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27 July 2012 Thought for the Week:

The perfect storm – Santelli meets Nigel Farage:
The undisputed champion of European political ranting (UKIP's Nigel Farage) discussed the sad reality of Europe's inevitable demise with the reigning US chief of non-hype Rick Santelli in a no-holds-barred cage-match of like-minded skeptics. From Rajoy's incompetence to the 'genius of mutual indebtedness', Farage explains the problem is 'bedevilled with complexity' as, for example, the last summit left "the Finnish and Dutch finance ministers leaving with a very different perspective on what happened than the rest" and now even Merkel is arguing domestically what she has and has not agreed to.

From the simple self-referential idiocy of Spain's EUR100 billion bailout - that creates vicious circles on all the peripheral 'bailing' nations; to "the same bundle of money going round and round in circles" leaving Nigel tempted to describe it as "a giant ponzi scheme"; Santelli, not to be outdone, explains how the US is just such a money-circulating ponzi scheme as "one part of the government issues debt as another part is buying". The ECB, of course, is becoming plagued with more and more of the ponzi-like peripheral paper and as Farage notes "the day Greece leaves the Euro - and it will - the ECB is left with a massive paper loss" leaving the ECB under-capitalized - which in all its wonderful craziness means "it has to go and get fresh capital from the other countries that themselves have been bailed out and are in fact in trouble…"

Sedgwick, Maine has done what no other town in the United States has done.
Last year the town unanimously passed an ordinance giving its citizens the right "to produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing." This is without government regulation.

This includes raw milk, locally slaughtered meats, and just about anything else you can imagine. It means that farmer and patron agree to enter into private agreements with one another, and settle any disputes that arise personally and civilly. It is the way things used to be done before Americans sacrificed their freedoms to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Learn about the principles in this video.- -  


by James Reed and Peter West
It is not so much the “suicide of the white race” as a conspiracy to destroy it. Then again, maybe “conspiracy” is the wrong word because the “grand plan” or “diabolical plan” is pretty much in the open now. Consider: according to the BBC News (21 June 2012) the UN’s special representative for migration, Peter Sutherland, has said that the European Union should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states. (OT Vol48 No26) EU states’ future depended upon them becoming “multicultural” – which must mean, given that all European countries already have bursting levels of cultural and ethnic diversity – non-white.

Oh, by the way, Peter Sutherland in non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International. Sutherland told the House of Lords Committee : “It’s impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the other argument can survive because the states have to become more open states, in terms of the people who inhabit them. Just as the United Kingdom has demonstrated.”

Then Sutherland was questioned about OECD evidence that employment rates among migrants in the US and Australia were higher than in EU countries. His reply: “The United States or Australia and New Zealand, are migrant societies and therefore they accommodate more readily those from other backgrounds than we do ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others.” And, Pete, what about the homogeneity of China? Why not go there and tell them to get “multicultural” as well?

It gets ‘better’: according to Elliot Lake News and Views “The EU also wants to invite 50,000,000 – that’s fifty million Africans to Europe to take up jobs. While Europeans, such as in Greece, are homeless and unemployed, the cynical elites are opening up job centres in West Africa, to begin a ‘master plan” of open African migration of workers to Europe.

The solution is obvious: send the 50 million African workers to Australia! Our elites tell us that there is no limit to the number of workers the mining industry needs. Why, 50 million workers, over double Australia’s present population, is surely just a drop in the ocean! As there are no environmental limits to growth, the 50 million workers could fly back to their home in Canberra, adding rich cultural diversity to that city!


by Brian Simpson
James and Pete attempt to counter the multiracial/multicultural nonsense of the EU with satire. Another approach is the coldly serious essay by Dr. Frank Ellis “The Rise of New-Variant Liberal Totalitarianism and the War Against England” a talk given to the Traditional Britain Group at the Enoch Powell centenary dinner...
Ellis argues that the West, and especially England, is facing a civil war between an alliance between the politically correct Left and Big Business on the one side, and the indigenous white Europeans on the other. To control the people, new totalitarian societies have emerged complete with thought crimes because a global multicultural order cannot survive without coercion.

