Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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12 uly 2013 Thought for the Week:

A Farmer’s Boy: It is a pleasure sometimes to be able to express our delight in a programme put out by the B.B.C. This we can do concerning the ‘commemorative portrait’ of William Cobbett, mostly in his own words, compiled by Richard Mullen, and broadcast on June 16th and 19th 1985. Cobbett is our favourite nineteenth-century character whose views - mutatis mutandis - correspond more closely to those which inspire this paper than do those of any other public figure we can think of, from that century.

Cobbett believed, as we do, in integrity in economics and politics as in other aspects of life. If you are a Tory who believes in the traditional values proven through the ages, then BE a Tory, not a ‘wet’ or a semi-demi-Tory. If you believe that a radical change is necessary if the common people are successfully to defy the oppression of their lives by The Thing - the conspiracy of do-gooding tax eaters centred on the GREAT WEN, then BE a radical - not a semi-radical, blethering out radical language while flinching away from identifying the real core of the matter - the Paper Money- because that racket is too powerful to attack.

Almost alone among prominent public figures in the 19th century Cobbett put his finger on it, and paid the price, part of which was to become so dogmatic and irrepressible (so as to remain in the public eye) as to be made something of a figure of fun. Yes! but a peerless, imperishable and beloved figure, more honestly Tory than the Tory Party, more bravely radical than the radicals - John Bull himself, the archetypal Englishman – whose sturdy ghost inspires us still 150 years after his death.

- - From the "Home" Journal, July 1985  


“Canberra politicians and bureaucrats want more power – they always have. The local government referendum is just their latest excuse to centralise power. In this new video I outline exactly why it will lead to less local democracy, more centralisation and more bureaucracy.

Please take just 3 minutes to watch it now: After you've watched the video, please share it with your friends – everyone needs to know the consequences of Canberra's attempt to increase its power.” - -Tim Blair, IPA  


Across the economy of Australia there is widespread collapse of industry and jobs. Whether it is the fruit and canneries, the potato and other vegetables, the dairy farmers in the primary sector, or the raft of secondary manufacturers in trouble; everyone is concerned at the future of their own livelihood and that of the nation.
People are correctly asking, “Can we keep on surviving by living on imported goods?” The obvious reply is that we can’t! Most politicians have expressed concern at the situation but very few have taken positive action to rectify the problem.

The Made In Australia Campaign is set to replace the cheap talk by getting a firm commitment from candidates to really take action before all is lost.

Campaign material offers a ready-made letter and three questions which people can send to their candidates before polling day. The best opportunity to get a commitment from candidates is prior to the election. The questions concern bio-security, foreign ownership of farms and food labelling to include country of origin. The commitment from the candidates should provide the elector with a valuable guide to voting.

The campaign material which is applicable in all electorates, is available at the website or from Ken Grundy, Box 177, Naracoorte SA 5271. Ph: 0458 624 701 Ph: 08 8762 4701. Mr Grundy urges prompt action in contacting candidates.  


by Peter West
Patrick J. Buchanan entitled his comments on the machete and meat cleaver beheading of the British soldier by two British-Nigerians “Will the West Wake Up?”, May 29, 2013. He is alarmed, as well about the Swedish riots, and rightly so. These riots started after police shot dead an immigrant wielding a machete or large knife. Immigrants – 15-20 percent of Sweden consists of foreign-born – then set about smashing, burning and looting Stockholm, which itself is about 80-85 percent non-indigenous Swedes.

When Swedes decided that enough was enough and in the suburb of Tumba tried to fend off rioters, the police who previously had a policy of non-intervention regarding the immigrant rioters, immediately acted to round up Swedes defending their neighbourhoods. Teargas and batons were used on Swedes while the immigrants were permitted to riot, according to an article by the conservative internet-based newspaper Fria Tider (“Swedes Take to the Streets to Defend their Neighbourhoods”, at Sweden has been accepting of immigration, even given its small population, along with every other liberal, politically correct piece of nonsense. Even punishing children is an offense.

