrooms in New York. London, Tokyo, Beijing and the Middle East.

Dr Ivan Molloy, Academic (retired) PO Box 78, Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia, 4573 0407114729  


by Betty Luks
I recently received a copy of a public announcement by a Mr. Colin Ubergang of the Property Owners Association of Australia (POAA). There were too many points raised in the paper to mention in OT at this time, but the reference to the National Farmers Federation (NFF) had me scurrying to the League’s On Target Archives for some political history on that group. [If I have understood the matter correctly, Mr. Ubergang’s main complaint was that the NFF was more interested in the relationship between the National Farmers Federation (NFF), Westpac, Woolworths and the Blueprint Survey, than they were in taking a broader approach to the problems besetting Australian farmers and property owners, etc.]

In August 1979 the League warned Australia’s farmers that the NFF was the target of a socialist takeover with the ultimate aim of ‘internationalising’ the industry and taking control out of Australians’ hands. In 1969 the League was already warning fellow Australians of the Planned New Order to enslave them, but not enough were awake to the dangers - or they thought ‘she’ll be right mate’ and went back to sleep.

On Target stated: “Now The Bulletin (August 7th) has come out with a major article on the leftwing takeover and control in the National Farmers' Federation. We imagine that even the Queensland Graingrowers would be hard pushed to describe The Bulletin as a League of Rights "front". That article should be read by all farmers. It is a devastating exposé of what has happened under the name of ‘unity’. It points out that the N.F.F., which came into being on July 20th, is a potential time bomb.
"Instead of having a single organisation representing all commodities such as the National Farmers' Union in the U.K. or Dominion Farmers Inc. of New Zealand, Australia has replaced a series of multi-commodity bodies with a series of single commodity bodies. Each has the potential to be at the other's throat...."

The article gave a detailed description of how the wrangle for positions took place, with the gradual isolation and ousting of all conservative and rightwing delegates. It concluded in these words, even describing how the smear has been part of the battle for power:
"....While the agrarian socialist Left is nothing like that of the Labor movement, it has proved to be effectively more restricting on personal commercial liberties than any of the bans imposed by trade unions. In the same fashion as the Trade Unions the agrarian Left avoid secret ballots of all members and relies heavily on endorsements from the party machine. The agrarian Left is now firmly in control of the N.F.F. and has a substantial influence on the national executive."…”

Single Desk Policy - Alice's crocodiles welcomed little fishes in with gently smiling jaws
In May 2008 Patrick O’Shea (himself a wheat farmer) again warned his fellow Australians: “Why do I have such a sense of déjà vu? It looks like the 'bad old days' are returning. Should it come about, the Australian farmer can thank the present Labor Party who simply continued on with the policy the Howard Government had set in motion. Just as the "Alice in Wonderland" sleepy crocodile, who rested and mused quietly near the river bank, "welcomed little fishes in with gently smiling jaws," so the big Grain Traders, particularly those in the USA, while resting and musing on the river banks, will 'welcome the Australian grain growers into their gentle smiling jaws' if Labor dismantles that single desk protection.

Farmers themselves must be musing
Do the Labor senators realise what they are doing to Australian wheat growers? Against all odds, a belated but Spartan rear-guard action by some growers and National Party senators have been trying to 'hold the line' and keep the single desk. But there is very little time left before the proposed legislation closes the door on common sense and we enter Alice's world of great uncertainty…”

“The big corporations have been lobbying the Minister for Agriculture Tony Burke and outlining their assurances. Mr Burke is apparently taking the view that opening the wheat market to the jaws of Alice's crocodiles will benefit growers. Poor delusional disordered Mr Burke. Australia had, for sixty years, the world's most unique and stable marketing system for wheat, the structure is being torn down and the old world system imposed upon us once more.” Patrick strove to show his fellow farmer there was nothing new in what was happening in ‘the market’:

Patrick continued: The 'Corn Laws'
“My 1968 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica has four pages on the history of Corn (Grain) Trading reaching back over 4000 years and lists the clumsy mechanisms and brutal methods used in this cut-throat world of grain trading. I fear the 'London Corn Exchange' mentality will be imposed upon us once again. (The term corn, used in this sense, is a generic term for grain.)

