Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

4 July 1969. Thought for the Week: "Without religion there can be no morality, and without morality there can be no law."
Lord Denning.


"Britons face the prospect of a harsh new squeeze as the price they will have to pay for yet another international loan. - The Advertiser, Adelaide, June 23.

The International Monetary Fund has announced a $ U.S.1,000 million loan to Britain, the third in four years, to help pay back a previous loan. Britain has still to pay back $ 333 million on an original 1965 I.M.F. loan. An I.M.F, official, Mr. Dan Frost, said in a T.V. interview that the I.M.F. terms on the new loan "would be very tough". One of the stringent features of the new credit involves periodic consultations with the I.M.F. aimed at ensuring that agreed economic targets are adhered to by Britain. Here is the open admission of the supremacy of International Finance over the Government of Britain.

As the I.M.F. was established as a result of the Bretton Woods Financial Agreement, which was promoted by such people as Harry Dexter White and Lauchlin Currie, subsequently exposed as members of the Communist spy-apparatus, we may now see a direct link between International Financial groups and the withdrawal of British forces East of Suez, thus leaving a vacuum to be filled by Soviet military and naval strength. The extent of the financial burdens imposed upon the British is revealed by the stupendous rise in taxation now tipped to be increased to pay for this new loan. In 1900 the average national income per head was £300 with taxes £30 per head. In 1967 income per head was £550 and taxation £250 per head. Since then both have increased so that nearly half of the income of the average person is swallowed in taxation. This deliberate economic warfare is designed to fulfill Marxist economic doctrines, which ensure the collapse of the nation prior to complete Communisation.


Mr. Eric Butler reports from Salisbury, where he had been based for a week when he wrote the following:

If Rhodesia's international friends are confused about what is taking place in Rhodesia, they may be comforted to know that as I write, five days before the Referendum on a proposed new Constitution, large numbers of Rhodesians are also confused! Amongst those who vote NO against the Rhodesian Front Government's proposals will be many loyal supporters of the RF. They see the proposed new Constitution as containing a type of time bomb, which could explode in the future. For my own part I cannot understand why the Government decided at this particular moment to provide their powerful international enemies with an opportunity to attack them.

The Rhodesian issue was quietly being forgotten in most parts of the world, and given time would have been completely pushed off the stage of world affairs by other issues. In spite of the usual propaganda by the British Socialists about the Rhodesian economy "stagnating", it is difficult to find any evidence of this here in Salisbury. One of the first sights to catch the eye upon driving into Salisbury is the large amount of new building taking place. The skyline is changing. But even more striking is the almost feverish building of new homes, many of them luxurious, in the suburbs. People are moving into new homes as fast as they are completed, in some cases before they are completed. There is also a spate of flat development. Building activities even continue on Sundays.

A visit to the industrial areas of Salisbury reveals that the development I have studied over past years is continuing. New motorcars are now being assembled at an increasing rate in Rhodesia. My wife has done an extensive survey of the shops and remarks upon are wide range of goods for sale. Imports from France and Italy are in many cases in the luxury class. Rhodesian farmers had one of their best seasons last year, breaking the drought and this year is also most promising.

As a recent report from Holland openly admits that the Dutch Government is aware that Rhodesian tobacco is being imported into Holland, I can now comment on what has been taking place. The Rhodesian tobacco industry has been the major victim of the economic war against Rhodesia, but there has been a large amount of successful diversification. However, many are still continuing to grow tobacco, which is obviously being stockpiled. Encouraged by the comparatively cheap price, buyers are finding ways and means of getting it out of the country. It is no secret that a number of barrel deals have been done these explaining why luxury goods are available in Rhodesia at a time when Rhodesia's foreign exchange is severely limited. One cynic has suggested that the Rhodesians could regard their large stockpile of tobacco as a type of "secret weapon" - extremely cheap tobacco could be made available on a large scale, with a serious effect on tobacco industries elsewhere!

