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1 June 2012 Thought for the Week:

Major C. H. Douglas - A Tribute by Eric D. Butler
In celebration of the centenary of C.H. Douglas’ birth, Eric D. Butler spoke at the Capri Centre, Alberta, Canada on 30 March, 1979.
Wallace Klinck of Canada writes: " I think that this tribute is of considerable merit in helping to elucidate Douglas and his message and hope that you will find Mr. Butler's address rewarding. Eric Butler worked tirelessly to promote Social Credit and for many years maintained a regular lecture circuit in major British Commonwealth, and other, nations."
You can hear the address on Youtube here:

Talk about ‘the one-way street’! - “Iran Wants War!” Look how close they put their country to our military bases!
Surely ‘with tongue in cheek’ ReportersNotebook, USA sent this out. View here: 


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Geir Haarde, Iceland’s ex-PM has been charged with criminal offences for not protecting the people of Iceland from the 2008 global financial crisis. As has been pointed out by Betty Luks this is the first time that a politician has been held accountable for not protecting the interests of the people whose interests he was elected to represent. Here a special Landsdomur court has been activated, a special court created in 1905 to hear charges against politicians. Australia has nothing like this.

Well-meaning folk want Julia Gillard tried for treason, and some say that she “has been charged with acts of treason before the courts of Australia”. (http://omegatimes.com/article.php?intid=1321) As it turns out the charge of treason is by these folk themselves. Section 80.1 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code defines treason essentially in terms of causing the death of, or harm to the Sovereign, Governor-General, or Prime Minister, or engaging in conduct assisting a power engaged in armed hostilities against Australia. Even if the courts would support the type of freedom movement actions, which they dismiss instantly, there is no power to do so.

What is needed is a new National Race Treason Act which makes a crime of all those things we complain about here. But to get that, you already need to have won the political war. Freedom folk just don’t realise that with the one exception of Iceland, which has these laws ready to go, politics rules law.

P.S. Ex-Iceland PM Haarde has been found guilty of one charge, of failing to hold Cabinet meetings but cleared of three other charges. He has escaped punishment of up to two years in prison. Surprise, surprise.  


by Peter West
Craig Emerson, Minister for Trade and Competitiveness (“We Must Not Cut Ourselves Off From China’s Re-Emergence” The Weekend Australian 21-22 April, 2012, p.17, says that “gearing up for an agricultural boom to export to China will require lots of foreign investment”. In other words, get ready for the great sell-off of Australia. In his article Emerson tells us as well that China built itself up by hard work and quickly using Western technology. There is no mention of “lots of foreign investment” creating the Chinese miracle. You see, they can do it but we can’t.

Our ‘leaders’ champion a policy that was not used by those nations who now seek to rule us. Foreign investment, like immigration, is part of the new globalist religion that our elites have embraced. These will be only short-term gains because in the end, greatness comes from self investment, not foreign investment. Our rulers, on the face of it have a Father Christmas view of foreign investment. Probably some of them know that they are selling off Australia’s future, but they care only for the next election and pats on their pointy little heads by the globalist class. I hope that I live to see history bury this ideology.  


The prophets of doom were right. An asteroid destroyed Asia on 14 January 2013. China is gone as is Japan and South East Asia. Australia survived. There is now no foreign investment. Will this mean that we die? On the Craig Emerson world-view, yes we will. But common sense says “no”. So if we don’t need foreign investment then, why now? Why not use Social Credit for financing our national development? 


In an article “Keeping a grip on reality” posted online at Living In A Madhouse, Robert Henderson claims the politically correct Norwegian mainstream are desperately hoping Anders Breivik will be declared mad. “The trial of the mass killer Anders Breivik in Oslo is truly remarkable. It is not Breivik who is fearful, but the Norwegian political mainstream trembling their way towards what they hope will be a politically correct ending to the story with Breivik declared mad, viz:
"The prosecutors are still beginning the trial calling for Breivik to be transferred to compulsory mental health treatment, not prison, despite a new psychiatrist’s report last week ruling him sane enough to be criminally responsible. But they reserve the right to make a submission to have this changed to a call for a prison sentence, based on information that comes up in the trial."

