Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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4 February 2012 Thought for the Week:

“An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia [9th July 1900]: WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established….”
- - Commonwealth Constitution Act 1901

"... the danger of royal absolutism is passed; but the danger of cabinet absolutism, even of Prime Minister absolutism, is present and growing. Against that danger, the reserve power of the Crown, and especially the power to force or reform dissolution, is in some instances the only safeguard. "There can be no successful constitution for any people unless it has a deep and vital sense of constitutional morality, and its essence is a spirit of self-restraint which is willing to subordinate the fleeting interests and ardent passions of the living moment to certain fundamental truths which are believed to be immovable."
- - James M. Beck in “The Constitution of The United States”

Queenslander Larry Hannigan made a wonderful audio-tape of the spirit of the Australian Flag. Listen to it here:


Inside the front cover of a copy of C.H. Douglas’ “Economic Democracy” is inserted a comment by an unknown writer: “It is no reflection of the author of “Economic Democracy” that he did not, at the time of publication, forsee the tremendous consequences latent in that slim red volume, and he might well resent being hailed as a champion of the Catholic faith, but the fact remains that the deeper we probe into the Social Credit Philosophy implicit and expressed in the writings of C.H. Douglas, the nearer we get to those basic principles on which Christendom was built, and on which, in God’s good time, it will eventually be reconstructed”.

‘Catholic’ in earlier days meant ‘universal’ and the social institutions of those days – including the Christian church - were not the pyramidal structures they are today. Societies were more organic than organised. The meaning of socialism had not narrowed to mean ‘Fabian’ socialism and it was recognised – probably more instinctively than consciously at that stage - that a ‘society’, i.e., a ‘complex form of association’ was threefold; the three major divisions being Economic, Political and Cultural/Spiritual. The Individual did not belong to ‘the state’ and his relationship to God, was of more importance than his relationship to ‘the state’. In her series of talks at the League’s State Seminar, Dr. Frances Hutchinson has shown just how the social, legal and spiritual framework of England was destroyed around the time of the Reformation and how the seeds of modern tyrannies found fertile soil in which to grow.

England has fallen from a Golden Age to a Brave New Dystopia: The great cathedrals and old churches, the common law, the Guilds, the three courts system, the circuit judges and the juries of one’s peers, these were the fruits of ‘Catholic’ England.

The fruits of ‘Protestant’ England? Why the destruction of the Monasteries, the Land Enclosures, the landless people, the capacious gaols, the convicts sent to the colonies, the hot, ankle-swelling and knee-destroying cotton factories, the heartless child labour, the legislative encrustations on common law, the Stock Exchange, the Bank of England, the origin and ever-snowballing National Debt!

Dr. Hutchinson’s DVDs are a must to understand how the social structures were destroyed in preparation for Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ we have inherited. We must relearn what are the principles (fundamental truths) upon which a free, organic society grows and flourishes.
* * “Breaking New Ground” * * 2 DVDs $15.00 each and/or $25.00 for two.

Rinehart Sell Off of Australian Resources Sickening

Subject: ‘Letter to Editor on Gina Rinehart’: Dear Editor,
May I have the following published in your letters/opinion section please. It was with great alarm that I read that Gina Rinehart is further enriching herself to the tune of $10 billion dollars by selling off Australian resources to South Korea. It absolutely disgusts and sickens me that just one single woman should have the right to possess and sell off Australian resources lying in Australian soil, resources that should belong to all Australians as a matter of birthright. They are Australian resources, not Rinehart’s resources.
The sooner we become more economically nationalist and stop this rort the sooner we will be able to stop the sell off of Australia to foreign interests.
- - Dr Ivan Molloy, (Currently travelling) c.o. PO Box 78, Peregian Beach, Qld. Aust. 4573. 0407114729 ;  


by Betty Luks
I have written before about the loyal little group who manned a stall over about seven years at the Royal Adelaide Show promoting our “Flag, Crown and Constitution”. It was most rewarding to experience at first hand the change of attitudes by members of the public towards Australia’s beautiful flag and the importance of the symbols therein displayed. Over the years, I have continued to note with pleasure that the closer we get to Australia Day and Anzac Day the more flags we see flying so proudly.