It is true that Rhodesia still needs to import certain types of production but with every day that passes moves closer towards the goal of self-sufficiency. It is impossible for the United Nations Organisation to substantially increase the pressure of sanctions without involving the Portuguese South Africa. There is no evidence I can see that the will of the Rhodesian people to resist has been eroded. And the threat from the North appears to have temporarily eased, with President Kaunda of Zambia so concerned with his own growing internal problems to devote too much attention to Rhodesia.
There are reliable reports that tribal conflicts amongst the Communist-trained terrorists based in Zambia have been one of the factors responsible for a long lull in terrorist invasions across the Zambesi. Even the Communists find that tribal realities cannot be easily brushed aside!

The Referendum has re-activated a type of open political ferment, which has been lacking since U.D.I. in November 1965. Mr. Harold Wilson, and other enemies of Rhodesian independence, may see some hope in this return to normal open political combat. But I am satisfied that at present there is no evidence of any serious political fragmentation inside Rhodesia. It is possible to visualise a new political polarisation in the future, but even that would be within the growing mood of conservatism within Rhodesia in recent years.


The International Student Power movement will be the theme of The Australian League of Rights' Annual Seminar, to be held in The Empire Room, The Federal, Collins Street, Melbourne, Saturday, September 20. The first Paper will be presented at 2pm by Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs senior lecturer at the University of North Wales, United Kingdom. Dr. Dobbs will discuss the problems of modern students, and make constructive suggestions for facing these problems.
The second Paper will be presented by Mr. Eric Butler, and examine the Student Power Movement in Australia.
The third Paper will be presented at the evening session of the Seminar, starting at 8p.m., by Mr. Patrick Walsh, Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police under-cover agent, and internationally recognised authority on Communist subversion, Mr. Walsh will expose the international planning behind worldwide student revolutionary and subversive activities.

This Seminar is a MUST for all those who can attend. Make a note of the date now. And encourage others to attend also. Tickets will be available later.


"Last week, with Malaysian security forces over stretched along the Sarawak, Thai border and Kuala Lumpur fronts, newspapers and politicians connected the increased Malayan Communist Party guerilla activity up north with the internal political-racial tension in Western Malaysia" - The Sunday Mail (Queensland, June 1/6/69).

The article goes on to report that half of Chin Peng's force had crossed the border to see if Malaysians would support them with food and recruits. So, with Western collapse in Vietnam, just as the communists predicted, it seems that Chin Peng's moment has come. Defeated by the British in the late fifties, under General Templar, the Communists retreated into the jungles of Thailand. While apologists for the Communist offensive, like Dr. Jim Cairns, argue that the domino theory does not exist, it is already starting to take effect before our eyes. The stream is growing to a flood, and is sweeping past Vietnam through the rest of S.E. Asia.


As we were pleased to report last issue, the Deficiency Fund "made it". Details will be published after the accounting has been finalised. The 1970 League of Rights expansion will be formally launched by the National Director on his return from abroad. We mention this here and now, because there have been many supporters who WANTED to support the Deficiency Fund, but were unable to do so until AFTER the close of the financial year. These people may now make their advance contributions to the 1970 Expansion Fund.


"An inquiry commission yesterday proposed the biggest reform of English Local Government in nearly a century, with a major shift of power from London to the Regions. The historic report is destined to change the lives of millions. It calls for the abolition of 1200 councils and the creation of eight provinces in a drastic shake up of grass-roots rule in villages towns and counties. The proposals would transform beyond recognition the present local authorities, which run much of England's public health, housing water supplies, roads, bridges, education, police and fire services. Decades of established custom would be swept away" - The Courier Mail (June 12th).

The above paragraph needs little comment. It is naked in its Fabian intent. The villages and counties of England are woven into the history of the island, and the healthier they were, so was measured the health of England. The erosion of decentralised sovereignty is a process that has accelerated both in England and Australia in recent times. The decline is a planned one. The intrusion of central government planning, the imposition of debt burdens and bureaucratic interference have all tended to make local government look inefficient.

In Australia Local Government debt increased by 132% between 1955 and 1965. Having broken their effectiveness, the central planner suggests arrogantly that the people are too dumb to govern their own affairs, and the expert must do it for them. The corruption that goes with all power is absolute. A good example of this is contained in an article in the Queensland Country Life (June 12th)
"Lack of finance available to North Queensland local authorities was the main source of growing problems confronting them. The chairman of the North Queensland Local Government Association, Cr. M. Borzi said this in his annual report last Friday. He said the present method of financing council works certainly required reviewing. While the obvious answer lay in larger contributions from State and Federal governments, no local authority would want to jeopardise its present control over individual local affairs and the right to join together when dealing with matters of common interest... But too often the price for financial help is loss of local sovereignty.


