Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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27 January 2012 Thought for the Week:

C.H. Douglas once observed: "If ever a nation bore all the signs of coming tribulation, it is the United States of America." What a pity that materialistic greed, and an almost total lack of moral integrity, prevented the politicians of the Western world from listening to him!

- - Wallace Klinck, Social Credit Discussion Group January, 2012  


by James Reed
A wonderful little book, An Introduction to Social Credit, by Bryan W. Monahan (Tidal Publications, 1947) covers all of the essentials of social credit, but has a concluding chapter “Metaphysics”, which goes further than most commentaries. Monahan compares conventional finance to Zeno’s paradoxes of motion. The ancient Greek philosopher Zeno thought that he had shown that motion was impossible. But all he showed was that a certain way of thinking about space, time and motion (i.e. that they are infinitely divisible) is just plain wrong. Likewise for the philosophy of money, and of life, of orthodox finance. Major Douglas described social credit as “the policy of a philosophy” – the practical outcomes of a world-view or metaphysics. All policies derive from some sort of philosophy, with our present globalist fetish being a “bastard child” of communism, for example.

Social credit is practical Christianity, the ethical and metaphysical values arising from Christianity’s profound theology and spirituality. Social credit explicitly rejects the value-neutral economics myth, because economics is swimming in values and to suppose otherwise is to be as foolish as Zeno and deny an aspect of reality. Social credit is the practical endeavour to transform society so that Christian values can be fully realised and capable of flourishing:

“The very purpose of Social Credit as a system is to free individual initiative by placing the benefits of association directly at the service of individual initiative”. This is the opposite of capitalism and communism which both seek to crush individuality in the name of corporate entities such as firms or the socialist state. Social credit gives us a metaphysics of freedom.  


It was good to hear from Donald Martin of the British League of Rights.
He wrote to his Australian friends:
Please note from the article that you quote (‘Remember Why Iceland Should Be In the News, But is Not” that Iceland is not a member of the European Union (EU) but their government has applied for membership against public opinion in Iceland. Iceland’s Head of State is their President.
When we were in Iceland Tony Miller and I were also apologising to the Icelandic people for the activities of Gordon Brown’s British Government in falsely stating to the world that Iceland was bankrupt. This meant that we had to explain how the banks in the UK create over 94% of our money supply through loans thus continuing a never-ending debt spiral. This apology helped to open many doors for us and we were then able to say that continuing the debt spiral was not necessary and what could be done to change the position and overcome the shortage of consumer purchasing power.

We had an audience with the Icelandic President for about an hour when we covered the above various points. The largest daily morning paper in Iceland reported on our visit and explained what we had to say (in Icelandic) fairly well. The paper also published a photograph of Tony and me with the President. It was a very large article. The President also reported our visit on his website.
ón Lárusson as the one person on the ground in Iceland is continuing the campaigning and explaining the importance of the philosophical base for setting the scene for change. Jón is a very busy man to whom we look to expand the work which we hope we can say that we helped to break the ice.

Tony Miller and I returned to England, and Gustaf Skulason to Sweden, tired but pleased that we had been able to light a candle or two in the darkness. The idea of the apology had started with Tony who contacted me. I agreed with the idea and contacted my friend Gustaf in Sweden. What a chain of events followed this initial suggestion!

The four of us (which includes me) have continued with our campaigning with contact via email and Skype. I would have gone back to Iceland again last year but I was rushed to hospital in June last year with prostate problems, which could have killed me, followed by an operation on 22nd September 2011. I have also been diagnosed as having an advanced stage of Parkinson’s Disease which has put me badly out of action. How long I will survive is in the hands of our good Lord!

Please mention my personal situation so that my Australian friends know what has happened to me as I have had to cut back on a lot of things. With very best wishes for 2012 and keep up the good fight in Australia. - - - Donald Martin, United Kingdom.  


Jón Lárusson from Iceland has written on the original article in OT: In the article, the original one, there are some misinterpretations floating around. First, as you mention in this post, Iceland is not a member of the EU, but is in alliance with the union through EEA membership. The government got the parliament to agree on starting negotiations with the EU under the pretext that we would be "looking at their cards" and when we have a "deal" that deal would be put up for a referendum for the public to decide if we want in or not. This process is started though the EU representatives have already stated that there are no hidden cards or possible exceptions to the rule, either you join unconditionally or you stay out. This is a big issue for many, as our economy is highly dependant on fishing and the EU does not have a good track record in that area.

