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25 May 2012 Thought for the Week:

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men - Ted Rock and Jeremy Lee
When I encountered Eric Butler and the Australian League of Rights in September 1964, Ted Rock was Eric’s right-hand man – a quietly spoken, gentle, dignified chap who lived in Greensborough, a northern suburb of Melbourne. Jim Marsh, the man with a limp, appeared to be Third Man and was usually to be found in the Heritage Bookshop, then located at 273 Little Collins Street. Over the years I gradually got to know Ted better, although I was never one of his intimate circle. It was plain that he was devoted both to Social Credit and the Christian faith. Eventually he retired from service with the League and took up residence at Cape Patterson where, alas, I never visited him despite good intentions. Ted developed what, from my point of view, was a fixation with the doctrine of the Trinity and its role in received or orthodox Christianity; so, just at the time I was trying to persuade the League to modernise its understanding of our sacred tradition, he was urging it to remain fast to its position derived from Major Clifford Douglas.

This disagreement was not a sad thing. Standing as it does for individual freedom, as opposed to the groupthink that Orwell rightly pilloried in Nineteen Eighty-four, the League offers a forum for different points of view, within reason, on matters social, political and religious.
Near the end of his life Ted followed my example and wrote a most moving letter of appeal to ALP minister Brendan O’Connor, urging him not to assent to the extradition of Perth octogenarian Charles Zentai to face possible charges of a ‘Nazi war crime’ in Hungary. Ted was of much the same age as Zentai when he wrote, and expressed his thoughts with superb grace, clarity and charity.

As for Jeremy Lee, I still recall attending a League function in Melbourne some forty or so years ago at which he spoke, I believe, for the first time for the League. His address was a revelation. I can’t remember the topic, but I suspect it included a defence of the Rhodesian Government under Ian Smith, with references to Jeremy’s own experiences in Kenya, when he lived through the horrors of the Mau Mau campaign to bring ‘independence’ from Britain. Jeremy’s speech was thoroughly professional and indicated that a person of inspiring leadership and great capacity for communication had become a new ally.

It is not an easy business attaching oneself to a ‘pariah group’ and staying with it despite the inevitable hostility and incomprehension from those outside it. Both Ted and Jeremy stood the course without failing or reneging. Jeremy largely focused his attention on the dangers to individual freedom of the misuse of financial policy by governments both Left and Right; and, in that respect, operated outside my own special areas of interest. Thus we did not often meet. However, I heard some of his speeches and read some of his books and was impressed by the careful research put into his efforts to warn Australians of the dangers they were facing. Ted and Jeremy have left this world, but memory of their brave efforts stays with us and will continue to inspire us as we struggle to preserve the integrity of the British political order within Australia and its essential nature of justice combined with freedom.

- - A Tribute by Nigel Jackson, Belgrave Victoria.  


Australian tax dollars to prop up Euro: So Labor would rather help prop up the fraudulent debt/money system in Europe by handing over AUS$7billion to the IMF to bail out Greece than help their own Australian people. The system (the power, the control) is more important than human beings! We are not attacking the Greek people; they are suffering under their own corrupt politicians and so-called ‘leaders’.

You would do well to watch (and read) what the leader of the Greek New Dawn party had to say after the recent elections. As expected, patriotic Greeks will now be smeared as ‘neo-nazis’ because they dare to publicly stand up for their own homeland and people.

Gentle reader, link that fact in your mind with the news that the American regime is awarding contracts to Chinese state enterprises to build bridges in America. Read that again. In spite of the crumbling infrastructure and huge unemployment in America, the contracts for huge projects are being awarded to the Chinese communist-state construction firms.

U.S.A. Bridges and Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms:
Report from ABC News on Obama/USA Infrastructure: Diane Sawyer is reporting on U.S. bridge projects going to the Chinese...NOT Americans. The bridges are in the U.S. and yet Obama has approved for Chinese contractors to come in and do the work. What about jobs for Americans? What about American money staying within America and benefitting Americans?

