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On Target

10 August 2012 Thought for the Week:

Dear Brothers and Sisters: While we mourn the passing of our great elder, Ned Mayaringbungu Cheedy, the Cheedy family and Yindjibarndi elders want the life and example of Mayaringbungu to be celebrated and remembered. From Mayaringbungu we learn about being straight with our country and our spirit—his story is one that offers something beautiful and strong to our young people.
Two videos celebrating Mayaringbungu’s life and work have been produced by Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation of Roebourne.

The first—Mayaringbungu a beautiful mind—is a collection of songs, stories and journeys through country featuring Mayaringbungu, drawn from the archives of Juluwarlu. This film opens a small window into the miracle of Ned’s vast knowledge of Yindjibarndi history and culture—a taste of one hundred years of knowledge... which carries us into the wirdard of the old people. Like a treasure, he gifted to us the knowledge of our ancestors.

The second—When The Ground Is Hard, Yindjibarndi Dance—shows traditional Yindjibarndi Jalurra (dance songs) and Ngurnda (dances) performed at Cheeditha Community by our men, women and children, after Mayaringbungu was honoured with the 2011 national NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award. Every time we perform Jalurra we renew the physical and spiritual connection of today’s generation with our Yindjibarndi country and all previous generations. Mayaringbungu was the greatest champion of, and remains the inspiration for the Yindjibarndi fight against the aggressive divide and conquer attack of iron ore miner, Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), which is destroying our ngurra for mining—without our consent!
FMG refuses to pay fair compensation to Aboriginal Traditional Owners whose country and heritage they obliterate. They want cheap access to our land so they can fulfil their “Vision & Values” of frugality, and their aim to be “The lowest cost, most profitable iron ore producer.”

We will not be tricked or bullied into selling out our future. Mayaringbungu told us to defend our dignity against such greed, and that our nation will survive long after iron ore is finished.
Out of respect for Ned Cheedy and all our elders, the responsibility now falls on our generation to carry forward their wishes, example and dreams. It is our sacred obligation to work hard to provide shelter and a sense of belonging to Yindjibarndi—so that our nation, ngurra and Law survives and thrives!

Rest In Peace juju… thank you for sharing your spirit and knowledge with us. - - Two films commemorating the life and work of Yindjibarnsi Elder Mr Ned Cheedy, 1906-2012. Both these videos can be seen online


As the email from the Yindjibarnsi people emphasised, “From Mayaringbungu we learn about being straight with our country and our spirit—his story is one that offers something beautiful and strong to our young people” - so does the work of the Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The following is taken from his essay “As Breathing And Consciousness Return”, in his anthology “From Under The Rubble” and just seems so appropriate to include in this week’s On Target.

“The transition from free speech to enforced silence is no doubt painful. What torment for a living society, used to thinking for itself, to lose from some decreed date the right to express itself in print and in public, to bite back its words year in and year out, in friendly conversation and even under the family roof. But the way back, which our country will soon face – the return of breathing and consciousness, the transition from silence to free speech – will also prove difficult and slow, and just as painful, because of the gulf of utter incomprehension which will suddenly yawn between fellow-countrymen, even those of the same generation and place of origin, even members of the same close circle.

For decades, while we were silent, our thoughts straggled in all possible and impossible directions, lost touch with another, never learnt to know each other, ceased to check and correct each other. The stereotypes of required thought, or rather of dictated opinion, dinned into us daily from the electrified gullets of radio, endlessly reproduced in thousands of newspapers identical as peas, condensed into weekly surveys for political study groups, have made mental cripples of us and left very few minds undamaged.

Powerful and daring minds are now beginning to struggle upright, to fight their way out from under heaps of antiquated rubbish. But even they still bear all the cruel marks of the branding iron, they are still cramped by the shackles into which they were forced half-grown. And because we are intellectually isolated from each other, they have no one to measure themselves against.

