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17 February 2012 Thought for the Week:

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee message: Today, as I mark 60 years as your Queen, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement that you have given to me and Prince Philip over these years and to tell you how deeply moved we have been to receive so many kind messages about the Diamond Jubilee.

In this special year, as I dedicate myself anew to your service, I hope we will all be reminded of the power of togetherness and the convening strength of family, friendship and good neighbourliness, examples of which I have been fortunate to see throughout my reign and which my family and I look forward to seeing in many forms as we travel throughout the United Kingdom and the wider Commonwealth.

I hope also that this Jubilee year will be a time to give thanks for the great advances that have been made since 1952 and to look forward to the future with clear head and warm heart as we join together in our celebrations. I send my sincere good wishes to you all.


Moree Hit Hard – Again - by Floods
See the real ‘true blue’ spirit of Australians helping fellow Australians.


The above headline appeared in the Queensland Country Life 5 January 2012, announcing:
“An aggressive 1980s campaign against bank foreclosures, Bankwatch, was to be relaunched in Queensland by North West Queensland mayor and landowner, John Wharton. The campaign will unite the rural community behind farmers suffering crippling debt. It will devise strategies to stop foreclosures, quarantine debt to speedy recovery, and help banks and their farming customers agree on joint debt strategies,” writes journalist Cameron Thompson.

“The Richmond Mayor is the public face of farming foreclosures in Queensland after the Commonwealth bank subsidiary, Bank West, sent receivers to take control of his family’s holdings at Richmond and Einasleigh two months ago.” For those Queenslanders who want to keep up with what Bankwatch is about, journalist Cameron Thompson’s phone number is : 07 3926 8200.

The beginnings of Bankwatch:
In Operation Bankwatch, Bill Carey and (the late) Jim Cronin tell the story of how they came to be helping the drought-stricken farmers of the west coast of South Australia. The Eyre Peninsula, known in South Australia as the West Coast, had come through a number of droughts and adverse grain years during the 1980s. But none was as bad as 1988. It was the worst drought ever remembered in the area and ultimately caused terrible financial hardship. It was not only the drought that cut income, but the viciously high interest rates; and grain prices (wheat in particular) had dropped as well. The awful prospect for many farmers of being forced off their land was too terrible to contemplate. Young people were leaving farms and towns in droves to find work elsewhere.  


“Breaking New Ground”: We asked Bill Carey to retell the story of Bankwatch “Australia: Latecomer in the Present World Drama”, at our 2011 State Seminar. The DVD also includes Dr. Hutchinson, an economist and Chair of the UK Social Credit Secretariat; her two papers are: “The Writing of Understanding the Financial System” and “Try It On A Map”.

Dr. Hutchinson challenged us all to approach the issues facing us from ‘outside the box’, highlighting the fact that we are all caught up in a pyramidal power-structure and must break free from it. The first step, she insisted, is to clarify our thinking by clearly distinguishing between (1) Politics/ Government/Law, (2) Economics/National Housekeeping and (3) the Spiritual/Cultural aspect of social Life. A free, healthy and successful Society is one which reflects the true nature of man, but this can only be expressed through a diversity of interests and requires a proper balance between man’s economic, political and spiritual/cultural activities – definitely not a pyramidal structure!

It is essential to recognise the difference between the system of rights and legal regulation on the one hand, which is connected only with relationships between people based on human factors, and the economic system that only has to do with production, circulation and consumption of goods. We need to develop a real sense for this distinction, so that the economic life and the life of rights and responsibilities can be clearly differentiated. The system of rights and legal regulation of the social organism should be concerned only with all aspects of the way people interact and relate to each other, and should arise from purely human factors.

The second DVD features Dr. Hutchinson “Finance and the Threefold Commonwealth”; “In Praise of Idleness” along with pioneer-organic dairy farmer, Harry Dreckow, who recounts his 40-years of “We Went the Organic Way”.

The following weekend Dr. Hutchinson continued her series along with healthy young mother, Narrah Zollo, who spoke on “Food Matters”, and for the final day we were very privileged to have Bishop Stanley Goldsworthy speak on “The Wholeness of Life”.

Altogether, there are five DVDs of the series “Breaking New Ground” and the whole set is available for $60.00, plus some bonus gift booklets. Single DVDs are $15.00 each; and two DVDs for $25.00.

Another important DVD on the early days of Bankwatch is “The Wudinna Rally” $12.00 posted.