The riots show that such liberalism has failed and will fail everywhere else as Buchanan observes:
“Ties of race, religion, ethnicity and culture are the prevailing winds among mankind and are tearing apart countries and continents. And as we bring in people from all over the world, they are not leaving all of their old allegiances and animosities behind”.

However as answer to Buchanan’s question, following the London beheading 11 citizens were arrested for making “anti-religious comments” on social media. As I see it, the race bomb is one of many problems which will end civilisation as we know it.
Jim Goad concludes on this topic as follows (, May27, 2013), “as evidenced by recent events, continental Europe and the British Isles (add the US and Australia as well) have regressed into invertebrate life form, a pathetic jelly fish that apologizes to its captors as they squash it to death”. I interpret “captors” to be the global elites who create these problems in the first place.

Further reading: From Class War to Race War (The Local World) by Geoffrey Dobbs


The following message comes from our Canadian friends who celebrated Canada’s “Dominion Day” on the 1st of July. Canadian Paul Fromm wrote:

"Dominion Day" – not the bland "Canada" Day – is what we celebrate and, of course, under Canada's real flag the Red Ensign.

The very name "Dominion" comes from the Bible. Canada's founding/settler people were Europeans and overwhelmingly Christian. The word Dominion suggests a stewardship over the vast sweep of the top half of the North American continent: "He shall have dominion from sea even unto sea, and from the great river unto the ends of the earth." (Psalm 72:8)

Our Red Ensign dramatically symbolizes the European/Christian character of this nation and its founder/settler people. Note the Union Jack which reminds us that our legal system, our main language and our political system and much of our culture is British. Note, too, the symbols of Ireland, Scotland and France, reminders of the huge role these people have played in the development of Canada. Note, too, the Christian cross within the Union Jack, that reminds us that Christian compassion lies beneath many of the institutions we cherish, like medicare and a social safety net. (Google 'Canada's old Red Ensign flag'...ed)

I was proud to stand under the old Red Ensign before a Dominion Day Eve dinner with some long-time political supporters. The conspirators replaced the Red Ensign in 1965, the same year they wrenched open the immigration doors to the Third World tsunami with which they planned to replace the European founding/settler people (by 2050). The Red Ensign stands as a reproach to their lies. Canada is European and Christian. It is not a mulligan's stew of multiculturalism in its origins.

Proclamation requiring celebration of July 1st: On June 20, 1868 a proclamation issued by the Governor General, Lord Monck, enjoined and called upon all Her Majesty's loving subjects throughout Canada to join in the celebration of the Anniversary of the formation of the Dominion of Canada on the 1st of July, 1868. This proclamation, a copy of which is attached, was published in the Canada Gazette on Saturday, June 20, 1868. Lorne White writes: "Psalm 72:8 - He shall have dominion from sea even unto sea, and from the great river unto the ends of the earth.

In my country, today is Canada Day, which celebrates 131 years of the confederation of four British colonies into the "Dominion of Canada". It used to be called Dominion Day, and, perhaps because it occurs after schools’ recess for the summer, not enough has been done to explain it in schools or at public events, so we've lost knowledge of the apparently small things which form Canada's greatness. Canada was, after all, the first country in the world to gain its independence peacefully from another, which is no small thing, but we were not taught that in school.

The marvellous story of how my country's name derives from the prayer of a politician can be found in the Canadian Encyclopaedia, as told by the late Senator Eugene Forsey. At the London Conference, in 1866, "the Fathers of Confederation wanted to call the new nation the 'Kingdom of Canada', but the British government, fearing the sensitivity of Americans to references to the Crown, and anxious not to antagonize them after the American Civil War, insisted the Fathers find another title."

Sir Leonard Tilley went back to his hotel room, prayed on the matter, and took out his Bible, which opened to Psalm 72:8. He suggested "Dominion", because the verse described the country as hand fits glove: "He shall have dominion from sea even unto sea, [Atlantic to Pacific] and from the great river [St. Lawrence] unto the ends of the earth [the Arctic]."

