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23 August 2013 Thought for the Week:

Communism IS Globalism: The essence of communism is centralised control over the economy, politics and the individual. It is a mistake to see communism as primarily an economic system - what is more important are questions of power and control. To simplify this somewhat: in both systems, despite cosmetic differences in the sphere of production, a group of technocratic elite control the fate and freedom of the individual. Just like "two prongs on the one fork".

An insightful book which helps to open one's eyes to the evils of the centralised world-view is "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,"(2004) by John Perkins. Perkins describes how from 1971 to 1981 he worked as an economic hit man or EHM.
Economic hit men are skilled professionals, who, like economic versions of James Bond cheat countries out of trillions of dollars and shovel money into the coffers of the mega-corporations, and the wealthy elite who own almost everything, and want the world plus 1%. The economic hit men use various tools in their trade, including payoffs, fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, and even murder.

Perkins is careful to point out that there is no organised conspiracy for if there was the conspiracy could be uncovered and the guilty one brought to justice. Instead he points the blame at the greed/profit principle underlying modern capitalism, that more growth, more materialism is better. On this point Perkins is partly right. There is on the basis of the evidence presented in his book an organised conspiracy in the sense of a semi-secret or discrete "grand plan" and its goal is indeed power and profit.

- - “The Pedigree of Ideas” by James Reed, July 2007  


PLOSONE: an inclusive, peer-reviewed, open-access resource from the Public Library of Science.
“The structure of the control network of transnational corporations affects global market competition and financial stability. So far, only small national samples were studied and there was no appropriate methodology to assess control globally.

We present the first investigation of the architecture of the international ownership network, along with the player.

We find that transnational corporations form a giant bow-tie structure and that a large portion of control flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions. This core can be seen as an economic “super-entity” that raises new important issues both for researchers and policy makers.” 
“As a result, about 3/4 of the ownership of firms in the core remains in the hands of firms of the core itself. In other words, this is a tightly-knit group of corporations that cumulatively hold the majority share of each other.”  

Full article and a power point slide is available to download from the site

The Relation Between the Money System and Industrial Organisation
How is it that the financial system has been given the power to monetize the real wealth of the people? It is the people, working with machines and technology (the people’s heritage, their inheritance) who produce the real wealth of the nations – and yet politicians, through law, ensure and safeguard the fraudulent power of the financial system over the people.

C.H. Douglas wrote: “I have no doubt that the first step towards dealing with this question is to bring that ticket office under control, not necessarily by nationalising it, but by putting it into such a position that it must obey instructions in regard to the control and the issue of what is called: “credit.”


As seen through the ‘Roving Eye’ of Pepe Escobar, Asian Times, 9th August 2013.
“This is getting ridiculous. The President of the United States (POTUS) screamed and shouted because he wanted his spy (Edward Snowden) back. Snowden, following Russian laws, was granted temporary asylum. The White House was "disappointed".

Then POTUS snubbed the bilateral summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow coinciding with the Group of 20 in St Petersburg in early September. The Kremlin was equally "disappointed"…. Brechtian distancing tells us that "ridiculous" does not even begin to describe it. The Cold War mentality is actually impregnated in the Beltway genes - from Capitol Hill to the Pentagon.

As for POTUS, he acted like a diplomatic dilettante at best. "Yes, We Can" has morphed into "Yes, We Scan"; and now it's "Yes, We Scorn". This may apply to assorted poodles of European breeding, but it won't stick to Vlad the Hammer…
Vlad the Hammer can sense a wimp of Carter-esque proportions like a polar bear hunting a seal. He quickly evaluated how the Obama administration turned its already shaky credibility to ashes on two simultaneous fronts; because of the scale of the Orwellian/Panopticon complex detailed by Snowden's leaks, and because of the way he was being mercilessly hunted.

Adding a few more nails in the coffin of mainstream media, the New York Times posted an editorial - arguably "suggested" by the White House - justifying the cancelation of the summit, saying, "Mr Putin is a repressive and arrogant leader who treats his people with contempt." Right; and Snow White lives in the White House. Source:


I don’t know about you gentle reader but I am sick to the stomach whilst reading and listening to what passes as political discussion in the public arena these days. To help regain my equilibrium and common sense, I turned to an internet review of Guillaume Faye’s book “Convergence of Catastrophes”; that book of which Peter West wrote in OT last week.