Also, Iceland didn't go bankrupt, even though the English and Dutch government did their best for it to happen, something that confirms Bismarck’s words "nations don't have friends, only interests". The UK's use of their anti-terrorist legislation against Iceland almost killed us, literally, by cutting off our ways of international monetary transfer. Something that is difficult when you are dependant on importation. Then the Anglo-Dutch alliance demanded that we sponsor their depositors guarantee fund by threatening us if we didn't pay up the cost inflicted on them by private Icelandic banks operating in the UK and Holland, even though they had paid into the UK and Dutch funds.
The government gave in to the threats, but the president refused to sign the legislation needed for the agreement, thus stopping us from having to pay billions of Icelandic kronas in interest alone to the Anglo-Dutch alliance.

In respect to the banks having been allowed to fail, there is also a misconception in that the banks were truly declared bankrupt, but that is only half the truth. When the banks closed, the government established a new bank for each of the three main banks. The government took the deposits and the assets from the old banks and moved it to the new ones. They also took a huge loan and gave it to the old banks as a "payment" for the assets. Then the government GAVE the banks to the lenders, with an agreement that they would have full rights to cash in all outstanding claims on the public and businesses in Iceland. This is a very interesting thing, as most if not all the new owners bought their claims at a sale or roughly 6 cents to the dollar. So now the population is bleeding, as most loans are index based and with the collapse of the economy, the principal of the loan increased to the point that individuals can't make their payments.

Of course the government is working hard for the lenders and is pressing down the purchasing power through extreme taxation and spending cuts in the public sector, mostly education, health and police. This is only the tip of the iceberg and going through all this here in detail would more resemble a copy of War and Peace than an email.
But the fact of the matter is, that the Icelandic government is working hard for the financial sector, only being delayed by the unified opposition of the common man aided by the president. And with presidential elections this spring and the president having said he's not running, we could easily be on a crossroad as it's obvious that the ruling interests are going to put up a "strong" candidate that will help them do their evil deeds.

Destiny is upon us and I just hope we will find a candidate that is open for monetary reforms and understands the true origin of the problem we are faced with. So on my promotional front, I'm maintaining my presence on Radio Saga here in Iceland where I have a fixed presence at 8 on Monday mornings. Though this is a small station, it surprisingly has many listeners following it and I'm often approached by individuals that want to thank me for my talks. But as the art of monetary reform sounds distant to many, there is still a lot of work to be done.  


by Chris Knight
Standard biology has it, from Charles Darwin, that evolutionary changes in species arise from the natural selection of random mutations. Biologist Lynn Margulis disagrees (Discover April 2011) and does not see evolutionary change primarily arising through random mutation and natural selection. The mergers between different types of organisms –symbiogenesis – is her big idea. Natural selection “eliminates and maybe maintains, but it doesn’t create”. For her, new species arise by a symbiotic relationship between two or more kinds of organisms, all beginning with bacteria which gave rise to life as we know it.

It is not doubted that bacteria may have been incorporated into cells in evolutionary time, perhaps even giving us mitochondria, although there still remains the problem of explaining how exactly this happened. But even so, Margulis still has the problem of explaining the evolution of the rest of life, such as dinosaurs.

Margulis has a “humbling” view of humanity and mammals. Humans, she believes, are over-rated as a species, and she sees us as “mammalian weeds”. All the more reason to reject all current versions of atheistic, reductionist biology in favour of intelligent design, which is naturally sympathetic to the Christian faith.
Further reading: Social crediter and biologist, Geoffrey Dobbs, wrote of Lynn Margulis in “The Local World” here.


by Betty Luks
I heard of the two-part series from my grandson. “Slumming It” is the story of Dharavi in India, the one-mile-square slum in the middle of modern Mumbai housing close to a million people. The series was written and presented by Kevin McCloud for the BBC and replayed on the ABC. ( After watching the first ABC episode, I went back to Prince Charles’ book “Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World” because I remembered what the Prince had written about these people.

Everything that struck the Prince about this organically evolved community-rich slum was verified by the BBC presenter. Strong, safe, neighbourhoods. Crime practically nil. All the components for a civilised life were there. Lots of street benches inviting neighbourly contact, with little shops on street corners. Everything that the Prince wrote about this amazing place the BBC presenter verified. But he had to live among the people for a little while to see and experience that which Prince Charles did with more discerning eyes.

Prince Charles wrote: “I believe the ability of people to self-organise can be a remarkably powerful force, but sadly it is an opportunity that is too often untapped. Centralised spatial planning devised by specialist planners, trained in a twentieth century mechanistic ideology, sometimes misses fundamental choice and can lead communities in directions that are not in their best interests”. He refers to the disastrous urban environments created in many cities during the 20th century.

“I have seen how the power and potential of self-organisation can be so effective in some of the world’s poorest communities. Mumbai is one of India’s largest cities and the country’s financial centre. This great metropolis is increasingly associated with the glass and steel skyscrapers familiar in many financial centres across the world, but it also has Asia's largest slum - an area where 600,000 (the film producer claims there are close to one million…ed) people are crammed into less than a square mile."

