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25 October 2013 Thought for the Week:

Distributism and Social Credit: Social Credit is predicated on the belief that there have always been two forces in conflict in human history: the Will to Power - "Ye shall be as God" and the Will to Freedom - "God, in whose service, there is Perfect Freedom."
The Will to Power is expressed in control of others, and this effectively means being able to determine how others spend their time. Originally, the Will to Power was effected by ownership, that is, control of land. Ownership by one family of all the productive land in an area meant that all other families, in other respects free, were obliged to render service in order to live…

After the industrial revolution control of machinery became more important than ownership of land. The introduction of limited liability made a distinction between ownership and control which made it possible for a relatively small number of persons to effectively control the investments of millions , and this hastened the drive toward monopoly:
"In the first place then it is patent that in our days not wealth alone is accumulated, but immense power and despotic economic domination are concentrated in the hands of the few, who for the most part are not the owners, but only the trustees and directors of invested funds, which they administer at their own good pleasure." (Pope Pius XI, Quadagesimo Anno paragraph 105)..."

From the beginning of the nineteenth century control of credit became of increasing importance, and the Bank Charter Act of 1835 gave the Bank of England a monopoly of credit. The Federal Reserve System established the same monopoly in the USA. The keystone of the arch of the Will to Power is the World Bank, originally established as the Bank of International Settlement and its system of ‘paper gold’.
"This domination is most powerfully exercised by those who, because they hold and control money, also govern credit, and determine its allotment, for that reason supplying, so to speak, the life blood to the entire economic body, and grasping in their hands, as it were, the very soul of production, so that no-one can breathe against their will." (Quadregisimo Anna paragraph 106)...”

- - Anthony Cooney in “Distributism”  


by James Reed
A good example of the cargo cult mentality among the political class is Trade Minister Andrew Robb’s claim that free trade/trade liberalisation will solve the world’s problems. (“ Free Trade Will Solve World Problems: Robb,” The Australian 9 October 2013, p[.2). Intervention and protection is apparently being dumped, well, if not by China, then at least by the West. Robb is excited about the Trans Pacific Partnership and has said that there is now interest beyond the 12 current participants for the Asia-Pacific free trade bloc.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a good illustration of the dangers of Robb’s corporate-controlled free trade world. The TPP aims to essentially end national sovereignty over the environment, workers rights, medicine costs, internet freedom, food safety and financial regulation. We the citizens know little about it because is has been negotiated in utter secrecy with even politicians not seeing drafts of the agreement.

Write to Andrew Robb and see what his response is. Obviously the intention of the elites is not to let us know the details of the agreement until it has been set in concrete. Write to the newly elected senators in each state and ask them to seek the views of their constituents on the secretive plans for the TPP. After all, they were elected to act as REPRESENTATIVES of the People of the various States!

One of the most sinister aspects of the TPP is the creation of an Investor Disputes Settlement System (ISDS). This will allow the corporates to sue governments in supra-national tribunals if laws are made threatening its profits. The tribunal is above Australian law and can impose fines on nations. This is effectively making the corporates the rulers of the world. Before our freedom is gone, write to Tony Abbott, Andrew Robb and the Independents and get their position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Then let’s get to work with others across the globe to raise awareness about it and – squash it!

Comment: Some folk have complained they don’t like James Reed referring to Tony Abbott as Tony Rabbit. In the light of the Coalition’s sell out of the Australian people to the One World Globalists – what do readers suggest he be called?


by Peter Ewer
Barnaby Joyce, was I thought, someone whom I could depend upon to carry on the fight against “foreign investment”, or as it might be called, the Foreign Buy-Up of Oz.
However Joyce has recently supported the sale of two of the Northern Territory’s best known cattle stations to Indonesia’s largest live cattle importer, the Santori company, a subsidiary of the Indonesian agribusiness Jafa group. Joyce, who opposed Indonesia’s plan to buy up millions of hectares of cattle country said he supported the sale after speaking with the Northern Territory cattle industry. (The Australian 4 October 2013, p.1) This was a joint venture that supposedly was of benefit to both countries. But that changes nothing – Australia should be doing this on its own and reaping the full benefit.

The elites are excited about the “promise of the great north”. But this is not a programme of nation building – they are looking to complete the programme that globalists suggested over 100 years ago of simply giving the north to Asia – in that case it was Japan, but now it is Indonesia and China who are colonising us.

