Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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22 November 2013 Thought for the Week:

Dividends or Slavery? “In the early days of the Social Credit Movement there was a cartoon depicting a team of slaves toiling on the Egyptian pyramids. One of the slaves said to his fellow slaves, "For my own part, I would much sooner have my national dividend". The cartoonist was making the point that if the slaves had freedom of choice concerning how to use the equivalent of the productive capacity devoted to the building of pyramids, they might well have decided on a life of leisure and self-development.”
- - Eric D. Butler, 1983

"Big business is by no means antipathetic to Communism. The larger business grows, the closer it approximates to collectivism. It is the upper road of the few, instead of the lower road of the masses to collectivism."
- - H. G. Wells, 1920  


Patrick Wood, Founder of August Forecast and Review has done some great homework and his fellow-man a great service. He has brought together the latest information on the globalization plans of the world elite, which includes the “Smart Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy”.
There is nothing new in the ideas behind Technocracy, others, including C.H. Douglas in the 1930s, warned of the ideology behind the overall plans. And it is not as though the League of Rights has not continuously warned of the threats to the peoples of the western world, we have, but sometimes it has to be ‘staring them in the face’ before some people wake up to it.

Jeremy Lee in his book “Australia 2000: What Will We Tell Our Children” spelt it our clearly.
"This is the story of a near dispossession of the richest country in the world, and one of the youngest in terms of industrial economics. It is a story of how a virile and intensive people have been sapped of faith and will. Some of this material appeared in a booklet I wrote in July 1991. It outlined a predetermined policy, discernible throughout the world, for the transfer of political and economic decision-making away from parliaments elected or otherwise to a global government.
The idea has appeared under a number of names: globalism, the new world order, global governance, the new international economic order, etc. This book deals with whole new dimensions of the constant policy for global governance. For a time any rational discussion about this policy was dismissed. Notions of such a momentous change, it was suggested, were merely the delusions of conspiracy theorists or ignorant people.
The charge of ‘conspiratorialism’ became a stock-in-trade for lazy journalists, evasive politicians and isolated academics who knew the penalties for challenging the orthodox. A glossary of terms was employed to bury views that deviated from the mainstream – racist, fascist, ultraconservative, extreme, and, increasingly anti-semitic. Years of this sort of social conditioning lead to a bottling-up process, apt to explode unexpectedly."

In “A Carbon Rationing Future?” reference is made to what is happening in Australia.

Now take a look at what Patrick Wood has compiled…
Some of the important subjects included are:
• Technocracy’s Endgame: Global Smart Grid
• Smart Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy?
• Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?
• Trilateral Commission Membership — 2008
• How to understand Globalization
• The Global Elite: Who are they?

Technocracy’s Endgame: Global Smart Grid
“There is a new world wide web emerging right before our eyes. It is a global energy network and, like the internet, it will change our culture, society and how we do business. More importantly, it will alter how we use, transform and exchange energy.” 
- - home page

The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism: It is Technocracy.
The development and implementation of Smart Grid technology in the U.S. – reinventing the electrical grid with Wifi-enabled digital power meters – is proceeding at break­neck speed.

Although Smart Grid is the result of years of government planning, the recent kickoff was made possible through massive “green” grants that were quietly included in President Obama’s economic stimulus package starting in 2009.
These lucrative grants have drawn in a host of corporate players, from utility companies to digital meter manufacturers to control software vendors. Global companies like IBM, GE and Siemens are putting their full effort behind the “build-out” that will consolidate all of America into a single, integrated, communication-enabled electric delivery and monitoring system, collectively called Smart Grid.

Proponents of Smart Grid claim that it will empower the consumer to better manage his or her power consumption and hence, costs. The utility companies will therefore be more efficient in balancing power loads and requirements across diverse markets.

However, like carnival barkers, these Smart Grid hocksters never reveal where or how Smart­Grid came into being, nor what the ultimate endgame aims to achieve; perhaps most of them have no idea either, but simply repeat the mantra as if they know what they are talking about.

