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6 April 2012 Thought for the Week:

Sir James Elder's Speech from ‘the throne’: “National Bank Puts the Brake on Recovery”

The address of Sir James Elder, chairman of the National Bank, at the annual meeting of that firm last week recalls to mind two characteristics of the private banks that have previously been noticed in these columns. One is that, just as public houses have a fancy for linking themselves with the names of the blood royal, so the banks like to tie themselves up with the nation. Hence we have the National Bank, the Bank of Australasia, the still more ambitious English, Scottish and Australian Bank, and similar titles arrogantly assumed by those who, after all, are only private traders and whose occupation (according to themselves) is of the nature of pawn-broking.

The second characteristic is the impudent assumption by the persons directing these firms of a special call to review, and generally to castigate the behaviour of the nation. A Speech from the Throne has nothing on the annual address of a bank director. It may be, however, that there is some justification in fact, if not in morals, for this latter attitude, since the bankers are unquestionably above the Throne—a position they have held in British countries ever since they put the King into second place by the establishment of the Bank of England and the national debt.

And so Sir James Elder, following bankers' practice and his own precedents of previous years, told us how we should run our country. Taxation, public revenue and expenditure, defence, old age pensions, unemployment, debt adjustment legislation, exports and imports—on these and other matters he delivered his weighty judgments. Summing up, he came to the conclusion that our greatest national danger was lest we might recover too rapidly, "and a too rapid recovery would only exhaust itself under its own momentum and inflict harm on the whole community".

- - “The New Times” Melbourne, Friday June 5th 1936  


by Betty Luks
So, Queenslanders who had had enough of Labor, gave them a good trouncing and put the Liberal/Nationals into government. With their huge majority, Lib/Nats now have no excuse to fall back on when their real agenda dismally fails the Queensland people.

Like Bob Katter of the Australian Party, I don’t see too much difference between Labor and the Lib/Nats, but Queenslanders are going to have to learn that lesson by living with the fruits of the Lib/Nat policies - by experiencing them - for the next few years. (We were told ‘you cannot get figs from thistles’).

One of the policies of the Queensland Liberal/National Coalition
“… restoring accountability to government and getting back our AAA credit rating.” In other words the Money Power will continue to reign supreme, and the Lib/Nats will remain subservient - to the detriment of the people of Queensland!  


by Peter Ewer and Chris Knight
Alex Kurtagic,” Why Conservatives Always Lose”, 27 February, 2012, www.Alternativeright.com:
Points out that both the Left and the Right consists of Liberals, those radical and those less radical. Thus “liberalism and conservatism are complementary and mutually reinforcing partners, rather than contrasting enemies."

As we see it, conservatives (Thatcher, Howard, Abbott, etc.) only accept token “traditionalist” values, and in defence of the free market, their one and true god, will let family, Queen and country go to the wall. Conservatism today is yesterday’s liberalism.

The liberal-Left charge ahead creating social change, which, after people adapt to the poison, becomes the new status quo that conservatives then strive to “conserve”. No conservative political leaders defend women’s traditional roles and oppose the entire post-1970s grab-bag of women’s lib, for example.
That task is left to a small, largely American, Christian fringe group.

Highly relevant to our struggle Kurtagic concludes:-
“The degeneration of the West is tied to the degeneration of liberalism. The West will be renewed when the liberals come crashing down. They will be reduced to an obsolete and irrelevant subculture living off memories and preoccupied with ‘conserving’ whatever they have left."

Once regenerated, the West will continue until its tradition self-destructs or is replaced by another. Whatever tradition replaces ours will be autochthonous, but it could well be the tradition of another race. If that proves so, that will be the end of our race. Thus, so long as our race remains vibrant, able to give birth to new metaphysics when old ones die, we may live on, and be masters of our destiny.  


Certainly not the factory worker, the farmer, the men and women who produce the real wealth of the nation. The guests who come to dinner are the” bankers, the traders and even an oil baron.” The article on the “Prime Minister's private guests all had one thing in common: wealth,” wrote Oliver Wright in The Independent, 27 March 2012.
(I would have used the words money, power. The word ‘wealth’ contains the meaning of ‘well being’; e.g., the ‘CommonWealth’ of Australia. Have you noticed politicians don’t refer to the Commonwealth of Australia anymore?...ed).

