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13 September 2013 Thought for the Week:

Oh, oh. There’s that psychopolitical swear word again!
“My name is Paul Weston and I am a Racist!
[Because of] the defence of my country, the defence of my culture, the defence of my people, I am a Racist!”
says Paul Weston.


by James Reed
I really thought Rudd would do a ruddy sight better than he looks to do. I write this a week before the election. The globalist Rudd is so desperate that he is making what the ultra-globalist newspaper, The Australian, (29 August 2013, p.1) called the “anti-foreigner card on farmland.”
Yes, at the 11th hour, when all looked lost, Rudd, who according to some reports faces losing his seat, proposed tightening the restrictions on overseas investors buying Aussie agricultural land. Maybe he should have consulted One Nation founder Pauline Hanson who has been campaigning on the sell-off of Australia, including our water.

Rudd, you may recall, on 3 December 2008 removed all restrictions on foreign investment and monitoring of Australian residential properties. After a public outcry as Australians were being forced out of the property market, on 24 April 2010, a few of the former restrictions were put back in place. But Big Business supports the sell-off of Australia because they are just the local representatives of global capitalism. So, I expect that Rudd’s last minute dash to nationalism will not save him.

James Reed’s iron law of Australian politics is that each PM gets worse. So hang on to your hats as Tony Rabbit does his bit to put us in the rabbit burrow.  

FLAG Australia's Peter Manuel and Pauline Hanson on a recent visit to Adelaide
Good to see Pauline standing up for the real Australia and real Australians. Glad to see you back Pauline

What do you know about Agenda 21?


by Tariq Ali
“For the first time in fifty years, the House of Commons has voted against participating in an imperial war,” writes Tariq Ali

"Rejoice. Rejoice. The first chain of vassaldom has been broken. They will repair it, no doubt, but let’s celebrate independence while it lasts.
For the first time in fifty years, the House of Commons has voted against participating in an imperial war. Aware of the deep and sustained opposition inside the country and within the military establishment, members of parliament decided to represent the will of the people.
The speeches of all three leaders were pretty pathetic. Neither the opposition amendment nor the war resolution could muster enough support. That’s all we needed. The thirty odd Tory dissidents who made British participation impossible by voting against their leadership deserve our thanks.
Perhaps now the BBC will start reflecting popular opinion instead of acting as the voice of the warmongers. Given Britain’s status abroad as Washington’s bloodshot adjutant, this vote will have a global resonance. In the United States itself the vote in London will increase the disquiet, evident already in off-the-record briefings to the press saying there is no hard evidence linking the regime to the chemical weapons attack.
‘What?’ American citizens will ask each other. ‘Our most loyal follower, deserting us just before the strikes?’ What does it all mean and shouldn’t we be debating the issue? Obama’s language in interviews yesterday was no different from that of Bush. He actually said that the reason for the planned assault was that these chemical weapons ‘might be used against the United States’.
By whom? By al-Qaida etc. Excuse me. Aren’t they on your side in this particular conflict and isn’t the real aim of the strikes to strengthen one side against another in this ugly civil war? ...
" read further

Andrew Grice of The Independent 30 August 2013 notes:
“David Cameron plans reshuffle after chaotic defeat in Commons. Prime Minister David Cameron is reported to be furious as the full extent of the Government’s disorganisation over Syria vote becomes apparent.

David Cameron will try to restore his shattered authority after his humiliating Commons rebuff on Syria by reshuffling his ministerial team – and shaking up a Whips Office being blamed for his disastrous defeat on Thursday night.

Sir George Young, the Conservative Chief Whip, is expected to pay the price by losing his job in a reshuffle likely to take place within weeks. Although some Tory MPs believe he is being made a scapegoat for a rush to military action by Mr Cameron, ministers said the performance of the party’s whips in the run-up to the crunch vote was poor.

“It was the most woeful I have ever seen,” one long-serving Tory MP said tonight. Sir George, 72, was unexpectedly recalled to the post last October – only a month after standing down – when Andrew Mitchell resigned over his confrontation with police officers at the gates of Downing Street.
Contenders for the job this time around include Liam Fox, the former Defence Secretary; Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary and John Hayes, the Minister without Portfolio who now acts as Mr Cameron’s link man with Tory backbenchers …”

Comment: Anyone for rewatching the BBC serial drama “The House of Cards”? According to that series, the job of Party Whip is to take account of, and keep a file on, the weaknesses of the party hacks, and, when necessary blackmail and/or bully the individuals into toeing the ‘party’ line.  


