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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

9 May 1969. Thought for the Week: "For the burdens of inflation have grown too much to bear, interest rates stand at the highest level in a century. The housing shortage goes from bad to worse. Values, both tangible and spiritual, are warped. The foundations of society erode. In the end, if the past were any guide, an unsound expansion and speculative excess must lead to a crash. "Practical men said one who should know "are usually the slaves of some defunct economist." Living or dead, false prophets have held us in thrall long enough."
Barron's Magazine, U.S.A., March 31


"The NSW Governor (Sir Roden Cutler) was jostled abused and pelted with rotten vegetables and bottle tops during a violent student clash at Sydney University yesterday afternoon." - The Age, May 2.

It should surely be obvious now for all to see that student violence is a deliberate tactic in a strategy having worldwide implications. The "cause" of this particular demonstration was the same excuse offered in various universities and colleges of the US recently, objection to the existence of military units within the university. Obviously the local Marxists have picked up the message. The time for reason and logic - talking about the due processes of law and respect for authority - is now long past. Firm action is needed to weed out the revolutionaries and deal with them. The university is no place for criminals of any description, intellectual or otherwise.

Dr. Hastings Banda, President of Malawi, offered some sound advice to any student or teacher agitator when he recently said, "Any teacher who comes here with funny ideas of democracy or personal liberty - out he goes. We have our own ideas of personal liberty. Youth must obey their elders. We don't want the kind of nonsense they get in other countries with student rioting. Not here." - Melbourne Herald, March 30.

With the announcement by the Federal Attorney-General, Mr. Nigel Bowen, that the Government has information revealing plans for increasing student violence, including secondary High Schools, the Government has no excuse for not taking off the kid gloves. If they know of these plans in advance they must know who are the key agitators. There is no doubt the public would welcome a show-down which demonstrates a fundamental solution to the use of students, universities and high schools as instruments of revolution.


Professor Whitaker suggested violence should be reserved as the ultimate means of dissent for "most vital life and death issues" - The Age, April 28.

Imported by the Communist front, the Congress for international Co-operation and Disarmament, this intellectual revolutionary, along with his counterpart, Professor Schiller, should have been deported by the Government immediately they started to uphold violence as a legitimate form of activity. When a deranged person announces he intends violence against the community, as was the case in Sydney last week when the life of Cardinal Gilroy was threatened, the police came and quite properly removed him out of harm's way. Why the deference shown to these professional revolutionaries, similarly sick in mind, and much more dangerous?


"South Africa revealed today a master plan to grab control of the Indian Ocean after Britain withdraws from the area next year" - The Herald, April 26.

The use of the word "grab" is of course part of the semantic warfare used by the pro-Communist mass media. The infiltration of the Soviet into the Indian Ocean is not described in such terms, but merely as the "progressive expansion of Soviet interest" as though it was perfectly natural and without any real intention of helping the expansion of Communist aggression. Thus we are softened up. The realistic approach of the South African Government is to be commended, and is in direct contrast to the hesitant uncertainty of Australian foreign policy. The South Africans have plans to patrol the Indian Ocean as far as the Antarctic ice cap using submarines as well as patrol craft equipped with guided missiles. With a white population of 31/4 million as against our 12 million, South Africa is setting an example we could well emulate.


Following a short visit to the USA recently Mr. Eric Butler has forwarded the following report:

A rather cynical American conservative replied as follows when I asked him how he assessed the Nixon Administration: "I think that George Wallace was inflationary when he said that there was not ten cents of difference between Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey."
The concern of American conservatives has been expressed even in National Review, the conservative weekly, which supported Nixon. National Review provides evidence that a number of outstanding Americans who supported Goldwater in 1964 have been blacklisted by the Nixon Administration.

One of the most influential men in the Nixon administration is Mr. Arthur F. Burns, described by the New York Times as "Deputy President". Mr. Burns has vast powers, one being to detect and resolve disputes in the fields of policy and administration before they reach the President. American conservatives have been digging deep into the background of Mr. Burns and they are disturbed by what has been revealed. According to Who's Who In World Jewry, Arthur F. Burns was born of Jewish parents in Stanislau, Austria, on April 29, 1904. Burns has been associated with the Twentieth Century Fund as trustee. The Fund was established by Edward A. Filene, a wealthy Boston Merchant who had an early interest in Communist Russia. A number of pro-Communists like J. Robert Oppenheimer have been officials or directors of the Twentieth Century Fund. In 1937 Burns became a New Deal Researcher in the American Treasury Department under Soviet agent Harry Dexter White.
Burns worked with David Weintrauh, Sidney Hillman and Irving Kaplan, all identified by Whittaker Chambers in sworn testimony as Communists. Burns was appointed Chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers by President Eisenhower. It is claimed that Burns has been a confidential adviser to Mr. Nixon since 1953. Immediately he became President, Mr. Nixon created a new post for Burns entitled, "Counselor to the President". Critics of the appointment stress that this appointment did not require Senate confirmation and that Burns now exercises powers never before held by such a non-elected official.
As a dedicated political Zionist, Burns cannot be expected to "counsel" the President objectively on the deepening Middle East crisis. It is interesting to note that an analysis of the 1968 Presidential Elections reveals that in spite of Nixon's promised support for Israel, he made little impression on the American Jewish vote, which overwhelmingly supported Hubert Humphrey.
Mr. Joseph Palmer, violently anti-South Africa and anti-Rhodesia, has continued as Under-Secretary of State for African Affairs. Pro-Rhodesian supporters are now starting to express their concern that Mr. Palmer has not been replaced with someone more realistic about the African situation.
President Nixon's show of some strength following the North Korean destruction of an American plane has temporarily improved the status of the President as a determined leader, but Vietnam remains his main Achilles heel. American public opinion continues to grow progressively more restive about Vietnam, with increasing support for a policy of scaling down American participation as quickly as possible. Hanoi understands this all too clearly, with the result that American conservatives fear another Korea. They recall that Nixon was Vice-President when the Eisenhower Administration ended the Korean War on terms, which served the long-term strategy the Communists.