As for the rest of us, we have so shrivelled in the decades of falsehood, thirsted so long in vain for the refreshing drops of truth, that as soon as they fall on our faces we tremble with joy. “At last!” we cry, and we forgive the dust-laden whirlwind which has blown up with them, and the radioactive fallout which they conceal. We so rejoice in every little word of truth, so utterly suppressed until recent years, that we forgive those who first voice it for us all their near misses, all their inexactitudes, even a portion of error greater than the portion of truth, simply because “something at least, something at last has been said!”

The state system which exists in our country is terrible not because it is undemocratic, authoritarian, based on physical constraint – a man can live in such conditions without harm to his spiritual essence. (emphasis added...ed)

Our present system is unique in world history, because over and above its physical and economic constraints, it demands of us total surrender of our souls, continuous and active participation in the general, conscious lie. To this putrefaction of the soul, this spiritual enslavement, human beings who wish to be human cannot consent. When Caesar, having exacted what is Caesar’s, demands still more insistently that we render him what is God’s – that is a sacrifice we dare not make!

The most important part of our freedom, inner freedom, is always subject to our will. If we surrender it to corruption, we do not deserve to be called human.“ But let us note that if the absolutely essential task is not political liberation, but the liberation of our souls from participation in the lie forced on us, then it requires no physical, revolutionary, social, organizational measures, no meetings, strikes, trade unions — things fearful for us even to contemplate and from which we quite naturally allow circumstances to dissuade us.

No! It requires from each individual a moral step within his power – no more than that. And no one who voluntarily runs with the hounds of falsehood, or props it up, will ever be able to justify himself to the living, or to posterity, or to his friends, or to his children.  

* Read what Alexander Sozhenitsyn had to say to the West in the 1970s when he was banished from his native land.
The Nobel Prize winning author, in his first major public address since his expulsion from the Soviet Union in 1974, stripped bare the crimes and excesses of the Communist masters in his native land.
And he denounced the West for a "senseless process of endless concessions to aggressors in the Kremlin. The text of the 90-minute address that follows is the translation approved by the author, reprinted with permission of the AFL-CIO, which invited him to speak.


He writes: Apart from having the sort of head you’d never get tired of kicking, AWU boss Paul Howes’ record of protecting workers’ interests is abysmal.

Police can’t act without a complaint and there are no complaints coming from Howes or the HSU East’s Williamson. It is no secret as to why. When someone like the HSU East’s Kathy Jackson files a complaint, Bill Shorten shuts her down by placing the union in administration. Anyway, Craig Thomson is nothing but a small fish among schools of sharks in an ongoing feeding frenzy. Howes’ union crony and co-Rudd assassin, Bill Shorten, does nothing either. (Except to plead it's an isolated case.) In fact, he goes to extreme lengths to obfuscate the blatant theft.

Left wing law firms have become union savvy and unions have become Left wing law firm savvy. Paul Howes, makes no effort to recover those stolen members’ funds. I wonder why.
The Gillard Government is a creation of corrupt unions, is stacked with ex-unionists (more than 50 of them) and protected by corrupt union bosses. The people who could bring down this corrupt Government (Craig Thomson, Doug McClelland and Ian Cambridge) have either been dumped or promoted to the union controlled FWA. Oakeshott and Windsor will not walk the plank for the sake of this nation.
As an official of the ARU I quickly learnt the modus operandi of major unions. It wasn’t pretty then... it’s grotesquely ugly now.

The silence is deafening from the Left wing law firm, Slater & Gordon, as accusations continue to fly from credible sources. It seems strange that a law firm would not immediately sue or at least take out an injunction against its accusers. Well, here you go boys, I’ll make it easy for you.
• You (Slater & Gordon) have been complicit in fraudulent activities involving AWU officials.
• You aided and abetted union officials in the theft of funds rightfully belonging to AWU members.
• You knew the accounts those stolen funds moved into and out of were fraudulent accounts set up by a certain Julia Eileen Gillard, your Partner. How’s that? Enough for you yet? Okay, here’s some more:
• You aided and abetted a Bruce Morton Wilson in the dispersal of those stolen funds.
• You represented your client (the AWU) in clear conflict of interest.
• You provided a loan to Bruce Wilson when you knew the loan assisted in the fraud.
• You have done nothing to recover or assist to recover funds misappropriated by your clients, Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt.
• You refuse to release documentation detailing the above.

