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13 July 2012 Thought for the Week:

Slow motion coup d'etat underway - brace yourself: The American Empire is over and the descent is going to be horrifying. Placing where we are now in a historical context: You can't possibly understand where we are now or appreciate the peril the US (and Australia…ed) is in unless you know the history of the United States in the last 100 years. The fundamental fracturing of the country and its institutions took place around World War I and what's happened since is a natural progression of the forces that were unleashed back then. It's difficult to find people who have the erudition to hold this perspective and harder still to find those who can explain it in comprehensible terms. Chris Hedges is one such individual.

Nigel Farage: The Euro Bailout. "Listen! The Whole Thing's a Giant Ponzi Scheme!"

"Watch the Dutch elections in September" says Nigel


by James Reed
The chattering class has been “celebrating” the 2011 Census (e.g., Editorial, “Migrant Mix Worth Celebrating,” The Weekend Australian 23-24 June 2012, p.23). Immigration fuelled by the bogus excuse of a resources boom (mining is high tech not pick and shovels) has led to the rapid Asianisation of Australia. Of the 22.3 million Australians, 24.6 per cent were born overseas and 43.1 per cent have a parent born overseas. Chinese-born have replaced British-born as the leading immigrant group in Sydney and Mandarin has surpassed Italian to become the nation’s second language. Arabic is third place, Cantonese is fourth and Greek is fifth. (The Australian 22 June 2012, p.1)

Western Australia is the first Australian state with over half its population born overseas or with at last one immigrant parent. The Census doesn’t give racial statistics, which might scare the Anglos, but we can give a good guess at what is happening as immigration is primarily from Asia (and New Zealand and UK immigration has a high Asian component). It is likely that West Australia is now the first Australian state to have a white minority, our California. New South Wales is likely to be the next to follow. Australia is likely to have a white minority well before the US (predicted now to be 2040), probably by 2030-2035. In other words, earlier than previously predicted.

The inevitable invasion of the country by China, as the multiracial state falls apart will, of course, reverse this ethno-racial diversity, creating a new homogeneity. It is also interesting to note that there has been a 20.51 per cent increase in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders relative to 2006 levels, reaching 500,000. The elites have said that this is due to the “apology effect” as mixed race individuals from “more privileged, urban backgrounds” (as The Australian 22 June 2012, p.1 puts it), now identify as Indigenous. As “Australia” increasingly becomes a part of China, will all of this still go on?

Anglo Australians are at a crossroads. They either accept racial death or begin the process of rediscovering their ethno-racial identity. Australia and the culture we knew are dead. People from our side of politics, Traditionalists, need to understand that “Australia” has gone. But this doesn’t mean that our kind need to go. Anglo Australians need to stop feeling part of “Australia” – which is now nothing more than an “immigration state” – and strive to develop a sense of group identity as a struggle culture in an alien land.  


by Brian Simpson
J.T. Kubota (et. al.), “The Neuroscience of Race” Nature Neuroscience, vol.15, 2012, pp. 940-948, have produced a study of the neuroscience of race, inspired by the fact that non-white minorities comprise 36 per cent of the US population, according to the 2010 Census, an increase of 29 per cent since the 2000 US Census. With racial encounters becoming more frequent, the researchers investigated functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRS) and other methods, to examine the neurophysiology of information processing about race and racial categories.

The results of this meta analysis, or synthesis of studies is, simply, that implicit racial preferences are wired into the human brain and the area of the brain most likely dealing with this is the amygdala, which is concerned also with emotion and fear conditioning. The paper is not concerned with accepting racialism as a natural state, but as reported in The Australian 27 June, 2012 p.3, is concerned with promoting egalitarian ideologies, the politically correct status quo: “an obvious goal is to discover the means by which we can control or eliminate their effect.” (p.945) Unfortunately for them, but not us, no interventions exist at present for controlling racial preferences, but they hope that future neuroscience will effectively be able to programme the brain. Let’s hope the neuroscientists fail.  


by Peter West
Australians are apparently “comfortable with multiculturalism and racial diversity” but not so happy with Islamic migration (“Inquiry Exposes Fear of Muslims” The Australian 27 June 2012 p.3). All this is from a bipartisan federal parliamentary inquiry into Australia’s acceptance of culturally diverse communities, due to report in August. The inquiry has not recommended a multiculturalism act, “Australians are comfortable with multiculturalism,” the chair, Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou said. The issue to address is community concern about Muslims. Indeed, many people, shock, horror, believe that the multicultural system failed to “equip new Australians with language skills and suitable work”.
It will be interesting to critically examine the evidence that Australians are comfortable with multiculturalism and racial diversity, given past surveys contradicting this, let alone the neuroscientific evidence cited by Brian Simpson in his article “The Neuroscience of Race and Racialism”.

