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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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13 June 1969. Thought for the Week: It does not take a horticulturalist to perceive that, if a tree is bearing bad fruit the more vigorously it yields the greater will be the harvest of mischief."
Lord Hewart, former Chief Justice of England in his book, The New Despotism.


"Federal political leaders last night differed widely in their interpretations of Saturday's by-elections in Victoria and N.S.W. - The Age. Melbourne, June 9.

Unless both the Liberal and Labour Parties who wish to see the demise of the Country Party can draw consolation from the drastically cut vote for that party in the NSW electorate of Gwydir there is little comfort in the results for either major party. The significant aspect of the Bendigo vote was the 6.3 per cent share of the vote won by the candidate standing on the single platform of "no State Aid to independent schools." Much is being made of this vote, and news in the press on June 10 indicates a special party may be formed to fight the Federal elections on this basis. However this vote represented the drop in votes cast for the ALP where the hardcore socialists wanting government control over every aspect of life is to be found.

The sectarian issue generates a great deal of bitterness and opposition to independent schools run by religious orders. Combined with the materialist philosophy of Socialism it is to be expected but a hard core of votes could be found to support opposition to any aid to such schools. Ironically it is highly doubtful that such aid will promote Christianity as it is given, with definite strings attached for other purposes. Economic policies depriving parents of financial independence is the underlying cause of the present ferment. It would appear that the issue will loom larger on the political horizon as time goes by.

The opportunity for presenting alternative financial policies must present themselves as the battle increases in intensity. The drastic cut in the Country Party vote in Gwydir indicated the truth of what we have been saying for so long. The Country Party, tied to the apron strings of the Liberal Party and its destructive economic policies aimed at the elimination of the independent, small, and not so small farmer is committing political suicide. Gwydir is a traditional blue ribbon Country Party seat. Mr. Ralph Hunt, the Country Parry candidate was probably the strongest candidate they could nominate, but his vote was cut by nearly 9 percent. Unless the Country Party can heed the voice of so many farmers' organisations, which are calling for relief from rising costs, it must continue to lose ground.

No Party can survive when the group it sets out to represent is being forced into economic liquidation. The destruction of the Country Party would have the most profound repercussions on the whole of Australia. With virtually a two party system dominating the nation, political arrogance would increase to the detriment of individual political and economic freedom. On the other hand the revival of the Country Party, initiating long overdue reforms in financial policy, giving satisfactory returns to the primary producer without concentrating productive capacity into fewer and fewer hands, would have profound repercussions and benefits to the whole populace.


"As replacement of U.S. forces begins, I want to emphasise two fundamental principles. No action will be taken which threatens the safety of our troops and the troops of our Allies. And second, no action will be taken which endangers the attainment of our objective - the right of self determination for the people of South Vietnam." - President Richard Nixon at Midway Island, reported in The Herald, Melbourne. June 9.

If Mr. Nixon is sincere then he is committed to carrying on the war against the communists until they are defeated, for they will not conclude the conflict on any other terms. An important Intelligence Bulletin issued by Sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes makes this clear. It reprints a directive put out by the Politburo of the DRV, the Communist Party of Vietnam in Hanoi just twelve months ago in anticipation of the acceptance of the Paris "Peace "talks.
In the introduction Sir Wilfrid comments that the U.S. psychological warfare department in South Vietnam have been ordered to withhold publication of important captured documents, for fear they may disturb the Paris Peace negotiations that this order was probably issued before the Nixon administration took office, and the President may not be aware of the order. The directive makes it clear that the Communist Party had not anticipated the resistance it has had and that there has been "errors and difficulties." Negotiations were to be accepted as a cover for regrouping and the use of military action at the psychological time to gain further concessions at Paris. Although we negotiate the whole Party should understand that to negotiate does not mean to lay down rifles to neglect the fighting and hope and wait for peace. The war will end; the armed struggle will stop only when the great and basic achievements of the Party stand are secured… "
The negotiations on... may end in a deadlock because both sides cannot compromise."

It is obvious that the Allies have already compromised on the fundamental issues of fighting a limited war. The compromise has already started and it is difficult to see how the Allies can achieve victory on that basis when faced with an enemy, which will not compromise unless completely defeated.


Our comment, "The Irish Stew" prompted replies from a number of readers who sent material on the Rev. Ian Paisley's background, for which we thank them. Such material had not come to our notice prior to our comment and is appreciated.
Mr. Eric Butler writing from England commented that Mr. Pat Walsh research director to the Canadian League of Rights and Canadian Intelligence Service, with quite some experience of undercurrents in Irish politics, believes that the Rev. Paisley is working for correct ends, and that Mr. Walsh's fellow Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland are being exploited by those whose ultimate policies are anything but a benefit to them. The principle of -"one man, one vote," for example, if achieved will only end in the tyranny, which it is undoubtedly designed to achieve, benefiting neither group.


