Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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19 July 2013 Thought for the Week:

Alliance For Citizens’ Private Property Rights: Host: H.S. Chapman Society - Why?

Agenda 21 of UN's Earth Charter (M. Gorbachev) 1992 is destroying Australia as we know it, to tie us to a communist United Nations. A Sydney meeting will reach out to initiate a voice of protest across Australia.

WHEN: Saturday July 27, 2013, 11 am - 4 pm
WHERE: City of Sydney Library, Circular Quay, Sydney. 2nd Floor front. Enquiry Counter ground floor. Parking: Opera House car park accessible from Macquarie St. Lunch: Bring own or buy at Library Restaurant or Quay

Speakers: Dr Amy McGrath OAM - Agenda 21, ICLEI, Councils : Dr F. McGrath AM - Referendum on local government (The intentions of the Framers of the Constitution) : Shooters and Fishers: A Guest Speaker from Toowoomba

"Increasingly the rights of private land owners are eroded under the guise of environmental concerns, the UN biodiversity programme and Agenda 21 and the principle of distributive justice and intergenerational justice," according to Gerry Bates at the Conference on Rural Land Use Change.

Increasingly numbers of property owners are having their Property Rights wantonly disregarded by government departments, agencies and quangos in an ongoing manner with no relief in sight. A crucial foundation upon which our long-standing prosperity rests is the institution of private property - especially houses and land. As community attitudes to heritage, conservation and environmental management have changed, government has imposed more and more controls on what can be done with privately owned property - in many cases without consultation or compensation for long-term owners."

- - Professor Joe Poprzeczny, West Australian University  


Australians are to go to the polls in the near future and the propaganda will be spewed out by the mainline media like you never suffered it before. While you are being subjected to this propaganda, take time to watch American writer, researcher and speaker, G. Edward Griffin in a full length Youtube video titled “The Collectivist Conspiracy”.

In place of ‘America’ and political parties ‘Democrats’ and ‘Republican” think ‘Labor’ and ‘Liberal/ National’– and the pieces of the puzzle will come together and form a true picture.
Watch here… The Collectivist Conspiracy by G. Edward Griffin

We have viewed it and consider it well worthwhile watching – taking particular note of the dialecticism practiced by both the - so-called - Left and Right of politics. While the video is directed to American audiences, Australians will observe the same tactics are practiced here. Read further: The Monopolistic Idea

Touching upon the principles upon which America was originally founded, Ed Griffin discusses the direction both main political parties have taken the American people over the 40-50 years. While the reader will find the same story in the Australian League of Rights’ website Archives, this video sums up where we are at, at this critical time. When he advises the viewers to not just listen to what the politicians and parties say, but investigate how they voted – what is their voting pattern – he is giving us all wise advice. I can remember Democrat Meg Lees telling Australians to do just that around the time the Democrats were soundly defeated at the polls - as a result of her agreeing to Howard’s GST.

On the surface, and as reported in the mainline media, the main political parties argue with each other - on the surface – but the main issues they never touch. It is a scam of the greatest proportions. They argue with great fervour and even touch on the truth at times, but they continually fiddle around with the symptoms, never, ever, getting to the cause as to why the mess . They never come out and say, “We are slyly taking America (and Australia) into a One World Collective – or a New World Order – but first the Old Order has to go.

“All collectivist systems eventually deteriorate into a police state because that’s the only way you can hold it together,” warns Griffin. Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University Professor and mentor to former president Bill Clinton, explained in his books “Tragedy and Hope” and “The Anglo-American Establishment”, how the elite maintained a silent dictatorship while fooling people into thinking they had political freedom, by creating squabbles between the two parties in terms of slogans and leadership, while all the time controlling both from the top down and pursuing the same agenda. Griffin documents how the Tea Party, after its beginnings as a grass roots movement, was later hijacked by the Republicans through the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

Pointing out how Republicans and Democrats agree on the most important topics, such as US foreign policy, endless wars in the Middle East, and the dominance of the private banking system over the economy, Griffin lays out how the left-right hoax is used to steer the destiny of America.