In Smart­Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy, I revealed the background of both Technocracy and Smart Grid, and most importantly, the links between them. Smart Grid is born out of Technocracy and not the other way around. Technocracy is a totalitarian system of government where scientists, engineers and technicians monitor and control all facets of personal and civic life – economic, social and political.

Herein lies the real danger
Who are these unelected controllers and why should anyone believe that they would be benevolent dictators instead of tyrants? Americans are a freedom-loving people who would certainly reject Technocracy’s stealth takeover, if only they were aware of it. Indeed, Americans did pointedly reject Technocracy in the 1930′s!

Thirty years ago, a researcher’s mantra was “Follow the money, follow the power”. This must now be restated: “Follow the energy, follow the power.”

Requirements: In 1932, Technocracy, Inc. called for the destruction of price-based economic systems and the creation of an energy-based accounting system that would measure inputs and out-puts of human activity in terms of energy production, distribution and consumption.
The requirements for a successful system was co-authored by M. King Hubbert, a young geophysicist who later developed “Hubbert’s Peak Oil Theory” that provided intellectual backing for the modern environmental or “green” movement.

Go to here.... and get yourself informed…
And listen here… Trilateral Commission and Technocracy


On Target 22 December 1978:
“We are told now that the United States must "normalise" relations with one of the manifestations of centralised power over the individual, Communist China, because the Communists have demonstrated they are "the effective power" in China. The same approach is not adopted towards the effective Government of Rhodesia, or of South Africa. Only the financial and economic illiterates of this world do not understand that the real reason for the acceptance of Communist China by Western nations, is because it offers an opportunity for a vast export of production and technology to China, financed by those who exercise that most diabolical form of power in today's world: credit power….”

On Target 16 January 1981:
“Many Americans, who have looked to Ronald Reagan to direct the U.S.A. on to a more independent path, are already starting to express their disquiet. When Ronald Reagan stunned the Republican nominating convention with his choice of George Bush as his deputy, he was conceding the power of the Trilateralists. Bush has been a Trilateralist and played a major role in bringing Red China on to the world stage in the United Nations. Present Red Chinese leaders endorse the New International Economic Order. A British report states that Lord Carrington, another Trilateralist and the man who played a major role in the betrayal of Rhodesia, believes that fellow Trilateralist Bush will be able to offset any attempt by American "isolationist" supporters of Reagan to influence the new Washington Administration…”  


From Carbon Sense
The Case for Repeal:
We support the immediate repeal of the carbon tax. This tax was introduced by stealth, and the justification for its introduction is spurious. It should be repealed or made ineffective immediately. We are told its purpose is to “reduce carbon pollution” – just three words, each of which is based on a lie.

“Reduce”: The effect of Australia’s carbon tax on the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is so tiny as to be undetectable and any miniscule reduction would be totally swamped in the far bigger natural seasonal variations of carbon dioxide levels. The effect on global climate, if any, would also be too small to be measured and of no benefit to the climate or life on Earth.

“Carbon”: It is NOT a tax on carbon. Carbon is a solid – either soft and black like graphite and soot, or crystalline, hard and beautiful like diamond. It is definitely not the colourless gas created when carbon is burned. The “carbon” tax falls mainly on carbon dioxide, a colourless, harmless natural gas which has always been present in Earth’s atmosphere, usually in far greater amounts than at present. The use of “carbon” when referring to “carbon dioxide” is a deliberate deception. It would be like calling liquid water by the name “hydrogen”, a major element in the water molecule which is a dangerous explosive flammable gas. Based on the carbon example, a tax on water vapour (another “greenhouse gas) would probably be called “The Hydrogen Tax” by government propagandists.

“Pollution”: Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, and should never have been called one. It is the essential gas-of-life for all plants and they support all animals on Earth. It is no more a pollutant than oxygen, which is the gas-of-life for animals, or water vapour which is essential for all life.