“Cash for Cameron: Eat, drink and be lobbied"
"On a cold night last November the three men and their wives went through the famous Downing Street door, past the state rooms where guests are normally entertained and up to the more intimate surroundings of David and Samantha Cameron's top-floor flat.

The next day Mr Cameron was to travel to Cannes for the G20 summit. But this was one "social dinner" – as Downing Street insisted on referring to it yesterday – that the Prime Minister needed to fulfil. Between them, his guests had given or loaned the Conservative party more than £7m…
Now Mr Cameron faces awkward questions about the extent to which money can provide access to the Government and how much he is influenced by those who hold the purse strings of his party. Perhaps the most curious invitee at the Downing Street dinner was Ian Taylor, who gave the Tories £50,000 in 2009…”
Read further ….


by James Reed
When Japan lost World War II and was occupied by the Allies, primarily the United States, did Japan begin a massive importation of white and black Americans? No, it did not. It maintained its national ethno-racial character and struggled to rebuild and become a great nation again. Identity was the key. But after World War II the Global Elites, frightened of the runaway powers of White nationalism, thought that it would be best for corporate profits if the White race, primarily Nordics (Northern Europeans) was dissolved and passively eliminated. Hence the immigration which we now experience.

Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, “Immigration Paves Our Way into the Asian Century”, The Australian, March 9, 2012, p.14, tells us that China has now replaced Britain as the major source country for migrants. Bowen goes on to celebrate skilled migration from Asia, saying, “All of this has occurred with little public criticism. The days of John Howard or Pauline Hanson warning of the social upheaval caused by Asian migration seem like an eon ago.” Bowen then trots out myths, refuted by Bob Birrell, that without skilled migration the labour force will contract by 2050. By 2050, as I see it, there will be nothing left of the “Australia” we have known, if not the world.

Bowen goes on to see “Australia” as basically blessed by the Asian century. He goes on to note that “migrants add more to our population each year than natural increase.” Bowen does not spell out the obvious consequences of this argument: White people in Australia (given intermixture/miscegenation, below net reproduction birth ratios due to feminism etc.) are facing extinction or at a minimum minority status.

The elites accept this because of their commitment to the cosmopolitan philosophy of money. Bowen’s article is all about short-term benefits from the rise of Asia. But what about the fall of Asia? They have risen and fallen before. The business elites, as recent headlines show (“Rio, ANZ Call for Free Flow of Asia Trade”, The Weekend Australian, 10–12 March 2012, p.1; “Apathy Putting Spoils of Asia at Risk”, The Australian, 1 March 2012, p.5) essentially are blind to the possibility or likelihood of Asia going down.

Yet from the environmentalist camp, if the resource depletion theorists are correct, then the limits to growth spells a catastrophic end to the Asian miracle. Their economies will hit the ground hard. A slight slowdown in China’s growth rate from 8% to 7.5% is “casting a shadow over commodity markets and Australia’s dependence on the Chinese export market.” (The Australian, 6 March, 2012, p.1) Such is the price of economic Asianisation.
Further consider “Beijing’s Threat to Pull Mining Funds over Our US Ties”, The Australian, 6 March 2012, p.1. China’s Knowfar Institute of Strategic Defence Studies says that China should use economic pressure, including diverting mining interests to other countries to prevent Australia having closer military ties to the US.

A new cold war is developing and our new class elites are seeking to defect Australia from the West by Asianisation. They are succeeding because there is no organised opposition to it. We need the same sort of anti-globalist, anti-immigration movement which Europeans have.  


of the Social Order, writes Frances Hutchinson.
Economist Dr. Frances Hutchinson details the background behind the story of “Brer Fox an’ Brer Rabbit” and asks is it “Just a Game?”. She emphasises the importance of a community’s games and folk tales as she introduces the reader/player to modern REM (Rational Economic Man).

“Without opening a single book on the subject, the player of Monopoly learns the principles of property acquisition and management under the real-life rules of capitalism.