The good news is, that for the first time in over two hundred years a “British Prime Minister lost a vote on war since 1782, when Parliament effectively conceded American independence by voting against further fighting to crush the colony’s rebellion,” reported Reuters.

Wrote Andrew Osborn and Guy Faulconbridge of The Independent, 30 August 2013.
“Prime Minister David Cameron's plans to join a potential military strike on Syria were thwarted on Thursday night when Britain's parliament narrowly voted against a government motion to authorize such action in principle.
In a humiliating defeat for the British leader likely to damage Cameron's hopes of being re-elected in 2015 and set back traditionally strong U.S.-UK relations, parliament defied Cameron by 285 to 272 votes. Commentators said it was the first time a British prime minister had lost a vote on war since 1782, when parliament effectively conceded American independence by voting against further fighting to crush the colony's rebellion.”

GREAT BRITAIN? “Cameron's defeat also underscores how bitter the legacy of Britain's involvement in the 2003 Iraq war remains a decade later. On that occasion, Britain, under the leadership of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, helped the United States invade Iraq after asserting - wrongly, it later turned out - that President Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Already embroiled in Afghanistan, Britain was then sucked into a second quagmire in Iraq, losing 179 soldiers in eight years after the 2003 U.S.-British invasion that toppled Saddam.

Speaking during an at times impassioned debate on Thursday that preceded the vote, Cameron acknowledged that painful legacy. "I am deeply mindful of the lessons of previous conflicts, and in particular the deep concerns in the country caused by what went wrong with the Iraq conflict in 2003," he said. "One thing is indisputable: The well of public opinion was well and truly poisoned by the Iraq episode and we need to understand the public skepticism."…”  


Is this the same John Kerry who 'worked together with John McCain in earlier years'? The American people should download this historical video and inform their fellow countrymen.

"We've spent thousands of dollars and scores of hours restoring our massive video archive... And I'm glad we did because we found this gem I GUARANTEE no one else has talked about it.
McCain and Kerry have worked together before on "war" issues... And you will never believe what they did."- Brasscheck 





1. Turkish police arrested terrorists smuggling sarin gas into Syria on behalf of the rebels there. That simple fact has not been shared with the public regarding this story.

2. The "rebels" are largely made up of people who are openly hostile to the United States so by attacking the existing government, Obama & Co. are increasing the odds that Syria will be yet another country to be taken over by whacked out religious extremists.

3. The war mongering BBC used pictures from a 2003 photo taken in Iraq and tried to pass them off as photos of the recent Syria slaughter.

That people were killed is not in doubt. How they were killed and who did it is. What is certain is that a violent attack by the US is sure to kill innocent people and add to tensions there. It's also a blatant violation of the (American) Constitution.
Kerry says: "We know when the rockets were launched and when they landed, we know what area they came from and we know where they went." Then he makes a bizarre comment about "social media."

Since when is social media proof of anything? Normally it's proof of the opposite. - - Lying us into another war. "Skull and Bones" Kerry shills for mayhem. See more here:


Rockefeller-hired mercenary intellectual Zbignew Brzezinski bewails to sympathetic "Merkel-minded" German news media that ‘Global Political Awakening’ is Making Syrian War Difficult.

During a short interview with Germany’s DW News last Monday, former US National Security Adviser and Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski commented on the growing inefficiency of war due to the increased political knowledge of the public.


by Peter Ewer
“Echoes of Apartheid,” a column by Philip Adams which appeared in The Weekend Australian 3-4- August 2013 is more of the same about “refugees” and “asylum seekers”. The story goes like this:

Australia is a terrible racist country because of the White Australia Policy which Adams thinks was killed off by god Gough in 1973, (but in fact it was ended by the Liberals in 1965). In any case, the White Australia Policy taught the racist South Africans a thing or two. But despite adopting multiculturalism and working hard to Asianise Australia our refugee policies “are an echo of the White Australia Policy. They are aimed at brown people. They are aimed at Muslims.”