We well understand the ‘mob-psyching’ used by those with control of the mechanisms of mass-opinion are intent upon another agenda, other than the good of the people of this great land. Geoffrey Dobbs wrote of it in “The Local World”: “Such mob-psyching propaganda is as old as civilisation, but was formerly limited by the range of the human voice. Now its powers are magnified beyond all estimation and reason by modern electronic technology. It is the chief tool of revolution, that is, organised ideological war waged upon an existing culture in order to 'destabilize' it and bring about social chaos with a view to displacing the current ruling class by a dictatorship of the revolutionaries, whose actions are the inverse of their idealistic propaganda…”

In this very real war waged against all nations now, it is the issue of RACE that is being used to destroy what little social capital such a racial/cultural mix can build up, as is the case in Australia, and once again our Aboriginal people are being used for such a purpose. Take careful note of who is really benefitting from previous Land Rights legislation - certainly not, in the main, the Aboriginal people.

Eric Butler's Constitutional Barrier's to Serfdom is worth reading plus C.H. Douglas' "Realistic Constitutionalism" and

"The Realistic Position of the Church of England"

The ideas of Constitutions, (agreements between peoples and their rulers) and flags (or banners) as symbols for deeper truths, most people of good will can relate to, and are not new to western man. Prince Charles strives to bring out those truths in his book “Harmony”, as does L.A. Waddell in his monumental work “The Makers of Civilisation in Race and History”, first published in 1929. C.S. Lewis noted that there has been only one Civilisation in all of human history.

Commandments and Ethics: Waddell lists the traditional commandments and ethics the sage/priest Auurva imparted to his Prince “Sagara” (or Sargon) four and a half thousand years ago. The priest’s teaching, Waddell records, “is based on his scientific Sun-religion, in which the Lord of the Universe is specially identified with that great luminary, the Light of the World, which is still recognized as the ultimate source of all mundane life. And its Lord is made a beneficent glorious Father-God and the source of the Aryan ethical code, one-and-a-half millenniums or more before Moses”.

The list of commandments and ethics were for the Prince’s education and training in Kingship and are seen to agree substantially with the Early Sumerian and Hittite codes and the Ten Commandments of Thor in the Gothic Eddas, and to comprise the whole of the ethical portions of the Commandments which were latterly borrowed by the Hebrews in their Mosaic code: “The Sun-Lord is most pleased with him who does good to others; who never utters calumny or untruth; who never covets another's wife, or another's wealth; who bears ill-will to none; who neither beats nor slays any living thing; who is ever diligent in the service of God; who is ever desirous of the welfare of all creatures, of his children and of his own soul; whose heart derives no pleasure from the passions of lust and hatred. The man who conforms to these duties is he who best worships the Sun-Lord."

As for a Constitution: “Manis-Tusu or Menes as a Free Constitutional Ruler and Law-Giver”: “One of the most interesting and important of the monuments left by King Manis -Tusu is his famous "Black Obelisk," so-called from its black diorite stone. It was discovered by M. de Morgan in 1897 in the French excavations at Susa, the capital of the Elam province of the Sumerians in south-west Persia, where it had been carried off as booty, presumably from Kish, in a raid by a revolted king of Elam of later date, who has endorsed it accordingly and it is now treasured in the Louvre Museum.
Its record is a striking illustration of the very advanced free constitutional government which King Manis-Tusu administered; and discloses him as a most enlightened ruler and respecter of the free institutions and rights of private citizens, and quite on a par with our most " modern" times, although about forty-six centuries ago”.

And one of the symbols of the ‘Sun of Righteousness’? The Cross of St. George is one of them, i.e., the Red Cross on our Australian flag. The other Crosses that help form the ‘Union Jack’ are the Crosses of St. Andrew (Patron Saint of Scotland) and St. Patrick’s, Patron Saint of Ireland. The Southern Cross and the Commonwealth Star indicate our geographical and ethical/spiritual place in the world of men. Hardly symbols the people of good will in this land (including our Aboriginal folk) would find hateful and to be discarded!  


by James Reed
Steve Keen is Professor of Economics at the University of Western Sydney, and author of “Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor of the Social Sciences” (Pluto Press, 2001). Although this book was written some time back (and nowhere reviewed!) it is highly relevant to today’s crisis in the world economy because Keen attacks orthodox economics at a fundamental theoretical level. Mainstream economics is “intellectually unsound”.
Every aspect of economics from the foundation of supply and demand theory to capital theory faces technical objections challenging the very coherence of each respective theory. Keen in chapter 2 of the book summarises the arguments showing that a coherent theory of consumer demand cannot be derived from the :rational economic man” model of man as a selfish hedonist. Hence microeconomics is theoretically punctured. Further, neoclassical supply theory is wrong Keen shows, with supply curves not being upward sloping but flat or downward sloping. The neoclassical rule for maximising profits does not in fact maximise profits, the economic theory of the firm is inconsistent as is the theory of capital.

