Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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2 November 2012 Thought for the Week:

Itinerary of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall November tour:

• Mon 5 – Longreach: Qantas museum, Stockman’s Hall of fame, BBQ.
• Tue 6 – Melbourne: MCG, Melbourne Cup, National Gallery
• Wed 7 – Adelaide: a primary school, a winery, an economic convention, Govt House
• Thu 8 – Tasmania: Richmond, a sheep stud, Princess Wharf
• Fri 9 – Sydney: Sydney Harbour on Admiral’s Barge, MCA, Govt House, Bondi Beach, Opera House
• Sat 10 – Canberra: meet with leaders, war memorial, fly to NZ

- - Philip Benwell, National Chair Australian Monarchist League


The present President of the Czech Republic Mr. Vaclav Klaus has produced another book, this time warning his fellow Europeans the European Union is shaping into yet another communist super state. Australians – if only they had eyes to see – would see the same pattern of political and financial manipulations in their own country. Just change a few key words in Mr. Klaus’ book for the Australian scene and the reader would have eyes to see. He writes:

“The core concepts of economic integration were the free-trade area, and the common agricultural policy (a policy based on planning, control and subsidies, not dissimilar to what we knew under Communism). I repeat that I am only describing the outline of the system, this is not a detailed list of shared activities orchestrated and performed by Brussels.

“…It is also widely known that not everybody was in favour of this kind of economic integration at the time. As soon as the EEC started displaying some of its more ambitious features, a par alternative was born in 1960, known as EFT the European Free Trade Association, which - led by England - made it clear from the start that integration should remain limited to economic matters only. When England reconsidered its position, under the reign of conservative premier Edward Heath at beginning of the 1970s, and 'changed clubs' in favour of the EEC…”

“… By the logic of things, the EEC - although still a 'mild' form of integration – started building its empires and offices, creating its own bureaucracy, its 'European' politicians, its lobbyists, its embedded media dependent on the European institutions. In other words it became an enterprise by and for itself (and a major employer). These people, as well as the institutions they worked for, started living their own lives. Slowly and cautiously at first, but ever so rapidly and consistently later, they were gaining new independence, shedding the original mantle of mere servants to the member states. At the same time we saw the implicit, gradual and largely invisible birth of the ideology which I call ‘europeism’ with new horizons in time and space, drafting and promoting the contours of future integration…” (emphasis added… ed)

Related article? “Carr's wife travels at taxpayers' expense” Brisbane Times, 25 October, 2012.
“Bob Carr's wife Helena has accompanied him on almost every overseas trip he has made as foreign minister, costing taxpayers about $120,000 in mostly business class airfares in just six months. Documents released under Freedom of Information laws show Mrs Carr travelled with her husband on eight of the nine trips he took in the months between late March and early September.
The arrangement is highly unusual for a foreign minister. AAP understands Senator Carr's Labor predecessors Stephen Smith and Kevin Rudd rarely if ever took their wives on official overseas trips. The total cost of Senator Carr's nine trips was an estimated $828,754, the documents obtained by AAP show…”

For the Australian scene you need to read all about ICLEI - and act on it!
• “Confronting Earth Summit: Agenda 21” - The United Nations Programme of Action from RIO, $5.00 posted and
• Vaclav Klaus’ “Europe: The Shattering of Illusions” $27.50 + postage.
• Have you watched Eric Butler’s DVD “The Fabian Idea Throughout History”? It will ‘blow your mind’! It is an ideology of power that stretches way back into history. Price: $12.00 posted.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn understood the dangers the western world faces: Read his essay "What Kind of Democracy is This?"

Send for a list of the DVDs relating to the New World Order – and the League’s longtime warning of what we are up against. All books and DVDs are available from Heritage Bookshop Services and Veritas Online.  


From “Brainwashing” by Eric D. Butler:
“…A boom is as advantageous as a depression for our ends for during prosperity our propaganda lines must only continue to point up the wealth the period is delivering to the selected few to divorce their control of the state. During a depression one must only point out that it ensued as a result of the avarice of a few and the general political incompetence of the national leaders.
The handling of economic propaganda is not properly the sphere of psycho politics but the psycho politician must understand economic measures and Communist goals connected with them. The masses must at last come to believe that only excessive taxation of the rich can relieve them of the "burdensome leisure class" and can thus be brought to accept such a thing as INCOME TAX, a Marxist principle smoothly slid into Capitalistic framework in 1909 in the United States…”
Further online reading:

“… It is a major fallacy that increased wages and salaries are the basic cause of inflation. But increased wages and salaries certainly stimulate inflation. The basic cause of inflation is the present type of financial policy, with increasing debt and increasing taxes.

