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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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18 May 2010 Thought for the Week:

The civilised world as you know it: Most scientific studies require a specially constructed laboratory in which events may be made to happen and may be watched. Social Credit is no exception; but you need not be disappointed to find yourself beginning the study of Social Credit in a room, instead of a laboratory. There will be scarcely anything that will be mentioned here that you cannot go and try out in a laboratory - the very specially constructed laboratory. That laboratory is the civilised world as you know it, and most of the things you will be asked to watch you already have watched in one sense or another.

It is true that you may find that you have looked at them without seeing them distinctly. Or you may find yourselves so full of thoughts about them that the things – events – your thoughts are about have become covered up. There are reasons for that. They explain why “the power of human beings to produce the result intended” is so little as it is. They are part, therefore, of the study of Social Credit.

- - Taken from “Elements of Social Credit” October 1946 

The Greek Golden Dawn party leader speaks out! And the mainline media don't like what he has to say!


by Donald Auchterlonie
Ted served in New Guinea in WWII and became a builder in Melbourne after the war. He discovered Social Credit and spent a lifetime of service to that cause and to God. Ted worked for the Australian League of Rights as Assistant National Director for ten years from the mid 1960's. He travelled the length and breadth of Victoria organising and speaking at meetings.

Ted was a special friend of mine and I am extremely grateful to him for the things which he taught me. He was a member of the Church Committee of the League and the Chairman of the Christian Alternative Movement. Ted was assiduous in writing to Anglican Bishops about money matters. His book called "Trinitarianism: The Threefold Substance of Reality" is an excellent example of how to incarnate the teachings of Jesus Christ.  My sincere condolences to his wife Nancye and Family.


A memorial service for Jeremy W. Lee will be held at 2pm on Sunday 20th May 2012. Accommodation can be made available for those who travel long distances, and buses to and from the Brisbane Airport go past the venue, which is situated on the Warrego Highway about one hour’s drive from Brisbane.
For details of the venue, etc., please phone Lou Cook:
Mobile 0429 429 866 : Home phone 03 5862 1582 : Email cooklou@southernphone.com.au  


‘MINING FOR MORDOR’by James Reed and Len the Cleaner:
Australia either imports people, sells its farmlands to foreign emperors, or digs up its land to ship off minerals. Think of the busy Orcs in the “Lord of the Rings” movie, smashing down every tree in sight. The metaphor well covers the looming battle in Tasmania over mining the Tarkine Forest. But what about the Shire?

Len, who lives in Adelaide often goes for walks in the Brown Hill Creek Reserve. Along with many other people suffering from psychiatric illnesses, the Reserve, within walking distance from the suburbs, yet located in the foothills, provides peace of mind. The oldest Reserve in the world is now set to be smashed down and a 15 metre high, 100 metre wide, storm water retention dam built.

According to https://www.brownhillcreek.org, the dam won’t even do what it is supposed to do, stop flooding in the event of a mythical “100 year flood”. If heavy rains occur, the water will fall below the dam on the plains, causing flood damage. Thanks to Len for this information. Readers should have a look at the site and then send a letter or email of protest to Julia Gillard. If the Commonwealth doesn’t put in money this perversion of development will not be born.

This is one thing which the people have the power to stop, so, as a symbolic act, those in the eastern states can support their fellow Australians in SA. Len also said in his call that he knows Gillard used to play on the very area the dam will destroy. Maybe Gillard can lift her low opinion polls by actually doing something worthwhile.  


by Peter Ewer
Rupert Murdoch is at the Leveson Inquiry into press standards. He, Rupert, has said that senior employees, and “maybe even the editor” of his famous newspaper News of the World deliberately covered up wrongdoings from him. He was pictured in the press, arriving with his Chinese wife and short-cropped hair son, Lachlan, at the Leveson Inquiry. The inquiry barrister said to the old guy: “Some might say that this picture is consistent with a desire to cover up rather than to expose.” Sharp as a rusty tack the media emperor said “Well people with minds like yours, yes, perhaps.” Surely he would know from the Nuremburg trial that that is no defence. A superior can’t pass the buck because the buck always stops with him.

