Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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20 July 2012 Thought for the Week:

All progress in the world, and in some ways the world has unquestionably made progress, has been achieved by recognition of TRUTH, and the reason that so little progress has been made in the solution of social problems is, to my mind, because in this sphere alone Truth has been ignored or denied. That is what s happening in the world today. We see the great elemental desire for self-preservation sweeping millions of people along the path which leads inevitably not to self-preservation but to self-destruction. In the East, the circumstances imposed upon immense populations, partly by their artificial restriction into areas fundamentally too small to support them, and partly by the reckless exploitation of Westernised groups acting under compulsion of a defective financial system, are seeking economic safety through the agency of wars, potentially so destructive that the mere idea of safety of any kind is grimly farcical in connection with them. Nearer home it is common knowledge that Europe is an armed camp, and that armament factories controlled by our, old friend, Sir Basil Zaharoff, are working day and night to supply guns and munitions impartially to every side of the threatened conflict.

- - Taken from address by C.H. Douglas to New Age Dinner, 18 March 1933

Sir Basil Zaharoff, original name Basileios Zacharias (born Oct. 6, 1849, Muğla, Tur.—died Nov. 27, 1936, Monte Carlo), international armaments dealer and financier. Reputedly one of the richest men in the world, he was described as a “merchant of death” and the “mystery man of Europe.” - -  


I am not going to go into detail here about Chinese espionage, i.e., spying in Australia. Paul Monk in “Espionage: Chinese espionage and Australia’s National Interest” has done an excellent job at that. It is not any longer a matter of just having people on the ground: there are plenty of people in Australia in positions of power and influence, but few Australians in China in parallel positions. China today is at the cutting edge of cyber-espionage, and the amount of Chinese espionage occurring is huge.
But most importantly, Chinese intelligence comes from Chinese who are well placed to get “sand grains of information” and pass it on. All the little grains of sand eventually make a full intelligence beach. Chinese migrants often steal industrial and military secrets, acting out of racial loyalty to their Chinese ethnicity and a desire to help China.

Monk concludes, after noting that the CIA thought that Australia had been more “deeply penetrated by the Soviets than any other western country”: “I do believe that Chinese espionage is a serious issue. I am not inclined to believe that our intelligence services are on top of the problem and I have no confidence in the willingness or capacity of our diplomatic cadre or immigration officials to stand up against any but the most blatant Chinese offences.” Yes, this time we are really in deep trouble.  


by Peter West
At this site we have been among the few to openly discuss the coming war with China. But it was revealed (The Weekend Australian 2-3- June 2012, p.1) that the Rudd government’s 2009 defence white paper had a plan to fight a war against China. The Australian navy would block China’s trade routes. In return Chine would pound Australia with missiles. This is discussed in a new book by David Uren, “The Kingdom and the Quarry: China, Australia, Fear and Greed”.
The chapter was a secret one as our white mice did not want to offend China, so the chapter was removed. All of this is discussed in David Uren’s book which would have been released by the time you read this. It just shows how little we are told at the time about the running of this country.

These war scenarios are very unrealistic because Australia has no chance of defending itself from an entity which is being integrated into the DNA of the country by “Yellow Communist Colonialism”. Children will be forced to learn Chinese and indoctrinated in the values of China by politically correct Asianised teachers. As well the importation of cheap Asian vegetables threatens one in four vegetable growers with financial ruin (“Surge in Imports Sends Australian Farms to Brink”, The Age 27 May 2012).

Processed food with plain labels is often produced overseas as in places like Thailand, and different private labels are put on it for sale to Australia or New York (“Cheap Food Comes at a Price” The Age 28 May 2012). Yes, the price is our farming industry and national cultural collapse. China wants to buy up massive amounts of land in northern Australia for farming to create an “Asian Food Bowl” (“China Eyes Wise Open Spaces” The Age 1June 2012). What critics there are left, rightly see this as coming at the “expense of giving Australians access to affordable good-quality food”. The “farm” is to be sold off and imported labour used to create this “food bowl” for mighty China, the new master of the chattering class.

