Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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,4 May 2012 Thought for the Week:

ANZAC DAY 25th April, 2012 “We will remember them”

“The technical definition of war is “any action taken to impose your will upon an enemy or to prevent him from his will upon you.” It will be recognised at once that this definition of war makes the motive rather than the method the important matter to consider. More energy is devoted at the present time to the endeavour to modify the methods of war than to removing the motives for war. If we recognise this, we shall be in a better position to realise that we are never at peace – that only the form of war changes.
Military wars are waged by nations, a statement which is the basis for the somewhat naïve, and, I think certainly erroneous idea that you would abolish war if you abolished nations. This is much like saying you would abolish rate-paying if you abolished Urban District Councils. You do not dispose of a problem by enlarging its boundaries, and, if I am not mistaken, the seeds of war are in every village.”

- - "The Causes of War" by C.H. Douglas

“Why is it becoming more difficult to bring peace upon earth, and to make effective, goodwill between men? What is the dynamism which will encourage the conquest of the earth, the sea and the air, but will only permit the substitution of poverty by slavery? Why does the mouthing of the phrase "the Common Good" merely ensue in individual evil?
More particularly at this time, there is a tendency to exalt war into a cause instead of a symptom. The more closely the structure and psychology of war is studied, however, the more clearly it appears that war is neither a cause nor a symptom, but a method. In the words of Clausewitz, "War is the pursuit of policy by other means."
Once this fundamental idea is grasped, the fact that wars occur in the face of the expressed desire of all but a small fraction of the world's population to remain at peace, takes on a new aspect. What is it which is strong enough to plunge the world into a cataclysm of destruction at decreasing intervals, against "the common will "?”

- - “Brief for the Prosecution” by C. H. Douglas


“When will the soul of man arise to challenge the tyrannical and restrictive power and policy of Mammon?” asks Wally Klinck of Canada. “The human tragedy imposed upon mankind without mercy by the existing unconscionable system of debt-finance. William Aberhart of the Province of Alberta was galvanized into resistance by the suicide of only one of his students during the Depression of the 1930s. How jaded or ineffectual has mankind become to tolerate such outrages as reported in the following article. C. H. Douglas taught that in the final analysis only action will secure results. What does it take to inspire -- to motivate?”

Elisabetta Povoledo and Doreen Carvajarl wrote in the New York Times 14 April, 2012: Treviso, Italy — On New Year’s Eve, Antonio Tamiozzo, 53, hanged himself in the warehouse of his construction business near Vicenza, after several debtors did not pay what they owed him. Three weeks earlier, Giovanni Schiavon, 59, a contractor, shot himself in the head at the headquarters of his debt-ridden construction company on the outskirts of Padua.

As he faced the bleak prospect of ordering Christmas layoffs at his family firm of two generations, he wrote a last message: “Sorry, I cannot take it anymore.” The economic downturn that has shaken Europe for the last three years has also swept away the foundations of once-sturdy lives, leading to an alarming spike in suicide rates. Especially in the most fragile nations like Greece, Ireland and Italy, small-business owners and entrepreneurs are increasingly taking their own lives in a phenomenon some European newspapers have started calling “suicide by economic crisis.” Read further here…


by Betty Luks
It was the headline that took my eye in the report by Peter Wilson, The Australian’s European correspondent 7 March 2012 p.9. Geir Haarde, Iceland's ex-PM “has warned a court that it is setting a dangerous precedent by charging him with criminal offences for not protecting the country from the 2008 global financial crisis.”

Gentle readers, carefully consider that sentence: As far as I am aware within modern times this is the first time a politician is to be held legally accountable for not protecting the interests of the people, whose interests he was elected to represent! The ex-pm “told the first day of his trial in Reykjavik that no other government leaders or financial regulators had seen the GFC coming and that the charges against him - carrying a two-year jail sentence - were based on hindsight. The case is being watched by many Western government leaders who are uncomfortable with the idea that a politician can face jail for failing to show foresight and caution.”

