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12 October 2012 Thought for the Week:

Capitalists and Socialists United for Global Governance:
The push for a single global economy is far from new but since 1980, and particularly through the 1990s, that push became like a frantic and ruthless panzer movement. We can easily appreciate why very large corporate giants want it. Such companies see themselves as having outgrown their own original national economies. They dominate international trade. They have learnt to manufacture their products in low cost impoverished countries where they have access to an endless pool of labour which daily faces conditions far below that ever faced by the average negro slave in the American South. They can then sell their wares in those countries still able to maintain higher individual incomes.

But the harder question to find an answer to is why so many politicians of all ranks have been so willing to allow their own countries to be decimated by the globalist tornado. When there is a raging storm the normal thing is to close all the windows and doors. But modern politicians follow new theories and want everything opened up.

A feature of the modern politician and political party is the practise of having an array of "advisors". Since they seem to be incapable of making any worthwhile decisions without all this advice we are left to wonder if elected governments are necessary at all. At least that is one impression gained…

There is considerable evidence that all the big parties in the developed world are now chiefly dependent upon corporate donations and sponsorship. Gone are the days when a large grass roots membership raised most party funds.

- - On Target New Zealand July-August 2001


by Betty Luks
It is encouraging to note that other groups are taking up the issues that the League of Rights has long sought to warn about and educate fellow Australians on. At recent League seminars, national director Louis Cook, presented papers on ICLEI - the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.

The papers were videoed and will be available at a later date. An "Action Kit" is in the making!

In the meantime, the H.S. Chapman Society hosted Kenneth Freeman and Don Casey, Chair and 'Vice-chair of the Alliance for Citizens Rights, Alabama USA, who told of their battle over 15 years in Alabama to banish the United Nations Agenda 21 from interference in their state. We were pleased to note the host for the occasion was Andrew Fraser, Deputy Speaker and National Party MP for Coffs Harbour. The MP is to be commended for standing up for his people’s freedoms.

The Revolt of the State of Alabama, USA in 2012
Alabama became the first state in the U.S.A. to prohibit any government involvement with, or participation in, the controversial 1992 Agenda 21 of the United Nations and its ICLEI (International Councils Local Environment Initiatives). They did so because the UN had tried to foist Agenda 21 on them by enlisting a broad array of non -governmental and inter-governmental organisations - masterminded, since 1999, in a world conference centre in Bonn, Germny.

Alabama Senate Bill (SB) 477 struck an extraordinary blow for freedom
(b) The Senate of Alabama, and all political subdivisions, may not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately, or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in, or traceable to, Agenda 21 adopted by the United Nations in 1992 at its Conference on Environment and Development or any other international law, or ancillary plan of action, that contravenes the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Alabama.

(c) Since the United Nations has accredited, and enlisted numerous non-governmental organizations to assist in the implementation of its politics relative to Agenda 21 around the world, the State e of Alabama and all political subdivisions may not enter into any agreement, expend any sum of money, or receive funds contracting services, or giving financial aid to or from those non-governmental services and inter- governmental organizations as defined in Agenda 21.

We remind readers:
The Great Leap Forward was taken at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 where Australia's delegate, then Environment Minister Ros 'Whiteboard' Kelly (Labor), signed Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is 800 pages long, it consists of 40 chapters, and is a comprehensive programme for the planning and management of the economic and social development of the entire world during the twenty-first century.

Under Agenda 21, the Australian government committed itself to act as the de facto agent, at national level, for the United Nations, in controlling the following:
• patterns of human consumption (what people are allowed to eat)
• human habitats (where and how people are allowed to live) in 'sustainable communities'.
• the planning of all future development world-wide
• the composition of the atmosphere (at the time ‘greenhouse gas emissions’, now ‘climate change’ and/or ‘global warming’)
• the planning and management of land use (Vegetation Management Act, Desertification Treaty)
• control of the utilisation of forests (ref: closing of sawmills on the Atherton Tableland).
• control of the development in mountain areas
• control of types and methods of agriculture (sustainable agriculture, best practice manuals)
• control of areas set aside to protect biological diversity (biodiversity treaty)
• management and use of water, worldwide
• management of wastes, including toxic chemicals, hazardous wastes, solid and radioactive wastes.