All this talk while Australia has become a net importer of food. It is ironic that Australia has gone to such great efforts to create a colourful, multicultural rainbow nation only to give it the future of starvation and ultimate invasion.  


by Brian Simpson
Diogenes, a Stoic philosopher (C.450 BC), one day was invited by a rich man into his luxury house. The rich man told Diogenes to be careful not to spit on the floor. Diogenes, however, needed to spit, so he spat in the man’s face saying that it was the only dirty place he could find where spitting was permitted. (In Diogenes Laërtius, Lives of the Philosophers)

If the same rule applied in a visit to Parliament House Canberra, there would not be a dry face in the place!  


asks Len the Cleaner
Here’s one you blokes in the eastern states may not have seen: “Asian Literacy Critical to Kids” The Advertiser 28 April, 2012, p.25. The Asian Education Foundation, set up by Asialink at the University of Melbourne and Education Services Australia wants Asia literacy for Australia’s education system. All this at a cost of 1billion! Thus half of students must study an Asian language from reception to Year 10 (which by the way has already failed with Chinese for non-Chinese students not risking Chinese language studies in Years 11 and 12). And every student learns about Asia.
This is done to prepare everybody for the time when India and China become the leading global economies.

The elites see this as just getting kids ready for business as usual. But it is not business as usual. Asianisation is just another form of imperialism and this time it is whites who are targeted. Can you imagine the propaganda that Asia literacy will involve: it will prepare the young slaves of Asia and with our low population numbers, ultimately eliminated.  


by Brian Simpson:
Alex Kurtagic (“The Pill that Cures Racism” The Occidental Quarterly 8 March 2012) says that the “discovery” that the drug Propranolol, used to treat heart disease, can suppress racial attitudes, will excise egalitarians. The Oxford study involved two groups of 18 people who undertook a “racial implicit association test” (IAT), one to two hours after taking either a placebo or the drug propranolol.
The propranolol group and the placebo group were told to categorise positive and negative words and pictures of black and white individuals on a computer screen. It was allegedly found that one third of the propranolol had a negative IAT score, allegedly showing an unconscious bias to being non-racist, but this was not found in the placebo group.

Propranolol is a beta blocker used to treat high blood pressure. I was on it for a time. Whether or not I would have shown a negative IAT test is interesting. I don’t recall being any less “racist”, maybe more, more. The phenomenon of ethnocentrism is an almost universal mixture of discriminatory attitudes and behaviours with complex evolutionary and cultural origins (R.A. Hammond and R. Axelrod, “The Evolution of Ethnocentrism,” Journal of Conflict Resolution”, vol. 50, 2006, pp.926-936). It would be as astonishing for such a complex human behaviour to be reducible to a simple psychopharmacology as it would be to reduce the “mind virus” disease of egalitarianism to a genetic defect.

The study itself has a very small sample. Although the finding of a third of the propranolol group being unconsciously non-racist statistically significant, the finding may not be politically significant. The IAT test is largely about biases and stereotypes and does not and cannot measure rational racialism, racialist conclusions reached by reasoned thought. That is the more important phenomenon rather than unconscious stereotypes. Racialism, like good medicine, needs to be evidenced based.

Finally, propranolol as a hypertension drug reduces the heart rate. The IAT test requires rapidly clicking, so the reduced heart rate in perhaps otherwise non-hypertension individuals, may have produced the effect. The study strikes one as simplistically wrong, and probably is.  


by Betty Luks:

I was posted material on concerns about the administration of councils in Victoria. The actionists involved would be better placed than me to comment, or publish their submissions, perhaps here, but here are my reflections for what they are worth, because the issue is an important one that we all should care about. In general, the concerns are about the standard of administration of councils and possible excesses of power in issues such as the rural land strategy. There is also questioning by action groups of the authority of local government in Victoria to levy property rates and there is an impending legal challenge to local government rates assessment in Victoria. The Rural Action Super group Inc. is championing the cause for “accountable and transparent local government, lower rates and reinstatement of propriety rights for rural property throughout Victoria”.