The Index of “Debunking Economics” has no reference to Social Credit or Major Douglas. There is no reference to fractional reserve banking or the creation of credit by banks. Chapter II though presents an interesting discussion about finance and economic breakdown and why stock markets crash. "Market volatility is due to the internal dynamics of these markets, which are governed more by the craziness of investors than commonsense and rationality. Speculation surpasses that of casinos and thus it is only a matter of time before the house of cards collapses".

“When that game comes unstuck, America in particular will most likely find itself as badly hobbled by debt as Japan has been for the past decade. This speculative flame may have ignited anyway, but there is little doubt that economists have played the role of petrol throwers rather than firemen. When crisis strikes, conventional economists will be the last people on the planet who can be expected to provide sage advice on how to return to prosperity”. (p.256)

“Debunking Economics” thus clears the way for social crediters to provide such “sage advice” when the big economic crash finally comes.  


by James Reed
Ah, yet another chance to take a swing, intellectually, at our philosophically bankrupt universities. So let’s get to it by considering the article “Indigenous Focus at Uni’s raises ‘Culture War’ Worry”, The Australian 16 January 2012, p.2. Universities Australia, a supporter of “big Australia” has released new guidelines saying that universities ‘shall embed Aboriginal knowledge and perspectives across all undergraduate programs”.

Co-chairman of the project to develop guidelines, Southern Cross University vice-chancellor Peter Lee has said that this would deal with the “under-representation of indigenous students at university” and “If we are to build an inclusive society then it is important that all graduates have a perspective on indigenous cultural competency, not just leave it to those who are studying indigenous issues”. Indigenous ‘cultural competency” – what the devil is that?

The report by Universities Australia, “Guiding Principles for Developing Indigenous Cultural Competency in Australian Universities” was discussed by Greg Melhuish (“Universities are Not Social Engineering Schools”, The Australian 17 January 2012 p.10). He quotes Universities Australia’s definition of “cultural competency”: “The ability to critically reflect on one’s own culture and professional paradigms in order to understand its (sic) cultural limitations and effect positive change”. Melhuish goes on to question how well Australian universities do in providing cultural competency about non-indigenous cultures and he thinks, not too well. I go further.

These universities actively oppose cultural competency, that is a critical awareness of their own paradigms of liberalism, globalism, multiracialism and political correctness. Indeed Dr. Mervyn F. Bendle, Senior Lecturer in History and Communications at James Cook University in a letter published in The Australian “Higher Education” section (18 January, 2012, p.40) presented a remarkable letter that indicates that I was too pessimistic in believing that no academics are opposed to pc madness: “…any academic who dares to question the decision [i.e., to impose Aboriginal knowledge and perspectives on all university disciplines] will find themselves in deep trouble. The managerialists who run our universities will crucify them”.

Dr. Bendle continues: “I say this on the basis of 10 years of bitter experience opposing the ideological lunacies that dominate what passes for intellectual life in our universities… To anyone who dares challenge the politically correct agenda, I offer the following advice: by all means question any proposal that further debauches our universities, or seeks arbitrarily to impose the heritage of 2.5 per cent of the population on the other 97.5 per cent, but just be aware of the world of hurt you are getting into”.

“All disciplines” include mathematics, logic and quantum physics. What has Aboriginal culture contributed to these fields? The proposal by Universities Australia could backfire if Aboriginal knowledge claims (e.g., the Dreamtime) are scientifically examined. None of this tokenism deals with the under-representation of Indigenous Australians at university. Indigenous children need more knowledge of western culture and institutions if they are to overcome disadvantage. I sincerely hope Indigenous Leaders roast the Universities Australia report in the press. This approach is not helping Aboriginal people.  


by Brian Simpson
The immigration lobby is always rattling on about how migrants, even in the recession, create jobs for locals. No matter how bad the job market is, and no matter how many Aussies are out of work, migrants always save the day – according to big business. We all know that this is a “big lie” but it is sad enough to dull the senses of many. But consider the tale of the headlines: “Migrants Claim Bulk of Jobs”, The Australian 11 January 2012, p.2; “Migrants Thrive on Mine Boom as Aussies Lose Jobs”, The Australian 12 January 2012, p.1.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, migrants have taken over half of the jobs created since the beginning of 2010. Migrants took 81,000 new jobs in the past twelve months, but 38,000 locals lost their jobs. Journalist George Megalogenis, a pro-migrant writer for The Australian says that this shows that Teresa Gambao is wrong in saying that migrants are not fitting in because “newly arrived immigrants are going straight to work and helping keep the economy growing”.