This globalist mentality is clearly seen in coloured ads The Australian has been running for some time featuring masses of Chinese, say the army, or people swimming, the people jam-packed like sardines in a can. “See Why We Sink or Swim with China’s Middle Class” one ad says. In other words, accept your role as a slave. To hell with that, I say! What about you?  


by Mrs Vera West
Lesbian Labor frontbencher Penny Wong wants the ALP to provide a binding vote on homosexual marriage. But right-wing leader Paul Howes, head of the Australian Workers Union wants to go further and “has declared that Labor should change the party’s rules at its national conference in favour of a binding vote on gay marriage, arguing there is no place for those who oppose marriage equality.” There’s democracy for you, ALP style!

Don’t you like how the issue of homosexual ‘marriage’ has been transformed by the elites into a civil rights issue, one of “marriage equality”? Labor is set to block any attempt by the Abbott government to overturn the ACT’s “marriage equality laws”, which have obviously been implemented as the first shot in this cultural war.

Not so long ago “gay liberation” opposed marriage as a politically oppressive institution, but now, as a show of power, the political class want it, no doubt to further deconstruct and relativise conventional heterosexual marriage. And it will not stop there, for next ‘cab off the rank’ is group marriage.

All of the things which we complain about in these pages occur because ordinary folk do nothing, so that over time the elites win victory after victory. In a few years the culture changes almost beyond recognition. Only by organised, persistent, resistance do we have even an atom of chance to save our world.  


by Richard Miller
Did you vote for the Palmer United Party in Western Australia? Mr. Wang is Chinese born, a mining executive and managing director of Perth-based Australasian Resources.

Now, I am interested in what our first Chinese-born politician thinks about [1] Foreign investment [2] Chinese colonisation of Australia [3] Asian migration to Australia. Let’s ask him.
Do make the effort to write and ask him. Let us know what he has to say in response. I have met many folk disappointed with both Labor and Liberal who voted for PUP.
Never have I had an explanation about how this party is radically different. Don’t they also want continued mass migration and “foreign investment”?

The failure of “nationalists” to get their act together and actively campaign against immigration and foreign investment, as has been done in Europe, is little short of disgraceful. Hopefully young blood, what there is, will see that they have no future unless they fight, and do what our generation has failed - and is failing - to do.

Andrew Bolt reported on his Blog 15 October, 2013
A Palmer company struggling: Clive Palmer and one of his Senators might soon have much more on their minds than politics. Hedley Thomas on Clive Palmer’s latest business woes: The public company majority owned by Clive Palmer and led by his Palmer United Party senator-elect Zhenya Wang is in financial trouble and has been saved from the risk of insolvency in the past three months by cash injections from the resources tycoon totalling $421,000… Mr Palmer and his private entity, Mineralogy, own 70 per cent of the shares in the company, which needs project funding to develop the iron ore resources in its tenements …

The parlous finances of the public company, which holds undeveloped mining tenements in Western Australia, are revealed in statutory annual accounts released to the Australian Securities Exchange three weeks after the election on September 7. The independent auditors of Australasian Resources, Ernst & Young, have alerted the financial regulator there is “material uncertainty regarding continuation as a going concern” of the company.

Ernst & Young’s partner in Perth, Gavin Buckingham, warned in his auditor’s report that “there is significant uncertainty whether the consolidated entity will continue as a going concern, and therefore whether it will realise its assets and extinguish its liabilities in the normal course of business and at the amounts stated in the financial report"… Mr Palmer’s ... earlier public claim he receives earnings of $500 million in royalties from Chinese company CITIC Pacific has been shown to be incorrect, as Mr Palmer has not been receiving such royalties.  


The ruling elites are excited about a book by Tyler Cowen, professor of economics at George Mason University, Virginia, USA, “Average is Over: Powering America Beyond the Age of the Great Stagnation” (Dutton Adult, 2013). Cowen’s previous book was “The Great Stagnation : How America Ate All the Low-Hanging Fruit of Modern History, Got Sick and Will (Eventually) Feel Better”, (Dutton Adult, 2011). (“Do you want your child to have a job in 2033? If so, … they better start deferring to computers…” The Australian 5 October 2013, p.17).
The cheesy titles pretty much sum up his thesis. First America is in bad shape (“sick”), but don’t worry, the future is so bright that you will have to wear shades. That is, for the lucky 15 per cent.

