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3 August 2012 Thought for the Week:

Watch this and weep. Australia’s situation is not much better. We have been inundated with immigrants and ‘refugees’ but no politician asked us whether we want it or not – but as the video highlights – WE pay the bills. But is does look like the Brits have had enough.

“We get leather jacket… You pay all the bills!”

Agenda 21 for Dummies War causes more pollution than just about anything. Corporations and factory farming destroy the environment like nobody's business. Why then are they going after individuals and private property?


by Charles Castles
Some people like to thumb through old family albums. I have before me old clippings about Bob Hawke. Have a cup of tea and put your feet up. The News (Adelaide South Australia) 5 September, 1972 reads: “Not Ready for Socialism – Hawke”.
Back in those days Bob was president of the ACTU. He said:
“The majority of Australians are not going to vote for a program of socialism – although it is the policy of the Australian Labour Party. For too long people have been brainwashed into thinking that socialism is something evil. This is far from the truth and I say publicly that I have never walked away from the fact that I have a decisive conviction in socialism myself.”

Back in 1984 as Prime Minister, Bob Hawke gave a speech to the Fabian Society Centenary Dinner, Melbourne, 18 May 1984.
The British Fabians had a coat of arms of a black wolf with the white fleece of a sheep strapped to it. In other words, it was a movement based on deception, believing in the inevitability of gradualism. Hawke commented on the Fabian principle in his speech and saw it as a pragmatic principle. For reforms to endure, he said “the whole mood and mind and attitudes of the nation must be permanently changed.”
The “authentic Australian way of life” would become “the naturalness and inevitability of change and reform.”

Now fast forward to 2008. According to Hawke (The Australian 5 March, 2008, p.7) “States consist of people, Australian people. What are States’ rights? There is no such thing as States’ rights. But how far will this peculiarity of States’ rights bugger things up? This is a major trap.”

Here is Hawke the globalist. States’ rights don’t exist because States are just made up of people. Never mind about law, culture and the Constitution – there States are recognised in a Federal system. But by Hawke’s argument we could also eliminate the rights of nations as well as establish global world government. If States don’t have any rights then why should nations? Of course, continuing Hawke’s argument, World Governments don’t have rights as well.

My tea has gone cold, and after writing all of this, I think I need an aspirin and a good lie down. Next time we will walk down memory lane with another who has helped create the Australia of today.  Further reading: "Brief for the Prosecution" by C.H. Douglas


by Peter West
It seems that a number of migrants from Hong Kong who came to Australia in the 1990s are going back to bathe in the economic excitement of the China boom, boom, boom (“Migrants Drive Push into China” The Weekend Australian Financial Review 30 June-1 July, 2012 p.4). This suggests, perhaps, a racial upside for Anglo-Australians, concerned about Asian migration to Australia. Maybe, just maybe, as Australia begins to fall apart, as our standard of living crashes, when all of the minerals have been shipped off to China and the last drum of radioactive waste has been dumped in our outback and we are all slowly poisoned, emigration may become the norm.

Better to live (and die) in a desolate wasteland, than meet the fate the global elites have planned for us.  


by James Reed
It is interesting to observe ethnic enclaves in Australia, and comment, in the context of the Census has been made (“Tale of the Suburbs Where the Past is Another Country”, The Australian 19 July, 2012 p.3). Thus Jindalee West Australia has 13 per cent of people born in the UK. Hurstville New South Wales is 36 per cent Chinese; Cabramatta Sydney 35 per cent Vietnamese. All this is supposed to show our near-infinite capacity to “integrate” migrants.

Well, if these people flock to where their own kind is, what is meant by the word “integrate”? Surely this is a social phenomenon more consistent with racial and ethnic separatism – say ethnic separatism on training wheels. It offers a profound refutation, not confirmation, of multiculturalism.  


by Betty Luks
Do you want to know a “secret”? Do you promise not to tell? Well, it’s not much of a secret now but for a time many of us believed that the recent action against the Greens by the ALP had something to do with the Greens’ support for the anti-Israeli Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. In a recent article “Support for Boycotts on Israel Backfires” The Australian 17 July, 2012 p.2, senior NSW Labor Right figures have confirmed that this is true. The motion to deny the Greens automatic preferences was because of the party’s support for the BDS movement. In fact “The Greens will carry forever the stain of their support for the BDS campaign.” The Greens hit ‘reverse’ on the commitment to the BDS movement in December 2011 and now only a minority faction within the Greens presently supports the BDS. But the “stain” is “forever”. “The NSW Greens were terribly damaged by their support for the BDS in 2010 and backtracked at their annual conference in 2011,” said Executive Council of Australian Jewry director Peter Wertheim. So now we know. And all these stories about Labor waking up to the radicalism of the Greens, the carbon tax, and all that – just nothing. Presumably if the whole BDS thing hadn’t come along the two parties would be now happily BSing their way along.