Not, of course, that they would use the word mad because that would be so politically incorrect. Liberals are desperately struggling to fit the man into their fantasy world where everyone is wondrously multicultural and gleefully accepting of whatever change is forced upon them by mass immigration or the denial of human nature and difference which is the essence of political correctness.

This entails a blind refusal to engage with Breivik's declared motives and general criticism of modern Norwegian society (and by extension the developed world generally). In a nutshell, they do not know how to rationally respond to a man who challenges everything they believe in and can only deal with the existence of Breivik by turning him into a being who is either not worthy of consideration or a fabulous monster who can be viewed in the same way that the audience for a nineteenth century freak show would look at the unfortunate beings on display.

The refusal to engage with Breivik is epitomised by the mass public singing during the trial of a song that Breivik claims is part of the indoctrination of Norwegians. The song, Children of the Rainbow, contains lyrics such as these:
"A sky full of stars, blue sea as far as you can see An earth where flowers grow, can you wish for more? Together shall we live, every sister, brother Young children of the rainbow, in a fertile land"

In propaganda terms, what is the difference between getting Norwegian children to sing that and the Hitler Youth leading renditions of the Horst Wessel song?


by James Reed
While we are in the bright ideas of Julia Gillard department, how about her idea of the housing of asylum seekers in private homes? This was something James Reed proposed many years ago, with the addition that the asylum seekers became the new owners of the host’s home. Temporary stay will not be enough to atone for our original sin of settling this land. Only total dispossession, where one becomes an asylum seeker will be adequate. Pinkos, go for it!  


by James Reed
Julia Gillard’s latest absurd remark is that Australia has the potential to become a regional food superpower supplying food for the Asian century. What! Only a century? What happens after that – the African century? Yes. “Just as we have become a minerals and energy giant, Australia can be a great provider of reliable, high-quality food to meet Asia’s growing needs.” (The Australian 4 May, 2012 p.5)

Now we all know that the cult of being a servant to Asia is the big thing with our ruling class (as long as they personally don’t have to bow). But Julia, pray tell, how will you feed Asia with mass migration chewing up our surplus food and China buying up our best farmland? I guess the dispossessed minority of Anglo Saxons, reduced to poverty by trendy measures such as your carbon tax, will just have to starve.


written by Graham Strachan:
The Great Leap Forward was taken at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992, where Australia’s delegate, then federal Environment Minister Ros ‘Whiteboard’ Kelly, (Labor) signed Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is 800 pages long, consists of 40 chapters, and is a comprehensive programme for the planning and management of the economic and social development of the entire world during the twenty-first century.
Under Agenda 21, the Australian government committed itself to act as the de facto agent at national level for the United Nations in controlling the following:
• patterns of human consumption (what people are allowed to eat)
• human habitats (where and how people are allowed to live –‘sustainable communities’)
• the planning of all future development worldwide
• the composition of the atmosphere (‘greenhouse gas’ emissions)
• the planning and management of land use (Vegetation Management Act, Desertification Treaty)
• control of the utilisation of forests (ref: closing of sawmills on the Atherton Tableland)
• control of the development in mountain areas • control of types and methods of agriculture (‘sustainable agriculture’, best practice manuals) • control of areas set aside to protect biological diversity (Biodiversity Treaty)
• the management of genetic engineering (the control of biological evolution from now on)
• control of the use of the oceans (limits on fishing, including recreational)
• the management and use of water, worldwide
• the management of wastes, including toxic chemicals, hazardous wastes, solid and radioactive wastes.

It is from Agenda 21 that the word ‘sustainable’ comes - ‘sustainable development’, ‘sustainable agriculture’, and ‘sustainable communities’. Sustainable communities are to be ‘energy-efficient’ communities where people are herded into high-rise dwellings built on public transit lines.


Patrick O’Shea did warn his fellow grain producers what would happen if they let the politicians dismantle the Wheat Single Desk policy. . “Alice's crocodiles welcomed little fishes in with gently smiling jaws”.