Griffin also talks at length on a myriad of other important subjects, such as the move towards a Chinese-style censored Internet, the demonization of the John Birch Society as a racist extremist group, the Hegelian dialectic, the power of tax-exempt foundations and the Council on Foreign Relations, the movement towards world government, and the question of whether the elite are really worried about the growing awareness of their agenda amongst Americans. (Australia has its equivalents)

Watch: The Collectivist Conspiracy by G. Edward Griffin

Further reading: “Warning Democracy” by C.H. Douglas

Part VII: Political Philosophy: “The Nature of Democracy” by C.H. Douglas


Banking in History: A historical account of banking and its power over the destiny of nations. Worth viewing as a background although unlike Social Credit it is weak on practical solutions.


by Brian Simpson
The headlines in The Australian 10 May 2013 read:
“Child sex scandal in two countries rocks church”. It’s not just the Catholic Church – the latest child sex scandal goes straight to the highest echelon of the Anglican Church.
The former archbishop of York has said that he regretted failing to report to police in 1999 and 2003 allegations about a former Queensland Anglican school principal who rose through the ranks to become head of education for the Anglican Church in Britain.

Cutting to the chase do these scandals show some defect in Christianity, say with respect to its attitude to sex, as atheists suppose? Maybe, just maybe, the Catholic Church’s idea of celibate priests is not such a good idea. But we should not blame Christianity itself for the sexual abuse of children as this remains a terrible sin. And Christianity, historically, did much to fight against child sexual abuse.

The problem is that society itself is undergoing degeneration, and unfortunately, Christianity, or rather aspects of the Christian institution, is not proving to be immune to the diseases of darkness and decay.  


It was in the early 1990s that I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Loiuse Eickhoff in the UK. The good doctor worked with ‘problem’ girls, and she explained to me the importance of the phase of development of the young.

The following is her paper published in the “Home” journal February, 1982. “Metamorphosis and the Human Being” by Louise F. W. Eickhoff, M.D., M.R.C.Psych., D.P.M.
“There is nothing haphazard in Nature. Everything is planned on universal schemes of a simplicity that permits infinite variation of the main themes traceable throughout creation. One of these themes is the division of the individual life span into two prime stages, the immature or preparatory, and the mature or adult; the former being totally asexual (1), and directed towards the survival, maintenance, extension and perfection of the individual creature; the latter, the adult phase, being sexual, aimed towards the union of two formerly divergent individuals; and geared solely to the maintenance, perfection and survival of the species, and involving incidentally partial or total, temporary or permanent, sacrifice of the life of one or other partner, sometimes of both united individuals.

The passage from the one phase to the other is no mere transition or growth process, but a true metamorphosis. Although the process can be followed in all creatures above those forms where propagation is effected by simple fission, it is most lucidly defined in the insect world, particularly in moths and butterflies, where until relatively recently the caterpillar, chrysalis, and winged adult forms, in appearance and habit so unlike, were taken to be three different organisms, unrelated, belonging to separate subspecies in the insect order.
The three “forms” are repeated in the human, but the outward physical similarity has obscured the constitutional and mechanistic differences in the child (caterpillar), the adolescent (chrysalis) and adult, which apply to the whole of living, not only in the physical (as in the insects and other lesser orders) but in the personal, or psychological, spheres.

The child and the adult are the exact inverse or antithesis of each other, the two ends of a long scale or spectrum, the black and white of it, in all aspects of their being. Like the caterpillar, the child is a simple entity concerned with and able to “see” barely and only what is directly in front of it, or what touches it intimately. It lives in a localized, circumscribed habitat, an existence extremely uninviting and dull compared with the adult’s, unvaried, routinized, and repetitive.

This is essentially so, for its life pivots around the alimentary tract (just as does the caterpillar’s), highlighted by the orifices at both ends, and the urge to fill itself, through the orifices at the head end (the Victorians said that a child was all eyes and ears!) with all it comes across, to submit to digestive and metabolic processes (intellectual and emotional as well as the animal physical) geared only to the simple diet.

Constitutionally, neither the child nor the caterpillar is built for anything more varied, exciting or interesting. And not only are both caterpillar and child “innocent” of all mature matters, the sexual aspects, the adult interests and way of life, but there are incorporated into the immature system innate barriers to becoming prematurely involved.