Farm zoning has stripped rural property owners of the “as of right use” to build a home on their land. The courageous group is fighting back using the Valuation of Land Act and is defending the right of small landholders to build a home on their land. Removal of the right to build on land under 40ha could see banks calling in their loans, and thus small rural properties would be rendered valueless.

Along with this threat is the threat of rural land strategies in general, which basically increases government control over rural land holdings. In particular the strategy will: “Limit new housing development in rural areas, direct housing growth into existing settlements; discourage dwellings in isolated small lots and encourage consolidation of small isolated small lots”. This is a great burden on rural communities that will lead to a decline of property values in the region.

MHR Sophie Mirabella (Indi), to her credit, has taken a stand against these land strategies, as of course have many brave community actionists who are fighting long and hard against it. In her Submission to the Rural City of Wangaratta Rural Land Strategy, she noted the great level of community opposition and said that she disapproved and absolutely objected to the plan and that the plan should be dumped altogether. She is quoted in The Chronicle newspaper (20 April 2012, p.7 “Scrap Land Strategy”) as saying: “Instead of looking at ways in which to increase control over rural land holders, council should instead be looking at ways in which it can reduce the cost of farmers doing business, cut red tape, and facilitate flexible rural business practices.”

Good luck to the Rural Action Super Group in fighting for these objectives and more. If you want to lend these good folk a hand - or want to join in the battle go to their website:


The UN's Global to Local tactic via ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) may be encountered in every country of the UN System. Lord Monckton was present and reported on the recent UN Rio de Janeiro 2012 meeting. Man-made global warming, alias man-made climate change is now virtually 'dead-in-the-water'.

However, the UN globalists see so-called 'Sustainable' so-called 'Development' as their way forward. This is being executed at the local level, attempting to by-pass national governments via ICLEI. ICLEI's modus operandi is 'Global to Local'. Those of us that care about responsible, accountable government need to be aware of and spread information about the worldwide activities of ICLEI.

Much useful information about the globalists so-called 'Sustainable Development' tactics may be found on the website of Freedom Advocates


The Editor, Wangaratta Chronicle, 6/7/2012.
Dear Sir,

Cr McPhie has criticized Wangaratta Chronicle reports of Council actions. Has Cr McPhie any understanding of the actions of Local Governments in Australia? A Parliament of Australia paper May 2011, "Budget 2011-2012 Sustainability" states "Sustainability plans or Local Agenda 21 plans were developed for many local government authorities in the late 1990's and early 2000's".

"The plans will be developed for regional and coastal high growth centres by state and local governments, and will be funded with $29.2 million over four years". "Apparently one aim of these plans is to facilitate developing these centres by streamlining environmental decision- making under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. The sustainability plans will be assessed under the strategic assessment provisions of the Act."

Local Agenda 21 Policy includes plans to abolish private ownership of land and to divert people to living in controlled settlements. This policy backgrounds the Rural City of Wangaratta Rural Land Strategy consultations. Rural City of Wangaratta employees Emma Fuchsen, Sustainability Education Officer and Bronwyn Chapman, Manager of Environment are listed as speakers at a Government Sustainability Conference, for the Public Sector, advertised for 18th & 19th September 2012. Sebel, Albert Park, Melbourne.

An Information Brochure June 2012 HUME REGIONAL GROWTH PLAN is now available on the internet plus supporting documents developed at same time the Rural City of Wangaratta, Rural Land Strategy flawed consultation took place. If you computer google, GSP1-6 Sustainable Development: from Bruntland to Rio 2012, a background paper prepared for consideration by the High Level Panel on Sustainability at its first meeting 19th September 2010, prior to the recent RIO G20 meeting June 2012, is available.

I endorse the Wangaratta Chronicle Editorial 25th June 2012 " speech are a basis of democracy". An example is my letter published Wangaratta Chronicle 6th June 2012: "Who is controlling Local Government?". Perhaps Cr McPhie will accept your invitation and explain in a letter to your paper the freedom of information policy of the Rural City of Wangaratta Council, a signatory to Local Agenda 21.

