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15 March 2013 Thought for the Week:

An Organic Connection: "It is of the essence of Social Credit ideas that there is an organic connection between peoples, races, and individuals, and the soils of particular portions of the earth's surface which are individualistic. The Russians are fighting, not for international- ism, but for nationalism".

- - C.H. Douglas in “The Big Idea” 1942

The beginnings of the Process: Even in 1917 Douglas saw clearly the beginnings of a process, which is now only becoming obvious to a larger section of the community. In his book “Economic Democracy” he expresses it thus: —

"It may be advisable to glance at some of the proximate causes operating to reduce the return for effort; and to realise the origin of most of the specific instances, it must be borne in mind that the existing economic system distributes goods and services through the same agency which induces goods and services, i.e., payment for work in progress.
In other words, if production stops, distribution stops, and, as a consequence, a clear incentive exists to produce useless or superfluous articles in order that useful commodities already existing may be distributed…"

- - John Fitzgerald The New Times 4 October 1963

Further reading: “Social Credit and Economics” by Victor J. Bridger


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
If Paul Keating is not going on about how wonderful China is, then he is in the media about the need to change native title law to shift the burden of proof away from indigenous claimants (The Australian 25 February 2013, p.7). This is, I think, part of a trend in new class law, which sets things up so that a special class essentially no longer has to prove claims.

Thus, in the Racial Discrimination Act, as I have argued many times, it is difficult to see how any politically incorrect claim which offended a “special class” could be defended. Consequently no-one has yet succeeded in defending such a claim and the Andrew Bolt case well illustrates this. If the onus of proof is reversed no native title claim as well will ever be rejected and it will become absurdly easy to win almost any claim. Anyone for Native Title over Parliament House Canberra, or Paul Keating’s house?

Fortunately even the silly Gilly government hasn’t gone down this road, yet. But maybe with Constitutional recognition of Aborigines, lawyers will argue for such changes. Vote “NO” to any constitutional change! Say “NO” to a politically correct bill of wrongs!

Important books for further reading:

"Land Rights Birth Rights (The Great Australian Hoax)" by Peter B. English, 1985.
This is an examination of the rights to ownership of former aboriginal land in Australia and should not cause any division in genuine Aboriginal societies. $12.00 + postage
"Storm Over Uluru: The Greatest Hoax of All" by Peter B. English, 1986.
A resume of events leading up to the questionable hand-over of Australia's most famous National Park to Aboriginal claimants. $12.00 + postage.
"Red Over Black: Behind the Aboriginal Land Rights" by Geoff McDonald, 1984.
A very revealing book about the driving forces behind the Land Rights push. Geoff McDonald was expelled from the Communist Party for daring to criticize the intentions behind the push for 'land rights'. Tell me gentle reader - do you really think the lot of the Aboriginal people has been well served by the huge bureaucratic infrastructure set up to implement the policies of mainstream political parties? $10.00 + postage.
"The Evidence" by Geoff McDonald, 1986.
This little gem reveals extracts on Aboriginal "Land Rights" from Official Communist Documents. $5.00 + postage.

SPECIAL ACTIONIST'S PACKAGE: The four books for $30.00 posted.

• Geoff McDonald on "Red over Black" plus some extra material, $12.00 posted.
• State and National Weekends - 3 DVDS for $25.00 posted. Lou Cook, National Director, clearly explains Agenda 21 to you.  


Dairy industry urges more support” read the headlines in this ABC report. (https://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-03-05/dairy-industry-urges-more-support/4552874)
The Dairyfarmers Association has asked the South Australian Government for immediate financial support. Representatives have met Agriculture Minister Gail Gago to discuss how to improve the outlook for many dairy farmers faced with low milk prices and rising costs. Association president David Basham said Ms Gago was supportive of proposals on ways to improve farm incomes.

"The Minister really wants to help the industry, she understands this is a short-term cash flow issue in our industry that could put at risk the industry and we need to make sure we get the farmers through the other side of this issue and then make sure the industry is robust going forward," he said.”