It is from Agenda 21 that the word 'sustainable' comes - e.g. 'sustainable development', 'sustainable agriculture' and 'sustainable communities'. 'Sustainable' communities are to be 'energy-efficient' communities, where people are herded into high-rise dwellings built on public transit lines.  


Eichmann Jr recommends fraud as pretext for killing civilians.
Israel lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran. Just like 911 in New York causing the deaths of American civilians and soldiers, a million dead Iraqis - and for what?

Patrick Clawson of the influential neo-con Washington Institute for Near East Studies openly suggests that the US should provoke Iran into taking the first shot.

How to Build U.S.-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout
Watch the original full video here Washington Institute

“The Most Hideous One Minute Video I've Ever Seen!”
Possible attack on Iran and deaths of millions are cause for laughter for Hilary Clinton, United States Secretary of State.

Comment online: "If anybody's gonna do it, we oughta do it, because we have the capability."
By that rationale, we all oughta be out bashing old ladies and kids to grab cash and candy, because we can!


by James Reed
The referendum to acknowledge indigenous Australians through changes to the Constitution has been ‘put on ice’ for two years to allow the elites to further brainwash the long-suffering public. But the Gillard government is pressing ahead with the Act of Recognition, which will have a sunset clause to the Act to commit future governments.
Well we all know that this binding of future governments can’t be legally done, so the motive is for a future government to discuss the issue, which ties up with the big propaganda push that will go on. Hopefully the Act of Recognition will be challenged on Constitutional grounds.

We should fight these proposed Constitutional changes rigorously, especially the clause to introduce a prohibition on racial discrimination, which in my opinion is essentially a clause for Anglo Australian genocide, enshrining immigration, multiculturalism, Asianisation and every new class elite politically correct “ISM” into the Constitution. It would be an eternal gift to human rights lawyers who will live off it. Tony Abbott is right to describe this clause as the single-issue bill of rights”, but as usual, hasn’t gone far enough.

The time to fight this is now, not to wait two years while the minority inner city elites work away. Promote the idea that British Australians are the first people of the entity which is known as “Australia”, a cultural and legal entity, not a landmass.
An article challenging Aborigines as “first people” anthropologically is under preparation by our team.  


by Betty Luks:
– but not as centralist Dean Jaensch would have it!
Whilst extolling the virtues of local councils he wants Local Councils included in the Commonwealth Constitution. He wrote: “In Australia's Constitution, local government simply does not exist and that must change.” (Adelaide’s Advertiser, Wednesday, October 3, 2012) But what are the changes the good doctor is suggesting need to be made and why? Why to bypass the State’s governments of course and – wait for it – more Money!

“One reason for its inclusion in the Constitution is crucial for local government. Councils have real problems finding the funds to carry out their functions. This is made worse when state governments transfer new functions to councils, but forget to pass over some money as well. The states love this cost-shifting; councils hate it, but have no choice. This is a key reason for the local sector wanting constitutional recognition and, through it, access to direct Commonwealth funding….”

Notice that no politician or media journalist will ever, ever, mention the big, big, elephant in the room? That is the ever-expanding global debts of all countries, whether the debts are the governments’ or the people’s ? Whilst struggling under the burden of such huge debts, just how did Dean think the Commonwealth government would do any better in funding local councils than the State governments are doing at present?

In “Warning Democracy” C.H. Douglas had this to say:
“Now, if it were in the nature of things that in some way the quantity of money in the world was fixed by the laws of nature, our case would be desperate, but we find by technical investigation that it is not so fixed, that the amount of money in the world is almost entirely dependent upon the action of those institutions which we call banks, that, in fact, the banking system can, and does, control the prosperity of every country in the world, and that the banking system is a man-made system controlled by men and can be altered by men.