Forsey continues, "The Fathers suggested that [the name 'Dominion'] was intended to give dignity to the federation, and as a tribute to the monarchical principle. Under the Constitution Act, 1982, 'Dominion' remains Canada's official title."  


“France's triumphant 'Joan of Arc' vows to bring back franc and destroy euro”, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph 30 Jun 2013:
“Marine Le Pen is spoiling for a fight. The leader of France's Front National vows to smash the existing order of Europe and force the break-up of monetary union, if she wins the next election.
Mrs Le Pen said her first order of business on setting foot in the Elysee Palace will be to announce a referendum on EU membership, "rendez vous" one year later. "I will negotiate over the points on which there can be no compromise. If the result is inadequate, I will call for withdrawal," she said. It is no longer an implausible prospect.

"We cannot be seduced," she said, brimming with confidence after her party secured 46pc of the vote in a by-election earthquake a week ago. Her candidate trounced the ruling Socialists in their own bastion of Villeneuve-sur-Lot.
"The euro ceases to exist the moment that France leaves, and that is our incredible strength. What are they going to do, send in tanks?" she told the Daily Telegraph at the Front National's headquarters, an unmarked building tucked away in the Paris suburb of Nanterre.

Her office is small and workaday, almost austere. "Europe is just a great bluff. One side there is the immense power of sovereign peoples, and on the other side are a few technocrats," she said. For the first time, the Front National is running level with the two governing parties of post-War France, Socialists and Gaullistes. All are near 21pc in national polls, though the Front alone has the wind in its sails. Yet it is the detail in the Villeneuve vote that has shocked the political class. The Front scored highest in the most Socialist cantons, a sign that it may be breaking out of its Right-wing enclaves to become the mass movement of the white working class.

Commentators have begun to talk of "Left-LePenism" as she outflanks the Socialists with attacks on banks and cross-border capitalism. Anna Rosso-Roig, a candidate for the Communist Party in the 2012 elections, has just defected to the Le Pen camp. The Socialists had thought the rising star of Marine Le Pen would work to their advantage, splitting the Right. Now they discern a deadly threat.
Industry minister Arnaud Montebourg lashed out last week, blaming Brussels for playing into the hands of the Front National by running roughshod over democracies and pushing austerity a l'outrance…”

VIDEO: A Declaration of War from the Youth of France
Comment: Marylin Grover. These people are angry with the older generation for being too busy working to give them everything they wanted that they didn't pay close enough attention to what Socialist politicians were doing.
Debt was incurred for infrastructure, health care and social programs, not for parties. This group of people has enjoyed the best of everything but now their country is being taken over by muslims.
For that, I understand their anger because I'm angry too. Multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK. - -


by Peter Ewer
Is there something wrong with this picture: hundreds of Australian’s heading off to fight in the civil war in Syria and maybe being radicalised by Qa-ida and other terrorist organisations? But the “first and foremost concern is for the safety of those young Australians” said the director-general of ASIO. Who then are these “young Australians”?

“The people of particular concern are young Australian’s with a deep commitment to the extremist cause who are going over either to fight or support the fighting in some way”. And according to the Attorney General some of these “young Australian’s” are “going to work with, assist or join terrorist organisations that are proscribed in Australia”. Gasp – that’s against Australian law – but what will be done about it? (The Australian, April 16, 2013, p.3)

Maybe we need a “discussion”. That’s what visiting member of the UN Alliance of Civilisations, Aftab Mlik, has suggested, experiencing a “sense of uneasiness” which “existed in Muslin Australians that he recognised in British Muslims before the July 7, 2005, suicide bombings by Islamist terrorists that killed 52 people”.
“Unfortunately, it took the 7/7 terror attacks for Brits to really consider the fact that we have to go beyond issues of Halal meat and the length of ones beard”. Australian’s, it seems, need to do the same soul-searching and not be like the British: Unfortunately, for British Muslims, it took a terrorist attack for us to have the discussion”.