You see only 15 per cent of the population will have decent jobs. They will work with computers and IT in decision-making. The rest will rot and die, so to speak. Cowen sees computers rubbing out jobs everywhere – even truck drivers will go.
However, Cowen doesn’t go far enough. Thinking machines will replace him – it’s not too hard to see the good professor’s job being done by a computer, and maybe better. Universities can be closed down and all “higher learning” can go on-line. Robot surgeons, even robot lawyers, etc., will mean the end of work.

But with Capitalism, this won’t be an age of leisure as social crediters imagined, but one of throwing most of society on the scrap pile. Get ready for Marxist Revolution 2.0. It is only fair, nay, poetic justice that if most of the human race is to be made redundant that the financial elites, the ultimate dark lords of Satan, be replaced as well by a supercomputer which could be known as E.V.I.L. – Evil, Vile, Idiots, Lived. In the end, they too were devoured by the meat grinder that they created.


by James Reed and Chris Knight
Alternative ‘right wing’ thinkers are excited, to varying degrees, about the publication of “The Fourth Political Theory” by Russian political theorist Alexander Dugin (Arktos, 2012). Dugin is based at Moscow State University and is the intellectual leader of the “Eurasian Movement”.

The thesis of his book is that Marxism/Communism and Fascism have failed and passed into history (China?) and Liberalism now rules but has become tyrannical and is destructive of Tradition and culture. Dugin’s book is no easy read, being clearly the work of a sociology professor.
Chapter 2, entitled “Dasein as an Actor” is particularly heavy going, but in a Nutshell Dugin argues that Liberalism’s logical conclusion is an escape from Dasein or being and authentic reality. The ultimate conclusion of the philosophy of freedom and contingency in “postmodernism” is that there is no real self or individual at all and one can be essentially anyone one wants to be if the money and technology is available. The endgame of Liberalism is unlimited, unconstrained freedom – well, “freedom” only within the constraints of a consumer society.

Dugin then argues that postmodernity ultimately kills off Liberalism and allows the “Radical Subject” to be reborn from the womb of materialist consumerism. For some reason I haven’t worked out, “linear time” is transcended and the “Radical Subject” (= authentic self) is once more free.
Perhaps if we had spent five years studying the existential philosophy of Martin Heidegger* instead of more practical survival matters, this esoteric fairy floss would be clearer to us. Consider Dugin’s view that the “Radical Subject” is the creator of our present oppressive globalist cosmopolitan reality:
“If we accept the hypothesis of the Radical Subject, we immediately confront an instance that explains who has made the decision in favour of globalisation, the suicide of humanity, and the end of history: who has conceived this plan and made it reality. It can therefore only be the drastic gesture of the Radical Subject, looking for liberation from time through the construction of non-temporal (impossible) reality. The Radical Subject is incompatible with all kinds of time. It vehemently demands anti-time, based on the exalted fire of eternity transfigured in the radical light.” (p.168)

Siryako Akda, reviewing Dugin’s book at Alternative Right.com has no trouble with such passages and proclaims that the Radical Subject is attempting to reveal itself, and I suppose even Hegel could be relevant here. Akda says that postmodernism has not eliminated Being/Dasein because even illusion has Dasein. Being must contain “nothingness”, so out of the postmodern world pops the “Kali Yuga”, the Hindu end times as a “matter of cosmic necessity”. Beats Dr. Who – I suppose.

“The Fourth Political Theory” has been sympathetically reviewed at both Alternative Right.com and The Occidental Observer.com. I think though that such work is deeply flawed. Its fundamental esoteric philosophical concepts are lacking in justification as tends to be the case with much of continental philosophy, the product of French and German thinkers with too much affluence and time on their hands. Consider the passage from “The Fourth Political Theory” quoted above which basically says that the Self creates global capitalism.
One can only posit such things by constructing metaphysical fairy tales. Commonsense realism looks for physical causes. Esoteric philosophy likes to play its own internal word game. I think for once someone should say that all this is just Nonsense writ large : let the record state that is has been said.