The Deficiency Fund appeal for $5000 now stands at $2727.77. Unfortunately we cannot announce any source of secret funds from which we can magically extract the difference. The money has to be found the hard way, from the hard-earned reserves of supporters. The advance of $130.85 since the last announcement on April 18 shows the necessity for those who have not considered their contribution to do so without delay.


Dr. Mansholt, Vice President of the European Economic Community Commission, and author of the so-called "Mansholt Plan" has recently been a guest of Australia. Dr. Mansholt gave every indication that he was suffering from the usual socialist malady - statistical drunkenness. His plan, published last December and entitled "Agriculture 1980" recommends: Co-operatives and Mergers on the Land: eliminating 5 million farmers: putting 15 million acres of farmland into housing or parklands. He went on to point out that the agricultural system in the six member countries was "backward". Incentives were to be offered to reduce the number of cattle and under his Slaughter scheme, a bonus of $US300 would be paid to farmers to eliminate their cattle. All farmers over the age of 55 would receive the pension in retirement, and, to quote his own words, "Younger men would be retrained in Regional Industrial Programmes." Dr. Mansholt seemed to care little for the fact that many of these farmers families have been on the land for over 400 years. Their task is, and has always been, to produce the food of the nation. If they have not failed in this task, how can they be described as "backward"?
The problems of the E.E.C are problems of over production rather than the reverse.

It is interesting to examine Mansholt's remarks on the training of ex-farmers in Regional Industrial programmes. It bears a striking similarity to the eighth of Karl Marx's ten points for communising a State, as outlined in the Communist Manifesto, which said, "Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of Industrial Armies, especially for Agriculture".

Australia has its own versions of Dr. Mansholt - in fact an alarming number. Dr. Henry Schapper Reader in Agricultural Economics at the University of Western Australia, last year produced proposals similar to those adopted in the E.E.C. for the elimination of as many as 100,000 Australian farmers. Ronald Anderson, writing in The Chronicle of March 20th reports that Dr. Schapper was so enthusiastic about his own proposals that he sent them to every Commonwealth and W.A. State Member of Parliament. Ronald Anderson also reported in the same article that Professor Derek Tribe, Dean of Melbourne's University Faculty of Agriculture had only the week before said that as many as 100,000 of Australia's farmers would have to move out of agriculture in the years ahead. "They can go in one of two ways . . . painfully through bankruptcy . . . or relatively painlessly through the planned operation of a policy such as that advocated by Dr. Schapper. The change can, in short, be revolutionary or evolutionary".
That there is another alternative never seems to occur to the planning fraternity.

That alternative is to devise new economic policies, which return to Australian farmers the incentives which debt; inflation and taxation have taken from them. The result of this would be a complete reversal of the present trends. Stability and prosperity would return to the Rural Industry. The increasing flood of people from the country to the cities would be reversed. Farmers would be able to genuinely tailor productivity to demand without fear of economic reprisals.

Statistical drunkenness as applied to Rural Industry has one particular shortcoming. It is the farmers who have the hangover. Ronald Anderson, himself a victim of "inebriated thinking", went on to ask rather plaintively why farmers were so apathetic to the suggestions of men like Schapper and Tribe. It is a pity that he cannot descend from his ivory tower long enough to find out what farmers are really thinking. Having dismissed the little booklet The Wool Industry and the Cost Inflation Problem, a League Publication, as the product of a "skulking pressure group", he might be surprised to find out that an increasing number of farmers are neither apathetic nor enthusiastic about the planned destruction of the Rural Industry and the free enterprise system in Australia. A glance at our latest publication They Want Your Land, the publication of which was financed by a number of Australian farmers, would serve to show him that Rural Industry is not quite so inundated with clodhoppers and hayseeds as he might think.


The News, (Adelaide) of March 25th, carried a story describing conditions in the latest country in Africa to attain independence, Equatorial Guinea. The country was described as smouldering with hate and ripe for explosion. In early March a coup was attempted against President Francisco Macias Nguema. The article goes on:
"One of the leaders of that plot, the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to the UN, either took poison or was lynched - take your choice. He is most certainly dead and it is likely more will die."
Shops have been abandoned by their Spanish owners. The other shops are quickly running out of supplies. It is apparently this type of "majority rule" which the UN wishes to inflict upon the people of Rhodesia.
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