All three gases have effects on earth’s surface temperature, and on surface life, and such effects are usually highly beneficial. Additional carbon dioxide has been improving and will continue to improve the growth rate and drought tolerance of all plants on earth. Far from polluting the Earth, extra carbon dioxide has been greening the globe for decades. There has been no attempt at an independent cost benefit analysis to justify the tax. Full report here…


From Gilad Atzmon:
Dr Makram Khoury-Machool speaks to a gathering in the House of Lords, London. “My argument is that in order for the global ruling class in the US, France, UK and their regional allies in the Middle East (in particular Saudi Arabia and Qatar) to maintain their economic dominance and generate additional profit from natural resources in the MENA region, they have been perpetrating the holocaust of the 21st Century in Syria against the People of Syria causing in addition a civilisational catastrophe.

Theoretical framework: Since Aristotle (384-322 BC), the subject of ethics or ethical behaviour have been chiefly concerned with the human aim of having virtue (Greek aretē) of character (ēthos), having excellent and well-chosen habits... that aim at living well and aspiring for human flourishing.
However, the Italian Philosopher-Politician Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) cautioned us when he said that: ‘politics have no relation to morals.

In his book the Leviathan (1651), the great English social-political theorist Thomas Hobbes postulates WHAT life would be like without government, a condition, which he calls the state of nature. In that state, each person would have a right, or license, to everything in the world.
This, Hobbes, argues, would lead to: Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes - a "war of all against all".
My observation leads me to assume that this is what has been happening in Syria in the last three or so years.

Convening the Geneva II conference, is amongst other reasons, an attempt to portray the super and regional powers as having a ‘social and political contract’, thereby allowing ruling economic classes to falsely declare that: we are not as greedy and criminal as we are portrayed…

My Lord, Ladies and Gentlemen: World oil production is headed by Saudi Arabia, with Russia second, the USA third, Iran fourth and China fifth. In terms of oil reserves, we find that amongst the top ten states are: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE and Libya. Russia is the largest gas producer in the world, with Europe dependent on its gas sourcing. In world gas production, if, because of their geographical distance, we exclude the USA and Canada, Iran comes second and Qatar third.

In terms of gas reserves, Russia is number one, with Iran and Qatar in fourth place and Saudi Arabia in sixth. With neighbouring Saudi Arabia as one of the ten leading producers of gas in the world, it is clear why the export interests of Qatar and Saudi Arabia are particularly important. Ranking should give us a clear idea of the alliances that have formed as a result of the Syrian crisis.

Qatar’s pursuit of marketing contracts for Libyan gas and oil supplies, explains its agreement with NATO to attack Libya, its symbolic participation in the air strikes and its support for the rebels to establish a media capability. Qatar’s aim is to export its gas to Europe, compete with the Russians and gain important political bargaining chips.
In order for the export of Qatari gas to Europe to be feasible and competitive, a gas pipe must be laid through Syria.
As Russia’s long-standing ally and with the precedents of numerous joint deals dating back to the USSR era, Syria is unlikely to allow anything to threaten the destabilization of Russia’s interests in their last strategic stronghold in the Arab world.
This is the main reason why Qatar and Saudi Arabia are supporting the opposition’s struggle to topple the Syrian government.

The Operation: How are they doing this? [Militarily] we have the Anglo-French-American triangle backed by regional NATO allies such as Turkey and Israel and other unlimited cash flow providers such as KSA and Qatar who installed mercenaries in various parts of the Syrian Republic. With a clear division of labour between Western governments, united with Gulf DES-PETROLS (my coinage: Despots with Petrol money), all of the above have been united in the conduct of a bloody currency for future revenue from natural resources and on the way they are forcing a holocaust on Syria.
The international patrons (USA&UK&FR) facilitating their objectives with the petro-dollar despots who employ ‘Oppo-Mercenaries’ (My coinage, Opposition and mercenaries)… have created on the way one of the worst armed Fascist groups, which are a combination of a Wahabi-salafi terrorists supported by a Zionist and apparently Christian alliance.