Mindful that Faye was writing as a Frenchman and from his own cultural perspective, he listed the various catastrophes that he sees approaching, after outlining the utopian ideas that have contributed to them.
He writes: “We are dealing with a general prejudice inherited from the egalitarian and humanitarian utopias, like the philosophy of Progress, according to which ‘we can have everything at the same time’ and that reality never has negative consequences. People believe they can have their cake and eat it too. They imagine, according to the liberal faith, that an ‘invisible hand’ will spontaneously restore a harmonious equilibrium.

The illusion of indefinite development:
Imagining that the dogma of the unlimited economic development of every nation is possible without massive pollution and ecological catastrophes that will destroy this very development.

The illusion that a permissive society will produce a harmonious society:
Believing that a permissive society will not produce a social jungle, and that you can obtain at the same time libertarian emancipation and self-disciplined harmony. We see this drama being acted out in the shipwreck of our schools, where violence, insecurity, ignorance, and illiteracy, are arising out of the illusion of progressive education, an educational method which rejects any form of discipline for its students.

The illusion of the Communist conception of ‘solidarity’:
Believing that it will be possible to preserve retirement systems and social and medical entitlements while remaining faithful, in a period of demographic decline, to the ideal of ‘solidarity of distribution’.

The belief that a nation’s founding cultural and philosophical beliefs are not important:
Believing that large-scale alien immigration is compatible with the ‘values of the French Republic’ and the preservation of the civilisation of the nations and peoples of Europe; and that Islam can become secular and blend in with republican values.

The Communitarian illusion particularly cherished by ‘ethno-pluralist’ intellectuals:
This illusion is one of the most harmful of all. Imagining that by regularising the status of masses of illegal immigrants, it will be possible to assimilate them and also avoid the arrival of new masses, although we observe exactly the opposite. Extolling the assimilation and integration of aliens while wanting to preserve and maintain their special characteristics, their original cultures, their memories and native mores.

The illusion of the “new economy”:
Thinking that a world economy founded on short term speculation based on computerised markets and replacing monetary policies with the caprice of financial markets will guarantee a lasting ‘new growth’.

Democracy and ‘Populism’:
Believing that democracy and ‘republican values’ will be reinforced by eliminating ‘populism’, that is, the direct expression of the will of the people.

Mr. Faye does not elaborate on the world-wide debt-financial system, under the burden of which the nations are groaning. A more realistic approach to the subject is found in the concepts of Social Credit. Peter West will further review Guillaume Faye’s book when his ‘fairy godmother presents him with a copy’.

For your own copy, order it in advance from the Heritage Bookshop Services or Veritas Online.  


“The twelve nations currently negotiating the TPP are the US, Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei Darussalam. But it also looks like Japan will join the negotiations as well.” by Ken Sievers, WikiLeaks Party member

What is the TPP? The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the so-called “free trade” agreement currently under negotiation between the US, Australia and several other countries.
[1] The US hopes to finalize these negotiations by October this year. The goal of the TPP is to make it easier for big business and international corporations to act across borders without interference from states. The TPP will effectively erode state oversight in favour of corporate freedom in areas such as the environment, workers rights, food safety, internet freedom, the costs of medicine, and financial regulation.
Probably the most dangerous feature of the agreement as it now stands is the introduction of an Investor State Disputes Settlement (ISDS) system, in which foreign corporations are allowed to sue countries in order to protect the profitability of their investments.
The TPP is another step in the direction of total market deregulation in the interests of international big business and is another threat to Australia’s national sovereignty. What is at stake is democratic society’s ability to regulate a market economy in the broad public interest. The TPP would constitute a further shift of power towards corporate rule without the normal means of democratic accountability, such as elections, advocacy and public protest.