Are we in the same reality? If only this was true! Adams goes on to mention how he set up an organisation, “Australians For Just Refugee Policies,” later called “A Just Australia”, from a million dollars donations from his request for help for refugee advocacy. He points out that in the past 10,000 readers offered to hide refugees in their homes. Well, talk is cheap, how many did this?

In any case, if Adams is right that “For every bigot there is an Australian who is ashamed,” then put your money where your mouth is and advocate a referendum on the issue. Let democracy decide – if you dare! Adams also mentions in passing, as a thought experiment: “white farmers in Zimbabwe driven from their farms or comfortable lives in Harare” who would surely be accepted as refugees by Australia – because they are white.

Adams doesn’t mention that such farmers would be genuine refugees because they had been attacked and families raped and murdered. This is far different from the well-to-do professionals from Iran, who have jumped on board a boat to Australia because they want to improve their economic circumstances, with cash to pay people. These are the people that the refugee lobby supports, not struggling white farmers from Zimbabwe or South Africa, who seldom make it to our multicultural rainbow nation.

All this points in one direction. Why should we have to live with Adams and those who support his beliefs? Why should he have to live with us, the racists who obviously upset him so much? The answer is divorce. Divide up Australia and let us put a great whacking fence between us and the Adamites. Let them swim in refugees; let them drown in refugees.

On this and other issues peace is best achieved by separatism or apartheid. But of course this won’t occur without a struggle because the Left needs the working Australians to grow their food and supply the basics of their comfortable life, so they don’t have to get their hands dirty in the struggle for existence. If they did take up our challenge, they would not last long.  


Former South African president, and a darling of the West’s main-stream media (MSM) Nelson Mandela, 95, was recently battling for his life in a South African hospital, but has since been released to recuperate at home. The main-stream media described the man thus: “The ailing 95-year-old anti-apartheid icon, fondly known by his clan name "Madiba'', was hospitalised in Pretoria on June 8 with a recurring lung infection.”

An Anti-Apartheid Icon? Hardly..
The West’s media concocted the Image, real history reveals otherwise. Eric D. Butler was in South Africa at the time and attended the trials.
The following report comes from The New Times, November 1986: “…The Eminent Persons have somehow convinced themselves that Nelson Mandela is an "African leader"; further, they hold that his release from prison and his attendance at "negotiations" is vital.
From a reading of the media nonsense about Mandela one might well get the impression that he is a liberal lover of "mankind", arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned by a brutal tyranny as he strolled peaceably through a public park picking a few flowers as he went. So a glance at the record might be instructive.

AT THE RIVONIA TRIAL – The Charge was Treason
“The record shows that Nelson Mandela is a dedicated Communist. He was one of ten accused of high treason at the famous Rivonia trial. He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Mandela and his friends had assembled huge quantities of explosives, and used some of it. Captured papers showed that provision had been made for Revolutionary Council of State. Mandela admitted that he had planned violent revolution. A document written by him stated that the capitalist system in South Africa should be destroyed and replaced by a socialist state. He declared that the people must be revolutionaries, not reformers. He wrote: "We of the Communist Party are the most advanced revolutionaries in modern history."

At his trial this darling of the main stream media declared:
"I have dedicated my life to end white domination. It is an ideal I hope to live to see realised. It is also an idea for which I am prepared to die."

The Communist African National Congress, to which Mandela belongs, is a member of the Organisation of African Unity. Those who think that the South African blacks want "power-sharing" and a multi-racial democracy might find the following quotation of interest.
It is from the published Programme of Action of the O.A.U.:
"We cannot compromise with any white government, extreme or liberal, or agree to multi-racial nonsense. We are determined to destroy all traces of white tyrants and their children."
But Mandela will "renounce violence" insists the inevitable man of goodwill. So it is worth asking ourselves just what that renunciation would be worth.
A word or two from Lenin himself might be useful.