Megalogenis is giving a flawed argument because fitting in is a cultural matter and involves more than just taking some Aussie job. How nice it would be if a newly arrived migrant, a Malay or Filipino, took George’s job! Shouldn’t The Australian have more up-to-date exotic ethnics criticising Anglo-Australia? Megalogenis is seemingly unable to write about these other issues without some politically correct qualification.
Thus in his 12 January 2012 article he mentions Victoria and then (irrelevantly) adds “the birthplace of multiculturalism”, a debateable and undefended point. In terms of the journalistic logic of the article, dropping this in shows nothing.

The editor needs to spend some time going over his stuff until he can be replaced by an Asian migrant. In any case, thanks again for telling us that “migrants thrive… as Aussies lose jobs”. Let us hope that Megalogenis’ job will one day be lost to an exciting Asian journalist.  


While Brian Simpson is writing on the issue of employment for locals as opposed to migrants taking the jobs (probably at lower rates of pay) in a money economy, the Telegraph article reminds social crediters of the fact that automation is taking more and jobs off the backs of all workers! Never mind local and migrant workers.
People have still to grasp the fact that the productive capacity of the industrialised nations even during WWI which allowed the cream of the youth to go to war while the old, the young and the women not only fed themselves and the fighting forces, but also provided the manpower for the war effort - all of which went to be destroyed (bombs, guns, bullets, etc).

Modern man's problem is not the lack of physical plenty but the lack of purchasing power in a world of plenty! C.H. Douglas spoke over the BBC (November 1934) asking what are "The Causes of War: Is Our Financial System to Blame?""

Japan to open robot farm in tsunami disaster zone - Telegraph 7/01/12
A futuristic farm with robot operators is to open in Japan on land swamped by the March 11 tsunami as part of an experimental government project. The government is hoping to bolster the new robot farm project by inviting leading Japanese technology companies to become involved. The project, masterminded by the Ministry of Agriculture, will involve unmanned tractors working the fields of the farm on a disaster zone site spanning 600 acres. Robots will then box produce grown on the farm, including rice, wheat, soybeans, fruit and vegetables as part of the “Dream Project” scheme, according to the Nikkei. The growth of crops will also be boosted by recycled carbon dioxide generated by the operation of the machinery in a bid to reduce reliance on chemical fertilisers.

On-site research is expected to begin later this year, with a forecast government investment of £33 million (four billion yen) over the next six years, according to ministry officials. The government is hoping to bolster the new robot farm project by inviting leading Japanese technology companies, including Panasonic, Fujitsu and Hitachi, to become involved. "We hope the project will help not only support farmers in the disaster-hit regions but also revive the entire nation's agriculture," said a spokesman for the agriculture ministry.


Whilst we are on the subject of farming I thought Peter Andrews’ comments as reported by Paul Sheehan were of interest whilst considering the global warming/ecology debates. Sydney Morning Herald journalist Paul Sheehan wrote: When the Bureau of Meteorology releases its annual data this week, it will probably announce that Australia has just had the second or third wettest year in its recorded history. No surprise. The most miserable summer in Sydney in 50 years. The coldest autumn nationally in more than 50 years. Record flooding in Victoria. A Christmas Day in Melbourne with hailstones the size of eggs. Massive floods in south Queensland. Cyclone Yasi in north Queensland. Heavy rainfall across the desert inland. Extreme rainfall and cold in Darwin.

Multiple-choice question: what's it all mean?
(a) Onset of global warming impact.
(b) Latest cycle of El Nino - Southern Oscillation.
(c) Combination of global warming and El Nino.
(d) Monumental mishandling of the landscape. About one farm an hour was being carried down river:

The most interesting explanation I have heard for the extreme weather comes from a landscape restorer, Peter Andrews (of Australian Story fame…ed). He chooses (d). ''Our landscape is still on a dramatic downward spiral,'' he told me.
''When the heavy rains came recently I saw the Goulburn River was running brown. The river was thick with soil. About one farm an hour was being carried down that river. ''

He discounts the argument that we are seeing the impact of global warming. ''The whole global warming argument misses the point. Yes, we are facing an environmental disaster. Yes, it is urgent. Yes, it is caused by our own activities. But we have misdiagnosed the problem… In terms of dealing with Australia's problems, the global warming industry is a giant con.''