The following terms outline the shady methods of the world's grain traders
§ Regrators: those who buy and sell in the same market thus raising the price.
§ Forestallers: those who buy up before the market.
§ Engrossers: monopolists who command (or have 'cornered') the market.

Patrick warned the public
“Don't think this issue is only of concern to our grain farmers. The price you will end up paying for bread will be based on the stability of the market for our farmers. The farmers are not looking for 'hand-outs', they are looking for stability in the market place…”
The Single Desk policy was cast aside and the bulk of the Australian wheat market ended up in the hands of the Canadian agribusiness heavyweight Viterra. But, the story doesn’t end there.

Wall Street Journal announces, 12 March 2012
“Cargill joins Glencore in circling Viterra, sale process expected”. Glencore International and Cargill are among companies that are interested in possibly buying Canadian agribusiness heavyweight Viterra, according to people familiar with the matter, as a wave of consolidation in the industry swells.
Viterra disclosed on Friday that it received "expressions of interest" from unidentified third parties, sending the Calgary-based company's stock price soaring on expectations of a takeover. The company is now expected to run a sale process, exploring the interest of a handful of possible buyers, the people said.
Viterra operates grain-marketing and distribution businesses across Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand and China. Switzerland's Glencore is a commodities-trading powerhouse that moves and markets everything from grain to oil and coal around the world. It is currently attempting a $US90 billion ($85.1 billion) merger with Xstrata PLC, a big metals and coal-mining company in which it already holds roughly a one-third stake.” []

I am afraid Mr. Ubergang, your group’s hopes for some interest and concerned help from the National Farmers Federation looks like wishful thinking. You might just as well have been ‘howling at the moon’.
Having said that, many of your concerns are also our concerns. For those who would like to make contact with Colin Ubergang his email address is:

A good read: "Grain Handling, the way it was" by Jim Cronin. This is the story of the early days of wheat handling in South Australia. Book price $20.00 + postage.

CD-Rom The New Times- a treasure trove of 75 years of Australian political and social history and comment. It is formatted for your convenience. Don’t be fooled by the Left/Right dialectics, both main parties are leading us into tyranny and enslavement. CD-Rom $35.00 posted.  


Frustrated consumers have been complaining for far too long about being unable to buy Australian made goods. Fresh and processed food is one of the major concerns. These are goods which we once produced to a high standard within our shores but are now often available only from overseas sources. Each time a processing factory closes in Australia, another opens overseas resulting in more unemployment for Australians. Many MPs talk about the problem but nothing seems to happen. That is about to change!

New Approach Needed
A new campaign has been launched to focus consumer power directly to prospective Members of Parliament. Retired farmer and former mayor, Ken Grundy has a project which provides interested people and groups with all the material and information needed to obtain a commitment from the numerous candidates seeking their vote at the next federal election. The commitment sought will be to work and vote for any legislation which will maximise our self-sufficiency in food.

He stresses that the best time to get their commitment is before the election. Endorsed candidates or sitting MP's can be contacted now. Party affiliation will not matter, on this subject, provided the elected candidate has signed a positive commitment. The plan is to assist voters by publicising responses from candidates as widely as possible.

Do It Yourself Action Kit – Available Online at or from him at Box 177, Naracoorte SA 5271 : Mr Grundy is encouraging the project to be used in all electorates. Individuals and groups are urged to use the DIY kit.
Or you can reach Ken Grundy by telephone at 08 8762 4701 : 0458 624 701  


by James Reed
History in the making folks – I am the first right wing fringe dweller to use the term “World War 5”. It seems that US and Israeli ruling elites have agreed not to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities until after the US presidential election in November. Obama has assured Netanyahu that the US will ensure that Iran does not make a nuclear bomb and in turn Netanyahu has assured Obama that Israel won’t attack Iran until after the election. Either way the attack could set off a Middle East war and send oil prices spiralling ever-upward. (See “Worst Oil Crisis Could Lie Just Ahead”, The Australian, March 5, 2012, p.11)

If an early Israel strike does take out the Iranian nuclear facilities, this will not prevent Iran attempting to close the Straits of Hormuz and knockout about 40% of the West’s oil. That could trigger a new Global Financial Crisis in itself, especially as the West is low on emergency stocks of oil. If the attempt fails then Iran will go ahead and get the bomb and surely attack Israel with it. My own view is that a nuclear Iran will be dangerous because it is highly likely to use its nuclear weapons. Whatever happens, unless radical change occurs in Iran, the world is in great trouble. If the Cold War was World War III and the War Against Terrorism, World War IV, get ready for World War V.