What is the government going to do to help the dairy farmers this time? Borrow more ‘money’ from the private banking system, add it to the burgeoning debt the government already owes to this private banking system? When is the financial cycle going to collapse?
South Australia’s dairy farmers would do well to read and reread the following short article by the late Victor Bridger.
Vic was an accountant by profession (he understood cost accounting!) and, just as importantly, was a Fellow of the Social Credit Secretariat. He well understood the lack of consumer purchasing power along with rising costs (including all government and banking charges) reflected in the market-place prices.
Yes, the Big Two supermarket players are financially grinding the dairy farmers down but it is more than that.

Victor Bridger wrote in the Michael Journal, August-September 2004:

“The application of science and technology to production now enables mankind to ensure a reasonable sufficiency of material needs to all, without continuing economic servitude.
But the existing financial system is fundamentally flawed. It is endangering the planet through ruthless exploitation of its limited resources in pursuit of financial profit and the will for power.

Competition between ever-growing trade blocks backed by military might threatens global destruction. At the heart of this complexity of interrelated problems lies the monopoly of credit creation by the international banking system.
The prerequisite to resolution of these problems is the elimination of this monopoly of financial power, and its control by national governments through a properly constituted statutory authority, a National Credit Authority, (‘Office’ is probably a better term…ed) answerable to parliament but immune from political manipulation.

This Authority would maintain the national accounts of production and consumption in both physical and monetary terms (as is already done by the Bureau of Statistics in calculating gross Domestic Product and Gross National Product), and regulating the issue of credit in accordance with the performance of the economy.
It would operate in the interests of the citizens, and with compatible arrangements for mutually complementary international trading. The means to that end are known and available. There is growing international recognition that such change is necessary.”


“Through Media Disinformation, BBC Supports ‘The Practice of Terrorism’” are the claims.
It all came about when “Tony Rooke refused to pay (his) TV licence fee because (he believed) the 'BBC covered up facts about 9/11 and claimed tower fell 20 minutes before it did', wrote Michel Chossudovsky in Global Research February 25, 2013.

With the exception of London’s Daily Mail, the British mainstream media, including The Guardian and the Independent, chose to abstain from coverage or commentary of this historic court case, which points to a criminal process of media disinformation by the BBC.

The BBC chose to “cover up its own coverup.” Not a single word from the BBC to justify or explain or refute their lies, particularly regarding the collapse of WTC building 7 which had been announced by the BBC 20 minutes before the collapse took place, suggesting that the BBC and other media had advanced knowledge of the collapse of a WTC building 7 which was not even struck by an aircraft. This is one among a string of BBC media fabrications including fake images and video footage.

We well recall that in August 2011, the BBC showed fake video footage of Libyans celebrating “Liberation” in Tripoli’s Green square, following NATO’s humanitarian bombings. Oops. They were waving Indian flags. They are not Libyans but Indians. “We made a mistake”, assuming that the British public would not see the difference.

It is our hope that Tony Brooke’s initiative will encourage people across the United Kingdom to question the legitimacy of the TV Licence fee, which supports an organization involved in outright war propaganda on behalf of the British government.  


by Peter Ewer
Now here is a headline for you: “Racist Supporters Trash Israeli Club for Signing Muslim Players” (The Australian 12 February 2013, p.10).
The football club Beitar Jerusalem, signed two Muslim players, contrary to a long-standing tradition of having no Arab or Muslim players. The “extreme right-wing” supporters didn’t like this. There was “racist” chanting and harassment of the players. One fan is quoted as saying that fans “were especially proud of it being Jewish.” Then fans set fire to the club’s offices in protest. The club’s owner was “embarrassed the international community would come to know his team for a small, hardline group of xenophobic fans.”

Never mind. Demographer Nicholas Eberstadt has documented a rapid decline in fertility in the Muslim world in a paper entitled: “Fertility Decline in the Muslim World: A Veritable Sea-Change Still Curiously Unnoticed”. In 49 Muslim countries fertility declined between 1975-80 and 2005-2010 an average of 41 per cent compared to the world average fertility decline of 33 percent. Fertility in Iran declined 70 percent over this period.