Okay we had better start talking – we don’t want anyone to get offended and radicalised by the sounds of silence!  


by James Reed
Universities are today, in Australia, little more than training centres and immigration recruitment offices for the elites of Asia. Exhibit: international students at Queensland’s seven public universities now account for almost 80 percent of fee revenue, even though there are now fewer students. (The Australian, May 1, 2013, p.29)

Meanwhile the universities have collectively whinged about the $2.3 billion cut in federal budget lolly, even while splashing tax payers’ dollars on “research” such as golf (!) (The Australian, May 2, 2013, p.11) and the usual grab bag of nonsense such as women’s studies, feminism, multiculturalism and all types of postmodernist trash. The funding cuts would have been a good time to get rid of this garbage but you can be sure that it will only be technology and science which suffers – the poison will keep being funded.

An article by an anonymous writer “You Don’t Need a Degree to Rort the System”, The Australian, May1, 2013, p.33, points out the obvious, namely, that cheating is at epidemic proportions at the university. Students work together on on-line exams, because checking is non-existent. I know personally that group cheating occurs in Asian languages, where a native speaker (e.g. Chinese) helps the team with the exam.
Fortunately the hard sciences e.g. medicine still have seated supervised exams, but the softer areas where socialism rules are rapidly disintegrating. I welcome this trend and hope that implosion occurs sooner rather than later.  


Shock: Iceland Defies EU, Freezes Membership Bid. "We are going to do it our way, this is our decision," Sveinsson, 45, said in an interview in Brussels today. "This government is not going to keep on pushing forward this application. At some time, there will be a referendum, but I cannot tell you when and by whom." EU leaders had celebrated the prospect of welcoming Iceland -- a developed nation where the economy grew 1.6 percent in 2012 -- as a sign the bloc's appeal isn't limited to poorer nations in the south. Iceland's snub changes that. "It was not easy for me as a person" to learn of the new mood in Reykjavik, EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule said after meeting Sveinsson last night. He urged the government in Reykjavik not to take "unlimited time" on its EU options... – News of Iceland.

Iceland's new government is no more apt to speed an entry into the EU than previous administrations. Representatives reaffirmed a decision to halt efforts to join the European Union. Reasons included worries over control of Iceland's resources and the continued euro crisis.
Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson would not commit to EU pleas either for a rapid referendum on joining the EU or on restarting the process. It is not clear why Eurocrats would want a referendum anyway when fully three-quarters of Iceland residents are against joining, according to polls.
But the continued "freeze" is certainly stoking fears in Brussels. The myth of EU invincibility is shattering on Iceland's stubborn, frozen shores. That is all but unacceptable. It is the reason the Eurocrats made Irish voters vote twice on a constitutional treaty, until they "got it right." And why they have continued to inflict "austerity" on the ruined economies of Spain and Greece. Now the EU no longer appears to be the overwhelming force that brooks no resistance.

Here's how the EU Observer put it: The main purpose of the trip [to Brussels] had been "to tell the commission that the new government has made decision to put negotiations on hold. "We are part of Europe and want to strengthen our relationship in other ways," [Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson] added.

Speaking during a frosty press conference with reporters on Thursday (13 June), Stefan Fule, the Czech commissioner responsible for EU membership bids, admitted that Iceland's decision was a personal blow. "It was not easy for me as a person (to take the decision)," said Fule. But he added: "I am also a professional and I respect without any questions and any doubt, the will of elected representative and citizens".

The EU has suffered so many reversals at this point that we have lost count. The euro itself has proven to be a disaster, sinking half of Europe. Germany faces a constitutional crisis over ECB inflating – on the backs of the "Fatherland," of course. And most recently, the British Tories, pushed into a corner, agreed to set up an actual referendum on the issue of whether or not the Brits should stay in the union.

Absent a miracle (of the worst kind) citizens of Iceland surely won't be part of a Charlemagne's neo-empire, one built in secret and foisted on 300 million people without their consent. The corruption, political backstabbing, ever-escalating regional costs, job-sapping regulations, authoritarian Napoleonic justice (guilty until proven innocent) and all the rest is not to be strapped to the backs of weary Icelandic citizens. They continue to say "no." They won't be rushed. The clear implication is that they are through. Both parties are anti-EU. Perhaps this is a watershed moment. Perhaps indeed this will be seen historically as the high-water mark of this wretched "experiment."

