Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

18 April 1969. Thought for the Week: "The West is swayed by a profound will to die... Actually and with the profoundest vindictiveness of ill health, it does not wish to be defended, it deeply resents anyone who would defend it and will seek to destroy him... because it cannot be defended without facing the truth about itself. Nor can anyone truly defend it without, ultimately, speaking the truth about it. That it cannot stand and so, first of all, it must long to destroy those who would save it."
Whittaker Chambers, the former Communist agent, in Gold Friday, published posthumously.


"Violent student anti-war riots flared last night in Sydney and Adelaide. In the "Battle of Sydney", 128 students - including a priest - were arrested. Students took over the Federal Attorney General's office and the Special Federal Court before police flushed them out... The demonstration was organised by the Militant Students for a Democratic Society... The NSW assistant Commissioner of Police (Mr. L. F. Newman) who was in charge of all the NSW police involved, said 'some hundreds' of policemen had been used, -'certainly the most ever we have had at student demonstrations." - The Age, April 12.

Student violence, as we have been predicting for the past eighteen months or more, is the key revolutionary weapon against stable society in the Western world. That the conscious planning of a small hardcore revolutionary element is so successful is primarily the result of the indecisiveness of the Federal Government to give the necessary lead in dealing with the minority responsible. First it must be recognised that we are at war with the agents of a foreign conspiracy, which has penetrated the academic and student bodies to provide troops for revolutionary war on classical communist lines. This has been the result of long term planning.
However we have the problem now, and immediate steps must be taken to stop the revolutionaries in their stride. If there is sufficient health left in the nation to deal with the short-term problem, it will augur well for future activity dealing with the long-term problem.

When student rioting outside the American Embassy in Melbourne last year resulted in widespread damage to the Embassy the R.S.L. and other concerned bodies advocated that students convicted of riotous behaviour have their financial privileges through Commonwealth scholarships withdrawn. The responsible minister, Mr. Fraser refused to do this, although expressing concern, and saying the position was being watched closely. He felt there would be sufficient reaction by the healthier student membership to offset the actions of the revolutionary element. This is wishful thinking and reflects ignorance and misunderstanding of the depth of the conspiracy operating in the universities.

There is no one-day phenomenon, which will fade away just because decent people are revolted by the savagery, demonstrated. This conspiracy has, as Marx said, "a world to win", and will not be stopped by wishful thinking. In the "battle for Sydney" last week bail of $9000 for the 128 students arrested was paid for by the Students Representative Council. All students attending university are compelled to pay a yearly fee to the S.R.C. In Melbourne this amounts to $3.75 and with 20,000 students gives enormous funds into the hands of those running for Council. In the Sydney episode it enabled the Council to finance revolutionary activity.
Most of the students are on Commonwealth secondary scholarships from which these funds are paid. The revolutionary student newspapers draw their funds from the same source.

It is time for the Government to insist that the University authorities stipulate that students should make only voluntary subscriptions to the S.R.C, Finally the privilege of receiving a university education should be suspended from all those convicted of involvement in violent demonstrations. University students should not be treated as a privileged community, and strong disciplinary action now could stop the rot.


"Professor Urban Whitaker, professor of international relations, Professor Herbert L. Schiller, research professor of economics and business research are here to give a series of lectures for the Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament on subjects including student dissent and draft resistance" - The Sun, April 15.

Professors Whitaker and Schiller were met at the Essendon airport by Dr. Jim Cairns. They commended Dr. Cairns on his recent arrest and challenge to the authorities. In the visit of these two academics we see the liaison on an international scale between instrumentalities serving the conspiracy. They will be used to keep the student revolution rolling, helping along and echoing the sentiments and example set by men like Dr. Cairns on the local scene.

The perversion in the mind of Dr. Cairns was revealed in a statement to the press. "Dr. Cairns warned the NSW police force and Government that unless something is done about police violence they would be responsible for any counter violence." He had previously said, "Policemen have no more right to use violence than anyone else. When they do they are thugs and should be treated as such", The Herald, Melbourne. April 14.

Here Dr. Cairns deliberately distorts the facts. He endeavours to present police action against the students as deliberate provocation of the students. That a so-called "responsible" public figure can get away with such a distortion of the true position is indicative of the sickness of society today. It is to be hoped that as parliament meets as we go to press there will be a strong move to censure Dr. Cairns, and the promise of special legislation to deal with revolutionary students.


"The Premier, Sir Henry Bolte, today came out strongly in favor of an open door policy on foreign investment in Australia," - The Herald April 14.