The Stock Journal 12 April, 2012 - highlighted responses concerning the state (and fate) of Australian grain exports.
“Indonesian wheat customers have raised concern about the quality of Australian exports, saying the final delivered product is failing to match the standards promised in the original contracts.”

Local bulk handlers won’t take grain unless up to specifications, flour miller neither, writes one farmer. “It’s the blending that goes on after delivery”, says another. “The problems were entirely predictable,” says another, and Australian farmers will “pay dearly for our tarnished reputations when the world is awash with wheat”. The answer? “A National Pooling arrangement” needs to be reintroduced!  


Same old, same old. Warren Truss uses scare tactics to ensure National party (formerly Country party) voters don’t turn away from them in droves at the next Federal election and vote for the Katter Australia Party. He prods the party faithful by reminding them their voting pattern could stop the Coalition from defeating the Labor Party!
“Any vote he (Katter) takes from us will be one we don’t get for overthrowing the Gillard government. It is very urgent that we ensure the Gillard government is defeated and it would be a tragedy if Bob Katter’s Australia Party’s intervention prevented that.” The Stock Journal, 12 April, 2012.

Dear God, how long before Australians finally wake up to the treacherous main political parties and what they have done to this nation? The National Party is worried Katter’s Australian Party may cost the N/P some votes? When are they going to start worrying about what the Coalition has done to this country?

On the video “Retell the Story”, that gallant gentleman so recently deceased, Jeremy W. Lee, tells the story of his experiences at a 1971 Queensland Country Party Management Committee (now National Party) conference.
Invited as one of three guest speakers to put forward proposals to save the nation’s (then 200,000) farmers, whilst putting forward his proposals, one of the Committee stood up and ‘ripped into him’ saying Jeremy was talking ‘a load of rubbish’, ‘Australia had been through all of that during the last Depression’ and what this fellow was talking about was ‘that funny money scheme’.

Later the same man, at the time the Federal Minister for Agriculture - and a religious broadcaster ‘standing for the truth’ to boot - admitted to Jeremy he was right but the Party couldn’t take the proposals on. Why not? They would lose the financial support of the big companies, lose votes and the party also had bank debts! The film is available for all to hear the truth about such political parties. HASCO filmed Jeremy talking to 300 young people at a 2001 meeting in Brisbane. HASCO address: P.O. Box 642, Nanango, Queensland.

What were Jeremy’s proposals that were such anathema to the Country (now National) party?
1. Australia must use its own money system and 2. farmers must be able to obtain money at 2-3% interest if they were going to survive.

What if they do overthrow the Gillard government at the next federal election, what are Warren Truss and the present party bunch going to offer to do differently? 1971-2012? Is forty years of the same old, same old, long enough for you? What makes you think that doing the same thing over and over again is going to produce different results?  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
A spirited defence of free speech has been given by Nick Cohen in his book, “You Can’t Read This Book: Censorship in an Age of Freedom” (Fourth Estate, 2012). Cohen easily refutes the idea that we live in a time of unparalleled freedom. We don’t because today you can write a book that fundamentalist Islam doesn’t like or make a film which they don’t like, and wind up very dead.

Free speech is restricted as well by the “filthy rich” plutocrats and by the liberal-Left with various laws centred round race hate. This is all familiar to us. Cohen refreshingly embraces John Stuart Mill’s defence of free speech. Holocaust denial should not be banned but debated and (for him) refuted, and to do that requires freedom of speech. (The Australian 18 April, 2012 p.30)  


by James Reed
You’ve got the pattern? First invite yourself into a war, to establish ‘democracy’ and liberalism. Then lose the war and head home. Then wait for the “refugees”. Be sure that those “refugees”/asylum seekers, whatever they are, are not white.
Then wait for millions upon millions of a new ethno-racial group to pour into the country. In fact with Afghanistan, this intake has been occurring for some time, but obviously not in the numbers that really excite the liberal-left over their fine wine and ethnic food. But they will come.

