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21 September 2012 Thought for the Week:

“The critics were all wrong about Cobbett. I mean they were especially wrong about what he represented. Cobbett was not what they have always represented him as being; not even what they have always praised him as being. Cobbett was not merely a wrong-headed fellow with a knack of saying the right word about the wrong thing.
Cobbett was not merely an angry and antiquated old farmer who thought the country must be going to the dogs because the whole world was not given over to the cows. Cobbett was not merely a man with a lot of nonsensical notions that could be exploded by political economy; a man looking to turn England into an Eden that should grow nothing but Cobbett’s Corn.

What he saw was not an Eden that cannot exist but rather an Inferno that can exist, and even that does exist. What he saw was the perishing of the whole English power of self-support, the growth of cities that drain and dry up the countryside, the growth of dense dependent populations incapable of finding their own food, the toppling triumph of machines over men, the sprawling omnipotence of financiers over patriots, the herding of humanity in nomadic masses whose very homes are homeless, the terrible necessity of peace and the terrible probability of war, all the loading up of our little island like a sinking ship; the wealth that may mean famine and the culture that may mean despair; the bread of Midas and the sword of Damocles. In a word, he saw what we see, but he saw it when it was not there. And some cannot see it – even when it is here.”

- - “William Cobbett” by G.K. Chesterton

“The great use of history is to teach us how laws, usages and institutions arose, what were their effects on the people, how they promoted public happiness, or otherwise ...”

- - William Cobbett (1763-1835) in “The History of the Protestant Reformation in England & Ireland 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a “free trade” agreement currently under negotiation between NZ and 8 other countries, including the U.S. There have been numerous rounds since negotiations began in March 2010. They originally aimed to finish it in late 2011; now they say 2012 (… or 2014 or … never?)

Trade is only a minor part of the agreement. That’s just a clever branding exercise. A TPPA would be an agreement that guarantees special rights to foreign investors. If these negotiations succeed they will create a mega-treaty across 9 countries that will put a straight jacket around what policies and laws our governments can adopt for the next century – think GM labelling, foreign investment laws, price of medicines, regulating dodgy finance firms, NZ content on TV …

Australia is currently involved in these negotiations which have the potential to undermine our national sovereignty on a whole lot of important issues.There has been nothing in the mainstream media about the TPPA,and one has to ask why?!

Dear friends,
We have four days to stop a top-secret global corporate power grab that attacks everything from a free Internet to environmental protections. This agreement is being negotiated right now by bureaucrats backed by corporate lobbyists. Click to crash their secret meeting with our global call to kill the TPP deal:

Details are leaking of a top-secret, global corporate power grab of breathtaking scope -- attacking everything from a free Internet to health and environmental regulations, and we have just 4 days to stop it.

Big business has a new plan to fatten their pockets: a giant global pact, with an international tribunal to enforce it, that is kept top secret for years (even from our lawmakers!) and then brought down like a Death Star on our democracies. Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Walmart and almost 600 other corporate lobbyists are all in on the draft -- including limits on smoking laws, affordable medicines and free speech on the Net.

The latest round of negotiations ends in just 4 days -- but outcries in each of our countries could shake the confidence of negotiators and scuttle the talks forever. Let's get to a million against the global corporate takeover. Sign below and forward widely. Avaaz will project our petition counter on the walls of the conference so negotiators can see the opposition to their plan exploding in real time:

The deal, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), is written to protect investors from government regulation, even if that regulation is passed in the public interest. Leaked versions suggest the TPP would undermine protections for air and water safety and reintroduce measures from the US Internet freedom attack as well as steamrolling efforts to produce generic affordable medicines. Worse still, lawmakers who fail to conform to the TPP’s rules face sanctions in an international tribunal -- a place where corporations can sue us for deals previous governments signed in secret!
Further reading:


Thus they buy up Australia with our own money!

“Concerns Over Sale of Cubbie Station”: Opinion piece by Senator Barnaby Joyce, The Canberra Times 6 September 2012.

The Treasurer has approved the sale of Cubbie Station to a quasi-state owned enterprise. Shandong Ruyi, who would take 80 per cent ownership of Cubbie, was formed as a Chinese state-owned entity in 1972. In 1997, the Chinese Communist party appointed Qui Yafu to be the Chairman and the President of Shandong Ruyi and in 2001 it was nominally privatised but its biggest shareholder became Mr Yafu. State owned entities are both a major shareholder and owners of subsidiaries of the company.