The whole sexual apparatus (structures, mechanisms, knowledge of or ability to work them and incorporate them into the life process) remains rudimentary in the immature. In the child the personal aspects are being laid down continuously in the unconscious, as rudiments to remain as dormant as the insect’s physical components until the end of metamorphosis. The child is as earthbound (anal-bound), as the Wingless caterpillar in respect to sexual matters; nor can it rise above that level however much it is fed on adult material.
Adolescence is like the chrysalis, a stage of metamorphosis when every system undergoes a transformation that will enlarge perception and capacity, horizons and spheres; and enable all functions as befitting the translation of the creature into a new form of being with a novel mode of living free of former ties and dependence, and a previously unknown, completely different ‘diet,’ nectar instead of leaf, reality instead of fantasy.

In the human, for instance, the balance of lymphocytes to leucocytes in the blood is inverted. Bony epiphyses cease to be laid down and begin instead to fuse; and the brain, heart and respiration, and sleep rhythms, the physical proportions and glandular activities alter according to a recognized program standard throughout humanity. Mental processes, attitudes, orientations, values and relationships undergo this same transmutation. The sex organs enlarge and start to work; and sex and its orifices become the hunger and the avenue of satisfaction to take precedence, in maturity, over the alimentary orifices and functions. And in both insect and human, the threshold for excitement becomes ultimately raised so that “flight” becomes possible without damage to the constitution or the environment.

This present age, having lost sight of the realities of human postnatal development, not only fails to give adolescents the opportunity for retreat and quiescence that every chrysalis needs (and which is still accorded in what we call “primitive” societies, which know better than the educated Westerner how to live and let live), but we are attempting to feed the ‘caterpillar’ on nectar, adult food, and we toss it up into the adult sexual world to give it the experience of going through the air in preparation for its mature flying existence.

I have seen a garden Tiger Moth which had its pre-metamorphosis wandering thus artificially interrupted. It came too quickly out of the imperfectly formed pupa, climbed the privet stem, as it would have done in its natural habitat, but retained some of the chrysalis about its tail. It dried its wings and spread them but never flew. It stayed as it was until its death a few days later.

The children we interfere with retain childish and adolescent features into their adult years. They can function sexually but fail to make the full flight into that love union that makes a permanently committed marriage, and translates the woman at the birth of her first child into that maternal being who alone can make not only the mother-child bond, but tie the father, through herself, to the child.

It is this unique relationship that makes the foundation of all religious understanding and the happy acknowledgment of a loving Supreme and caring Authority, the basis of all quality and enrichment of life.
(1) The sexual component of all acts and relationships in the immature human goes direct to the unconscious, bypassing the conscious.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Peter Van Onselen (“Lesser Angels Stain Our Character”, The Weekend Australian, May 18-19, 2013, p.20) was critical of laws passed through parliament in mid-May which excise the Australian mainland from the migration zone, which effectively means that illegals coming to Australia via boats do not have access to the Australian courts. Billions of dollars have been spent, I should note, on appeals led by liberal-left migration lawyers to defend illegals keeping them in Australia. Few are ever deported.

The point made in the Van Onselen article is that the exclusion legislation is a “legislated stain on our parliament’s (dis)respect for the Constitution”. He rightly observes that the appellate process gives people many rights of appeal, and asylum seekers typically follow them, from the Refugee Review Tribunal, to the Federal Court, to the High Court, and using section 75(v) of the Constitution, they can start the appeal process once more.

Van Onselen says that this process does clog up the courts (but he does not mention how ordinary Australians have increasing difficulty accessing courts for “justice”). He believes that the Constitution should be changed, but exclusion laws not enacted. He is right there, and no doubt our politically correct High Court will strike out these laws. So I agree with Constitutional change – but it should be comprehensive and should outlaw the imposition of UN-inspired laws upon us in the first place.
The UN refugee convention has served its post-World War II ideological purpose. Now asylum seekers are just people wanting a better life here, which has nothing to do with refugees. The referendum should also test the public’s support for mass immigration, multiculturalism and Asianisation. These are the questions which need to be put to the referendum rather than feel-good, warm and fuzzy political correct ideologies such as Aboriginal recognition and the recognition of local government in the Constitution.

