Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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17 August 2012 Thought for the Week:

Christian Sense of Personal Freedom and Responsibility: Behind the declaration of Gelasius (Gelasius I, 5th C) lies a development of the concept of human personality and of liberty that was unknown to the ancient world… The teaching of our Lord put an end to ancient doctrines of State absolutism: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

The Church, which was the bearer of the Christian revelation, had by a necessity of its being to maintain that the moral and spiritual life of man shall be beyond the power and reach of the political officers of the community. There are aspects of human life which are not and cannot be under the control of the laws or the authority of the State…”

- - Richard O’Sullivan KC in “Christian Philosophy in the Common Law” 1947  


by Peter West
Dr. Kerry R. Bolton’s essay “Psychopathology of the Left” is an important contribution to nationalist thought. I cannot do it justice, but I mention the key point. Cultural Marxists and the Left in general have portrayed the Right and Traditionalists as mentally ill. The German Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, which was planted en masse at Columbia University and then in New York, all after the rise of Hitler, supplies a good example. Theodore Adorno’s “The Authoritarian Personality”, for example, attempted to show on a very limited statistical basis that Traditional moral values were symptoms of latent “fascism”. One could respond: so what! But of course “fascism” is evil and all that, so down goes traditional moral values and up goes the revolution!

Dr. Bolton examines the crimes of the Left in the Soviet regime, the tortures and mass executions. The Bolshevik’s policy on terror, he shows, has “symptoms of mass sadism in a literal, psychotic sense”. Millions of people were murdered and brutally tortured. If we take into account the Chinese cultural revolution under Chairman Mao and the millions more of deaths and tortures and cannibalism, communism’s death toll comes to about 100 million people. And yet the Left do not roll in guilt by association about that. That in itself is a mental pathology.

Dr. Bolton shows that the founding Leftists, such as Karl Marx, were morally nasty people to the point of personality disorder. Marx seemed to be a sociopath lacking normal human bonds and emotions, and the same generalisation seems also to apply to the rest of the team, including Lenin, Stalin and Mao. Marx in particular is likely to have had a Necrophiliac’s Personality Disorder, seeing the world and people in terms of human excreta. Yes, a very sick dog indeed.

Dr. Bolton also presents an interesting discussion of Marxist intellectuals such as Louis Althusser, who suffered severe depression and spent time in psychiatric institutions receiving electro-convulsive therapy. He strangled his wife. If one was a person on the Left, one should be disturbed by Dr. Bolton’s arguments. Yet the genocide of communism did not greatly impact upon the Left in the universities. Only when it was no longer a reality to worship Marx did they change track and begin worshipping migrants. The reign of cosmopolitanism became the latest expression of Leftist ideology. Arguably, it too is another psychopathology of the Left.  


by Brian Simpson
League Special on the Limits of China: Essay 3: With all of the excitement about China, it is good to see John Lee (“Abbott Said What Needed to be Said about China”, The Australian 26 July 2012, p.12) paying some critical attention to China. To begin: China is a poor country, with $US 7,500 per capita income. The country is dominated by the State-run industries – it is after all a communist country. About three quarters of all bank loans goes to the State-owned enterprises and domestic private firms are left with the crumbs.

The State-owned enterprises dominate every sector of the economy except export manufacturing, even though the private domestic firms are two to three times more efficient. The State-owned enterprises have become very rich, while absolute poverty has increased and the disposable income of 400 million Chinese, since the 1990s, has either gone backwards or not improved. China is now the most inequitable society in Asia, where a generation ago it was the most equitable.

Chinese elites, Lee reminds us, are strong supporters of the Communist status quo. Thus: “The upshot is that a relatively small number of well-connected insiders benefit at the expense of the majority. It also means that the much hyped transition towards a domestic consumption-led economy driving growth is all-but impossible under these circumstances.”

Further, this model of economics, according to money economists may be reaching its limits. As I see it, it is difficult to see such an entrenched system changing without some violent challenge to the communist status quo. This won’t occur until the standard of living for even more Chinese plummets. It is most unlikely that this century belongs to China. It is more likely that in this century, maybe this decade, all conventional economic systems, capitalist and communist, will crash, because of, as Mao would say over a good wine, “contradictions within”.  


by Peter Ewer: Essay No 4:
With the red socialist queen Julia the Horrible crashing in the polls, Laborites are scratching their heads and thinking of bringing back the “walking dead” – Big Kev Rudd. The bathwaters are being tested. Thus, “I Want to Shape the Nation: Rudd” The Weekend Australian 21-22 July 2012, p.1 featured a coloured photograph of Rudd’s daughter with her baby and Chinese father. The child got Kev thinking about the future of Australia, “what sort of country you want this generation to be brought up in.”