Meanwhile, Rupert is talking about his “half-Scottish” ancestry. (The Australian 27 April, 2012, p.12) That is on his father’s side. Thus Rupert “is drawn to the idea of Scottish independence from Britain.” But Rupert should also be warmly speaking of his maternal heritage, which is, I believe Jewish. I don’t recall him commenting on this, and there is no reason why he shouldn’t, which is somewhat odd as his family is honourable and distinguished.

But should we be interested? Perhaps in the Asian century, the significance of Europeans and Jewish peoples will diminish, then disappear entirely from world history as China and the Chinese language come to overwhelm the modern era? Perhaps in two hundred years there will be no, or very few, European and Jewish people?  


Rupert Murdoch is unfit to run a major international company and should take responsibility for a culture of illegal phone hacking that has shaken News Corp, a powerful British parliamentary committee has said. Pulling few punches, lawmakers in the UK focused on the failings of the 81-year-old News Corp chief executive, his son James and a company which they said had showed "wilful blindness" about the scale of phone-hacking that first emerged at Murdoch's News of the World newspaper.

The cross-party committee, which approved the report by a majority of six to four, scolded News Corp for misleading the British parliament and trying to cover up illegal phone hacking. It said that there had been huge failures in corporate governance which raised questions about the competence of Mr Murdoch's son, James. Read further…

If Murdoch thought the worst was over, he was wrong, writes Martin Hickman in The Independent 2 May 2012:
“If Rupert Murdoch believed his appearance at the Leveson judicial inquiry last week would quell the ever louder outcry over his and his company's conduct, he was wrong. By far the most damning judgement of this report is reserved for the 81-year-old chairman and chief executive of News Corporation.
The US Department for Justice may also take into account the committee's findings when considering whether News Corp directors permitted or wilfully ignored a newsroom culture that bribed police and public officials in the UK – potentially a criminal offence punishable by a fine or five years in jail under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

More broadly, the report raises the stakes for politicians defending their previous relationship with the Murdochs, and sets the bar high for Lord Justice Leveson for his report on how things went so badly in British newspapers. The MPs' verdict is clear, at least as far as Rupert Murdoch is concerned: collectively his company and his executives orchestrated a cover-up which repeatedly misled Parliament, the rest of the press and the public about the scale of vast law-breaking at Wapping.”


by James Reed
Have a guess what Bob ‘the silver bodgie’ Hawke has been up to lately? The Chinese conglomerate the Shanghai Zhongfu group wants to farm 15,000 ha of land east of Kununurra to establish a sugar industry. Zhongfu is also conducting discussions to develop another 15,000 ha on the Territory side of the Kimberly border. (The Weekend Australian 28-29 April 2012, p.1,3.) Bob Hawke is representing the Chinese conglomerate.
Can you imagine a Chinese ex-national leader doing the same if the roles were reversed? Imagine the Chinese allowing their farmland to be bought up? The Australian covers this with “Chinese Sugar Bid Promises New Jobs” – as if Australian-owned just can’t supply jobs. “Dairy Farmers Cash in as China Milks our Market,” on the same page tells how the Australian dairy farmers are selling their best stock to China, like “selling the family silver.”

One farmer though can see the future:
“In the long term you’ve got to wonder about our own industry, given that so much of our breeding stock is going away.” The elites from the farming industry believe that foreign investment has a positive impact on Australian agriculture. The refutation of this is that Asian countries in general don’t allow it - even Thailand. But Whites have been deracinated and stripped of their race, culture and national heritage. Their land has been filled with migrants and everything sold off. This is the Fall of Rome of ancient times in slow motion. Will those of our kind left in a decade or so, know why they are starving?  


by John Steele
South Australia is set to introduce tougher firearms laws by changes to the Firearms Act “targeting individuals and specific weapons.” (The Advertiser 28 April 2012, p.11) All this is done under the guise of dealing with organised crime groups. I am not convinced. Most organised crime groups, such as the Mafia and Triads, entered Australia and other western countries (e.g., the United States) when mass migration of their respective ethnic groups occurred. Australia has done little to deal with the Mafia and the “crims in grass houses” (i.e., cannabis) even though it could have used taxation law to trap many of them as Al Capone in the United States was imprisoned. Instead the wealthy families in various towns are free to live lifestyles that would not survive the same sort of scrutiny that the USA used to conduct. Such attention would be politically incorrect, and an offence against the reigning religion of multiculturalism.