- - Yours sincerely, Alison G. Walpole. 6th July 2012  


from Paul Fromm, Canada
“Terry Tremaine's "Hate" Case Attracting Media Attention and Criticism of Sec. 319 ("hate law")” writes Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. In a letter to the Editor of The National Post he had this to say:

Dear Sir: Re: “Handing hatred a microphone,” (National Post, July 5, 2012), if this were any other than a highly charged political case, your headline and conclusion (“hatemongers such as Mr. Tremaine”) would have contained the mandatory “alleged” hatred. The Terry Tremaine trial on charges of “willful promotion of hate” hasn’t even started yet. Presumably, that’s what the trial will determine: whether or not Mr. Tremaine’s political opinions expressed on the Internet on several U.S. websites constitute “hate.”

I agree with your condemnation of Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, Canada’s notorious “hate law.” You ask: “How many Canadians had heard of Mr. Tremaine before the charges against him were laid. … We hadn’t.” Your ignorance is a scandal.
The Canadian Association for Free Expression has sent regular reports on Terry Tremaine’s travails over the past six years, including to your paper and many other media outlets in Canada.

Mr. Tremaine has been the victim of a political vendetta by Ottawa civil servant Richard Warman. In 2005, Mr. Warman launched a human rights complain against him under the now repealed Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Before any tribunal had been convened., Mr. Warman approached Mr. Tremaine’s employer, the University of Saskatchewan with a complaint. Mr.Tremaine lost his job as a lecturer and was unable to afford a lawyer for the human rights Tribunal. Next, Mr. Warman launched a complaint with the Regina Police under Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code – the case at hand.

For the past four years, Mr. Tremaine’s bail conditions have prevented him from posting his views on any “White supremacist” website. Too bad his name isn’t Wei Wei. This Chinese dissident was jailed and then stripped of his political rights for a year and was not allowed to talk to the Western media during that time. Many Canadian papers came to his defence and protested Red China’s denial of freedom of speech. Rightly so.

However, the always self righteous Canadian media is often silent with abuses closer to home. Mr. Tremaine has been gagged four times as long as Mr. Wei Wei, with no end in sight.  


by James Reed
I am so very glad to be retired from teaching (“Teachers Feel ‘They Can’t Stop Bullies’” The Australian 22 June 2012, p.3). One Victorian lawyer who deals with claims of schoolyard bullying has said that both teachers and principals “do not think they have the power to control the children any more.
Yes! Yes! Yes! That is spot on. Even when I retired schools were pretty bad, but reports now indicate that things have descended into a “Lord of the Flies” type of quiet anarchy. The thugs rule, drugs freely circulate, you name it.

I think that it is too late now to prevent the crash, so people need to home school their children if possible. The influence of peer groups on undermining Christian values is vastly underestimated by parents. The crisis with our girls “running out of control” - as my priest puts it - is a product of this culture.  


According to an ‘Online Opinion’ article by David Leyonhjelm “Organic food – it's a religion”.

Mr. Leyonhjelm would have us believe: “No intelligent person would choose organic food over conventional food on objective grounds. Its support is based on a number of false assumptions. For example, it is assumed that conventional food usually contains pesticide residues. Overall, this is not true. As confirmed by repeated surveys (what surveys Mr. Leyonhjelm?) most food is almost completely free of pesticide residues.

He continues: It is also assumed that tiny residues of pesticides are harmful. This is similarly false except for rare individuals with specific allergies. All pesticides are scrutinised in exhaustive detail before they may be sold and there are huge safety margins built into their use rates. Some of them are certainly dangerous straight out of the container, but so is laundry bleach and swimming pool chlorine. Legal pesticide residues do not cause acute or chronic illness.

It is assumed that organic food is free of pesticides. In fact, certain pesticides are permitted under the various organic codes and many organically grown plants produce endogenous pesticides that are chemically similar to manmade pesticides. And there are also occasional organic farmers who are forced to apply pesticides to save their crops. Not surprisingly, they don't talk about that much.