Watch this video. This one should be tough for the supporters of the current regime to swallow AND it comes from ABC NEWS. No Snopes or Wikileaks on this one!! Shocking to say the least! This video is a jaw-dropper that will make Americans sick to their stomach. American tax dollars are at work - for CHINA!

Amazing Bridges of China: China ‘an emerging economy’? Hardly.
Look at these striking photos by E. Cheong
of the impressive, recently-built bridges. “For many Americans, the contrast between these imposing structures and America's decaying bridges is obvious and disturbing,” writes the Institute for Historical Review, May 2012.


by a Vietnam Vet:
Gillard/Brown government. Long Tan, Vietnam: On the 18th of August 1966 at Long Tan, Vietnam, D Company of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, mainly made up of Australian National Servicemen and at that time located to support the American Army, fought a battle against the Viet Cong. In this action D Company lost 18 men killed and 24 injured. The Viet Cong dead numbered in excess of 245. The Australian lines were never crossed. The Viet Cong withdrew.

American President Johnson and US Army Staff recognised the achievement by awarding the Unit Citation of Gallantry on 30th May 1968. The Award was formally accepted by Queen Elizabeth 13th June 1968. Prime Minister John Gorton made the formal presentation of this American Citation to the Battalion at Lavarack Barracks, Townsville on 18th August 1968.

On the 31st of March 2010, D Company of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment were belatedly awarded the Australian version of "Unit Citation for Gallantry" (UCG) honouring their extraordinary deeds at Long Tan. The Government however refused to approve travel payment for the surviving Unit Members or their families, including the families of deceased Unit Members, in order that they be present at the UCG Presentation Ceremony presided over by the Governor General of Australia.

In February 2011, the same Government of Australia footed the funeral bill to bury the illegal boat people, who tragically perished on Christmas Island. This included flying surviving family illegals and survivors to and from Sydney and Christmas Island, accommodating them, etc., etc., plus a coach tour of Sydney thrown in.

The Canberra Politburo had waited 45 years to publicly acknowledge the bravery and sacrifice of these Sons of Australia and then immediately betrayed their memory by ‘falling over’ backwards to appease the feelings of boat illegals forcing entry into our country.

Kapyong, Korea in 1951: Now we witness what can only be described as attempted political face saving, by this same government, sponsoring a TV Documentary, to celebrate our Armed Forces’ accomplishments at Kapyong, Korea in 1951. This will see our Prime Minister and the entire prime-ministerial entourage fly in a RAAF plane to Korea to mark this 60th Anniversary.
What Bloody Hypocrisy!!! What a Blatant Affront to the feelings of our Nation's serving Armed Forces, Past and Present. Shame, Shame, Shame, you Political Parasites. You do not deserve to represent our country. (Slightly edited…ed)  


by James Reed
The universities, like Peter Slipper’s taxi bill, seem to be slip-sliding away. First, the universities have let in hundreds of students with university entrance scores below 50 into courses with higher cut-off marks, all to pack in more students in the great supermarket that universities have become. (“Low Scores Overlooked as Unis Vie for Students,” The Australian 25 April, 2012, p.1) The entry standards are being lowered for courses such as Law, with, at some universities, up to 70 per cent of admitted students scoring less than the advertised Australian Tertiary Admission rank. The same has occurred with certain biomedical programmes. (The Australian 26 April, 2012 p.3)

Another report (The Australian 24 April, 2012) says that the number of student places created by the universities is outstripping demand so that in NSW and the ACT “nearly every applicant … [is] offered a place no matter how low their school leaving score.” Gillard had removed caps on the number of government-funded places the universities can offer, to deal with the alleged (eternal) skills shortage and – hey presto, a new crisis.