I personally have no objection to the technicality of amending Acts of Parliament to have a consistent definition of “criminal intelligence” in line with the High Court decision of K-Generation Pty Ltd v Liquor Licensing Court [2009] HCA 4. However the present round of legislation will involve the use of “secret police evidence used by the police” as the State Liberal justice spokesman Stephen Wade put it, and such secrecy would deny people “the basic right to know the case against them.” (Press release, 17 February, 2012)

My principal concern though, relates to the proposal by the South Australian government to re-classify firearms, moving air rifles to Category B and all non-bolt action centre fire rifles to Category C, this Category presently being semi-autos. Semi-autos get moved to Category D. Thus given that it is virtually impossible to obtain a Category C licence, this will ban all centre fire lever action and pump action rifles.
See “Proposed Changes to S.A. Firearms Law” Once They get this in, other states will follow. Then They will eliminate bolt actions and completely disarm Australia.

If you do nothing, this is what will happen. Bikies do not use guns such as lever action rifles, and certainly not guns registered in their own name for shooting offences. Rather they use illegal semi and full auto guns smuggled in from South East Asia. So the proposed changes to the Firearms Act will do nothing. Indeed, so obvious is this that the Establishment must know it.
After John Howard’s 1996 gun grab : murders by firearms increased in Victoria since the buy-back scheme (Herald Sun 23/12/1998) and crimes involving guns have increased in most Australian states. Wake up Australia!  


by James Reed
The North Koreans did not fool me, no sir! The photograph released to the world of North Korean technicians at the control room of the Tangachai-ri space centre as a long-range missile was launched has a give-away clue. There is a picture of the world, but not the usual one – one with Australia at the centre of focus. My guess is that the North Koreans have actually targeted my house for the impact site of the first nuclear missile that they fire on Australia! And what have I ever done to them?

Japan and South Korea were to shoot the missile down if it went on their side of the fence. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said: “North Korea’s nuclear and long-range missile programs present a real and credible threat to the security of the region and Australia.” But what capacity would Australia, unlike Japan and South Korea, have to shoot down such a missile?

Thanks to Arthur Calwell and friends, instead of getting nuclear weapons we got the dissolution of Anglo Saxon society through mass migration. The North Koreans however don’t seem to care about our vibrant pulsating multicultural society. Unless they intend to paint their Unha-3 rockets, multicoloured…  


by James Reed
According to Peter Leahy, Director of the National Security Institute at the University of Canberra “We Must Not Get Too Close to U.S.” (The Australian, April 12, 2012, p.12). Now, after almost a century of absorbing US culture and influence, why exactly is that? In short, China won’t like it. Thus Australia should “maintain the ability to say no to the US”. China may feel that it is “surrounded”. There seems to be no recognition, as is at least occurring in US national security circles, that China really is seeking to dominate the world and return to the imperialism it exhibited in South East Asia in centuries past.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
NSW Chief Justice Tom Bathurst has criticised Australia’s largest law firms for creating an “ethical strain” (The Australian 23 April, 2012, p.3). Writing in his article “Balancing Business Interests with Ethics” (The Australian 27 April, 2012, p.33) the state’s top jurist argued that commercialisation as such has been with law for at least 700-800 years, but new phenomena such as litigation funders, mega firms, and international outsourcing raise new ethical difficulties. In a nutshell, young lawyers can become “mindless drones” who bill as much as possible to advance their careers.

This is the real ethical problem facing law today and in my opinion it is completely insoluble. Rather, I see it as an inevitable growth of globalisation. People will come to have even less access to the law while lawyers gravitate to the centre of wealth : corporations. In fact Mr. Bathurst sees merits in the mega firm from a commercial perspective. But in terms of social damage I see no escape from an “ethical strain” that no amount of legal lineament will cure. In fact, an “ethical strain” may become a “social strain” on the body social.


by Betty Luks
Here is a passage which appeared in an article “Decision to Strike Iran is Ours: Israel” The Australian 7 March, 2012, p.10: “The Israeli Prime Minister drove home the point by high-lighting terms used by Iran’s Islamic leaders to label the US as “Great Satan” and Israel as “Little Satan”.

