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On Target

9 November 2012 Thought for the Week:

The Technological/Automated Age
“We (Canadians) are still trying to figure out how to pick up garbage! Seems you just cannot beat German engineering! Even cutting roadside grass”, was how the accompanying message began.
“I am a bit disappointed to note that these devices employ a human operator. Surely they could use an automated robot, on board or remote!" (After all, the American military can target robotic drones to precision bomb civilian populations in Pakistan…oops, should I have written ‘enemy targets’?... ed) “Oh well, as they say, ‘Rome was not built in a day’!"

2012 Volkswagen Car Production Wolfsburg Plant
If you haven’t seen the youtube video on the latest Volkswagen automated technology at their plant in Germany, here it is.

VW Autostadt Wolfsburg Factory Car Tower. VW Scirocco and Golf 6
Yes, CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) and unions in general, probably would have grave problems with this sort of thing. All they can think of is maintaining their incomes through paid employment and periodically demanding increased wages, only to be required, as consumers, to pay these increases back again via increased prices.
Poor souls, they never think to ask for payment of the wages of the machine supplementary to their wages.
As the old jibe goes, ‘Strong in the arm and weak in the head!’”

- - Wallace Klinck, Canada

Further reading Eric Butler’s "Releasing Reality"
And Viewing "Philosophy and the Search for Truth" OR DVD "Social Dynamics" available for $10.00 + postage.


Made in Australia Campaign
There have been many efforts to save Australia and its home-grown products and now there is a new campaign to take the efforts to a new dimension. A project has been launched to reach the candidates for Parliament before they are elected. Considering the amount of verbal support given by MP’s which has never materialised into anything really effective, it is time to seek a genuine commitment from every candidate for the next Federal election.

Voters will be delighted to promote candidates who give a positive commitment. An easy to use, ready-made letter and questionnaire has been prepared for voters to use in their electorate. It only requires voters to add their address, sign the letter and post it to the candidates. Not all candidates are known at this stage but at least the sitting Member is likely to nominate again, so he/she could be contacted now.

Three questions included in the questionnaire cover:
• Foreign ownership of our farmland
• Imported foods which threaten our bio-security
• Food labelling to show country of origin

These issues are very topical which provides an excellent opportunity to get the candidates’ commitment. The message from the League has always been to have the MP’s be responsible to the voters. The only way to get them to do so, is to clearly get their commitment on issues of concern.

Make use of this worthwhile campaign. or from K Grundy, Box 177, Naracoorte SA 5271  


“White Paper Critics are questioning how the Federal Government plans to i mplement its Asian Century white paper, particularly whether there are enough teachers and diplomats to fill the roles required. The white paper, released on Sunday, outlines 25 major objectives - all aimed at building stronger ties with Asia.” Source: ABC online.

Reams and reams of newspaper, hours and hours of radio and internet time have been squandered on Julia Gillard’s ‘white paper’, but no one has got to the core of the real agenda behind it all. Further reading.... The Monopolistic Idea by C.H. Douglas


by Betty Luks
First let me quote a source on banking: “The late Sir Edward Holden, an eminent British banker said: “Banking is little more than book-keeping. It is the transfer of CREDIT (numerical figures) from one person to another. The transfer is by cheque. Cheques are CURRENCY (not legal tender). Currency is MONEY…” (emphasis added)

- - Taken from “It’s Time They Knew” by D.E. Barclay Smith, 1957 (reprint 1967).
An up-dated version is now available from the Heritage Bookservices under the title “The Money Trick” - $10 + postage.

Separating Money from Credit: Upon reading The Privateer’s late October, Number 715 article headed, “Separating Money from Credit”, my interest was sparked. It seems the ‘money industry’ is humming with the proposal that all government debt should be cancelled and the mainline media is openly discussing the fact that banks create credit!

No doubt about it, what was untrue yesterday is true today. I would like an apology from every politician, businessman and media personality who, over the last fifty or so years, sneeringly wrote or spoke of the Australian League of Rights’ ‘funny money’ claims. They were and are liars, liars, liars! They have betrayed their nation, their people, and any values they might have had before they entered politics, commerce, trade and/or journalism.