Is that enough boys, or should I go on? Come on, it's not that hard, surely. Sue me! You’re a law firm aren’t you? You can even give yourself mates’ rates. There are more than 250,000 people who will see this article via blogs, 10,000 viral emails, Facebook, “The Pickering Post” and its Facebook. God knows how many they will share it with! I notice you have bumped up your TV advertisements to convince people of your newfound “ethics”. Are you feeling the pinch? Waste of money I’d say. Oh, unless it’s not yours. What is it you say, “No Win, No Fee”? Well, you won’t win this one, so you’re home free.

You can’t really lose can you? Oh, yes you bloody can... and you know it! You are a disgrace and menace to the industrial law you espouse, the people you represent and to the legal profession in general. Come clean or come get me, you thieving, degenerate shysters!


League Special on the Limits of China
Essay No 1.
by Peter Ewer:
Nationals Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce is rightly critical of former politicians, such as Alexander Downer and Bob Hawke “wandering around overseas flogging bits of Australia off.” (The Weekend Financial Review 2-3 June 2012, p.8)
He continued: “There’s a question about all these people in the political sphere making a lot of money out of selling Australia to countries overseas. That’s an interesting approach to patriotism.”

Earlier, 19-20 May, 2012 The Weekend Financial Review had an article “Meet the China Lobby” which listed the main power-players of the Lobby. In fact all the familiar mining oligarchs are there, the ex-politicians and bureaucrats. There is even listed a “China-sceptic Lobby, which consists largely of academics who have championed the “Asia will be No 1” thesis! In fact all our power elites constitute the China Lobby as China is the favourite horse at the moment.

These power elites are naïve inductionists and empiricists who believe only in linear change, not chaos and non-linearity. China and Asia will continue to rise. Technology will continue to deliver. But who says that this is so? Leading financial writer Barton Biggs in his book “Wealth, War and Wisdom” (2008) says that those who have wealth should understand that the “Four Horsemen will ride again, and… somehow, suddenly the barbarians will be at your gate”.

This could be war, but it also could be “some form of total breakdown of civilised society and the social and financial structure as we know it.” When China’s fortunes wash away so too will all of those living on its sweat.  


Essay No 2 by Chris Knight:
One of the ideas being pushed by Asianist academics is that China played a dominant role in the world economy between 1100 and 1800 and was massively ahead of the West in any area that you care to name. China allegedly had technological superiority over western civilisation until its conquest and decline in the 19th century. But now the “natural order” is re-establishing itself and China will rule the world again. I imagine that those white European Leftist academics writing this nonsense curse their white skin in the comfort of their studies and wish they were Chinese. They are like the thin men who go to wrestling matches and try to touch the sweaty wrestlers and then run the sweat onto themselves.

China may have stumbled on gunpowder, but it used it primarily for fireworks and entertainment. Europe used it in guns and ultimately conquered the Chinese. The idea of China being technologically superior to the West is generally made by Leftist “historians” who have a hatred of their own people. Historians without such a self-hatred bias have concluded that China did not develop a scientific method.

Modern mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc., are European creations. Almost all major aspects of technology associated with industrialism (electricity, oil, plastics, etc.) are European creations. The idea of China having technological superiority over the West until the 19th century does not withstand analysis.

Nevertheless we will see much more of this Asianist historical revisionism as China’s power grows. Our chattering class likes fine food and comfort, and just as they sucked up to Japan and proclaimed the Japanese century, now they are doing the same with China.  


