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5 July 2013 Thought for the Week:

We Won! Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is Repealed!
Dear Free Speech Supporter: Late this afternoon, an ugly piece of tyranny bit the dust. Section 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act was repealed. Bill C-304, introduced by the courageous Brian Storseth of Alberta, won approval of the House of Commons in June, 2012. It received Third and final Reading in the Senate today and, then, Royal Assent.

Thanks to all the MPs, Senators and, most of all, the many free speech letter writers across this country. It has been a long fight. Marc Lemire deserves special credit for his ferocious fight which, on September 2, 2009, resulted in a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling Sec. 13, essentially, unconstitutional. However, we cannot rest on our laurels.

We usually don't quote or acknowledge the anonymous smear artists at Anti-Racist Canada. After all, who goes around trying to answer graffiti on a washroom wall? ["Call Susie for a good time -- 403 -777-7777" "No, Susie is no fun."]
However, in their sour report on the partial defeat of censorship, ARC, which, we know, has sinister connections in Ottawa observes:
"And it is of note that while it is the current government who passed the legislation, there's nothing that says a future government might not reinstate Section 13 given that it had been deemed constitutional both in 1990 and more recently in the Whatcott case. Time will tell and we are very patient. In the meantime, we'll see how things play out."

The Federal Court overturned most of the decision in the Lemire case and upheld the constitutionality -- minus the financial penalties -- of Sec. 13. This ruling is now being appealed to the Federal Court and CAFE is in the thick of the fray as an intervener.
Note the threat that a future government -- NDP, Liberal? -- might reintroduce Sec. 13. Don't kid yourself, having read some of the Senate speeches on the repeal of Sec. 13, I can assure you censorship and thought control still have some powerful pals in Ottawa.

Here's to free speech! I deeply regret my old comrade Doug Christie did not live to see this important victory.  

- - Paul Fromm Director Canadian Association for Free Expression


Kevin Rudd has once again been ‘dug up’, ‘dusted off’ and re-presented to the Australian electorate as a credible PM by his desperate parliamentary colleagues. But let’s recall the last time he held the position and what James Reed wrote:

“The political assassination of Kevin Rudd is fitting for a man who is, to date, Australia’s worst Prime Minister. What however is disturbing about his demise is the sheer evil of the Labor Party turning on one of its own who was merely reflecting what they all represent. All that was done was to use Julia Lizard as a circuit breaker, to hope that the novelty of a female prime minister will dilute the anger of the great unwashed.

Write – ‘reduce immigration’ on ballot papers

In the election to come, let us do what we can to unseat her and as many big figures as possible. Don’t sit back on your hands doing nothing. Help independent candidates when you go for a walk, mail drop leaflets. Spread the idea of Denis McCormack’s by writing “reduce immigration” on all ballot papers. (I favour “stop immigration now!”)
If you don’t fight, then the elites will simply continue to swash you…
Then will come the republic with a president specially created in some politically correct genetic deconstruction lab. Let’s get to work.”
- - On Target Vol.46 No 27, 2010


by Wallace Klinck, Canada
The sad account of the evil consequences of so-called Finance "Capitalism" (story below). Witness capitalism’s willingness to sacrifice humanity in blind obeisance to a destructive monetary accountancy. An accountancy, which is based upon a false system of monetary abstractionism. Similar tragedies are occurring in Greece and other parts of the world.

During the Great Depression era of the nineteen-thirties, the late William Aberhart was so upset by the suicide of one of his students that he spearheaded a drive for the implementation of Social Credit in his own Canadian Province of Alberta. (social-credit.blogspot.com/2008/04/synopsis-of-social-credit.html) The actions resulted in a Government devoted to changing not only the Province and the Nation, but also the world at large. Only sabotage and betrayal halted the momentum which was established.

