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9th August 2013 Thought for the Week:

Birth of a Prince: We at the Australian League of Rights are also celebrating the birth of Prince George of Cambridge and extend our very best wishes to his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Kate and William.

Australia Post, in celebration of the birth of the Prince has released an instant stamp sheetlet. Managing Director and CEO of Australia Post, Ahmed Fahour writes: “Australia Post is delighted to celebrate the birth of a baby boy to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with a sheetlet of stamps that captures the first public appearance of the happy family.”

The Royal Baby stamp issue is available from 29 July 2013 at participating Australia Post retail outlets, and will continue to be so while stocks last. The designer of the stamp is Sonia Young of the Australia Post Design Studio. The associated products available are a commemorative cover, stamp pack, maxicard and a booklet of 10 x 60c self-adhesive stamps. Well done Australia Post!  


In an interview with Andrew Grice of The Independent 25 July 2013, the Archbishop of Canterbury whilst speaking of the problems the Church is facing “hinted the Church may take inspiration from the Royal Family."

" Absolute genius. If you could bottle it, there wouldn’t be a government in the world that wouldn’t buy it. It’s not manipulation. It is a genuine, profoundly thoughtful, extremely humble, determined recognition that the world has changed, and a response to that in all sorts of ways. They are probably more popular than they have ever been.” 


by Chris Knight
La Trobe academic Nicholas Herriman (“Tolkien Time Warp Distorts” The Advertiser 5 January 2013, p.64) takes J.R. Tolkien to task as “The Lord of the Rings” books are tinged with class and race hierarchies of the inter-war years when J.R.R. Tolkien wrote them.” Race stereotypes are found such as dark Orcs and language stereotypes as well. “Generally, the highest and best characters are white, having posh accents; the bad characters are dark-skinned speaking with regional or working class pronunciation.”

Yes, but so what? “The Lord of the Rings” movies produced something of a “moral panic” among the cosmopolitan chatterers for its depiction of a dispossessed white people, against the dark forces. Without this basic colour scheme the power of the movie would be lacking. “The Hobbit” movie is less powerful because this theme is somewhat diluted and some evil Orcs are now whiter-than-white. Nevertheless, there is still the theme of a threatened and dispossessed people – this time the dwarfs – fighting for their homeland. Does this ring any bells?

Professor Kevin MacDonald points out (“Implicitly White Themes in The Hobbit”), that themes found in “The Lord of the Rings” continue in “The Hobbit” – good versus evil, beauty versus ugliness and aristocratic leadership versus despotism. But something is lacking. “Return of the King” was the best movie I had ever seen.
“The Hobbit” has spectacular 3-D scenes and computer effects but misses some essential ingredient. That ingredient is Nordicism and ancient North West European warrior values. Thorin from “The Hobbit” was no Aragon.

We like our heroes, big. The fall of the dwarves was because of their love of gold which attracted the dragon. That theme does not appeal to me and is not part of Nordic heritage. “The Hobbit” thus is worth seeing, if only for the pre-industrial, wholesome values of The Shire, but it is not another “The Lord of the Rings”.  


by James Reed
A free ticket was given to Uncle James to see the blockbuster movie World War Z, starring Brad Pitt. In this zombie thriller most of the human race goes down the tubes. Interestingly Israel survives longest by building a huge wall around the nation, but eventually the zombies pile up on each other, get over the wall, and destroy everything. Except Brad who is too cool to be eaten.

Now Big KRudd is back, from the political dead in fact. Yes, this is the same KRudd who gave us all the problems that sank the bad ship Gillard. This is the former leader who fellow members described as running a chaotic, dysfunctional government, without “Labor values”. Don’t you worry about that. The electorate, especially Queensland, will get behind Big Kev and Labor’s fortunes will rise in the pop charts.
It is probably a good thing too – for the last thing we need is Tony Rabbit’s Bunny Party to have too much power.
The golden rule of Australian politics is, that from our political perspective each successive prime minister is worse than the predecessor. Hence, minimise their power. Deliver another hung parliament! |

My parting memory of Gillard will be of the “brave feminist", being shielded by a big federal policeman at the Aboriginal protest in Canberra, where she lost her pricey shoe. Go to Youtube and see real fear in someone, in a situation which the police had well under control. This incident told me how artificial feminism really is. Anyway, it’s back to Rudd for my future critiques.  


