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20 January 2012 Thought for the Week:

What Happened to Free Energy? In the late 1880s, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting free electricity and free energy in the near future. Incredible discoveries about the nature of electricity were becoming common place. Nikola Tesla was demonstrating "wireless lighting" and other wonders associated with high frequency currents. There was an excitement about the future like never before. Was all of this excitement about free energy, which happened just before the beginning of the last century, just wishful thinking that "real science" eventually disproved? Actually, the answer to that question is no. In fact, the opposite is true.

- - From The Soil Up Newsletter 8th January 2012


by James Reed
Michael Lane delivered his address to the National Seminar in Albury, NSW. It is an interesting piece to reread. Lane describes his upbringing with political liberal parents in America in the 1960s. His father, a retired Unitarian minister marched with Martin Luther King. But, fortunately his son Michael had more sense and grew up “apolitical”, until seeing the movie Ghandi, which led him to read Tolstoy and Ruskin.

He noted: “…to watch the TV news about elections and parties, I thought I could see through it, I just couldn't take it seriously. I think what I was looking for (although I didn't know it at the time, I only knew it when I found it later on) was some kind of poetry in politics, some kind of vision instead of this sad, pathetic competition. I think my apoliticalness also came as a result of living in an Empire (again, I wouldn't have put it that way at the time), but living in this huge, sprawling place with very little sense of place inside it. Americans think nothing of picking up and moving thousands of miles just because their job takes them there. So my sense of place was not there, that was something missing in my life”.

In turn he read C.H. Douglas on Social Credit and then he became a Christian. Talking about hitting the jackpot! Michael Lane became, bless him, a distributist, to use Hilaire Belloc’s term, “the philosophy of the individual quest as against the overriding function”.

As Michael noted, up to that time Distributism and Social Credit had failed and were on the defensive from World War II. But that is looking at money defined as official credit backed by the state and of course changing that means taking on the Money Power by the throat. However real credit is all around us, and as C.H. Douglas pointed out, even a railway ticket is a limited form of credit. Money is, as Lane puts it, “a matter of promises made and kept”.
Credit systems can be built from the ground up, in a decentralised way. In fact, thinking about this, this pluralistic and decentralised approach is probably the right way to go. It strengthens communities and individuals and produces resistance against the likelihood of systems collapse. It also makes it hard, very hard, for the Establishment to smash our efforts. Thus, let us build up, whilst they crumble down!
Read Michael’s 2002 address to the League here….


To the Editor, "The Scotsman" of September 18, 1943:
Sir, There is, I think, a certain congruity in the appearance in the pages of "The Scotsman" of a discussion on the merits and place of individualism, and there must be a considerable body of readers, not only in these islands but overseas, who would be well satisfied to see the subject pursued to a definite and helpful conclusion.

It is not necessary to invoke the authority of the Christian philosophy (although that is unequivocal on the point) to realise that the relationship of the individual to the group is not arguable. The group exists for the benefit of the individual, in the same sense that the field exists for the benefit of the flower, or the tree for the fruit. Groups of any kind, whether called nations, business systems, or any other associative label, inevitably decay and disappear if they fail to foster a sufficient number of excellent individuals, using those words in their precise significance.

It is also true that excellence involves exercise - a man does not become a good cricketer by reading books on cricket. But not everyone wants to play cricket, and not every cricketer wants to play seven days a week. If the M.C.C. becomes so all-pervasive that in place of being a group for the encouragement and progress of cricketers who freely choose cricket as their game, it becomes an organisation directed to the abasement of non-cricketers, then it is a field which has not been farmed with proper understanding.

Justifiable and necessary Individualism: The individualism which is justifiable and necessary is not that which insists on making the rules of every game, and at the same time, devises methods of compulsion to provide players. It is obvious that advantage is being taken of the orgy of waste through which we are passing (World War II…ed) to stampede us into mere units in an industrial-financial group. The case which the Society of Individualists has to make for itself, is, I think, less concerned with the value of individualism than with the methods by which it proposes to restore to the individual the opportunity of becoming excellent by the exercise of his possibly unique talent rather than by the life-long performance of a mechanical task.