In his book "The State and Revolution" Lenin wrote:
"The strictest loyalty to the ideas of Communism must be combined with the ability to make all necessary practical compromises, to "tack", to make agreements, zigzags, retreats and so on, in order to accelerate the coming into power". If more is needed, let us note his famous dictum that "Promises are like pie-crusts, made to be broken. Truth is a weapon in the class war: any statement that advances Communism is true."

J.V. Stalin would have thoroughly approved this view. He is recorded as saying:
"A diplomat's words must have no relation to actions — otherwise what kind of diplomacy is it? Words are one thing, actions another. Good words are a mask for the concealment of bad deeds. Sincere diplomacy is no more possible than dry water or iron wood."

To be fair, Lenin would have disapproved of Mandela's declaration, and the O.A.U. Programme of Action. He held, very sensibly that there was no point in unnecessarily alarming the intended victim. He would have stigmatised such needless frankness as "left-wing communism", which he labelled "an infantile disease".

These quotations and many other similar ones must be part of the working knowledge of professional politicians, political advisers and of thousands of workers in the media. Yet none of them ever sees fit to draw public attention to them. One wonders why?”  


South African construction and airport workers have gone on strike to demand higher wages, dealing another blow to the troubled economy. Car workers have already been on strike for a week, while gold miners are also threatening to down tools. The industrial unrest comes after the rand has lost 17% of its value against the dollar this year. The airport strike has led to some delays at Johannesburg's main international airport.

The BBC's Will Ross in South Africa says strikes are common at this time of year - when new annual pay deals are negotiated. The government has called on the workers to ensure all strikes are peaceful. Last year, 34 striking platinum miners were shot dead by police after their protests turned violent.
Some 90,000 construction workers were set to walk out on Monday, according to the National Union of Mineworkers. The strike by employees of car manufacturers is said to be costing the country $60m (£40m) a day - the sector accounts for 6% of annual income, according to Reuters news agency. Car workers want a 14% pay rise, while gold miners have rejected a 6% offer..…

Watch: Miners in South Africa prepare to strike


by Brian Simpson
Quick! Quick! It’s time to get married to China – no more “living in sin”. According to Richard Marles, the Federal Minister for Trade “We Need China FTA Like NZ” The Australian, 12 August 2013, p.12) (FTA: Free Trade Agreement) Australia is “No longer just a conveniently located quarry for our huge northern neigbour.” We can supply value-added goods and services now that the stratospheric prices we received from China for our minerals and energy have softened” and the value of our resources trade is declining.

So, what do we flog off to China now? Golf coaching, urban design and waste management solutions are mentioned, Australia needs to become more Asia-literate; Gillard’s White paper on Australia in the Asia Century tells us so. But Marles’ “big idea” is a free trade agreement with China! Yes, we have to do this to have jobs in Geelong and Paramatta. Apparently New Zealand entered a FTA with China and have now quadrupled dairy exports to China. Yes, because it suits China. But one plus does not a case make.
This is the same China described by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry in “Death by China” (Pearson Education, 2011) which talks free trade but deceptively practices protectionism, while locking down strategic resources.

Marles, in supporting a FTA should look at China in Africa as the daily Mail Online (cited p.91 in “Death by China”) reports:
“In the greatest movement of people the world has seen, China is secretly working to turn the entire [African] continent into a new colony. Reminiscent of the West’s imperial push in the 18th and 19th centuries – but on a much more dramatic, determined scale – China’s rulers believe Africa can become a “satellite” state, solving its own problems of overpopulation and shortage of natural resources at a stroke.”
This colonisation is not spoken about by the politically correct Left, because China can do no wrong, only Whites, and the economic Right, well they only care about growth and money and nothing else matters.
A free trade agreement with China is a really bad idea because China is a ruthless regime that will shaft our pathetic leaders. If they can eat up Africa, they can eat up us. And when the inevitable US-China war happens, then what?

Comment: Nelson Mandela lived to see the demise of white-ruled South Africa but one does wonder did his plans include the nation being colonised by Communist China?  


by Peter West
In the once prosperous land of Rhodesia – now Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe rules like an Emperor – and continues to rule. Slowly, day-by-day, white farmers are killed off or driven from their farms. None of this worries Mugabe.
Recently it was revealed that he used $900 million from Chinese and Zimbabwean diamond companies to rig the elections which put him back in power. The money was used to pay an Israeli firm to rig the electoral roll! (The Australian 5 August 2013, p.11)

Well, that’s quite enough for commentary. Why have the Liberal globalist chattering classes been largely silent about the philosophical implications of this? After all, the West will go to war to establish “democracy” in countries (which just happen to be oil rich) and the evil white South Africans and Rhodesians sinned by not being “democratic” (which of course for simple majoritarianism would have eliminated them, as it now does).