It’s not often these days that the League has found agreement with former politician Alexander Downer, he is an internationalist, but he makes his point well in this radio interview from Ben Fordham’s program on 2GB.
He says it really is so simple to solve the border protection problem. It takes one phone call. Downer should know. He had the wit and will to do it.  Listen here...


by Ian Wilson LL.B. |
Ben Saul, Professor of International Law at the University of Sydney has written an interesting article at The Conversation.com 19 July 2013, on the legality of turning or towing back asylum boats. The “turn back” solution is being offered by the Coalition as Australia’s border protection is at point of collapse. In an article by Barry Cohen, former minister in the Hawke Labor government (“We Need to Overhaul Refugee Convention” The Australian 19 July 2013, p.10)

Cohen says:
“The financial cost to the countries that host or resettle refugees is running into billions a year… The populations of the host countries are seething with anger as they witness their country being overrun by “foreigners”. Their greatest worry is that the hospitality they have provided is guaranteeing millions will follow. Opposition is strong and growing. So far we have been able to minimise the dissent and violence, but how long will it last if the major countries have their cities overflowing with “asylum-seekers”?
Graham Richardson in an article sitting above Cohen’s says:
“More than 90 per cent of boat arrivals are successful in their endeavours. That means that economic refugees gain access to Australia on a daily basis and Labor has done nothing to change this.”

Having set the scene, let us now return to Professor Saul’s legal opinion about whether it is legal to “tow the boats. He said:
“Australia cannot turn back boats if it would expose a person to return to persecution contrary to the (UN) refugee convention. That includes sending people back to countries which do not offer effective refugee protection. Those can include transit countries like Indonesia and Malaysia where there is no refugee protection status given to people who are there to claim refugee status.”
“The second consideration is under the law of the sea. It is not legal to turn back a boat which is unseaworthy and on which the lives of passengers are in danger or at risk”.
A third factor is that Australia has no right to board and search foreign vessels on the high seas, so Australia’s power to turn back boats is really confined in most cases to boats which are already in Australian territorial waters.”

So, to sum it up, there is virtually no chance of legally turning or towing back asylum boats. Let’s get real now. Migration lawyers spend their time exploiting loopholes to allow illegal’s to stay. The full bench of the federal Court has now held that a “complementary provision” amendment to the Migration Act which was to apply to new cases now applies to people already processed, where asylum seekers unable to prove that they would be prosecuted if they were returned home could merely claim that they would suffer “significant harm” – and bingo, they have a protection visa.

Thousands of asylum seekers, maybe every one of them rejected as refugees can now make fresh claims at the cost of millions to the legal system. “It will paralyse the system and clog the courts even further, costing millions.” (The Advertiser 10 July, 2013, p.2)  


The role of Australian courts today is not to serve the rule of law and to preserve this society, but to serve illegal migrants. It is just an extension of politically correct ideology. You think I exaggerate? Consider the article “Foreign Criminals Dodge Exportation by Citing Rights” The Australian 15 July 2013 p.2. The article begins thus: “Courts and tribunals are citing international human rights treaties to shield foreign criminals from deportation, allowing them to remain indefinitely in Australia even after serving lengthy jail terms.”

One example of where the Administrative Appeals Tribunal has “thwarted Immigration Department efforts to protect society from serious organised criminals” is where in June 2013 the tribunal reinstated the visa of a Nigerian drug trafficker “in order to protect him from being arrested by Nigerian authorities over his importation of $8 million worth of South American cocaine into Sydney in 2006.” There was a belief that the drug trafficker could face in Nigeria treatment contravening the Convention Against Torture.