1 have read many of the attractive writings of Sir Ernest Benn, who is prominent in the individualist movement, and they never fail to amuse and delight me. But I notice that Sir Ernest is a stalwart supporter of the orthodox financial system. And there is no more future for the genuine individualist if the pre-war financial system is not radically modified in the interest of the individual than there is for the deluded victims of Karl Marx.

I am, etc. C. H. Douglas,
September 14, 1943. The Social Crediter, October 2nd, 1943.  


In the brief Introduction to the “Elements of Social Credit” students were encouraged to look for the outworking of ‘social credit’ within their own society, their own community. The objective of the Course was stated thus: as complete instruction as possible in a limited number of matters concerning Social Credit. The term ‘social credit’ was clearly defined for the students as "the efficiency, measured in terms of human satisfaction, of human beings in association (or in Society)". "Efficiency" being, according to Chambers's Dictionary, is the "power to produce a result intended ".

Thus the expanded definition is: "The power of human beings in association to produce the result intended, measured in terms of their satisfaction". The following is one simple example of an American ladies group exercising their ‘social credit’.

Womanshare is a group of 100 women in New York City who have created a skills exchange group. Each woman's hour is worth the same as any other woman's – a lawyers' hour is worth the same as a housekeeper, dog walker, visual artist or babysitter. The Group’s founder writes: "The money system is really based on scarcity- that there's not enough to go around and we all have to compete to get what we need." says founder Diana McCourt. "Our goal is to create a community of abundance where there is plenty of help and plenty of resources to be shared." Watch Video: (10:53)

Would you not say these women have ‘seen the light, the truth’ of their social credit?  


The People's Supermarket”, Sydney Morning Herald Thursday, 5/1/2012, Larissa Dubecki.

“Chef Arthur Potts Dawson has a wonderful idea: to open a supermarket owned and operated by ordinary people and, in doing so, challenge the hegemony of Britain's big four supermarket chains. This engaging doco finds Dawson in ebullient mood, swinging the doors open on The People's Supermarket. Idealism is riding high among the founding members of the co-operative but their political purpose soon comes under fire from residents of the nearby council estate aghast at finding organic artichokes rather than frozen chips. Will the central crew of smug, middle-class luvvies win the day and seal the demise of this cherished dream? Great stuff.” The People’s Supermarket Mission statement: Our vision is to create a commercially sustainable, social enterprise that achieves its growth and profitability targets whilst operating within values based on community development and cohesion. Our intent is to offer an alternative food-buying network, by connecting an urban community with the local farming community.

Vision and Values: The Supermarket is a sustainable food cooperative that responds to the needs of the local community and provides healthy, local food at reasonable prices.
To this end, we believe in a series of key values, which guide our philosophy and management approach. We seek:

- To create a supermarket that meets the needs of its members and the local community by offering high quality, healthy food at reasonable prices.
- To buy from trusted suppliers with whom we develop mutually sustaining relationships.
- To buy British produce where possible, and produce local to London.
- Provide choice and information to our members to help them make healthy decisions.
- To create a community supermarket that highlights the possibilities of consumer power and challenges the status quo.
- To minimise wastage, by creating prepared dishes from food coming up to its sell-by date, and by composting all other waste material.
- To provide inspirational training and life skill opportunities to the local community.
- To create a working environment that values every one’s contribution, is welcoming, safe and non-judgmental.
- To be a training and development resource for our community.
- To buy sustainable energy and other inputs, and to promote alternative, forward thinking ideas and solutions.

Anyone for a People’s Supermarket in their Neighbourhood?  


by Chris Knight
China, through overseas Chinese, is actively engaging in cyber-spying in the US and the West. (“US Nails Chinese on Cybercrime”, The Australian, December 14, 2011, p.9) The Chinese groups are connected to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and to various groups connected to universities.
None of this should be surprising. Post – 1960s “non-discriminatory” (actually anti-White migration) has created a massive fifth column within Western societies that could, when necessary, be mobilised in defence of the mother country. Such is the nature of multiculturalism and multiracialism, policies of the suicide of the West.  


by Peter West
An article published recently in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (vol.5, November, 2011, pp 1-9) by M. Huang (et.al.) “Human Cortical Activity Evoked by Assignment of Authenticity When Viewing Works of Art”, allegedly shows that our brains respond differently to authentic and fake pieces of art. Once told that a work is fake, brain activity changes.