Corporations can sue countries in extra judicial tribunals
The ISDS provisions of the treaty authorize the establishment of supra-national tribunals, which would be independent of any other judicial system, to arbitrate disputes between corporations and states. A leaked text reveals the extreme corporate privilege that these investor-state tribunals constitute. Under the TPP, if a company believes an Australian law endangers its “expected future profits,” it can challenge the government at an investor-state tribunal. This tribunal has the power to overrule Australian laws and levy fines against the Australian state.
The fundamental assumption is that corporations can sue sovereign states, but sovereign states cannot sue corporations operating in their territory. These tribunals are a one-way street.

How do the tribunals work?
Such tribunals already exist as a part of the World Bank and the UN. Normally they consist of three corporate lawyers, unaccountable to any electorate, who rotate between acting as prosecutors (suing governments on behalf of corporations) and judges in other disputes. These tribunals are not bound by precedent and there is no appeal mechanism. When an investor-state tribunal rules in favour of a foreign investor, the government must hand the corporation an amount of taxpayer money decided by the tribunal.
The obvious consequence of the threat of such challenges by corporations is that states will either change or weaken their regulations to avoid the fines, or avoid enacting legislation which might attract a fine in the first place.
Similar tribunals in other parts of the world have already ordered states to pay over $3.5 billion to investing companies under existing U.S. agreements. These include payments over toxic bans, land-use policies, forestry rules, etc. More than $14.7 billion remain in pending claims under U.S. agreements alone. Even when governments win, they often still have to pay for the tribunal’s costs and legal fees, which average $8 million per case. The TPP would expand the scope of policies that could be attacked. For example, the TPP could be used to block the Australian government’s requirement that cigarette companies use plain packaging.
If the policy was successfully challenged, Australia would either need to pay “compensation” to the relevant corporations and/or remove the rule altogether.

The TPP is being negotiated in complete secrecy:
Why don’t you know anything about the TPP? Because the negotiations are completely secret. It is so secret that even in the US, Members of Congress, state governors, the press, and the public are not allowed to see drafts of the agreement. At the same time there are over 600 business representatives serving as official U.S. trade advisors who have full access to an array of draft texts and play an inside role in the process. In Australia, a few people involved in the negotiations know the details, but they are not allowed to reveal them to Parliament, let alone the Australian public. The strategy is to minimize informed political and public debate until a deal is signed, and at this point any alterations become impossible.

Should Australians worry about the TPP?
Some might say that we in Australia have nothing to fear from the TPP. An article written last year stated that, “the Australian Labor Government has made it clear that it does not support the inclusion of ISDS clauses despite immense pressure from corporations and the U.S. government.” As recently as 15 July this year, it was announced that the “new Trade Minister Richard Marles has confirmed Australia will not sign the agreement if it includes a so-called Investor State Disputes Settlement clause.” Without the ISDS clauses, it would seem there is no possibility that foreign corporations could appeal to investor-state tribunals to challenge our laws and policies. Still, there are two reasons why it is still necessary to raise the alarm now about the TPP negotiations:

1. The Liberals/Nationals would “consider” the inclusion of ISDS tribunals
Though the minority Labor government looks likely to reject the ISDS clauses, the Opposition who may win the next election, is ambivalent. The shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Julie Bishop, has stated they “would be prepared to consider” ISDS clauses in the TPP negotiations. The Liberal/National Coalition are generally hostile to regulation and in favour of big business and the so-called “free market”. They would likely be happy to empower these tribunals, as a means of permanently blocking government from making rules which might limit the profits of foreign and domestic corporations in the future.
The TPP negotiations are already well advanced, and it would be easy for the Coalition, should they win the election, to quickly approve the TPP, including investor-state tribunals, before anyone realized what was happening.

2. The TPP represents part of an ongoing global push towards ever greater unaccountable corporate control.
The TPP negotiations between Australia and the US must be seen in a global context. Not only are there many other South East Asian and Latin American countries involved, but there are similar moves in other parts of the world. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has already been in place for 20 years. The Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) between the US and the European Union (also known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is currently under negotiation.
This is also being negotiated secretly. Negotiations are also currently taking place for an EU-India Free Trade Agreement along similar lines, where “democracy is being sidelined for the blind pursuit of an unaccountable corporate-driven agenda.”…”

On Target has written on the TPP before: Now go to the Wikileaks Party website and read further.


