Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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16 May 1969. Thought for the Week: It is my belief that if we carry into these years (ahead) the present system of concentrated economic powers and practices of both capital and labor of concentrated populations, of concentrated industries, of concentrated government domination and direction, of heavy taxation with it destructive effects on community and individual initiative and independence, of the steady impairment of our soil and water and the destruction of our forests and our irreplaceable minerals and oils, of the prevailing greed of various privilege-seeking groups, we cannot possibly avoid economic disaster... Yet it is a fact that the dominant thinking of the moment simply proposes a continuation, with ever-increasing governmental interference of the same hopeless system."
Decentralise For Liberty by Thomas Huges, former Assistant Secretary for Fiscal Affairs, (U.S.A.)


"About 100 students at Monash University, Melbourne, last night invaded the university's council chamber after the councils regular meeting" - The Australian, May 13.

The invasion of the administrative building at Monash by radical students was the second in a week. The Melbourne Sun, May 13, shows front-page pictures of longhaired, barefooted, unshaven and to all appearances, unwashed barbarians occupying the carpeted and panelled inner sanctum of the university's council chambers. Such is the result of present day "education", but more correctly termed permissive morality, it being the proud boast of modern university life that the individual has more freedom, i.e. action without any restraint or discipline, that in any other walk of life. It is a sure recipe for anarchy.

Sir Arthur Lee, Federal President of the Returned Serviceman's League called on the Government to expose all known communist organisations in Australia, The Australian, May 13.

This is a first step in the right direction. Sir Arthur and the Federal executive of the R.S. L. are calling for a White Paper to be published without delay. Such an exposure would undoubtedly put the hard core Communists on the defensive. The Attorney General, Mr. Nigel Bowen revealed last week that the Government had secret information, which indicated the plans of the revolutionaries to increase the lawlessness now flowing from the students. Immediately he made this announcement he was either ridiculed or contradicted by university chancellors, or other spokesman and student leaders. Mr. Bowen had said the information he had, indicated that the students would emulate what had been happening in America and elsewhere when students would forcibly take over buildings and press for greater participation in the administration of university life. Even while he was being contradicted by university spokesman the revolutionaries moved in and took over the administration building at Monash!

There is undoubtedly a pressing need for any information the authorities have, to be made public. However mere information on a disease will not cure the complaint. Long-term measures need to be instituted to reverse the disastrous financial and political policies, which have undermined and destroyed responsibility within the community. The basic policy of centralised control over all aspects of individual life is the poison destroying the fabric of society. As the government has taken over more and more functions normally accepted as the responsibility of the individual, the precious principle of individual responsibility has been destroyed. The mainspring of financial responsibility has been eroded almost completely.

In education from kindergarten to university, control has passed -into the hands of bureaucrats and those who have for many years permeated education, giving them the greatest influence in formulating and controlling the curriculum and the selection of text books. That control has been based upon the worship of materialism, and the exclusion of spiritual truths. The problem is enormous, and can only be halted and reversed if there is sufficient political strength left in the country. This may well be if sparked to life in the right way.

Press and radio reports in the last few days tell of the cancellation of large sums to Sydney University by business organisations that normally were given for research. Given the chance to express their feelings there is no doubt individual Australians would apply economic sanctions to present educational policy in pursuit of a better alternative. It is estimated that the Governments of Australian States spend approximately $300 yearly on primary students, $420 on secondary students, and $1220 on university students. A combination of taxation concessions and grants to parents would alter completely the basis of responsibility for providing education, and would immediately start to eliminate the hard core of irresponsible louts who form the revolutionary elite.
Combined with very definite powers of expulsion insisted upon by strong Government, the immediate situation can be brought under control.

The long- term problem depends upon the restoration of individual responsibility, the decrease of Government control of education, and the recognition of the spiritual basis of society. (In order of importance it is "the last shall be first". The prior stipulations would then flow from the latter.) Above all the destructive effects of irresponsible mass education (brain washing) must be broken.

Mr. G.F.J. Dart, Headmaster of Ballarat Grammar School, commenting on student power pointed an unerring finger when he told old boys of his school "a new force in the world social and political scene has arise and that force is probably the first genuine product of universal education". We wonder how many educationists realise that education today belittles and destroys, the individual, the family and the nation, in favour of the universal man. Marx is the modern god. How many understand?


Speaking in the Senate on March 25th, Senator McManus exposed the activities of two subversive organizations, Students for a Democratic Society and Students in Dissent. The latter organisation has been promoting violence in High Schools. Senator McManus stated that it is now established in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and probably elsewhere. Amongst the printed material distributed have been included articles on a do-it-yourself firebomb, with complete instructions; an intelligent guide to contraception; listed prices for the Pill and other contraceptives and Pornographic Scandals; all designed for High school students.
Senator McManus went on to say that the establishment of Students in Dissent had been advertised in the Melbourne Sun of August 16th 1968. The official organ of S.I.D. called Tabloid Underground gave as its address: 1 Shirley Grove, East St.Kilda, the address of two students involved in the demonstration in the U.S. Consulate on July the fourth of that year. One of these William Dowling, had previously been fined $20 by the Monash Disciplinary Committee for breaching the University order not to collect funds for the National Liberation Front in Vietnam.