“The method by which this position can be rectified, and with it, at any rate in our opinion, a very large number of the troubles from which humanity at the present time suffers, is technical and as I previously said, I do not propose to inflict it upon you. I am going to ask you tonight to accept the statement that I have just made as correct, and as being proved both mathematically and by the inductive method of comparative statistics.

“Taking this for granted, then, you would naturally assume that the great majority of people would regard such a matter as being not only of the greatest possible interest, but as the nature of a very happy discovery. It is quite possible that my own method of communicating information may be to some extent at fault, although I do not think this is the whole explanation, because it is a common experience. But, speaking generally, the information to which I have referred is not received with the enthusiasm which at first sight you would expect. Now, one of the first conceptions which is driven home to a consistent critic of the money system is the curious and widely spread desire which seems to exist to attribute our troubles to anything but the money system….” Further reading here….

By placing Local Councils in the Commonwealth Constitution Act, the people would be further centralising power over themselves and assisting their would-be oppressors to secure the buckles of the political straight jacket. Are the Australian people going to wake up before it is too late?  


The Editor, The Advertiser
Dear Sir,
Dean Jeansch's article ('tiser Oct 3rd) acknowledged that Local Government existed before State Parliament and noted it was subsequently recognised as an arm of the State.
The call for it to be recognised in the Federal Constitution is appealing to Councils because they believe it will secure their funding. However there is no guarantee that the funds will be received either in full or at all. It is wrong for Local Government or any other body to be under more than one jurisdiction. Which one would be the master?

If the State is responsible for funding Councils beyond rates, it should be more mindful of the financial burden it imposes when off-loading more tasks to Councils. Councils and voters will have more hope of influencing our State Parliament to provide adequate funds than we ever would over a Federal Parliament. The correct and only 'home' for Local Government is within the State.

- - Yours etc, Ken Grundy, Naracoorte SA  


ICLEI – going the United Nation’s “Global to Local” Way

The UN's Global to Local Agenda 21 via ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) may be encountered in every country of the UN System. Lord Monckton was present and reported on the UN Rio de Janeiro 2012 meeting. Man-made global warming, alias man-made climate change is now virtually 'dead-in-the-water' and yet it is still promoted by the greenie one-worlders as a reason for further political and economic control.

The UN globalists see so-called 'Sustainable' so-called 'Development' as their way forward. This is being executed at the local level, attempting to by-pass national governments via ICLEI. ICLEI's modus operandi is 'Global to Local'. Those of us that care about responsible, accountable government need to be aware of and spread information about the worldwide activities of ICLEI.

Much useful information about the globalists so-called 'Sustainable Development' tactics may be found on the website of “Freedom Advocates”. Local Agenda 21 Policy includes plans to abolish private ownership of land and to divert people to living in controlled settlements.


by James Reed
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the latest globalist strategy to diminish our freedoms and increase corporate profits. This is a free trade agreement on steroids initiated by Obama’s US regime in partnership with Asia-Pacific nations such as Australia, Brunei, New Zealand, Singapore and others. Six hundred big corporate players are on board – Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Pharma and all the other environmental terrorists.

The negotiations are, as usual with these sinister schemes, shrouded in secrecy. The proposed draft has not been made available to the public, the Press – or even policy makers. Senator Ron Wyden was denied access to the negotiation texts, and he has jurisdiction over the TPP via his position of chair of the appropriate ruling Congressional Committee! So what are they, the New World Order, hiding?

Leaked chapters of the TPP agreement indicate that there will be an introduction of new corporate rights and privileges effectively abolishing the accountability of foreign corporations to host governments. The alien parasites will be able to do almost as they want without regard to health, safety and environmental laws. If corporations incur any cost, they will be compensated from the public purse.