Now that I have got that off my chest, I feel, as I imagine Charles Dickins’ character, Mr. Pickwick of “Pickwick Papers” felt, after he publicly called some shonky lawyers robbers, robbers, robbers! A portion of the article reads:

The First Trial Balloon
This one originated in the financial press and is now all over the Internet. “To quote the most venerable of all the mainstream publications - The Economist: “The idea that central banks might cancel their government debt, or restructure them into zero coupon debt, is gaining traction.”
This idea was the centrepiece in a recent Financial Times article with the provocative title: “Will central banks cancel government debt”. The notion was promptly alluded to (although not named specifically) in a recent speech by Mr Adair Turner, one of the contenders to take over from Sir Mervyn King as governor of the Bank of England.
Sir Mervyn himself is more circumspect. He has labelled these proposals as being “dangerous” and “a road down which the Bank will not go”. The problem is that Sir Mervyn will step down in June 2013.

The Second Trial Balloon: The Chicago Plan Revisited
Mr Michael Snyder, writing in ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) News on October 22, led off a feature article as follows: “What if there was a financial system that would eliminate the need for the federal government to go into debt, that would eliminate the need for the Federal Reserve, that would end the practice of fractional reserve banking and that would dethrone the big banks?”

The inspiration for Mr Snyder’s exceedingly loaded question comes courtesy of an August 2012 IMF “working paper” titled “The Chicago Plan Revisited”. According to Mr Snyder, this IMF paper by Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof is making waves in economic circles all over the world…

How did these two IMF stalwarts “find support for Fisher’s claims”? They did it in the way that economic circles find support for anything these days. They used a computer program called a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) model and fed it into their computers. Alas, Mr Fisher had no such facilities in his day so he couldn’t “prove” his thesis.

Our modern economic “researchers” have no such handicaps. Entitled "The Chicago Plan Revisited", it revives the scheme first put forward by professors Henry Simons and Irving Fisher in 1936 during the ferment of creative thinking in the late Depression.
© 2012 - The Privateer, https://www.the-privateer.com capt@the-privateer.com (reproduced with permission).  


The ‘money industry’ is now saying that the debt-based capitalist money system has failed – not because it is based on issuing never-ending debt, by a private concern at that, but because the system is now too decentralised.

Will central banks cancel government debt?
A brief study of history has revealed to ‘the experts’ that governments were once the controllers of the nations’ money systems and surely the time is ripe to return once again to governments being in control? Don’t be fooled gentle reader. That was the case hundreds of years ago when the populations were mainly rural and grew their own food and governments genuinely served their people.

But in this technologically-automated money-economy age, huge sections of the populations live in sprawling gigantic cities and are utterly dependent on the controlled systems for their food and the means to have access to it. Why the whole system is much like a tap that can be turned on and off by the controllers. They continually do it through the present financial system; inflation and deflation are but mechanisms and issuing bank-created credit-debt-money being the main mechanism.

Go back to the origins of modern bank-created credit-money, read here…
Isn’t it time you got serious about Australia’s precarious situation – or are you quite content with being herded into the One World Totalitarian Order?  


by Betty Luks
Readers will find on the League’s website in the ‘New Times Survey’ Archives “A Carbon Currency Rationing Future” where the background to the idea of setting up a system of Energy Currency Rationing is outlined.
The social movement of Technocracy, with its energy-based accounting system, can be traced back to the 1930’s when an obscure group of engineers and scientists offered it as a solution to the Great Depression.

We are indebted to Mr. Patrick Wood of Global Research for the outline of Technocracy’s ideas in a dot-point presentation.

Technocracy Inc. 1932
• Academic beginnings at Columbia University.
• Movement as a philosophy lived on at Columbia University.
• “Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era”

Book written by Zbigniew Brzezinski of the Trilateral Commission. Book published in 1969.
Book parallels what was said in Technocracy Inc.1932 Study Course

Smart Grid – a subset of Technocracy. Local, National, Global
• Interdependent with sustainability and global warming

The Birth of Global Technocracy. What is Smart grid?
Industry’s own definition:

• A smart grid delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using two-way digital technology to control appliances at consumers’ homes to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability and transparency.
• A nickname for an ever-widening palette of utility applications that enhance and automate the monitoring and control of electrical distribution.

