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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

23 May 1969. Thought for the Week: "The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse"
Edmund Burke.


"I have no doubt that the political training I received in the Communist Party played a part in equipping me for carrying out the duties of a trade unionist. Being a Communist has made me a better trade union official." - Mr. C. O'Shea, Secretary of the Victorian Tramways Union in The Tribune, May 14.

The power of the Communist Party in Australia is probably near to its peak. Once control of the A.C.T.U. passes into its hands the completion of fifty years work will be achieved. Industrial chaos will be achieved at the command of the leadership of the party, that leadership being under the directorship of the international conspiracy.

The immediate issue involved in the gaoling of the Communist secretary of the Victorian Tramways Union, Mr. O'Shea graphically illustrates the power of the Communist Party over trade union politics and thinking throughout Australia. Mr. O'Shea has rightly been goaled for contempt of court. If he is released without that contempt being purged by compliance with the order of the court, and some formula is found by which the law can be by-passed, it will be another victory for the Communists in its campaign to destroy law and order within the community.
The position is not changed by the payment of fines money, which many believe could be better spent.

We are pointing out repeatedly how the Communist movement has exploited the financial policies, which force up prices and destroy the value of the dollar. The Melbourne of May 20 recalled a Meet the Press interview with Mr. O'Shea in 1957 when the Chairman, Mr. Reg Leonard taunted O'Shea, a Peking Marxist with the fact that Chinese workers were living on a basic wage of £3. O'Shea retorted, "But pork is 4d a pound. If we could buy pork here at that price we wouldn't object to the basic wage of £3.13s, which we had in the depression."

The Communist Party is highly organised and indefatigable in working towards its objective of revolution and the destruction of the present basis of society. To a very great extent its propaganda, but more importantly its capture of the control of key positions has brought hundreds of thousands of Australians into a situation of support for those objectives. None of which would be possible without the disastrous effects of financial policies pursued by so-called non-communist political parties.

There is no indication that the Government will change such policies. Like the drunkard, willing to undertake any reform to cure himself except give up alcohol, the Government is seemingly incapable of coming to grips with the basic problem. We are moving to the same position basically as that described in Britain by Perigrine Worsthorne in The Sunday Telegraph, March 30. "What we are faced with is ... a death-wish of a body politic - a growing suspicion that we are caught in a trap, not primarily of our own making, from which nobody knows how to escape, however hard we try. It is this mood of informed defeatism... a despairing assumption... that Britain cannot do anything to alter the international financial context in which we are struggling to survive, in spite of the increasingly obvious fact that this country is the victim rather than the beneficiary of the existing rules and regulations."

Australia is still very largely a sovereign body, and our Government could initiate financial reforms immediately, which would destroy the power of the Communist fifth column working in our midst. This is a political problem, which can only be challenged by resolute and determined men.


"I want everybody who has anything to do with education to read this speech carefully and to follow this line in their public announcements." - President Nixon as quoted in Weekly Review May 16, from a newsletter issued by the American Council on Education.

President Nixon was endorsing the view of Professor Stephen J. Tonsor of the University of Michigan, expressed in a talk given to the National Association of Manufacturers' Education Committee in Washington. D.C. Professor Tonsor was attacking "bigness" in education. He made a plea for the re-establishment of a "free market in education." He said, "Both big government and big education face a crisis of confidence... They have been doing a good many things they should never have attempted - things for which they were totally unequipped."
Professor Tonsor went on "If the institutional aspirations of education are once more to become credible, universities must regain a sense of modesty and a selectivity in the formulation of their objectives. They cannot be all things to all men. The notion of the multiversity is rejected with justice by students and by perceptive faculties…
"In education, our pressing need is not for a single and unitary vision, but rather for visions as different and as diverse as the pluralism of our society.
Professor Tonsor went on to lament the fact that American education has become a single mechanism and its professors and students interchangeable parts. "Under such circumstances, even student riots are monotonously repellently alike."

To remedy this situation and break up the monolith, Professor Tonsor proposed a re-establishment of the free market in education and an assurance that the Church-related school survive, not as a secularised ghost of its former self but as a school with genuinely religious visions of the world, schools in which men learn to serve God and their fellow men rather than themselves.


"South Vietnam's President Thieu is widely feared here to be uneasy over U. S. political proposals to settle the Vietnam war." - Report from Washington in The Herald, Melbourne, May 19.

With the acceptance of "peace" talks over the Vietnam War the Communists were able to step up the psychological war against the West. Brigadier-General Sir Robert Thompson, the British officer responsible for defeating the Communists in Malaya was interviewed on an ABC television programme last week, when he was asked to give his views and to comment on his recently published book NO EXIT IN VIETNAM Sir Robert had refused to accept a Communist offer for peace talks when he moved into a winning position militarily in Malaya. He insisted that the Communists must be defeated completely and without any reservations in the field, both psychologically and militarily.
He pointed out in his interview the Communists have only one objective, victory, not defeat or compromise, and that their acceptance of peace talks was only to forward this objective at the conference table.