What about when everybody is here and we are all equal on the bottom? Could migration really end? I suspect that the elites are already working on that one and hope to make contact with a trace of green space people to keep the religion of immigration strong. Perhaps Bob Brown, still glowing from his “Earthian’s” speech, could help here.  


by James Reed
A battle is looming in the South China Sea over its energy resources. The US and the Philippines have conducted joint naval exercises. Previously a standoff occurred between Filipino and Chinese naval vessels over the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea. China has claimed the entire 200 sq. km area and is in dispute over this with Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Taiwan.

The US is hoping to contain China’s ambitions. But China and Russia have launched joint naval exercises. And China’s communist mouthpiece the People’s Daily has said on India’s missile launch: “India should be clear that China’s nuclear power is stronger and more reliable. For the foreseeable future, India would stand no chance in an overall arms race with China.” (The Australian 23 April, 2012, p.10)

This is the region, that for a few dollars more, we are being forced to integrate with. Wouldn’t self-reliance and minding our own affairs have been a better plan?  


London exile Boris Berezovsky has announced that under his new Resurrection Movement political party, he would instate a constitutional monarchy in Russia and named Britain's Prince Harry as a candidate for king. The business tycoon published a manifesto for his Christian-democratic party on his LiveJournal blog Sunday, the day Orthodox believers celebrated Easter. "Returning the monarchy to the throne will reinstate an interrupted chain of time and become a symbol of the rebirth of Russia," he said.

"Prince Harry — the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana — is one of the bright symbols of the modern civilized world and a possible candidate. He has more Russian blood than the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II." Berezovsky noted that Harry's great grandmother was a Romanov.

The party will be founded on the "Christian" ideals of love and freedom, which Berezovsky says he believes will bring Russia salvation. Berezovsky's other proposals include transforming Russia into a confederation; liberalizing the Orthodox church; installing a British-style legal system; and allowing anyone who can pass an exam that demonstrates their fluency in Russian and knowledge of Russian culture to become a Russian citizen.

But he told the BBC that he does not plan to register the party while President-elect Vladimir Putin is in power, since Berezovsky does not believe that Putin's re-election was legitimate. "Putin...put himself there outside the law - he does not have any right to a third term," he said. Prince Henry of Wales, known commonly as Prince Harry, is an officer in the British army.

* Boris Berezovsky was born on Jan. 23, 1946, in Moscow into a family of Jewish intellectuals.


by Brian Simpson
Former NSW police detective sergeant Tim Priest (“Drive-By Shots A Wake-Up Call”, The Australian, April 19, 2012, p.12) believes that the spiralling incidence of drive-by shootings in Sydney’s west is similar to the early stages of Los Angeles-style drive-by shootings which reached an “all-out war between various immigrant groups in and around Los Angeles”.
Priest sees the possibility of the shootings going the LA way or maybe like Britain. Britain has limited gun ownership among the law abiding citizens but “parts of London, descended into outright lawlessness with incidents of mind-numbing violence on a scale never thought possible.”
The guns, of course, are illegal guns, which flow into Britain, paid for by drug money.

Priest has reservations about the usual causes of this social breakdown tossed about by sociologists, such as unemployment and social factors but “something has gone seriously wrong with immigrant youth in London’s poor suburbs and it can’t be that they are all born and bred criminals.”
Rather, the two core reasons for this immigrant crime is first the massive quantity of drugs available and poor policing of immigrant gang problems. The fear was that taking a hardline with the gangs would lead to race riots. Priest thinks that this was “probably correct but that shouldn’t have meant that police stopped doing their jobs and enforcing the rule of law.”

The end result of politically correct “softly softly” policing was that “gangsters eventually took control of certain suburbs in London and the rule of law basically has co-existed with the law of the jungle.” That is, the law of the jungle for the immigrant gangs and the rule of law for the rest of Britain. Each generation of the gangs gets worse and more violent. Australia, Priest points out, has basically British “softly softly” policing, especially around minority groups such as Muslim youth so a “community saturated with illicit drugs, readily available illegal guns and out-of-control gangsters is now getting used to the power of the gun in settling disputes.”