The big issue is that, under this deal, a company with clear connections to another nation's government will own Australia's biggest farm by value, biggest water licence, with enough water to fill Sydney Harbour, and our largest irrigation farm. The purchase would introduce more complexity to the Murray-Darling plan under which water will be demanded from the Lower Balonne. People are rightly asking if Cubbie has not been asked to give water back to the environment, will that mean a massive economic burden on the small businesses and real estate prices in the upstream town of St George, or the downstream environmental requirements.

Wayne Swan could have imposed conditions to sell water but he settled for a condition that they abide by local laws and regulations. They laud as something marvellous, something that should be obvious. The fact that the Treasurer has put conditions on it means that he has concerns. The problem is his conditions mean very little and he hasn't revealed his logic. Cubbie Station could be bought and split up into smaller properties. Cubbie Station is not one property at one location. There is a farm that is part of the government constructed irrigation scheme at St George. It is over 120 km from the Cubbie homestead. Even further away is another Cubbie property called the Anchorage. At Cubbie Station itself the 45,000 acres of irrigation could be broken into 3 lots.

As the Shadow Water Minister, I realise and have grown up with all the complexities of water. There are the immense sensitivities between upstream and downstream users, there are the immense sensitivities that lie between the states, there are sensitivities over who is extracting what and whether someone is extracting too much and there are sensitivities between the environment and agriculture. Now on top of that we will include diplomatic issues to make it even more complicated.

When you are involved in any debate, people will try to impugn your character by dragging in a caustic inference towards you. In this one it is xenophobia. So let's deal with that directly. The Chinese have interests in other farms in my area and I couldn't give a toss about it. Good luck to them but this is some thing entirely different. Cubbie Station wins the bet on Australia's largest irrigation properties and it is certainly one of our more contentious. And this transaction is not going to help settle that contention one little bit. Foreign investment and foreign ownership should not be confused. You go on to an undeveloped block and develop it for Australia that is something good for the nation. You go onto an already developed block and that is just a transfer of ownership.

If there is one thing the Australian people hate it is when you stare straight at them, and when you are asked whether it is an issue, you lie and you make polite excuses to protect your career path. Unfortunately, I had no ability to determine the timing of the FIRB approval decision. Mr Swan announced the decision late on a Friday evening when he easily could have announced a 90 day extension to give time for public debate.

I must say I was stunned by the silence of Penny Wong, Jay Weatherill and the Greens who in the past have railed against the evils of upstream water users but now on the sale of our biggest water licence their silence is deafening. It's also come to light in the Weekly Times that there are question marks about the process conducted by the receiver in regards to due process with alternate bids. With one interested party claiming that it was the most un-Australian bidding process he has ever seen. The Australian also reported that an Australian investor walked away from the deal because they couldn't be sure of the ultimate ownership of Shandong Ruyi. Ultimately the decision of foreign investment resides with the Treasurer and whatever happens next, Wayne Swan is responsible for it.

Target for the Week:
Write to your local MHR and Senators expressing your disapproval then move on to your State representatives. Australians are at war on three fronts with an invasion by illegal immigrants, foreign buy-up of Australian assets and unpayable debt loaded on to all Australian citizens. If this trend continues then we will be outcasts in the country of our birth! Please write those letters and then start on your local press. - - Louis Cook, National Director, ALoR  


by Chris Knight
Jeff Rubin in “Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller” (Random House, Toronto 2009), says of Toronto: “In the space of my lifetime, my city, Toronto, has been transformed from a sleepy hollow of provincial WASP culture to one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, where different cultures and races interact everyday.” (p.241)

Will the excitement, the diversity and the money ever end? Yes, money. This transformation of the once WASP West was made, I believe, because WASP leaders and elites sold out on their own people in favour of the global cosmopolitan elites – because, simply, there was money in it. Likewise, I believe, with the Asianisation of Australia. Our leaders decided back in the early 1940s that as the global capitalists were going to harness the cheap labour of Asia, it would be more comfortable for the last WASP capitalist class to simply integrate with Asia, rather than stand their ground and defend and preserve the race, people and culture. Our leaders are now simply tools of the Asian capitalist class.