Games as Story – Rational Economic Man
“Traditionally, folk tales provided intellectual, moral and spiritual guidance to the community as a whole. The story taught by Monopoly in the twentieth century is very different. It is the story of Rational Economic man (REM). REM operates on the principles of pure self-interest. What’s in it for me? is the sole criterion for action. If a job is worth doing it is worthy being paid, and paid in money, because money gives the power to get your own way. REM springs to life like a mushroom, fully grown and equipped educationally to take part in the game. No parents brought him up, and he has no dependents. No sick relatives depend on him, neither is he sick or infirm. REM has no need for food, no need to care for the land. He just follows his own desires.”

Sound familiar gentle reader? Put aside the time to download and set up the pamphlet (http://douglassocialcredit.com/socialart.php) and after reading the article and instructions in full, gather around the family dining table to play the game :

Postscript from the national director, Louis Cook
“Monopoly is an interesting game in its own way... my father learned to play Monopoly as a prisoner of war in Changi. My brother received a game from Santa for Christmas and I was given a chess set (which I still have) in 1945 after Dad came home.

When we kids played Monopoly, invariably, there were squabbles and the game often ended in disarray for many reasons but mainly to do with shortage of money and bankruptcy.

When Dad played he was always the banker, as well as a player, and when any player was short of money "the bank declared a dividend for all" and the game continued amicably until a set time (usually bedtime), when all was valued according to the rules and the winner was the player with the highest value of assets.

My father did not know it, nor did I at the time, but he was invoking a "national dividend". It was many years later when I recalled this particular "home rule"... I suppose it was a POW in the camp familiar with Social Credit who added the rule to the game, so passing time in camp. Dad said prisoners even used "monopoly money" as currency in the camp. I guess real bankers were far from the scene in those days!


The ink was hardly dry on the above article when a media release came through from Rob Katter, the newly elected Katter’s Australian Party Member for Mount Isa (and Bob Katter’s son). Rob Katter ‘slammed’ the decision by Campbell Newman to proceed with asset sales started by the former Bligh Labor Government.

“Premier Newman has declared that it is a key priority for the LNP Government to sell off an additional $3.2 billion government stake in QR National. “This bloke has barely been in office for a day and already he has announced that the LNP will proceed full steam ahead with the Bligh Government’s asset sale program,” said Rob Katter.

“Queenslanders might have voted for change but when it comes to asset sales the LNP has proved that it will only provide more of the same.” Privatisation is in the DNA of the Liberal Party and you can bet your bottom dollar that they will begin the process of flogging off water and electricity as soon as they can.
That is exactly what happened in New South Wales. The Liberal Government went to voters promising that they would not privatise electricity and six months later it was all up for sale. Asset sales only result in cost of living increases. Big, foreign-owned companies move in and buy up the essential services built by Australians and then sell them back to us so they can make a profit.”  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
The issue of the legality of Muslim wills, which give brothers twice as much as sisters in a family, has been discussed in the media. (The Australian, March 14, 2012, p.1 and 15 March 2012, p.3) The case of Omari V Omari [2012] ACTSC 33 (9 March 2012) has been discussed as a case where the principle “one boy is equal to two girls” could be tested. The brothers wanted Islamic law to prevail which would give them one full share to every half share given to their sisters.

One of the sisters argued that Australian law (which has a presumption of equality) should prevail. One of the brothers told the Court (at trial) that his mother was a Muslim and wanted “the laws of the creator, Allah, God, to be applied in the division of my wealth.” It was countered that the mother had shown signs of dementia before the will was executed. To this it was said by the brothers that the estate should still be executed according to Islamic law.

The Court held that the mother had died intestate as she lacked testamentary capacity, hence her will had no effect. It was thus not necessary to decide the question: Australian law V Islamic law. Nevertheless Muslim leaders were quoted in the press as saying that the Islamic law that favours sons over daughters should be respected in Australia. So there you have it: Omari V Omari escaped deciding the issue but the conflict will arise again because multiculturalism is an internally incoherent social policy and multiculturalism in the law, especially so.  


by James Reed and Ian Wilson LL.B.
Professor Andrew Fraser’s “The Cult of “The Other” and the End of Academic Freedom” was reprinted in The New Times Survey and is also available to download at Alternativeright.com.
His thesis is that academic freedom is dying rapidly, “another sacrifice performed in the now holy name of “The Other””. He says that this is not due to the outlawing of speech deemed to be “offensive” and “insulting” because of a person’s race, because section 18 (b) of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Commonwealth) permits an exception for academic (or other) acts of “anything said or done reasonably and in good faith… in the course of any statement, publication, discussion or debate made or held for an genuine academic, artistic or scientific purpose or any other genuine purpose in the public interest.”