Likewise the Tribunal reinstated the visa of a Chinese national who was part of an international drug smuggling ring because they feared that China would not respect his human rights! Gee, what about the “human rights” of the victims of his drugs? No concern about them!

Then there is the 2011 case of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal allowing a Liberian paedophile refugee to stay. The government attempted to cancel the visa but the federal Court held that he could not be deported because of his ethnicity (Kranh), linking him to the regime of the former dictator.

Add to this that “boat people” have vowed to kill themselves to avoid being returned to Indonesia – and nobody goes “home”. (The Australian 8 July, 2013, p.1) While all of this goes on, the voices of the bleeding hearts urge us to stop being “racists” and to accept all of these people in.

The journalists who do this, having had a Left wing Arts/Humanities/Law education, coming from middle class families and enjoying good incomes for writing their nonsense, never have to suffer themselves. I say, if they want “refugees” then let’s do a swap: a refugee comes here and takes their assets. While they are parachuted back into the country the refugee came from. Fair enough? Yes, everybody “still calls Australia home” except for the dispossessed majority.  


Immigration - Global humanitarian reasons for current U.S. immigration are tested in this updated version of immigration author and journalist Roy Beck's colourful presentation of data from the World Bank and U.S. Census Bureau. The 1996 version of this immigration gumballs presentation has been one of the most viewed immigration policy presentations on the internet. Presented by immigration author/journalist Roy Beck. View the video here...

NumbersUSA Education & Research Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that favours an environmentally sustainable and economically just America and seeks to educate the public about the effects of high levels of immigration on U.S. overpopulation, the environment, jobs, and wages. They use government data to conduct research on the impacts of U.S. population growth, consumption, sprawl, and current levels of immigration and educate the public, opinion leaders and policy makers on the results of those and other studies.  


The following article was published 24 December 2011, not exactly the right timing for most people to catch up with such news – all busily preparing for the Christmas/New Year break.

The headlines read:
“Some of Australia's best known charities raking in the refugee cash” Daily Telegraph, 24 December 2011. Australia’s refugee crisis is delivering handsome profits to many businesses. And some of the country's best known charities - including the Red Cross - have also won contracts worth more than $100 million for counselling and other services as the Immigration Department struggles to cope with the surge in unauthorised arrivals. |
While the Gillard government and opposition slug it out over asylum seeker policy, The Daily Telegraph can reveal Adagold Aviation has won 56, or two-thirds, of the 87 charter flight contracts let by Immigration this year. Since 2010, it has earned $24 million flying detainees from Christmas Island to the mainland.
Construction giant John Holland won a $114 million deal to build a detention centre in Western Australia. And Darwin businessman, John "Foxy" Robinson, is involved in $250 million contracts to build and run detention centres.
Complete Hire & Sales has snared $85 million in Immigration contracts since June 2010 to build centres. Leading charities are also securing contracts for torture and trauma counselling.
The Australian Red Cross has contracts worth about $85 million over two years for services that include helping asylum seekers with bridging visas to find accommodation and work.
One of Australia's biggest foster carers, Life Without Barriers, secured $34 million for services to unaccompanied minors arriving at Christmas Island…”  


by James Reed
It seems to get colder by the year here where I live. I can’t afford electric or gas heating, so I get rugged up in a sleeping bag to write this. I stop after about four sentences to warm up my fingers under the covers. In the future I guess I will freeze to death in my unit. (But at least I am not homeless like Len the Unemployed, or John Steele, with Len living in a garage and John camping in a tent). I wish the stories of global warming were true, but they are not. I fear that my world will end in ice not fire. I now know how a fish finger feels.

Under the present Labor regime, electricity prices have gone up over 94 per cent. In fact, New South Wales and Victoria, according to the Electricity Network Regulatory Frameworks Inquiry Report, increased more than 100 per cent above the national average.