And here’s the Chinese connection: “The world’s been dominated by Western English-speaking democracies. We live in a decade where that will cease to be as China becomes the largest economy in the world.” Most China theorists say that this succession will take longer, but, Kev is getting ready to do shaping.

The subtext is clear. China! China! China! is everything! Hope that if we are very, very, quiet like little white mice, the mighty dragon might just ignore us long enough for future generations to become, well, little dragons and not white mice. Gee, when coast to coast the Labor Party “loses the lot” - as the front page of The Australian story above the Rudd one said, let’s hope that Rudd and Gillard lose their seats as well. That would really “shape” the nation.  


by Chris Knight
Essay No 5: China groupies have a simplistic view of the rise and fall of nations.
Nations are like rock groups competing on the charts, to become No 1, or football teams. On this model, nations are discreet individuals, economic atoms that are clearly independent. That model cannot be more mistaken. Especially with finance, the process of globalisation has eroded away the economic independence of nations. This means that the world’s economies are intertwined and ill-effects in one economy ripple out like waves created by a rock tossed into a once-still pool, to stir up the whole waters.

A decline or crash of the United States will spell the end of the “Chinese miracle”. China has gained economic power, not from creating vast domestic markets (which requires a high degree of economic equality), but from export: selling its junk to a consuming West. This model is now entrenched in China and will be exceedingly difficult to change. The model presupposes that there is someone ‘out there’ with money to buy.

Internet news sites state that the US Department of Homeland Security is preparing for another civil war in America. (…). The uprising is thought to arise when a massive economic collapse occurs, brought about by a collapse of the US dollar. The department of Homeland Security has already purchased 450 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition, which under the Hague Convention cannot be used in military battles. It is solely for civilian use.  


by James Reed
The big selling popular book at the bookshops these days is “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James, a middle-aged mother of two. The book is about a young female arts student who has a kinky sexual relationship with a rich guy. I flipped through it and found the writing style to be just plain bad. But this is what is selling. Why?

I never thought any more about it until after reading journalist’s Janet Albrechtsen “Fifty Shades of Feminist Sneering at Mummy Porn” in The Australian 18 July 2012. Albrechtsen defended the book against feminist critics and introduced her article by saying “In other big news, it turns out that plenty of women like kinky sex.” Yes, and many like drugs and alcohol as well.

Merely defending choice does not make one a conservative or a Traditionalist. Feminism can be attacked from a number of angles. Albrechtsen seems to me to be more of a libertarian and free marketist than a conservative: John Howard in a blonde wig, metaphorically speaking. Pro-choice is always looked at in the context of the market. Her criticisms of political correctness and the like are always made in the context of defending the status quo.

Thus the Left’s views on refugeeism may damage capitalism’s mass migration programme. I don’t recall her criticising mass migration programmes. I don’t recall her criticising mass migration within the framework, say, of Professor Blainey’s “All for Australia”. Her defence of “mummy porn”, something surely inconsistent with Traditional values, places her, I believe, as a free market libertarian.

And so what? Well may conservatives admire her writing, and no doubt she is an excellent critic of the madness of the Left. But from that, we should not get excited and jump to conclusions.  


by Betty Luks
Don’t give up yet, James, Chris, Peter and Brian, my dear band of cultural pessimists! Nine people have been arrested in London and Reykjavik, Iceland for their role in Iceland’s 2008 financial collapse.

People power is seeking to put in gaol the bankster gangsters responsible for the financial crisis and a new Icelandic Constitution is apparently being drafted to try and prevent this all happening again. “The bankers are fleeing in fear” from people power.

It all requires the will of the people to take action and stand up for the good, true and just. And, of course, to throw out the crooks (or lock them up).  