“At last on this point, I think they are right,” Mr. Netanyahu said. “We are you, and you are us. We are together.” Huh? Sorry for being ‘a bit thick’, but doesn’t “I think they are right” mean that the Iranian Islamist’s point of Satanic equality is correct? Shouldn’t Mr Netanyahu have been clearer in his expression and said something like :
“We are the good guys and we are united”? Beyond this though, Mr. Netanyahu’s literal words seem to indicate that the US is identical to Israel and Israel the US, which seems to discount anything else in the US. Is this his intention? If not, couldn’t he have said: “Israel and the US are united on this issue.” Please explain.  


by James Reed
In the poorest regions of New Delhi poor Indian women live, crowded into small flats, carrying the surrogate children of rich Westerners. This includes gay men who want to be fathers. The sperm of these Westerners is sent to the US. There, eggs donated by White women from South Africa or the Ukraine are waiting for the sperm. The ingredients are then shaken, but not stirred, frozen and sent to India where the embryo is thawed and placed in a hired womb.

The women come from slums and are some of the poorest people in India. This is the face of “globalisation”, out of control capitalism and runaway technology. It is the sort of world that the elites are imposing upon us – and they have only just started to work us over.  


by Brian Simpson
Since the Andrew Bolt case the wordsmith class have been concerned with the issue of race and Aboriginal identity. Thus Caroline Overington "(It’s Not About Being Black Enough, It’s About Need”, The Australian, April 11, 2012, p.12) spends about one quarter of her column lamenting, I suppose, the that Aboriginal author of "Am I Black Enough For You?" didn’t want to speak to her – and “she received a $90,000 literary grant from the federal government’s Australia Council for the Arts to write it, which suggests the community is also interested in the issues.”

In any case, Overington goes on to deal with the vexed question of whether all people who identify as Aboriginal should be entitled to access the benefits that Aboriginal people can receive. If only disadvantaged, remote indigenous people applied for these awards, scholarships and benefits, many of these benefits would be unclaimed. Thus the issue is not about how “black” one is, but “whether those benefits designed to assist Aboriginal people out of their desperate poverty should be more sharply targeted at those with genuine need.”

Agreed, but there is not a snowball’s chance in hell of that occurring so long as Australia’s race hate laws silence the debate which is sorely needed on this issue.  


by Chris Knight
As a “refugee” from the degenerate Dis-United States of America, I have paid particular attention to the Obama birth certificate controversy. As you may know, there was at first “underground” concerns expressed about Obama’s status as a natural born citizen, due to the seeming lack of a long-form birth certificate. The “birther” movement gained momentum with Tea Party types and eventually the big O posted an electronic document which certainly looked like a long-form birth certificate.

However the controversy hasn’t ended. As pointed out in a recent article by William Sullivan “The Rebirth of Birthers”, American Thinker, 6 April, 2012, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio put together an investigatory team which after six months’ inquiry concluded that the electronic document was a fake. The same conclusion was reached by Lord Christopher Monckton, climate change sceptic and high-level fraud investigator. He said: “It appears that the document was cobbled together in layers, pointing to evidence that three date stamps and a registrar’s stamps were superimposed on it from another document.” If an original existed, then why do this?

Indeed, this gives prima facie evidence of fraud. If the evidence is true, then it supports the idea that Obama is holding his office illegally and this would invalidate his presidency. That, if true, would be interesting, but my guess is that no evidence would be considered by the corrupt American Establishment against their man, however compelling. Apart from that, for women under 50, Obama leads the Republican candidates 60 to 30 percent. These women don’t care where he was born, so long as he supports abortion.  


by James Reed
James Lovelock is a scientist, but also creator of the “Gaia Hypothesis” that the whole earth (mother earth = Gaia) is like an organism. Lovelock has said in his books e.g., “The Revenge of Gaia”, that humans are likely to face extinction because of climate change. Now he has changed his mind. Global warming is proceeding much too slowly. “The problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew twenty years ago. That led to some alarmist books – mine included – because it looked clear-cut, but it hasn’t happened,’ Lovelock said. Yes, we don’t know what the climate is doing but what is he doing? He made these doomsday claims in his books – is he going to give people who bought them, their money back? Or, does being “green” mean never having to face up to one’s errors?

James Lovelock backs down on climate alarm” by Anthony Watts 23 April 2012.