Conclusion: Perhaps the tide will gradually recede now. Source:


by Brian Simpson
Charity starts at home my dear mother used to say. She also said that God helps those that help themselves. I thought of these maxims when reading the “Foreign aid debate” in The Weekend Australian, March 30-31, 2013, being Adam Creighton “Doggedly Generous to a Fault” (p.15, inquierer) and Chris Kenny “We need to be More Hard-Headed When it Comes to Foreign Aid” (p.18). Australia’s aid budget was $4.3 billion in 2010 set to reach $8 billion a year in 2015, with $800 million a year given by private citizens. What is this money actually doing to deal with global poverty and why does Australia have a moral obligation to help “those less fortunate”?

The Adam Creighton article points out that the West has given $2.3 trillion in foreign aid since 1950. Although the number of people living in poverty has decreased from $1.9 billion in 1981 to $1.3 billion today, foreign aid has had little impact on this fall – about 0.5 percent a year to developing countries’ annual per capital growth rates, according to a recent inquiry by the British House of Lords. There is little evidence that aid makes a contribution to economic growth. Countries which have developed have done so by their own efforts. Aid amounts to basically giving people fish, when they should be taught fishing.

Chris Kenny accepts that Australia has a moral obligation to give foreign aid, but says that the evidence indicates that more good can be done with less. Further, aid needs to be balanced against local priorities. Fine, but as I see it the assumption that Australia has any – that’s right – any foreign aid needs questioning.
Foreign aid, after all, is just an expression of local elites showing off their “compassion” for the poor. They have little “compassion” for fellow Australians whom they are seeking to displace demographically, to please the Rulers of the Universe. Why should I care about the fate of say Africans? Because it is moral the pinko says. Yes, a morality which circularly assumes universalism. There is no possible philosophical “proof” that we have any such “moral” obligation. It is Universalist morality which is faulty.

It is far better to use the foreign aid money to save our own dying culture rather than support the “rising tide of colour”. Use the billions to fund the universities (or shut them down as James Reed passionately argues) so that we are no longer flooded by Asian students. Or help our farmers. After all, when Australia and the West crashes, do you really think Africa and Asia would help us? If and when, the roles are reversed, you can be sure that they will not. And I for one, would not blame them.  


by Betty Luks
US Vice President Joe Biden recently gave a speech at the Jewish American Heritage Month reception hosted by the Democratic National Committee. He said that as a group, Jews have “outsized influence” which is “immense”. Jews “make up 11 percent of seats in the United States Congress”. They have used the media to alter public opinion and have promoted immigration, civil rights, feminism and gay marriage. Biden is no anti-Semite and praised the Jews for doing this. He did not mention Jewish influence in finance, academia and law, but there are many books published by mainstream academic presses by respectable Jewish intellectuals which do this.

Biden’s remarks, although made in celebrating and praising Jewish power, were criticised by some Jews in the media because the information could be quoted by anti-Semites. In fact it has been. This raises an interesting question with the mass signing by parliamentarians with no meaningful debate, of the “London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism”, and its requirement for parliamentarians to “expose, challenge and isolate political actors who engage in hate against Jews and target the State of Israel as a Jewish collectivity” and “challenge any foreign leader, politician, or public figure who denies, denigrates or trivialises the Holocaust”. On the face of it, that seems clear enough.

However deeper analysis reveals a can of worms, so to speak. “Anti-Semitism” is not defined in the “London Declaration” but the document has sentences linking “the old language of prejudice and its modern manifestations in rhetoric and political action – against Jews, Jewish belief and practice of the State of Israel”. Paragraph 6 says as well that international institutions should not be “abused to try to establish any legitimacy for anti-Semitism, including singling out Israel for discriminatory treatment in the international arena”. Further, the document says, that there will not be a repeat of the United Nations World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia etc. in Durban in 2001, which was highly critical of Israel.