One asks, what is the modality that they are adopting? They have set an agenda to control the natural resources of this rectangle: From --- >> Mauritania in Western Africa to Somalia in Eastern Africa = Sudan in the South and =Syria to the north. This is the immediate rectangle OF OPERATIONS.  

To look and sound apparently ‘reasonable’ and ‘civil’, some Western politicians or indeed their advisers produce discourse of panic or rhetoric of false ‘moral justification’ (depending on the concept of the mini campaign).
To create submissive nations, they use the media in various languages and particularly in Arabic to disseminate and manage the minds, according to a master plan of propaganda, manipulation and media fabrication.
To fully dominate the region, they use grand terror managed (they call it military or security units) by some western governments in order to suppress any pockets of local dissent to what might endanger their master plan.

The result of this is that we have: Millions of Syrian refugees, hundreds of thousands of victims and another hundreds of thousands of injured and disabled people; in addition to hundred of thousands of orphans, widows and bereaved traumatized families.
Truly, some of the terrorist actions is indiscriminate and against every human or physical body or archaeological site (and one should not single out so easily any group) however, the evidence suggests that other acts of terror are in the form of targeted kidnappings, rapes, dispossessions, displacements and assassinations of Christians so that they drive them out of the country and only to fulfil Israel’s dream of a Jewish-Muslim conflict whereby the Muslims are demonized, defeated and their resources confiscated and managed by the apparently civilized, responsible, moral Western Capitalist.

Finally, we should all unite in order to save the Syrian people, Syria’s sovereignty and civilisation, exerting our utmost efforts to bring together all eligible and patriotic factions round the table in order to start talks which would lead to a dialogue and national reconciliation without delay.”


by Srdja Trifkovic, 5 November, 2013
Forty years after publishing his prophetic dystopia Jean Raspail is still with us, ever more resigned that our civilization is on the “road to disappearance.”
As he explained in an interview published in Valeurs Actuelles on October 25 (transl. by ST), he has no desire to join the big circle of intellectuals who spend their time debating immigration because, in his view, such talk is useless:
The people already intuitively know that France, as our ancestors shaped her over the centuries, is on the road to disappearance. The audience is being kept amused by endless talk about immigration, but the final truth is never stated. Furthermore, that truth is unsayable, as my friend Jean Cau had noted, because whoever says it is immediately hounded, condemned, and then rejected. Richard Millet came close to that truth, and just look what happened to him!

(Prolific French author Richard Millet caused a scandal August 2012 by publishing a pamphlet, “In Literary Praise of Anders Breivik,” in which he argued that the mass killer was the product of an ideological-racial divide caused by immigration from outside Europe, and that Norway “deserved” him. To Millet, “what one calls literature” is no longer anything but “the hedonistic face of a nihilism of which anti-racism is the terrorist branch,” with most contemporary writers acting as its “henchmen” and “sycophants.”
Millet had to step down as editor with France’s top publisher Gallimard following an outcry over his publication. It was branded “a fascist pamphlet that is a disgrace to literature” in an open letter to Le Monde signed by 120 writers).

Raspail is particularly upset by the conspiracy of silence which is all-pervasive among the elite, starting with politicians. They pretend in public that all is well, but behind closed doors acknowledge the existence of the problem of immigration and identity:
On that subject I have several revealing letters from leading politicians on the Left, as well as those on the Right, to whom I sent the Camp of the Saints. “But you understand: it cannot be said...”
Those people have a double language, a double conscience. I do not know how they do it! The trouble is, the people know that things are being hidden from them. Tens of millions of people today do not subscribe to the official discourse on immigration. They do not believe that it is “an opportunity for France.” Reality keeps imposing itself on them, on a daily basis.

Raspail is adamant that assimilation of immigrants is not possible, that the model of integration is unworkable. Even if a few more illegal immigrants are expelled and a few more foreigners are integrated, says he, the overall numbers will go on growing—and nothing will change in the fundamental problem: the progressive invasion of France and Europe by countless Third World multitudes.