Webster’s definitions:
• Government by technicians
• Management of society by technical experts

• Replacement of economic system based on energy distribution and consumption and run by engineers, scientists and technicians
• Rearranging of the known order into another order

Technocracy highlights
• By nature produces volumes of inviolable regulations that are ‘scientific’
• Creates totalitarian control – although not (strictly..ed) communism, socialism or fascism
• Seeks to replace price-based economic system with energy-based system (energy credits)
• Replace free enterprise economics based on price-based products

How would it work?
• Provide a continuous inventory of all production and consumption (Scott, Howard, et al Technocracy Study Course p.232)
• Provide a specific registration of the type, kind, etc., of all goods and services where produced and where needed

* Take note: Industrial nations all used stimulus money to kick-start Smart Grids including Australia

Key website: “Worldwide Energy Web”
There is a new world-wide web emerging right before our eyes. It is a global energy network and like the internet, it will change our culture and society and how we do business. More importantly, it will alter how we use, transfer and exchange energy There is no energy supply problem, there is an energy distribution problem and the emerging solution is a new worldwide web of electricity (Terrawatts: “New Power for the Planet”) “The Energy Web” - Wired magazine July 2001 feature article The best minds in electricity R & D (Research and Development) have a plan: Every node in the power network of the future will be awake, responsive, adaptive, price smart, eco-sensitive, real time, flexible, humming and interconnected with everything else.

“What Utilities have Learned From Smart-meter Tests” Wall Street Journal 22/2/2010
• A principal goal is to restructure rate plans
• A principal goal is to force consumer behaviour to change
• Some utility executives anticipate and fear a consumer rebellion Policies
• There is no provision for private property
• There is no provision to accumulate personal wealth Conclusions
• Smart grid is the enablement of Technocracy
• All of Technocracy’s original requirements for an energy-based system are being met
• Technocracy seeks a radically different economic and political system leading to Scientific Dictatorship

Two well known authors wrote about the philosophy behind Technocracy Inc
• Aldous Huxley in “Brave New World” and George Orwell in “Nineteen Eighty Four”
• Everything controlled from the top down (Totalitarian)

Some readers may already have seen the IMF study, by Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof, which came out in August and has begun to acquire a cult following around the world. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/9623863/IMFs-epic-plan-to-conjure-away-debt-and-dethrone-bankers.html

These DVDs are so important and need to be spread around. Juast $10.00 + postage

DVD “Centre for Technocracy, Global Elitism and Findings and Forecasts” by Patrick Wood at the Eagle Forum, USA. $10.00 + $3.00 postage

• DVD “The Developing Threat of World Government”: Jeremy Lee in 1984, at his best! Jeremy refers to a reporter who had looked at the mountains of food storage the public didn’t know about. Butter in New Zealand, dairy products in the U.S.A.
In a huge canyon, the size of a football pitch, he saw (and there were 500 more caves), enough food to provide the whole world for 12 months. This was in 1984. Hour-long DVD. $10.00 + postage from Heritage Book Services.

• DVD “The Fabian Idea Throughout History” by Eric D. Butler.
Eric traces the pedigree of the idea of world government back in history. $10.00 + postage.  


“Australia is not alone among nations in acting to combat climate change but the global policy response remains "way behind" what the science demands. UN Framework Convention on Climate Change executive secretary Christiana Figeures said it was "not all doom and gloom" on the climate front, despite the failure of the 2009 Copenhagen Summit to forge a new global consensus. (Paul Maley in The Australian, 25 October 2012)

He continues, “Ms Figeures said it was a mistake to argue Australia was legislating to price carbon at a time when the rest of the world was retreating from expensive carbon-mitigation strategies. "Nothing could be further from reality," told an audience at Sydney's Lowy Institute for International Policy.
Ms Figeures cited a proto-emissions trading system in place in China that covered seven cities and that would go national in five years, the European Union's trading scheme and a commitment by the US to reduce emissions by 17 per cent below 2005 emission levels by 2020. However, Ms Figeures noted the pledge was voluntary and not enshrined in legislation. "There is no political, public support for that yet," she said.