Where are such men of human sensitivity and integrity in today's jaded world?
This world seems to accept a rising wave of such personal tragedies with scarce notice, not to mention the continuous mass suffering and death of seemingly endless wars of aggression?
Further reading: “Social Credit” by C.H. Douglas


(ANSA) - Turin - A former factory worker hanged himself in a wood near his home at Brusasco near Turin Sunday after becoming depressed because of fruitless job-seeking efforts, relatives said Monday. The 35-year-old was struggling with debts, police said.
Italy has seen a series of suicides apparently linked to economic difficulties in the last year but most have been older people, not in their 20s or 30s. But on May 30 a young man who recently lost his job threw himself off a balcony in the town of Arce south of Rome. The 26-year-old, a recent university graduate, was helicoptered to a Rome hospital with serious spinal injuries and is expected to make a partial recovery.

On May 31 Italian President Giorgio Napolitano urged the government to try to stop a wave of suicides among the rising numbers of unemployed workers and debt-ridden businessmen in recession-hit Italy. A fertiliser-factory owner killed himself near Pisa earlier last month while a man afraid of losing his job in an eyewear factory near Belluno and a carpenter whose business was in trouble in central Sardinia also took their own lives.
Also last month, three people - a married couple and the woman's brother - committed suicide in Marche, gaining front-page headlines and adding to a toll whose exact impact has not been measured.

Businesses are closing at an unprecedented rate, employers' associations report, while unemployment is at a record high in Italy's worst recession for 20 years. Napolitano has invoked the Constitution, which is based on labour, in an appeal for the nation's political parties, trade unions and businesses to combat unemployment. Unemployment reached 12.8% in the first quarter of 2013, the highest since the first quarter of 1977, national statistics agency Istat said last month, with almost 3.3 million people out of work. Istat said 11% of them had given up hope of getting a job.
The jobless rate among 15-to-24-year-olds hit a record 41.9% in the first quarter, also the highest since the first quarter of 1977, Istat said. Istat said that 2.25 million 15-to-29-year-olds were not in education, employment or training (NEET) in 2012, 23.9% of the total.
* We are looking at the insecurities of The Precariat here!

* Why the precariat requires a basic income (Prof. Guy Standing) (ENG) Video:
* A Brief History of a Basic Income Video
* Basic Income : A simple and powerful idea for the 21st century

These people are not far from C.H. Douglas' National Dividend proposals.
"Give all citizens a modest, yet unconditional income, and let them top it up at will with income from other sources.
This exceedingly simple idea has a surprisingly diverse pedigree. In the course of the last two centuries, it has been independently thought up under a variety of names — “territorial dividend” and “state bonus”, for example, “demogrant” and “citizen’s wage”, “universal benefit” and “basic income” —, in most cases without much success. In the last two decades, however, it has gradually become the subject of an unprecedented and fast expanding public discussion. Some see it as a crucial remedy for many social ills, including unemployment and poverty. Others denounce it as crazy, economically flawed, ethically objectionable proposal, to be forgotten as soon as possible, to be dumped once and for all into the dustbin of the history of ideas.."


"Fighters for small government named" Andrew Bolt 25 June 2013.
Sinclair Davidson names the virtuous: Voting “No” to the Local Government referendum.

Several Senators have federalist principles
Chris Back, Liberal, WA : Cory Bernardi, Liberal, SA : David Bushby, Liberal, TAS : Alan Eggleston, Liberal, WA : David Fawcett, Liberal, SA : John Madigan, DLP, VIC : Bridget McKenzie, National, VIC : Dean Smith, Liberal WA

All these fine people voted against the local government referendum bill.

A number of others abstained:
Eric Abetz, Michaelia Cash, Richard Colbeck, Mathias Cormann, Mitch Fifield, Bill Heffernan, Brett Mason, Scott Ryan, and Stephen Parry. The bill passed the Senate 46 – 8.  


by Ian Wilson LL. B.
This time it is about changing the Constitution to install a politically correct bill of rights by removing the sections of the Constitution speaking about race. The propaganda is already flowing with the journey to recognition and the metaphor of the “long road” and the long march together.