Sir Robert made it clear that the Americans have only one course open to them, to ensure the absolute defeat of the Communists. President Thieu is beginning to doubt that the Americans have this clear objective. The Americans have to learn the truth expounded by Father Philip Crosbie, for three years a prisoner of the Communists, and who later chose to serve six years in Korea. Late last year he went to Vietnam and on his return said, "I am firmly convinced that you can talk peace to a communist only after he has put down his hands and entreated you to hit him no more. He will keep his promises only as long as he recalls that you are able and willing to hit him again. That is sad, but it is true. He may be dedicated, courageous, cultured and personable, but when it comes to dealing with the enemy he is a professed liar and cheat. It's there in his book of rules".

The Australian Government should also remember Father Crosbie's advice, not only as regards Vietnam, but dealing with Mr. O'Shea and the Communist fifth column in this country.


A reader from Western Australia commenting on the questions asked of the Rev. Ian Paisley, (On Target May 2) writes. "Dr Paisley is one of the founders of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, an independent fundamental organisation of Presbyterian Churches. In addition to his pastoral duties he edits "The Revivalist", the official organ of the Presbyterian Church, and "The Protestant Telegraph", a bi-weekly newspaper with a circulation of over 50,000. He also teaches theology and homiletics at the Christian Workers Training Institute in Belfast… Paisley is "out" with the apostate denominational bodies because he is anti-ecumenical and very outspoken about it."
In defence of the Rev. Paisey's demonstrations our correspondent -writes "...Paisley has never been jailed for rioting. His demonstrations have always been organised protests..." However it is noticeable that since his release from prison the Rev. Paisley has had the good sense to not stage any more protests.
A civil war situation threatened in Ireland and had the flashpoint been reached and exploded, the socialists whether in England or Ireland could have capitalised on that situation to destroy responsible Government. No Irishman Catholic or Protestant stands to gain from such a disaster.


Our Deficiency Fund appeal for $5000 moves towards the $3000 mark with the addition of $212.41 bringing the total to $2940.18. This sum has come from a relatively small number of supporters, and regular pledges have been kept to the promised quota. With a decent effort in June we should bridge the gap. It only needs those who have not contributed to throw their support behind the wonderful efforts of the few.


Yet another report of failure in the F111 progamme was carried in the Brisbane Courier Mail of May 13th. It was reported that a U.S. defence official had warned that a new version of the F111 would suffer a high loss rate due to inadequate research. Contained in his report was the warning that the U.S. Air force would risk the lives of its pilots by giving them degraded equipment to support a selling job within the Defence Department and to Congress. The parts which the official said were inadequately researched were the so-called "black box" electronics, including the aircraft's radar, navigating equipment and computer to make calculations extracted from and guiding these instruments.
From reports of Mr. Gorton's statements during his visit to the United States and Canada, it appears that the Australian attitude is hardening to the long series of disasters which have accompanied the development of this plane. There is a strong possibility that the Australian Govt. will finally reject the F111 and will seek some substitute. While this would be a step in the right direction, in the long run the "blunderings" of former Defence Secretary, Robert MacNamara have succeeded in ensuring that this particular aspect of defence - a defence which is becoming daily more important - have been set back several years in both the United States and Australia.


The Brisbane Courier Mail (May 13th) was one of a number of national dailies, which reported the remarks of the retiring president, Mr. B. R. Macklin, addressing the Annual conference of the Associated Chambers of Manufacturers of Australia. Mr. Macklin expressed his feelings that a Royal Commission with wide powers should be appointed to investigate Australia's entire taxation system. He went on: "We believe we have reached the stage where there should be a complete review of the basic philosophy behind taxation in Australia. At present we are witnessing a great proliferation of taxes, both State and Federal, many of which are difficult to police and expensive to collect. The sole criterion applied to the introduction of a new tax seems to be: "What avenue will raise the most money with the minimum of political reactions?"

How realistic but how much more might have been added. Lord Keynes, the Fabian Socialist whose theories of "controlled inflation" and "deficit budgeting" are generally accepted as the economic gospel today, warned once that few countries could stand a taxation system which re-claimed more than 25% of the gross National Income. Australia's taxation laws now squeeze "over 30% from the G.N.I. Even our adroit Federal Treasurer was moved to admit recently that he had great difficulty in understanding the Income Tax Laws. Perhaps the last straw is the Lavatory Tax, which has recently been enforced in Canberra, in which a tax of $10 is levied on a domestic toilet! It appears that even that all-too-short moment of silence and sovereignty, the cornerstone of individual freedom and National Health, has become the prey of the Taxman!

Mr. Macklin's stress upon Basic Philosophies is all-important. The present Taxation system is a combination of Marx and Fabius.

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