The main cause of this is a “flight from marriage” as people marry late, or don’t marry at all. The same trend is occurring in Asia. But the Muslim decline is happening at a lower level of development than it took to bring down Europe. The “youth bulge” in the Arab world is only temporary, but that will pass to be replaced by the same demographic crisis that is gripping Europe. A South African woman summed it up for me: “the more educated women become, the more that they work, the less they want babies.” Gee… thanks women’s lib for the end of civilization!  


Had a quick glance at the news reports on the recent Italian elections. One website reported:
"First, 57 per cent of Italians voted for parties that explicitly oppose austerity, whether EU-mandated or otherwise.
Second, the Five-Star Movement led by comedian Beppe Grillo received over 25 per cent of the vote. Mario Monti, the outgoing prime minister – who was put in place to lead a Brussels-friendly, pro-reform government – mustered less than 10 per cent of votes in both houses.

Think about that for a second.
In practical terms, this means that a party – Grillo’s Five Star Movement, which has called for a referendum on whether the country should leave the single currency and whether Italy should default on some of its debt – will have roughly twice as many seats in Italy’s Lower House than the man hailed in Brussels and Berlin as Italy’s saviour.
It also means that a former European Commissioner and adviser to Goldman Sachs just got completely hammered at the polls by a former comedian.

The Five Star Movement is likely to be studied as an example of innovative campaigning.
It made much use of social media – recruiting its candidates primarily via YouTube, for example. The party is far more anti-establishment (and strongly anti-Berlusconi) than anti-Brussels. But still, though Italians remain staunchly pro-EU, this election is a major blow for the Brussels cash-for-austerity consensus."

Another wrote: “EU In Turmoil As Italians Vote Against Austerity” – http://shiftfrequency.com/tag/mario-monti/
Readers will note the aim is to save the financial system not serve the Italian people.
It reads: “Three years of German-led austerity and budget cuts aimed at saving the euro and retooling the European economy was left facing one of its biggest challenges as Italian voters’ rejection of spending cuts and tax rises opened up a stark new fissure in European politics. The governing stalemate in Rome and the vote in the general election – by a factor of three to two – against the austerity policies pursued by Italy‘s humiliated caretaker prime minister, (technocrat…ed) Mario Monti, meant that the spending cuts and tax rises dictated by the eurozone would grind to a halt, risking a re-eruption of the euro crisis after six months of relative stability… The cliffhanger vote saw the maverick comedian Beppe Grillo’s Five Star movement take almost one in four of the votes and the political revival of the ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. But the narrow victor, Pier Luigi Bersani, on the centre-left, claimed the mantle of the premiership, although it was unclear if he would be able to form a Government…”

Having observed that Beppe Grillo’s Five Star movement has included in its platform a payment of €1000 per month per person (again a recognition of the consumer’s lack of purchasing power), American writer Ellen Brown asked among a social credit discussion group:

“Hi, I thought I might write an article on I have one question on social credit.
I fear what I will be met with is the challenge that if everyone is on the dole, who will do the work? Will there not be a temptation, particularly in this age of drugs and computer games, for young people to simply live at subsistence level off the government, not learn a trade, and not do useful work at all? I can see that many people will want more than that, but will that be true of enough people to get all the jobs done? Has the math been worked out somewhere?

Wallace Klinck of Canada responded:
If Grillo’s grant of 1000 euros per capita comes from any source that introduces a financial cost into the existing price-system this is definitely NOT Social Credit.
Moreover, any set values for a Dividend is a political promise and not values based upon the inherent deficiency of purchasing-power identified statistically by the Social Credit analysis of the price-system.

Social Dynamics: Both the National (Consumer) Dividend and the Compensated price are dependent upon changing statistics relating to economic conditions as the role of real capital replaces labour in production processes.

The historic, normal and desirable trend is for the rate of this displacement of labour to increase. This is simply an elementary matter of increasing efficiency with which the Dividend increases and retail prices are progressively lowered by means of the Compensated Price mechanism.