George Galloway had this to say on the reality of war with Iran
“Do not imagine that Iran will deal with a ‘strategic strike’ any differently to a full-scale invasion. If we bomb Iran, Iran will bomb us back.” 


Carbon Sense: Five Big Carbon Lies, by Viv Forbes and Helpers. 20 March 2012
The Australian government's plan to sell their un-saleable carbon tax has hit a snag – their pollsters have discovered that the word ''carbon'' provokes anger in the electorate. This is no surprise. Most decent people hate liars and the carbon tax campaign has been mired in lies from the start.

There are five big carbon lies:
• The first big lie was from Senator Penny Wong who told us that carbon dioxide is a "pollutant". But people soon learnt that this colourless, non-toxic, natural atmospheric gas is the essential source of food for all life on earth.
• The second big lie was graphic – government propaganda pictured a "dirty" coal power station belching black pollution. Three lies in one here – the power station pictured is closed, it is in England, and all the carbon dioxide it ever released was invisible.
• The third big lie was to claim that there is a "consensus" and "the science is settled". The reality is that there is no evidence that convicts carbon of controlling the climate - only theories and models. There is also widespread evidence that temperature records have been subject to urban bias and deliberate doctoring so that they show more warming than has occurred. Moreover more than 30,000 scientists have signed sceptical petitions and their number is growing. There is no consensus and the science is not settled.
• The fourth big lie was spread by government academics with scare forecasts of searing heat and never ending drought, all caused by the demon carbon dioxide. The reality has been no global warming for twelve years, heavy snows in the Northern Hemisphere and heavy rains in Australia.
• The fifth and most memorable big lie was from the leader of the government, PM Julia Gillard: "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead".
Lest we forget, listen here: No amount of weasel words from government propagandists and apologists will erase our memory of these five big lies about carbon. Their negative image problem is profound: Whenever the Australian people hear “carbon” they think “lies".

Editor’s P.S.: The media reveals Clive Palmer has threatened to challenge the carbon tax in the High Court. Greg Craven, a law professor and vice-chancellor of the Australian Catholic University said the carbon tax was “inherently complicated” and “was always going to end up in the High Court”. It raised questions about the scope of taxation power, the rights of the states, the Commonwealth’s power to make laws binding the states, and the compulsory acquisition of property.…

Roland Burt, a principal at Macpherson and Kelley Lawyers, singled out three potential avenues for a challenge, involving Commonwealth external powers, the federal government’s power to impose taxes on the states, and the issue of whether tax law could be bundled up with other legislation. ...
“But my guess is the government has thought about it all carefully enough to design it in a way that will probably - but by no means certainly - survive the challenge.”


by Peter West
Let’s start with the Mail Online article: “I Called Him a B------ So He Grabbed Me by the Throat and Called Me a White B----: Girl 15, Gives Harrowing Account of Being Passed Around ‘Grooming Gang for Sex”. (February 24, 2012) The 15-year-old girl is one of five alleged victims aged as young as 13 who were passed around by 11 men in Rochdale, Greater Manchester in 2008 and 2009. The girls were forced to work as prostitutes. At no point in the article is the ethnicity of the men mentioned: but the photographs clearly indicate Middle Easterners

Move right along now to “Rochdale Takeaway Attacked as Youths Clash with Police”, BBC News, February 24, 2012. Here we are told that “gangs of youths” clashed with police “after targeting a takeaway business in Greater Manchester.” The “youths” were supposed to have conveniently shouted “EDL” (English Defence League). Thus the impression is created of a White nationalist protest. But first note that one of the “youths” was a man “aged 35”! He may have been a father of one of the young girls who had been a victim of the grooming gang.

The British National Party website reported that 300 local anti-grooming protesters had fought a battle with police and Muslim taxi drivers. The matter has apparently been festering for some time. Nick Griffin MEP spoke out about it in 2004 but was arrested on race hate charges. In “Heywood – A Statement” he says that 47 paedophile suspects facing trial is a start, but is only the tip of the iceberg.