We have been shocked by the news right as we go to Press, that our dear friend, and stalwart, Mr. Hugh Gerrand has died. Hugh Gerrand was one of the most intimate colleagues of the League of Rights Executive over a generation. He passed away as he would have wished: League of Rights Executive over a generation. He passed away as he would have wished: after addressing an audience on the evils of a collectivist and totalitarian policy. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his widow and son.


"Death Duties on farm estates could create "a downtrodden peasant class" in Australia, a delegate to the Shires' Association claimed yesterday. Death duty of $77,500 had been charged on one property valued at $200,000, he said. The family had to sell the property to pay the duty - and leave the home in which they had lived all their lives." - Daily Telegraph (June 6th).
This is a story, which has recurred over and over again throughout Australia. It is not only an unjust tax. It is a deliberate political weapon.



Work for Work's Sake is not a Christian Maxim: The mass-hypnotism which has been holding Modern Man spellbound over the past hundred years, but especially over the last fifty, increasing with the technological development of the mass-media, has brainwashed him into accepting unreservedly, as night follows day, that man must work if he is to eat. A deeper understanding of the nature of the financial and industrial systems will reveal that it is no longer necessary for man to spend one third of his life in a 'daylight prison' (factory or office) in order to achieve access to sufficient 'purchasing power' to meet his essential economic requirements.

That this is now so, is evidence of the forces of Satan, the Master of Deception, which have perverted the material purpose of man to one of enslavement to the machine; the State. Jesus came so that we should have Life, and have it more abundantly.

The Conspiracy against mankind is at its point of culmination: Man is to have less and less Life, with no abundance. And yet, many who should know better are still deceived by this axiom of 'full-employment', in that it is taken as Gospel that man must 'work' to live.
C.H. Douglas remarked thus:
"Employment as an end in itself is a concerted policy to be found in practically every country. It is an international policy, and it proceeds from the great international power in the world - the power of finance. It is conscious, and it is sustained by every argument and force at the disposal of that great international power, because it is the means by which mankind is kept in continual, if concealed slavery".

Several prominent church men have re-affirmed Man's purpose in recent times. These conflict directly with the 'full employment' purpose of Man as taken by International Finance, as aptly stated above by C. H. Douglas. The Anglican Bishop of Oxford has said … Work for work's sake is not a Christian maxim. We work in order to live. To reverse this principle would be to suggest that man is a mere producing or organizing machine, which indeed must have a rest sometimes, but merely as a biological necessity, in order once again to go to work efficiently. Man's Life, in any Christian view is something far greater and more profound than his capacity to produce goods or organize their production. Freedom from unnecessary work is something to be welcomed and even extended as far as possible …"

In 1950, Pope Pius XII said Men have only exaggerated mass production and exploitation to the point of exhausting all resources above, below, or on the surface of the earth… In the face of the pressing duty in the field of social economy of balancing production and consumption, wisely measured according to the needs and dignity of men, the problem of the ordering and establishment of this economy, in so far as production is concerned, is today of prime importance. We must not look for a solution … in the equally artificial formalism of 'full-employment'.

A Christian Church spokesman on moral law, when asked by a questioner whether or not Christianity was a religion of sacrifice in which 'work' plays a large part, said: … "Undoubtedly, one basic law of Christianity is self-denial. But such self-denial is possible always and everywhere, in many different ways, whether in personal self-discipline, or self-sacrifice on behalf of others. If we have to work, our work can easily involve sacrifices, which, when accepted in a Christian spirit, can be a means to our growth in virtue and holiness. But Christianity does not demand that 'work' must necessarily be part of our sacrifice. There is no Christian law obliging people to 'work'. They are bound, of course, to forms of self-denial in various ways, but 'work' is not necessarily one of those ways."

It is important for all V.P.A, personnel to have these fundamental premises concerning 'work' and man's purpose at their fingertips, as the average politician can't conceive of any social system, which does not involve man in never-ending work. To get any sense into them at all they will have to be pinned down to a major 're-think' of the nature and purpose of Man.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159