“Stalinist roots” versus ... what Mr. Danby?
Labor MP Michael Danby challenges Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon on her Stalinist roots… Andrew Bolt 20/72012(12:06pm)

Jewish-Australian MP: Bring Israel’s Immigrants to Australia

As reported in The Occidental Observer, 7 Jul 2011, Michael Danby, a Jewish MP in the Australian Parliament, has “enthusiastically agreed” to the idea of bringing to Australia thousands of Africans who have illegally immigrated to Israel… (“Danny Danon: Send African Immigrants to Australia“; Jerusalem Post.
“The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity…”
The implicit idea is that Australia, being a traditionally European society, has no identity at all except to abstract principles. So it’s not surprising that Danby wholeheartedly agrees with the plan. Being a good Jew in Australia means being an enthusiastic cheerleader for non-White immigration—long the policy of the organized Jewish community in Australia and throughout the Jewish Diaspora in the West."


According to The Australian newspaper this week, it seems that any input from local businesses will be irrelevant to the Minister for Agriculture and his policy mind is already made up. We question how serious he is about getting ideas from local businesses and grower groups with just two weeks notice for submissions due 31 July.
Here is a government paid for by the Australian taxpayers and Australian businesses, yet appears is intent on giving priority to foreign countries and companies.

Let's understand how our benevolent government is going to feed the world
1. Sell our land to countries with big populations so they can feed their own first. China’s ownership of dairy farms in WA already means fresh milk needs to be supplied from the eastern states to feed WA families because the WA Chinese owned milk goes to China. Do we really think the food they grow in the Ord (if they are allowed to buy it) will benefit Australia?
2. Sign Free Trade Agreements with any country who wants to sell to us at prices subsidised by their governments, and with quality control standards not the same as expected of our farmers, and many of which put tariffs on our exports (EU, USA).
3. Think GM foods will help productivity, when four global companies who control the supply put the PR out about how good they are, when Europe and the UK have banned them.
4. Discourage our farmers from forming cooperatives because they have to be competitive and productive (but it is ok for unions to represent the workers).
5. Oversee the sale of all but one major food commodity beyond the farm gate so our farmers are price takers not price makers – any wonder they are selling their land – we have taken away their hope and future.
6. Do nothing about our labelling laws to let our people know where their food is really coming from. And we are doing this to our own people!! Australians are very concerned. We need a discussion about how Australians can invest in our food production and our wealth creating assets, using the skills of our farmers before it is too late and key strategic assets are lost of buyers who do not reciprocate the opportunities.

Our farmers know this land and are among the most productive and skilled in the world. Let’s support our sustainable competitive advantages - our clean green growing environment. Foreign investment should be on our terms not theirs.
We must give our people a sporting chance first.
AUSBUY is a not for profit organisation that represents Australian owned companies that source from farmers or are vertically integrated businesses. These are our builders and makers and our wealth creators who need our support. Source: www.ausbuy.com.au  


by Peter West
There is a “racial” cost to mining and agriculture, and by a “racial” cost I mean a cost to a people’s long-term survival and sustainability. Consider mining for example. Once our minerals are gone – that’s it, we can only function by importing or recycling. The idea that we should keep our resources for our tribe to use indefinitely into the future is incompatible with the illogic of global capitalism, which is about selling today and to hell with the distant tomorrows.

Likewise with food. The chattering class have published many articles about the next big thing: “The Dining Boom”. “We” sell food to China. Yes, and: “we” can feed our “own” too.
But what this means, according to the insanity of the globalist economic system, is that we eat fruits, vegetables and other food imported from Asia and other countries, while food grown locally, which we once enjoyed, is sold at a higher price to Asia.

All this makes the cosmopolitan capitalists richer, but it sells off our future. It is not ecologically sustainable to do this. The chattering class is falling over themselves about the Chinese setting up biofuel plants to convert sugar into biofuel. But the ERoES, the energy returned on energy invested on biofuels, is overall negative and requires an oil economy to operate in the first place. It is not a solution to any energy problem. Such is the crazy “logic” of economics.