“Left-Right Terminology Doesn't Work, Time for a new Paradigm”: “As a number of people have pointed out, the left-right terms no longer work. This article proposes alternate terminology that better fits today's reality…” writes Paul Kinzelman about American politics

John Brett responded: This news item has its value in the fact that “corporate” government still decides who the candidates are. Having selected them and paid for their Party passage and nomination, they then ask us (the voters) at the Ballot Box to choose one of their nominees! We cannot win, as Pickering says – “They are all from the same litter”!!!

Terminology History: The political terms 'left' and 'right' originated with the French Revolution of 1789 having to do with people sitting on the right, supporters of the King and on the left of the King, supporters of the Revolution. Today, here in Australia, we have the Left composed mostly of Labor and the Right composed mostly of the Liberal/Nationals.

There were no supporters of the Monarch in the new republic assembly, the monarchists no longer having a head on their shoulders. We have plenty in our Assemblies with nothing in their heads, just as those “selected” back then for the ‘new republic’ had empty heads! What is overlooked in that tumultuous event, is who did the selecting of the new politicians?

The core of the issue: To get the core of this issue we have to understand the difference between “Democratic” and “Corporate” Government. They are complementary opposites, like night and day, men and women. You cannot have one without the other for the ‘success’ we have enjoyed!

‘Democratic’ Government is where the membership controls the executive. ‘Corporate’ Government is where the executive controls its membership (the Armed Services, Ford Motor Company etc.).

As Eric Butler told us over and over, Ballot Box democracy is a mechanism for selecting between options. Like all mechanisms, such as a car or gun, it is under the direction of those who own it or control it! We are not threatened with atomic bombs, terrorists, guns or Ballot Box outcomes, only the people who control the mechanisms.

Corporate organisations all around the Globe, control, with finance, all approved political organisations. Pauline Hanson’s party being an obvious exception. Who finances the Greens? They don’t use their own money – ever! Just look at who financed the Bolshevik Revolution. Again from the same New York litter! Well the question still remains. How do we change it for a better system?

Comment: A good start would be to read Geoffrey Dobbs’ booklet “Responsible Government in a Free Society”, hard copy available from Heritage Bookshop Services and/or Veritas online as well. The Commonwealth Constitution commences with the Preamble, “WE the people… that is where we begin. We take up our own responsibility. First we must make politicians clearly grasp they are the people’s representatives – not delegates.  


by James Reed

"Steal a little," wrote Bob Dylan, "they throw you in jail; steal a lot and they make you a king." These days, he might recraft the line to read: deal a little dope, they throw you in jail; launder the narco billions, they'll make you apologise to the US Senate .
Two months ago in Washington DC, a poor black man called Edward Dorsey Sr. was convicted of peddling 5.5 grams of crack cocaine. Because he was charged before a recent relative amelioration in sentencing, he was given a mandatory 10 years in jail.

James Reed writes: There are two types of environmentalists: sensible and insane. The insane is globalist and cosmopolitan and loves world government. The other is local and believes that “small is beautiful”. It is suspicious of governments and advocates self-sufficiency. These folk typically see themselves as beyond ‘left and right’ – and they are ‘right’ about that.

A good example of the localist is Ted Trainer of the University of New South Wales. I recently discovered his book “The Transition to a Sustainable and Just World” (Envirobooks, Canterbury NSW 2010) at the local library. Thumbing through it I found a brief attack on the intellectuals, people who are supposed to be highly educated critical thinkers, but who are letting it all happen, unchallenged.