Unless policing gets tough, Sydney, like London, will be at the mercy of out-of-control gangs. That, I think, is an inevitable outcome of our multiculturalism combined with political correctness. New York rejected “softly softly” policing and got its murder rate down, but Australia seems all-too-ready to learn the hard way. Maybe it just won’t learn at all.  


by Peter West
As America ceases to be majority White, racial tensions rise. Conflict seems to be arising between blacks and Hispanics. Following on from the shooting of a black youth by a mixed race (White/Hispanic) policeman comes the story of the gang rape of an 11 year old Hispanic girl by up to 28 boys and men in Cleveland, Texas. Then National Review’s editor sacked journalist John Derbyshire for publishing his article “The Talk: Nonblack Version”, on 6 April, 2012. In that article Derbyshire gives a “facts-of-life” talk to his own teenagers (apparently of “mixed north-European and northeast-Asia but blacks will take you to be White”).

The article basically has 15 points, none of which are flattering to blacks, especially in relation to black crime. The sacking of Derbyshire caused considerable output among conservatives and traditionalists who lamented the politically correct decision of the sacking. But what is remarkable is that the article got published in the first place. This is perhaps a clear sign of the times.  


by Peter Ewer
Ted Nugent, 1970s rock star, has been saying some hard things about B. Hussein Obama lately. Here’s one quoted in The Australian, 19 April 2012, p.8: “If the coyote’s in your living room p--- on your couch, it’s not the coyote’s fault – it’s your fault for not shooting him.” Nugent also said that if Obama were re-elected then he would be “dead or in jail.” This remark earned him a visit from two secret service agents, charged with protecting the President, senior officials and other figures. The agents concluded that Nugent was not advocating violence.

Ted Nugent was also defended by Orthodox rabbi David Bendory, Rabbinic Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. The Jewish Chair of the democratic National Committee, Deborah Wasserman Schultz said that Nugent threatened the life of Prez Obama. Rabbi Bendory said that because of political correctness Nugent can’t say it, but Schultz “sells out every American Jew, and every American when she opens her mouth with her anti-Torah nanny-state “gun control” schemes.

The Rabbi also tells us of a film his organisation has produced entitled No Guns for Jews which carefully examines “the dangerous mouthings and manoeuvrings of Jewish gun-phobes.” Wait – I’m just quoting the Rabbi! Yes, America in its decline is certainly an interesting place.  


by Peter West
All the media excitement about the French radical Muslim gunman, Mohamed Merah, has died down, belonging now to an ancient media cycle. But – according to reports – the brother of the gunman, who has denied involvement in the killings, is proud of his brother.
The brother, Abdelkader Merah is described by French police as a “more radical Islamist” than his brother, and he may have been involved in a network which took jihadists to Iraq in 2007. Another article says that Merah junior “was practically royalty in French jihadist circles.”

The Daily Mail of 22 March, 2012 said that Mohammed Merah was gaoled in 2007 for helping to run a bomb factory and he was known to attend an al-Qa’ida training camp on the Pakistan – Afghanistan border. Even though, back in France he kidnapped a man and went on a sword-waving rampage, screaming “al-Qa’ida”, police let him go. No doubt they thought it would have been mighty unmulticultural of them to have done anything about him.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Abraham Werner of Brisbane had no children of his own. He bequeathed $700,000 into a Trust to benefit “destitute male orphans of Asian parentage without any known relatives.” Further, he forbade the Trust benefitting, a “devotee of the Islamic religion, non-English speakers, drug addict or marketer, adults over 21 or the mentally and physically disabled.” (The Australian, 30 April 2012)

The Trustee, after various consultations received advice from Victoria’s Equal Opportunity Commission which advised that such grants and awards were not allowed by law to exclude people based on race, religion, ethnicity and disability. The Trustee then, with another charity, successfully sought an order from the Supreme Court of Queensland overriding the will’s core stipulations.
Therefore, take note: a person’s will can be undone after their death. Seek legal advice on the best way of getting around all of this political correctness.  

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