The UN refugee convention is of course being exploited, but it does, itself, legitimate mass flows of asylum seekers. It creates a legal framework used by the entire migration /refugee/ asylum seeker mega industry to keep the numbers flowing and to drain continuing billions of tax-payers money. Abandoning the UN Refugee Convention would be a good first step to abandoning the UN and for Australia to gain freedom from globalist tyranny.  


by Peter Ewer
Much chest-beating and racial sack cloth and ashes by white inner city Australians has been made recently over the “racist” taunts in football issue. However what about the other side of the coin: verbal, racist abuse by Aboriginals to whites when a white refuses to give an Aboriginal money when confronted on the street?

It is common to be called a “f….ing white c…”: I have many times. Reverse the scenario and you will be slapped in irons as floods of lawyers and the full power of the state is brought to bear to stamp out “racism”.

Talk about hypocrisy and double standards! This political correctness serves the interests of the globalist elites who rule us by keeping Anglo Australians dispossessed and in a constant state of guilt. It is a racial weakness of our race that we have this guilt complex which is constantly manipulated time-after-time.  


by Peter Ewer
Recently a 51-year old Syracuse New York man was killed by two black teenagers aged 13 and 14. According to manosphere journalist Matt Forney, a native of the area (, May 31, 2013), the teenagers were black, but the media didn’t report this.
The victim was white and the area where the crime took place was in the South Side, a black ghetto. The black teenagers were playing a game called “Knockout King” or “Polar Bear Hunting”, where the blacks target vulnerable whites and beat them, often to death. In the Syracuse case the man had his eyeball ripped out of its socket and the lads laughed about it. Get the picture?

There have been hundreds of cases of these radically motivated “hate crimes” but the media seldom covers them, and when it does never mentions the races of the attackers or victims, at least directly. Photographers though give the game away. From an internet search I have found only a few Asian victims of black attacks (e.g., December 26, 2011, Mail Online, at

It is interesting to observe that most of these crimes are committed in areas where guns are highly restricted and on vulnerable people. Soon they will pick the wrong one, someone with a concealed carry weapon. Then Obama will be bleeding his heart all over American TV and gun banners will have a field day. All this shows that in the United States, at least, it is open season on white people.  


by Brian Simpson
Modern technology, along with money are the gods of modern man. Technology, in particular, is uncritically accepted and taken for granted, with little public debate about the social consequences. Recent revelations from Edward Snowden, NSA contractor have revealed that the US government’s PRISM internet surveillance programmed, which surveys Microsoft, Facebook, Google and major web-servers, for clues of terrorist activity, had secured all details about the US and probably the world’s calling and texting details.

Critics of Snowden say that this information won’t be used if one has done no wrong. I don’t believe them, and the burden of proof, or disproof, is on them. Further, what is to stop misuse of this information in the future? As for terrorists, PRISM did not stop the Boston bombing because any terrorist with half a brain probably suspected that something like PRISM was in operation.

What this does show is that Obama is no civil rights advocate striving to safeguard freedom and privacy. In fact the Big Brother security state has expanded with Obama. In April 2013 it was revealed that the US Justice Department had been accessing phone records for reporters. All of these scandals – and it is hard to keep track of them – don’t matter to the coloured folk and ethnics and guilt-ridden white liberals who would put Obama into a third term if it was possible. If Obama was white, well, would he get away with all of this?  


by Brian Simpson
Mike Adams’ “America has Devolved into a Nation of Welfare Zombies living on little more than Brain Stem Function” (Natural, April 28, 2013) is a biting commentary upon people who signed a petition to turn America into a police state with door-to-door gun confiscation and forced vaccination of children. The petition was nothing more than a test of what people would sign and support. Adams compares those who signed the petition to “Zombies” or the brain dead, unthinking supporters of the government.