Big Pharma will also be given long-term monopolies on pharmaceutical drugs so that cheaper generic drugs will no longer be available – resulting in a massive increase in the cost of medicine. Yes, there is something here for every villain. The last remaining capital control powers of nations to deal with financial crises will be removed. Nothing shall prevent external speculation by the financial capitalists, and the free flow of all financial toxins such as derivatives, shall be free. The nation’s legal systems will be over-ridden as foreign corporates will be able to pursue claims in foreign tribunals regardless of the decisions of local courts.

“Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak lauds the achievements of his government in delivering economic growth while other countries struggle to avoid recession. That ability to deliver consistent economic development is threatened by the proposed US-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership, shaped in secret by private companies.  


– from an American Correspondent. Fishermen Cry War Over Fishing Regulations:
This is unadulterated hypocrisy and is happening in the EU as well. They are pretending to care about the environment, but at the same time they promote all kinds of free trade agreements with remote regions for the importation of fish and seafood.

How are these products transported? Many are shipped by air. Not only are the carbon emissions from these cargo flights greater than land and sea transport, but the great distances travelled, by comparison with locally caught product, cause an enormous carbon burden. Yet the fishing industry in the EU has been hamstrung by absurd regulations, including one that requires fishermen return certain species of fish to the sea, even if the catch is dead. That is enforced waste.

Further, third world countries do NOT benefit from these treaties. Only the big fisheries benefit, not the small fishermen, because the EU insists on compliance with their own rules that prohibit and restrict small fishing practices. The day after the first free trade agreement was signed with the EU last year, the price of many of the cheaper but high quality fish (such as corvina) doubled here in Panama. Centralized governments don't work. We should have learned that from the Soviet Union.

Have you checked out the fish selection in your local grocery store? Notice they come from China, Taiwan, foreign countries. Why is that? Cause: AGENDA 21 is stopping our access to our food and income for the fishing industry !

After at least 15 years or more of talking with Agenda 21 experts like Dr. Micheal Coffman and the late Henry Lamb, then researching and reading the actual Agenda 21 document and companion (un-ratified) UN treaty; Convention on Biological Diversity and the massive Global Biodiversity Assessment. I can say that all roads lead back to these.

Curtailing the American fishing industry with "reductions in over capitalization" "Marine Protected Areas" and "Catch Shares- in which a limited number of fishermen will be allowed to work". Coupled with extremely low recreational and commercial harvest limits based on "the Precautionary Principal" all out of the UN's Agenda 21 is just a small part of the overall picture.

The overall big picture was described explicitly by a high UN official, Maurice Strong when he said that because we consume too much of the earth's resources and as a result are causing all the global problems "... isn't it our responsibility to bring about the collapse of the industrialized countries?" Thus, a primary reason that the economy is in the tank is directly attributable to the implementation of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development by the federal government since June 29, 1993 when Bill Clinton issued executive order 12852 and ordered the creation of the President's Council on Sustainable Development to find ways to incorporate Agenda 21 into government policy. Prior to this the EPA on its own had already issued an inter-office memorandum to "natural resource agencies" to begin implementation of the UN Agenda 21 policies.

The NAFTA Agreement which facilitated the evisceration of the American manufacturing base is also tied directly to Agenda 21. The NAFTA Preamble cites "Promoting Sustainable Development" as a Goal. Sustainable Development is the implementation plan for Agenda 21.

Al Gore said that we must undergo a "wrenching transformation of society". He intended that this be done through the "re-inventing of government". What this is about is re-configuring American government policy and the American way of life to conform to and abide by Agenda 21. After all as the UN states it's their "Plan for the 21st. Century".  


by James Reed
Professor Caroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor, was permitted to study the operations of the financial elites, we call the New World Order or globalists.
In “Tragedy and Hope” (1966) he said: “I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960’s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments… In general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe that its role in history is significant enough to be known…”

“The powers of financial capitalism have] another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.”