Last but not least is the National Seminar “Making a Difference”
This DVD for $15.00 features Pastor Chris Field who spoke on “Taking a Stand” and his son ‘Topher’ who spoke on the importance of “Communication: Making the Penny Drop”.

“Taking a Stand”: Pastor Chris Field was evicted from his home twice, not for refusing to pay his mortgage, but daring to ask who actually held the legal mortgage document to his home. He wanted to know where his mortgage payments were going. The key point about all of Pastor Field’s queries was that in the light of the Derivatives Scam he wanted to know was his Mortgage Deed still held by the Macquarie Bank or on-sold to another institution?

"Communication: Making the Penny Drop": Topher Field's topic came under the heading of the importance of communicating with those of his younger generation. Bruce Ingles, a veteran League supporter, enjoyed 'Topher's' presentation so much he thought it was 'the best seminar the League had ever held'!

All DVDs are available from Heritage Bookshop Services and Veritas Online.  

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Doug and Jean Holmes’ (South Australian Heritage Bookshop Services) phone number has been changed TO: 8396 1245.
Please note the new number in your Teledex.  


No doubt all my fans out there among the chattering-class-of-urban-elite-pinko-greenoid-commo-feel-good-bleeding-hearts would be expecting the likes of an extreme-fringe-dwelling-right winger to be condemning what occurred on Australia day, in one of my diatribes. No! No! No! Uncle James has seen the light and understands! The mere suggestion by Tony Abbott that the Aboriginal tent embassy may not now be relevant (it might be time “to move on”, is intrinsically offensive to the Leftist, politically correct Identity mind.
There will never be time to move on, confirmed by Indigenous leaders promising more protests (The Age, January 27, 2012, p.1) and no doubt that means more violent scenes. The same play worked well against Pauline Hanson. The Left does it well.

Shouts by protestors included “Racist!” and “Always was, will be, Aboriginal land.” The activists are going to “wage an international campaign against Australia’s bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council if the Gillard government does not meet its demands for indigenous sovereignty.” (The Age, January 27, 2012, p.4). You see, Australia Day is “Invasion Day” and a day of mourning (The Advertiser, January 28, 2012, p.4).

This is the real cultural war revealed behind the fine rhetoric of the Constitutional race vote. The image of the burning of the Australian flag is significant and so is the whole pattern of protest. If there was any doubt at all about supporting any part of the proposed Constitutional referendum, it is gone. Activists need to keep these images before the voting public.  


WikiLeaks has given Australians a rare glimpse of how their country is run. In 2010, leaked US cables disclosed that key government figures in the Labor Party coup that brought Julia Gillard to power were "protected" sources of the US embassy: what the CIA calls "assets". Kevin Rudd, the prime minister she ousted, had displeased Washington by being disobedient, even suggesting that Australian troops withdraw from Afghanistan. In the wake of her portentous rise-ascent to power, Gillard attacked WikiLeaks as "illegal" and her attorney-general threatened to withdraw Assange's passport.

John Pilger wrote: “This week's Supreme Court hearing in the Julian Assange case has profound meaning for the preservation of basic freedoms in western democracies. This is Assange's final appeal against his extradition to Sweden to face allegations of sexual misconduct that were originally dismissed by the chief prosecutor in Stockholm and constitute no crime in Britain.

The consequences, if he loses, lie not in Sweden but in the shadows cast by America's descent into totalitarianism. In Sweden, he is at risk of being "temporarily surrendered" to the US where his life has been threatened and he is accused of "aiding the enemy" with Bradley Manning, the young soldier accused of leaking evidence of US war crimes to WikiLeaks.

The connections between Manning and Assange have been concocted by a secret grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, which allowed no defence counsel or witnesses, and by a system of plea-bargaining that ensures a 90 per cent conviction. It is reminiscent of a Soviet show trial. The determination of the Obama administration to crush Assange and the unfettered journalism represented by WikiLeaks is revealed in secret Australian government documents released under freedom of information which describe the US pursuit of WikiLeaks as "an unprecedented investigation".

It is unprecedented because it subverts the First Amendment of the US constitution that explicitly protects truth-tellers. In 2008 Barack Obama said, "Government whistleblowers are part of a healthy democracy and must be protected from reprisal." Obama has since prosecuted twice as many whistleblowers as all previous US presidents.