Network costs have represented between 45 and 55 per cent of a typical electricity bill. Network costs are primarily the costs of connecting additional people to the networks.
The additional people are migrants, migrants and more migrants, brought into the country, or permitted to invade, as part of the unstated Anglo Saxon genocidal, demographic-dilution policy, to eliminate my race and its heritage, to make the place “diverse” so that the ruling power elites are warm and cosy. I suppose white skin, blue eyes and fair hair reminds them of the winter cold.  


by Sandra Shaw
It is an astonishing state of affairs, Northern Territory MP and Aboriginal leader Bess Price has been banned from visiting an Aboriginal support unit at Griffith University because of “various views she has expressed in the media” (The Australian 19 July, 2013, p.1) and allegedly Ms Price’s visit would “make it an unhealthy experience for all parties” (“Uni Body Bans Outspoken Indigenous Leader as ‘Unhealthy’ for Staff”, The Australian, 19 July, 2013 p.3).

To be fair, the University itself declined to endorse the unit’s stand: “We are a university and open to a diverse range of views. We do not seek to censor those views,” the Pro-vice chancellor said. Yes, but a body within the university is indeed barring a member of parliament from attending the unit. As a member of the public I read the articles as indicating a direct challenge to Ms Price’s freedom of speech, and she did as well. The university authorities should reverse the unit’s ban.

This incident is one of many reported in the media over the last few years which indicate that on free speech issues of matters of controversy, the universities tend to go weak. If free speech is not defended on controversial issues then in my opinion it simply doesn’t exists at all.  


by Mrs. Vera West
At times we need to look at the stark contrast to shake us out of our apathy. Whilst reading this article by Vera West I am visualising the love and joy the young royal couple expressed for their newly born baby….ed.

The US Sate of Texas is about to pass a late-term abortion ban which will stop absurdities such as the partial abortion birth of a baby and then the destruction of it. As it is partly born it is seen as not being murder, but if born, then it is murder. Isn’t liberalism logical! Pro-abortion activists chanted “Hail Satan!” in a bid to drown out pro-life speeches in the Texas State House.

Yes, there is their love of democracy for you! And how revealing that the pro-choice crowd expressed thanks to their sponsor or boss “Satan”, however you conceive him. By your words you will be acquitted and by your words you will be condemned, the Good Book tells us.

The number of abortions in the US since Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973 is 56,397,760 at around 2,666 a day. Australia has an abortion rate of over 100,000 per year. All this goes on while Liberals chant about “anti-racism” and freedom from discrimination. Well, being cut to pieces in one mother’s womb seems a wee bit discriminatory to me.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Former Liberal advisor Ian Smith and former leader of the Democrats (remember them?) Natasha Stott Despoja (“A Need to Formally Recognise First People” The Australian 8 July 2013, p.10) think that with regard to recognition of indigenous people there is a need to amend the Constitution. I don’t and further I don’t believe that they have a case.

They say that the “constitutional silence” about the existence of the indigenous population “holds us back from a more unified and productive future”. Nonsense on stilts – Japan’s constitution doesn’t mention their native people and it hasn’t held back their productivity. Further, no Nordic country mentions their white indigenous people, so why should we. Fair’s, fair.

The claim that sections of the Constitution exist to deprive Aborigines of being stripped of their right to vote is nonsense:
The Constitution does exactly the opposite. The people of any race clause was put in for protection not degradation. They see the Constitution, in that respect as a “colonial document entrenched in a modern 21st century society”. So respect for Aboriginal traditions must be granted because that is multicultural cool, but trendies of the 21st century must revise Anglo Saxon traditions.

Aborigines are “a living link for Australia to this land’s ancient past and its unique original cultures”. But how much more defining of Australia are the Anglo Saxon people, their ancient past and original cultures! The very concept of a constitution is not Aboriginal but Anglo. Their arguments therefore count more towards constitutionally recognising Anglo Saxons rather than Aborigines, especially as Anglo Saxons are an endangered race in this land – now drunk with immigration.   Further reading:


by Brian Simpson
Partha Dasgupta, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Cambridge University recently published a book review of two books celebrating economic growth in India: Jean Drèze and Amartya Sen, “Glory: India and Its Contradictions” and Jagdish Bhagwati and Arvind Panagariya, “Why Growth Matters: How Economic growth in India Reduced Poverty”. (The review was published in Prospect Magazine.co.uk., 16 July, 2013.