This surrender has only been possible because of economic growth and prosperity. The cultural revolution of the 1960s critically depended upon people having full bellies and heaps of consumer junk. Why risk all of these goodies? Returning to the Rubin book, he also says:
“We are liberal and tolerant because we are prosperous.” (p.242) When the goodies go, and they are going, the liberalism and tolerance that have allowed the elites to make every Western city into a Toronto, will also be gone. Reality will quickly return.  


by James Reed
“Blue” are NATO personnel and “Green” are members of the Afghan forces. Green on Blue killings are part of Taliban strikes on Western forces, and aim to destabilise western forces. Western troops are now carrying loaded weapons at all time, and “guardian angels” keep guard over Western troops when working with Afghans.

I am not sure why the West is still in Afghanistan. Hasn’t the oil business been all wrapped up yet – what’s keeping you? And the floods of Afghans on asylum boats pour into Australia to add to our cultural diversity. Haven’t the global elites had their fun there? Isn’t it time to look elsewhere to spread misery, death and destruction? What will be your next trick? Is it the China war, or a war with Iran? Perhaps another nuclear power station could go under? Get on with it lads, the suspense is killing me!  


by Peter West
The Labor Party cannot surrender its fantasies about “god” Gough Whitlam who just keeps keeping on. A grinning Kev Rudd launched yet another book on witless Whitlam and in the course of doing so attacked the “naked lunge for political power” that led to “1975”. Rudd did not comment on the “naked lunge for political power when the opportunity presented itself” of Gillard when she did about the same to him – but, hey, that’s in the Labor Family isn’t it?

The Whitlam government deserved to go, just as the Fraser government after it, and the whole lot of them. All of these governments were bad and have led us to the desperate plight we are in now. As for Whitlam’s alleged achievements, Cut & Paste (The Australian 31 August 2012, p.13) did a good job of putting these in perspective.

The alleged withdrawal of Australian troops in Vietnam – troop withdrawals occurred in late 1970. The abolition of tertiary fees did not get poorer kids into university but according to Whitlam’s private secretary in 1980: “The abolition of university fees… was found to have no impact on the socio-economic distribution of the origins of university students, and was in effect a direct handout to the better off.”

Clearly all of this needs to be in a book, say, “The Handy Dandy Whitlam Refuter”. If I write this Kev, will you launch it for me too?  


by James Reed
Capitalists everywhere! Get out your whips: “Law Dole ‘Prods Jobless to Work’,” The Weekend Australian 11-12 August 2012 p.5. An inquiry from four federal departments into the adequacy of the dole, Newstart Allowance, has concluded that the dole should be kept low so that the unemployed are forced to take badly paid jobs. Yes, let them eat cake indeed – a dirt cake!

What else can be said about this mean, nasty, money-grubbing view? It shows very clearly that Major Douglas and Eric Butler and all those other great people of the Social Credit movement were spot on with their ideal of a National Dividend, based on the productive capacity of the nation. This would eliminate mean, nasty and degrading benefits like the dole, allow Centrelink itself to be eliminated (saving even more money) and give people freedom and dignity.

Here’s an idea: how about social crediters give out social credit leaflets at Centrelink offices, or if that is not legal, around them (with, I guess local council permission)? You get the picture? We find some lawful way of reaching the people who will suffer the most and give them a vision of hope?  


from Len (the Unemployed) Cleaner
Here is my contribution to the great dole debate. Since losing my job and being replaced by an Asian, as is the standard practice for treating Anglo-Saxons nowadays, I have been wined and dined care of the curvaceous Centrelink! And what a joy the dole has been! A fantastic $244.95 per week, the amount that Julia probably spends on cat food. I often fantasise about the life of the cats in The Lodge, or Fortress of Solitude, where she dwells. Could I dress up as a big fluffy cat or dog and share in the treats of the Canberra pets? But alas, cat and dog food remains but a dream on my dole.

There is white bread. The supermarkets now put this out for a dollar a loaf. That is my stable diet, along with oats and powdered milk. Meat is too expensive so I buy protein powder and mix it in with the oats. If I am feeling really extravagant I might get some dried fruit! I pretend that the zombie apocalypse has occurred and civilisation has ended, and I don’t feel too bad. Sometimes journalists like to interview people like me, especially on good days when we have taken our medication. I was interviewed the other day by a young couple with a microphone. “Hey you, scum, you look like dole bait,” they politely said. “How do you feel about the mining masters’ proposal to cut wages, down the dole and get filth like you working?”