But this is only temporary because it sets into play forces of resistance. Dr. Ellis believes that a civil-race war “is not beyond the realms of possibility”. He points out that in many parts of England, especially in the inner cities, something of a low-intensity urban war, grounded in drugs and crime and directed against the police, is already beginning.
Dr. Ellis also considers the possibility that the English are now so ethno-racially broken and deracinated that they “fade away with barely a whimper”. That may happen up to a point, but ultimately when society starts to really fall apart, so that the wealth of the elites is threatened, there will be a problem recognised. This time the problem is global; and there is no new frontier to flee to.

Further to all of this, I think that the affluence of the post World War II world of the West has softened whites. The consumer society has put materialism as a new religion and made comfort and having “things” more important them ideals. What will be interesting to see is when economic/ecological breakdown smashes the consumer society. It is easy to be able to have a puffed-up morality of egalitarianism when one has so much – but what happens when it is lost?
Racial nationalists seldom consider the coming of the “long emergency” and assume that our present soap bubble of a society will continue forever. It will not – its days are numbered and so is globalism and cosmopolitanism.  


by Chris Knight
It’s one of those undiscussed philosophical issues that comes and goes. In Queensland the overarching statement introducing the syllabus for physics, chemistry and biology for Years 11 and 12 is entitled A View of Science and Science Education. According to this document: “Science is a social and cultural activity through which explanations of natural phenomena may be viewed as mental constructions based on personal experiences as result from a range of activities including observation, experimentation, imagination and discussion.” (The Australian 10 July, 2012, p.1)

This view is the social construction of science and is only a heart-beat from cognitive relativism, seeing all knowledge claims as “equal” because there is no standard to judge between them. Hence voodoo and quantum physics are “equal”. The Left loves this. But science done well, is in a league of its own. Voodoo and the like lack explanatory power and an experimental basis. Science gives us the modern world, and it is this, that the over-affluent, culturally bored Left, who so typically fill sociology departments, are in revolt against.

But let civilisation crumble and it will be the sociology types who will be first to perish - lawyers next; politicians being used to cannibalism will linger on.  


by James Reed
Hats off to Opposition spokesman Scott Morrison for questioning that most sacred of sacred cows (well, maybe the second most sacred cow), the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees. Morrison’s view is that the Convention was relevant after WWII but is not relevant now. Even that is debateable in my opinion as a racial nationalist, but as it has been decided that Anglo Saxon Australia must go the way of the Tasmanian Tiger, let us not trouble ourselves by debating hypotheticals.

According to Morrison, “That’s a world of difference between people getting on planes to Indonesia or Malaysia as part of an integrated package to get to an asylum country of choice. That’s not what the Convention was designed to address.” But if that is so it is arguable that there is nothing wrong with the Convention, just its present interpretation.

No! The whole ideology of immigrationism and refugeeism should be rejected, and should have been rejected in 1951, along with that globalist pseudo world government, the UN. But given present realities, rejecting the 1951 Convention is a great start and delivers a needed smack on the wrist to the cosmopolitans.  


by James Reed
The government did not fund an extra $50 a week for people on NewStart Allowance (the dole). But in March this year the Remuneration Tribunal awarded Federal politicians a pay rise which kicked in on 1st July. And wait – there’s more! The Tribunal has just recommended another three per cent pay rise. Thus with an increase of $50,000 in the past year, the average back bencher now earns $190,500. Gillard gets $495,430 - an increase of almost $130,000 in the last twelve months. While the average working person is sucked further by the latest carbon tax vampire, the political piggies party on.  


by James Reed
Brendon O’Neill (“The ‘Weather of Mass Destruction Crowd Leaves Thought Back in the Dark Ages’” The Weekend Australian 14-15 July 2012 p.24: “Greens blame humans and their wicked ways for every flood, famine and plague of locusts..”), made the interesting point that environmentalism is struck with medievalism. In medieval times bad weather was blamed on witches, but today extreme weather is humanly caused, by global warming or global climate change. As he says, weather has become the new atomic bomb, the new threat of apocalypse.