The idea is to connect to the 1967 “march” and the American Civil Rights marches of the 1960s. Claims have been made that the reforms “will bind us as a nation” (The Weekend Australian, May25-26, 2013, p.3) and will mean, “no more lost generations” (The Australian, May 27, 2013, p.6). None of this withstands analysis – the idea of a “lost generation” (rather than a “saved generation”) is highly contentious and even so, a “no” vote wouldn’t mean the past was going to be replicated. If anything, Aboriginal children today are less united if a “yes” vote gets through.

Noel Pearson (The Weekend Australian, May25-26, 2013, p.19) tells us that the idea of race, of biological or genetic differences is “outdated”, and hence the Constitution that mentions them needs to be corrected. By that logic, we should also repeal the Racial Discrimination Act, shouldn’t we, if race is a myth?!

Finally, mediate over the picture of Tony Abbott with Labor Minister Peter Garrett at the start of the Journey to Recognition relay in Melbourne. My question is: whose hand is “Tony Rabbit” holding in the photograph published on page 1 of The Australian, May 27, 2013? Is this a trick photograph?  


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is really, really concerned about the NSA spying scandal.
Last week, Spanish tech news site FayerWayer did an impromptu interview with Wozniak in the waiting lounge of a Spanish airport, and posted it to Youtube. Asked to comment on the NSA spying case, Wozniak didn't hold back.
The way he sees it, the NSA spying case is just the latest example of the US government trampling on citizens' Constitutional rights in the name of stopping terrorism.

"All these things they talk about in the Constitution that made us so good as people, they're kind of nothing. They all dissolved with the Patriot Act," he said in the video interview.
"It's extremely clear in the Bill Of Rights, [but] one thing after another [has been] overturned. And that's what a king does - has anyone rounded up, killed and put in secret prisons."

Wozniak said when he was a kid, he was taught to fear Communist Russia because its government was known to spy on citizens and arrest them unlawfully without cause. "They followed their people, they snooped on them, they arrested people, put them in secret prisons-they disappeared them. We're getting more and more like that," Wozniak said in the video.

Wozniak also seems to believe Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old former NSA contractor who leaked details of the agency's surveillance tactics, is telling the truth in his descriptions of the powers he had. "That sort of structure is wrong," he said.

Steve Wozniak speaks, 23 June, 2013: by Kevin McLaughlin, Business Insider


Natural News’ Mike Adams writes:
Ten days ago, I publicly stated my belief that the NSA had used its spy apparatus to gather dirt on Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, then used that leverage to force him to change his vote on Obamacare. Five days later, I also predicted the NSA was using its spy powers to surveil members of Congress and the U.S. Senate.

In an article published on June 16, 2013, I wrote, "There could already be countless cases of the NSA using its god-like powers to blackmail people in key positions in the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, the State Department or even the US Supreme Court. There are virtually no limits to the abuses of this power." Learn more:


One brave Irish lady MP – Clare Daly – telling it like it is:
In her speech to the Parliament she described America’s president as a ‘war criminal’ and ‘hypocrite of the century’. As for the sycophantic fawning of the news media… well!

Do make the effort to view this Independent MP’s speech to her colleagues in the Irish Parliament. - -


by James Reed
“Home ownership fast becoming a distant dream” as one headline (The Australian 12 June 2013, p.1) puts it. And “Affordable housing is increasingly beyond reach to many people living in Australia”.

Seldom though, is the real cause of this problem discussed: Australia’s insane Third World levels of population growth, fuelled by anti-Anglo genocidal immigration. It is a question of supply and demand with more people seeking a finite resource. This makes money, and pots of it, for the housing and construction industry, while Aussies are marginalised and dispossessed.

A report "Assessing the Costs of Alternative Development Paths in Australian Cities", released by the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, Fremantle, found that the costs of connecting up a new house in the outer suburbs was $684,000 per dwelling or approximately $263,000 per person – read basically per migrant.
But that’s not all the infrastructure costs; when transportation infrastructure (e.g., road infrastructure costs, etc), health costs and other costs are included, the total infrastructure costs are around $526,000 per person/migrant.