All this seems to imply that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic even if on some point it was “correct” and based on fact. Howard Jacobson, “Bell Tolls for Anti-Semitism”, The Australian, May 22, 2013, p.12, says that singling out Israel for criticism, but not at the same time other countries on the same point, is an “implicit racism”, and according to the “London Declaration”, I believe, therefore “anti-Semitic”. It follows then that since one can always find some country committing the same fault as a critic alleges Israel is committing that any criticism, in any shape or form of Israel and/or Jews is anti-Semitic, unless absolutely everyone was equally criticised.

It follows then that free speech on the Jewish question will be effectively eliminated. After all, Biden’s comments if made by others about the disproportionate power of Jews, is traditionally regarded as anti-Semitic. Further to this, even pointing out all of these contradictions is anti-Semitic by the same argument used by Howard Jacobson - unless absolutely everyone else is criticised. Our parliamentarians, are now required to “expose, challenge, and isolate political actors” engaging in such activities.

All 71 House of Representatives and 34 Senate Members of the Coalition have signed the “London Declaration”. Did these so-called “representatives” consult with their electorate or even critically examine the document?  


by Brian Simpson
One of the seldom thought about ill-effects of modern technology has been insomnia and sleep deficiencies. Writing in a recent edition of the science journal Nature (May 23, 2013, vol.497, p.13), Harvard Medical School sleep expert Charles Czeisler has commented on the role that electric lights have had in disturbing sleep.

Light striking the eyes between dusk and dawn inhibits sleep producing neurons, suppresses the release of the hormone melatonin and stimulates the arousal-promoting orexin neurons. Electric lights, computers, television and the like are signalling day time to our hunter-gatherer central nervous systems.

Millions of people suffer from the ill-effects of lack of sleep – which includes heart disease, a greater risk of obesity, diabetes and depression. Insomnia can be a living nightmare – or “day mare”, merely from simply being on the go, always. And for what – so the elites can see a few extra digits on some computer screen.  


by Mrs Vera West:
“Babies Addicted to Junk”, The Advertiser, May 1, 2013, p.15 tells us that “bad eating habits are formed in the womb”. University of Adelaide researchers have found that pregnant women who eat a high-sugar, high-fat diet have children who after weaning have a preference for such junk food.

Okay, but consider the colour photograph with this information. An Asian woman, pregnant, sits holding the daughter of the study leader. The little girl is a Nordic with red hair. The Asian woman is said to prefer vegetables and fruit to processed food. Good for her. The little girl, however, is reaching out for a disgusting burger held by a woman wearing a wedding ring (we only see the hand and burger). Now, what are they trying to tell us here?

This is typical of the psycho-politics of the multicultural Establishment, in delivering subtle messages. Is it likely that the study leader’s daughter is a junk food addict because mum is? Surely not. Is Asian food “healthy”? It can be, but much we see is deep fried, full of MSG, sugar and saturated fat. Probably a burger would be “less bad”, but still, bad all the same. In looking at the media photographs, be sure to deconstruct the propaganda embedded in them.  


by Mrs Vera West
Surprise, surprise – Big Kev Rudd (now PM - again) has now shifted on same-sex marriage and now supports homosexual marriage. And as we have come to expect, Kev has a complicated position – the secular state should recognise same-sex marriage but religious institutions be allowed an exemption. Talk about 20 bob each way!

This is clearly an inadequately thought-out position, for the same “social justice” argument establishing secular same-sex marriages would also undermine the religious institution exemption. In any case Rudd hopes to see a national referendum on the issue “bringing the Australian community along with us on an important social reform for the nation”. Bring it on! Do it now!

When have we heard that line before? “Wong Slams Anti-Gay ‘Bigotry’”, The Advertiser, May 22, 2013, p.1, has a report of Senator Penny Wong condemning as “bigotry” comments by the Australian Christian Lobby. According to the Lobby same sex marriage, “Ignored the consequence of robbing children of their biological identity . . .