Last week we wrote of Sibel Edmonds and her book "Classified Woman, A Memoir, Sibel Edmonds Story". The lady in question has her own website and recently interviewed a Wikileaks Party candidate on the “Quest for Transparency, Accountability and Justice”.
We are not endorsing this or any other candidate but bringing them to our readers’ attention. They won’t get much coverage from the mainline news media.

Dr. Binoy Kampmark, BFP, is a Wikileaks Party candidate. He was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge University, where he took his PhD in History. He lectures at RMIT University and writes regularly on politics, security and international affairs. - See more here... 


By Mrs Vera West
Oh deary me! As the League’s writer on women’s issues I almost missed this one. You see I have gotten into the habit of feeding Ozzy our cat left-overs and usually he will eat everything. But lately some dishes don’t agree with him and he is making messes all over the house. Poor Peter finds himself slipping over, all over the place. Anyway that’s where Ruth Ostrow (The Australian Weekend A Plus, 27-28 July 203) comes in.

As I was cleaning up messes, using The Australian which I find works better at absorbing muck than the local rag The Age, I saw her article where she said “Political correctness is out of control”.
I was immediately concerned for her in a grandmotherly kind of way; whatever would happen to her career? Then I read on “As a woman, feminist and member of a persecuted ethnic minority…”

Oh, all is well; she is safe. She could only be criticised by someone having the above qualities, but maybe being transgender + disabled (physically and mentally) + a refugee, and I take it that that is rare indeed.

Anyway the story which concerned her was that of a male dentist who became infatuated by his attractive female assistant who had no interest in him. His wife got upset and demanded that he sack her, which he did. The lady launched a discrimination action on the grounds that “being too attractive” fell under the gender bias category.
At court the dentist was exonerated, and the US feminists were up in arms. Ostrow said that, “If I’m a professional and want to ask a staff member to leave for personal reasons, I must be allowed that privilege!”

Fine, but I ask: why then are we not allowed the same freedom to decide who comes into this country? Surely it’s only a matter of degree?  


by Brian Simpson
China has 20 per cent of the world’s population and only seven per cent of the world’s water, which means that 1.3 billion people are desperate for water, especially since thousands of China’s rivers have dried up from overuse.
Of the remaining rivers, 40 per cent are polluted by industry and agriculture, making 24 per cent of China’s water unusable. (Absolute Rights.com, 1 August 2013).
When the demands are greater than the supply, what will this nation, which is armed to the teeth and illiberal, do? What do you think? My god, I suddenly feel very thirsty!  


The three reports released by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) 31 July 2013 have unearthed cans of worms, wriggling with corruption in New South Wales Labor. The ICAC itself saw “corruption on a scale probably unexceeded since the days of the Rum Corps.”

That’s saying something! Not only were corrupt politicians outed, but corruption was found among some of Australia’s richest businessmen. I don’t have the internet here in my hovel, but if my failing memory serves me well, was it not Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850) who said that behind every great fortune there is a crime? If he didn’t, he should have.

But the “crooks” need not worry because the Director of Public Prosecutions is unlikely to pursue criminal charges because of legal technicalities involving the law of evidence, with the standard of proof being higher in court. (“Criminal Charges May Never Be Filed”, The Australian 1 August 2013, p.4).

Never mind; at least the proportionately large number of non-Anglo Saxon names are on the ICAC list increases our yummy “cultural diversity”, “richness”, etc. Corrupt Australia may be, but at least it is “colourful” and “exciting” .  


From Louis Cook: The following is a letter sent to a number of local papers recently.
Dear Editor,
Now that Kevin Rudd has let us off having a referendum to recognize local government in the Australian Constitution because it appeared more advantageous for him to have an election a week earlier than allowed for the referendum; it is time to ask what happened to the money ‘pledged’ to the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) and the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) to support a ‘yes’ vote at the referendum?

At the time of making the pledge a referendum was still uncertain so the pledge should have been conditional i.e. ‘no referendum, no financial support’.
I firmly believe the money expended in this uncertain adventure should be refunded by those who voted to support this ‘ultra vires’ expenditure.