Yes, yes, I know that in the wake of fraudulent actions by the finance/banking systems some banks have had their wrists slapped (with lots of tut tutting into the bargain) but this seems to be the first time a politician is to be held to account for failing in his duties. The article continued: “Fierce protests drove Mr Haarde's coalition from power and a truth commission into the crisis then accused him and three other politicians of having failed to take proper safeguards in the years before 2008 when the banks were transforming the country's small fishing-based economy by gorging on debt.

The parliament voted in 2010 for charges against only Mr Haarde and referred the case to the Landsdomur, a special tribunal created in 1905 to hear charges against MPs that has never before heard a case. It has 15 members - six judges, a constitutional law professor and eight people chosen by parliament. Mr Haarde is charged with failing to ensure safeguards were in place to stop the collapse of the country's banks, and failing to keep his ministers informed about the scale of the crisis.
Prosecutors said Mr Haarde had failed to implement recommendations by a government committee in 2006 aimed at strengthening Iceland's economy - but he replied that those measures would not have prevented the crisis.”

Take particular note, the banks were ‘out of control’ of the government: "We did everything possible to urge the banks to downsize their balance sheets," he said. "It wasn't until the last few days before the collapse that we, or certainly I, realised how interlinked they all were, they were more or less one and the same. By then, of course, it was too late."

Comment: Banks hold their special position of issuing and controlling a nation’s money system through the laws of the nation. Who legislates the laws of the nations? Why the politicians do of course! The trial is expected to run for two weeks. Further reading -


Dear Betty Luks: Thank you very much for your interest in what happened in Iceland when the whole banking system went down. I agree with you that the idea of bringing a politician to justice for not doing, fulfilling, his duties to his electorate is something new in the world. Regarding the trial against Iceland former PM Mr. Geir Haarde I want to clarify some issues:

1. This is the first time since the old 1905 legislation in Iceland, the "Landsdomur" (a special court for judging the ministers work) has been activated. There have been juridical problems to fit the old legislation into current legislation in Iceland, also because this court is a political one there are some legal views questioning the situation.

2. After the initial report of the Althingi (parliament) in Iceland, on the bank crisis, the idea was to bring four ministers before the court for further investigation as to why they failed in their duties. The outcome was, that after the tactical voting by the Social Democrats (now in power) only the former PM Geir Haarde, should stand trial.

3. It was only after huge protests and demonstrations by the people against the criminals that were running the banks that the government of Iceland was forced to act. The criminal bankers created huge Ponzi schemes to literally steal all money from the people in Iceland and later used the lack of EU regulations to go abroad and continue doing the same in EU countries like UK, Holland, Luxemburg to the size of 12 times the Icelandic GPD.
Most famous accounts were they fooled people were so called Icesave account in the UK and Netherlands with highest intrest rates until the bankrupt of the banks. In USA they managed to steal of 2 billion dollars from local investors before the banks fell. The Government of Iceland i.e. Socialdemocratic Party and left green Socialist Party were and are very close friends with one of Icelands biggest economical criminals Mr. Jon Asgeir Johannesson owner of Baugur business imperium. In just a few years he started, or took over, between 8 to 9 hundred companies, plundered them and left the debts to the bank - when the bubble burst.
For instance, in the UK he took over the food chain of Iceland stores (with no debt) and left that company with a more than 800-million pound debt. His bank, as well as the other banks of Iceland operating at that time, are now under special investigation by Iceland’s special Economic Prosecutor. The trials against the bank mafia have only just started in Iceland so it will be very interesting to follow the outcome of the juridical process.

4. Mr. Geir Haarde should be honoured with a great medal instead of being put on trial.
The medal should be given on the grounds that the Government of Geir Haarde indeed protected the country from the financial crisis. The former PM should be presented with a medal of honour rather than be persecuted for the way his Government used the force majeure clausul of the law to create new banks in Iceland to maintain the functioning of the economic system for ordinary people. By this move, the old banks all went bankrupt. In this legislation the safety of small depositors, for instance, those using an Icesave account, were secured by law as priority debts to be paid when the bankruptcy proceedings were worked through in the case of the old banks. Now many of the depositors of Icesave have got almost all their money back - thanks to this legislation. By these means, Mr. Geir Haarde chose a totally different way than the EU and euroland has presently chosen i.e., to nationalise the debts of failing banks.
Now the EU is accusing and blaming Iceland, claiming that the states are liable for private banks risk taking. Which actually is wrong according to EU directives that forbid the member state to support private companies. But in the EU, their own regulations do not matter any longer. They behave as though the biggest and strongest wins in the end. It is all about political and financial muscle. For instance, look at what the European Central Bank is doing by buying Greek, Spanish and Italian obligations. This is forbidden according to EU regulations.