The concern with Dasein or being of course has justification but only if it is carefully defined, which neither Heidegger nor Dugin does. Dugin makes much of Heidegger’s idea of approaching Ereignis “the event”, when “being” returns. But if Being is defined as Heidegger defined it as the “totality of all existence”, this too is nonsense, and indeed, contradictory.

Apart from these metaphysical objections, like a good Russian, Dugin sees the United States as the locus of globalism and liberalism and believes that only with the fall of the United States will an opportunity for restoring tradition come.
He ignores an alternative argument which sees globalism as transcending any one “nation” and existing in transnational organisations and entities.

The problem with the abstract metaphysical approach to things is that matters of real world importance just seem to get tossed out of the window in speculative “just so” stories. Sorry, “The Fourth Political Theory” is no aid for our struggle.

* Wikipedia Martin Heidegger was a German philosopher known for his existential and phenomenological explorations of the "question of Being".


by Chris Knight
Zombies I can understand – the current zombie cult in movies is associated with civilisation collapse, and so, in a way, is a training site for the “end times”. In most, but not all zombie movies ( e.g., “Shaun of the Dead”), the living dead take over and the world as we know it falls.

Vampires today are different. Once they were just another parasite threat. Today in films vampires are sexy, far handsomer than the humans that oppose them. In fact, the white males that oppose them are depicted as undesirable, xenophobic and well, just white trash.

The vampire film cult today is just another way of trashing European culture. The vampire, the blood sucker who once came to feed at night and was destroyed by light, is now the superhero, the replacement for the weak, white European male. Race mixing can thus be taken to a whole new level and a whole range of dark practices can be injected into film: sadism, blood lust, bondage and general debauchery. It’s enough to make even the Marquis de Sade* after whom we acquire the word “sadism”, sad.

* Wikipedia: His is a philosophy of extreme licentiousness, unrestrained by ethics, religion or law, with the egotistical pursuit of personal pleasure being the highest principle. Sade was incarcerated in various prisons and in an insane asylum for about 32 years of his life. Much of his writing was done during his imprisonment.  


BECOME “NORMAL BUSINESS” ? from Len, the now 'profoundly disturbed'!
I, for one, am profoundly disturbed. While ye in the East are fretting about Indonesia buying a big cattle station, here in Adelaide the real estate folk can’t flog the city of Adelaide off fast enough to Chinese buyers (e.g. “China Surge in Adelaide Home Market” The Advertiser 21 September 2013, p.15).
Chinese investors spent $30 billion buying up property outside of China and $5.4 billion will be spent buying up Australia this year, which is 30 per cent more than 2012.

Project this on and there will be no homes for young Aussies. I don’t now have a home myself anymore, now living in a friend’s shed. What disease of mind and spirit has allowed this to happen? The Chinese certainly don’t let their land get eaten up like this. Colonialism pure and simple.


by Brian Simpson
Arthur Kemp, “March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race” (Ostara Publications, 2013, two volumes) arose from Kemp finding, back in 1983, no history of the white race in the university library where he was working. There were, of course, histories of other races such as the Chinese, but white people were ignored. He corrected this omission with this big format book.
The book traces the origins of the White race from the dawn of its time until the present-day crisis. Unlike most other history books, the book’s conceptual framework accepts the reality of racial differences and indeed sees races as making cultures and civilisations and eschews the trendy sociological view that races are a social construction.
On the contrary, the social is a racial construction. The book takes a pro-White view of our history and is unafraid to document the role played by various destructive elements in the maintenance of civilisation. Most importantly in the early pages the book notes:
“Once the people who create a certain society or civilisation disappear, then that society or civilisation will disappear with them. If the vanished population is replaced by different peoples, then a new society or culture is created which reflects the culture and civilisation of the new inhabitants of that region.” (p.8)

In chapter 69: ‘Ragnarok – The Coming Fall of the West,’ Kemp addresses a theme long debated at this site. What can be done to save the White race? Kemp gives a number of common sense strategies.
Whites must have more children: “A failure to breed is punished by Nature with extinction.” (p.663) Whites need to be awoken to racial realities by political activity in the idiom of the time. Political realism must be engaged in and the “mass media is, for the greatest part, completely hostile and in the hands of those who applaud the racial destruction of the West.” (p.633)

While all of this seems impossible, all that needs to be done is to hold on because the greatest enemy of the White race is liberals. But as Kemp concludes “the nature of modern liberalism is suicidal. Liberals will, given enough time, destroy themselves. They will stop having children; they will miscegenate, and they will then cease to exist.” Survival then requires pro-White activists having sufficient children and just fighting on.