The mining boom has been used by the power elites to create an immigration flood into Australia. The need for a few thousand skilled workers has been used to “justify” the importation of record numbers of people, who stay in the capital cities. Watch the headlines for the “dining boom” to generate a shortage of agricultural workers and other lies like that.  


by Betty Luks
Early social crediters came from all walks of life (and still do). There were scientists, medical doctors, agriculturalists, biologists, engineers, mathematicians, clerics, housewives, farmers, and so on, who became interested in C.H. Douglas’ work, and went on to contribute to the wide body of knowledge which has become known as Social Credit.

One field of interest was organic and biodynamic gardening and farming. But not all were farmers who were interested in this field. I think of Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs, a biologist, (and a genuine conservationist) whose field was the study of fungi.

In “The Local World: Exploitation and Conservation Part V” Geoffrey Dobbs drew on his own background knowledge of the politics, propaganda and huge financial resources behind the American New Deal of the 1930s to help people see what was also happening to them. He wrote:
"There is a real danger that many sensible people will reject the whole Green Movement as a hoax, because of the massive public misuse of Green propaganda and conservationist and environmental concepts by the very monetary and political agencies which are the main causes of environmental damage on a world scale. The constant mental bashing of the public with World Doom, Save the Planet, fear-propaganda, and the ruthless exploitation of Green language and images in advertising is producing its reaction.

There is indeed a monstrous hoax being practised on us, but most Greens are its victims rather than its perpetrators, although those who have become its willing agents have their responsibility. The hoax, in fact, preceded the Green Movement by at least twenty years, and was bound up with the engineering of the first World Threat (the Nuclear Holocaust) which is being replaced by the current World Eco-disaster now that the first is weakening. But most Greens are too young to remember this.

In my book "On Planning the Earth" (1951), of which this is a sequel, I gave a contemporary account of the first large-scale centralisation of power over people and the whole landscape in which they lived (the Tennessee Valley) by the financial and political use of environmentalist propaganda.

The sequence of events which has been followed ever since in one form or another, was as follows: First create a public scandal by monetary means. Then raise a great public outcry, blaming its victims as irresponsible and in need of 'taking over.' Then take over, amid tremendous propaganda about 'democracy,' conservation, the environment, etc. and perhaps carry out a few useful practices, but on a petty scale compared to the expenditure on the real purposes for which the whole project is undertaken. When this finally emerges and causes a public outcry, the whole business can start again.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (T.V.A.) was at once the proto-type, an example and a warning of the working out of this power policy, which is now fairly openly being applied to the whole world. It was an important part of the American New Deal, which was the name applied to what, elsewhere was called socialism, a name which aroused hostile feelings in the U.S.A. and therefore had to be avoided.
**At the time of writing, with the breakdown of the socialist and communist style of control and surface ideologies in Eastern Europe, and a turning towards more open monetary control under the name of democracy, the example of the NEW DEAL, and the T.V.A. in particular, is especially worth studying.
** This part was written in July 1990. It was in 1991 that the Soviet System imploded.

First Bash Them, then Blame Them, then Take Over
First of all came the Great Depression of the 1930's, a purely monetary event brought about by the banks, which gave rise, among other things, to the Dust Bowl of the American Middle West, mass unemployment and poverty throughout the world and the rise of Hitler in Germany leading to World War Two. In rural areas, including Tennessee, it resulted in extreme poverty and bankruptcy with depopulation and dereliction of the land.

This gave the excuse for the setting up of a centralised authority on what were described as new grounds of natural conservation, with control over the entire drainage area of the Tennessee River and its tributaries, thus over-riding State rights in no less than seven States. Conservation, flood control, and above all decentralisation, were the slogans under which the idea was 'sold' to Congress. |

Vast sums of money were poured into the area, hundreds of thousands of jobs were created, colossal works of earth-moving were performed, world records in concreting, engineering and mechanisation were achieved, and so forth, and behold! unemployment was virtually abolished and prosperity descended upon the Valley.
An enormous literature of propaganda and promotion was distributed, amounting to some 3,500 titles, of which the book entitled TVA - Democracy on the March, by David E. Lilienthal, the Chairman of the Authority, must be judged to have been the most widely read and influential.