This is particularly so on credit creation and finance
“Reflect on the unfathomable state of mind that allows the thousands of lecturers in banking and finance who clearly understand the farcical money creation system to make no effort to expose it or change it. [Because] the trading banks are allowed to create money and lend it for interest each Australian pays about $1000 pa to them via taxes the government uses to pay interest on its loans from the banks, let alone how much more we pay out on all the other money borrowed.
There are large numbers of academics who understand all this in detail, yet make no effort to do anything about it. How many thousands of academics clearly understand the imperial nature of international relations or the way IMF policies shred whole economies and help to kill thousands of people every day yet make no effort to alter the dominant indifference? How can such behaviour be explained?” (p.231)

My explanation is a simple one. These “intellectuals” are systems and Establishment types who only care about their 30 pieces of silver. They are amoral and concerned only with self-preservation and do the bidding of whoever has control of the loot.  


by James Reed
Dick Smith has written an open letter to the News Ltd CEO (http://dicksmithpopulation.com) making many good points about the censorship that the Murdoch press imposes. Smith says that this press “even censors paid announcements when it is in your commercial interests to do so.” The organisation has biased and intimidating reporting” and has no interest beyond “ever-increasing profits for your shareholders”.

Dick is so cheesed off with lack of objective media coverage that he is printing 2.4 million copies of a newspaper insert Dick Smith’s Magazine of Forbidden Ideas that You Won’t Read about in the Mainstream Media. Will the Murdoch Press, constituting 70 per cent of Australia’s print media allow this insert? My guess is “No” but good luck Dick. And Dick, what about your $1 million population award? When I first heard about it I thought that it was for a young Australian, but then I heard that it was for the world – and you haven’t found anyone yet who has influenced politicians. I think that this is a bit disappointing. You should realise that the politicians are in chains to the capitalists and the capitalists are insanely pro-growth. Imposing impossible conditions to meet means that you won’t have to part with the prize money, but it undermines credibility. Why not choose an Australian?

“Cut & Paste” The Australian 25 July, 2012, p.13 took Smith up on his claim that there is an unclaimed $5,000 prize for a journalist to get his population prize mentioned in the Murdoch press. It is claimed that the section “Strewth” did do this in The Australian 26 May and Dick paid the money, “Strewth” gave it back to Dick who gave it to the Salvos. But how long before the Murdoch press begin to ask why Dick has not found a suitable winner for his award? How many more years must pass?  


by Peter Ewer
Much angst has been expressed about the nationalist group Golden Dawn party setting up a local chapter in Australia. (“Greek Neo-Nazis Set Up Local Chapter” The Australian 26 July 20112, p.3). But what can we Anglos do? We are crippled with guilt as it is. And this is… multicultural! I mean we live in a wonderful multicultural society and this is something the Greeks are doing.

If it was Anglos of course we could beat on them, but when an ethnic group does such things the silicon chip implanted in the Anglo brains overloads on multicultural vibes. No, being deracinated we Anglos can’t even focus to reason about this development. In the largest Greek city outside of Athens, it looks like the dawn will be golden, for some.  


We will not only be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with Archbishop John Hepworth as guest speaker at the Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner, but also honouring the life of C.H. Douglas, the founder of the Social Credit movement who passed away 60 years ago this year.

Seminar speakers will be:
Mrs Betty Luks, "Why Social Credit?"
Archbishop John Hepworth, "Australia: A Vision Splendid"
League’s National Director, Louis Cook, "How a Social Crediter Deals with Local Councils"

Make note of the date in your diary – Saturday 25th August.
Registration from 12.15 pm. Welcome and Introduction 12.45 pm.
Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner: 6.30pm.
Venue will be The Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace (cnr. Carrington St.) Adelaide.


The following details are for the National Weekend events:
* "New Times" Dinner Friday 28th September 2012 (Bendigo Motor Inn, 232 High St. Kangaroo Flat)
* National Seminar Saturday 29th September 2012
* Divine Service and Action Conference Sunday 30th September 2012 (Bendigo Motor Inn, 232 High St. Kangaroo Flat)

Venue: The Seminar (ONLY) ALL SEASONS MOTEL, McIvor Road, Bendigo
Coming from Melbourne: From central Fountain, into Pall Mall then turn right into McIvor Road

The Bendigo Motor Inn, 232 High St. Kangaroo Flat gave us very good service last year so we are pleased to return.
Bookings can be made now: Phone 1800 032 941

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