Sir Henry, like most politicians shows an abysmal ignorance for economic realities as far as determining where money comes from. He says, "I don't think we can afford to be choosy about where the money comes from". Australians should be very concerned and choosey as to whether they are selling their heritage. Mr. Justice Barry recently said Australia was in danger of becoming a disused quarry surrounded by an oil slick. This may be a picturesque way of describing the results of the present rush to import money in exchange for our mineral wealth, but there is a great deal of truth behind it nevertheless.

A recent bulletin issued by The Institute of Economic Democracy republishes an article by Queensland economist, Mr. H. W. Herbert who explains the realistic position when foreign capital (money) comes into Australia on the pretext that without it we will not develop our natural resources. Using the hypothetical case of a big American firm, Minerals Down Under who sends $50 million to Australia to develop ore deposits, Mr. Herbert points out that the Company does not send out any American dollars. This amount is deposited with the U.S. branch of Australia's Reserve Bank. The usual case is that the major proportion, in this case Mr. Herbert nominates, $40 million is used to employ Australian geologists, other manpower and equipment. $10million could be used to import foreign experts and equipment. Mr. Herbert suggests, and quite rightly, that the Australian Government should say to Minerals Down Under "Thanks for your offer to invest $50 million… we only want $10 million and we will provide the other $40 million. Where would we get the $40 million?" and Mr. Herbert answers, "By having the banking system create it in exactly the same way it creates counterpart funds."

Sir Henry should insist that Australia's banking resources be used to finance Australia's natural resources, in both manpower and material assets. It is all a question of bookkeeping, not black magic.

The bulletin referred to on the article by Queensland Economist, Mr. H. W. Herbert is available from the Institute of Economic Democracy, P.O. BOX 33, PADDINGTON Queensland. 4064. 5 for 25c, 10 for 35c. 20 for 60c, 35 for $1.


Since our last report when the League's $5000 Deficiency Fund stood at $2343.00 the fund has built up by $253.92 making a total of $2596.92. There is no doubt that many intending donors have yet to put pen to paper. Keep the fund moving ahead by not procrastinating any longer.


Mr. Eric Butler reports as follows from Canada:

It is clear that there has been a marked intensification of Communist inspired revolutionary activity in Canada since I was here last year. Prime Minister Trudeau warned late last year that the greatest threat to Canada was internal from the type of riots and violence so prevalent in the U.S.A. In view of this statement, many Canadians are puzzled why Mr. Trudeau permits so many well-known revolutionary "activists" to freely enter Canada. Mr. Trudeau's Cabinet colleague, Mr. Jean Marchland, has been reported as having said that it was Ottawa's policy to let " a visitor come to talk about revolution and (he) might even be allowed to recommend it to restricted groups, but could not launch public appeals for it or organise it.

The Hemispheric Conference To End The War in Vietnam, held in Montreal late last year, witnessed the assembly of the biggest group of international revolutionaries yet seen in Canada. The revolutionaries are now making some progress with both Black and Red Power movements. Negroes and Red Indians are regarded cynically as just so much raw material to be exploited for revolutionary purposes. It appears to me that the revolutionaries are having their biggest successes on the nation's University campuses. There was comparatively little information in the Australian press about the extent of the violence and destruction at the famous Sir George Williams University in Montreal. There was no question of Sir George Williams being "reactionary". It was extremely liberal, offering daily talks on Maoism, Black Power and revolution in general. Students had every opportunity to anticipate in decisions concerning the administration of the University. Militant students were treated with every tolerance. But this permissive philosophy did not prevent the worst riot in Canada's history on a University campus.

Some of the black militants, who helped to wreck the University's computer centre, causing $2 million damage, were not even students. The riot at Sir George Williams was allegedly caused by a race issue. Most of the worst of the rioters were Negroes from the West Indies. Many of them are studying on scholarships financed by Canadian taxpayers. During an incredible chain of events at Sir George Williams, the Vice Principal was forcefully held in his office for hours by twelve black students and eventually compelled to sign a "confession" that he had "smeared" the black revolutionaries. The behaviour of the accused, when they came before a court on February 27, was such that the Judge had to point out that they were behaving with "levity not in keeping with the seriousness of the charges." The court could hardly proceed because of the noise. There was a sensational development at-the preliminary trial hearing when the Judge adjourned the hearing when a seized document linked the student rioters with African, Cuban, and Soviet embassies. The seized document read in part "Need progress reports as soon as poss. Statement of position should be delivered to African Embassies, Cuban, Soviet Embassy. Try to keep out of demonstrations - put new faces in. Many key brothers and sisters as yet seem unaware of the party".

Two busloads of students invaded Parliament at Ottawa and demanded Federal intervention at Sir George Williams. Cabinet Minister Drury was howled down when he explained that Ottawa could not interfere in provincial affairs, and that the students could be assured of a fair trial. This is Canada in early 1969.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159