According to Infrastructure Partnerships Australia there is a national backlog of $770 billion (William Bourke, at http://abc.net.au/unleashed/39930.html). Bourke points out that if just the 147,000 ex-students with permanent residency stay then the state-level development costs for them is $38.7 billion, just to accommodate them. With family reunion (remember the majority are Asian), the costs reach $150 billion and beyond. All of that doesn’t include social and environmental costs.

The growth lobby wants ever more immigration, for some groups 500,000 per year, others 1,000,000 per year. At the 500,000 per year rate basic infrastructure costs are $263,000,000,000 ($263 billion) and at 1,000,000,000 basic infrastructure costs are $536 billion. Bankruptcy Australia here we come!

Along with this there is a seldom discussed crisis in civil engineering (my brother is a thinking retired civil engineer, so my thanks for this) about decaying infrastructure, especially concrete. For example, the American Society of Civil Engineers in its 2013 report card gives America’s infrastructure a D+ grade, a near failure due to delayed maintenance and underinvestment. The place, the sewers, concrete and roads will eventually fall apart. Today’s concrete doesn’t last like the concrete used by the ancient Romans and will fall apart in less than 100 years. Thanks to the growth Lobby, the future of the West is anti-growth and will resemble a post-apocalyptic movie.  


by James Reed
“Our Uranium Can Help China” (The Advertiser 22 May 2013, p.49) is the story. This is what the South Australia Mineral Resources and Energy Minister told a mining conference. How altruistic! How generous! The conference in question was the Australia China Minerals Investment Summit in Darwin, full of Chinese diplomats and investors. SA uranium will allegedly provide China with “safe and efficient nuclear power.”

Is this the same China whose cyber warfare includes stealing the floor plans of ASIO’s new building in Canberra? Is this the same China that for decades has sought to steal US military technology and whose hackers “have compromised many of the most advanced US weapons systems, including programs crucial to missile defences in Asia, warplanes and naval ships.” (The Australian 29 May 2013 p.8) A 2012 US congressional report said that China was “the most threatening actor in cyberspace”.

The vast influx of Chinese students undertaking US scientific careers has also meant that Chinese migrants are working on military projects, and as one article puts it “where individuals possess divided loyalties, the Chinese diaspora also has magnified the potential for espionage and other forms of technology leakage”. (The Australian 31 May 2013, p.10)

When push comes to shove, “Mother China” will always win the loyalty battle. All of this indicates the insanity of the economic-based multiracial globalist society which the West has foolishly adopted, forced upon it by its ruling elites.  


by Peter West
Almost every day, the papers have a depressing headline about boats of asylum seekers flooding into Australia. Example: a leading people smuggler who was let go a year ago when Australia stopped extradition proceedings, is now back in business. (The Australian 16 May, 2013, p.2) People smuggling suspects have been accepted multiple times as refugees. Asylum seekers have arrived stricken with leprosy.
Then there is the case of the Egyptian terrorist held in low-security detention in the Adelaide Hills. The Jihadist had avoided ASIO checks even though he had been convicted of terrorism in Egypt. Almost 45,000 people have arrived as asylum seekers since Labor ended the “Pacific Solution”.

Over 10,000 have been released into the community without adequate ASIO checks. (The Australian 6 June 2013, p.1) Hardly any of the 45,000 have been sent “home” – now they call Australia “home”. From these illegals will come an endless chain of migration ultimately leading to millions of Muslims.
If only a small percentage of these are terrorists, well, we are in for interesting times. Figures vary for ethnic groups for receipt of Centrelink benefits, but goes as high as 94 per cent of some households under the “humanitarian” programme receive Centrelink benefits. (The Weekend Australian 8-9 June 2013, p.13) Already asylum seeker health costs are straining collapsing state health systems, costing millions of dollars. (The Australian 12 June 2013, p.1)

