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27 April 2012 Thought for the Week:

Hallelujah Chorus - Eskimo students and adults present their version of the Hallelujah Chorus for all the world to enjoy.
Well done young people!

For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth
The Kingdom of this world is become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ

Write and thank the young Alaskans from wherever you are around the world!
Address: Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurvirt, Yupiq Eskimo Village, Quinhagak Alaska

Video of Osprey catching its prey: This is magnificent, but not for the fish. The display of aeronautical engineering, especially when the Osprey comes out of the water shaking its head with its wings 'wrapping' which would require tremendous confusing skills to compensate for the changes in aerodynamics. Also look how beautifully streamlined the feet are when not in use, and how the talons open and are lowered just like 747 undercarriages. How wonderful.
The osprey is certainly perfectly designed for its job, particularly the power and accuracy of its flying and the efficiency of its built-in grappling hooks. Not to mention its remarkable eyesight ! Intelligent design? Random evolution? Whatever you choose to believe, pause for a moment and admire the awesome engineering.


by Betty Luks
Oh my goodness, Cardinal Pell, what a load of trouble you have got yourself into this time! Cardinal George Pell during the ABC’s Q&A TV debate with atheist Richard Dawkins broke two taboos of our age. First, he said that “the little Jewish people” at the time of the Egyptian civilisation were shepherds who “weren’t intellectually the equal of [the Egyptians or Persians] – intellectually, morally… The poor – the little Jewish people… They’re still stuck between the great powers.” Later Cardinal Pell said that, “no people in history have been punished the way the Germans were.”

Pell later apologised for this “Jewish low blow” as the Sydney Morning Herald (13 April, 2012) put it. In his apology he said that “historically” or “culturally” unequal may have been better terms than “intellectually”. He also said that he referred to the Germans to show the “mysterious way great crimes are punished.”

Of course, and no references though to the alleged “Other Losses” death of German people after World War II. Canadian James Bacque in his work “Other Losses” charges that hundreds of thousands of German prisoners who had fled the Eastern front were designated as "Disarmed Enemy Forces" in order to avoid recognition under the third Geneva Convention, for the purpose of carrying out their deaths through disease or slow starvation.

“Other Losses cites documents in the U.S. National Archives and interviews with people who stated they witnessed the events. The book claims that there was a "method of genocide" in the banning of Red Cross inspectors, the returning of food aid, the policy regarding shelter building, and soldier ration policy. Through the KGB's archives in the 1990s, Bacque's continuing research confirmed the death total of the POWs in western camps.

This incident illustrates that thought, which even accidentally, or from on-the-spot stress which turns out to be less than clear, may be pounded and pounded in the psycho-politically correct society. Some people would argue that the Germans have suffered more than any people in history, and also that the ancient Egyptians were intellectually superior to the ancient Jews. Pell, it seems, does not hold to this view, nevertheless, these sorts of propositions are now totally out of intellectual bounds.

Unless of course, one wanted to argue that Anglo Saxons are the wickedest people ever to walk the face of the Earth. Then, expect the Establishment to give you a publishing contract and a juicy research grant!  


Letters to the Editor, New Zealand Herald 2 March, 2012:
Dear Sir,
Aren’t we just being puerile in this blind pursuit of more jobs? Surely this flies in the face of over 200 years of technological development, all of it designed to reduce the human labour component of industrial production. Full employment has become a mantra with hardly anyone actually examining what it really entails.
The Soviet Union had full employment but only because its appallingly bureaucratic apparatus created gross inefficiencies and stymied technological progress.
It should not be the responsibility of manufacturers to create jobs or to solve society’s money shortage. Their role is to supply us with the things we need.
It is the financial system that needs to be modified to meet modern facts and it is grossly unfair of politicians and others to take aim at the business world when the real problem lies elsewhere.