"But it is buttressed by regulation both on the power sector and the transportation sector. Every one of Australia's top trading partners has something already in place." Still, despite the emerging global will to act on climate change, Australia's carbon pricing legislation made it a leader the field. "Australia is a major player and an emerging leader," she said…” (emphasis added…ed)  Further reading: "Carbon Currency Future" in New Times Survey section


The official website to https://www.iclei.org/ reads:
“ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is an international association of 12 mega-cities, 100 super-cities and urban regions, 450 large cities as well as 450 small and medium-sized cities and towns in 84 countries. Go then into Supporters then Partners. No surprises there. Endless isn’t it? Talk about a rabbit warren!

Partnership for Democratic Local Governance in Southeast Asia (DELGOSEA)
The Asia and Pacific region is the biggest of the eight sections in UCLG with linkages to more than 7,000 local governments. It represents well over 3.76 billion people - more than half of the world population - and incorporates economically fast developing countries such as China, India and Indonesia.

Comment: From the United Nations (Global Government) direct to Local Councils. That way the power-lusters by-pass – and eventually eliminate - State and Federal governments.

For the Australian scene you need to read all about ICLEI - and act on it!
“Confronting Earth Summit: Agenda 21” - The United Nations Programme of Action from RIO, $5.00 posted

• Vaclav Klaus’ “Europe: The Shattering of Illusions” $27.50 + postage.
“… By the logic of things, the EEC - although still a 'mild' form of integration – started building its empires and offices, creating its own bureaucracy, its 'European' politicians, its lobbyists, its embedded media dependent on the European institutions. In other words it became an enterprise by and for itself (and a major employer).
T hese people, as well as the institutions they worked for, started living their own lives. Slowly and cautiously at first, but ever so rapidly and consistently later, they were gaining new independence, shedding the original mantle of mere servants to the member states.
At the same time we saw the implicit, gradual and largely invisible birth of the ideology which I call ‘europeism’ with new horizons in time and space, drafting and promoting the contours of future integration…”

• Have you watched Eric Butler’s DVD “The Fabian Idea Throughout History”?
It will ‘blow your mind’! It is an ideology of power that stretches way back into history. Price: $10.00 + postage.

Send for a list of the DVDs relating to the New World Order – and the League’s longtime warning of what we are up against. All books and DVDs are available from Heritage Bookshop Services and Veritas Online.  

“THIS TECHNOCRACY” from “C. H. Douglas Speaks, 1933”

First published in The New Age, and reprinted in 1933 by the Douglas Social Credit Association, Sydney NSW. It was important for the ‘man in the street’ to grasp who was behind the push to promote the philosophy behind this Technocracy group in the 1930s just as it is imperative that ‘the man in the street’, nearly eighty years later, grasps who and what is behind this latest push. Douglas writes:

“IT is a dreadful thing to have a suspicious mind. During the past few weeks perhaps the main feature in the press of the United States and Great Britain has been the discovery of the findings of an American organisation operating under the name of “Technocracy”. The subject has been featured in every London daily of large circulation, not excluding the Times, while the press of the United States has, with a rapidity of apprehension which can only be described as remarkable, announced that the problem of the depression has now been solved, and that by a curious coincidence the defeat of Mr. Hoover will be practically contemporaneous with the return of prosperity. We have not yet had a series of addresses from the B.B.C. on the subject, but they will come.

Unfortunately, I seem to remember the same unanimity when that friend of the people, Viscount Snowden, put up his marvellous fight to save this country a problematical £2,400,000, or 1/400th of the American Debt, at the expense of France, while under cover of the noise which was thereby created the Bank of International Settlements was founded and endowed with powers which might easily determine the future of civilisation. It is true that the plan seems to have miscarried a little, but you can see the idea.

Now, stripped of what is locally called in the Land of the Free “Ballyhoo,” what does Technocracy amount to in regard to fact, as distinct from policy. It has put forward in a dramatic form a number of statistics tending to prove that the rate of production per man-hour is a function of the mechanical power which is employed in production, and that this factor, combined with mechanical invention, organisation and other factors, has now enabled a small and diminishing portion of the available labour to produce everything required for a high standard of living, not only for the actual workers, but for the increasingly unemployed section of the population.