5. You now probably understand where I am heading:
The whole trial against Mr. Geir Haarde is a big political game to cover up the real criminals and those politicians who should be on trial instead of Mr. Geir Haarde. This is all happening within a bigger power game, namely for the EU to take over Iceland. The EU wants the Icelandic fishing stocks as well as gaining a seat on the Nordic Council with Russia, Norway and other Nordic countries. The Government of Iceland is the biggest enemy of the people of Iceland. The Government is tricking, lying, breaking the Icelandic constitution (two times according to a judgement of the High Court in Iceland) and making everything possible within their power to give or sell Iceland to the New Super State of Europe. Here the only problem is that the experiment with the euro has crashed and we have not seen if the whole EU will follow.
By ‘judging’ Mr. Geir Haarde for failing in his duties, his political enemies can celebrate "victory" and use the judgement in political propaganda as they try for new votes. But the people of Iceland are seeing through this, The Government has lost support and the parties will shrink if not disappear at the next elections in Iceland.

But you are absolutely right. If people stand together against the behaviour of the banks there might be a slight opening to join together on solving the main economic problem of our times, i.e., banks power and privilege to create money out of nothing. The irresponsible behaviour of the banks is bringing the whole financial system to its end. This has to be changed.

- - Best regards to you and all good Australians. Gustaf Skulason, Iceland.  

Latest news: “Ex-Iceland PM Geir Haarde to escape punishment despite guilty verdict over banking collapse. Iceland's former prime minister Geir Haarde has become the first politician to be found guilty over accusations that he did not do enough to protect his country from the financial crisis.


from Len the Cleaner:
Uncle Len has been quiet lately, suffering from chronic insomnia and psycho-political depression, all caused by a life in the trenches. But with a new cocktail of chemicals by Big Pharma that my doctor is only too pleased to supply, I am back, cleaning up messes and examining the dirt in hard to reach places. If Maggy Whitlam was a national treasure, I am a national metaphor. But to work.

Sitting on the book stands is Ian Lowe’s Bigger or Better? Australia’s Population Debate. This gives a scientific case for a “small Australia” because of the degradation of national resources and the environment. Dick Smith in his book said the same. A good review appeared in The Advertiser (17 March, 2012, pp. 44-45) “Time to Ease Our Growing Pains” which put the debate in an Adelaide context.

However, compare this to the position of Stephen Martin, chief executive of CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia (“Size Doesn’t Matter When it Comes to Population: The Australian, 23 March, 2012, p.12)
The title of the article says it all: all that counts is how population size is managed. Thus there are no limits. CEDA has a new research report, A Greater Australia: Population, Policies and Governance, which no doubt expands this big business position.

Ian Lowe and others opposing big Australia underestimate the power of big business and the corporate elites in dictating the fates of nations. Worse, Lowe in his book criticises Australians against further immigration and other conspiracy types, which I guess includes me. Boo! Boo! Boo!  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
The article, “Indigenous Push for Recognition”, The Australian, 29 March, 2012, p.4, features a colour photograph of three National Congress of Australia recruits. These youths, dressed largely in black, have as I see it, serious expressions on their faces. Rightly so, for they are part of a vast team of 100 people between the ages of 18 and 24 being trained by the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples for a serious task. Their aim is to secure the “Yes” case in the forthcoming referendum on Aboriginal Constitutional recognition.

I explain: the Constitutional referendum seeks to remove so-called “racist” sections of the Constitution (which I have argued in past articles are not “racist” at all), as well as creating basically affirmative action powers for the “advancement” of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. A clause will also be inserted outlawing racial discrimination. Here is why, I believe, our kind should take action.