Trade Union members, and wage and salary earners generally, have been misled by Marxist propaganda to believe that the steady increase in prices which erodes their purchasing power, is because of the 'profiteering' by the 'greedy capitalists'. Generally a few carefully selected monopolistic economic organisations which appear to be making comparatively large profits, are used as examples for the claim that either industry generally could reduce prices with lower profits, or that the profits could be used to finance wage and salary increases without further price increases.
An examination of the facts in any modern community will show clearly that the total profits of industry, both primary and secondary, could only pay a very small increase in wages and salaries to those who work in those industries. And this small increase could only be paid once, because industry could not then continue to operate. There would be collapse, something which the Marxists would, of course, welcome.
Further online reading ...


by James Reed
After giving Al Gore the Nobel Prize I wondered what they would do to top this in the theatre of the absurd. Could John Lennon be given one post humorously or post humously! What about Ophra, (did I spell her name right, don’t care) or even one to Julia Gillard for her contribution to feminism.
But no, the Committee topped all of this by giving a peace prize to the EU. What – a globalist organisation, destroying race and nation gets the golden pickle!
Well, I guess it makes as much sense as anything else.

B. Hussein Obama got the 2009 prize after being prezzo for only a few months, but interracial all his life. I would suggest giving the next one out at random, in a kind of lottery. We could all buy tickets. If I won, I would carry my Noble Nobel with me everywhere – on the bus, shopping, going to Centrelink, you name it.  


by UK journalist Felicity Arbuthnot. “October Surprise”?

“When Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize satire died”, satirist Tom Lehrer, memorably commented.

The Former US Secretary of State was awarded his Nobel for “negotiating the Vietnam Peace Accords.” In fact he had been involved in oversight of the secret bombing of Laos and Cambodia (both neutral countries.) In nine years more than two hundred and sixty million bombs were dropped. He had also supported the murderous regimes in Chile and Argentina, where the “disappeared” are seared in to the national psyche.

UK Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, in an application for a warrant for Henry Kissinger’s arrest, also referred in his submission at London’s Bow Street Magistrates Court to: “indiscriminate bombing raids ... the use of toxic defoliants and pesticides (causing) mass death and suffering to the civilian population and severe long term damage to the natural environment.” (i)

Further: “According to the US Senate Sub-committee on Refugees, from March 1968 to March 1972, in excess of three million civilians were killed, wounded or made homeless.” In 1973 Kissinger was awarded the world’s most prestigious Peace Prize. To date Mr Tatchell has failed in his attempts at arrest. The people of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are still paying the price in lives and deformities from Agent Orange – twenty one million gallons was sprayed on South Vietnam alone – with other horrendous toxins. (ii)
Adrian Salbuchi has presented an admirable rogues gallery of Nobel Peace Laureates (iii) but this year Mr Lehrer must be pondering on the extent to which he underestimated the death of satire. Alfred Nobel’s 1895 will dedicated his gift to: “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for holding the promotion of peace congresses ...

” The EU, apart from not being a person, hardly qualifies on the other two counts. It is striving for its own “standing army”; the collective’s actions increasingly show that peace in any form is a far away land of which they give not a damn. Three weeks before the Nobel was awarded a major conference discussed the formation of the EU army. Five of the six biggest countries enthusiastically signed (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland) The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Luxembourg also joined. (iv)

Alfred Nobel’s final wishes could hardly have been more flagrantly trashed than on 12th October 2012. Figures covering the last year’s qualifications for working towards “fraternity among nations” (October 2011-October 2012) are not available, but in 2010: “Firms in the UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Europe’s own European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company made around 75 billion euro from selling weapons...” according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI.) Further, in February this year, the EU Observer noted: “EU firms have joined the gold rush on military and civilian unmanned aerial vehicles”, (Drones) which, of course, target any designated person or persons for instant extrajudicial executions from thousand of miles away, in a lawless military computer game, played with real people to dispatch..