The data it has put forward is interesting, useful, and, I should imagine, in the main, incontrovertible; but it does not tell us anything which has not been a commonplace both to the engineer and to, in particular, the readers of this review. Over and above this, the technocrats have pointed out, also in a dramatic form, that this immensely accelerated production has not been brought by the general population, but has resulted, on the contrary, in a piling up of debt in the United States alone of approximately 218,000,000,000 dollars, representing unpaid for production. We have been saying so in this review for fourteen years, and have been endeavouring to explain exactly how this debt was piled up, and what would be the result of it.

Now, sound and incontrovertible as these facts are, they are not new, and they are by no means either novel or, in the main, attractive to those financial interests who control the press of Europe and America. How is it, then, that they have suddenly become “popular,” and have obviously not only passed for publication, but have been included in the high policy which regards publicity as one of its tools.

In the first place, we have to remember that the knowledge of the increasing productivity of industry and the recognition that the world is starving in the midst of plenty has become, in spite of efforts to conceal and distort the fact, very widely recognised. To attempt for much longer to deny the facts of the situation would be still further to discredit those in control of policy, and it is increasingly recognised that those in control of policy are, in the main, financiers. The problem, therefore, is to use these facts to obtain an organisation which will still leave the present controllers of policy in the position which they regard as being vital. It is not the money system as such which is regarded as essential; it is the power and control which have been given to these financial dictators which is regarded as essential.

Now, as distinct from the facts, it is clear enough that the policy of Technocracy is syndicalist, and in essence does not differ very widely in its ultimate meaning from the policy associated with Fascism, the centralised industry of Russia, or the rationalisation which is the Bank of England’s particular brand of industrial reorganisation in Great Britain. (emphasis added…ed)

It is to be noted that it is more or less sponsored by Columbia University, the home of Doctor Nicholas Murray Butler, the financiers, and more particularly the Jewish financiers' University of New York. The wide publicity given to its findings coincides with the success of Colonel House in electing a democratic President, Mr. Roosevelt, who is surrounded, and whose policy is beyond question, dictated by the group which surrounded President Wilson, notably Mr. Bernard Baruch, Mr. Newton D. Baker, Colonel House himself, and Mr. Al. Smith, now editor of the New Outlook, in whose November issue Mr. Wayne Parrish writes on Technocracy, Mr. Al. Smith on “The New Outlook,” and Mr. Newton Baker writes on “Human Factors in a Depression”.

Our own Mr. Winston Churchill a few months ago gave a dinner in Mr. Baruch’s honour, at which most of our financiers and elder statesmen were present, including, if my memory serves me rightly, Mr. Montagu Norman, who is ex-officio on the board of control of the Times, whose finance is mainly supplied by the Astor family.

Under these conditions, while accepting gratefully the data both in regard to production and in regard to finance, which have been provided by this organisation, with whose progenitors I was already in touch in 1919 in New York, I think great caution is required in accepting the deductions which appear to be being put forward in their name as to the form of organisation which is indicated by this data. We have already had a Technocracy in this country and in the U.S.A. between the years 1916 and 1918. It is the best organisation for war. And you will remember that Mr. Bernard Baruch was the most powerful and important man in the United States during the war.”

More on Bernard Baruch here… https://alor.org/Political%20Democracy/The%20Real%20Objectives%20of%20Second%20World%20War.htm#1a  

* Book-- “The Tree of Life” by H.J. Massingham. $30.00 + postage. Massingham documents the clash between the Doctrine of Creation and the Doctrine of Progress from Biblical and classical times, through Shakespeare and on to WWII, during which this book was first published. Drawing upon his extensive scholarship in theology, poetry, literature, politics, the arts, folk-culture and economics, Massingham opens up fresh dimensions on the traditionalist relationship between the English people and their countryside. His practical perspective can be shared by indigenous farmers across the world as they continue to struggle against the blind forces of globalised finance.


by James Reed
Classrooms are for teaching maths and English, not for enforcing politically correct ideologies, writes Kevin Donnelly “Left Uses Schools as Recruiting Grounds for Its Gender War” The Weekend Australian, 20-21 October 2012, p.16, tells it as it is. Schools are a core battleground for the gender wars and the Left’s concern with “homophobia, transphobia and hetero-sexism”.
The Left “has identified the curriculum as an instrument to enforce its politically correct, new age beliefs”. As I see it, this agenda also extends to race, culture and even issues such as gun control and religion.