With American courts demanding to see the worldwide accounts of Twitter, Google and Yahoo, the threat to Assange, an Australian, extends to any internet-user anywhere. Washington's enemy is not "terrorism" but the principle of free speech and voices of conscience within its militarist state and those journalists brave enough to tell their stories.


by James Reed
Jennifer Oriel, “Technocracy Can Live Without Humanism – But We Cannot”, The Australian, January 25, 2012, p.23, reflects on “the progressive displacement of liberal democracy in Western politics and higher education with technocracy”. Technocracy is the organisation, if not control of society by those with technical knowledge, especially scientists.
It is China, not the West that leads the way in technocracy thanks to old Chairman Mao. His essay “On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People” (1957) introduced the basic idea of political correctness (although Oriel does not say this) and advocated that liberal intellectuals be “eliminated wherever found.”

Returning to Western universities Oriel says that “western civilisation has been almost eliminated as a continuous historical fact and teachable field of study in Western universities.” This has, in part, been due “because of growing multiculturalism in universities and subsequent competing demands for cultural recognition in the curriculum.” However, having come to the source of the problem, Oriel backs away.

As I see it, the real defence of Western civilisation lies outside of the horrible, politically correct training grounds for technocratic elites, which our universities have become. In the future, the decaying buildings will be occupied by roving goats and sheep and the odd pig or two – not much different from how things are with roving academics now!  


by Peter West
Honour killings are common in Pakistan, India, Turkey and Afghanistan and involve, typically, a father killing daughters who have shamed a family. Honour killings are becoming fairly common in western European countries including Britain and Sweden following mass immigration from those countries where honour killings are most common.

Canada has been shaken, but not stirred, by the trial of two Afghan parents for the murder of three teenage daughters and an ex-wife. The girls had unapproved boyfriends (ie. non Muslims) and the ex-wife had allowed this and permitted the girls to dress like other Canadian girls. No doubt Canadian cultural elites will respond by even tighter anti-racist laws against Nordic Canadians and dump-truck loads more money spent to educate the population about the joys of diversity.  


by Peter Ewer
As much as it may pain us to contemplate it, the breakup of the United Kingdom is a real possibility (M. Parris, “A Scotland Exit from Union is a Matter for All”, The Australian, January 16, 2012, p.6) The Scottish devolution movement is well under way. If it happens, then this shows the grand importance of racial tribalism over politico-economic unions.

If we are to go in this direction, then let’s devolve Australia as well. Perhaps all the citizens of the politically correct regime could live in the East, and the Aussies in the West. But you can be sure that the Masters of the Universe will not allow this sort of “multiculturalism.” A breakup of Britain would not bother the global elites at all, but other sorts of breakups will not be tolerated.  


We first reported on The Heiner Affair in 2007:
“A Long Running Suppurating Sore…..” 31 August 2007, quoting from Piers Akerman’s article in the Daily Telegraph.
He now brings the matter up-to-date. Monday, February 06, 2012:
“Meticulously prepared allegations of the most serious misconduct by some of the nation’s most senior public officers, including the Governor General Quentin Bryce, the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, and a raft of Queensland jurists have been received by every member of the Senate.

The allegations were contained in the Rofe Audit of the long-running Heiner Affair and e-mailed to every Senator on Australia Day…” We will follow this with interest.  


by John Steele
Some time back the Australian army swapped from the SLR rifle to a plastic toy that it now uses, the Austeyr. The surplus SLR rifles, true SLR being a truly great gun, were given to the Indonesians. Now four “unneeded” C-130 Hercules transport planes will be given, free, to Indonesia.

What would thinkers like Plato and Aristotle think about this? Surely this sort of madness is the exclusive product of our decaying, diseased and decadent society? Why is any non-Australian nation automatically regarded as “friend”? Has the social immune system broken down, has money and trade become a colonising virus?

But not to worry, a rabies epidemic is ripping through Indonesia and has spread to 24 of Indonesia’s 33 provinces. An article about this reads: “Experts battling a rabies epidemic in Bali are warning Australians to brace for the arrival of the disease. Rabies is island-hopping towards Australia through the Indonesian archipelago.” (The Australian, January 3, 2012, p.5)

In reality though, rabies has been in Australia for decades, principally found among those that slather and splosh foam from their ideological mouths, through the corridors of Parliament House Canberra!  


by James Reed
The thoughts of Chairwoman Julia: we are losing the education race with Asia and Australia could become the “runt of the litter”. Don’t you just love Gilly’s homespun metaphors, no doubt a product of the good education which she got in the 1960s and 1970s at Mitcham Demonstration School. There, children received a strong education in mathematics and English.
A friend of my brother who lives in Adelaide went through this school and was there at the same time as Gillard. There were still some “old school” teachers from the 1940s and 1950s who settled things with a cane and one guy apparently used a snooker cue!