Among the many questions, which should be asked on these facts, is one that highlights the very permissiveness, which has led to the tragic events so prevalent in our Universities and schools. Is not a fine of $20 a laughable punishment for "giving aid and comfort to the enemy"? A start should be made by implementing the advice of Gilbert and Sullivan "to make the punishment fit the crime".


Mr. Eric Butler reports further from Canada:

The resignation of Transport Minister Paul Hellyer from the Trudeau Government is the first significant crack in the present Canadian Government since it was first elected nearly twelve months ago. Although Mr. Hellyer said that he was resigning because of the Trudeau Cabinet's failure to push through his housing proposals fast enough, there is every reason to believe that the ambitious Mr. Hellyer, defeated by Pierre Trudeau in the Liberal Party leadership race last year, has taken himself out of the Government in order to prepare for an eventual collapse of Trudeau's leadership. Mr. Hellyer is well aware that no Canadian Government in history has lost support so quickly as the Trudeau Government. A major backlash developed as a result of the Canadian Prime Minister's performances at the Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference in London. Mr. Trudeau's "swinging" activities were acceptable inside Canada, but I have heard many Canadians say they accepted something more dignified from a Canadian Prime Minister representing them abroad.

It is not only the development of serious economic problems which is eroding support for the Trudeau Government, but the attitude of the Trudeau Government towards those problems. The housing problem is becoming most acute, the basic cause of the problem being the steady increase in inflation. Financial costs are making it extremely difficult for young married Canadians to purchase their own homes. It has been pointed out if Joe Canadian buys a $25,000 house under present conditions, with a prevailing interest rate of nine per cent, and his loan to be paid off over 40 years, he will finish up paying approximately $75,000 for his home!

Canadian farmers are now suffering intensely the same type of problems being experienced by Australian farmers. The same type of Socialist "solutions" are being offered - more centralisation and rationalisation. Minister for Agriculture Mr. Olson, who was once a Social Credit Member of the Federal Parliament, and who might therefore be expected to know something about financial realities, is outraging Canadian farmers with his general attitude. One comment suggested that Mr. Olson does not believe that inflation can be stopped. He states that Canadian consumers have been getting their food too cheap for too long. Any attempt to solve farmers' problems by increasing food supplies can only result in intensified inflation, with wage earners being led into more strikes.

The only real solution is, of course, for the Government to implement a financial policy to reduce financial costs bearing on the farmer. But Mr. Trudeau and his Socialist advisers will have none of this. In the meantime the Central Bank is applying an increased credit squeeze policy on the Canadian trading banks. In the face of a deteriorating situation for the farmers, the Conservative Opposition under Mr. Robert Stanfield offers little that is basically constructive.

If Karl Marx were alive today, he would be impressed with the destructive impact upon farming everywhere as a result of his recommended policy of centralised credit control and a heavy, progressive income tax. The smaller units are coming under increasing financial pressure.

Speaking at a recent conference in Yorkton, Saskatchewan official of the North Dakota (U.S.A.) Farmers' Union said that international business conglomerates were extending their influence into agriculture. He said that corporate ownership of farms is rapidly destroying the concept of the family farm. This concept does not appear to concern the Trudeau Government. But Canadian farmers may yet play a decisive role in destroying Mr. Trudeau.


West Irian uprising led by Wan Mafma, surmised to be by Colin Sinclair of the Melbourne Herald a former native patrol officer known in 1962 as Alex Wamafma…
Mr. R. J. Feery of the Victorian Farmers' Union said one third of Australian Farmers growing wheat would be forced out of wheat production this year. Mr. Feery said, "banks were asking for reduction in farmers overdrafts because of their restricted assets"...
Mr. Anthony, Minister for Primary Industry also said at Bendigo, Victoria that possibly one third of Australia's farmers were not getting an adequate income. "I'm afraid the only possible answer for many of these people is that they should engage in some other employment, leaving a smaller number of people to work bigger and more economic farm units" The Herald, Melbourne May 7…
As a result of the Curtin by-election it is planned to run independent candidates on the single platform of abolishing the means test. A meeting of 600 people in Melbourne decided on such a policy. Marginal seats are to be concentrated upon. Mr. Whitlam has promised that a Labor Government will start by removing the means test from all those over the age of 75. Senator Little said he would move the adjournment of Senate to discuss government policy on social services. The Liberal Government in Victoria is to investigate poverty.

President Nixon is to give food coupons to poverty stricken Americans (it seems we are to get more welfare from the welfare state one way or the other)…
Victa Zorza says that a few words from the West could help the Czechs. "Once again the West looks on helplessly, heedless of the lessons of the recent past, while the Kremlin bullies Czechoslovakia. (Deeds, not words, are needed. Close down Embassies, stop trade and cultural delegations. Such would be a handy start)

The ninth Communist Party congress in Peking sees China's policy in Asia as support for armed struggle against governments in Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Japan. (In Australia it sees subversion, demoralisation and eventual surrender).

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