- - Sincerely, Bill Daly Glen Eden, New Zealand  


by Betty Luks
According to Andrew Bolt’s blog 15/4/2012, Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce is “pushing Tony Abbott to double the baby bonus for stay-at-home mums to $10,000 if he wins power at the next election.” But Andrew takes issue with the proposal, “Don’t fix one bad policy with another.” Finance Minister Penny Wong calculates the “Treasury costings revealed the Budget impact of the Nationals plan to boost the baby bonus would be as much as $3 billion over three years.” Denying that he had pushed Abbott on the issue he did say the “Nationals believe that the Baby Bonus should be made in interval payments over a longer term to avoid the social problems of lump sum payments being made that, in some instances, do not go toward the baby but go to alcohol or other items that are actually at odds to the welfare of the child.”

Whether a lump sum or staggered, the policy says it all
In every case, whether Labor, Liberal or National Party, the policy is the same - the rule of the Banking/ Finance System (Mammon) remains supreme. In one of his Easter messages the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne called for “A New Social Contract for Australia”: a vision of the common good where our business, government and union leaders work co-operatively towards a society which shares its prosperity equitably, and which tackles entrenched disadvantage. (ABC Radio National, 5 April 2012).

Such a policy has been in existence for more than eighty years – it is called Social Credit. Its policies draw on the important cultural heritage as well as the power of the ‘machine age’. Its objective is “Social stability by the integration of means and ends.” It is a policy which ensures the families themselves would decide what was the best course for themselves – not political parties or bankers or newspapermen.  


by James Reed
The papers are now openly speaking of the battle between the US and China for regional hegemony (The Australian, 29 March, 2012, p.11) and are even featuring charts comparing the arms strength of China and the US. This is like the comparison of football teams getting ready for the game.

Part of the coming war, which will be extremely “hot”, is “cold”, involving economic warfare. This is seen in the present Huawei controversy, where the government has rejected the Chinese firm Huawei for the National Broadband Network. ASIO whispered in Gilly’s ear that Huawei had connections to the People’s Liberation Army. Indeed, a US Congressional Committee found that the company, like all companies in China, was controlled by the communist government and supplied IT hardware to the People’s Liberation Army. It would feel obligated to put some embedded spyware into the system, if it was used. In Britain the intelligence services had to check all the servers, routers, chips and hardware installed by Huawei after Huawei was involved in Britain’s broadband project, and its doubtful whether they succeeded in picking everything up. (The Australian, 29 March, 2012, p.7)

At the same time moneyman Wayne Swan is beside himself about the government’s policy direction on Asia because on a business as usual scenario, Asia in 15 years will be the world’s largest consumption zone. According to Swan, the mining boom is “only the first taste of Asia’s rise”. He is too busy singing Asia’s virtues to realize that the sun also sets. According to Dow Chemical chief executive Andrew Liveras “Australia’s present growth trajectory is unsustainable” and China may be moving away from an energy-intensive economy, hence “Chinese Driven Resources Boom Doomed…”, (The Australian, 28 March, 2012, p.2). But Swan and co are not thinking long-term because they are likely to be aware that their fate is sealed at the next election. Which leads to…  


We at the League have long been interested in health issues and our record confirms the claim. Such books as Sir Albert Howard’s “An Agricultural Testament”; Ralph Lazlett Duck’s “Thine is the Kingdom”; F. H. King’s “Farmers of Forty Centuries: Organic Farming in China, Korea and…”; Lady Phyllis Cilento’s “We Are What We Eat”& “You Can’t Live Without Vitamin C”, are among the many we have promoted over the years, always encouraging readers to take responsibility – as much as they are able - for their own health and well being. What about Rachael Carson’s “Silent Spring”? The latest news on the mysterious disappearance of bee colonies, especially in America and Europe once again rang the alarm bells.

One headline read:Steiner Predicted The Bee Crisis, 75 Yrs Ago” by Quinta Essentia, News Forum.
URL: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=1032682
“Sometimes the "news" is the "olds". Rudolph Steiner predicted in 1923 that the artificial breeding methods just then being developed by bee keepers would cause bee populations to collapse in 100 years. He was right on target. Steiner gave these lectures to the workers at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.