Further, all council support should be withdrawn from the ALGA (Australian Local Government Association) for we can now see what it really is; a ‘top-down’ pressure group with ‘socialist tendencies’ fostering policies leading to the communist state i.e. ‘socialism is the road to the communist slave state’.

The degree to which some local government bodies have become "swollen with ego" can also be seen from the ease with which councils have sought connection by "twinning" with overseas bodies, justifying junket overseas trips by councillors at the expense of ratepayers.

This is not the role of local government! Local government policy has been increasingly influenced by United Nation bodies and international NGO's, not specifically authorized by the ratepayers.
Declarations by councils of their local areas as nuclear free zones are ridiculous, apart from being in excess of their powers as local governments with limited powers, and subject to supervision by State governments.

The push to increase the power and role of local governments and Regions has always been Labor Party policy as a step towards the abolition of the States. This was exemplified during the Whitlam Government.
If councillors cannot recover the funds spent on the worthless recognition of local government in the Constitution then councillors deserve vengeance by ratepayers at the next council elections. Vote them out!  


Global Warming revisited is a new video series from the Galileo Movement that reviews the current state of the Global Warming (Climate Change) Debate. In this first video we look at the tricks Media and Alarmists use to falsely portray steam and particulates as Nature's invisible trace gas, carbon dioxide, CO2. They do this to misrepresent carbon dioxide as pollution. Unlike steam or particulates, carbon dioxide is invisible.

The video simplifies power station operation to enable a short video focussed on the core message: deceit by ABC, Fairfax, Climate Commission and CSIRO in misrepresenting Nature's invisible trace gas as billowing steam, artificially digitally enhanced blackened steam and/or particulates.
Detailed explanation of power station operation is available here:

The Galileo Movement seeks to foster open and free discussion of major scientific issues, notably the current debate regarding global warming, or as it is now known, climate change. For more information please visit us!

Important new book: "Taxing Air: Facts & Fallacies About Climate Change" Price $25.00 + postage.
Basic Physics Doesn’t Point to Runaway Global Warming, says Bill Kinimont: William [Bill] Kininmonth, B.Sc. (UWA), M.Sc. (Colorado State, USA), M.Admin. (Monash), is a consulting climatologist with more than 45 years professional experience.
He worked with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for 38 years in weather forecasting, research and applied studies; for 12 years until 1998 Bill was head of its National Climate Centre. He has worked closely with the World Meteorological Organisation since 1982 as Australia’s delegate to the Commission for Climatology, in expert working groups, lecturing at regional training seminars, and later as a consultant.
He is author of the book, Climate Change: A Natural Hazard (2004, Multi-Science Publishing Co, UK) and one of the authors of Taxing Air.  


by James Reed
Professor Brucey (name suppressed) is your typical Green voting academic. He rides his bike to the university lunatic asylum each day. He doesn’t eat meat because cows, pigs and sheep let off gas thus increasing greenhouse gas emissions. And he believes that all asylum seekers are genuine refugees who should be free, free, free!

Professor Brucey feels that he is doing a good deed by saving the planet. But as geologist Professor Ian Plimer has often pointed out, volcanic eruptions totally wash away, if that is the correct metaphor, these carbon-dioxide-saving measures in just days. There are 200 active volcanoes on Earth, with 70 per cent of them beneath the sea. When Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted in 1991 it emitted more greenhouse gases than the human race has produced in its entire existence.

So I ask you, Professor Brucey my boy, what are you going to do about volcanoes, because, remember, you are White and thus guilty for everything!  


The Occidental Observer, Tobias Langdon, 2 August, 2013

Obstacle to Success. I have to face facts: if I were Jewish, I’d probably be a devout liberal. If I were Jewish and American, I would have voted twice for Barack Obama, demanded justice for St. Trayvon (whose hoodie, like the relic of a medieval saint, will likely be displayed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC) and be fully in support of open borders. This helps explain why I admire the late Larry Auster.
He did something I don’t think I could have done. He was born Jewish but he refused to join the White-hating, West-destroying Jewish establishment. He never accepted the fame and wealth that were his for the asking. He could have imitated men like Mark Steyn and Theodore Dalrymple. Then he would have been hugely successful and well-rewarded in that branch of liberal pathology known as neo-conservatism. But something got in the way: his respect for the truth.