“Beach bats”, thick tennis racket-like bats were used by one old-timer my brother’s friend says. One time he was hit by one charming old teacher with such a bat so hard that he was moved through the air like a tennis ball! I once had a similar experience.

In short we had discipline. But today schools are concerned with politically correct agendas such as pushing the “Stolen Generation” ideology to children as young as 8 (“Syllabus Overhaul Reignites Race Row”, The Australian, January 27, 2012, p.3), or making learning Asian languages compulsory.
Yet meanwhile, as one Year 12 teacher recently told me, we have Year 12 children who have difficulty writing even a basic essay and our science and mathematics education is decaying. Abandon the politically correct nonsense and teach our children the skills that make other nations great!  


by Peter Ewer
An article in www.Naturalnews.com is entitled “IBM Help Automate Hitler’s Holocaust Death Machine, Author Reveals”, March 27 – April 2, 2002, by Edwin Black, “How IGM Helped Automate the Nazi Death Machine in Poland Final Solutions”, and Black’s re-released book "IBM and the Holocaust".

Yes, Hitler was helped by IBM by using computer technology, such as punch cards, to help “organize and manage the initial identification and social expulsion of Jews and others, the confiscation of their property, their ghettoization, their deportation and ultimately even their extermination.” And Black says that “not a single sentence written by IBM personnel has been discovered in any documents questioning the morality of automating the Third Reich.” It will be mighty interesting to see where this one leads.  


by James Reed
Told you so! Remember all of the excitement last year about the “Arab Spring” and all the liberation/emancipation talk? The bleeding heart liberals got very excited indeed. But reality now knocks, and knocks hard. Western liberals were hoping that our degenerate sex ‘n’ drugs ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll “society could be rolled out onto the Arab world.
Instead, given a chance at democratic decision-making the people are swinging to Islamic parties such as the Muslim Brotherhood Freedom and Justice Party and the Salafist Nour Party.

A Facebook-led social technology freedom revolt has been washed away. Ida Lichter, author of Muslim Women Reformers, has recognised that “most regional uprisings have moved in a retrograde direction and betrayed women’s rights.” (The Australian, December 26, 2011, p.6) But don’t be surprised: all this shows is that the Western disease is not going to be easily exported.  

Further Comment: All is not as western media portrays:
Posted by American Veterans Today - "Independent Report Contradicts Western Portrait of Syria"
Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 |

Arab League Report Shows that Syria Has Been Mischaracterized While the Western media act like the Syrian government is wantonly and indiscriminately killing its own people without provocation, an independent investigation has found a different reality on the ground.
Specifically, over 160 monitors from the Arab League – comprised of both allies and mortal enemies of Syria – toured Syria and published a report on January 27th showing that the situation has been mischaracterized. Initially, the report noted general cooperation by the Syrian government: The Mission [i.e. the Arab League investigative team] noted that the Government strived to help it succeed in its task and remove any barriers that might stand in its way. The Government also facilitated meetings with all parties. No restrictions were placed on the movement of the Mission and its ability to interview Syrian citizens, both those who opposed the Government and those loyal to it.  

Read further here...


by James Reed
The big debate at the time of writing is about mining contracts which “lock out” Australian firms in favour of Chinese firms with regard to equipment. “Buying Chinese” is appearing on mineral export contracts. (The Australian, January 17, 2012, p.1; January 18, 2012, p.1; January 19, 2012, p.1) But should we be surprised? China basically does what it wants with us and because we are weak, pathetic and useless and with no sense of nationalist leadership, we are “rolled” and in the future will be invaded and destroyed, if we are lucky.

Even now foreigners own over one-tenth of Australia’s farmland and irrigation water and foreigners dominate key food processing. But silly Gilly has rejected any new restrictions on foreign ownership. As a socialist, no doubt she is overjoyed at the thought of the increasing foreign – read Chinese – colonisation of Australia. Presumably nothing stops the Chinese owning 100% of Australian agriculture. That is the sort of policy that excites orthodox economists.

Thus I say: let the orthodox economists and Gillards of the world be fed by the Chinese. See how they are treated when their usefulness to the Empire reaches its use-by-date. Orthodox economics will be practiced as long as orthodox economists and Gillards of the world be fed by the Chinese. See how they are treated when their usefulness to the Empire reaches its use-by-date. Orthodox economics will be practiced as long as orthodox economists have food.

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