I am not a prophet, but you see clearly the fragility of these countries, where unbearable poverty grows ceaselessly alongside indecent wealth. Those people do not turn to their governments to protest because they expect nothing of those governments. They turn to us and arrive in Europe in boats, in ever larger numbers, today in Lampedusa, tomorrow elsewhere. Nothing deters them.
Thanks to the demographic curve, by the 2050s the number of young indigenous French will equal that of young foreigners in France. Many will be naturalized, which does not mean that they will have become French. I am not saying they are bad people, but “naturalizations on paper” are not naturalizations of the heart. I cannot consider them my compatriots. We need to drastically toughen the law, as a matter of urgency.

There are only two ways to deal with immigrants, Raspail says. “Either we accommodate them, and France—her culture, her civilization—will be eradicated without so much as a funeral. In my view, that is what is going to happen. Or we do not accommodate them at all, which means we stop sanctifying the Other and rediscover our neighbours.”

This would mean that we eventually cease paying heed to those “Christian ideas gone mad,” as Chesterton called them, or to those depraved human rights, and that we take the indispensable measures to protect ourselves collectively, without appeal, to avoid the dissolution of our country into a general race-blending mélange. I see no other solution. I travelled a lot in my youth. All peoples are fascinating, but when you mix them too much, animosity becomes far more prevalent than sympathy. Métissage is never peaceful. It is a dangerous utopia. Just look at South Africa!

Raspail accepts that “at the point where we are now,” those necessary measures would inevitably be “very coercive.” He does not believe this will happen, however, and doesn’t see anyone who has the courage and the “balance of the soul” to do what is needed. “The supporters of immigration are not more charitable than I,”
Raspail insists. “There probably isn’t a single one who intends to welcome one of these unfortunates into his home,” but what we have is “an emotional pretence, an irresponsible maelstrom that will swallow us.” In his view, there may be a temporary alternative to the choice between submission and coercion, and that is the establishment of compact indigenous communities.
The flight of the French from majority immigrant areas, as well as the mass protests against homosexual marriage legislation, herald a new form of communitarianism and indicate that millions of French people will resist the “change of civilizations” promised by the Left. Rival communitarianisms will be reinforced by mutual animosity, which will end in extremely severe confrontations.

Raspail does not believe in a sudden and unexpected revival. “It would require an epic spirit, an appreciation of a sublime destiny… It would require people to still believe in their country. I don’t see many of them left.” The revival would require a thorough reform of state education and the media, to deny any platform to the teachers and journalists who are serving the enemy:
We have removed the sacred from the idea of the nation, the exercise of power, the past of the country. We have created cracks in the statue of France, we have disfigured it (especially the Left!) to the point where nothing inspires respect any more. The power of the false ideas disseminated by the state education system and the media is boundless.

But as for me, I have lived in France for 1500 years, I am content with what is mine, and I have no desire for that to change... Source....


by James Reed
C.H. Douglas in his BBC broadcast, November 1934, “The Causes of War: Is Our Financial System to Blame?” talked uncommon common sense about war and its nature. War is not eliminated through eliminating, say, the nation state, because “the seeds of war are in every village.”

Economic competition, the capturing of markets and the zero-sum game of international economy is yet another attempt to impose one’s will on an enemy so “economic war has always resulted in military war, and probably always will”.
War is the natural human, and indeed, animal response to irritations: “To say that all men will fight if sufficiently irritated seems to me to be an argument against irritating them, rather than against human nature.”

This wisdom is something the Left, with its programmes of immigration, multiracialism and multiculturalism, have not yet realized. The modern economic system, based upon ‘free’ trade and globalization, aims to capture markets, and in our day, buy up territory: these are also economic irritants that can fester and eventually erupt in war, especially when resources diminish. Neo-liberalism denies this and sees globalism as a path to peace, claiming that liberal democracies have not been at each other’s throats for a while (ignoring counter-examples such as the Falkland’s War). However, when a time of severe depletion arises, watch all this change.

Along with this, poverty and economic insecurity are also breeding grounds for war. Modern times have produced “poverty amidst plenty”, which anyone on unemployment “benefits” or a pension well understands. The dole is about AUS$35 a day and the elites spend that on just one sniff of cocaine. There is a deficiency of the spending power of the individual in the midst of the glut of consumer goods.