Why then no action against Mugabe? Because to give the short and sour answer, the present globalist regime is against our kind, so what Mugabe does, doesn’t matter. Hence, no criticism of the “Israeli firm” and the Chinese for helping silence “democracy”.  


by Chris Knight
It is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and the liberals have been celebrating in a somewhat subdued fashion. Oh, there is just so far to go for racial equality. We have had Obama, but that is not enough. Obama himself said that the march to equality is incomplete as inequality still confronts African-Americans, immigrants, poorly paid women and gay couples. Gay couples? There I was thinking that, generally having two incomes and no children, they were doing fine, but not according to “the man”.

King himself plagiarised his PhD thesis in theology, taking great slabs of material without any attribution at all. In 1991 a Boston University investigatory committee concluded that King had plagiarised portions of his thesis, but predictably enough did not revoke the degree.

No doubt if an unknown had done this, that fellow’s goose would have been cooked. There is controversy about King’s plagiarism of the “I Have a Dream” speech. Black pastor Archibald Carey’s speech in 1952 to the Republican National Convention and King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, both end with a recitation of the first verse of Samuel Francis Smith’s hymn “America” (1832) and they share a listing of the geographical places to “let freedom ring”. Clearly King used Carey’s speech with no acknowledgement.

Apparently King’s academic papers, written after his dissertation had deeper instances of literary theft and it was not until 1989 that the media decided to break this story. Communist associations? Adultery? Allegations of hiring prostitutes and occasionally beating them? Let’s not even talk about all of that.  


Alternet (https://www.alternet.org) report there is a “Massive Nationwide Walkout By Fast-Food Workers” which “Signals Growing Backlash Against Low-Wage Employers”, August 29, 2013:
“Thousands of fast-food workers in 60 cities from coast to coast walked off their jobs Thursday in an escalating nationwide protest. Strikers are seeking raises to $15 an hour, paid sick leave and the right to unionise America’s second-biggest employer, the restaurant industry, which is predicting its 2013 profits will “reach a record high of $660.5 billion.”

“This is not a cause, this is a movement,” said Letitia James, Working Families Party elected member of the City Council and a candidate for Public Advocate, speaking at a Union Square rally. “This is about economic justice... They [owners] would like you to believe that fast-food workers are primarily teenagers. They are not. They are primarily women with children who are struggling to make ends met. So this is about economic justice. We are here to honour the legacy of Dr. King to stand with fast-food workers who are only demanding $15 and a union.”

The corporate mainstays of the industry, from fast-food giants like McDonald’s to full-service chains such as Olive Garden and Red Lobster, have a rebellion in their kitchens and dining rooms that’s not going away. Thursday’s walkouts—which were joined by poorly paid workers at retail and drug chains—represent a new strategy of publically shaming low-wage, low-benefit employers…” Looks like workers are back to the early Industrial Revolution conditions.  


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Let us recall the Mabo judgment by our learned High Court of Australia. In the UN year of Indigenous People the High Court held that Australia was not terra nullius (no people there), but that native title had survived white settlement. This paved the way for Keating passing the Native Title Act and for the ensuing chaos and threats to farms.
In the United States this did not occur with the America Red Indians because it was openly accepted that a war was fought and America won by conquest. At international law this is a legitimate way of obtaining territory.

Henry Reynolds has championed the idea that just as in America, there was a war between the Aborigines and Whites, and his latest book “Forgotten War” (New South, 2013), continues that theme. This book is favourably reviewed by Rohan Wilson in The Australian Review, (2-4 August 2013, pp.22-23) and he says that the idea of a frontier war “exposes as nonsense the very conception of our national identity.”