All things taken into account, people need to seriously consider home schooling. As for the universities, consider a trade or do some science. Keep your children away from the Humanities and the Social Sciences. That is, if the universities in Australia even survive.

The Death Throes of the University
Readers may recall my predictions that economic globalism will lead to the closure of the Australian universities. A consultancy report has now concluded that “Second-tier public universities will be forced to close, recreate themselves as niche operators or forge public-private hybrids that carve up how content and teaching is created and delivered”. (The Australian 24 October, 2012, p.1) In 15 years time “Only elite, research-intensive universities with global brands will exist in their current form”.

This is optimistic. Globalisation and information technology will close Australia’s universities as physical institutions. Everything they do now can be done online to India. In a way it is ironic that the universities, which by their very name lived by cosmopolitanism, globalism and universalism, will die the same way.


by Vera West
I have had a photocopy or printout of Jaenelle Antas, “Where are All the Women” (Alternative Right.com 16 May 2011) on my desk far too long. This article is typical of the soul-searching articles that journals of the Right feel obliged to publish from time-to-time. Why are there so few women in Right-wing and Conservative groups?
Antas goes right to it: The movements have a hostility towards women. There are lots of bitter men in Right-wing groups. These men, even if in the minority, drive women off. Sensitive wall-flowers that they are. The Right is a “male movement”. To this I say: good on them!

This battle is not an easy one, and is not socially acceptable. It is more like a traditional war than politics. So, rather than asking where all the women are, the real question is, where are all the warriors – men with guts! It is time to man-up, not woman-down! Be men for God’s sake and do something!  

Antas goes on to say that women are not all that Left-wing. Well the sociological literature contradicts this: there is a stronger tendency for women to support left-wing causes, statistically, than men. Women are conservative in the sense that they hate ostracism, to be seen as supporting non-politically correct = Establishment, causes.
This alone means that women will not flock to Right-wing movements in statistically significant numbers. So, men need to get used to this and do the manly thing and fight on. I think that the only way to battle this is for men to become tougher. (Think Viking warriors, Christian knights, ANZACS, charging machine guns) and not sensitive ‘metroman’ types. 


By Uncle Len the eternally unemployed. Once upon a time “misogyny” a word with too many “y’s”, meant “hatred of women”. “Racism” meant “hatred of difference races”. It was assumed to be irrational to do so, to be hating without a basis in reason. Thus Schopenhauer’s famous “On Women” (oh, don’t be impressed, I looked it up) gave a critique of women which feminists later saw as the essence of misogyny. What I could understand of it made sense to me – and gee, I’ve got mental health issues and about half a functioning brain.

Now the term “misogyny” has been changed by the new class to mean “any criticism of anything that we can use in the gender wars”. Thus old Tony Rabbit (as James calls him) got a cuff over the ears by Gillard, et, al., after his allusion to Gillard’s childlessness in the pram debate. Never mind that the cut in the baby bonus discriminates against mother-care over institutionalised childcare. For the media, any criticism of Gillard as a woman is evil. But she deserves criticism, especially for her embrace of Leftism and all it entails. Abbott, if he was manly would go on the attack, but he won’t. He just quivers in fear of the feminist thought police. Man-up Mr Rabbit!

Today was something to do with cancer. I was in the city hoping to beg money for food when a young woman asked me for money! The cheek of it! I told her that I was a dispossessed Anglo Saxon, also male, and just like my race, wanted to be left alone to die. This brought out the gloating feminist in her and she sneered at me. I responded in anger and said: “The epidemic in cancer is caused by childlessness and abortions. I bet you Leftoids have done your bit for cancer.” I’m a misogynist and proud of it! Go on, take my job away – I dare you! (Len the (ex) cleaner sounds very bitter doesn’t he?...ed)  

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