It is assumed that organic production is better for the environment. That this is false is shown by the approach to controlling weeds. A conventional farmer will use herbicides to kill weeds and avoid disturbing the soil to conserve moisture, minimise erosion and preserve topsoil organic matter. Organic farmers are not permitted to use herbicides, so they have to use cultivation.
(Wait a minute didn’t this fellow say that “occasional organic farmers… are forced to apply pesticides to save their crops”? Now he contradicts himself by saying “Organic farmers are not permitted to use herbicides, so they have to use cultivation”.)

The assumption that pesticides wipe out bees and other beneficial insects is also false. Modern insecticides are highly selective and increasingly used in conjunction with beneficial insects in integrated pest management programs. Hypocritically, none of the organic codes recognise genetically-modified crops in spite of their need for little or no pesticides.
(So now it is better to use genetically-modified crops “because they require little or no pesticides”. Has this fellow done any research into the background of “genetically modified” crops and foods? Readers would do well to read Jeffrey M. Smith’s “Seeds of Deception” before accepting Mr. Leyonhjelm’s unsubstantiated claims as ‘gospel truth’.)

He continues: And it is assumed that organic production is a viable alternative to conventional agriculture, and the world would be better off it was adopted globally. In fact, organic methods are significantly less productive that conventional agriculture, producing on average 20% lower yields. More land is needed to produce the same amount of food using organic production methods, meaning higher prices or less set aside for conservation. The poor farmers who clear the rainforests in Indonesia and Brazil typically do not use pesticides. So given facts like these, why do intelligent people cling to the belief that they are doing themselves, their families or the world a favour by purchasing organic food? Most of them do not reject modern society or the capitalist economy, although there are plenty in the organic movement who do. Nor are most of them even fully committed to organic food; they buy it by exception rather than as a committed policy.

(All who work with the soil need to work in harmony with the laws of Nature. There are those who now choose to work in harmony with Nature, as have farmers for thousands of years, they are now known as ‘organic’ and/or ‘biodynamic’ farmers, and then there are those who choose to work with chemicals or chemically farm. This fellow refers to them as ‘conventional’. WW1 proved such a bonus for the chemical industries’ products, but they needed to find other uses in peacetime. They did.)

Mr. Leyonhjelm again: Ignorance about the falsity of these assumptions explains some of it. There is remarkable reluctance, including in the media, to even consider whether the emperor is wearing clothes. Even among those who do not consume it, it is quite common to hear organic food labelled as harmless and merely a matter of choice, facts notwithstanding.
But another explanation may have been revealed in a recent study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, which discovered that those who consumed organic food were more judgemental and selfish than others.

The authors say the results suggest that "exposure to organic foods may lead people to affirm their moral identities, which attenuates their desire to be altruistic."
That apparently leads to a higher level of self-righteousness which is reflected in harsher attitudes towards fellow humans. Assumptions of moral superiority are not confined to organic food consumers. Those who never exceed the speed limit, refuse to eat meat, or are overtly religious, are probably not a lot different. But it is a plausible explanation.
Support for organic food is based on a belief system in which facts are not particularly relevant. Indeed, if you either ignore or deny the facts, you can allow yourself the self-satisfaction of looking down on those who do not share your beliefs. It explains a lot.
This article first appeared in Farmonline. David Leyonhjelm is treasurer of the LDP (Liberal Democrat Party.

Final comment: I would suggest this fellow seek out the DVD “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, it was widely distributed through the Australian Women’s Weekly a couple of months ago.
It is a documentary made by Sydneysider Joe Cross and tells his own story of regaining his health, first by an organic juice regime over two months, followed by healthier eating and lifestyle.
Joe Cross suffered from an auto-immune disease and had been on steroids for around eight years. Not only did Joe regain his health and came off the steroids, but the film documents how he helped an American truckie, who was grossly overweight and suffering from the same auto-immune disease, to regain his health as well. It is a most inspiring documentary and the results, the proof, the evidence, is there for all to see.  