He goes on to propose that welfare dependent people should forfeit their right to vote: shouldn’t the right to vote belong to productive people? As well, people should have an understanding of politics, and for Americans, the Bill of Rights, to be given the vote. It is the old idea of limiting the business so that voting is done by responsible people. However this idea’s time has passed. The lunatics have long ago taken control of the asylum that is modern society and anyone over 18, registered and who can write an “X” in a box can decide which dictators will rule over us for three more years. So much for “democracy”.

Comment: A response to this article is Geoffrey Dobbs’ “Responsible Government in a Free Society” found here…

Also, as Professor Guy Standing shows in Precariat, it is not enough to think in 19th century terms when looking for answers in the 21st technological century. Americans have a lot of difficulty coming to grips with this.


by Brian Simpson
The latest big thing supplement with young high-flying elites is a Viagra for the brain called Provigil or Modafinil, which they think can raise one’s IQ by 20 points. The drug is used to treat various psychiatric disorders, but has come to be illegally used by youngist techno-financial types to squeeze more performance out of their long-suffering grey matter. There is no hard evidence of the IQ improvements among the otherwise healthy.

As with most Big Pharma drugs there are a range of serious side effects such as severe allergic reactions involving the liver or blood cells, but that doesn’t worry the technocrats. This is what the elites are searching for: the 24/7 non-stop worker who can keep adding senseless “0’s” onto the great computer screen profit.  


by Brian Simpson
Nick Cater’s “The Lucky Culture and the Rise of an Australian Ruling Class”, (Harper Collins, 2013), has some useful material, but it is a very limited book, and in my opinion greatly inferior to Katherine Bett’s book (“Ideology and Immigration”) which is not mentioned by Cater. You see Cater, a senior editor at The Australian basically is critical of all those things The Australian hates and criticizes, but does not carry forward its critique to impact upon immigration, multiculturalism and Asianisation. In fact, multiculturalism is mentioned on page 250, immigration on pages 105, 142-143, 159, 251 and 252 and surprisingly “Asia” and “Asianisation” don’t even occur in the index.

Cater though is critical of the “new global intellectual hegemony” and the “self-appointed ruling class of sophisticates” (p.9) and he delivers a good critique of Australia’s new class elites, a political class of university educated, latte-sipping inner city elites. This “self-appointed elite”, especially the Greens, is destroying the nation. He attacks their political correctness and creations such as the human rights industry. Good for him.

However the very same arguments that Cater employs against the elites in, say, the human rights industry, also apply mutatis mutandis (i.e. with the necessary changes made) to the immigration, multiculturalism and Asianisation new class – of which The Australian is a part. Hence the book is ultimately inconsistent. Oh, by the way, a better title, and one more accurate would be “The Unlucky Country”. We are anything but lucky.  


True Grit the 1969 movie starring the legendary John Wayne was remade a couple of years ago starring Jeff Bridges as Marshal Rooster Cogburn. The remake, in my opinion – and I am nobody – was terrible, the ending, silly. But I digress, for my subject is “true grit” – courage and determination. Psychologists at the University of North Carolina believe that “true grit” can be measured by a test involving eight statements such as “ I finish whatever I begin”, which are rated on a scale. And, surprise, surprise, those with high “true grit” are better at achieving goals. Whooaa! – Social science is like magic isn’t it, telling us the obvious.

While still on the manhood front, a British survey of 2,000 women has “discovered” that women believe that a real man should not be scared of spiders. Women, apparently are not necessarily wanting a good looking male with plenty of money – a life partner who helps out around the home is preferred, pretty much the way men have always been (Mail Online, April 28, 2013). So much then for the feminist revolution – in the end women prefer the John Wayne man, with “true grit”, capable of dispatching spiders with a single swipe of his bear-like hand.  


by Len the Dispossessed
What’s that? – Australians buying up big in China? No, that is a headline you will never read. Instead the usual headline appeared in Adelaide’s The Advertiser, 4 May 2013 p.15, “Chinese Buyers Eye Our Best Real Estate”. Real estate agents are falling over themselves to court the Chinese to ‘buy up big’. Now how did it get to this: Thailand, for example doesn’t allow foreigners to buy up their land. What “virus” has penetrated into the minds of our kind to allow such rampant globalization where the distinction between self and non-self is eroded?