Steyn and Dalrymple don’t care much for the truth. Both are part Jewish and both follow the rule of Pas devant les goyim – “Not in the front of the gentiles.” Dalrymple’s shtick is to endlessly criticize the pathology of modern British life without mentioning crucial factors like race.

Here he is hard at work, suppressing facts and concealing reality:
Last June in Paris, a young Englishman walked into a bar frequented by Britons, having agreed to meet his girlfriend there. A row had been brewing between them all day, and he asked her to leave with him. She was enjoying herself, however, and demurred; whereupon he dragged her into the adjoining room, punched her to the ground, and kicked her so viciously that he left her head and stomach covered in bruises.
The bar staff pulled him off and threw him out, but not before he had received a Glasgow kiss — a head-butt — from a chivalrous patron of the bar. Only two months earlier, a court had acquitted the young Englishman of an assault on his previous girlfriend, the mother of his two-year-old child…
Apart from its Parisian setting, every aspect of the story seems familiar to the student of English underclass life: the easily inflamed ego, the quick loss of temper, the violence, the scattering of illegitimate children, the self-exculpation by use of impersonal language. But the young Englishman was not a member of the underclass, nor was the woman he assaulted. His salary alone was $1.25 million a year, and she was a well-known weather-girl-turned-talk-show-host. Poverty was not the explanation of their behaviour.
The young Englishman was a famous professional soccer player. (Uncouth Chic, City Journal, Autumn 1998

Dalrymple’s “young Englishman”:
Dalrymple obviously enjoys describing the thug as an “Englishman.” But he never mentions the thug’s name or the name of the “weather-girl” he assaulted. After all, if he’d done that, his American readers might have looked up the full details. Then they would have discovered that this typically “English” behaviour was typically “American” too. In other words, the thuggish sportsman is Black: Stan Collymore. His assaulted girlfriend is a Swedish blonde called Ulrika Jonsson.

Dalrymple knew all this and deliberately suppressed it. He rails constantly against political correctness and its censorship of material facts. Meanwhile, he carefully censors race in his own writing and plugs the neo-con “Ideology Über Alles” line.

Larry Auster gets to the crux of Dalrymple’s attitudes on race. Remember, Dalrymple is considered a conservative thinker.
In 2001, Dalrymple wrote an article for City Journal about British immigration in which he repeatedly (nine times) described his fellow Britons as “xenophobes” (that’s got to be some kind of record).
He suggested unrestricted open immigration, combined with the end of the welfare state. Your basic Wall Street Journal position. And part of that position is that, even though there is no prospect of the welfare state being ended, Dalrymple continues to support the existing unrestricted immigration anyway. (“Uncontrolled immigration turns natives into criminals")

The Steyn Line:
Mark Steyn does the same. He’s unusual for a neo-conservative in that he’s intelligent, talented and funny. But he has a typical neo-con attitude to reality: “No thanks!” Lying comes as naturally to neo-cons as breathing. That’s why you get a double dose of irony in Steyn’s writing. He lies and evades reality as he mocks liberals for lying and evading reality.

Here is a recent example:
The politicization of mass murder found its perfect expression in one of those near-parodic pieces to which the more tortured self-loathing dweebs of the fin de civilisation West are prone. As the headline in Salon put it, “Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber Is a White American.” David Sirota is himself a white American, but he finds it less discomforting to his Princess Fluffy Bunny worldview to see his compatriots as knuckle-dragging nutjobs rather than confront all the apparent real-world contradictions of the diversity quilt. (The “Co-Exist” Bombers, National Review Online, 19th April, 2013)

Really, Mr. Steyn? You really think that David Sirota hoped the bomber was from the same race as himself? That Sirota is “self-loathing,” rather than other-loathing? That “discomfort” was his motive for hoping the worst of his “compatriots”? If you do think at all, perhaps you should confront some “real-world contradictions” of your own. Steyn’s “White American” Bombers in Boston: Steyn won’t do that. Instead, he will continue to evade reality and mock liberals for evading reality.