The problem is that courts interpret this condition such that politically incorrect statements are never done reasonably and in good faith. The politically incorrect by definition are never engaged in any genuine academic or scientific purpose or any genuine public interest purpose. Thus someone questioning whether the Holocaust occurred would necessarily be viewed as not pursuing a legitimate academic question because no one in academia publicly raises such questions. There is thus a Catch-22 situation set up here where no controversial views could ever be defended against. Professor Fraser tells a very interesting tale about his enrolment in a theology degree and the political correctness associated with the studies and “what it means to be a member of a (despised) ethnic minority.” Reflecting on all of this, Professor Fraser concludes:
““progressive” academics are keen to set their current ideological hegemony in stone. But top-heavy university administrations (staffed largely by deracinated, other-directed WASPS) are no less desperate to maximise the revenue generated by the orderly throughput of undergraduate and postgraduate clients in an increasingly competitive and ostentatiously cosmopolitan academic marketplace.”

Professor Fraser hopes that the law may be used to help restore academic freedom and he believes that his case can be distinguished from Andrew Bolt’s case (Eatock v Bolt) as Bolt’s articles were held not to be public comments made “reasonably and in good faith”. This is probably the case but a stronger case could be made to not play their game at all and just sue for defamation, against everybody involved. The matter needs careful legal discussion.

What is more important is Professor Fraser’s idea that it is time for an Anglo-Australian Civil Rights Movement to fight for Anglo-Australian freedoms. In fact, we believe that the League has been doing this for some time. Either way it is time for an organisation which explicitly fights for Anglo Saxon rights, this being the ethnic group primarily under attack.
That, Professor Fraser, is the way to go. Let’s have a public dialogue on how best to do this. Enough suffering and misery!  


by James Reed
Uncle James has been very upset lately by the Rinehart family feud. For those who came in late, billionaire Gina Rinehart and her eldest children are arming for “war” – legal war against each other. Gina Rinehart and the kids are feuding over the ownership of the Hope Margaret Hancock trust which Lang Hancock set up for his grandchildren. Gina believes that the kids lack the necessary capitalist umph – business acumen and experience – to administer the trust. The kids, of course, don’t agree.

But a solution is at hand, thanks to Uncle James’ lack of business acumen and lack of experience. Gina Rinehart’s big on immigration and big Australia. Why not give all of this money to some outsourced Asian family with super business acumen and experience? Maybe, just maybe, that was what Lang Hancock was thinking about, his future metaphysical family, in the boom, boom, booming, age of Asia? Gina, I hope this suggestion helps and I am sure that if you explain it to the kids the way the elites explain Asian replacement immigration to us, they will understand.  


by Peter West
Another Rob Oakeshott story: “400 Years in the Making, Felled by Bid to be Green.” The Australian, March 15, 2012, p,3. Talk about misplaced liberalism. Independent MP Rob Oakeshott wants to extend renewable energy subsidies to native forests. The Forestry industry, in moving to plantation timber, has seen the export woodchip market collapse. Thus, trees classified as “forest waste”, cut for chipping are now lingering in stacks. Among such stacks are 400-year old Karri trees in Western Australia, trees which grow to 90 metres and measure 2 metres in diameter.

Oakeshott’s proposal for a subsidy for burning such waster, arose from his lodgement of a disallowance motion regarding the granting of renewable energy certificates for electricity generated from state forests. Environmentalists see this as accelerating forest clearing and increasing greenhouse gas “pollution”. Let us hope that the greenies remember the image of 400 year old trees being sold for firewood for $9 a ton when election time comes. Let us hope that Oakeschott is not recycled.  


by James Reed
The media is generally overjoyed at Bob Carr’s appointment by Julia the Red as Foreign Minister. Carr, it seems, may be an even bigger China lover than Rudd and Julia combined. For example, he thinks that Taiwan is universally recognised as Chinese territory.