Among the workers was a professional beekeeper, Mr Müller, who contributed to these lectures in the form of insights and questions. However, Mr Müller rebelled vehemently and showed no understanding when Steiner explained the intricacies of the queen bee, mentioning that the modern method of breeding queens (using the larvae of worker bees, a practice that had already been in use for about fifteen years) would have long-term detrimental effects, so grave that:
“A century later all breeding of bees will cease if only artificially produced bees are used (November 10)… It is quite correct that we can’t determine this today; it will have to be delayed until a later time. Let’s talk to each other again in one hundred years, Mr Müller, then we’ll see what kind of opinion you’ll have at that point.” Seventy-five years have passed and the kind of queen breeding Steiner spoke of has not only continued, but has become the standard, and is now supplemented with instrumental insemination.

What about the health of bees now?
• Honeybees are dying in those parts of the world, where these practices are common (USA, Canada, European countries);
• During a period of ten years, 75% of the beekeepers in Quebec, Canada vanished together with the bees (1987: 97,000 hives; 1997 only 30,000 hives);
• In 1997 many German beekeeping journals wrote, “Experts estimate the loss of colonies in Germany to be about 50%, some talk of 70%.”

Mystery of the Disappearing Bees… Solved! by Richard Schiffman, 9/4/2012:
“If it were a novel, people would criticize the plot for being too far-fetched – thriving colonies disappear overnight without leaving a trace, the bodies of the victims are never found. Only in this case, it’s not fiction. It’s what’s happening to fully a third of commercial beehives, over a million colonies every year. Seemingly healthy communities fly off never to return. The queen bee and mother of the hive is abandoned to starve and die.”

Thousands of scientific sleuths have been on this case for the last 15 years trying to determine why our honey bees are disappearing in such alarming numbers. “This is the biggest general threat to our food supply,” according to Kevin Hackett, the national program leader for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s bee and pollination program.

Until recently, the evidence was inconclusive on the cause of the mysterious “colony collapse disorder” (CCD) that threatens the future of beekeeping worldwide. But three new studies point an accusing finger at a culprit that many have suspected all along, a class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids .

In the U.S. alone, these pesticides, produced primarily by the German chemical giant Bayer and known as “neonics” for short, coat a massive 142 million acres of corn, wheat, soy and cotton seeds. They are also a common ingredient in home gardening products. Research published last month in the prestigious journal Science shows that neonics are absorbed by the plants’ vascular system and contaminate the pollen and nectar that bees encounter on their rounds. They are a nerve poison that disorient their insect victims and appear to damage the homing ability of bees, which may help to account for their mysterious failure to make it back to the hive.

Another study published in the American Chemical Society’s Environmental Science and Technology journal implicated neonic-containing dust released into the air at planting time with “lethal effects compatible with colony losses phenomena observed by beekeepers.”

Purdue University entomologists observed bees at infected hives exhibiting tremors, uncoordinated movement and convulsions, all signs of acute insecticide poisoning. And yet another study conducted by scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health actually re-created colony collapse disorder in several honeybee hives simply by administering small doses of a popular neonic, imidacloprid.

But scientists believe that exposure to toxic pesticides is only one factor that has led to the decline of honey bees in recent years. The destruction and fragmentation of bee habitats, as a result of land development and the spread of monoculture agriculture, deprives pollinators of their diverse natural food supply. This has already led to the extinction of a number of wild bee species. The planting of genetically modified organism (GMO) crops – some of which now contain toxic insecticides within their genetic structure – may also be responsible for poisoning bees and weakening their immune systems .

While Australia is a relative latecomer in GMO crops – chemical sprays have been around for quite a while. Anyone for their own home-grown vegetable patch?  


“Saving the human rights charter by ditching the democratic will” from Andrew Bolt’s blog 13 April 2012: “Professor James Allan is appalled that Premier Ted Ballieu has sided with Labor against scrapping Victoria’s charter of human rights - and so betrayed voters: Baillieu (is) ignoring the views of all four of his Coalition MPs on the parliamentary charter review committee in favour of the three Labor MPs....