Here’s an even more recent example:
The other day the Boston Globe ran a story on how the city’s police and other agencies had spent months planning a big training exercise for last weekend involving terrorists planting bombs hidden in backpacks left downtown. Unfortunately, the Marathon bombers pre-empted them, and turned the coppers’ hypothetical scenario into bloody reality.

What a freaky coincidence, eh? But it’s the differences between the simulation and the actual event that are revealing. In humdrum reality, the Boston bombers were Chechen Muslim brothers with ties to incendiary imams and jihadist groups in Dagestan. In the far more exciting Boston Police fantasy, the bombers were a group of right-wing militiamen called “Free America Citizens,” a name so suspicious (involving as it does the words “free,” “America,” and “citizens”) that it can only have been leaked to them by the IRS. What fun the law-enforcement community in Massachusetts had embroidering their hypothetical scenario:

The “Free America Citizens” terrorists even had their own little logo — a skull’s head with an Uncle Sam hat. Ooh, scary! The Boston PD graphics department certainly knocked themselves out on that. (Big Politically Correct Brother, National Review Online, 14th June, 2013)

Steyn mocks, but doesn’t analyse. America is clearly suffering from advanced political AIDS: its government hates the White Christians who created America and who still sustain it. The government supports non-Whites and non-Christians and wants to open America’s borders to the whole world. In other words, the immune system of American society now works to destroy America, not preserve it. But what explains this political AIDS? Mark Steyn won’t go there. Neither will Theodore Dalrymple.

In contrast, Larry Auster explained it long ago:
Just the other week I was telling a secular, leftist Jew of my acquaintance, a man in his late sixties, about my idea that the only way to make ourselves safe from the spectre of domestic Moslem terrorism is to deport all jihad-supporting Moslems from this country. He replied with emotion that if America deported Moslem fundamentalists, it would immediately start doing the same thing to Jews as well.
“It’s frightening, it’s scary,” he said heatedly, as if the Jews were already on the verge of being rounded up. In the eyes of this normally phlegmatic and easy-going man, America is just a shout away from the mass persecution, detention, and even physical expulsion of Jews.
Given the wildly overwrought suspicions that some Jews harbour about the American Christian majority who are in fact the Jews’ best friends in the world, it is not surprising that these Jews look at mass Third-World and Moslem immigration, not as a danger to themselves, but as the ultimate guarantor of their own safety, hoping that in a racially diversified, de-Christianized America, the waning majority culture will lack the power, even if it still has the desire, to persecute Jews. (Why Jews Welcome Muslims, Front Page Magazine, 22nd June, 2004)

Unlike Steyn, Dalrymple and countless other so-called conservatives, Larry Auster respected the truth and described what was in front of his eyes. Kevin MacDonald examines more of his honesty in “Lawrence Auster on the Role of Jews in Disestablishing White, Christian America.” And anyone who thinks Auster lacked a sense of humour and irony should sample “LAPD coins new phrase for rampant black homicide of non-blacks” at his website, View from the Right.

That page reminds me of Jonathan Swift, creator of Gulliver’s Travels, and his saeva indignatio, or “fierce indignation” at the lies and corruption of the world. Like Swift, Auster was a strange and difficult man. Great prophets often are. I’m not sure how great Auster was, but he was certainly a prophet, far-sighted and devoted to his nation. That’s why I will continue to read his writing and to regret his passing. My prescription for White nations is simple: More Austerity, please!  

NATIONAL WEEKEND – 4, 5, 6 October 2013

“Science is knowledge. In action it is the research and documentation of natural law. For that job there is one essential besides training and common intelligence and that is integrity, i.e., singleness of purpose. The “single eye” that Christ said is the only means to enlightenment. In that sense the scientist is truly religious in spirit and it is only in that obedient, impersonal, selfless spirit that Truth, his objective, can be attained.”

Friday 4th October: New Times Dinner
Guest Speaker, Anne Bressington, MLC

Saturday 5th October National Seminar
“Down to Earth: an Orderly Approach to Truth”

Whether it is in the art of composting with organic matter, the rebuilding of our soils according to organic/biodynamic methods, to the rotten decomposing-politics of the UN Agenda 21, we are all seeking to deal with various aspects of Truth.