O’Neill mentions *Gaia (“Mother Earth”) but he does not comment on the seeming cult of regarding the Earth as a living entity. James Lovelock the scientist popularised this idea, but Greens have taken things much further creating a new ecological paganism, a religion, I believe for the one world government that Bob Brown so hopes for. It is a pity that the “collapse” that so many of them hope for, will not bring on a “new age”, but rather the end of civilisation.

* Geoffrey Dobbs dealt with the “Mother Earth –Gaia” concept in his Local World series available to download here.  
The Local World Part III by Geoffrey Dobbs

GAIA: Goddess, Organism or Association ? I am devoting most of this chapter to James Lovelock and his GAIA Hypothesis, which is already exerting a major influence on what is called the Green Movement. He is a remarkable man, an independent scientist who does not depend upon a salaried post and a career in any university research laboratory or commercial corporation, but supports himself and his family by the income from his own inventions, the best-known of which is the electron-capture detector. This, a development from gas chromatography has enabled people to detect extremely minute traces of substances, such as pesticides, in the atmosphere and elsewhere, and has been a major factor in the discovery, from Rachel Carson onwards, of the widespread pollution of the environment...


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
The “Bar News” (NSW) is always a good read. The latest edition has an excellent article by David Ash, “Advocacy, Legal Practice and Truth” (Autumn 2012 pp.8-15). He argues that for New South Wales (and I think his argument can be generalised to other jurisdictions) the legislature “framed the courts” role in terms of the administration of justice “rather than the criterion of the pursuit of truth.

The argument cannot be justly summarised here, but in a nutshell he finds no reference to “the pursuit of truth” in fundamental documents such as the 1823 Charter of Justice (King George IV) (rather reference is to the “administration of Justice”) The Supreme Court Act 1970 (NSW) and the Civil Procedure Act 2005 (NSW). The adversarial system seeks truth, but a qualified truth, consistent with the values of “justice”. I think the complex roles of evidence and admissibility (not explicitly discussed) also support this.

Freedom folk note that “justice” is not your kind of moral rightness. Justice is what the court system delivers, by its rules and on its terms. Ash does not go on to discuss this. It is therefore conceptually distinct from truth. I think, in many cases, “justice” delivered based upon morally bad laws, gives tyranny. Hence I am of the opinion that our adversarial and legal system is intrinsically flawed, putting “justice” first and absolute truth, way back.  


by Wallace Klinck, Canada
So long as the present Keynesian (Fabian Socialist) debt system of finance is maintained nothing is going to be done about the world debt situation. In fact, the situation is inevitably and progressively going to become worse - quite according to pre-determined revolutionary plan. If society had opted for the policies of C. H. Douglas (a contemporary of Keynes) and thereby chosen a Social Credit rather than a Social Debt system of national cost accountancy citizens would have sufficient unattached consumer incomes to clear the market without the requirement of expanding government spending to bridge the increasing chasm between financial costs (and prices) and effective consumer incomes.
This inherent shortage of purchasing power in the price-system becomes greater as real capital (tools, machines, etc…ed) replaces human effort as a factor in the productive system and the capital component of final prices increases relative to labour with every genuine advance in technological efficiency.

Any society that genuflects before a numerical abstraction that sabotages every scientific advance in productivity and insists perversely on accounting its growing real assets as a liability is on a collision course with disaster -- a disaster that is probably well-deserved. If we are at a "turning point" we had better do some realistic thinking instead of emulating the Gadarene swine--or civilization is going to turn off a cliff.

Furthermore, both accountants and economists seem to not understand the creditary nature of money. Economists understand how demand effects prices, and accountants understand how cost accounting effects prices. In my opinion neither understands how both effect prices! This is a serious flaw in the way economics is taught at university. I know it's quite possible, in fact I'd argue that it's most probable, that someone can obtain a PhD in economics without taking a single course in accounting. And I'm sure it's possible to obtain a PhD in accounting with taking only one or two courses in economics.