The Prince visited Dharavi seeing firsthand and speaking directly with the people. The “area is the result of earlier attempts to remove poor, homeless people from other parts of Mumbai. It grew until it was packed full of dwellings built by the occupants. There was no central planning but it is amazing to see how people became organised nonetheless… Property rights and boundaries are understood, so are the rules concerning the sparse communal facilities – such as the few toilets”.
The first impressions of the place leave one wondering how on earth the people can live there, but first impressions can be quite deceiving as Kevin McCloud was to find out after two weeks living, observing, and experiencing the organic, culturally-rich community.

The Immense Importance of ‘Community Capital’:
Certainly these people are innovative and industrious, “they have organised their own waste collection and recycling systems without any official collection facilities at all”. The conditions for the workers are appalling and few people would want to do this work but that is not the point stresses Prince Charles:

“How such a level of sophistication and order can emerge from what outwardly appears to be chaos is an important question that surely holds lessons for modern town planning. Many observers of such communities quickly note the absence of physical assets such as power, water and sanitation rather than the presence of this immensely important but less tangible element of community capital that enables many apparently poor societies to organise themselves from the bottom up”. They see the material poverty rather than the rich complexity and diversity that holds the community together, despite such trying and uncomfortable circumstances. To see deprivation rather than how order has naturally emerged through people’s complex interactions” misses the whole point.

Here we can observe a bottom-up evolved organic communitynot a top-down directed organisation posing as a modern society. Of course I do hope readers realise that what Prince Charles refers to as ‘community capital’ we understand him to mean the people have drawn on their own ‘social credit’ to their mutual benefit. Poor in financial credit they may be, but very rich in their social credit!

Prince Charles’ book is available from the Heritage Bookshop Services, and Veritas Online for $40.00 + postage of $10.00.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Kate Lundy is “open to creating even tougher laws to stop racism and encourage multiculturalism” but she believed that “victims of racial injustice” should “pursue cases” and use the “full force of the law” as part of the Gillard government’s renewed policy on multiculturalism.” (“Victims of Racism Urged to Litigate”, The Australian, December 6, 2011, p.7)

Along with this, Race Discrimination Commissioner Helen Szoke gives “qualified support to a federal government multiculturalism act along the lines favoured by the Victorian Liberal government” and she has called “for a broadening of the Racial Discrimination Act to enhance multiculturalism, saying a specific act might be needed if there was found to be gaps in protections of ethnic minorities from racial vilification.”

Where will all of this lead? Surely the equation of multiculturalism = anti-racism, means anyone opposing multiculturalism in any shape or form will face “The Law”. All of this is Soviet-style thought crimes. We need to have, following on from the Bolt decision, this sort of legislation utterly rejected and a repeal of the race-hate component of the Racial Discrimination Act. Instead, we are moving in the direction of more Big Brother style thought control laws.  


Thought our writer James Reed would be interested in Andrew Bolt’s 18 January snippet:
“A big fall in entry requirements for enrolment in some courses as Victorian universities scrabble for numbers: The cutoff ranking for an associate degree in civil engineering at RMIT fell from 78.55 to 62.35, while an applied science degree in psychology at Bundoora campus decreased from 81.35 to 68.

I’m with Judith Sloan: I just want to have the bridges identified which are designed by civil engineers with cut-off points of 62”.  


by Peter West
As I age my insomnia gets worse. I have tried counting sheep – but only my tongue gets tired. But like theologians of the past, who meditated on the number of angels that could fit on the head of a pin (my answer: none. Angels, unlike Julia Gillard, are not extended in space) I ask myself: is the Australian Labor Party more immoral than the Liberals? I know, this is like asking what way one would prefer to be tortured to death, but, nevertheless, I ask.

Queen Julia Gillard is preparing the way for “Australia’s” first Asian and lesbian prime minister Penny Wong, who has championed the same-sex marriage crusade, along with the Green’s Bob Brown. The Australian, December 5, 2011, p.11 has a nice photograph of Silly Gilly and Wong “embracing”. It is an unusual move, with light touching, no eye contact and the bodies at a distance, as if someone had the flu. Not the all-out squeeze that Bob Hawke gets from our school-mistress pm.
Surely a better performance could have been put on for the cameras. But we do get to see Gillard in profile and her nose – but that allusion to the fictional character whose nose constantly grows, would not be the sort of comment we starch-shirted conservatives should make.