If human participation in production were to diminish in a manner so as actually to counter the efficiency of labour replacement by real capital (i.e., "tools"), that is, to increase the consumption/production ratio (which normally reduces), then obviously the Dividend and retail price compensation would shrink giving a clear signal that more human attention should be given to the efficient utilization or more innovative technology.

Obviously in a Social Credit dispensation intensive effort would be expended to eliminate unpleasant work which could be better done by automated processes as rapidly as possible.

Critics of Social Credit who are quick to invoke the alleged natural indolence of humans (usually of their neighbours!) are simply brainwashed by vicious "religious" or "moral" dogma (quite anti-christian, by the way).
Moreover they are completely uninformed (often not wishing to be informed because of their judgemental ingrained moralism) regarding the technical nature of Social Credit mechanisms with their built-in self-regulation as described above.

Those moralists who believe in the redemptive power of work, for works sake, should be reminded that there exist countless people in the world who are working for increasingly and massively destructive ends such as the continuing wanton ruination of physical assets and human lives through endless and ever more wasteful wars -- not to mention the vast amount of pseudo-economic activity which is engaged in merely to provide financial income and which does nothing to enhance actual human existence. There are some people who would serve better ends as consumers rather than as producers.

Production has no value without consumption and if forms of consumption are detrimental to human existence then it would be best not to engage in such useless and destructive "productive" activity.The real benefit of increasing efficiency and rational production would be an opportunity for increasing leisure.

Furthermore, I believe that it is beyond doubt that men and women of independent means, rather than subsistent drones, have been most creative in developing not only genuine advances in technological efficiency but also in contributing to cultural activity. “Leisure is the mother of all culture” one of the ancients wisely said. The Work-State is cultural barbarism.

The healthy personality, according to C.H. Douglas:
I should point out that Douglas regarded the healthy personality, not as one who is content to remain in a vegetative state, but one who is motivated by a great curiosity about the great adventure which is Life and wants to explore the knowledge and experiences which it potentially and actually offers.

The amount of "work to be done" is that which in a free society creative people may choose to offer with the increasing assistance of technology and which is supported by genuine consumer demand. Increasing leisure affording maximum opportunity for self-chosen activity should be the greatest prize.

The quality of such activity would be most favourably influenced by a recognition and return to the Christian ethic and the lessons it affords in the New Testament regarding relationships among humans and between humans and God.
A realistic financial policy would afford much more time for such contemplation, and the positive results achieved by realistic financial and economic policy for human life, would immeasurably restore that Faith which has so badly been destroyed.

Further reading: “The Physical Basis of Leisure” by John Fitzgerald.

Listen to Wallace’s YouTube address bearing the title "Social Credit, Unemployment and Leisure"


by James Reed
I hate to admit it, but Greens leader Christine Milne is right about the Australian mining industry: “The mining industry and their lobbyists are now so rich and powerful that their influence is impacting the wellbeing of our society. Don’t you think it’s time someone took them on?” (The Australian, 23-24 February 2013, p.18). Yes, spot on, but not for reasons the pinkoid human rights immigration-mad Greens, believe.

The mining industry is that part of big business which has led the charge for Asianisation and the mass importation of foreign workers. Capitalism, like its bedfellow, Communism, are forms of collectivism which are intrinsically destructive of Traditionalism and its values. Rule by the Elders of Industry, or rule by the Elders of the Party, basically comes to the same end: the destruction of the individual and their depersonalization, and the destruction of the race and the dispossession of peoples.

Worth reading: In the Introduction to “The Big Idea” by C.H. Douglas, L.D. Byrne observed: “The Big Idea is a deeply rooted conspiracy. Satanic in conception and nature, for the destruction of what promised to be a developing Christian Civilisation, and the enslavement of mankind under a ruthless dictatorship…”


From a paper by John Fitzgerald, 1963:
“Rousseau's original individualism with its corollary laissez-faire now appears to be the conditioning process for the transition from mediaeval ideas of freedom with responsibility to licence without responsibility and the ultimate complete centralisation of all power at the apex of the world super state. The process is one from materialism to collectivism.