He also sees the possibility of “white Russia” and Eastern Europe being the basis for an in-gathering, a new racial homeland, where Whites can hopefully, finally learn the racial lessons of history. In conclusion “March of the Titans” is an excellent book for deprogramming white children from the politically correct brainwashing that calls itself modern education, and is a necessary read for us all, to grasp that we are fighting for the survival of our entire history.


by James Reed
Ross Gittins, “The Happy Economist : Happiness for the Hard Headed”, (Allen and Unwin, Sydney 2010) has been out for three years and deserves to be read. Ross Gittins at the time was economics editor at the Sydney Morning Herald and was one of the few economists to seriously challenge the ruling religion of our age: economic growth. In this book he shows the depth of his knowledge, not only in mainstream economics, but also in psychology, evolutionary theory and happiness studies.

Humans pursue happiness because it contributes to our biological fitness. (pp. 36-37) Thus it is rational to chase after material things, but only up to a vaguely defined point, after which the quest for materialism becomes self-defeating. As Gittins says, money can buy happiness in a hedonistic sense up to this point, but “beyond that point it’s just not value for money”. (p.70)

Humans require happiness beyond materialism, what Aristotle called ‘eudaimoni’, flourishing of those capacities within their nature. Eudaimonia arises from the satisfaction of human needs such as meaningful work and relationships, family, friendship and life goals. These things all transcend mere organic satisfactions and constitute higher order goods.
The consumerism of capitalist society and mainstream economics is blind to eudaimonia, and in general, to higher values. If these value questions were all allowed into economics then one could ask about the rationality of economics as a whole and the opportunity cost of economic growth itself. As the costs of growth are often non-material, for orthodox economists such costs do not exist at all.

It is the merit of “The Happy Economist”, that at last, someone from mainstream economics has asked the right fundamental questions of his discipline. Count “The Happy Economist” as yet another searching critique of economics.  


Source: Gilad Atzmon’s website, 13 October 2013.

“Last week, The Daily Mail’s expose of Ralph Miliband’s political views provoked strong reactions from the Miliband family, the Labour Party, The Guardian and the BBC. The Mail article included a few quotes by Ralph Miliband, showing Miliband to be a radical cosmopolitan Marxist. So what else is new? Throughout his entire adult life Ralph had indeed been a radical cosmopolitan devoted to ‘progressive’ international working class politics and naturally opposed to any nationalism and local patriotism. However The Daily Mail was soon to learn, at its cost, that elaborating on the non-patriotic nature intrinsic to cosmopolitanism is practically forbidden in 2013 ‘free’ Britain.

The Mail revealed that in 1940, when Ralph was 17-year-old he wrote in his diary: “The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world…you sometimes want them almost to lose (the war) to show them how things are. They have the greatest contempt for the Continent… To lose their empire would be the worst possible humiliation.” Well, I’d guess that many 17-year old Marxists at that time could have expressed such views. But Miliband remained a devoted Marxist into adulthood and indeed for his whole life and maintained this cosmopolitan ideology into old age right up to his death. This may be unusual but it is not a crime.

What is concerning is the nature of the debate around the Mail’s article. Watching the BBC Newsnight discussion on the topic revealed that neither the BBC presenter (Emily Maitlis) nor infamous spinmeister Alastair Campbell, were even remotely familiar with British debating culture or had even the most minimal appreciation of pluralism, openness and freedom of thought.

The BBC’s Maitlis seemed to have not even bothered to read the article. Her suggestions in the debate revealed an embarrassing unfamiliarity with both the general topic and the content of the article. Maitlis also failed to moderate the discussion and to silence Campbell who constantly went off topic. Instead of developing an argument, Campbell invested every last ounce of his rather limited intellectual resources in curtailing the discussion by imposing some vague notion of ‘correctness’ i.e., suggesting what we are entitled to say and who is entitled to say it. Watch the BBC ‘debate’ here....

Atzmon continues: “Yesterday on Guardian CIF, Paul Dacre, The Daily Mail’s Editor in Chief, addressed the controversy for the first time. Dacre wrote: “The Mail was deeply concerned that in 2013, after all the failures of socialism in the twentieth century, the leader of the Labour party (Ed Miliband) was announcing its return, complete with land seizures and price fixing.”