It seems just like that virus (?) that infects a mouse, causing the mouse to lose fear of cats, so that the mouse is eaten by a cat - and the virus can enter the mouse. Anglo-Australia seems to operate on the same principle with regard to immigration, multiculturalism and foreign investment.

What I would like to know is how we were worked over to have got to this point of dissolution and dispossession. Is it something in our genes? I would really like to know before I die, and my race shortly after me.  


Thought that Bernard Gaynor should be allowed to have his say so we are reproducing the following from his website found here:

What I note about the Australian Defence Force by Bernard Gaynor
Shortly, the Chief of Defence Force is likely to give me the flick from the Army Reserve. It seems he and the rest of the brass in Canberra don’t like my views or the fact that occasionally I point out their blatant hypocrisy.
For instance, apparently it’s groovy for homosexual officers to swan around in public with those who mock and denigrate Catholicism. By allowing this to occur, the head honchos think we have a diverse and accepting Defence Force.
But if some poor Digger, recently returned from a war in Afghanistan, ‘likes’ a Facebook page that insults Islam he will wind up facing the military justice system. And by insult, I mean that he’s clicked a little thumb somewhere on a post that probably acknowledges the truth about Mohammad’s sexual relationship with a nine year old girl.
It seems that the diverse ADF is not accepting enough to handle the truth.
So, I’m not sure if it will like this truth: If you are in the ADF you can mock and insult Christianity all you like. But you cannot acknowledge the basic facts of Islam without being investigated for profound racism, or facing some military court for bringing the ADF into disrepute. Christianity is a legitimate target for derision. Islam, the religion of those we fight, is above criticism.
Well, I say if the ADF thinks Islam is that bloody good, then it might as well start asking its members to convert and it should acknowledge the last ten years have been a waste of time.
Perhaps the CDF could lead the way. But I won’t be joining him. In fact, a short time ago I provided my response regarding the Chief of Army’s decision to terminate my commission.
Attached below is an excerpt. Let me know what you think.
I note that the ADF had no problems with my personal political activity until I said that I would not allow homosexuals to teach my children. I made this statement on the basis of my Catholic faith.
I note that the ADF has punished me for this statement.
I note that the ADF can tell me my views about my children’s education are offensive to the homosexual community and are unacceptable.
I note that this also means the ADF believes homosexuals have a right to teach my children.
I note that when I pointed out the offensive and unacceptable nature of the ADF’s interference in my children’s education that the ADF investigation rejected my complaint.
I note, consequently, that the ADF is more interested in the views of the homosexual community than mine when it comes to my children’s education.
I note that I cannot conduct political activity that opposes homosexual activism, even if it is not in uniform.
I note that homosexual officers can conduct political activity in uniform, link Defence to their cause and will be rewarded for doing so.
I note that these officers can use Defence to campaign against the rights and freedoms of religious organisations.
I note that I cannot criticise ADF policy or the hierarchy, even as a private citizen.
I note that homosexual officers can, while in uniform.
I note that I cannot refer to my service to this nation or publish anywhere photos of me in uniform.
I note that homosexual ADF members can freely publish photos of themselves in uniform and, in doing so, identify themselves with lewd and pornographic activities and radical political causes.
I note that when I notified the ADF about these contradictions that the evidence was ignored and my complaint was rejected.
I note that I would be punished for communicating offensive sexually-explicit imagery of the Mardi Gras on Defence computer systems.
But I note that other ADF members are permitted to parade in the Mardi Gras and give public uniformed support to the offensive activities conducted there.
I note that the Chief of Army has said the standard you walk past is the standard you accept, and I note that the Mardi Gras is the new standard of acceptable public sexual behaviour and political activity, but only for homosexual members.
I note that the ADF will punish those members who state publicly their Catholic belief that homosexuality is immoral.
I note that homosexual members can freely state that those who hold alternative views to them are hate-filled and immoral.
I note that the ADF will punish soldiers for ‘liking’ a Facebook page that mocks Islam but will allow uniformed, formed bodies of homosexual members to march with those who insult Christianity publicly.
I note that this is hypocritical, immoral and unjust. I note that logically this means the ADF has a hierarchy of members and that homosexual and Islamic members have more right to be offended than Catholics.
I note that our soldiers can die fighting an enemy who acts to a large degree, if not entirely, on the basis of Islamic beliefs. Yet I note that I cannot link the Islamic religion with the actions of the enemy we fight.
I note that this means the enemy’s ideology is more sacred than mine, because it places Islam in a protected category above question, while Catholicism is freely allowed to be denigrated and rejected.
I note that I cannot question the merits of Islamic immigration, even while we fight those who act on Islamic beliefs.
And I also note that I can be investigated for racism for discussing Islam.
I note that if the ADF believes that Islam is a race then it has gone to war without understanding who the enemy is.
I note that I cannot question the merits of front-line combat roles for women.
I note that I cannot raise the possibility that this will result in greater tension in family lives, greater risk of sexual misconduct and greater risk of battlefield pregnancy and abortion.
And I note that it is totally unacceptable to question how women, who cannot compete against men on the sporting field, will do so on the battlefield, the ultimate physical endeavour.
I note that I cannot question the merits of taxpayer funded sex-change operations. Nor can I question why men who believe themselves to be lesbian can have access to female change rooms and showers.
I note that the Army can charge me for disobeying a lawful command.
I note that when I question the legality of the command, I can be told that it was not unlawful because no command was given.
And I note that despite this finding, charges against me can still proceed.
I note that I can be told that I have not had my rights to engage in political debate curtailed because I am entitled to an opinion.
But I also note that because I express my opinion I can be charged and administratively discharged from service.
I note that while training as an officer at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, I was taught that moral courage was as important as physical courage and often more difficult to attain.
I note, despite this emphasis on moral courage, that Defence leadership no longer supports it and cannot identify it in subordinates, presumably due to a collective lack of the virtue within the senior hierarchy.
I note that these contradictions are hypocritical and unjust.
Finally, I note that while they remain in place, I will not be allowed to continue serving in the ADF.  