All of this, I believe, will enshrine in the Constitution everything the Freedom movement has opposed. The clause outlawing racial discrimination will create open borders. The clause for Aboriginal advancement will create an open cheque. For all that you hold dear, fight against this referendum. Even if you need a walking frame, if you can talk, then talk to friends and family and get them as well to oppose this march on political correctness.
Remember: in the world which the elites are attempting to create, on this issue and many, many others, there will be no social credit, just socialism.  


by Brian Simpson
Here is technology out of control for you – or technology and science serving feminist ideology: “Transplanted Ovaries Key to End Menopause”, The Australian, 26 March, 2012, p.3. To give women “more choice” about having a family scientists have been transplanting ovaries. One woman had her tissue frozen, then transplanted back and two more received transplants from identical twins, to deal with the tissue rejection problem.
The three women conceived and their ovaries worked for seven years after the operations. All of this shows very well the “gee-whiz” nature of modern medical science. Even on liberal premises – you know, overpopulated world, starving African kiddies etc. it doesn’t seem justified.
Traditionalist common sense as well, could call into question the priority of putting a career over having children.  


by Peter West
It is interesting to sit back and watch news unfold and to monitor its coverage by the liberal press. The Toulouse shootings in France of, first, three soldiers of the African or Caribbean race, and then a Jewish teacher and school children, were at first thought to be the work of a neo-Nazi. The liberal press immediately pointed their crooked fingers at the immigration issue in the present French elections.

There, President Nicolas Sarkozy, trying to grab National Front votes had previously said that there were “too many foreigners in France” and he threatened to quite the EU’s Schengen open borders agreement, no doubt until reelection. Then the migrants will keep a’ coming.

However, the gunman turned out to be an extremist Muslim, Mohamed Merah, with an allegiance to al-Qaida, but basically a lone wolf who wanted to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children. Marine le Pen of the National Front said that the killings showed that France needed new immigration policies as well as new ways of dealing with the “fundamentalist threat”.  


by James Reed
The article was a bit hard for this anti-university fringe dweller to understand. (“’Degrees in Danger of Being Debased by Race to the Bottom’”, The Australian, March 14, 2012, p.37) Political scientist Michael Wesley at the Universities Australia Conference on challenges to Western society and higher education, said that competition “may debase the currency of the degree” : “The real danger here is that suddenly there will be an inflexion point when the university degree has become so debased, the demand for it starts to drop off and drop off quite quickly.”
Wesley went on to worry about how “Western” universities in Australia still are, even with many Asian students: “(Have we) made any progress on internationalising – really Asianising – how we think about knowledge?”

Perhaps a good first step to create the really super duper Asian university would be to eliminate the largely White academics and replace them with overseas Asians. Start with all vice-chancellors first. Let us see how gung-ho the Asianisers are when their jobs are given away and their superannuation given to Asian migrants and refugees. And let us hope that the debasing of the degree happens very quickly to bring this misery to an end.  


by James Reed
I hope that you haven’t forgotten about the spin-off from the Queensland election which led to the Queensland Labor Party members now being able to meet in one small mini-van. Bill Hayden, for one, is worried about the future of the Party (“Hayden Fears Labor’s Time has Passed”, The Weekend Australian, March 31 – April 1, 2012, p.4) “Unless this party gets out of this suffocating thing we have created, I fear we may have had it.” And: “It may be that Labor has had its time.”

Let us hope so. What began as the party for the working White Australian has become the politically correct party of globalism and cosmopolitanism, just like the even more corporate Liberals. The Greens have a family difference, being critical of the corporates, but they make up for it in an even more fanatical support of globalism in the form of world government. Just like capitalism and communism, in the end it will all be the same loss of freedom for the individual.  


by John Steele
Hillary Clinton has signed, according to some net sites, the UN Arms Treaty Resolution that will aim at the global control and ultimate elimination of small arms in the hands of we, the people, whilst of course, keeping guns in the hands of the State and New World Order (and criminals).
I am not sure what has been done about this with our own local branch of the New World Order in Australia, but if the signing has not yet been done, it soon will be. The Gillard government is really a clone of the Obama government. Gun owners and freedom-lovers need to be alert.