My core objection, stated again and again, is that bills of rights are undemocratic. They take decisions out of the hands of the voters, where we all count the same, and give them to committees of ex-lawyer judges.... These people are sincere, well-meaning advocates for a bill of rights. They just hold what at core are undemocratic, or aristocratic “we need judicial superiors to second-guess you voters and legislators’ views"… And on average I say that voters don’t like bills of rights.

Baillieu went into the last election as a known opponent of the Victorian charter, as did Robert Clark the Attorney-General. So in a sense this Damascene conversion is a surrender; it is a selling out of what the voters expected from you.” When will it finally dawn on Liberal voters that the politicians/party do the same as does the Labor politicians/party? They ‘ride on the backs’ of the faithful voters to gain political power – but they are not really ‘of them’. They have different agendas.  


by James Reed
The article was a bit hard for this anti-university fringe dweller to understand. (“’Degrees in Danger of Being Debased by Race to the Bottom’”, The Australian, 14 March, 2012, p.37) Political scientist Michael Wesley at the Universities Australia Conference on challenges to Western society and higher education, said that competition “may debase the currency of the degree”:

“The real danger here is that suddenly there will be an inflexion point when the university degree has become so debased, the demand for it starts to drop off and drop off quite quickly.” Wesley went on to worry about how “Western” universities in Australia still are, even with many Asian students: “(Have we) made any progress on internationalising – really Asianising – how we think about knowledge?”

Perhaps a good first step to create the really super duper Asian university would be to eliminate the largely White academics and replace them with overseas Asians. Start with all vice-chancellors first. Let us see how gung-ho the Asianisers are when their jobs are given away and their superannuation given to Asian migrants and refugees. And let us hope that the debasing of the degree happens very quickly to bring this misery to an end.  


by Peter West
I don’t have to read the article “Keating Slams ‘Racist’ Tone of Asylum Debate”, The Australian, 23 March, 2012, p.6 to guess what the punch line would be: Asia is watching! Yes, there was the now classic line that the debate, having a “racial” tone, is harming Australia’s standing in Asia.
Yes Paul, Asians have stopped migrating here and China has stopped buying up our farmland! The article says that Keating is known for “his bombast as well as Asiacentric view on foreign policy.”

Point one: Keating gave no evidence for his claim. Surely both Labor and Lib are sucking up as hard as possible to Asia and it is not clear what else they could do to be better slaves.
Point two: if Keating is right, given his Asiacentric view of things, why not learn a few Asian languages and go live in Asia?  


by Chris Knight
Having grown up and studied in the United States and also having spent two years in ANC South Africa, as a White I know the meaning of racial tension. In some places the atmosphere feels like an uneasy ceasefire has begun; in other places it is an undeclared warzone and you don’t go there. Generally the richest areas are the safest because affluence masks the fundamental unnaturalness of the multiracial society.

The killing of Trayvon Marton, a black in Miami by police officer George Zimmerman, has led to fury on the part of US blacks who see the killing as a race hate crime. Before we get too excited note that Zimmerman’s father is White and his mother is Hispanic, so he is interracial like Prezzie Hussein Obama. But he is free to identify as being Hispanic. So if there is a race hate crime, it is Black vs Hispanic/interracial. Oddly Obama has said: “When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.” Obviously another unscripted remark because Martin must have been up to no good for the shooting to have occurred.

Here is why, consider the circumstances as we know them from the patchy media reports, Zimmerman saw Martin and began following him, telling police dispatchers that he looked suspicious. At a later point the two got into a fight and Zimmerman shot Martin in self defence, the police allege. The defence is claiming that the case falls under Florida’s “stand your ground” self defence law, which does not require retreat and permits, under attack, force to be met by force.