What then about the neurology of political experience? Queen Julia has openly rewarded loyalty to her by giving super-ministries to her backers. Why, she even went so far as to give the industry and climate change departments to one of her merry men.
And don’t forget about her girls. The republic of Asiaustralasian wants to toughen anti-discrimination laws. (The Australian, December 13, 2011, p.1) Are neurons jumping up and down out there?

The politically correct charge of the Light (?) Brigade is on with
(1) champions of pc and anti-discrimination in key positions of power;
(2) a movement for Constitutional change re: indigenous recognition creating a politically correct bill of rights;
(3) the drive for Federal multiculturalism to be enshrined in the Constitution.

Will it all end like this, the people of Shakespeare, Newton and Keats? Before it is too late we need our own ethno-political organisation to fight back against this. Otherwise reforming the economy and financial system will be in vain – and without a unified movement, the economic question will not be addressed; or if it is, it will be for the benefit of the ruling Chinese.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Thank God a rugged (in a sense) traditional male like myself is out of “Law”. It has truly become feministised, feminised, you name it. Consider the saga of the headlines in the “Legal Affairs” section of The Australian, December 16, 2011, pp. 29-30. Here we go: “Glass Ceiling Still Keeping Women at Bay”; “For AMP, Gender Equity is a Business Issue”; “Roxon Pressured to Foster Female Careers” – that is all apart from advertisements on page 29!
Then to page 30: “Glass Ceiling Still Keeps Out Women” (continued from page 29); “A-G Urged to Foster Female Careers”; “Top Firm Works Hard to Redress Balance”.

Only one article is not on women lawyer’s careers “Roxon and Privacy: A Litigator’s Perfect Match”. There is no indication that this is a special women’s edition. At a time of national crisis, this is what we get. I wonder what all these brilliant female lawyers will do when civilisation comes a crashing down and food must be obtained by swinging a hoe? Oh, for my time again; to study mathematics and physics, rather than law!  


by Peter West
In the United States and Canada a handful of “racial realists” defend the reality of IQ differences between races as well as the reality of racial divisions to humankind. Most take the view that the mean IQ of East Asians is higher than Whites, which in turn is higher than blacks. East Asians are seen by them as the “superior” race, with not only higher IQ (5 points in fact!) but less crime, with crime measured on an individual basis. Racial realists also see Ashkenazi Jews as having the highest IQ – some 127 points as a mean, although Richard Lyn has revised this down to 107 points, showing how elastic the IQ concept actually is.
On the crime example, there is little interest in moving beyond individualism to examine crime as a group phenomena rather than looking at individual conviction rates. Hence triads and crime gangs and mass social corruption (e.g., Bribery and kick-backs) is ignored.

An example of this type of ignorance of Asian realities is the article “Neoteny: The Japanese are Forever Young”, Alternative Right, December 6, 2011. The article examines neoteny, the retention of juvenile characteristics in adults. After first pointing out how superior the Japanese are on IQ tests to Westerners, the article then asserts that the Japanese “are cuter than most other races” due to the same retention of childlike qualities e.g., less hairy skin, slenderness etc. But the use of this biological analogy is flawed.

These physical qualities e.g., childlike cuteness are also found in Nordic females (as Richard McCullough has argued in many books, and I think in Asian females generally. Japanese and other Asian males do not have the same quality. It is interesting to note that this “racial realist” article was published in a Japanese/English journal in 2005. Racial realism has little to do with defending the White race. With Whites fast becoming a minority and a new Dark Age just around the corner, this scientific fetishism with IQ scores is beyond disappointing.  


by James Reed
Just in case the holiday joy is getting to you and you need some hemlock… it seems that the southern wall of the Fukushima (remember it?) reactor has collapsed and that the whole place might collapse. (www.naturalnews.com, December 13, 2011. This follows the release of a report documenting that levels of radioactive cesium have reached 50 million times normal levels in the ocean waters off the coast of Fukushima.