That, in my opinion is sheer nonsense and can be seen as such by considering the parallel case of the United States. It presupposes, of course, the Left, politically correct view of national history as an inevitable march to multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism. Wilson argues that if the Aborigines were a conquered people they would retain the right of ownership of their land as in Mabo!
This is exactly the opposite of what is true throughout history and losing this right is precisely what it means to be conquered. So although those championing the conquered thesis obviously are playing on the modern liberal bleeding heart sense of guilt, so trendy among well-fed urban people, this thesis actually undermines Native Title.  


by Brian Simpson and Chris Knight
American racial realists tend to argue that East Asians have a higher IQ than Whites, who have a higher IQ than Blacks. Sometimes this is qualified to refer to means i.e., the average. East Asia IQ is allegedly five points greater than whites. Never do they question the original data, so the original research papers and data from Asia is to be believed.

An example of the naïve empiricism of the racial realists is their belief that Asians are more law abiding than Whites (based purely on arrest rates). All of this deserves a solid critique. Nevertheless, for the moment we note that the research team led by Hampshire (et. al.) (“Fractioning Human Intelligence”, Neuron Vol76, 2012, pp.1225-1237) have questioned the idea that there is some general intelligence factor g, which can be represented by a single number.

This team found from a study of 100,000 people undertaking a test measuring 12 cognitive abilities, that there are multiple intelligence systems in them human brain and consequently that a single number is inadequate for representing intelligence. If this is correct, then the racial realists may need to rethink their Asiacentric rankings.  


by Brian Simpson
Many writers at this site may be surprised to learn that a recent sociological study has shown that “smart people are just as racist as their less intelligent peers.” The study by Ph.D. candidate in sociology Geoffrey Wodtke, at the University of Michigan.
Here is how Wodtke puts it: “High ability whites are less likely to report prejudiced attitudes and more likely to say that they support racial integration in principle.” Smart folk, however, are better at disguising their “racism”:

“The principle-policy is much more pronounced among high-ability whites than among low-ability whites. There’s a disconnect between the attitudes intelligent whites support in principle and their attitudes towards policies designed to realize racial equality in practice. Intelligent whites give more enlightened responses than less intelligent whites to questions about their attitudes, but their responses to questions about actual policies aimed at redressing racial discrimination are far less enlightened.
For example, although nearly all whites with advanced cognitive abilities say that ‘whites have no right to segregate their neighbourhoods,’ nearly half of this group remains content to allow prejudicial real estate practices to continue unencumbered by open housing laws.” (Science Daily, 11 August 2013)

Here’s the money-shot: “More intelligent members of the dominant group are just better at legitimizing and protecting the privileged position than less intelligent members.” In other words white liberals know how the system works and do their best to protect their nest, and to hell with the rest. (Yes, almost a poem.)

Source: I was inspired by an excellent article on this topic by John Derbyshire, “Why Can’t We Talk About IQ,” Takimag.com. 15 August, 2013.
He says: “Not many people can think empirically much of the time. At the aggregate level, where the lowest common denominator takes over and social acceptance is at the front of everyone’s mind, empiricism doesn’t stand a chance unless it delivers some useful technology. Nor is it quite the case that “emotion trumps reason.”

What mostly trumps reason is the yearning for respectability, leading us to conform to ambient dogmas – in the present-day West, the dogmas of Cultural Marxism, which waft around us like a noxious vapour.”  


by Brian Simpson
The Atlantic back in January 2000 published an article by Marc Stengel entitled “The Diffusionists Have Landed”. The article discussed the school of thought which believe that ancient civilisations have been relentlessly exploring the world and have left numerous traces of their past presence. Thus, there has been discovered a two-edged sword of the Norse spatha type in North America which had seven letters of a script inscribed on it, that script being used by the ancient Welsh. This suggest that Arthurian immigrants came to North America around AD570.

The pre-Columbus Viking visitations are no longer dismissed, but merely downplayed. However, evidence of a Viking settlement, and settlements of North America and Canada slowly continues to be produced. Westernspring.co.uk, 10 June 2013, reports that archaeologists have uncovered jasper artefacts that the Vikings used to make fires at L’Anse aux Meadows. However the jasper in the artefacts came from the North American area of Notre Dame Bay in modern Newfoundland, Canada.