I smiled revealing a mouthful of decaying teeth and said: “Well, if I got my teeth fixed up, I could join the movement to cannibalise the rich. Maybe I will just have to cut up my meat finely first!” That got them to move on!
Editor’s note: Satirical apologies to Jonathan Swift.  


A Reply to Nigel Jackson by Chris Knight and Brian Simpson. In “The Myth of China’s Powerful Past” (On Target 10 August 2012), Chris Knight attacked the Asianists who typically argue that China played a dominant role in the world economy between 1100 and 1800 and was culturally and technologically superior to the West. It was pointed out that this thesis does not stand up to analysis with modern mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geology being European creations. Gunpowder may or may not have been invented by the Chinese, but the West perfected its use in firearms. Most significant innovations in firearms, for example, are European innovations, not Chinese.

Nigel Jackson “Chris Knight Speaks Too Scathingly About Chinese Civilisations” (On Target 24 August 2012) says that
[1] Robert Temple’s “The Genius of China” “massively refutes his downplaying of Chinese science and technology.” Jackson also raises a number of issues about Chinese achievements in philosophy and the arts. These achievements in cultural excellence could be granted without refuting Knight’s paper which was about scientific and technological supremacy between 1100 and 1800. But we will take this opportunity to defend Western culture. Jackson says that by treating “this great people with proper admiration and respect” and paying “homage to their wonderful spiritual and artistic achievements” we can help “them free themselves from the severity of their current political order”.

We challenge the idea that Taoism and Confucianism, the ancient philosophies are wonderful achievements - but not here. But, even if they were, there is an enormous literature showing that the Chinese middle and ruling class have embraced materialism and consumerism with more of a passion than the West. Certain aspects of Confucianism have been integrated into a consumerist ethos. It is hard to see how Westerners paying homage to ancient ways will change this monster which has been created. We note as well that this ancient China, that we should respect, treated much of South East Asia as the Viking raiders treated Britain, and, Chinese junks sailed to waters of Asia collecting their equivalent of Dane’s gold. Along with this, China excelled in bureaucracy, as documented in Etienne Balazs’ “Chinese Civilisation and Bureaucracy”.

A Parallel Argument Justifies Respect of Islam
A parallel argument to Jackson’s justifies homage to the wonderful scientific, artistic and cultural achievements of Islam. In fact the Islamic argument is prima facie stronger because part of the argument holds that Islam preserved classical Greek learning, such as the manuscript of Aristotle, and hence enable European civilisation to be re-established after the Dark Ages. Robert Spencer’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades” (2005), is a popular book directly refuting this view of Islam and is of value for giving many detailed scholarly references. Our concern here is not the Islam question, but that the same arguments Jackson gives in support of China have been made in the Islam debate and are contested.

Robert Temple’s “The Genius of China”:
Temple’s “The Genius of China” is a popular book summarising the work of Professor Joseph Needham’s “Science and Civilisation in China”. As detailed by Simon Winchester in “The Man Who Loved China” Needham fell in love with a Chinese student and began his love affair with China. Needham has been criticised for his exaggeration of Chinese technological achievements: Robert Finlay, “China the West and World History” in Joseph Needham’s “Science and Civilisation in China”, Journal of World History, vol.11, 2000, pp.265-303. Needham’s work is scholarly; he celebrated early Chinese successes but says that the West overtook China and he called this “problem”, the “Needham question”. He thought that China reached limits because of the Chinese script – but that cannot be true because it doesn’t hold back scientific work today. Needham loved China but Temple in his popular book is denigrating of European achievements. His book is good for showing weaknesses in Needham’s own work. The claims that the Chinese isolated human sex hormones from urine are not substantiated, and anyone with a biochemistry background would know that doing this is complicated and cannot be achieved with crude technology.

Temple illustrates well the “after, therefore, because of” (post hoc ergo propter hoc) fallacy. If the author knows of no earlier European example of a technological development, and one is found in China, then the prize is given to China. Thus on page 55 Temple says that the Chinese were using water power to operate blast furnaces by AD31, but Europeans were not doing this until the 12th century. He concludes that the innovation diffused from China to Europe, so China started the European Industrial Revolution! But the engine was not powered by steam and was only a water powered engine with valves and pistons, something the ancient Greeks and Romans knew about but didn’t use because of ample slave power. Water power was used in the 3rd century BC in Europe in times when slaves were not plentiful.