Switch now to the national anti-racism campaign. The alleged finding that Islamophobia is a bigger problem for the elites than racism, will not alter the focus of the national anti-racism campaign which begins in August (“Racism Problem ‘Bigger than Islamophobia’” The Australian 28 June 2012 p.6). According to the race Discrimination Commissioner, the “issue of racism was much broader and affected many people, including indigenous Australians”.

The two approaches are thus inconsistent and conflict with each other. If Australians are comfortable with multiculturalism and racial diversity (which in my opinion is just acceptance of racial death and genocide by the Anglo Australian ethnic group) then why is an anti-racism campaign needed? Surely a brainwashing strategy to accept uncritically Muslim migration would be more appropriate. In the end: we don’t care. Let us oppose all immigration and the ideologies of multiculturalism and multiracialism!  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Is Sharia law being practiced in Australia? According to “Sharia Blend ‘Bad for Women’”, The Australian 28 June 2012 p.6, Sharia divorce law is already being mixed with Australian law by various legal assistance organisations, in devising out-of-court settlements for Muslims. Women under such settlements usually accepted what husbands gave them, so that the husband got the majority of assets and the women and children got public housing and Centrelink benefits.

What is not said in The Australian article is that those consent orders need appraisal by usually Registers of the Court, and they can be knocked back if the settlement is inequitable.
So if what is said in the article is true, the Courts are allowing Sharia-style settlements to pass through. This means Sharia family law is already here! We should not be “comfortable” with “multiculturalism”, whatever that word means. In fact, Australians are not, even according to Establishment opinion.
If “multiculturalism” means more than “ethnic/racial diversity” (i.e., more coloured people) it must mean “increased cultural diversity”. Sharia law is merely a part of such diversity. Multiculturalism has softened up the public so that the elites can, by a Fabian strategy, slowly eliminate Anglo Australia, racially and culturally.

Sixty years ago these sort of debates were unheard of. We have gone from Arthur Calwell’s “populate or perish”, bring in the Mediterraneans, to soft multiculturalism, Asian immigration, then Asianisation, endless waves of refugees, etc., and now Chinese colonialism. Is there anything else, any further “ism” They can assault us with?  


by Brian Simpson
The movie Snow White and the Huntsman is now showing. Hollywood likes getting on a theme and milking it for all its worth. Now riding shotgun to the genre of superhero movies (The Avenger, The Amazing Spiderman) is the genre of retelling of fairytales. This version of Snow White (Mirror, Mirror was released in March) has ultra Nordic Charlize Theron as the wicked queen Ravenna, who, locking into the current vampire craze, sucks the life essence from young girls – a bit like modern culture and drugs do. Chris Helmsworth (Thor, The Avengers) plays the huntsman, whose job it is to track down and kill Snow White, but who becomes her ally.

Professor Kevin McDonald praised this movie in an article of 1 June 2012 in www.theoccidentalobserver.net. First the movie has romance in the old style sense without modern sexualism, pure and chaste. There is also the classical battle between good and evil, with the morally right people living under alien rule, furthered by white race traitors. The same themes occur in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which inspired the film’s main script writer. The Lord of the Rings, Professor McDonald notes, caused “moral panic” in the politically correct elites because of its theme of a “morally superior ingroup fighting for their survival against the forces of darkness”.

That too is our fight. Enjoy Snow White and the Huntsman and may our future be snow white!

Not the only Nation in trouble: In his book “Ten Minutes to Midnight”, Phillip Day warns his people that it may not be long before they cease to exist as nation. He writes, “if the British people can be talked into joining the euro, they will discover that they have been fooled into giving up a lot more than the pound”. Yet he also explores the heartening character of the British people, and why they must at all costs face up and fight this second battle of Britain. Price: $30.00 + postage.  


by Peter West
The Marxist failed to build communism in the West through workers’ revolutions but succeeded through financial communism (globalism, Asianisation, the New World Order) and cultural Marxism (multiculturalism, and multiracialism). As we face the last stand it is worth reflecting on those who gave us so much evil.