All of that has long been achieved. Non-financial corporates have been busy dismantling the nation state through free trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and open migration. The next step for the financial elites is to eliminate cash and put in place digital currency. One experiment in Canada long these lines is called “MintChip”, advanced by the Royal Canadian Mint. This will be a chip which allows your money to be loaded onto a smart phone, computer or some other device. Not only would cash be eliminated, but the dollar could be replaced as the world’s reserve currency with this artificial currency. Talk about signs of the Beast!

The mere elimination of cash will, as an article in the “Michael” journal (May-July 2012) points out lead to the recording of all transactions in a data base and a loss of pour freedom to buy and sell. “Michael” urges people to fight this, and they should, but most won’t, as only a minority are prepared to defend their homeland from “the spirits of wickedness and evil”. Maybe that will be enough to win.

Plan B should be to get all of those transactions, that you don’t want Big Sister and Brother to record, done now. I don’t mean illegal transactions by the way. I am thinking of food and medical/health first and stockpiles and the like, anything that gives out a message of “survivalism”. No wonder our American friends are worried about black helicopters – it’s enough to make a relaxed bloke like me a wee bit paranoid!  

Should you decide to fight for your freedoms you need to be better informed.

Further reading is essential.
"Constitutional Barriers to Serfdom" by Eric D. Butler :
"Essential Christian Heritage" by Eric D. Butler

"Tragedy and Hope" by Professor Carroll Quigley $70.00 + postage

Professor Antony Sutton books:
An Introduction to the Order $7.00 + postage
How the Order Controls Education $6.50 + postage
How the Order Creates War & Revolution $6.50 +postage
National Suicide: Military Aid to Soviet Union $14.00 + postage
Secret Cult of the Order $7.50 + postage
Soviet Military & Industrial Complex $3.50 + postage
Wall Street & Bolshevik Revolution $10.00 + postage
Wall Street & Rise of Hitler $10.00 + postage


I was reminded of this issue (Universal Credit – UK) upon reading an email from a colleague who asked, “How will the people of the UK gain access to their cash – that is their notes and coins – if they don’t have a bank account?”

The UK Post Office is closing its Easy Access Savings Account facility, the only readily available access to cash, i.e., to notes and coins of the realm. In the future it may be through a single banker’s card.
This could have profound implications for constitutional rights. And he asks:
“Is the cashless carbon currency economy only just around the corner? Read more:


by Chris Knight
The “slippery slope” argument in philosophy and ethics aims to show that an opponent’s position leads them step-by-step to consequence that they don’t accept. Ergo, their position is false as it implies a falsity. It is a way of reducing to absurdity a position. Cory Bernardi was dumbed by the “Mad Monk” for allegedly linking gay marriage to bestiality. But that is the grunter’s view. What he argued was that introducing gay marriage will ultimately lead to others wanting group marriage and then the “marriage” of people and pets.

Peter Singer, animal rights philosopher, is one who has questioned the bestiality human/animal sex taboo and his remarks on ABC1, “Q&A, 14 June 2010 are reproduced by “Cut and Paste” (The Australian 20 September 2012, p.13). Yet the editorial of The Australian on the same page criticises Bernardi saying that using the slippery slope argument to polygamy was unlikely, but reasonable, but extending it to bestiality is not. Why not, in the light of Peter Singer’s position? Sure he is a minority, but it was a minority opposing White Australia in 1946 as well. Who knows what will come from the introduction of gay marriage 50 years down the track? I now join James Reed, from this day forth, only speaking of “Tony Rabbitt”.  


by James Reed
Orthodox economists have a series of stock arguments to ‘justify’ immigration. Thus Peter Sutherland (chairman of Goldman and Sacks International) and Cecilia Malmstrom (EU Commissioner for Home Affairs) (“Closed Borders Slam Door on EU Economies”, The Australian, 18 September, 2012, p.10) say that in Europe, even given high unemployment capitalists lack certain workers and “Europe can never have enough entrepreneurs, who drive economies and create jobs.” Dream on!