This indicates that the Vikings, about 1,000 years ago, had been in North America, as is already known. There are however many other finds, such as a large stone with Norse runes carved into it, found in Kensington, Minnesota and Phoenician-era Iberian script carved into a stone found at Grave Creek, West Virginia. Orthodox archaeology holds that the “Clovis people” were the first to inhabit North America 14,000 years ago. Other archaeologists have argued that there is evidence of modern humans reaching Monte Verde in southern Chile, 12,500 years ago and a journey such as this would have been conducted in a series of immigrant waves over at least 7,000 years.

A ‘must-read’ book on this topic is Maxwell C. Hill’s “To the Ends of the Earth” (Ancient History Publications, 2012). In this book there is a wealth of evidence presented that the ancient Greeks had circumnavigated the world 1,300 years before Magellan and had discovered New Zealand before the Maoris came there. Evidence of pre-Maori carvings, weapons and non-Maori skulls is also presented.  


Warned Bryan Gould, New Zealand Herald 20 March 2013.
Bryan Gould is a former UK Labour MP and former vice-chancellor of Waikato University:
“Our own Reserve Bank is well-advanced in developing just such a measure that could present a similar threat. We have grown accustomed to treating crises in the eurozone as having little to do with us.
So, there will be a restrained response to the news of yet another crisis, even one that has provoked “outrage and panic” in Cyprus, where it has arisen. But we should perhaps take a closer look on this occasion, because what has happened in Cyprus could - in essence - happen here as well; and, if it does, we too would respond with outrage and panic….

What has this got to do with New Zealand, you may ask? The answer may surprise you. Our own Reserve Bank is well-advanced in developing just such a measure that would, in certain circumstances, present a similar threat to New Zealand depositors as well.

The “Open Bank Resolution” policy being proposed by the Reserve Bank is an attempt to settle in advance the question of who should bear which liabilities in the event of a banking collapse - whether of a single bank or on a much wider scale. As David Mayes pointed out yesterday, the current absence of a deposit guarantee scheme (and, one must assume, the Government’s unwillingness to provide one) means that the options in the event of a bank failure are limited - liquidation, Government bailout or takeover by another bank.

The post-GFC history of the impact on government finances of bailing out failed banks has obviously reduced the appetite for such operations, and in most such cases there will be few institutions willing to take over the failed entity. The remaining option - liquidation - however, is politically unattractive since it would immediately threaten the security of customers’ deposits.

The Reserve Bank argues that in these circumstances the main priority should be to keep the failed bank afloat. They therefore propose that the bank should close for just 24 hours while a statutory manager is appointed and the bank’s financial position is assessed.

A calculation should then be made of the proportion of customers’ deposits with the bank that would be needed to cover the bank’s liabilities and that proportion would then be frozen. The bank would then reopen, but the frozen deposits would be retained for the statutory manager’s use so that the bank’s financial situation could be stabilised. Any unused portion of the deposits could then be returned to the depositors. Similar processes would be applied to shareholdings in the bank.

This proposal for what is popularly called a depositors’ “haircut”, on which the Government and commercial banks are currently being consulted and which is intended to take effect this year, is presented as a response to the failure of a single bank. But the measure would have its most significant impact in the event of a banking sector meltdown, such as might be triggered by a renewed global financial crisis - and who would bet against that?

As in the case of Cyprus, the New Zealand proposal is an astonishing assault both on the property rights of depositors and on confidence in the banking system. The mere fact that such a proposal is even being contemplated should ring alarm bells, even for a typically complacent New Zealand public - and if they were, like the Cypriots, actually denied access to their savings as they disappeared into the banks’ coffers, that would certainly be enough to trigger Cyprus-style “outrage and panic”.

The supposed need for such a draconian measure arises entirely because banks not only enjoy the unique privilege of creating money out of nothing but are also entitled to use customers’ deposits for their own trading purposes. There can surely be no more compelling case for a fundamental review of the way banks operate in our economy. Shouldn’t we know more about this proposal and be consulted about it before it is too late?  