Although the champions of growth and globalisation point to India as an example of “growth is good” and the proportion of people with incomes below the official poverty line dropped from 45 per cent in the early 1980s to 28 per cent in 2005, still 45 per cent of Indian children under five are underweight, and 25 per cent of women are illiterate. This is a worse state then in some other countries with lower GDP.

Dasgupla discusses both books and concludes that “The problem that undermines both books is that neither GDP, nor the other ad hoc indicators of human well-being that have been advanced in recent years, are suitable indicators of economic development.” In particular wealth needs to consider the sustainability of the environment and “the possibility that population growth could contribute to habitat destruction to the persistence of poverty and hunger.”

Wealth, Dasgupta argues, is the social worth of a society and its environment and does not correlate to GDP, the mere market value of the final flow of goods and services. GDP does not consider the destruction of the environment in the creation of goods. Thus (my example) if uranium is mined in South Australia and tailings, still highly radioactive, are left in open pits for the wind to blow to Sydney, GDP is increased by the economic activity created dealing with future disease and cancer. In a limiting case, if humanity can maximise growth today even though we die out before the end of the century, well… that is economically rational.

Dasgupta does not use these examples but he does say: “Interactions between people and the environment harbour tipping points, where an unexpected collapse of the rural resource base means a sudden dramatic loss in a community’s wealth. Its source could have been population pressure and unprotected property rights over a fragile resource base. Civic strife has been known to follow attempts at migration by local populations.”

The interesting question is why the illusion of growth/GDP is upheld? My view is that it serves the short-term interests of the ruling power elites of today, who as people and a class are psychopathological and essentially criminally insane. Unrestrained greed and the lust for total power, if only for an instant, is their driving force.
They don’t care if life on earth perishes – only that their accounts have a certain number of “l’s” and “0’s”. That is the ideology that rules the world today and virtually guarantees the destruction of civilisation unless the good guys wake up soon.  


by James Reed
The media of the establishment is big on the horrible Right who are, allegedly, all racists and terrorists. But what about left wing radicals from the 1960s like the former Weather Underground – how are things doing for them? Well, former Weather Underground member and convicted murderer Kathy Baudin, a professor at Columbia University has been named the 2013 Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence at NYU Law School.

According to the Daily Beast She was convicted in 1984 of second degree murder arising from the 1981 Brinks armoured car robbery in Nyack, New York. A black police officer was among the three people killed.

She was sentenced to 20 years to life gaol but released in 2003, obtaining an ivy league university post in 2008. NYU, in a press release, does not mention her prison time, but says that Baudin “has been dedicated to community involvement in social change since the 1960s.” Make the slightest criticism of immigration or any other sacred cow and you will be frog-marched out of the ivory tower faster than you can say “conspiracy” – but if you come from the Left, well, all is forgiven.  


by Peter Ewer
David Irving, historical revisionist, has over-turned a 20-year travel ban which Germany imposed upon him. Irving once addressed gatherings in Germany before he was banned for questioning the Holocaust – Holocaust denial led to him serving 13 months in gaol in Austria in 2006. Now, however, Irving has undermined the German ban by arguing that it contravened EU freedom of movement conditions. Well, at least the authorities are consistent.

Irving intends to address a meeting on 10 September 2013, but has not mentioned the precise location, only that it is to be in “the heart of Berlin”. Hotels are not going to provide Irving accommodation – of course they have no problems supplying rooms to Iranian diplomats who may also deny the Holocaust, Germany’s Die Welt newspaper noted, while of course saying that Irving is a “nasty guy”.

But really, have they considered that Irving may just stay at someone’s place and eat a genuine home-cooked breakfast? And the hotel ban – well, that could be challenged on anti-discrimination grounds as well.  Further reading:


by Brian Simpson and Chris Knight
Quantum computers operate much differently to the discrete state computers that we are familiar with. Quantum mechanics is truly weird, holding that systems exist, until observed in a superposition of states such as “live cat” and “dead cat”. Spanning multiple dimensions simultaneously, such computers can crack problems which conventional computers are unable to do. They are capable, in principle, of breaking all codes.