C H Douglas, The Social Creditor, Sept. 22, 1945 wrote: "We have noticed many times that there appears to be a sheer inability on the part of monetary experts both orthodox and unorthodox ... to apply the simplest principles of double-entry book keeping, or of cost-accounting, to the money system. In consequence, many of their doubtless well-meaning proposals are as incompatible with each other, that the whole subject assumes the aspect of a mad-hatters' tea-party."


by Betty Luks
The Liberal National Coalition (LNP) has passed a resolution calling for the ACCC to be given the legal power to break up huge monopolies. Senator Barnaby Joyce announced:

“America has had one for more than 100 years, the UK has one, Australia needs one and now the LNP in Queensland wants one. The ultimate Sword of Damacles. Corporations who use their substantial power in the market to emasculate the rights of other businesses should have that power curtailed.|
“Divestiture powers allow a corporation to be broken up if they bully and abscond with the rights of other Australian businesses. I applaud the lead that comes from Queensland on this seminal issue with the LNP today passing an urgency resolution for the Federal Government to give the ACCC these powers” writes Senator Barnaby Joyce of the Nationals.
“Over the past 30 years, food prices in Australia have increased by 189 percent. Much higher than many others, in the UK and US food prices have increased about 120 per cent, while in Canada they have only increased by 90 per cent. When 78 per cent of the grocery sector is owned by two companies this result is not surprising, and barely any of those price increases have been seen at the farmgate. This is no longer an issue just for farmers and small businesses though. Both Heinz (multinat) and Coca-Cola Amatil (multinat) have complained about the retail sector environment over the past year. It's time the ACCC had the full armoury of weapons to use against anti-competitive conduct. Divestiture is of course a serious response but there is no point walking softly if you don't carry a big stick.”

Huh? Against anti-competitive conduct?
Barnaby, Barnaby. Where do I begin? Bank robbers, when caught, are tried in court and sent to jail. Those who steal from others, whether a purse snatcher or car thief, get tried for theft and punished. But not so Banks and Financial Institutions!

The internet is humming with news of huge financial crimes on the part of banks – and yet nowhere do I read of governments seeking to put things right – only of governments frantically trying to keep the fraudulent system afloat. Nowhere do I read of governments seeking to curb the power of private banks to create the nation’s credit- money as recently revealed by Professor Steve Keen.

For further historical background...

In an earlier news release you called for local councillors to get behind the push for cash-starved Local Councils to be acknowledged in the Commonwealth Constitution – so they could have access to funds through the Federal government. You saw nothing wrong with the further centralisation of political and financial power in this case, nor did you question - or tell us -as to why local councils are so cash starved.

Tell me Barnaby, as a (so I understand) Christian, what do you make of the New Testament parable of the Unmerciful Servant (Matthew 18:21-35). It has to do with debt forgiveness.
“Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. As he began the settlement, a man who owed him ten thousand bags of gold was brought to him. Since he was not able to pay, the master ordered that he and his wife and his children and all that he had, be sold to repay the debt. At this the servant fell on his knees before him. ‘Be patient with me,’ he begged, ‘and I will pay back everything.’ The servant’s master took pity on him, cancelled the debt and let him go.
But when that servant went out, he found one of his fellow servants who owed him a hundred silver coins. He grabbed him and began to choke him. ‘Pay back what you owe me!’ he demanded. His fellow servant fell to his knees and begged him, ‘Be patient with me, and I will pay it back.’ But he refused. Instead, he went off and had the man thrown into prison until he could pay the debt…”

And so it is today. We are told ‘Banks are too big to fail’ no matter how criminal their activities and governments are busily ‘shoring them up’ to save them and so retain the present financial set up, but the little people are brought before the courts and the full weight of the corrupt system is brought down upon them.  