But I digress. The Red Lizard claimed that church leaders were wrong to say that she did not keep her promise to oppose gay marriage. And she added, even if gay weddings did occur, this would not damage “her political reputation” (The Weekend Australian, December 10 – 12, 2011, p.6) – sure, because from where I am standing it is as damaged as a reputation can get.
Yes Julia, I remember you saying that there would be no carbon tax and you giving it to us and then saying that you never said that you would. These are not “little white lies” that ladies were once permitted to utter, these are big black storm cloud lies! And you say that your government is still “quintessentially” Labor – but this can only be in the modernist sense of betraying all that is genuinely “Australian”.

At the ALP conference you said: “We do these things because we are us”. Have your speech writers been briefed by the ageing baby boomers around Obama, who have to rely upon rock bands for throwaway lines? In fact the Indie rock band Twisted Wheels has a song We are Us that makes more sense than a Gillard speech.

Yes, in my opinion the Australian Labor Party is more immoral than the Liberals. On a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 really bad, and 10 good, the Liberals come in off-the-scale at minus 500, and the ALP, at minus 501, give or take a demon.


by Brian Simpson
Shades of conspiracy theories! Listen closely fellow fringe-dwellers and denizens of the lunar right. Irish psychiatrist Moosajee Bhamjee(!) wants to add lithium to the water supply to deal with depression! (The Australian, December 7, 2011, p.9)

What, add that to all the other drugs which have been added to cretinise the population? Seriously, what people need is a dose of “freedom” and if that could be added to the water supply, I would support it. Until then, I will continue to live on alcohol!  


by John Steele
The Australian really spread it on thick with its shock horror stories “Cowboys Calling the Shots for Katter Party”(The Australian, October 27, 2011, p.1) and “Bullets Given to Gun Clubs for Votes”, The Australian, October 28, 2011, p.3). What is all the fuss? Bob Katter’s Australia Party has received funding from shooting interests. Wow! Are we supposed to hang our heads in shame? And, the article continues one, yes one shooter shot a rare scimitar-horned oryx recently. In other words such people engage in manly pursuits like hunting. If such men were non-White well that would be ok, but as they are White they are supposed to be soft, weak and emasculated like the inner city paper pushers.

Hunting and shooting are some of the last remaining manly pursuits in our emasculated society. Good on shooters for asserting their rights. As for the claim that the Australia Party is giving bullets to gun clubs for votes – well what about the Labor Party and Liberal Party which have used immigration to their own ends? The Labor Party, as various articles in the journal People and Place showed, engaged in ethnic branch stacking and has essentially sort to dilute the Anglo-Australian population by ethnics since the days of Arthur Calwell, for its own ends. I say, the more bullets the better! And, bring back the semi-autos!  


by Peter West & Peter Ewer
“Medical Maggot Makes a Comeback” (The W.E. Australian, December 10 – 11, 2011, p.11) tells the tale about the use of insects and parasites to deal with human disease. For example, some wounds, so bad as to threaten amputation, can be treated with maggots who eat out the bad bits of flesh. There is a theory that immune disorders, especially in the West, arise from too much hygiene so that the immune system no longer gets the workout it once had, and turns on itself, or at least the body, producing diseases such as MS and Crohn’s disease. Welcome back to the medieval age!

However, in the social realm, the experience of Nordics, the Northern European people, over the last century has proved exactly the opposite. Exposed to every possible social pathology and disease ideology their racial immune system has virtually collapsed from AIDS – Aryan Immunodeficiency Syndrome! The body-social can no longer determine self from non-self and any white blood cells that do not act to undermine the body social, are turned on, rather savagely by what should be the defenders. The entire life of the racial being is devoted to nurturing non-self. Project this on and the results cannot be other than social death. The globalists don’t mind this result because for them, even the human body is disposable. They look forward to becoming “transhumans” – having their evil mentality uploaded into computer/robot bodies. Then, forever, they can play financial games, all completely meaningless, with “I’s” and “O’s”.  


To the Editor of The Age 17th January 2012:
Separating people according to their race or ethnicity is not always a matter of discrimination that is unjust; but race, like religion, is a delicate topic for discussion. George Williams ('A referendum that can, and should, be won', 17/1) gets tangled up because he wants the Constitution changed not to free it totally from racial discrimination but to change the nature of its racial discrimination.
He offers no sound reason as to why the Constitution should recognise Aboriginals or any other ethnic sub-group of Australians. It is much better that such recognition - a matter on which Australians hold varying views - be kept for political debate in the national forums and not enshrined in the Constitution. It is not needed in the Constitution.
There may be grounds for removing section 25; but there is no reason to feel that it would be misused in the foreseeable future, so why not leave well alone? As for Williams' tortuous special pleading in support for sections allowing what would in effect be a new races power, it is utterly unconvincing and one wonders what other agenda may lie behind such proposals.

- - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave Victoria.  

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