This Australian soldier never did turn his back to the foe. True soldier, True Husband and Father, Teacher and Prophet and true Apostle of our Lord. To know Ted was to respect him. And in the TRUE meaning of the word love, that most powerful gift that can enmesh the human heart, Ted Rock was a true apostle of love and enlightenment. Whilst we have lost a good warrior we are left with inspiration to carry on this Battle of the Spirit.

Our sympathies are extended to his wife Nancy and his children of whom he was so proud.


There is a Senate “Inquiry into the post GFC (Global Financial Crisis) banking sector” so the 4 Corners Programme “Dicing with Debt” recently reported, referring to Senator John Williams from Inverell as the initiator of the inquiry.

From a cursory look at the terms of reference here

This Inquiry would benefit from League/Social Credit supporter’s input, especially with specific solutions such as the re-establishment of a People’s Bank as the original CBA was intended and empowered to be, along with a host of possible recommendations from the Social Credit perspective. Especially under sections (d) (e) & (f) of the terms of Inquiry. Submissions close 31st May 2012.

I am inclined to focus on "government policy" and the nexus between the Reserve Bank and National Monetary Policy. Have you looked at the Reserve Bank Act? Not very long and mainly deals with the enhanced remuneration of the Governor of the RBA... hardly a word on its legal workings... seems to be at the whim of the Governor. The RBA is a creature of the government and they should frequently be reminded of their position in no uncertain terms. The destructive effects of inflation would also be important in any submission. This is a good opportunity to have our point of view listed on a government sponsored website, so must be encouraged.

Just checked the Senate website and five submissions are already listed.
It may be better to deal with Government financial policy rather than the mechanics of banking and finance... the first submission has already dealt with it. (The submitter's views can be reinforced though)
Justice Napier was the chairman of the 1937 Royal Commission into Banking and Finance and I found some info on the internet several years ago where Social Crediters had some input. The expert advisers to the Commission said there was nothing difficult about implementing the social credit proposals and also said they were not unrealistic, HOWEVER, it was a matter of policy for the government which was outside the terms of reference. I believe there is scope in the terms of reference where we can come in here.... (d) the impact on borrowing and lending practices in the banking sector (and the Australian people. Lou) both during and since the global financial crisis; 
(e) the need for further consideration of the state of the broader finance and banking sector; and 
(f) any other relevant matters.

There is plenty of resource material available by doing a Google search on "banking" or "finance" and then appending "crooks", "scams" and the like to your search. I see Christopher Field has a paper "Banks Lie" and other people on the BankWest scandal.

Further info for others receiving this message from the Senate website: -
Submissions should be received by 31 May 2012. The reporting date is 31 October 2012. The Committee is seeking written submissions from interested individuals and organisations preferably in electronic form submitted online or sent by email to: - as an attached Adobe PDF or MS Word format document. The email must include full postal address and contact details. 

Alternatively, written submissions may be sent to:

Senate Economics References Committee, Suite SG.64
PO Box 6100, Parliament House 
Canberra ACT 2600 

Notes to help you prepare your submission are available from the website at Alternatively, the Committee Secretariat will be able to help you with your inquiries and can be contacted on telephone +61 2 6277 3540 or facsimile +61 2 6277 5719 or by email to Submit an objection at least!
You are encouraged to at least submit an objection to current credit policy adopted by the Commonwealth Government which encourages debt and inflation with the question: is the Treasurer following a plan for “debt and inflation” or is he incapable of managing the Nation’s finances?

The results are speaking for themselves! Don’t neglect the opposition. After your submission has been posted on the Senate website then send it to every politician in your area with a request for an informed response. If you have any other suggested input then please forward to me for distribution. - - Signed: Lou Cook, national director.  


Mr. Lindeberg and his legal team are making arrangements to meet Queensland’s Premier Newman and the Attorney-General within the next week to discuss the set up of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry in the Heiner Affair: Mrs. Bronwyn Bishop as the 2004 Chairman of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs recommended in the 2004-report that the Goss-Cabinet members be prosecuted in the same way Pastor Enderby was. Read more to this on:  

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