Thus contrary to the media, radiation was not contained but poured out into the environment. The Fukushima disaster is the worst radioactive disaster in human history and one covered up by the mainstream media to protect corporate interests. But, other than the human gene pool facing catastrophic damage, relax, enjoy the sunshine (= solar radiation) and have a good holiday full of icy cold beer.  


by James Reed
Chronic insomnia has gripped me and in the wee hours while practising bed restriction theory I have been reading Felix Padel and Samarendra Das, “Out of this Earth: East India Adivasis and the Aluminium Cartel” (Orient Blackswan, 2010). This is a well-written and horrific account of the evils that advanced capitalism commits in its infinite thirst for minerals to build and maintain the consumer society. Some of the largest deposits of bauxite (aluminium ore) are in the mountains of Orissa in India, home to the Dongria Kong tribe who lived there long before there was an “India”.

Aluminium mining is one of the most polluting of mining operations and the forests that feed the Dongria Kong people are threatened. The Dongria Kong, essentially pacifists, are fighting back in their own way against an increasingly ruthless Indian state that is mounting a ground-clearing operation to prepare land for mining. For those Australians concerned about the threat that mining poses to our own farmland, this book is well recommended. See how truly bad it all can get.  


by Peter Ewer
As the Jewish songster Bob Zimmerman (Dylan), should have said, intellectuals are blowing in the wind. To my mind it brings forth an image of the old west, tumble weed and a gust of dust dancing off into the distance. I had these images in my head when reading about US intellectual Diane Ravitch (The Australian, December 14, 2011, p.25).

She is apparently a big wheel in education philosophy and policy. A little while ago she was a conservative, supporting vouchers and charters and supporting the closing of failing schools. But now she has changed her tune and says that the real problem is poverty. Her latest book, published in 2010 was entitled “The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice are Undermining Education”.

Now I ask: if leading intellectuals can be so wrong about basic issues like that, who says that our crop of intellectuals are right in their present support of immigration, multiculturalism and multiracialism? And if they are wrong – which they indeed are – their mistake/conspiracy will radiate harm longer than the most poisonous radioactive substance remains harmful.  


Now it seems, even the Establishment intellectuals are advocating the sort of grim pessimism advocated by Reed (et.al.) at this site. The US National Intelligence Council is set to publish Global Trends 2030. Contrary to Obama, the US faces a massive threat to its global hegemony by the rise of Asia. One of the bleak scenarios is where a break up of the Eurozone leads to a US financial crisis. But among the trends, there seems to be nothing on resource depletion such as strategic rare earths (97% in China’s hands) and America’s demographic nightmare. The National Intelligence Council would have been well-served reading Brooke Adams’ "The Law of Civilisation and Decay", (Macmillan, 1895).

Adams observed that “The evidence seems to point to the conclusion that when a highly centralised society disintegrates, under the pressure of economic competition, it is because the energy of the race has been exhausted”. Adams shows that the fall of Rome came primarily from “extermination by men of the economic type of mind” that had essentially rotted the society from within. Societies fall apart because of the treason of the elite classes who no longer strive to maintain civilisation, but become decadent and degenerate, usually from the worship of money. This is our world and its sustainability lies under a huge question mark.  


by Peter West
Emma West, a 34 year old former dental receptionist and White Briton, has been remanded in custody, accused of racially abusing coloured passengers on a tram. She has been charged with a “racially aggravated public order offence.” (Mail Online, November 29, 2011). She has been put in gaol “for her own protection”. You see poor Emma voiced out loud and using a few four letter words, a query about why the tram was full of blacks and Polish and a denial of their English identity: “It’s nothing now. Britain is nothing now. Britain is **** all. My Britain is **** all.” She said all of this with a blonde toddler on her lap.

Emma was filmed by a do-gooder and the film was put on YouTube. There the British Transport Police were able to do an ID and arrest her. But as well, the death and other threats presumably from ethnics, migrants and certainly White leftoid pinkos, were able to be put on-line as well. Thus we can find Twitter twits saying that she should be drawn, burnt at the stake, hung and “put-down” like a dog.
The venom is so over the top that Patrick Hayes at www.spiked-online, while of course rejecting the tram lady’s rant, firmly criticised the “Twittermob”. Indeed, such a mob feels justified in murder and torture merely because of what someone has said. But it is the mob in cyberland who are the thugs.