The Chronicle, Toowoomba, Queensland 8/7/13
Dear Sir, Jay Naus ( T.C. 8/7/13 ) writes a timely reminder about the consequences that arise from the application of the principle, “Divide and Conquer”.
Demographers remind us that 400 million people were killed last century through revolution and wars. This was accomplished by dividing the intended victims into opposing philosophical camps, then paying them to kill each other. Whether it was the conflict between Germans and British, French and Germans , Japanese and Americans, peasants and governments, all the contestants were paid to kill each other; where before the conflict the majority had little or no money. Amongst the combatants there were no winners, all perished or were maimed for life.
The real and lasting winners were those who financed the conflicts to obtain the political results they planned and still posses, as President Roosevelt informed us!
Since then, even nations such as North and South Korea, India and Pakistan, East and West Germany together with the ideological divisions around the globe, starting post war with East and West dividing the world between Communist and “The West”. Now we are being focused on the division between Muslim and Christian, who for thousands of years have lived side by side without conflict, but if we can be brought into conflict it will destroy both people, but leave the ideology leadership now common to both groups, dangerously supreme.
The deadly underlying ideological philosophy of our common masters is that all Power and Authority arises external to the individual. But our previously successful nation was founded on the Christian philosophy, that all Power and Authority arose from within each individual.
The political Party division prevents us all from stopping what we do not want, in particular civil invasion, but perpetually empowers the party owners, as is now being revealed, as it was on the killing fields of the world before.

- - Yours truly, J. Brett. Highfields, Queensland

To the Editor of The Australian, 8th July 2013
The campaign to achieve constitutional recognition of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is misdirected and not in the national interest. No sub-group of the Australian people should be awarded special status in our constitution.
The proposal involves unjust racial discrimination and, contrary to the views of Ian Smith and Natasha Stott Despoja ('A need to formally recognise first people', 8/7), if enacted, will cause disunity, not unity.
A distinction needs to be made between recognition of these 'first peoples', which is a reasonable attitude that can be realised effectively in numerous ways, and entrenching that recognition in the constitution. No convincing case has been made anywhere by anyone for that entrenching.

- - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Victoria

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159