Marriage has always been about providing stability and biological identity for children wherever possible”. Senator Wong said that such views have “no place in modern Australia”. In other words, anyone opposing same-sex marriages must be holding a view with “no place in modern Australia”. I think the problem is this “modern Australia” which needs to be critically addressed.


by Peter Ewer
Oh, if only footballers were a bit more “ape-like” and not politically correct new age men! The controversy with Eddie McGuire began with a 13 year-old girl calling dual Brownlow medallist Adam Goodes an “ape”. My goodness, whatever next?! Apes are ten times stronger than humans so one would have thought that in this rugged field, this could have been shrugged off. If she called him a “beautiful rose”, soft and delicate and fragrant would everybody be upset?

Then we have McGuire saying that Goodes could have promoted King Kong the Musical: “You know with the ape thing, the whole thing, I’m just saying the pumping him up and mucking around and all that sort of stuff”. (The Australian, May 30, 2013, p.32) That’s too inarticulate to be “racism”!

The pc crowd went ballistic, you know, racism in sport, racism here, there and everywhere. Don’t miss an opportunity. Generalise about the whole country: “race relations in this country (are) systematically a national disgrace”. Eddie breaks down, cries on air. You know the story. But wait – exactly how was McGuire’s comments racist? If he had the nerve he could have said:
(1) There is nothing wrong with King Kong, if so than stop making money out of him.
(2) The comments were made as a response to the ape-racism remarks, as a way of showing anti-racist defiance. Don’t call me a racist. It was light hearted you – (terms of abuse).

McGuire didn’t take this path. What would have been interesting is to have seen the next hypothetical response: What’s wrong with you anti-racists with your negative attitude about apes? Isn’t that the human chauvinist or speciest, just another form of “racism”? May god, don’t you people have a life! Lighten up!

Finally, one better – since football (like guns) brings out the worst in men, let’s ban football, at least played by men. How about all female teams? Maybe banning such bread and circuses where grown men wear tiny shorts kicking a ball may give time for the masses to start contemplating other things – such as banking conspiracies, or how “racism” is the most terrible thing in the universe. Better for the whole universe to perish than for one racist remark by (an Anglo Saxon) to be made.  


“Rudd's Carbon Plan Threat To Our Sovereignty,” Tim Wilson, Daily Telegraph 2nd July, 2013. “If you thought Julia Gillard's broken carbon tax promise was bad, Kevin Rudd's plan to let European politicians and bureaucrats set the carbon tax rate is worse. Everyone knows Julia Gillard's broken promise - "there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead". Yet Gillard and Rudd both voted to impose a tax of $23 per tonne of emissions last year, which increased to $24.15 yesterday.

Now it is reported that Rudd wants to swap the carbon tax for a floating price emissions trading scheme. But, despite the name change, the impact of both is essentially the same. Both impose a tax by forcing businesses to buy permits that reflect their emissions. Because so many emissions in Australia result from electricity generation the cost flows through to consumers in higher electricity bills. A business that doesn't pass on its full costs goes broke, so every business's final carbon tax cost is paid by consumers through higher prices.

At the moment the government directly sets the price of a fixed-rate carbon tax. What Rudd is proposing is switching it to be set by the government indirectly through a floating price in an emissions trading scheme. But the government will have little control over the rate of a floating carbon tax. The rate will be set by Europe's carbon market.
The Gillard government allowed European permits to be traded in Australia's carbon tax market. That's why it is expected the price of a floating carbon tax is expected to plummet from $24.15 to a little over $6. The reason it will drop so much is because Europe's carbon tax market covering an economy of 500 million people will consume Australia's of 20 million people.

A 2011 World Bank report concluded that 97 per cent of the global carbon market was run by Europe. That means Australia is handing national sovereignty over its floating carbon tax rate to European politicians and bureaucrats out of Brussels.
That's fine if Australians think European politicians and bureaucrats have the best interests of our economy at heart. That seems unlikely. Rudd's objective of floating the carbon tax rate is to reduce criticism from business and the cost on consumers. There's an easier way of doing that - abolishing the carbon tax altogether.”
In relation to above article do go back and read:

*A Carbon Currency Rationing Future here...

* “Warmists Put Norfolk Island on Rations” by Andrew Bolt 1 November 2010.  

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