What was achieved in the name of flood control was the permanent flooding of the fertile soil in all the main valleys, the drowning of villages, of houses, churches, graveyards, and the moving of the valley people (56,000 of them) to create the Great Lakes of the South, with much advertised fishing, boating, and industrial navigation. What was achieved in the name of conservation was the destruction of the valley farms, with some tree-planting, terracing, contour ploughing etc. of the valley slopes. But above all the farming population was 'educated' with a high-pressure programme on how to manage their farms in a modern way, with demonstration farms to show what big crops they could get with quick-acting, soluble super-phosphates (provided free) compared to the old, slow-acting mineral phosphates.

Since a flood-control dam needs an empty reservoir and a power-dam needs a full one, their purposes are incompatible; which meant building their 21 dams to a double height-the largest job of engineering and construction ever carried out in American history up to that time. It also involved employing tens of thousands of men, clearing more than 175,000 acres of land, relocating more than 1200 miles of roadway and 140 miles of railway, excavating some 30 million cubic yards of earth and rock and pouring and placing 113 million cubic yards of concrete and rock fill-more, it was boasted, than twelve times the bulk of the seven great pyramids of Egypt.

People Management
More important still was the way in which the whole population was managed, their opinions and policies manipulated with the aid of almost unlimited money, into line with the policy of the TVA. Individuals, groups, institutions of all sorts found that it paid to co-operate enthusiastically with the Authority, and the example spread to other areas from which much of the labour was drawn. This was what Lilienthal called 'grassroots democracy.'
Its essence was decentralised administration of a centrally imposed policy: and it is this which is the aim of those who seek for a World Government to 'save the planet.' From the start the whole operation was set up as an example to be copied, as it has been, in modified ways, first in the USA and later throughout the world.
(emphasis added..ed)

What then was the final product of this great organisation of 'Democracy on the March' to make the Tennessee River 'work for the people' by providing the second biggest source of electrical power in the U.S.A. and probably in the world? And why should a rural community need so much power? It was in fact completed barely in time for the Hitler war, and provided at one time about half the aluminium for the manufacture of American bombers, and, finally, from a vast industrial complex in the secret and heavily guarded valley of Oak Ridge, over which aircraft were forbidden to fly, the full flower of its achievement: one of the first two Atom Bombs, which inaugurated the era of Nuclear Psycho-Doom for a whole generation.

It should be mentioned also that Mr. David Lilienthal, the Chairman of the TVA and author of TVA-Democracy on the March, moved on to be Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and stayed on to be one of the four members of the Committee which recommended the manufacture of the vastly more powerful H-Bomb. So much, then, for mass-produced, passionate and persuasive verbal 'conservationism' with big money behind it.

If the people of the Tennesse Valley had been allowed a small fraction of the vast sums expended by the TVA along with some genuinely informed advice from the Soil Conservation Service where wanted, all the real improvements necessary to restore and conserve the soil could have been carried out without any of the monstrous interference with land, water and people which was imposed upon them by central direction. The valley lands could have been retained, and the floods restrained, mainly by afforestation and conservation of the higher terrains; where necessary by a few flood-control dams.

There was not then, and there is not now, any secret about the measures necessary to restore the land and conserve the soil; but all over the world they are beyond the powers of the debt-enslaved farmer. Tree-planting, contour ploughing, terracing, legumes, careful choice of crops to suit the soil and real needs rather than urgent cash-return, sub-soiling, and so on: they are all perfectly practicable. The world's supply of rock phosphate is strictly limited, but this plant nutrient is present in most subsoils and needs only to be circulated.
The TVA produced soluble and concentrated super-phosphate using electric power at central factories and then 'sold' it to the farmers to give them sudden lush growth; but the so-called world-wide phosphate problem can be solved only locally, in every place, by adopting the correct methods which are too slow to 'pay' even the interest, let alone the capital, of borrowed money….”
Read further here…

Dr. Christine Jones and “Carbon for Life’
That is why it was a delight to find that Australian, Dr. Christine Jones, founder of “Carbon for Life” has put some of her work up on the internet for the likes of me to read.

In her paper on 'Our soils, Our Future' she observes:-
Introduction: There has been a notable ‘climate shift’ in many of the arable regions of eastern, southern and western Australia. A trend to less reliable autumn, winter and spring rainfall has increased production risks for annual cereal crops, while the greater incidence of episodic high intensity rainfall events in summer has heightened the vulnerability of bare fallows to erosion. Declining rainfall experienced over the last 7-10 years has severely impacted on the financial viability of cropping and grazing enterprises and disrupted the social fabric of rural communities. These events have highlighted a fundamental lack of resilience in current agricultural production systems.