Alfred Nobel’s will also specified constituting a fund: “the interest on which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind.”

Most of the incursions, invasions and death-delivering meddling EU Member countries have been involved in, or profited from, since its inception, have a legacy of loss, lethality and heartbreak which has certainly lived on to span the year ending October 12th 2012 – and will span decades – and indeed millennia…” Further reading by Arbuthnot


See this and weep for your sons and daughters; you will realise just what American and Australian troops have been doing over there. Fighting and dying for their countries? Yeah right. More like Cannon Fodder!

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room:
Protecting the world's opium supply. Photos of U.S. troops guarding the Afghan poppy fields, Wednesday 17-Oct-2012.

Opium fields guarded by U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Found here at:

Original link to photo collection:

P.S. I have a harbour bridge in the gobi desert for sale too, if anyone wants it. Bargain price!

“…Said Evans. “The Pepes affair is the archetype for the pattern of collaboration between drug cartels, paramilitary warlords and Colombian security forces that developed over the next decade into one of the most dangerous threats to Colombian security and U.S. anti-narcotics programs. Evidence still concealed within secret U.S. intelligence files forms a critical part of that hidden history.

” In this context, as Peter Dale Scott observed in “Drugs, Oil, and War”, “The true purpose of most of these campaigns has not been the hopeless ideal of eradication. It has been to alter market share: to target specific enemies and thus ensure that the drug traffic remains under the control of those traffickers who are allies of the Colombian state security apparatus and/or the CIA.” Further info found here…


by Peter Ewer
War for the global elites is a bit like sport for us grunters in the pig styes. After a long hot summer you just itch for the footy season and a good meat (well, probably offal) pie with ‘dead horse’ (tomato sauce). For the elites war is the financial system’s sport, or Olympic games if you like.

C.H. Douglas in “The Causes of War: Is Our Financial System to Blame?” was broadcast on the BBC in November 1934. Douglas defined ‘war’ as “any action taken to impose your will upon an enemy, or to prevent him from imposing his will upon you”. This definition regards the motive rather than the method as the important consideration. It means that the pinkoid idea of abolishing nations to eliminate war, expanded by, say, Bertrand Russell, is mistaken because “the seeds of war are in every village”.

The idea of capturing foreign markets and the competition of capitalism is a form of economic war, and economic wars, Douglas said always end in shooting wars. It is human nature to fight against “irritations”. Douglas, as always, wisely observed, “to say that all men will fight if sufficiently irritated seems to me to be an argument against irritating them, rather than against human nature”. And further, it is the economic war which causes the irritation, not the irritation that causes the economic war.

Douglas follows Carl von Clausewitz (On War) in seeing military work as a development of economic (and political) war. Military war seems guaranteed by the dynamics of capitalism; the growth economy to continue to service debt, the capture of markets and the “poverty amidst plenty” that the ordinary people endure because of the nature of the economic and financial system. Thus the causes of war and the causes of poverty amidst plenty are the same, and lies in the financial system.

Social credit measures such as a National Dividend would cure much of the problem, but a reworking of the financial system along social credit lines would completely solve the problem because nations would strive to become self-reliant removing the present “irritations”. Profound insights from C.H. Douglas, as relevant today as in 1934 – as the elites gear up for the next war.  


We do not need an internet overlord, writes Chris Berg, 10 October, 2012 :
Freedom of speech, Technology and online rights.
My Drum column for this week is on the UN’s power grab for regulatory control over the basic architecture of the internet: The advantage of decentralised self-governance means internet architecture is mostly out of the reach of traditional politics and statecraft. That’s what the ITU power grab is all about.

The ITU doesn’t want control over the internet’s foundations merely to deal with technical issues like interconnection and standards. No, ITU wants policy control: to have a hand in regulating cybercrime, child pornography, even spam. It wants to pursue social goals. Hamadoun Touré talks about creating “a fully inclusive information society” – a phrase which would be easy to dismiss as meaningless if it didn’t reveal an extraordinary mission creep.

Report on the World Summit on the Information Society Stocktaking 2012 here…. Excerpt:
“International cooperation among all stakeholders is vital for implementation of the WSIS outcomes. This chapter describes ICT projects that have been carried out in response to requests for international cooperation and assistance from developed countries and international financial organizations for infrastructure development pro- jects.
In recent years, ICTs have consistently been included in the work programmes of many international and regional organizations in order to promote universal access and bridge the digital divide.