Temple also notes that the Chinese invented a toy helicopter and a kite, so concludes that modern aviation is derived from the Chinese! Clearly this is a flawed text. Nevertheless even if all that is contained in its covers is true, exhypothesi Needham’s work doesn’t support the view of some theorists of the Left (e.g. A.G. Frank, Reorient) that China led the world in all science and technology until the 19th century. This is simply not so. Whatever mathematics the Chinese are alleged to have invented (say for argument’s sake, negative numbers), higher mathematics, geometry, differential and integral calculus are European inventions. Even Temple doesn’t deny this.

The developments in geometry in Europe in the 1700s are far in advance of what are taught in high schools today. There was no Chinese Isaac Newton, no Chinese mechanics and kinematics. It is therefore incredible that European achievements can be downplayed by Temple. But then again, perhaps not so incredible given that it is the trend among intellectuals today to be cosmopolitan and that for them (but not the Chinese) means attacking one’s own culture.

Politically Incorrect Archaeology:
One theory which challenges even the glory of ancient China is the Aryan theory of Civilisation, which holds that ancient Europeans laid the foundation to Eastern cultures in India and China. This view was held to some degree by Madison Grant in “The Passing of the Great Race” and by Lothrop Stoddard, “The Rising Tide of Colour”. V.G. Childe’s “Aryans” discusses a mild version of the thesis. Such a view has received no academic discussion in the post World War II period but scholarly treatises from the 19th century still have a wealth of material supporting this view, e.g., Terrien de Lacouperie, “Western Origin of the Early Chinese Civilization from 2,300 BC to 200 AD”, (Asher and Co, London 1894).

There has been something of a revival of interest in European prehistory: Colin Renfrew, “Before Civilisation: The Radio-Carbon Revolution and Prehistoric Europe”. To take but one example from, ironically, the China History Forum.com site, “Ancient Aryan Civilization”, scientists have discovered in the ancient Russian town of Arkaim, archaeological ruins 40 centuries old, the same age as Egypt and Babylon. It seems that the town was once a temple and astronomic observatory for the “Aryan culture” – which is the term unashamedly used in the article. Dwellings were equipped with a storm water system, and dwellings had ovens and food storage systems.

This picture of ancient Aryan civilisation is supported by both the Tarim Mummies, discovered in the Tarim Basin of the western rim of China (J.P. Malloy and Victor Mair, “The Tarim Mummies”) and the Urümchi mummies (Elizabeth Wayland Barber, “The Mummies of Urümchi). Both sets of mummies are better preserved than the Egyptian ones and the Urümchi mummies are up to 4,000 years old.

The mummies are Caucasoid and Nordic/Aryan, tall with blond hair. Barber, an expert in ancient textiles says that the clothing is complex and colourful, indicating that they were members of the elite of the time. All of this, and this is but a sample, indicates at least, that there has been continuing interaction between cultures across the world for thousands of years. This alone challenges the Chinese technological superiority thesis.


Wallace Klinck, Canada
An acquaintance forwarded to me an item containing the pessimistic prognostications of some our brilliant financial-economic theorists. My reply to the article “America's Federal Debt Has Escalated Into A Death Spiral” – a classic presentation of orthodox financial wisdom - was as follows: http://moneymorning.com/ob/economist-richard-duncan-civilization-may-not-survive-death-spiral/ Although I find it impossible to believe, I suppose that some of these brilliant intellects may actually be so supremely stupid as to believe this nonsense. They see the world (those who may actually not be consciously aware of the drive for world power) through the lenses of the fraudulent system of financial accountancy which dominates our every action. Perhaps some of them are truly blinded by a life-time exposure to a demented financial accountancy that records our capital assets as a liability rather than an asset. If true then they must be jolted into an appreciation of the increasing natural abundance which surrounds us actually and potentially, instead of depreciating it to fit into the Procrustean Bed provided by our increasingly restrictive financial legerdemain which presents a picture of increasing financial impoverishment with every addition to our stock of evermore efficient real productive capital, i.e., "tools.".