“On a principle being betrayed by a friend” Andrew Bolt, 8 August 2012.
He writes:
“The more I think about this, the more disappointed I am with Michael: Labor MP Michael Danby, who is Jewish, ... said that some people had been left uncomfortable with the Andrew Bolt decision. (freedom of speech issue…ed) I know Andrew Bolt and he may have been misguided, but he is not a racist.’’… But “will this be the kind of Australia we might expect under Tony Abbott where laws are varied to suit mates, whether they be Clive Palmer, Gina Rinehart or Andrew Bolt?”

More than most, Jewish political activists such as Michael should understand how offensive that line of argument is. How dangerous. A principle should be defended regardless of who it advantages, regardless of any consideration of “mates”. Indeed, the most powerful defenders of a principle are those not advantaged by it.

So for Michael to reduce Abbott’s defence of free speech, including my own, to a trashy exercise in mates politics is not just to belittle Abbott but the principle he defends - one which Michael as a politician and citizen should defend. But how much worse for a Jew to do what Michael has done…

One of the things that makes me despair about the rise of a “polite” new anti-Semitism, lightly disguised as “anti-Zionism”, is how powerless Jews such as Michael seem to be in defending it publicly in the Fairfax media and on the ABC. What they run into is that any argument on the use of terror by Israel’s enemies, Israel’s rule of law, the lack of freedom among its neighbors, the tangled nature of Palestinian identity, the power of the anti-Semitic lobby in the UN and other issues of principle is dismissed with: “He would say that, being a Jew.”

It’s that same argument that Michael now uses, effectively saying: “Abbott would say that, being a mate of Bolt’s.” This is a lazy tactic to avoid discussing the principles at stake, which is why I’ve felt it so important as a non-Jew to stand and be counted on Israel. I feel a duty to do my small part to avoid this debate being reduced to some crude Jews-against-the-rest headcount that Jews will always lose, regardless of any reason and moral claim.

That’s why I consider Michael’s position on free speech a disgraceful cop-out, and not just because I’ve actually been as much a mate of his as I have of Abbott’s. It’s a cop-out because it reduces principle to mere advantage and mates’-rates politics. No Jew or friend of Israel should be indifferent to such a debasement of debate. Nor should anyone who values reason above force in the resolution of disputes.”  


Larry Pickering’s Facebook:
(Part one) Julia Gillard’s latest makeover appears insufficient to cover her past. An embattled Ralph Blewitt’s testimony will be challenged by the might of the PM’s Office but it is all too late. Basic truths are rapidly mushrooming to the surface and Pickering Post’s impeccable sources now appear to know more than even Ralph Blewitt knows.

The Pickering Post will not again ask the Prime Minister for answers. We don’t need to ask now. We already know the answers and they are not pretty. WA Premier, Brian Burke, Alan Bond and Laurie Connell all served time. The infamous Wilson/Gillard alliance emerged from the ashes of the WA Inc. scandal. That Royal Commission did nothing to eradicate the next wave of corrupt union gangsters.

AWU boss, Bruce Morten Wilson was part of that new wave. Julia Eileen Gillard was later to become his pregnant girlfriend and partner in further crime. Stories abound of a Perth-based Wilson capitalising on the growing WA boom regarding companies other than Thiess Contractors.

Pickering Post has been told, by various sources, of instances of a brash Wilson barging into developers’ boardrooms. The same old union threats to interrupt concrete pours caused ashen-faced board members to reach deep in their pockets. It appeared extortion monies paid were going to the AWU. They weren’t. Eventually there were, in total, 12 illegal accounts. There was about to become a 13th illegal account and an extortion avalanche.

The story starts in 1992: Thiess Contractors’ WA Manager, Joe Trio was tendering for a lucrative wetlands job south of Perth. Wilson approached his friends in the then Labor Government and promised industrial peace if Thiess won the tender. Joe Trio’s Thiess Contractors won the tender. There was no industrial unrest for the duration. Wilson now realised his immense political and fiscal power.

Ominously, Joe Trio was married to Bruce Wilson’s sister. Later, in 1993, sums of money were appearing in a fraudulent account of Wilson’s, the account was disguised as an “AWU Workplace Reform Association” account. We cannot confirm this, but ex-union sources are emphatic that it was Thiess Manager, Joe Trio, Wilson’s brother-in-law, who told Wilson illicit payments could not be paid directly to him. It was Trio who insisted Wilson set up accounts that would not attract attention.