Historical losses of soil and soil carbon
In little over 200 years of European settlement, more than 70 percent of Australian agricultural land has become seriously degraded. Despite efforts to implement 'best practice' in soil conservation, the situation continues to deteriorate. On average, 7 tonnes of topsoil is lost for every tonne of grain produced. This situation has worsened in recent years due to an increased incidence of erosion on unprotected topsoils, coupled with declining yields. (emphasis added...ed)

The most meaningful indicator for the health of the land, and the long-term wealth of a nation, is whether soil is being formed or lost. If soil is being lost, so too is the economic and ecological foundation on which production and conservation are based. In addition to the loss of soil itself, there has been a reduction of between 50% and 80% in the organic carbon content of surface soils in Australia since European settlement.

Losses of carbon of this magnitude have immeasurable economic and environmental implications. Soil carbon is the prime determinant of agricultural productivity, landscape function and water quality. Further, the carbon and water cycles are inextricably linked.
Humus holds approximately four times its own weight in water. The most beneficial adaptation strategy for climate change would therefore be one that focuses on increasing the levels of both carbon and water in soils. Discussions on adapting to climate change are irrelevant unless they focus on rebuilding healthy topsoil.

Building new topsoil|
Healthy groundcover, active root growth and high levels of microbial association, are fundamental to the success of any endeavour to build new topsoil. These factors are absent from conventionally managed broadacre cropland. Current ‘best practice’, that is, chemically-based zero-till broadacre cropping does not provide a suitable environment for high levels of biological nitrogen fixing, nutrient cycling, hydraulic redistribution, active sequestration of humified soil carbon, or soil building…”
Read further...


by Peter West
I am immensely enjoying reading the brilliant papers of New Zealand intellectual Dr. K.R. Bolton. His article “The Europe of the Lodges and the Banks: The Ideology Behind the European Court’s Decision to Remove the Crucifix” explains much.

The European Court of Human Rights has recently ruled against classrooms in Italy displaying crucifixes. The ruling came when an Italian mother argued for her children’s human right to a secular education. The Court found that “The compulsory display of a symbol of a given confession in premises used by public authorities… restricted the right of parents to educate their children in conformity with their convictions.”
Further: “It also restricted the “right of children to believe or not believe.”

Dr. Bolton shows in detail that such a ruling is an outgrowth of the New World Order movement to create a secular United States of Europe as a prelude to world government. This ideal has been supported by myriad forces, including the Masons, the Marxists, and cosmopolitan capitalism and high finance. All of these globalist groups are hostile to traditional Christianity which is opposed to their “Universal Republic”.

It was Christ himself, tempted by Satan with the spoils of the world before him, who rejected the temptation to rule over the towers of commerce, in favour of higher ideals. It is these “higher ideals” that organisations such as the European Court of Human Rights, reject. Human rights for them, are not given by God, but from the ruling elites of Anti-Europe.

Comment: No doubt about it, ‘the children of this world are in this generation wiser than the children of Light’.
“To be a Christian is something more than to profess a belief in Christian doctrine. It is consciously, as an individual, to stand in a unique and isolated relation to God. And Christianity means that the one thing that matters in this world is what each individual becomes in the sight of God. In the Christian view, therefore, economics and politics are important solely in their facilitating the development of Christian individuals,” writes Bryan W. Monahan in “Why I am a Social Crediter”.  


Ever since the second half of 2012 began three weeks ago, the attention of the financial world has been slowly swinging away from Europe and back towards the US. While that focus wavered on July 20 as European rates spiked and stock markets dived, it has not been entirely deflected. Nor will it be as long as nothing is done about US debts and deficits.

The US is well aware of the growing possibility that they may have to stage a very large-scale distraction sometime between now and the end of the year. The best proof of this is the recent surge of violence in Syria and the huge buildup of US military presence in the Persian Gulf. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accomplished nothing (other than having her motorcade pelted with tomatoes) during her recent trip to Egypt. Nothing daunted, she announced that the US will use “all elements of American power” to stop Iran’s alleged drive to develop a nuclear weapon. The “elements” are certainly in place. (reproduced with permission) © 2012 - The Privateer 

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