Changing the money system so that money is distributed not solely from employment, but from a National Dividend based on the productive capacity of nations, will eliminate this irritation and one of the causes of war. This is a key part of Social Credit. Social credit is social because man is a social being, but it is not, repeat, not, socialism. Socialism involves nationalising of production and then government control by the elites who rule over the ordinary folk as “kings”. Social credit, in short, offers us all a better world, a human world. ... or here

Review: The book by Alexander Del Mar, “A History of Monetary Crimes” is impossible to briefly sum up and should be read by all social crediters, and all concerned about the future of civilisation.
Del Mar shows that financial crimes are the root cause of social unrest and war throughout the ages – or logically, as long as monetary systems have existed. Primitive man fought mainly for physical [possessions, but money enables men to fight for symbolically embedded wealth, represented in, for example, gold.

Practices of altering the monetary laws of the state, were rightly said by the Roman writer Pliny (23-79AD) to be a “crime against mankind.” This crime continues today at a level that Pliny would not have been able to imagine. To combat it today requires not only the science of Social Credit, but the iron will to put it in place  


by Arnis Luks
Beata and I recently received the ‘ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture’ – first printed in 1877 and further evolved and developed from father to son to grandson over the following 70 years. It records many things about the development of Bee Culture but in particular the Langstroth hive, designed with 35mm spaced hanging moveable frames with a set 9.5mm bee-space all around the hive (still used 150 years later by 75% of apiarists around the world), the Hoffman self-spacing frame that did not stick together with propolis, and Johannes Mehring foundation wax for the frames, with the impression of the bee cells imposed onto the wax sheet set to 5.4mm per cell.  

Each of these discoveries demonstrated that the uni-verse (of bees) is ordered and if the observations are correct, putting them into practice will optimize the hive design for the bees and the apiarist alike. Harvesting of honey without destroying the bees and the hives had eluded civilizations for many thousands of years before these discoveries, but from them it became common practice for the budding honey industry and the hobbyist alike. These technological discoveries - mostly concentrated between 1850–1875 – allowed a better means to the produce, always available, but not easily accessible. The question of scarcity was answered with abundance.

Beata and I have been looking at building a solar oven to melt the foundation wax. We have considered a few designs and some are readily available from material in and around the house. The harnessing of hydrocarbon and electrical energy are relatively new phenomenon in the history of the world ,* and with the machine faltering, alternatives must be sourced. There is an unprecedented availability of knowledge that can easily provide independence for all. We only need to look at what has been done before and work with what we currently have.

We are more than flesh and blood; we are spirit and soul and each of these combined make the whole person. The creative opportunities for each can be demonstrated in their work-ship or busy-ness. Solar, wind and other dynamic forces of nature, that we are not yet aware of, will be discovered as a result of the machine stopping.

*About 300 years ago, the industrial revolution began with stationary wind-powered and water-powered technologies, which were essentially replaced by fossil hydrocarbons: coal in the nineteenth century, oil since the twentieth century, and now, increasingly, natural gas. The global use of hydrocarbons for fuel by humans has increased nearly 800-fold since 1750 and about 12-fold in the twentieth century. Source...

Psalm 86: 9-10. All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name. For you are great and do marvellous deeds...

Book-- “The Tree of Life” by H.J. Massingham. $30.00 + postage. Massingham documents the clash between the Doctrine of Creation and the Doctrine of Progress from Biblical and classical times, through Shakespeare and on to WWII, during which this book was first published.
Drawing upon his extensive scholarship in theology, poetry, literature, politics, the arts, folk-culture and economics, Massingham opens up fresh dimensions on the traditionalist relationship between the English people and their countryside.
His practical perspective can be shared by indigenous farmers across the world as they continue to struggle against the blind forces of globalised finance.  