Enter Julia Gillard, a young and naive, hard Left, lawyer, who naturally gravitated to the notorious Left wing law firm, Slater & Gordon. Peter Gordon of Slater & Gordon appointed Gillard as union envoy to Perth. He instructed Gillard to hop on a plane and look after the “big boss”, Mr Bruce Wilson. Gillard certainly did that.

That night, at a dinner for union heavies at an exclusive Perth restaurant, Gillard and Wilson were finally left alone. At breakfast the next morning both were celebrating the consummation of what was to become a serious chapter in Australian political history.
Wilson accepted the position of Branch Secretary of the AWU in Melbourne. He resigned from the WA AWU but continued his remuneration from both branches. Gillard then teamed up with Wilson and agreed to act for him, as Slater & Gordon already acted for the Vic. AWU.

Gillard, needing expert help, requested the assistance of another in-house lawyer, Bernard Murphy, to draw up the Association of Objects for the illegal account. They both worked on drafting the document. Gillard authored and signed the document. Later, as PM, Gillard appointed Bernard Murphy as a Judge of the Federal Court.

Solicitors hold a copy of following chapters of this story:
Following instalments are ongoing and damaging. They include Shorten and Conroy’s role in the scandal. They include the immense and dastardly power of Gillard’s sacred hero, Bill Ludwig... how Gillard honoured his advice to her: “When you have the numbers, you can do what you like.” Why police investigations into Wilson were shelved. I sit at Bob Kernohan’s bedside in an unnamed Melbourne hospital. How the Left downed daggers with the Unity Right long enough to assassinate Rudd and install Gillard. How Blewitt was shafted by Gillard and Wilson. Why he never received one cent of stolen funds.

The payoffs, the bribes the sackings. Who is behind the repatriation of Blewitt and what he will say. Those in the ALP now plotting Gillard’s demise. It is a gripping saga and we have the full story... a story that will cause a Government to fall.”  


There are two important issues in the following report but not many seem to have picked up on them. One is the propaganda being poured out by the mainline press of the West and the other is the politically correct notion that race and nationality don’t count anymore. We are all multicults now.
The article reads:
A British photographer who was captured by insurgents in Syria has said that his captors were foreign extremists including several Britons with “not a Syrian in sight”. On July 19, freelance photographer John Cantile, alongside his Dutch colleague Jeroen Oerlemans, was kidnapped in northern Syria and freed one week later. Cantile said he was held in a camp by 30 foreign extremists including some from Britain and Pakistan. He also revealed that some of his captors were “young men with south London accents”.

“They were aiming their Kalashnikovs at a British journalist, Londoner against Londoner in a rocky landscape that looked like the Scottish Highlands”, said Cantile. The British photographer also disclosed that some of the insurgents could not even speak Arabic, with around a dozen of his captors speaking English out of whom nine spoke with London accents.

“Not a Syrian in sight. This wasn't what I had expected”, Cantile added. “Two of them were so Anglicised they couldn't speak Arabic”. Earlier last week, British Foreign Secretary William Hague promised to step up support for armed rebels in Syria while he had already insisted that Britain should be acting outside the UN Security Council. Britain’s Foreign Office has confirmed that Cantile had been held captive in a camp in Syria but has refused to confirm that Britons were among the insurgents inside Syria.


by Betty Luks
Two years ago I wrote articles on the Climate Change scam, Smart Grids and “When Carbon Becomes Currency”?
Do you remember? No? Let’s refresh.

In OT: “While the climate change scam is becoming more and more apparent, you can be sure the ruling elites are not going to relinquish their plans willingly… But then, ask yourself, would you easily give up on such a grand scheme if you had been working on it for decades?”

International Power Monopoly Control
“From the point of view of the industrial districts which are to receive the (electrical) current, quite apart from the waste involved in transportation, it means that their homes and industries can be controlled from a source outside the influence of local feeling and action (through ‘smart meters’ transfer of data?). This method, control by an international power monopoly through a transmission grid supplied from outside the zones in question, was in fact suggested for the control of the German people shortly after the War, by Harold G. Moulton (President of the Brookings Institution) and Louis Marlio, in their book “The Control of Germany and Japan”, and was shown to have many advantages over the more blatant military and police methods.