New Zealand nationalist K.R. Bolton has written on “The Pathology of the West”. He postulates that “the socially-alienated ‘tainted genius’ seek revenge on civilisation and formulate doctrines and lead revolts of other alienated types at the lower end of the cultural and intelligence scale. Their impulse is that of destruction, rationalised by calls to bring down established civil and social norms in the name of ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’, as the French Revolutionaries cries, or what is today being called ‘human rights’, again predicated on the slogan of ‘equality’.

This is an interesting thesis, too complex to investigate in this article. Nevertheless, as a first point I note with interest Dr. Bolton’s discussion of Lenin’s syphilis, which he was treated for at the age of 25. It is debated whether Lenin died of neurosyphilis but Dr. Bolton puts a strong case that he did. Could this disease be responsible for the craziness of Lenin and communism? Or is the “disease” not physical at all, but metaphysical and spiritual, the product of the fundamental philosophical flow of the collectivist mindset?  


by John Brett
In 1963 Jeremy Lee entered my life to change it irrevocably for the “better”. This was to happen eventually, to thousands of other Australians over the course of his life, as he pointed to the destructive path our nation was proceeding along. I clearly remember the first conversation we had, which was on a neighbour’s veranda at a midsummer’s evening party. The people-gossip and noise inside was not our scene. We started with current events and before the evening was finished had reached the sphere of ideas.

It all came so naturally without conflict. First he asked me what I thought of the current political situation, then gravitating to the world political situation which news-wise centred around the growing Rhodesian independence conflict. Coming from the previous conflict in Kenya when the Mau Mau terrorist campaign had driven Jeremy and his family from that country he understood the dynamics behind the new campaign in Rhodesia. The terrorist leaders and many of their gang had all been trained in Moscow, but it was difficult to discern who was financing them in this new campaign.

This conversation naturally took us to the Communist problem, which was mounting in intensity in Australia, having reached its climax in 1949 when their dominated unions had shut down coal mining leading to no electricity. The incoming Menzies government had promised to fix the problem, along with the communists, by bringing the Army in to open-cut coal mining.

The declining communist influence was still a problem internally, in Malaya and Korea. But my own experience with them in the industry where I did my apprenticeship, had equipped me with information that was to weld me to Jeremy’s own experience. My father’s concern about my ideas led to his bank manager telling us who financed the Communist party in Australia. (The same powerful elite who now finance our political parties! Just as wealthy industrialist Engels had financed Karl Marx in England in the beginning.)

Coincidently that same night, Jeremy asked me what I thought about Churchill. Having just finished his five-volume history of the war, I was not sure now what to make of him. My war-time worship had diminished with his own story about what happened behind the curtain between us. His revelation of the £5,000,000, Pounds, (five thousand million Pounds) debt to the American Bankers told us something others still cannot fathom.
From this point and that background I began to follow Jeremy not only politically, but physically and spiritually, my understanding and education grew to the point of being able to sustain my own way to the place I have now reached.

Jeremy lived a mile down the road, so our contact became constant and exciting and at times very hilarious, as his humour was so contagious. His first community campaign was calling a public meeting at the local Kingstown Hall about the rising threat of the Communist Party. This was to be the first leg of his lifetime of public meetings. This local rural community could muster 100 people in the Hall for the annual children’s Christmas arrival of Santa Claus. The same number of people attended this first meeting.
It was a hot summer Saturday afternoon and I can still see the beads of sweat running down Jeremy’s forehead. At the conclusion of the meeting he offered lecture classes in the future for those interested in combating the communist menace. Five people, including myself, later attended his first school. This was later followed by two groups of VPA’s ( Voters Policy Associations) in the district. The first of these groups still functions in Toowoomba to this day, just 50 years on!

That same year he called another public meeting to hear an address by The Australian League of Rights’ director Eric Butler, who was on his way through for a Queensland tour. It was in July and by the end of that meeting the temperature had dropped to minus 2°. But, just as the meeting was to commence Jeremy approached me and in that undeniable request tone of his, asking me to give the vote of thanks!
Not having ever done this before, or even risen to ask a question at a public meeting instilled a tremor of fear in my mind. I did not hear what the speaker said as I sat there getting colder and colder trying to cobble together words in my mind. When the fatal moment arrived I went to the microphone barely able to walk, talk or think and was further embarrassed as I felt drips of warm water going down my leg, to be frozen in my shoe!
That night turned out to be a pivotal point of my life, for which I will be ever grateful to Jeremy. My plight was slightly redeemed the next day when the speaker thanked me for my remarks. It has never been easy for me to speak in public, but Jeremy being of a sanguine personality took to it like the proverbial duck to water.