Don’t expect Tony Rabbit to do much about this – the problem is now entrenched. Sending the boats back to Indonesia was a good idea but it was squashed by the Indonesian ambassador who said it wouldn’t happen, presumably because Indonesia wouldn’t co-operate. Well if Mr. Rabbit had the guts he could threaten Indonesia with cutting off foreign aid. This is where abandoning the White Australia Policy and embracing Asianisation has led us. Maybe the population deserves the collapse of the health and social security systems.  


by Peter West
Ken Phillips (“457 Visa’s About Union Control”, The Australian, April 2, 2013, p.10), continues The Australian’s attack on 457 visa reforms. Phillips, executive director of Independent Contractors Australia, says that Gillard’s “xenophobic rhetoric about foreigners is not about racism” but about protecting “entrenched money and power”. He says that “the shameful” White Australia policy was introduced in 1901 by Labor Prime Minister Edmund Barton “at the behest of unions seeking to protect jobs”.

Yes, true and rightly so in my opinion. The White Australia policy was not “shameful”, but a survival measure. Without it, “Australia” would be little more than a burnt out shell of territory with an Asian population (Whites extinct) living in an appalling polluted environment. That is the logical conclusion of the one world capitalist globalist dream. It is already happening.

Let us be clear – the capitalist class love the 457 visas exactly for the reasons Gillard gave – although she is, of course, not likely to do much about it, only wishing to sound like she is doing something in the lead up to the election. 457 visas result in just more migrants and less jobs for locals. The capitalists make money out of migration (e.g., real estate, forcing Aussies to live like sardines) and don’t pay the social and environmental costs. A group whose only concern is self-interested profit maximisation, should not be permitted to set the agenda for society. Aussies of Australia unite: you have nothing to lose but your chains!


by James Read
Andy Warhol (who always makes me think of a wart hog) said something along the lines that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Perhaps the “Asian Century” will also be brief like that if North Korea goes ahead and conducts a nuclear strike against the US, South Korea and Japan. This threat has been made at present and probably will not materialise – yet. When North Korea has bigger and better A-bombs and better missiles, perhaps the urge to strike will become irresistible.

Kiss the Asian century goodbye as World War V (III = Cold War; IV = War on terror) erupts. Meanwhile Han Xiaoping, an adviser to the communist Chinese government in Beijing has said “Australia wants to hold all the aces and does not treat China in a friendly manner.” (The Australian, April 4, 2013, p.1) In his opinion, Australia needs to encourage more foreign investment “to shore up future gas supplies and meet the rising demand from the Asian region”. Yes, those who warned the white race 100 years ago about the threat of Asia were right.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had gone down the road of national self-sufficiency and were not at the mercy of the mining capitalists and migration lobby? If only past generations had taken a stand. But, as an old timer said to me, even if you went back in time and told them what was going to happen (and showed papers, photographs and videos), people wouldn’t believe it and would just go about their day, eating, drinking, reproducing and dying. What is wrong with us! Why so stupid?  


by Mrs Vera West
Kermit Gosnell was an American abortionist who not only perforated women’s wombs and bowels and spread venereal disease with unclean instruments, but he also killed viable babies born alive after third-trimester abortions. The story is reported by Babette Francis in Endeavour Forum Newsletter, June 2013.

At present Kermit the abortionist is being prosecuted with seven counts of first-degree murder in Philadelphia. An unlicensed medical school graduate helped snip spinal cords of babies born alive after abortions. Some babies screamed before being beheaded. Gosnell kept jars containing foetus body parts such as severed feet. Hundreds of spine-severings were performed.

In her article Mrs Francis notes that Victoria has abortion on demand up to 24 weeks gestation and if the consent of two doctors is given, right up to birth. I did not know that. Mrs Francis asked both the Police Minister and Health Minister what happens to babies born alive after abortions. She, at the time of printing, had not received an answer.  


A politically desperate Julia Gillard has plunged back into gender wars claiming that electing Tony Rabbit would make abortion “the political plaything of men who think they know better”. My ooh my, how the feminists love their “abortion rights”.
And in full flight at the launch of “Women for Gillard”, a Labor fund raiser, she said that a Liberal government would “banish women’s voices from our public life”. We would be ruled by men wearing blue ties. The Labor Party, she said, “is the party of equal opportunity”.