However, even though Emma’s remarks were foolish (she will probably be gaoled and lose her child, being classified as an “unsuitable mother”), the remarks can be defended. Remove the four letter words from her discourse. Her claim that Britain is “finished” is defendable. Her questioning of the nature of Britishness and Englishness is also defendable. Her obvious dislike of black people is not – but it is at least understandable that a person who feels her nation has betrayed her would feel some resentment. American blacks in rap songs say worse and White folk can’t get enough of it.

Contrast Emma’s situation to a story that has been cited online by those discussing the case. A gang of Muslim girls savagely kicked a young White girl in the head. The girls were Somalian Muslims and drunk at the time. Normally they would have gone to gaol but a judge let them walk free from the court after the judge accepted that they were “not used to being drunk” because of their religion. They also pulled out a patch of the White girl’s hair, leaving her with a bald patch. The victim suffered from trauma from the assault and lost her job.
Further, the assaulting Muslims screamed “White bitch” and “kill the White slag” but this is not considered evidence of racial hatred. Replace “White” with “Black” and it would be.

An article “England No Longer Prevails” at Alternative Right sums it up:
“Emma West is in prison for words; a gang of Black Muslims from Somalia are free to roam England after beating a native Englishwoman”. It is time to ask: why does this double standard exist?


by John Steele
Articles are beginning to appear in areas outside the usual nationalist discourse, advocating the rights of Europeans to bear firearms. One particular article by Don Mitchell, “ European Economic Crisis Highlights an "Increasingly Important Reason to Oppose Gun Control” says that at a conference he attended a lot of very rich people are planning for the collapse of Europe, not short term financial stagnation but collapse, chaos, anarchy.
These people have developed an interest in moving to another country – some believe that Australia and Costa Rica will be better. Many feel the USA is just behind Europe in breakdown-hood. All have embraced, like a new religion, the right to bear firearms – or at least their right to be protected.

It is typical of the elite; I recall a rumour that one US senator, particularly pro-gun control herself, had a concealed carry permit. (Of course it must be just a rumour, they wouldn’t be pragmatically inconsistent would they?)
But in the end the last act of the Establishment, before it expires, will be to leave us defenceless, also ensuring that the new warlords of the crime gangs will have all the guns they need in the new Dark Age.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
A man whose parents both described themselves as “white” got an Irish backpacker pregnant. She had a baby daughter and wanted to go back to Ireland. The Family Court, by law, needs to give special consideration to Aboriginal children and their need to maintain cultural and heritage links. The father received a “Certificate of Aboriginality” in 2004, but the mother did not accept the father’s claim of Aboriginality. (The Australian, December 12, 2011, p.1)

The mother claimed that the father “called upon his Aboriginal heritage opportunistically” like when “there is a job opportunity available.” But the father was told by his paternal grandmother on her sick bed, that she was part-Aboriginal, so the father then identified as Aboriginal. However it seems that the rest of the family does not.

The full Family Court sorted this out though. The man and his daughter were Aboriginal even though the parents of the man are “White”! This seems impossible, but it is not because cultural identity is not established by the colour of one’s skin. Thus, in the year 9,909,999, a person X discovered that he had an Aboriginal ancestor and even if all other ancestors were say, Han Chinese, and if no one else except Han Chinese existed on Earth, person X could define himself as “Aboriginal”. Even if not a single Aboriginal gene existed. Now that’s the logic of the law for you!  


Older League supporters will most certainly remember the late Jim Cronin who passed away in 2009. Jim’s ties with the League of Rights go back a long way and he is especially remembered for his Bankwatch work with fellow farmer and friend Bill Carey in the late 1980s.
Whilst sorting out his belongings, Jim’s brother Pat and nephew Brent, along with second cousin Ian Rodgers, came across a series of recordings and notes on grain handling and lumping that Jim had previously made, intending to publish in book form at some later date.
Pat and Ian took on that task – and so “Grain Handling – the way it was!” was published in September 2011.

When launched at the centenary of the Cummins Show in October 2011 supplies sold out. Ian Rodgers saw that the strong interest in the book was because it was the only account of the State’s grain handling history. “It is a real part of South Australia’s agricultural history,” he observed. Price $20.00 + postage.  

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