The problem was originally generated because of a fall in international student numbers. Such is the ultimate consequence of becoming dependent upon the global economy. The promiscuous cosmopolitanism of the universities has doomed them. P.S. No sooner had I written this anti-universities diatribe when I read that Victorian University will be offering “broad access” degrees which Year 12 leavers can take “regardless of their school scores.” (The Weekend Australian 28-29 April 2012, p.5)

I say: why bother even distinguishing between high schools and universities? Universities are now just big high schools.  


by Brian Simpson
The recent multiculturalism controversy about Muslim prayer rooms at the football requires comment. Former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett has said that the idea is “political correctness gone mad.” (The Australian, April 20, 2012, p.5). Communities “should not have to change their “very fibre” to accommodate multiculturalism”. The AFL wants prayer rooms at all venues and Muslim leaders have given them full marks for this. Internet sites have said: what next? Will there be designated women’s-only areas or half-time breaks to coincide with mid-afternoon prayers? Yes, maybe. Creating a multicultural society – and Jeff Kennett helped do this – really does involve changing the very fabric of one’s social existence. This means kissing goodbye Aussie icons like football as we know it.

Consider: the Australian Human Rights Commission has been charged by the Gillard government with developing an anti-racism strategy for Australia. This will target middle class people. Tougher penalties for “racism” will be considered. Institutional racism and racism in employment will be tackled. Thus, not having prayer rooms at the football is a good example of this. I imagine that objecting to this would be considered “racist”. You see “middle Australia often doesn’t understand when something is a racist act or a racist comment or a racist activity.” Soon, they will learn the hard way. And the “best” thing about this is why you sweat and struggle at work and pay your taxes. Some of your hard earned dollars goes to pay for all of this.  


by James Reed
I often wondered how They would destroy Aussie Rules football. World Feminists use Big Sister laws for affirmative action admission of women? Would the disabled use their laws to change the game so that wheel chair athletes could compete? Then again, maybe it will be sex which kills football.

It seems that Lingerie Football is coming to town (The Advertiser, April 14, 2012, p.19). The “sport” involves women in their underwear playing a type of American football. This, I take it, is like mud wrestling on the grass. Oh, but according to one lady “you came for the lingerie and you come back for the sport we are playing.” Sure.

Will our feminists object to this, take up placards and protest, or will ageing and obesity slow them down on this one? Wait – Uncle James has had a brainstorm! How about lingerie parliament? Then the voters will really see what they’re voting for. Tony Rabbit in his red Speedos seems to have already embraced the idea.  


by James Reed
The time would come sooner or later. All good extraterrestrials (ET-space guys) phone home, as in the movie ET, and then return to their mother ship to go back to the stars. The person we once knew as Bob Brown of the Greens has completed his mission here on Earth – to teach us not to be xenophobic globalists – but to embrace nature and the entire universe, to be cosmopolitans in the true sense. Brown’s “Earthian” speech, and his advocacy of world government were his final acts on Earth. There will never be anyone like this again. Thank God.

There is a being left in the shell of Bob Brown’s body, but that is not the pinko that we knew. No, the plant-like being that shared that body left Earth some days ago, travelling at “warp speed” to a place far, far away and long, long ago. There are other planets that need saving with that most powerful of environmental weapons – a carbon tax. Wherever in the universe a civilisation arises striving for growth and development, Bob Brown will be there. With protestors. Or a carbon tax. The universe will be a safe place for cosmic refugees and galactic gays.  


by James Reed
Here I am back on my soapbox raging about the universities. And what, you may ask, are the Dark Lords up to this week? Allegations of “soft” marking of full-fee paying foreign (e.g., Chinese) students continue to circulate and be made. Allegations of a student who put in a Freedom of Information request and who received “veiled threats from the university.” (The Australian, April 18, 2012, p.3) If you join up the dots each week surely it is hard not to join the James Reed club for Closing Down the Universities.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Why now you can have sex (on the job), get injured and be compensated! (The Australian, April 20, 2012, p.4) A public servant (don’t you love that turn of phrase) sustained injuries to her mouth and nose in 2007 when a glass light fitting which was over her motel bed, fell on her face while she was having sex. Her Comcare claim for compensation was rejected, and an appeal to the Administration Appeals Tribunal upheld Comcare’s decision.

However our Federal Court set aside the AAT decision and held that the injuries of the woman did occur in the course of employment. The woman had travelled to a NSW town for budget reviews and staff meetings. The Court held that in the absence of misconduct or intentionally self-inflicted injury there was no difference between say, playing cards and sexual activity.