Yes, from the party that gave us the magnificent White Australia Policy, to this nonsense. Deputy Opposition leader Julie Bishop pointed out the obvious – that the Liberals will not change the abortion law. Of course not, this party is just the Labor Party on good wine. But we should ask Gillard about the fate of babies born alive after abortions.  


by Chris Knight
For once, conservatives have come close to seeing . . . the truth.
Journalist Anna Coulter “When Did We Vote to Become Mexico”, Humanevents.com, May 23, 2013 asks: “For decades Mexicans have been about 30 percent of all legal immigration to the United States, while only a smidgen more than 1 percent came from Great Britain. Is that Fair? . . . We have been taking in more immigrants from Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Columbia, individually, than from England, our mother country. There are nearly twice as many immigrants from El Salvador as from Canada, and ten times as many from Australia.”

Continuing from her enlightenment Coulter goes on to say
“Why can’t the country be more or less the ethnic composition that it always was? The 50-1 Latin America – to – European ratio isn’t a natural phenomenon that might result from, say, Europeans losing interest in coming here and poor Latin Americans providing some unique skill desperately needed in our modern, technology-based economy.” She concludes that this war was all because of the 1965 Immigration Act by Teddy Kennedy designed to bring in the Third World.

Coulter goes off then about welfare dependency and all that is dear to the hearts of capitalist-loving-libertarians (free enterprise will save us), without seeing the racial implications. Across the West, there was an attack on established white populations and a drive to demographically displace them. She needs to ask, “who and what groups did this and who benefits from destroying White Europeans?”

Any ideas? Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill will give 11 million illegal immigrants citizenship. With their extended families the once-US will have 80 million Hispanics. America becomes Mexico. But will that make the ruling elite feel safe, if the result is the breakup of America?

Consider Edwin Rubenstein’s article “Lessons from 1965: More Immigrants = More Violent Crime”
VDare.com, 23 May 2013, where he points out:
“The (US) national crime rate – violent crimes per 100,000 population – rose from 200.2 in 1965 to a peak of 758.2 in 1991, according to historical FBI crime data. That was an increase of 279%. It is now back down to 403.6. Over the same period, California’s violent crime rate exploded by 356%. In New York State, the violent crime rate peaked in at 1,180.9 per 100,000 population in 1990, or nearly 25% above the national rate that year.
It can hardly be a coincidence that California and New York were the epicentres of mass immigration in the decades following 1965. We are not arguing that immigration was the only reason crime surged, but it certainly played a role. Similarly, crime has declined after 1990 for many reasons, including tougher enforcement – but immigration has played a role in retarding that decline.”
In fact the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report database does not separate Hispanics from other racial groups. This inflates the “White” crime rate and effectively hides information about Hispanic criminality.

However the Bureau of Justice incarceration statistics do record race and ethnicity.
According to Rubenstein: “From 2006 to 2010 the number of white prisoners doing time for violent crimes fell 1.0%, the number of blacks rose 5.3%, and the number of Hispanics jumped 22.3%. Hispanics accounted for about 95% of the increase in prisoners sentenced for violent crimes over this period . . . [And for murder] . . . The number of prisoners doing time for murder declined 1.1% from 2006 to 2010. White prisoners fell by 7.8%, blacks rose a mere 0.3%, and the number of Hispanic prisoners rose a whopping 19.7%.”

Rubenstein concludes: “Had national crime rates fallen to 1965 levels, there would have been 628,000 fewer violent crimes committed in the U.S. in 2010 – a reduction of 50.4% . . . Immigrants and their U.S.-born children, have prevented violent crime from falling as far as it otherwise would have done since 1990.” The future? – God help America, and God help us.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
The Attorney General has said that the Liberals, who all signed the London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism cannot consistently advocate change to Australia’s discrimination laws by modifying section 18 C of the Racial Discrimination Act, the section used against journalist Andrew Bolt. Dreyfus said that the declaration “commits its signatories . . . to legislate effective hate-crime legislation and make illegal incitement to racial hatred”.