His philosophy, boiled down to its essence, is that our landscape was working brilliantly at retaining water and soil until European settlement began making ''improvements''. By changing the landscape, we changed the weather. Transforming the land by cropping, herding and irrigation created a cycle of heating and cooling on the land, a cycle of boom and bust, that could only grow more extreme. As for the relevance of the Greens, this is Peter Andrew’s opinion, writes Paul Sheehan: All this should make him a hero to the Greens, but he is appalled by the thought. ''The Greens have no idea. They are clueless.'' Read further here…

But over the holidays I read up a little on Biodynamics by Alex Podilinsky, a Polish migrant to this nation, one who most certainly settled in to the sustainable culture of this land! He goes further than Peter Andrews and insists it is more than planting trees – which are essential – it is the structure of and the biological health and activity of the soil. That is where it all begins. He would be a man after Prince Charles’s heart in all this. Fascinating stuff and well worth searching out.  


by Brian Simpson
Teaching high school science and being in the home stretch to retirement, I was puzzled about the article “Maths, and Making Teachers Count”, The Australian, 18 January, 2012, p.31.
The article discussed the Australian Mathematical Science Institute summer school, mathematics jobs and the great achievement of a number of students. However, all of the students pictured and discussed were young White (seemingly Anglo Saxon) females. Are we to believe now that no male students were worthy of discussion or is the article a “Let’s correct the imbalance for the regime article?”

Why were no Asians pictured or discussed? Why no Africans or newly arrived asylum seekers? What about Aboriginal, gay and/or disabled (rather “people with a disability”) mathematicians?
Most important of all, what about people who are mathematically challenged?! And will Indigenous contributions to differential geometry and string theory be soon considered, as Universities Australia has urged us to do? So many questions and so much political correctness to go around.  


by James Reed along with ‘Uncle Len’ the Cleaner
For as long as we can remember the local papers have splashed coloured photographs of the top Year 12 students and made a big song and dance about the number of Asians present. Well, The Advertiser, 22 December, 2011, p.1 had one of these coloured photographs, of 11 SACE high achievers. There is one Asian girl and one Mediterranean boy, one boy with a Mediterranean name but Anglo appearance. Overall a great group of kids that would make any parent proud. And a good showing by Anglo Saxons! 


by Peter West
Margaret Court is Australia’s greatest female tennis player and the “Margaret Court Arena” is named after her. However she is also a conservative Christian pastor, God bless her. She objects to homosexuality on religious grounds. This objection has led to well known gay Kerryn Phelps saying that Margaret Court had vilified people living in homosexual relationships (The Australian, 13 January, 2012, p.3). Notice the use of “vilification” and the same type of language used by the race lobby. Phelps believes that there should be “careful consideration given to changing the name.”

There is also a Facebook campaign to display gay pride colours at the Open and make the Margaret Court Arena a protest site. On the other hand, Billie Jean King, another tennis great and advocate for gay rights, has slammed this boycott/protest “Get rid of her for that? Because you don’t agree with her? Are you kidding?” (The Australian, 19 January, 2012, p.3) Well, that must have upset them! Game and Set! We should all send Margaret Court an email or letter of support for her courageous stand against political correctness and for standing up for conservative Christian values.  


The Editor of The Age, 21st January 2012:
Mark Leibler defends his panel's proposals for changes to the Constitution ('Racism still shadows our history', 20/1) by invoking the word 'racism' to arouse feelings of guilt in the reader. That is why this particular political swear word was invented in the first place. Later he makes an entirely spurious distinction between 'race', as (he claims) this was used in the 19th Century, and 'ethnicity' and 'ancestry'.
The truth is that 'race' is and was then an ambiguous term. We can talk of the human race, but we can also talk about the races of Man, such as the orientals, the negroes and the whites. These races are ethnic groups whose very existence depends on ancestry. A person's ethnic make-up admits him or her to membership of one or more ethnic groups; and these ethnic groups are like 'big family'.
In this context it is apparent that Mr Leibler's panel has not produced sound arguments in favour of the constitutional changes they propose. Certain injustices or inequities to which they refer can be dealt with by appropriate existing authorities, parliamentary and others. However, in the 21st Century no particular ethnic group should receive especially privileged mention in the Constitution; nor should 'anti-racist' bigotry.

- - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave Victoria

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