According to the Kansas City Star, Martin was on top of Zimmerman at the time (known in Mixed Martial Arts as a “mount” and a “ground and pound”). Martin also at the time, was under a 10-day suspension from school for assaulting a bus driver. Obama has said also: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” which can be translated as “Trayvan is black so I will say this to get your vote having not done much for blacks in my presidency.” Black activist Jesse Jackson preached a sermon to a “hoodie-wearing” congregation about the death of Trayvon Martin: “He wasn’t killed because of the hoodie. He was killed because he was black.” Not to be outdone, the New Black Panthers, according to the Orlando Sentinel were offering a $10,000 bounty for the capture of George Zimerman. If Whites had said or done this, it would be the race-hate crime of the century, but the system allows it.

In The Wall Street Journal, Juan Williams asked: “Nationally, nearly half of all murder victims are black. And most of those black people are killed by other black people. Where is the march for them?” (The Australian, March 30, 2012, p.8) Williams though did not analyse the full extent of the race/crime problem. As detailed in "The Color of Crime", there are some astonishing race/crime statistics.
Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder and blacks commit more violent crime against Whites than against blacks with 45% of their victims being White, 43% black and 10% Hispanic. Blacks are also, according to "The Color of Crime", 2.25 times more likely to commit hate crimes against Whites than vice versa. We can be sure that these issues will not be addressed in the US debate.  


by Brian Simpson
There have been a number of critiques of alternative medicine in the mainstream press recently with Cassandra Wilkinson, “The Ill-Effects of Quackery v Scientific Evidence”, The Weekend Australian, March 24–25, 2011, p.16, being one example. She has some good examples of flawed alternative treatments, like Apple founder Steve Jobs who apparently prepared meals without pans. But that is strawman stuff. Today’s alternative medicine does in fact become mainstream medicine if Big Pharma doesn’t stop it.

Consider arthritis pain, discussed the same day in the other Murdoch paper The Advertiser (24 March, 2012, p.21). Rosehip powder apparently gives relief here. Growing numbers of people, the article says, are turning to “complementary medicine” often because of the side effects of orthodox medicine. I recently had bad insomnia and the best my doctor could do is give me sleeping tablets that led to depression and even worse insomnia (known as “paradoxical effect”).

Alternative medicines based on centuries of folk wisdom often come to be found to be as effective as existing drugs, with less or no side effects. Fish oil, for example, is now part of the mainstream treatment for arthritis. The critics of alternative medicine are silent about the grand conspiracy between doctors and Big Pharma and the multitude of corrupt doings that go on, including scientific fraud. Entire internet sites are devoted to this issue.  


by James Reed
A significant number of articles which I have looked at recently have a common theme. “Foreigners ‘Prop Up’ Unis”, The Advertiser, 24 March, 2012, p.21, criticises the university system with its reliance upon foreign students, not because this is contrary to principles of national development, but because it constitutes a brain drain upon the source countries i.e., Asia. Then we have “China Wool Buy ‘is No Golden Fleece’” The Weekend Australian, 24-25 March, 2012, p.16, which dismisses fears of a Chinese takeover (not take-away, yet) of the Merino industry. But the page before we have “End of the Family Farm” featuring honourable Coleambally grain farmer John Ward, who decided not to sell a family farm in Griffith NSW to Chinese or other foreign buyers.

Mr Ward wisely observed
“You have to make a stand somewhere and for me this was it: we are getting ourselves into a situation where we soon won’t own our own land and will no longer be able to produce food for our nation”. However the buy-up of Australia continues for the same reason mass migration continues: our ruling elites have sold out on us and are essentially puppet rulers for foreign powers such as China.

Even Blind Freddy can see that China is buying up big so that in the future, it eats while we starve. I sincerely hope that our elites don’t escape down the ropes but stay on the sinking ship Australia to starve with us.  


by Peter West
Remember those scenes of PM Julia, in fear, being protected by big bear Australian Federal Police Officers? Well, the AFP has decided that there is no evidence of criminal offences in the Australia Day Riots. Yes, you got it right, no violence or threat of violence. Why, one wonders why Julia and Tony Rabbit had to run at all! If the protestors had got their hands on them, they would have only kissed them and only then, in a politically correct way!
But just imagine if the same events occurred with White nationalists protesting against immigration (I know that is hard to imagine because Whites don’t complain about anything; they just take it).  

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