What is Capitalism?
What Berdvaev and others mean precisely by capitalism is never made quite clear, and this appears to be the case with virtually all the intellectuals who attempt to deal with this matter. Impreciseness is the rule in the majority of attempts to fit the subject into a semi-Metaphysical order. The usual idea of capitalism is private production for profit, as opposed to government or socialized enterprise. Capitalism is not of course anything of the sort.

To quote from C. H. Douglas:
“Capitalism is not a system of administration at all (i.e. private as opposed to socialized or government control) but a system of relating money prices to money costs.
The first premise of the capitalist system, including state capitalism, socialism and communism, is that all money costs must be added together and recovered from the public in prices.
In addition to this the price of an article is what it will fetch and is called profit. It is hard to conceive of a more deadly lie than this that has been forced on to humanity.”

The principles quoted above form the basic mechanism of the centralization of power as individual independence and cultural heritage is steadily filched from the people and passed to the ever-larger institutions of the world super state via an international bureaucracy.
To this end full employment has been necessary to ensure that no one has the time to enjoy or demand the leisure and independence that are basic to genuine freedom. The corollaries to this enforced policy of full employment are inflation, the excess of exports over imports resulting in a physical loss to the exporting country for the benefit of so called less or underdeveloped countries who become thereby mortgaged to the international financial power, and the unlimited export without any imports into outer space…” Read further....


by Peter Ewer
Remember Indian doctor, Jayant Patel, “Dr Death”? At Bundaberg Base Hospital he was appointed director of surgery, on 1April, 2003. He had a history of medical errors and licence-restrictions in the United States, but was put into this plum job, one which he says in his retrial, that he was surprised to get (The Australian 1 March, 2013 p.3).
At Bundaberg he continued making medical errors, until exposed to the media by a brave nurse. Fellow surgeons were concerned about him, but none reported him. Now, mandatory reporting laws require them to do so, maybe breaking down the “blue code of silence” of the medical brotherhood. Various media reports have stated that there are likely to be hundreds of Patels out there – foreign doctors on visas practising outside of their capacities with limited supervision. The idea that there is a doctor shortage needing foreigners, has now been exploded by research from Monash University’s Bob Birrell.

Examining 2011-2012 Medicare billing data he found that the number of full-time equivalent GPs increased from 18,091 in 2006-2007 to 21,119 in 2011-2012. This is an increase of 17 percent, while the Australian population grew at a rate of 7-8- percent. Commonwealth payments to GPs grew at a rate of 8 per cent. This level of GP services, Birrell claims, has been considered adequate in the past. (The Australian, 1 March 2013, p.1).

In fact there is considerable over-servicing and this is likely to increase in the future, Birrell believes. In my opinion this is too may doctors already. With the massive amount of medical errors and their slavish obedience to “Big Pharma” to give people a quick “health” solution to often more complex problems beyond drugs (e.g., many cases of insomnia), wouldn’t society be healthier with less doctors and individuals taking greater responsibility for their health?


by Brian Simpson
Typically Leftoid “protesters” have been photographed preventing people from attending speeches by Geert Wilder. The same occurred in 1997 and 1998 with Pauline Hanson. This is not a deviation from Left ideology, but its logical conclusion. First, the soft approach of social control is tried. If that fails, physical force is used. In both cases there is a direct rejection of the Traditional value of free speech. The politically correct Left is intrinsically a bully.

The rot set in quite some time ago: Some ‘gems’ from League history - The New Times, 4 October 1963.
Fabian Socialist Attends Seminar
• “Although Mr. Race Mathews, Secretary of the Victorian Fabian Society, had taken the trouble to forward Mr. Butler some local Fabian literature before the League of Rights annual Seminar, and attended the Seminar to hear Mr. Butler's Paper, The Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance, he left rather suddenly at question time without attempting to challenge anything” Mr. Butler said. Mr. Butler's Paper, which he regards as one of his most important pieces of work for some time, will be expanded into booklet form later.