The National Dividend- Arthur Brenton editor of The New Age journal, in 1925 wrote in “The Veil of Finance:-
Current attempts to patch up the system go to support the diagnosis that we have put forward. They can be comprehensively described as the Dole system. Firstly, workmen are supplied with money while waiting for opportunities to work; and more recently, the coal industry is being supplied with the same while waiting for opportunities to execute orders. In a short time we shall hear Agriculture crying out for the subsidy.
Now all the excitement and fears expressed in reference to this tendency depend upon the false assumption that this money now going out is a loan, and must be repaid later on in taxation and cancelled. All the preparations being made for the expected Capital-Labour struggle arise from the same belief, and are so many manoeuvres by rival interests to escape the burden of repayment. But the true line to take is to say, not “Who shall repay the subsidy?” but “Need the subsidy be repaid?”

We press the view that the dole or subsidy need never be repaid, but that both should be regarded as a belated payment to the public on account of the stupendous hidden debt of credit owed to them by their financial agent, the banking system. There is only one objection to the present “subsidies”—we are not every one of us sharing in them. The distribution is partial, when it ought to be general. And when it becomes general, we have only to discard its obsolete and false name of “subsidy” and “dole,” and to clothe it with its scientific name and economic vestment—The National Dividend. The Veil of Finance will have been lifted.  


According to Scott Murdoch The Australian: The Macquarie Group is being investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission over a botched subprime mortgage bond deal from before the global financial crisis. It was revealed yesterday that Delaware Investments, now a subsidiary of Macquarie Group, and Mizuho Financial Group are likely to face civil charges over the $US1.6 billion Delphinus bond offer in 2007. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the SEC, the US corporate regulator, was about to file lawsuits against the two groups.

It will be alleged that the bond deal consisted of a collateralised debt obligation that "imploded" just months after it was sold to investors. The failed deal has been under investigation by the SEC for the past five years since the transaction soured. The CDO was made up of a pool of subprime mortgages and other loans.
Macquarie spokeswoman Navleen Prasad said the Australian-based operations of Macquarie had no knowledge of the likely SEC action, despite it being flagged on Delaware's website. It was reported that the US regulator could file the lawsuits as early as next Thursday against Delaware and Mizuho Financial. The SEC has also warned that individual employees of both firms could face legal action. It is understood that Delaware managed the assets while Mizuho underwrote and sold the deal.

In a statement, Delaware said it had been working with the SEC on the allegations concerning its role in the failed deal. "This type of notice from (the SEC) . . . is neither a formal allegation nor a finding of wrongdoing," the company said.
"It provides the recipient the opportunity to provide its perspective and to address the issues raised by the staff before any recommendation is made to the SEC on whether to commence an enforcement proceeding.
"Delaware Investments takes its responsibilities very seriously and has been co-operating with the SEC in responding to this matter and will continue to do so in order to achieve a satisfactory resolution as soon as possible." Delaware also confirmed that an employee of its structured credit investment business was facing an SEC investigation.

The likely SEC action is an embarrassing blow for Macquarie which finalised the Delaware purchase in early 2010. The business has been hit by a staff exodus as well as volatility in US financial markets.
In Australia, Macquarie has faced claims that it encouraged mortgage brokers to falsify loan applications and use loopholes to get loans approved. The Australian has revealed in the past few weeks the existence of emails between Macquarie and mortgage brokers that show that the lending giant instructed a suburban broker to vastly inflate a borrower's income to have a loan approved.
In another email, a Macquarie "credit analyst" with the group's mortgages division told a broker to register a borrower for an Australian business number in order to sidestep control mechanisms. The bank had mostly specialised in low-doc loans before the global downturn. Macquarie has repeatedly refused to comment on the loans.  
(italics added)


From Larry Pickering’s Face Book
Gillard’s well-documented attempts to shut down the Wilson story could be described as emotional, hysterical and frantic. A disinterested observer may say, “Mmmm, now that’s a curious response to something the lady claims is ‘completely untrue’”.