Health Books That Need to be Read:
“Health Wars” by Phillip Day:
Has our health become a serious matter of someone else’s profit margin? Health Wars is the penetrating new investigation into the fraud and deceit of the cash-hungry healthcare industry. Author and citizen’s advocate Phillip Day uncovers the entrenched scientific error and unhealthy agendas which deliberately prevent the simple answer to killer diseases from becoming known. Price: $35.00 + postage.

“Juicing for Health” by Caroline Wheater:
Fresh juices provide the most delicious natural way to stay healthy and ensure you’re taking in all the right vitamins and minerals. Includes over 200 fantastic fresh juice recipes and blends. Price: $35.00 + postage.

“Essential Guide to Water and Salt” by F. Batmanghelidj MD and Phillip Day.
The public is being seriously misled over the necessity for water and proper salt in the diet. We have a medical system that does not train its doctors in even the basics of nutrition and hydration, so why are we surprised that they have failed with ‘disease’? The information in this book should be trumpeted from the rooftops if we truly profess to care for our loved ones. Price: $30.00 + postage.  


GlaxoSmithKline will pay a $3 billion settlement.
GlaxoSmithKline was slapped with a $3 billion fine Monday by the U.S. Justice Department after failing to report safety data on some of the company's most popular drugs. The payment -- with $1 billion going to settle criminal wrongdoing, and $2 billion to cover civil liabilities - is the largest fraud settlement in U.S. history, and the largest payment ever by a drug company. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) will plead guilty to two counts of introducing misbranded drugs, Paxil and Wellbutrin, into interstate commerce.

Specifically, the government alleged that the drugs were marketed as a treatment for conditions for which they had not been approved. It said Paxil, which treats depressive and anxiety disorders in adults, was marketed to children and adolescents, and Wellbutrin, an antidepressant, was marketed as a weight-loss aid. A third count involves a failure to report safety data about the drug Avandia, a diabetes drug, to the Food and Drug Administration between 2001and 2007.

In addition to the criminal and civil resolutions, GlaxoSmithKline has reached a 5-year compliance agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services. Under terms of the deal, according to department Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson, company executives could forfeit annual bonuses if they or their subordinates engage in significant misconduct, and sales agents are now being paid based on quality of service rather than sales targets.

GlaxoSmithKline said in a statement that the settlement will be funded through existing cash resources. "On behalf of GSK, I want to express our regret and reiterate that we have learnt from the mistakes that were made," CEO Andrew Witty said in a statement, adding that the company has changed its procedures for compliance, marketing and selling since the incidents.  


Bt Toxicity Confirmed: ISIS (Institute of Science in Society) Report 11/07/2012:
Researchers confirm Bt toxicity to non-target beneficial insects and show how experiments claiming to refute their results were designed not to find the effect… Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji. A new study confirms that the Cry1Ab Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) toxin present in genetically modified (GM) crops kills the larvae of the two-spotted ladybird (Adalia bipunctata L.), a species that GM supporters claim to be unaffected by the toxin [1].

The study raises questions regarding the integrity of previous work published by GM proponents, whose experimental protocols were re-tested and shown to lack the scientific rigour required to pick up signs of toxicity even in target insects that the pesticide is designed to kill.

Bt toxins are present in many GM crops including cotton and maize. Monsanto’s Mon 810 Bt maize is currently approved for cultivation in Europe, although it has been banned by individual nations including Hungary, France, Austria, Germany, Greece and Luxembourg due to health and environmental concerns. Many previous studies have found effects on health and the environment (see [2] Bt Crops Failures and Hazards, SiS 53, [3] More Illnesses Linked to Bt Crops, SiS 30). Read the rest of this report on the ISIS website


The Editor, The Advertiser (Adelaide). Dear Sir,
The decision to eliminate God and the Queen from the Girl Guide Pledge is an indictment on the intrinsic value of loyalty, pride and patriotism.
The promise of duty to God, Queen and Country is now anathema to be pushed down the memory hole of history. Is secular humanism now going to fill the void? Stand for nothing - fall for anything!

- - Yours etc., Jennifer Grundy, Narracoorte South Australia  

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