We are suffering from colossal, and likely fatal, psychotic delusion because of a general brainwashing that has completely abstracted our consciousness from reality. Economists become evermore bizarre because they live in a realm of heady theoretical concepts detached from reality and which feed upon themselves, to induce even further lunacies. This illustrates just how thoroughly society has been infected insidiously with the faithless anti-Christ misconception of do ut des ("this for that"), which dominates our entire "moral" and "intellectual" domain. We "know" that "there is no free lunch" and remain so deluded regardless of how much real capital replaces human labour as a factor of production. We would rather see civilisation destroyed than to facilitate appropriate consumption through proper distribution. Money must never be created for consumption--only for production no matter how increasingly impossible it is to distribute the fruits of modern technology by means of the incomes distributed under a system of automated production processes. We must pay and if we cannot earn enough money to defray the costs of production in each cycle then we must pay by an exponentially growing claim against future incomes. We must pay...must pay....must pay! Especially those lazy and corruptible neighbours of ours.

The Convention of Cost Accounting
The ballooning financial debt represents the accumulating consumer credits which are being forever wrongly extracted prematurely in respect of added allocated capital charges in consumer prices--so as falsely to represent that we are consuming our real capital assets at the rate that they are being produced. Obviously the enormous growth of physical assets, visibly accumulating around us, is just a mere delusion or hallucination. Naturally, these brilliant intellects visualize the collapse of all physical systems because everything we do is dependent upon the money or credit system.

They never stop to question whether the current system of cost accountancy (money) is or is not a true representation of the actual world in which we live and breathe. Never, ever, forget you moral misfits--the purpose of life is work, work and more work. To even think of enjoying the fruits of production without further "justifying" work is a moral excrescence that can never be allowed--not by the financial masters of mankind in any case. And if the ultimate survival of mankind is threatened by the fanatical continued enforcement of this so-called "moral" imperative--then too bad--so much the worse for mankind.  


How arrogant are the economic royalists, born with silver spoons in their mouths, who defiantly believe they manufactured their success all by themselves and luck was not involved. They were lucky to be born to wealth rather than in a place like Somalia and walking around for life in dark skin.

“You Didn't Build That - WE Did” by Carl Gibson, from Reader Supported News, 29 August 2012:
Did you hear the one about the guy who became a millionaire without anyone's help? The guy who oversaw his own birth, who hunted, grew and gathered all of his own food since he was a baby? The guy who found teachers to teach him, and paid for them from his own pocket? The guy who went to work every day on roads he paved all alone, burning oil that he drilled and refined on his own, in a car that he built with his own hands? You haven't heard of that guy? I haven't either.

Here in New Hampshire, a lot of the "free staters" who quote Ayn Rand novels say they don't need government, equate taxation with theft, and believe they carry enough guns and ammo to defend their home from intruders to not have to pay taxes for police salaries. They even talk about mixing their own concrete and fixing the potholes on their own street instead of paying taxes for road repair.

A society like that exists already: Somalia.
Somalia is a libertarian paradise where nobody pays taxes because there are no national institutions or national infrastructure. Since there's no police protection or gun regulation, guns are cheap and plentiful. There have been 14 different governments in a mere 18 years. According to UN data tables, Somalia's average life expectancy is just 50.8 years, with only 1.8 years of school on average for each child. Famine has plagued the nation ever since Al-Shabab decided to block all humanitarian aid. In January 2010, instability in Somalia led to an outbreak of violence that killed 260, wounded another 250, and left 80,000 others displaced. But hey, I'm sure Somalis are looking on the bright side - there's no big, bad government to steal tax money from them.

What the most selfish Americans don't realise is that there is nothing stopping a large band of raiders from taking their property, other than groups of armed men and women paid for with their tax dollars, ready to respond with a phone call. They don't realise the taxes that they consider theft already pay for prisons that would jail those bandits under charges of armed robbery, thanks to laws put in places by lawmakers who were paid for with the help of other people's tax dollars.

In America, we all need each other. CEOs aren't making 231 times as much as their lowest-paid employees because they work 231 times harder than those employees. The only reason the guys in suits have their jobs and their salaries is because ordinary people like us are patronising that CEO's business, giving him the money s/he needs to pay and train employees and buy raw materials.

Selfishly proclaiming "I built this" without acknowledging the vast network of people and infrastructure that helped make your success possible is both selfish and ignorant. The first step to America restoring her place in the world and pulling herself up by her bootstraps is Americans realising that we all need each other to make that happen. Read more:


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