Now, is this a legitimate concern or, is socialism, like Jewishness, beyond any criticism or scrutiny? Of course this is a rhetorical question. Apparently in Britain 2013, any attempt to question the intellectual foundations, history and meaning behind Marxism and socialist thinking is reduced simply to ‘antisemitism’. So, it looks like Marxism and cosmopolitanism, like Jewishness and Israeli racism, have been merged into one vague entity removed from our public discourse, let alone criticism.

This shouldn’t surprise us being that it is entirely consistent with the Orwellian prophecy. After all, already in 1948, Orwell predicted where the British Left was headed and, since the late 1970’s, we can clearly detect an ongoing attempt by our progressive brothers, by means of political correctness and identity politics, to determine the boundaries of the discourse. Surprisingly enough, it is actually the ‘conservative’, ‘patriotic’ and ‘reactionary’ Mail that is producing a much-needed and well-overdue criticism of British society and politics.

Obviously, Dacre knows his readers very well. He understands that the British working class read the Mail rather than The Guardian and this is for a reason. “It is that the Mail constantly dares to stand up to the liberal-left consensus that dominates so many areas of British life and instead represents the views of the ordinary people who are our readers and who don't have a voice in today's political landscape and are too often ignored by today's ruling elite.”

Writing to Guardian readers, Dacre points at the ‘metropolitan classes’ who “despise our readers with their dreams (mostly unfulfilled) of a decent education and health service they can trust, their belief in the family, patriotism, self-reliance, and their over-riding suspicion of the state and the People Who Know Best.”

Dacre offers a true and very sad image of isolated and detached British Left elitism. “These people mock our readers' scepticism over the European Union and a human rights court that seems to care more about the criminal than the victim… In other words, these people sneer at the decent working Britons – I'd argue they are the backbone of this country.” If you’ve ever wondered why the Left, in the end, always finds itself in such a miserably aloof and irrelevant position, here is the answer:
Like its leaders, ‘progressive’ thought is, unfortunately, contaminated with deep supremacism. After all, progressiveness is but a secular form of choseness – and choseness is something I am convinced both David and Ed Miliband know a great deal about. David was listed a few years ago as an Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) Author and Ed recently pledged to the Jewish Lobby that he would look after their interests and oppose the boycotters of Israel.

If The Guardian and the BBC want to stay relevant they should read Paul Dacre’s criticism closely and think about every word he utters. British society will benefit greatly if it finds the power to engage in a proper open and tolerant political debate devoid of any traces of correctness and gatekeeping.” Source:

Watch: Newsnight, Alastair Campbell: "The Daily Mail is run by a bully and …

Gilad Atzmon’s article on Jewish genetics also interested us. Anyone who has read such works as the 1954 “Facts are Facts” by Benjamin Freedman is well aware of the historical facts that Gilad Atzmon reveals here.
“We were informed this week that the four major female founders of the Ashkenazis show roots in Europe 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. So do most of the minor founders, the study found. Only 8% of the mitochondrial DNA shows signs of being from the Near East… The practical meaning of this information is simple and far from being new. Ashkenazi Jews are not Semitic and have no roots in Palestine. Needless to say that neither Alan Dershowitz nor Max Blumenthal or myself look particularly oriental. So if Jews are neither a race nor Semitic what is it that bonds them together?...”
Read further here...

and Watch "When Israel is Mighty" by Yossi Gurvit here

Atzmon's book: "The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics" is available at Heritage Bookservices.

More on Ralph Miliband:
A KGB Connection? The Occidental Observer

From a correspondent, 14 October, 2013.

In Britain the media row over whether an obscure, deceased Marxist academic Ralph Miliband was a loyal British patriot who loved his country, rumbles on (see Alex Kurtagic’s article, “Ralph Miliband was not unique” is important for two reasons. One is that the Daily Mail, the voice of middle England is very much at bay with the Guardian and BBC snapping at its heels over what it has printed about Miliband. Read more here...

The second is that Ralph Miliband was the father of the current Labour leader Ed Miliband who may or may not have inherited his father’s radical attitudes. But in all the sound and fury of the Daily Mail row, one question remains unasked.