But is this right? The Australian article doesn’t go into details about causality. Yet there is a hint that the glass light fitting that injured the woman may have fell because of her activity. Playing cards is much less rigorous. Or perhaps the motel was negligent? In any case the decision is highly counterintuitive – but that is the law!  


by Peter Ewer
According to some internet sites, Saudi columnist Khaled Al-Ghanami has published an essay entitled “Liberalism – A Jewish Deception”. This essay says that Hitler’s comments about the Jews in Mein Kampf were correct and that calls for “freedom and equality are nothing but diabolical plots aimed at weakening the state, causing anarchy, undermining security and controlling the fate of nations.” The Jews are also blamed for the creation of economic liberalism, which has brought the world to the brink of collapse. Zionist-American interests are also seeking to undermine Arab states through the “liberal procession” of freedom, he tells fellow Arabs.

The problem with all of this is immense, beginning with drawing on Adolf Hitler for support. It is clear that people from all ethnic and racial groups are part of a controlling financial elite, which is not majority Jewish. The “freedom” movements in Arab states also seem to be achieving the opposite of liberalism, allowing fundamentalist Muslim regimes to be elected.

Meanwhile, Iran charges ahead with nuclear weapons that could destroy Israel. Criticism of globalism, economic liberalism and the financial elites hardly commits one to embracing Hitlerism, which was just another form of globalism of the Alexander the Great, Attila, Genghis Khan, school of Tyranny. Beware humanity: do not go there.  


by Brian Simpson
A paper in Nature (March 29, 2012) “Raise Standards for Preclinical Cancer Research” by C. Glenn Begley and Lee M. Ellis has claimed that 88% of 53 gold standard studies of cancer studies relied upon by Big Pharma for drug development cannot be reproduced. The researchers found that 47 of the 53 top cancer publications could not be replicated. The authors do not allege fraud but propose various excuses such as inadequate cancer-cell-lines and mouse models.

But an article on NaturalNews.com, April 19, 2012, cuts through all of this and calls a spade a spade, rather than a crow bar. The results show fraud and/or negligence in research, Natural News believes. This is also seen in other areas of medical research, the site says, including studies on neurodegenerative diseases. Even scientists working for Big Pharma have found real problems in drug development because the basic research is flawed. It can’t all be just coincidence or bad models. Could research pressures and the lust for dollars among medical scientists have something to do with it? What! Money triumph over scientific truth?  


by John Steele
I use newspaper for various survival purposes, now that I don’t have a home and live in the Victorian scrub in a tent. Some days a little corner of newsprint grabs my attention. “Redundancy-Proof Your Life” (CareerOne, The Advertiser, March 31, 2012, p.23). The article tells those with careers that 2012 is the year of redundancies, where redundancies will hit the peak reached during the GFC (Global Financial Crisis). It seems that finance will be one of the hardest hit sections. It can’t be hit hard enough in my opinion. All of this is a lead up to the ultimate Great Collapse where there will be no more redundancy-proof measures to safe guard brilliant financial careers, because there will be no more such careers. A return to the basic living of our ancestors is the answer and it can be done, I am doing it now. The answer my friend, is not blowing in the wind but in living simply.  


by James Reed
At my ripe old age, one begins to realize that one’s mental powers are slipping. I read “Swine Time for All in a Degenerate Austria” as “Swine Time for All in a Degenerate Australia”. (The Australian, April 13, 2012, p.14). The article is a review of Thomas Bernhard’s play The Histrionic. Apparently the “sprawling, junk and sawdust-strewn stage stinks of dog s***, or if the director has been especially faithful to the play, the poo is of porcine origin.”

As well, the play rolls on to have one character say: “Everything in the theatre is vulgar (and) idiotic… a thousand-year-old-perversity… The writer is lying. The actors are lying. The audience is lying too. The whole effect is one monumental idiotic lie”. Yes, but the real question is: is the porcine poo, too, a lie? And: Why would I ever want to see such a “play” when I can stay at home and gaze into my own toilet?