Comments at the site say that hundreds of grooming for rape and prostitution events have occurred. The media, of course, are silent about this, as they were in other Western countries when racially motivated rapes occurred.  


by James Reed
An interesting article by Brendan O’Neill (The Weekend Australian, February 25 – 26, 2012, p.24) draws a common connection between the present politically correct “culture of complaint” in the West, and fundamentalist Islamist complaints about offence and vilification. Thus the accidental burning of the Koran by NATO is a spark for offence and protests. In the West it is saying something that offends some ethnic group or some aspect of the new morality power elite. O’Neill notes that “these alleged “weird beards” are in thrall to the same PC culture of complaint that has Western society in its grip.” Both groups believe that to be offended is a terrible thing that deserves punishment in some way.

But I believe the opposite! Cultural insensitivity is a great thing! The best jokes, the funniest ones, are those which are offensive, rude, insulting and which attack taboos at the deepest level. That may be shocking for the PC latte-sipping/rich cream cake brigade, but it is the truth as I know it. Without the freedom to hit out at dogmas, real oppression grows and festers. Being offended is a minor thing and no speech laws should consider it. Get over it!  


by Peter West
The Coalition, it has been reported, are planning to repeal provisions of the Racial Discrimination Act that was used to prosecute Herald Sun journalist Andrew Bolt. (The Australian, February 29, 2012, p.5) The definition of racial vilification will be changed to eliminate the subjectivist definition based on opinions that a particular racial group finds offensive or insulting. It this is done, it is a small step in the right direction, but free speech requires that there be no such legislation at all. Given the ethnic lobbying for these laws in the first place, my guess is that the Coalition is all talk and no action.

On that point, former Liberal indigenous affairs minister Fred Chaney has said that a Coalition government is more likely than Labor to secure a “yes” vote for Constitutional change to add indigenous “recognition” (and all the rest) (“Yes Vote is ‘More Likely’ Under Tories”, The Australian, February 28, 2012, p.2). On this he is most likely right: consider the undemocratic ending of the White Australia Policy, the influx of Vietnamese refugees, Asianisation etc. etc. Labor and the Coalition are part of the same team. Hit ‘em with the “Left”, then hit ‘em with the “Right”!  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
So, you think that law is scientific, rational and logical – just like mathematics and physics? Think again, and consider the following (“Woolies to pay $1M for Slip on Chip”, The Australian, March 8, 2012, p.3). An amputee slipped on a greasy potato chip outside a Big W store and suffered serious spinal injuries. The person’s right crutch slipped on the chip left on a sidewalk sales area under Woolworths’ care and control. The District Court initially awarded $580,000 but the NSW Court of Appeal dismissed the claim, holding that the plaintiff had failed to establish causality: namely that Woolworths’ negligence was the cause of her injuries. It was held that the chip was probably dropped at lunchtime so even if the area had been cleaned every 15 minutes the chip may still have been there.

However in a 4 – 1 decision the high Court thought differently. The learned judges thought that it was more probable that the chip had been left on the ground between 8am and 12:10 rather that in the shorter period of lunchtime. Thus the amputee would not have fallen but for Woolworth’s negligence.

Now I know that this story gives a good moral ring, with the little person winning over the big corporation and the human part of me applauds that. But the lawyer part of me questions the High Court reasoning. How, scientifically, does one work out the probability of a chip being dropped? Is it a function of time or sales output? Surely there is a case that more people tend to buy chips for a quick salt/fat boost at lunch and as they have limited time may be more prone to drop them? I don’t know – it all seems to be based upon intuition and “just so” reasoning, like much in law.  


Bruce passed away on 7th March 2012. His funeral was attended by 300 people and another 150 people sent their apologies. Bruce was an enthusiast, he was tireless at putting out pamphlets and letter writing to the newspapers. A number of stories were mentioned at his funeral. He decided that he would compete in the Stawell Gift (a well known Victorian foot race) but he had only the money for the entry fee - so he hitch-hiked to Stawell, competed in his heat and came a bad last. The stewards then chastised him for not trying hard enough in order to get a good handicap for the following year! Then he had to hitch-hike home.

Farewell old friend. - - Don Auchterlonie.

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