Leftist Clergy at Mrs. Neill’s Meeting:
• The highlight of Mrs. Neill's address to clergy and other Church people at the Assembly Hall, Melbourne, on September 23, (1963) was the hostile questioning by three Melbourne clergy notorious for their association with the "Peace" campaign.
The Rev. Frank Hartley, Methodist, and the Rev. Alf Dickie, Presbyterian, accompanied by two colleagues, made it clear that they were at the meeting to discredit Mrs. Neill if possible.
But all that they did was to provide the young Church people and others present, with striking confirmation of what Mrs. Neill had to say concerning Communist influence amongst the clergy.
The chairman, Mr. Eric Butler, thanked the critics for their "valuable contribution to the meeting".
Mrs. Neill revealed how she had worked with Mr. Hartley when she was a Security representative working as an undercover Communist. Australia’s Own Undercover Housewife Agent: Mrs. Neill served her country as an under- cover agent, representing the Security Services, for seven years.


by James Reed
Up to 100 Sri Lankan asylum seekers have been accommodated at the Macquarie University Village (The Weekend Australian 23-24 February, 2013, p.3). And, surprise, surprise, some students don’t like it and there are tensions between the groups. But of course there are scores of pinko Left students who welcome asylum seekers and can’t get enough of the experience.
But a 20-year-old female student has already been indecently assaulted (The Australian 27 February 2013, p.3) by a Sri Lankan asylum seeker, but he was not a resident of the student accommodation.

My own programme, as a great humanitarian, is to ship scores of asylum seekers into the universities themselves, to live, for example in Law Libraries (with portable toilets and showers) and in lecturers’ offices. Law schools, Arts and Humanities will be the first to receive this gift, since they have done so much to promote the culture of immigration.
Then refugees can be mandatory gifted to lecturers and other academics in the Arts to live at their homes and share their resources. It will be “wonderful”, like having the Carpenters sing Close to You all day long, as you feel, morally superior.  


by James Reed
Big Business has snapped back with its viper teeth about a sensible move by the government to do something about the 457-visa scam, which is well known to be a virtually automatic route for permanent residency. Big business wants mass immigration for the purpose of creating a reserve army of labour for Capital, as European Right philosopher Alain De Benoist has put it (Occidental Observer 23 August 2011). Masses of foreign workers put downward pressure on the wages of workers, and capitalists like getting a few dollars more.

This is also so for Australia, as shown by Monash University academics, Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy in their paper “The Impact of Recent Immigration on the Australian Workforce” (February 2013). About 200,000 migrants who came to Australia over the past two years have got jobs, but that is about the same number of new jobs created over the same period. Massive immigration is continuing even as unemployment is worsening, and young Australians are suffering, competing with migrants for the new jobs available. Big business also wants a cut in welfare – to “protect our future” – of course. (The Weekend Australian 23-24 February 2013, p.1).

No recognition, of course, that immigration is one of the main forces creating unemployment as waves of migrants soak up jobs while Aussie youth go on the dole. I imagine that the Masters of Capitalism will want the dole to be chopped next, leading us back to the grand old days of Charles Dickens-style capitalism. I say it again: the time is ripe for a hard-core anti-immigration party. It is really last stand time. Give it a few years and there will be nothing left to save. 


Agenda 21 is based on the principle that government is the maker of rights. If you truly believe you were not born to be subservient to any tyrannical government and instead choose to remain free, then you must exercise that freedom. This includes acting as a counter to Agenda 21 and its Sustainable Development program.

During the year National Director Lou Cook presented two papers outlining just what Agenda 21 means. His presentations have been filmed and are readily available from the Heritage Bookshop Services and Veritas Online.
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“Anne Bressington and Agenda 21”. On Youtube
DVD of South Australian parliamentarian outlining just what Agenda 21 means for communities world-wide.  


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• The Flat Earth Economics of the Circular Flow
• Your Money or Your Life • Galileo and Flat Earth Economics
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• The Theory of the Leisure Class
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