Now Eric Ladizinsky, co-founder and chief scientist of a company called D-wave has built a quantum computer, which sceptics thought wouldn’t happen for decades. According to Natural News.com, 20 June 2013, Ladizinsky previously worked for a weapons manufacturer running a quantum computing research project for DARPA. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
DARPA is working on AI-driven armed assault vehicles and battlefield robots. One of the funders of D-wave is Goldman Sachs, the global banking giant. Scared yet?

But it gets worse. D-wave has now produced a 512-qubit quantum computer which is 2 to the power of 384 (2x2x2x…384 times) more powerful than the computer first produced. The aim of this, and future computers is to produce “thinking”, “conscious” machines, far superior to humans. These computers will be used in intelligence activities and surveillance. Ultimately they will control humanity’s nuclear weapons. And, as in the Terminator movies, will aim to destroy us.

Gee thanks, whiz kid geek computer nerds. Couldn’t you see where this would lead? Or was the urge to “just do it, I’m so smart” too great to resist?  (The only true progress is moral progress.)


by Peter Ewer
“World population projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050 with most growth in developing regions, especially Africa – says UN.” 13 June 2013.

The Establishment like to tell us that the population explosion is really under control, that the rate of expansion is decreasing. Many conservatives now worry about a coming population crash, as women, even in Muslim countries, turn away from having babies and embrace consumerism.

The UN World Population Prospects 2012 added its two cents worth on the issue.
World population is projected to increase by one billion over the next twelve years and by 2050 will reach 9.6 billion. That growth will be mainly in the “developing countries” (i.e., Third World) and half of that growth will be in Africa. Thus population growth has slowed for the world as a whole, but not in the Third World, which has an explosive increase in population. The 49 least developed countries will double their populations from 900 million people today to 1.8 billion in 2050. Fertility has risen in Africa but has fallen in Asian countries such as China, India and Indonesia.

Apart from Africa, fertility is high in Afghanistan where there are more than five children per woman – ensuring an endless supply of asylum seekers for Australia. Nigeria’s population will surpass that of the United States before 2050. Europe’s population will decline by 14 per cent over the same period. No doubt the decaying Euro-elites will seek massive African immigration, sing that Europe is a part of Africa – just as our elites now sing that Australia is part of Asia.

Looking a little further ahead, Africa’s population is projected to quadruple by 2100 and world population is expected, according to the UN population gurus, to now reach 11 billion because of soaring birth rates in Africa. This projection is 800 million more than the 2011 UN forecast of 10.1 billion.

The average African woman gives birth to an average of 5.2 children in her life and the expected fertility decline in Africa has not occurred. Hence by 2050, that is, in only 37 years time, one in three children will be African and Africa will increase its population from 1.1 billion to 4.2 billion. However these projections have considerable uncertainty and world population could reach 17 billion.

This is ‘end times’ stuff. Europe is likely to face total Camp of the Saints swamping as millions, yes millions and perhaps even a billion of Africans pour into Europe. If this mass of population then moves East to India and China, things will get very interesting indeed. Neither country is weak and liberal and they will be sure to resist these population movements.  


The Editor of The Australian, 18th July 2013.
Andrew Leigh is engaging in wishful thinking in claiming that 'egalitarianism has always been central to Australian national identity' (Why both sides should celebrate Eureka', 18/7).
A more convincing case can be made that the key Australian values that have most shaped the nation are openness (to the challenge of the new and the other), mutual support amidst difficulty ('mateship') and equity (the 'fair go').
However, these values are perfectly compatible with a political order based on class. The bravery and initiative of the Eureka 'rebels' is worthy of remembrance and celebration; but so is the Anzac tradition and the pattern of contribution made to Australia by men and women of markedly superior quality, many of them coming from the upper classes.

- - Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Victoria

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