The ultimate, and not at all remote, conclusion of the matter, if the intentions of 'the Planners are carried out, is quite openly stated by Julian Huxley (later the first Secretary-General of UNESCO) in “The Architectural Review”, as long ago as June, 1943, and quoted, with evident approval, by [David E.] Lilienthal, (T.V.A. Chairman of the Authority) in his book: “T.V.A.-Democracy on the March” (Penguin Edition 1944; p. 174): "… Studies,' writes Huxley, "are being made of how a set-up of general T.V.A. type could be adapted to serve as an international instead of a national agency (thus among other things undercutting and transcending nationalist sovereignties, as the T.V.A. undercuts and transcends State rights and boundaries)..." That seems sufficiently clear!"

BBC News. “India’s Power Restored after Huge Power Cut” August 2012:
“India's power supply has been fully restored after a two-day blackout hit much of the country, officials say. More than 600 million people were affected by the power cut after three electricity grids collapsed, one for a second consecutive day. The power failure caused havoc, with whole cities grinding to a halt and transport and other services badly hit. The breakdowns in the northern, eastern and north-eastern grids affected 20 of India's 28 states. Power System Operation Corporation chief SK Soonee, said electricity had been restored in all three grids overnight on Tuesday by engineers from the state-owned company.

The blackout caused chaos on transport networks with hundreds of trains stranded and water supplies interrupted. In Delhi, Metro services were halted and staff evacuated trains. Many traffic lights in the city failed, leading to massive traffic jams. Other areas affected included Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan in the north, and West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand in the east. In the eastern state of West Bengal, around 200 miners were trapped underground as lifts failed, but officials later said they had all been rescued.

'Technical snag'
In a statement on national TV on Tuesday evening, Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde blamed the crisis on states taking more than their quota of power from the national grid. He said he had appealed to states to stop this and instructed his officials to penalise those states which did. But officials in Uttar Pradesh, one of the states blamed in the Indian media, said there was "no reason to believe" they were at fault. Anil K Gupta, the chairman of the state's power company, called for "further investigation to ascertain the real cause"…”

Comment 1: “Just goes to show how fragile modern systems can be... and how easy it is for a cascade failure to bring everything grinding to a halt.”

Comment 2: “At both our units in Mumbai (shades of "Slumdog Millionaire!...ed) and Pune, the contrasts of modern India are stark. You approach both along dirt roads that are lined by beggars and children living in cardboard boxes. Once passed the security guards, you enter an air-conditioned world no different from London. Unfortunately, once there, the poverty of no electricity, sanitation or clean water just 100 yards away is forgotten.”  


We will not only be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with Archbishop John Hepworth as guest speaker at the Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner, but also honouring the life of C.H. Douglas, the founder of the Social Credit movement who passed away 60 years ago this year.

Seminar speakers will be:
Mrs Betty Luks, "Why Social Credit?"
Archbishop John Hepworth, "Australia: A Vision Splendid"
League’s National Director, Louis Cook, "How a Social Crediter Deals with Local Councils"

Make note of the date in your diary – Saturday 25th August.
Registration from 12.15 pm. Welcome and Introduction 12.45 pm.
Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner: 6.30pm.
Venue will be The Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace (cnr. Carrington St.) Adelaide.


The following details are for the National Weekend events:
* "New Times" Dinner Friday 28th September 2012 (Bendigo Motor Inn, 232 High St. Kangaroo Flat)
* National Seminar Saturday 29th September 2012
* Divine Service and Action Conference Sunday 30th September 2012 (Bendigo Motor Inn, 232 High St. Kangaroo Flat)

Venue: The Seminar (ONLY) ALL SEASONS MOTEL, McIvor Road, Bendigo
Coming from Melbourne: From central Fountain, into Pall Mall then turn right into McIvor Road

The Bendigo Motor Inn, 232 High St. Kangaroo Flat, 3555 gave us very good service last year so we are pleased to return. The Bendigo Motor Inn, (Service Rd. on left of Calder Hwy if driving north), is a 10 minute walk from Kangaroo Flat Station, or, take a taxi from Bendigo Central.

Bookings can be made now: Phone 1800 032 941
Room Prices:
D/R Friday night: $91.10 : Saturday night $114.50 : Sunday night $91.10 A number of rooms have been reserved for us, so book early to secure one and pay Motel at the Seminar.
Cancellation policy: rooms cancelled within 24 hours of booked day must be paid for.

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