• Adam Voysey, Roseneath Organics, Mylor South Australia.
• Ann Bressington, MLC, South Australian Parliament
• Matthew Quinn, B. Sc. (Biological Studies) Churchill Fellowship 1997, Director SA Composters, Lonsdale South Australia.

Adam Voysey of Roseneath Organics: “Born Out of Personal Experiences”
Roseneath Organics combines modern peer reviewed medical research with old fashioned herbal folklore, as passed down to us over millennia by wise persons, sages and mystics. They are bio-organic growers and have a keen desire to promote the sustainable use of the sanctuary we all share.
A healing herbal philosophy was born out of a personal sickness, an eclectic blend of unpleasant doctor experiences, an urgent need to resolve personal health problems and the passion to make affordable all-natural products that really truly help. Adam originally attended Peter Bennett’s Organic Gardening Course.  

Ann Bressington MLC will speak on: “The Growing Tentacles of Agenda 21: Are Coming to a Place Near You!”
Ann was elected to the Legislative Council of South Australia as an Independent Member on 18 March, 2006. She is the first female Independent to be elected in the history of that parliament.
Ann has done her homework on Agenda 21, which she first heard about in 2008, at first dismissing it as a ‘conspiracy theory’. Later she noticed a legislative pattern emerging with laws being created that were consistent with Agenda 21.
Ann noted: “Australia signed the Lima Agreement and 100s of other agreements with the support of all major political players, Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Hewson, Howard, Rudd, the Democrats, the Greens, and even the Nationals. It has been put to me that all of these treaties were the foundation for the roll out of Agenda 21.”

Matthew Quinn, B. Sc., on “Why Compost?”
After completing a Biology degree and an Organic Gardening course with well known organic gardener and author, Peter Bennett, Matt started SA Composters.
It started from his organic home garden, but soon demand for the high quality compost out-grew the backyard and after undertaking a Churchill Fellowship world tour where he studied composting operations in America, UK and New Zealand, SA Composters was born. SA Composters have been making quality compost since 1990.

Sunday 6th October 2013
Divine Service
Action Conference

Accommodation Addresses
The South Australian League members and supporters are looking forward to hosting this annual event and welcoming interstate visitors into their midst. The advance notice will help you plan a holiday along with attending our New Times Dinner, National Seminar and Action Conference.
The Friday evening New Times Dinner will be held at the Public Schools’ Club (within Adelaide proper).
The Saturday and Sunday events will be held at Lothlorien, Happy Valley (in Adelaide’s south).

The following accommodation addresses are within reasonable motoring distance of Lothlorien, Happy Valley.
These are only suggestions, you may already know where you would like to stay.
• Tollgate Motel, Glen Osmond: Conveniently situated between the scenic hills and the shopping district of Glen Osmond Road. Tollgate Motel accommodation from $68 single. Phone Number 08 8379 1651 Website: https://www.tollgatemotel.com/
• Glenelg Lake Holiday Units, Glenelg North: Glenelg Lake Holiday Units are situated in the pleasant seaside town of Glenelg in South Australia. From $77. Address: 1 George St, Glenelg Nth. Ph: (08) 8322 6007.
• Mick O’Shea’s Hotel/Motel, Main South Road, Hackam. Phone 8326 2939. $110 per night. Discount for early bookings.
• St Francis Winery Motel at Reynella. Closer to Lothlorien than the others. Early bookings: at this stage, rooms can be booked on line for $90 for a standard room. Phone them for more options if desired 08 8322 2246.

The Internet-Google is very helpful for viewing the various accommodation venues.
The South Australian State Weekend will be replaced by the National Weekend in October 2013. Please note the changes.  


In 1924, at the request of German farmers concerned about the decline in soil and animal fertility, Austrian scientist Rudolf Steiner gave a series of lectures suggesting ways to work with the energies of the earth, moon, sun and planets as well as plants to heal the earth. This became the foundation of biodynamic farming.

This video shows a group of students, some skeptical, learning about these methods and teachings. Can planting and harvesting by the cycles of the moon really make a difference? Video"Acupuncture for the Earth" (4:07)

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