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) is the main facilitator of Action line C11: International and regional cooperation… The WSIS Forum is an event built upon the tradition of WSIS meetings held in May of each year. Since 2009, its format and agenda have been established on the basis of open consultations with all the WSIS stakeholders – governments, international organizations, the private sector and civil society...”  


"Enough is enough. They've dug our graves, shoved us in and we are waiting for the priest to read the last words," said Konstantinos Balomenos, a 58-year-old worker at a water utility whose wage has been halved to 900 euros and who has two unemployed sons. It was the third time since late September that tens of thousands of Greeks have taken to the streets holding banners and chanting slogans to show their anger at austerity policies imposed by EU and IMF lenders in exchange for aid.

Some were carrying Greek, Spanish and Portuguese flags and shouted: "EU, IMF out".
"Agreeing to catastrophic measures means driving society to despair and the consequences as well as the protests will then be indefinite," said Yannis Panagopoulos, head of the GSEE private sector union, one of two major unions that represent about 2 million people, or half of Greece's workforce.


by Chris Knight
One of the things the chattering class and inner city elites love to critique is the old Australian desire for a free standing home. The other is old Australia itself. For critical purposes , consider Bernard Salt’s two articles in The Australian’s money magazine, The Deal. The first article “Next: Our Asian Look” (p.7) repeats the cultural clique that Mediterranean migration enriched Australia’s culture, making us “more cosmopolitan and sophisticated”. Thus: “We absorbed the best Mediterranean influences and eschewed the drabbest parts of English culture, such as food and, possibly, fashion”.

In fact, migration has had little to do with the change in food culture, which has come from internationalisation via the media and would have arisen even if no Greeks and Italians had come to replace dead Anglo Saxons in 1947. The major changes in food have not been the “art form” food that the elites can afford, but American fast foods. Some benefit: heart disease.

Further to this, the stereotype of the Anglo Saxon meal being bland, “three veges and meat” is just wrong. The “Green and Gold” cook book of pre-multicultural Australia was full of tasty meals. Presumably MSG rice, fatty pizza, pasta and other high carbohydrate, high sugar foods are better than meat and vegetables. But the rise of obesity precisely corresponds to this “exciting” change in diet. Pre-multicultural Australia didn’t have the metabolic diseases (syndrome X, diabetes, etc) that we have today.

Salt’s criticism of English fashion being drab, is also absurd. English style clothes, not Asian or Greek, now dominate the world.
Salt moves on to say that since we are Asianising, shouldn’t that also apply to housing (p.31)? Of course, what this ultimately means is that with our massive migration programme, biased towards Asians, a culture will be created where the ethnic groups no longer demand a decent space and will be content living in massive buildings, crammed like sardines in a tin, working for generations to attempt to pay off a small room.

That is the logical conclusion of the post World War II migration frenzy. It has all been about the sharks in the real estate industry making megabucks while the heart and soul of Australia is destroyed. It surely is Salt in the wounds of traditional Australia.  


by James Reed|
Asylum seekers stormed a fishing boat off Sri Lanka and told the crew: “We’re going to Australia”. They then tried to cut at least one crewman’s throat and threw him overboard. (The Advertiser 19 October 2012) Aaaach me hearties! The pirate ship is at sea and heading our way. And guess what? The pirates can still make a claim for asylum once they get here:
The UN demands that Australia assess all asylum claims – even those of pirates. Surely this refugee madness has to end – it’s time to withdraw from the UN refugee treaty and the UN.  


by Chris Knight
While Australia’s chattering class had its latest gladiatorial “debate” – about sexism and misogyny – Gillard has moved to have about 100, 000 single mothers moved from their present payments to Newstart, the Dole, resulting in cuts of about $140.00 a week. This is occurring with other drastic measures such as the freezing of Australia’s research funding for the Australian Research Council and National Health and Medical Research Council. Behind this has been the cost blow-out from asylum seekers which is basically bankrupting the country.

But the circus rolls on, covering up in a cloud of smoke all the things that should be scrutinised. Now we hear that parliamentarians will have to undertake a course on bullying and harassment, and training for members and senators in relation to sexual harassment issues. Presumably this is to stop them harassing, rather than make them better at it!