This man has everything – and that is why he is a good replacement for Gillard. Carr is also not a big Australia man and could consider an ecologically more sensible immigration policy for Australia. Bob, the Ring of Power could be yours!


by Peter West and John Steele
Tony Abbott put it thus: “There have been 88 drive-by shootings in Sydney in the (past) 12 month – there is a reign of terror on the streets of Sydney and as those shots ring out, the people of Sydney, they think of these crime gangs, they think of the police trying to protect them from those crime gangs and they should also think of this Prime Minister. This Prime Minister whose incompetence, whose failure on border protection, has materially contributed to this particular social disaster.”

What’s that? Is Abbott at last asking about the ethnicity of those doing the shooting, the nature of these “crime gangs” and how they got here? Of course not, for the Libs are as multiculty as Labor. No, it’s not a people problem, it’s a gun problem! According to Abbott, Gillard’s failure of border protection has led to a budget blowout, leading to a cut in Customs funding, hence more guns. Absurd! The “crime gangs” have no problem smuggling in guns and never did. The Mafia, even in the White Australia days, had their guns. The only people without guns are Anglo Saxons, thanks to Johnny Howard’s 1996 gun grab.

Wait – that’s it – it’s the Anglo Saxon racists who are doing the drive-bye byes! Yes, with their semi-auto .22 rabbit guns, sorry, bolt action .22 rabbit poppers.  


by Peter Ewer
Harlan Ullman, senior adviser at The Atlantic Council believes that Israel cannot stop an Iranian nuclear attack, only delay it. Apart from that, Iran may engage in Dr Strangelove-style doomsday scenarios such as loading supertankers with explosives and crashing the tanker close to Tel Aviv. A tanker could carry the explosive power of a 50 kiloton–100 kiloton nuclear weapon. Further, nothing seems to be preventing Iran engaging in this type of warfare and other kinds until the big release of the nuclear fireworks. Mankind is now moving down the most dangerous road in its history. Those who invented nuclear weapons have cursed the human race.  


by Brian Simpson
I am sure some of the Dark Lords of the global power elites have thought, whilst sipping and nibbling on whatever it is that they sip and nibble on, that the planet Earth could be trashed and burnt and when it finally dies, the elites could live in space stations.
But it seems “Time in Space is Bad for the Brain”, (The Australian, 14 March 2012, p.12) that all it takes is just a month in space for astronauts to develop brain and eye problems similar to intracranial hypertension or pressure on the brain.

This could limit the time that humans could spend in space. Along with hazards such as radiation, the escape to space stations does not seem to be a goer. No doubt the search is on for a suitable new planet in the solar system to foul and destroy when business-as-usual burns planet Earth to a crisp.  


by James Reed
Indians love mobile phones: ten years ago less than 4% of households had a mobile phone, but now 54% of households have one of these hot little devices. But only 10% more of Indian households have a private toilet than 10 years ago. (The Australian, March 16, 2012, p.9) A third of Indian homes lack access to drinking water, 17% run and fetch water each day from more than 500 metres away and two thirds of Indian households still use fuels such as cow dung to cook their dinner.

Not to worry, all of this makes perfect sense. Indians can talk on their mobiles while fetching water, or going somewhere else to relieve themselves. One needs to get priorities right: mobile phones are the really important things in life: sanitation can just go wait in line with everybody else. Haven’t the technocrats told us that electronic communication and IT is what counts? All the Indians are doing is just following this advice.  


by Brian Simpson
Racial realists are a group of largely American academics who believe that racial differences are real. Worshippers of IQ, they see Asians as smarter than Whites, who in turn are smarter than Blacks. This pattern Asia/White/Black is allegedly repeated for many phenomena except where the reversal occurs: Black/White/Asian. This is done by the naïve empiricism of just looking at crime statistics for individuals. Institutional and social aspects of criminality are not looked at.

In this context the article “Lacking of Mining Bribes ‘Shocks China’”, The Australian, 28 February, 2012, p.3, is significant. Chinese mining officials are surprised to learn that it is not necessary to bribe Australian officials to secure Australian mining contracts. This is an indication of life in Asia which runs on kickbacks and networks of silence. Failure to recognise social facts like this is a clear weakness in the racial realist position.  

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