Modifying section 18 C does not change the fact that Australia has, and will still have thought control “hate-speech” laws. Nor is the London Declaration explicit about what laws should be enacted; one interpretation is that there is no legal obligation to enact laws and that such a Declaration, signed by individuals, has no legislative force. So, from a strictly legal point of view, the Attorney General is wrong. In the extreme, one could support the Declaration and even repeal section 18 C, as one support is for “ethics”, the other for “law”.

A recent article “Discrimination Laws Still Flawed” (The Weekend Australian, May 25-26, 2013, p.14) indicates that the law/race/multiculturalism/ethnic lobby are still working for discrimination law “consolidation” which if realized, you can be sure will further restrict free speech. At least the coming reign of the hopeless Liberals will end the Roxon–Dreyfus scheme until the next time round. Hopefully civilisation would have collapsed by then, saving us from that fate.  


by Geoffrey Hunter M.A.
Even the chattering class are getting a wee bit disturbed about the lack of freedom of speech on university campuses, with incidents such as one university failing to support students criticising Islam and in another incident, men and women were segregated at a university lecture (again Islam theme) (see The Australian, May 28, 2013, p.10).

I was simply stunned to read that Sydney law graduate and university medallist Daniel Ward criticized Sydney University’s policy on harassment which bans “behaviour that offends, insults, humiliates or intimidates a person” on grounds of sex, race, disability and political and religious belief. This goes much further than existing discrimination law which stops short of “protecting” politics, but which Labor intends to implement, in due course.

Daniel Ward said: “What has university come to if a jackbooted socialist can’t go up to a young Liberal and hurl all the abuse his limited imagination can muster?”

Indeed, but that shouldn’t worry the Australian University establishment. The university, like the wider Australian “community” is basically a “market” and the ban on “harassment”, common across Australian campuses, is simply necessary to ensure peace among education consumers, the possibility of conflicts now too high. So I understand why universities have such policies.
However, since I believe that free speech is more important than market values, I take this as constituting a case against the university ideal itself. Rather the modern university should rename itself “Multicultiversity” in recognition that Diversity is its new god. The “university” is now long dead.  


by Betty Luks
The Liberals are literally falling over themselves in political correctness, their latest is when elected to block all federal funds to individuals and institutions speaking out in favour of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel.
An article in The Australian says that the move “has shocked the academic community but won praise from Jewish leaders”. (May 25-26, 2013, p.7)

So much for the Libs supporting freedom of intellectual inquiry! You can be sure that funds will not be cut for a multitude of other political activities on campuses much more destructive of the Australian community. This story is a good example of what the Liberal party is really about.  


by James Reed
The article by Matt Taibbi “Everything is Rigged: The Biggest Price Fixing Scandal Ever”, Rolling Stone, April 25, 2013 begins thus: “Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hand of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we sceptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game.”

First there was the Libor scandal where between 7 and 16 megabanks manipulated global interest rates interfering with in excess of $US 500 trillion of financial instruments. Now the London-based firm ICAP, “the world’s largest broker of interest-rate swaps” is being investigated by American authorities for similar Libor behaviours, namely working with 15 of the megabanks to manipulate ISPA fix, which is used to calculate the prices of interest-rate swaps.
The interest-rate swap market is about $US 379 trillion, that is about 100 times to the size of the US federal budget Taibbi notes. Among the banks are JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, which suggests Taibbi says, “a single giant mushrooming conspiracy of collusion and price-fixing hovering under the ostensibly competitive veneer of Wall Street culture.”

The manipulation of gold and silver prices is also likely. In fact the US federal court in a civil action against banks for Libor-style offences was dismissed on the basis that the banks’ argument was accepted: it’s the fault of people for believing that banks ever competed. Collusion, not competition, generates the cosmically high super-wealth that the gangster banksters love. So, all that talk about the “free market” – why it’s just a joke. And the bankers laugh all the way to, well, the bank.  

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159