This is the logic of Women’s Study class applied to politics, and inevitably arises when socialist, feminist women get the key positions of power. The proposal could not be compulsory, Constitutionally, but that doesn’t matter in the world of communism. What counts is fear and threat. The gender issue, in the end, will lose to what the feminists call “male logic” (really just plain old logic), clear practical thinking, when reality bites.  


by Peter Ewer
“Electorate Gives Grumpy Cultural Warriors a Lesson in Manners” (The Australian 6 October, 2012) is George Megalogenis’ commentary on the by-now historical Alan Jones “should be ashamed” controversy. George, readers will no doubt recall, is the perfect distillation of political correctness and ethnic chattering class resentment against Anglo-Australia, or what he now calls “old Australia”. Jones, George says “rep[resents the heart felt, but self-defeating cry of old Australia”. Sub-text: old Australia is also “self-defeating”. It is this wretched “old Australia”, which “still exercises a disproportionate influence on the thinking of the main parties and the media”. This has led to parliament struggling “to meet the many challenges of the Asian century”. Getting into full multicult flight and a politically correct frenzy Mega proclaims: “WE are cursed by a bipartisanship of hacks who are whites and more male than the nation itself.” Yes, George wants darker “hacks” and those “less male” and then, no doubt “we” will rise to the challenges of Asia, Asia, Asia. The Jones’ remarks for Mega are symbolic of old Australia’s plight. Hardly – outside of his own circle of scribblers, who cared? Australians, white and non-white are struggling to get by, not greatly concerned with the multicult mind games that Mega’s job permits him to indulge in. One wonders what future the Mega cults will have if they succeed in creating the Asian nation they so proclaim. Will “New China” allow the culture of critique that our chattering class presently thrive in?  


by Peter West:
The massive influx of non-English-speaking peoples into Australia and other Anglo countries (likewise for the French and Germans) has no doubt been punishment for white people attempting to maintain racio-ethnic identity. But this diluting policy has generated a momentum of its own and now tends towards total replacement. The religion of political correctness demands that any policy which aids in the displacement of Anglo-Australians, white French, Germans, etc., never be fundamentally questioned.

Thus when it is observed in Australia that students from a non-English speaking background are under-achievers at university and under-employed after it, the demand is for policies targeting this alleged disadvantage. (The Australian 17 October, 2012 p.25) Equality in IQ, is of course assumed.

No longer is it within the pale to ask: Why are so many non-English speakers coming into these countries in the first place? The answer now is obvious: all of this is part of the grand plan to end Tradition itself, and the West as it was. And for what? For the Ultimate Bad Guys to rule over what will be, at the end of their globalist adventures, a burnt-out planet, pointlessly orbiting the sun.


by John Brett
Having spent all my life without encountering the word “misogyny”, then suddenly to have it invade my life for weeks on end by people whose previous vocabulary seldom wandered past the ‘F’ word, drove me to the dictionary.

Discovering it meant “a male who hates females” has left me wondering what word means “a female who hates males”. Can anyone help?

If we are going to have these word-wars in Parliament in an attempt to divert attention from their actions or inaction we need to be armed with their meaning. Is there a word for people who “hate liars”, or a word for people who “hate the truth”? It seems they are all denying with their lips what they are doing with their hands and other appendages!  


by Chris Knight and Brian Simpson
In a previous article (“The Myth of China’s Powerful Past” OT Vol48 No37 2012) we mentioned the hypothesis that was once widely discussed about the ancient Aryans some 3,000-4,000 years ago moving east across Europe and Asia and establishing civilisations with the native peoples. The European mummies found in China’s Tarim Basin, which had red and blonde hair, may be an example. Another possible example is the Minaro people living in the Himalayas.

An article back in 5 March, 1984 in Time, “Asia’s Lost Tribe of Aryans” says that the tribe of only 800 people have “light complexions and sharp, high-cheeked faces” with European characteristics. One researcher, Michael Peissel, who saw these people believes that the Minaro’s are Aryans.

The Time article says “Most married women have more than one husband. The women dominate the men and slap them around in public. The principal deities are female.” Peissel said at the time: “Like any tiny ethnic and cultural minority, the Minaro are doomed to disappear.” He could equally as well be speaking about Modern Aryans.  

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