Who was “Lev” the mysterious Russian figure
who moved in Ralph Miliband’s circle in the sixties and was willing to pay for information about NATO. We are introduced to “Lev” in the autobiographical writings of David Horowitz who is now a prominent Neocon but was then part of the left wing Jewish Marxist academic milieu. Horowitz moved to London in the mid-sixties and was taken under the wing of Ralph Miliband when the two lived next door to each other in Hampstead. In his memoir “Radical Son” (Simon and Schuster) published in1997 Horowitz paints a fascinating portrait of Ralph Miliband’s intellectual circles and meeting people like Isaac Deutscher, R D Laing, Eric Hobsbawm,…”

Editor’s comment: A quick search of the League’s archives and the following background information came up on a few of the names mentioned by Horowitz.

- Isaac Deutscher: April 1973 The New Times, Vol39 No4:
“The well-known Jewish, although anti-Zionist authority on the Soviet Union, Isaac Deutscher, has stated what every informed person knows concerning the Bolshevik Revolution:
"Jews played a very prominent part in the revolutionary movement". Deutscher tells of how “ . . . the most fanatical advocates of the suppression of Jewish parties . . . were the Jews themselves, the Jewish Communists . . . I was in Russia at the time when these problems were being hotly debated..."
The Jewish Communists violently disagreed with their Jewish Zionist brothers, not about the necessity of creating a World State, but about how best to achieve it. Political Zionism was born and nurtured in Eastern Europe and then spread to the West, where originally it was opposed in horror by the long-established Jewish families…”

- Eric Hobsbawm: British On Target 2001
One further conundrum for the casual observer has its roots in the “…French Revolution of 1789, and concerns the rise and role of Marxism and Soviet Communism. During four decades of the so-called "Cold War" ordinary servicemen and civilians were consigned to gaol for security infringements and other forms of collaboration. Yet the Western Powers allowed Communists to occupy key government and other appointments, such as Professor Eric Hobsbawm at the University of London, with appointments in the United States, Canada, and in Europe on both sides of the "Iron Curtain"!”

- and Bertrand Russell
, On Target 26 August 1966:
The Treason of Bertrand Russell. “On July 20th last, the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation cabled a request to Moscow that the Soviet Air Force be used to defend North Vietnam against American air raids. Mr. Kosygin replied on August 18th with a promise to provide "all our material and technical assistance, means of defence and precision of experts" if requested from Hanoi.
"The Guardian" London reported on August 18th that Mr. Kosygin instructed the Soviet Charge d'Affairs in London, Mr. Vassev to deliver the message personally to Lord Russell. As a leading Fabian since its foundation days, Bertrand Russell has consistently furthered the aims of this group of socialist termites.
Pledged as they are to the aim of undermining the sovereignty of their native lands to the end of a sovietised world, the present action is no surprise to students of this subversive body. It is a fitting comment on Russell's "humanitarian" principles to observe his appeal to a regime, which finds it necessary to erect prison walls around the people under its control…”
Although we look on the present U.S. government with much qualified regard, they have not yet had to resort to this type of barbarism to prevent being left with no one to govern.

2013 Annual New Times Dinner and Seminar Report

From the National Director Lou Cook
On Friday 4th October the League celebrated the 67th New Times Dinner with the Annual Seminar the following day.

The theme of the seminar was “Down to Earth: An Orderly Approach to Truth” featuring The Hon. Ann Bressington MLC speaking on the rollout of Agenda 21 and the dangers presented to a free and democratic society.
Mr. Adam Vosey of Roseneath Organics delivered an entertaining talk on herbal remedies and Mr. Matthew Quinn B.Sc. of SA Composters presented an illustrated talk on large scale composting.
Each presentation was videoed and will be available on DVD for viewing to a wider audience.

Sunday morning started with a Divine Service led by Father Peter Coote and followed by the Action Conference where experiences and ideas were shared.
The importance of the National Weekend cannot be ‘over-valued’ because it is where Social Crediters rededicate themselves with a Toast to The New Times and associate with a common purpose for the betterment for themselves, their family and the Nation. A more comprehensive report will be in the next edition of the New Times Survey along with congratulatory messages from international friends.

The Annual Basic Fund was also launched and the Fund starts off with the figure of $6,553.51.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159