Across the page from this we have the article “In Search of Stories from the Edge” (p.15) which tells us that there is a need to better represent multicultural diversity in the arts. The idea here is to put non-white people into Shakespearean and other classic English plays. But wait – if these folk really want to be multicultural, how about putting on some of the great plays from Shakespeare’s rival from Indonesia, Thailand or Africa? Well, I’m waiting. Let me know your answer, oh gurus of the theatre. I certainly don’t know who Indonesia’s “Shakespeare” is but would like to. I am so glad that I no longer have to teach modern drama. None of it, in my opinion, is worth saving.  


by Peter West
Peter Slipper… the name brings up many images… perhaps of a man in a dressing gown, sipping good wine wearing soft shoes (slippers)… or perhaps someone who slips over a lot. Or maybe a controversial figure who faced scrutiny about extraordinary spending on taxpayer-funded travel and who spent $75,000 on limousine and taxi travel in 18 months. (The Advertiser, April 21, 2012)
Peter Slipper, one man, so many metaphors. Now the Speaker Slipper has been accused of sexually harassing a male adviser and misusing taxpayer-funded Cabcharge documents.

The Australian Federal Police are investigating the alleged Cabcharge document abuse. The sexual harassment appears to be a matter of a Federal Court action. Mr Slipper denies the allegations of recruiting the male adviser “for the purposes of pursuing a sexual relationship”, making “unwelcome suggestions of a sexual nature” among other things. Remember: innocent until proven guilty, even for politicians.

According to the media, this is the No.1 most serious political scandal of all time in Australia. The reason for this is not merely the gravity of the charges, but the loss of the “Liberal turncoat” for Gillard will put her present political life, already on the razor’s edge, on an even sharper razor’s edge. And Independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott have said that they will vote Gilly down if corruption emerged.

Well lads, you may have your chance! And don’t you just long for the revenge of the voters at the next election. Let us hope that the voters make a last stand and destroy the mainstream political parties, who are now so rotten that they are almost glow in the dark like radioactive waste (if it glows in the dark, I don’t really know.)  


by James Reed
If you are like me and suffer from high blood pressure, ultimately caused by psycho-political stress, you may be interested to know that a study published in the Journal of Medicine (as reported at Natural News.com 26 April, 2012) concluded that herbs may help. The herbs in question include garlic, cinnamon, onions, olives, oregano, hawthorn and cardamom.
Studies in medical journals – orthodox medicine – report blood pressure lowering properties of these herbs and other benefits. Cinnamon, for example, can help prevent diabetes. Aided with this knowledge, I hope that my old heart will stand another round, as the great war to end everything rages on.  


by James Reed
This is one story that initially I didn’t believe: “Department of Homeland Security Buying Up Enough Ammo to Wage Seven-Year Battle Against American People” (Natural News.com 22 April, 2012). The US Department of Homeland Security, which is now directing most of its energies towards attacking “home grown terrorism”, has awarded a contract to ATK to supply 450 million rounds of .40 calibre HST hollow point ammo.

Such rounds are designed to expand when hitting flesh and create a large wound channel. The rounds are not allowed by the Geneva Convention, so they are reserved strictly for use against civilians. And 450 million rounds is a lot – the US fires about 66 million rounds a year in its various wars. The System then is gearing up for big time trouble when Civil War II erupts. Any time now?  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Bettina Arndt “Divorced Parents Decry Own Selfishness” The Australian 26 April, 2012, p.14) is to be praised for stating the obvious, although politically incorrect. Parents divorcing are selfish and the act of divorce is now being regarded by some of the 1960s me-generation, as harmful to children. Anyone with an open mind in family affairs must have been aware of this.
Men take the liberty provided by sexual liberation to pursue women other than their wives. Women take the liberty provided by women’s liberation to put their interests over that of children. But it is all so far gone now and the rottenness so deep in the social system that even if there is no economic or environmental meltdown, this problem alone will bring civilisation down. I think I need another gin and tonic!

Editor’s comment: Not all is lost Mr. Wilson. It is my observation that in many cases it is the grand parents who have taken up the slack left by the selfish parents, rescuing and supporting the grandchildren to give them the stability and continuity they so badly need. While civilisation may be breaking down, not all will be lost Mr. Wilson, and the time of regeneration is upon us.  

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