Keith Dunstan in The Sun Melbourne June 10, commenting on The furore resulting from Senator Scott censoring one scene in the film, I Love, You Love revealed that the National Film Theatre of Australia will now hold a festival of Swedish films called Fifty years of Swedish Films. The purveyors of pornography are reacting like the drug addict, who denied his "shot" does not rest until he can obtain an increased booster shot. The comment of the Bishop of Sale, Bishop Fox that it was " tommy rot" to argue that the scene censored was not indecent, put the matter into correct perspective. Some years ago such films were illegal and were played to select audiences who craved for stimulation, which was generally recognised for what it was, pure eroticism.

With the passage of time and continuing propaganda leveled against traditional ethics standards have been lowered. What was depravity is now accepted as "art." The time must come, we were informed on television by the spokesman for this film festival, when the sex act will be performed on stage. The fact that Sweden is the source of much of this depravity is in direct parallel with the acceptance of socialism and the welfare state as the political philosophy of that country. Under socialism the values of personal responsibility and self-discipline are destroyed, allowing those obsessed with power to control, not only the economy, but the ethics also of the country.
Bishop Fox was quite correct in saying the scene portrayed was abhorrent to a Christian community in that self discipline exercised by the individual is essential to the observance of Christian moral law and self discipline promoted by political and economic policies the product of a nations "education" as well as the teaching of moral laws will result in national attitudes.

The lessons of History are that any nation, which accepts the principle that the State be responsible for the welfare of the individual, is digging its own grave. The signs of death are its moral decadence, and the lack of desire by the individual to cope with life. Sweden has the highest suicide and divorce rate in Europe. The "culture" we are importing in the films coming from there grows from this background.


"Western Australia had indicated it would co-operate in the implementation of the Federal Governments, $25 million dairy reconstruction scheme, but no acceptances had been received from any other state." - Country Life (NSW) 30. 5 69.

Although the reason ostensibly given by State Governments to the proposed amalgamation scheme is that it will increase the debt burden carried by the States, there are signs that opposition is building up on the grounds that amalgamation schemes are the wrong answer, and can only lead to collectivism. For example The Queensland Country Life, (1.5. 69.) reported that:
"Eastern Downs dairymen have rejected any form of collective farming" as a solution to rising costs and marketing problems. At their annual conference at Warwick last week they carried a resolution asking the QDO State Council to present these views to State and Federal Governments with a view to implementing saner economic policies.

Addressing a public meeting in Armidale in May 31st, the Federal Member for New England, Ian Sinclair, was forced to admit in answer to a question that amalgamation schemes were the principle a negation of Country Party policy and that the Government should seek ways of returning incentives no marginal farmers rather than eliminating them. The NSW Country Party State conference scheduled to be held later this month, has on its agenda a resolution which suggests that amalgamation schemes are in direct conflict with the recently published National Policy of the Country Party, which seeks more people on the land, and increased incentives.
So it is clear that Mr. Anthony is flying in the face of a growing number of electors who do not contribute to Sovietisation by stealth State. Ministers of Agriculture should be asked to state their views on the proposed schemes.


An article in the Bulletin (May 31st) on the growth of Federal Government confirms the warnings of those like Professor Northcote Parkinson, who point out that bureaucracy feeds upon itself. We quote a few of the most significant figures.

The Federal Government now employs 388,000 public servants, about 8% of the Australian workforce. The State governments employ approx. 600,000 and with Local Government employees thrown in, well over 25% of the Australian work force now works for one type of government or another. The P.M.G.employs l05,000 men, and its payroll is continually rising (presumably in a direct ratio to the fall in efficiency). The taxation branch now employs 10,000 men, having reached five figures for the first time in 1968, and costs Australia $40million a year to run. (With the return of State Governments to the taxation field, the total number of tax officials will rise even further and faster).

This figure does not take into account Customs and Excise, which is another form of taxation and which employs a further 4,000 men. The Treasury employs 2,400 men, not nearly enough according to Mr. McMahon, who has recently complained that he has not even the necessary staff to produce the customary Treasury White Papers.

Apart from the P.M.G. Federal employment increased by 30,000 in the past five years, a growth rate of 6% annually. The Bulletin sums up the situation in one succinct phrase. "The Gortonial approach to Commonwealth-State relations of intervention, short of complete takeover of policy and administration from the State Governments, look very costly in terms of bureaucracy. And of course there is the so-called red tape."


"The Premier said a parent had sent him a copy of a pamphlet outlining "rules for revolution" - The Age June 9, reporting the Queensland Premier Mr. Bjelke-Petersen. He continued, "The Government is aware of a deliberate highly planned movement to spread an insidious gospel of anarchy." Among the pamphlet rules were: Corrupt the young, get them away from religion, get them interested in sex, rust their ruggedness, destroy the people's faith in their leaders by holding them up to ridicule and contempt."

The above pamphlet was exposed in the League's Queensland journal, Ladies Line. It is pleasing to see the message is being received in the highest quarters.

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