NATIONAL WEEKEND – 4, 5, 6 October 2013

“Science is knowledge. In action it is the research and documentation of natural law. For that job there is one essential besides training and common intelligence and that is integrity, i.e., singleness of purpose. The “single eye” that Christ said is the only means to enlightenment. In that sense the scientist is truly religious in spirit and it is only in that obedient, impersonal, selfless spirit that Truth, his objective, can be attained.”

Friday 4th October: New Times Dinner
Guest Speaker, Anne Bressington, MLC

Saturday 5th October National Seminar “Down to Earth: an Orderly Approach to Truth”
Whether it is in the art of composting with organic matter, the rebuilding of our soils according to organic/biodynamic methods, to the rotten decomposing-politics of the UN Agenda 21, we are all seeking to deal with various aspects of Truth.

• Adam Voysey, Roseneath Organics, Mylor South Australia.

• Ann Bressington, MLC, South Australian Parliament
• Matthew Quinn, B. Sc. (Biological Studies) Churchill Fellowship 1997, Director SA Composters, Lonsdale South Australia.

Adam Voysey of Roseneath Organics:
“Born Out of Personal Experiences” Roseneath Organics combines modern peer reviewed medical research with old fashioned herbal folklore, as passed down to us over millennia by wise persons, sages and mystics. They are bio-organic growers and have a keen desire to promote the sustainable use of the sanctuary we all share. A healing herbal philosophy was born out of a personal sickness, an eclectic blend of unpleasant doctor experiences, an urgent need to resolve personal health problems and the passion to make affordable all-natural products that really truly help. Adam originally attended Peter Bennett’s Organic Gardening Course.
Ann Bressington MLC will speak on: “The Growing Tentacles of Agenda 21: Are Coming to a Place Near You!”
Ann was elected to the Legislative Council of South Australia as an Independent Member on 18 March, 2006. She is the first female Independent to be elected in the history of that parliament. Ann has done her homework on Agenda 21, which she first heard about in 2008, at first dismissing it as a ‘conspiracy theory’. Later she noticed a legislative pattern emerging with laws being created that were consistent with Agenda 21.
Ann noted: “Australia signed the Lima Agreement and 100s of other agreements with the support of all major political players, Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Hewson, Howard, Rudd, the Democrats, the Greens, and even the Nationals. It has been put to me that all of these treaties were the foundation for the roll out of Agenda 21.”
Matthew Quinn, B. Sc., on “Why Compost?”
After completing a Biology degree and an Organic Gardening course with well known organic gardener and author, Peter Bennett, Matt started SA Composters. It started from his organic home garden, but soon demand for the high quality compost out-grew the backyard and after undertaking a Churchill Fellowship world tour where he studied composting operations in America, UK and New Zealand, SA Composters was born. SA Composters have been making quality compost since 1990.

Sunday 6th October 2013
Divine Service
Action Conference

Accommodation Addresses
The South Australian League members and supporters are looking forward to hosting this annual event and welcoming interstate visitors into their midst.
The advance notice will help you plan a holiday along with attending our New Times Dinner, National Seminar and Action Conference.
The Friday evening New Times Dinner will be held at the Public Schools’ Club (within Adelaide proper).
The Saturday and Sunday events will be held at Lothlorien, Happy Valley (in Adelaide’s south).

The following accommodation addresses are within reasonable motoring distance of Lothlorien, Happy Valley. These are only suggestions, you may already know where you would like to stay.
• Tollgate Motel, Glen Osmond: Conveniently situated between the scenic hills and the shopping district of Glen Osmond Road. Tollgate Motel accommodation from $68 single. Phone Number 08 8379 1651 Website: https://www.tollgatemotel.com/
• Glenelg Lake Holiday Units, Glenelg North: Glenelg Lake Holiday Units are situated in the pleasant seaside town of Glenelg in South Australia. From $77. Address: 1 George St, Glenelg Nth. Ph: (08) 8322 6007.
• Mick O’Shea’s Hotel/Motel, Main South Road, Hackam. Phone 8326 2939. $110 per night. Discount for early bookings.
• St Francis Winery Motel at Reynella. Closer to Lothlorien than the others. Early bookings: at this stage, rooms can be booked on line for $90 for a standard room. Phone them for more options if desired 08 8322 2246.

The Internet-Google is very helpful for viewing the various accommodation venues.

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