Biologist Geoffrey Dobbs disagreed with James Lovelock's term Gaia as explained in his “The Local World" series
Mutualism is Required
Geoffrey Dobbs' balanced approach to such a broad range of issues is most helpful as we try to discern truth from error and fact from propaganda in today's world. Geoffrey points us all to the evidence of the mutualism and co-operation in Nature. As a biologist whose speciality was the study of fungi, Dobbs observed the mutualism in the world around him. It was his conclusion that wherever healthy growth, development, sustainability and continuity of living groups can be observed, the increment of the association based on mutualism, is evident.


by Peter West
Obama is the food stamp president. There are at present almost 45 million Americans getting food stamps – known also as “Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program. Thus, one in every seven Americans is on SNAP – how’s that for “snap” in your day! “It’s official: Obama, the Food-Stamp President
The cost in US$ is $78 billion and this has tripled in the last ten years. Actually the number of snappers has soared since the GFC, so Obama is only partly to blame. Imagine what the US will be like when, ultimately, there are no more food stamps to feed the hungry.  


It’s food stamps in the US and here in Australia families continue to struggle to make ends meet. A sign of the times is women selling their personal belongings, mostly on the internet, to pay bills. People are taking extra jobs to get by and others are working longer hours.

Women in particular are facing the full force of this economic turndown which will get unimaginably worse When Gillard’s carbon tax gives a karate kick to the bleeding belly of the Aussie family – or what remains of it.  


by Peter West
This is like pouring salt into the wound: “Migrants ‘Revived Nation’s Story’ The Australian 26 April, 2012. P.4. Yes, the revival of interest in ANZAC Day is due to “young migrants”. But this multicultural rhetoric is not supported by Gillard’s own $370,000 funded Report which concluded that ANZAC Day could be potentially divisive in a multicultural society.
In damage control Gillard said that ANZAC Day’s significance went beyond its military significance to become a day for all Australians. You can see where all of this is heading:
ANZAC Day will be just another politically correct event.

The diggers who died did not die for this country to have its heritage turned upside down. My Uncle Dave fought in WWII against the Japanese. He stopped marching many years before his death in 1999 of cancer. He said to me he wouldn’t have fought if he could have seen how the political leaders sold us out with immigration and Asianisation. In his opinion, it was all for nothing.

The real enemies were at home, selling minerals to the future enemy, and beginning the long march through the universities. His sadness and sense of betrayal was taken to the grave. Each day of his later years it ate into him and he has passed this on to me.

It’s a pity that more people didn’t think like Uncle Dave. The sacrifices, not only of those who died in the wars, but of our entire race – of the blood, sweat and tears – of a people that built a civilisation, is at stake. Those questioning this great national suicide, this lemming race over the cliffs, are punished in various ways by the elites. If there is no justice in this world, I hope to God there is in the next.  


AFP reports “May Day protesters have poured into streets across Europe, swept up in a wave of anti-austerity anger that threatens to topple leaders in Paris and Athens. From the eye of the eurozone debt storm in Madrid to the streets of Paris and crisis-hit Athens, where tottering governments face elections within days, marchers spoke of job losses, spending cuts and hard times. More than two years after the eurozone sovereign debt crisis erupted, frustration with austerity is boiling over across the continent as voters wait in vain for signs of the economic pay-off.

In Spain, suffering the industrialised world's highest jobless rate of 24.4 per cent in the first quarter of 2012, the major unions called protests in about 80 cities. Tens of thousands massed in central Madrid's Neptuno square today, decrying the jobless queue, new labour reforms that make it easier and cheaper to fire workers, and a budget squeeze in health care and education.

"Total Violence, You Are Robbing Us of Home and Bread!" said a banner brandished by 51-year-old Josefa Martinez Fernandez, adding that her two daughters in their 20s were out of work. The young who had work have been thrown out," she said. Thousands rallied in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities around Greece, just days ahead of cliffhanger general elections with voters fed up with years of austerity.”

We live in interesting times – and politicians do not have answers that will work… unless their intentions are to reduce the population to slave-labourers. Read more:

Time to read “The Nature of the Present Crisis and Its Solution” by C.H. Douglas; a public address first given in 1932 – during the last Great Depression. This time the ruling elite think they have ‘World Government’ “in the bag”! But have they?

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