League folk know of the Katyn tragedy of WWII; the book “Katyn” was carried by the League for a number of years. Polish officers were murdered by the Soviets and the blame placed on the German military - until the truth was revealed. The Polish people are now calling this second tragedy Katyn Two. 
Poland's weekly Gazeta Polska published 10 points confirming Russian terrorist attack on Polish president's plane, 5 November 2013.

A Warsaw weekly, Gazeta Polska, devoted its latest issue to the Smolensk Disaster and the recent Second Smolensk Conference (the picture on the cover shows the Russian terrorist bombing of president's plane on April 10, 2010).

In an article entitled “What we know about the 2nd Smolensk Conference” the weekly writes:

"Scientists from different fields have no doubt that the official version of the tragedy of April 10, 2010 has nothing to do with truth, and the study of evidence and investigation are dictated by Russia. Gazeta Polska also prepared a report on major issues that were handled by independent scientists at the Second Smolensk Conference held in Warsaw in late October. During the two days of the Conference, discussions were held in four sessions.
There were more than 30 reports by participants from Poland and other countries, and by 49 members of the Scientific Committee (most of them have a professor title) - the size of Polish scientific community is impressive. Unfortunately, the lessons to be learned from reports by some of the participants are appalling. They point out that the Tu-154M plane with 96 elite Poles on board was destroyed by an explosion, the investigation of the crash was a lie from the very start.

Later in the article, the full text of which is presented only in paper format, 10 main conclusions of the conference are given:
1. The Smolensk birch which, the Russians say, caused the disaster was broken five days before the crash,
2. The character of damage of the debris point to an explosion on board,
3. The distribution of debris indicates the plane exploded in the air,
4. Explosives were found on the crash site,
5. Data from black boxes was tampered,
6. The powerful plane could not lose a wing after a collision with a tiny birch,
7. After the disaster the outlook of the debris was altered by the Russians,
8. Autopsies of the victims were not conducted,
9. Agreement between Polish pro-Russian prime minister Tusk and Russian leader Putin violated Polish interests,
10. The pro-Russian Miller's Commission worked illegally.
Source: Department of Monitoring, Kavkaz Center  


Re the comment on page two of On Target 25 October 2013:
“We don’t like James Reed referring to Tony Abbott as Tony Rabbit.” James Reed doesn’t get it! Even Julia Gillard (with Ocker accent) called him Misterrrrrr Abbott. Therefore Tony Abbott/Rabbit just doesn’t work!
- - Pat Lander

On Target, Dear Editor,
It has been about two weeks, but the question was asked, “In the light of Coalition’s sellout of the Australian people to the One world Globalists-what do readers suggest he (Tony Abbott) be called?” My answer is simply either his name or his title, or both where occasion demands it.
Why? Because it’s the Christian or Godly thing to do. I find the use of names other than these are usually motivated by contempt, or anger born of betrayal, or a desire to belittle the other, and/or even raise one’s own status by putting another person down.
This is common political tactic, and the usual approach of the PC crowd to others who don’t bow down to them.
But the one who confesses Christ as Saviour and Lord has to examine his or her motives. Speaking must be shaped primarily, not by what another has done (the sellout), but by the influence and character of the Holy Spirit in us in response. If we are a “new creation”, we must “proceed” from that source of our newness, not the old nature.
Does talking in a derogatory way about someone build up that person OR even the speaker?
I submit both are degraded in a damaging way. We are encouraged/commanded to “Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside (the church), redeeming the time. Let your speech always be with grace (undeserved favour), seasoned with salt,...” Col. 4:5,6.
As I understand that and other scriptures, speaking must be respectful, truthful about the person or action spoken of, and responsively in accord with the Holy Spirit, that the speaker not be “defiled” (Mt.15:18-20)(Jude 9).
As the League declares it is, “To promote service to the Christian revelation of God,” it’s writers must portray that service or expression of the revelation in it’s writings. Otherwise it will not appear to differ in spirit from other political/philosophical writings.
I trust this will be understandable, and thank you for the invitation to suggest an alternative.
- - Kind regards, Robert Greggery  

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159