Not only that but “European countries must finally and honestly acknowledge that, like the US, Canada, and Australia, they are lands of immigrants.” Oh no they are not- and only short-term perspective economists could think that. Europe has been the home of various white ethnic groups for tens of thousands of years, long before the sordid economic system of money-grubbing capitalism existed.

Ironically Sutherland and Malmstrom note that migrants with qualifications are starting to head to China, India and Brazil, so the migration bubble has burst. Isn’t it time to grow up and live without immigration? Apparently not because Europe has a problem with an ageing population. But this problem is now becoming global and migration is not going to solve it. Live with it!

It was good to see free market economist Judith Sloan (“End the Boatpeople – Centrelink Cycle” The Australian 18 September 2012, p.14) point out that refugees have high unemployment and high rates of welfare dependency, years after being here. About 94 per cent of households from Afghanistan are on Centrelink; those from Iraq, 93 per cent and 85 per cent for humanitarian migrant households. As I see it, we are certainly paying for inner city elites to have warm and fuzzy feelings.  


by Peter Ewer:
View from the Right, “How to be a Liberal Saint”, has an article on Jamie Grumet, who has featured on various magazines breastfeeding her toddlers. There was controversy about this as the standard view is that breastfeeding ends by at least twelve months and doesn’t continue into toddlerhood. But some mothers I know disagree, so Grumet could be right. Nevertheless, she had adopted an Ethiopian child.
Is there some new celebrity law that requires this? And why stop at one, or two or even three? Fill up your Hollywood mansion With them! There would thus be a type of politically correct arms race, with the winner being given liberal sainthood from Hussein Obama, the man!

Lawrence Auster has a photograph of the happy family and says: “Looking at this photograph, I can’t help but wonder which liberal consummation will take place first : the suicide of men for the sake of women, the suicide of whites for the sake of blacks, the suicide of heterosexuals for the sake of homosexuals, the suicide of infidels for the sake of Muslims, or the suicide of America (and the West – Pete) for the sake of everyone and everything that is not America (or the West – Pete)?”

My answer is: all of the above: they all rage at the same time. The aim of liberalism is to, metaphorically, breastfeed the world.  


The Chronicle Toowoomba, 11 September 2012:
Opposition leader Tony Abbott was recently interviewed on radio regarding the sale of Cubbie Station to a foreign enterprise. He was asked how the proposed sale would have got past the Foreign Investment Review Board. He replied by saying that the board had probably come to the conclusion that the sale was in the national interest. I can't possibly see how the sale of 93,000-hectares of country to a foreign enterprise that is all set up for irrigation could be in Australia's interest, but only in the interest of the country involved in the purchase.
The Foreign Investment Review Board has proved to be a dismal failure and needs to be bought into line with New Zealand where if you are selling more than five hectares it has to go before their board. I feel we are being taken for a ride not only in regard to the sale of land to foreigners but also in the resources boom. The rest of the world must see us as a soft touch.

- - Alan Ellis, Warra, Queensland

The Western Star Roma, Queensland, 25 September 2012:
In more robust times the Federal Government's sanctioning of the sale of Cubbie Station to the Chinese would have been called for what it is - treason against the Australian people.
The whole concept of selling sovereign Australian land to the Chinese or any foreign ownership raises so many questions. In the first place, no government has the right to sell sovereign Australian land to foreign owners. Under Chinese ownership, how would this sale affect farmers down the Riverina for instance?
What is the Australian Tax Office position on returns from a Chinese owned property such as Cubbie? If under Chinese ownership, where would the cotton be processed into fabric? What the Federal Government has sanctioned and allowed to happen in the Hunter Valley, where Chinese ownership of so much our fertile and arable lands are disappearing under coal mining, is unforgivable.
Future generations will rue the day this happened. What use is the Foreign Investment Review Board when they rubber stamp the selling off of Australian land?

- - Barbara Treloar, Romå Queensland  

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159