The lady is a lawyer and should know that if you are caught with your pants down, it’s better not to draw attention ...to the problem. If your pants are still firmly around your waist then simply walk on. If you ARE indeed caught with your pants down, the logical thing to do is shuffle to the nearest microphone and rationally explain the situation. The lady steadfastly refuses to do that. In fact she refuses to answer any questions asked of her by media. The lady always responds, “...I have dealt with this matter previously, please refer to that response.” We can’t find any response.

All we wanted was an explanation. Who knows, the whole affair may be entirely explicable! If it is, then it will simply go away. We will all apologise for misreading the evidence and go about our business. No problems. |
The lack of an explanation leads to further suspicion and doubt and is exactly why the Wilson story keeps bubbling back to the surface. You can’t kill a story these days by gagging the messenger. The net is omnipresent.

Too many people lie injured and still bleeding in the aftermath of the Wilson affair. They are now determined a certain lady will also spill blood. The Pickering Post has it on good authority that legal proceedings will shortly commence out of Melbourne. The star witness will be a person the Lady knows well. All this nasty stuff could have been averted with an explanation. A plausible explanation.  


Numurkah Leader - Local Councils, July 2012:
Dear Editor, Local government is coming under a lot of criticism at the moment and is it any wonder? Council financial demands are escalating – rate increases are piled on top of rate increases and the representatives and administrators call it “responsible government”. They claim to be able to make the “hard decisions” which is “new-speak” for “we don’t mind hurting you”. Is there any limit to their demands?

Ratepayers tend to blame their council representatives for all the perceived faults of Local Government; is this constructive criticism? To answer that question we need to look at Local Government history. In the mid-1850s there were only State Governments and Local Government generally evolved from local roads’ boards, therefore, we can say Local Government is a creature of the States. Likewise, the Commonwealth Federation from 1900 was also a “creature” of the States. Local Government is a legal entity with power derived from the Local Government Act in the respective States, in reality, councils are an administering arm of the State Government and it is the State Government that should rightly be feeling the wrath of ratepayers.

The State Government can also set financial policy and this is defined in the Constitution of The Commonwealth of Australia (Part V, Section 51, Par. xiii) so from the foregoing we can say that the Commonwealth has no business interfering with the machinery of Local Government. The State Government also has a policy of “cost-shifting” so loading an increasing financial burden on councils and I fail to see why council representatives do not baulk at the State’s demands.

Why do they continue to increase the financial burden on ratepayers “year in, year out”? This year’s 6% increase is on top of last year’s 5% increase and it goes on without bounds year after year… have you ever experienced a rate decrease? This is accompanied by increased bureaucratic regulation – for your own good, of course! The system works against the smaller home-owner as re-valuations ensure the well remunerated administrators are paid with little improvement in service delivery, but then, they “are just doing their job” and move on when the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable.

I am sure as valuations and rates increase, then home-owners down-size to reduce the financial burden and often at a cost to themselves and their families. What can be done? Is it too much to expect any candidate at the forthcoming council elections to draw a line and say… “This is where it stops!” In the final analysis, it is up to the voting ratepayer… Will you vote for more of the same or will YOU say “I have had enough!”

If you judge by results then Local Government has been left wanting and the burden is becoming too much to bear. This is not a call for the abolition of Local Government, on the contrary, a new way of funding Local Government MUST be found!

- - Louis Cook, Numurkah, Victoria


A Crime Against Humanity: To the Editor of The Age, 19th July 2012
Arresting a man aged 97 for alleged war crimes committed 68 years ago is itself a crime against humanity, a morally horrific act. Laszlo Csatary ('Nazi suspect arrested', 19/7) may be 'in good physical and mental state' for his age, but that is surely still not a state in which he can justifiably be submitted to such prolonged legal processes. And how can Hungary possibly provide a fair trial so long after the events, when all or almost all witnesses will be dead and the documentary trail corrupted during the years of communist rule?

Nonagenarians, including Australia's Charles Zentai, whose case is still under consideration by the High Court, should be left alone and referred to the justice of God.

- - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave Victoria  

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