On request from the secretary of the local branch of the Country Party Jeremy joined the local branch of the Country Party and soon had me enrolled and involved in the Rhodesian campaign. This took us to many Country Party conferences pursuing the cause of Rhodesian independence and later the great issue of the rural exodus. At first I did not twig that we were soon to be victims of this national rural exodus, but were to find out the hard way when our income disappeared as our wool became valueless.
Gradually we became inseparably bound together with political glue, which years later was eventually dissolved with religious solvent. My internal domain for God, conflicted with Jeremy’s external domain for God, which is the plight of the world. It remained the one subject we never discussed.

There were many critical episodes in our long friendship. The most memorable were those of the humorous episodes, such as the plays he put on at the “Ravensbourne Opera House” and the great League functions. They were successful and so enjoyable for they revolved around laughing at ourselves and our plight. Jeremy’s musical ability and writing talents were what made these occasions so enjoyable amongst our other miseries. I still have copies of the political paper “Wake Up” he edited and published for various occasions. “Uncle Chad” was a regular character who featured on the back page. Most of these were totally hilarious but were the sweetener for the nasty political medicine.

His genius for obtaining political results we desired was best illustrated in one of the Queensland State elections in the early 1980’s. A Lesbian woman belonging to the Liberal Party held a seat on the South Coast. Premier Joh Bjelke Peterson did not want a Lesbian in his coalition government. He was under increasing pressure from Country Party members to have his Liberal treasurer remove her as a candidate. The Liberal leader refused, as she had been selected by his Party owners and was there to stay. Jeremy tells Joh for a thousand dollars he could have the electorate remove her at the next election. With the thousand dollars Jeremy has a copy of the “Wake Up” paper printed.

The paper had no Party content whatsoever, it was all policy and moral issues that did not divide the community. Each page had a humorous cartoon and articles on health and common community problems of the times. Rona Joyner a popular newspaper columnist contributed. Once the paper was printed (by a Country Party stalwart) C.P. members were recruited in Toowoomba and across the Darling Downs to roll the four page paper, which was retained with an elastic band. Then the week-end before the election two utilities loaded with the papers and a crew of three each arrived at the South Coast electorate. A cyclone had progressed down the coast during the week but was forecast to abate.

Arriving at midday on Saturday in the howling wind of the cyclone, we decided to proceed as the rain had stopped. A C.P. supporter had made a unit available for us to camp in where another supporter was to feed us for the duration of the exercise. With regular changes between drivers and throwers we set out to place a paper in every driveway in the electorate. A brief 3-hour rest around midnight, then all Sunday until the last paper was delivered.
It was a new development where houses still were not hidden behind greenery, so placing a paper beside an entry or garbage bin was easy. The occupant either picked the paper up and read it, or put it in the bin. The part visible image of Joh on the rolled paper turned out to be the main reason why the paper was read further.
By Sunday of the next weekend we knew the sitting member had been defeated. The usual gaggle of commentators in the Tally room kept remarking that the votes in this electorate were running outside the “trend”.

The next weekend in a two-page centre fold of “The Weekend Australian” the analysts told Australia what had happened in this electorate. “A highly organised well financed group had carried out an operation in the electorate like a military organisation”. Not one word was correct or the intention of the article. Not one member of the team had been interviewed and there was certainly no organisation besides rolling the papers and obtaining maps of the electorate. It became the model for many more such campaigns on Joh’s behalf. Simple, honest and non-divisive, the essence of Jeremy himself.

Jeremy changed our lives for the better. In my case it was a “sea change” for which I am so thankful and grateful. Every turn in my life from 1962 was related to Jeremy whether of the flesh or the spirit. The morning my first wife Gay died at Walcha hospital, Jeremy was there with me until our family arrived. Just a few appropriate words and his presence. Magic. He certainly left this world better off than he found it.  


Dear Editor:
Contributors' criticisms of universities in Australia, would appear to be justified in most Western nations. They, in harness with the (mainly controlled) media, hardly conceal their anti-patriotic and anti-national attitudes. Seemingly forever ready to malign their favourite targets, use those, once honourable, publicly funded institutions, staffed by some people that have inherited a "politically correct" almost vengeful ideology. In this connection it is puzzling why the League of Rights sometimes publishes anti-national material, in particular anti-German propaganda by obscure people of media/university origin (in this case) on the one hand, and on the other it laments the decline of (our Western) nations' struggle to maintain sovereignty and independence. I am referring to an article in the Daily Mail by Ian Birrell, concerning the Greek financial dilemma (O.T. March 3,'12 ) as an example of 'German bashing'.

With the greatest respect towards Wallace Klink of Canada in his honourable intention of hi-lighting the real problem of nations' financial difficulties and attempting to inform Greek officials of that reality. Naturally, a university "research-project" and the media, as almost everywhere, were involved in the finding of and publicising their concerted dislike, not to say hatred for the usual scapegoat, the Germans, as the main-guilty party for Greek misfortunes, today and in war time Greece. Never mind the guilt of those forces in finance, big business and their stooges in big government, extending their power over all nations of the West.

The Germans of today especially, have no more sovereignty or are independent, say, in any important matters concerning their country. It is not exactly a secret to many observers around the world, that Germans had been totally annihilated by May 1945, an unconditional surrender forced on them, and never since regained unconditional sovereignty! Today they seem to be totally 'proxy'-governed by either ignorant or disloyal "New-Germans," speaking in the E.U. Parliament for a world-power elite, not for all the German people, nor, obviously, for the suffering Greek people. One feels for those brave Greeks that came close to throwing out the Italian invaders of their country in 1941, the latter of which had to get the Germans (again) to help them to subdue the heroic Greek army.

Sadly, after the British evacuated that country, they, and the U.S., strictly enforced their food embargo to Greece at the crucial time in spite of reassurances of humanitarian groups around the world, led by the Swiss and Swedish Red Cross, that food given to the starving, would only feed the Greek people. The German occupiers agreed to that condition, but the embargo kept in force long enough to cause more suffering than needed. It proved again that lives, even those of declared "friends" or "allies," are expendable in some quarters for ruthless policy aims.

The loss of lives of the Greek people, was estimated at 250,000, most of them in the winter of '1941-42. This was an atrocious example no one can deny. However, under the inhuman, vengeful "Morgènthau Plan for Germany" according to re-searchers like the Canadian James Bacque in his book "Crimes & Mercies," some 9.3-13.7 million Germans, mostly civilians, were starved to death, after World War 2.

This puts into perspective two viewpoints - one of a deliberate plan of genocidal dimensions, the other one of hard, but for combatants seemingly essential, war time measures that can be mitigated by civilised, humane policies, even in war. Of course such information, even if it was known by them, could hardly be revealed by tax-payer funded education or media establishments, could they?

The Greek people's economic situation today, can hardly be blamed on the Gernans, as well informed people, especially in League of Rights circles should know. Erie D. Butler referred once to "crude anti-Germanism" in his lead article in the New Times of June 1997. Concerning Hitler's folly of the proposed establishment of a United Europe, he said among other things: "Today's Germany has been reduced to virtually an instrument of Zionist Jewish international policy."

Of course there is much (little or unpublished) evidence of numerous historical events pertaining to 'world-revolutionary' upheavals, especially the Asio/Russian revolution and their progenitor in the West, of which Douglas Reed of "The Controversy of Zion" fame called: "The Plan ...., is the old one of world domination in a new form" and "the money-power and the revolutionary-power have been set up and given sham but symbolic shapes (‘Capitalism' or 'Communism') and sharply defined citadels" ('America' or 'Russia’[and now ‘China’…ed]).
Suitably to “alarm the mass mind, the picture offered is that of bleak and hopeless enmity and confrontation"... "Such is the spectacle publicly staged for the masses. But what if similar men, with a common aim secretly rule in both camps and propose to achieve their ambition through the clash between those masses? I believe any diligent student of our times will discover that this is the case."

- - G. W. Bethage, Devonport Tasmania.

Editor’s comment: We are suitably chastened Mr. Bethage and would encourage readers new to the work of the League to read such books as “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed and historian Nesta Webster’s books. Contact the Heritage Bookshop Services and ask for a list of suitable reading.  

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