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Edmund Burke
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On Target

29 August 1969. Thought for the Week: "…the crisis of our civilization is primarily a spiritual crisis and... our political and economic difficulties are its surface manifestation,"
Sir David Kelly in The Hungry Sheep


"His (Mr. Freeth's) suggestion that there was nothing wrong in trading with the Russians although it was a Communist country seems odd in view of the fact that his Government has barred trade with Rhodesia on the ground that on principle we cannot trade with a Government that denies human rights." - DLP Senator McManus as reported in The Herald( Melbourne) August 26.

Senator McManus has neatly exposed the double-talk of Mr. Freeth, who, together with his leader, Prime Minister Gorton, has been desperately attempting to "explain" his incredible statement on foreign affairs at Canberra on August 14. A number of Government private Members have been attempting to placate disturbed electors by suggesting that the press has been unfair to Mr. Freeth. It is true that the press headlined and featured Mr. Freeth's views concerning the possibility of entering into some type of "regional security", arrangement with the Soviet Union in South-East Asia. But this was real news because it was an open repudiation of the strong anti-Communist image the Liberal-Country Party coalition Government has created in the past. If Mr. Freeth's references to Soviet Russia were not based upon some belief that it was possible to reach some real agreement between Australia and the Soviet, then why were these references made?

It may be true that Mr. Freeth is extremely naive and did not realise the full significance of what he was saying but what about his advisers, upon whom he says he has relied, and Prime Minister Gorton, who has fully endorsed the Freeth statement? These serious questions demand a genuine answer, and not dangerous double-talk. We have made a detailed study of Mr. Freeth's complete statement in Canberra on August 14, and have a recording of the ABC Four Corners TV programme last weekend in which Senator McManus had Mr. Freeth badly on the defensive. One of the most revealing statements made by Mr. Freeth in the Four Corners programme was when Senator McManus rejected the concept of "peaceful co-existence" with the Soviet, stressing that this meant leaving the peoples of Eastern Europe under Communist control as long as the West was left alone. Mr. Freeth replied, "Well surely you are not optimistic enough, Senator, to believe that any of the great powers of the world are going to declare war on Russia are going to fight Russia in a military sense, in order to free those nations. This has been going on so long now that the pass was sold long ago." And the pass was sold because of the advice of the same type of people who are advising Mr. Freeth that Australia should be "realistic" about the growing Soviet thrust into Indian Ocean and South-East Asia.

Mr. Freeth knows full well that right at this very time the Americans, Australians and New Zealanders are engaged in a military conflict with the Soviet Union in Vietnam. The Soviet has no Russian troops in Vietnam, but it is content to supply the sophisticated weapons and to fight the war by proxy through the North Vietnamese. If Mr. Freeth and his advisers were genuine, they would urge the same economic sanctions against the Soviet Union, which they support against anti-Communist Rhodesia.

In a statement reported in the daily press of August 26, Mr. Freeth explained his Four Corners statement that he did not believe that the A.L.P. should be charged with "being Communist." He said that, "I have said I believe associations with Communists in trade unions leads some members of the A.L.P. to be unduly influenced by Communist arguments and attitudes, and these tend to be reflected in A.L.P. decisions on policy. " But surely the same argument appeals to Mr. Freeth himself, because he is demonstrating that he, or his advisers have been unduly influenced by Communist arguments and attitudes.
Mr. Freeth and Prime Minister Gorton have admitted that they are reacting to suggestions put forward by the Soviet Union.

In a defence of Mr. Freeth at a Liberal Party political rally in Melbourne on August 25, Prime Minister Gorton said that to "men of commonsense" the remarks by Mr. Freeth should not be seen as a change of policy, "But as an expression of hope that what was wanted for northern neighbours would be achieved."
Any Australian Prime Minister, who even hints that any legitimate Australian interest can be served by association with the criminals in the Kremlin, has automatically disqualified himself as a man who can be trusted with the future of Australia.

It is ironic that the Gorton Government's attitude towards the Soviet thrust into the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia is that of Fabian Socialist Harold Wilson of the United Kingdom, and a repudiation of the recent warnings of former British Conservative leader, Sir Alec Douglas Home.

Members of the Federal Liberal and Country parties must openly repudiate the Gorton Freeth policy before the Federal Elections, or risk experiencing electoral sanctions, which could have a most sobering impact. The D.L.P. claim that it will exercise such sanctions if necessary will be supported by large numbers of Australians who are not normally D.L.P. supporters. Mr. Freeth and the Prime Minister should stop the double-talk and face the realities of the situation.


The world's press has generally depicted the violence in Ulster as simply a manifestation of traditional hostility between Irish Roman Catholics and Irish Protestants. But this is a dangerous over-simplification, as shown in an exclusive report by Mr. Patrick Walsh, former Royal Canadian Mounted Police undercover agent. Mr. Walsh has first-hand knowledge of the tiny but active Irish Communist group, which has considerable influence in all countries outside Ireland where Irish minorities constitute important minorities. In his under-cover capacity Mr. Walsh was in Ireland from 1944 to 1950 contacting Irish Communists. He has maintained a close contact with political developments in the "Emerald Isle." The following report from Mr. Walsh, who has recently been in Southern Africa, was prepared during the height of the violence in Ulster. He is a devout Roman Catholic:

Violence has reached a high peak in Northern Ireland as this article is being written. This has reached such serious proportions that Great Britain has had to move in troops and the Prime Minister of the Irish Republic (Eire) has even had the gall to ask the United Nations to send in a UN force to "restore law and order" (a la Katanga?) In an article entitled Tiny Red Band Influences Ireland's Politics, which appeared in American Mercury of November, 1960 I wrote:
"The Soviet fifth column in Ireland originates, not amongst the 'poor downtrodden workers', but amongst the intellectual 'egg-heads' of Trinity College the non-sectarian University of Dublin. Jim Larkin Jnr. told this writer that the majority of the Irish Communists were recruited from graduates of Trinity College. These 'egg -heads' are then sent into the trade unions, the press and the civil service to carry out party orders. It is not surprising that the Irish daily press slants news leftwards and that 'anti-anti-communist' articles prevail in these newspapers

Today in 1969, this also explains why the big press, including the conservative papers, is so hostile to Rhodesia and so friendly towards the ZAPU and ZANU terrorists. I also wrote in my American Mercury article: "Stranger still is the parade of well known International Communists like Cheddi Jagan (whose wife, nee Janet Rosenberg, is a former Young Communist League organiser from Chicago) and other Communist agitators from Kenya, Malay Straits to Ireland. These International Reds skillfully playing on the "Nationalist" theme have addressed Red-sponsored meetings all over Ireland in recent years. Secret Communist party members amongst leading Irish editors in the daily press in Dublin have given these Red agitators vast press coverage."

It was also in the same article that I pinpointed the Association of Civil Liberties as a Communist controlled front. Today in Northern Ireland the so-called Irish Civil Rights Solidarity Campaign is controlled by followers of Mao Tse-tung operating out of Trinity College in Dublin. These agitators are operating through the "People's Democracy" movement, which is closely linked with the Black Power movement in the U.S.A.

Let us take a look at the inter-locking groups which make up the vast umbrella of revolutionary organisations behind the race riots in Leeds and Birmingham as well as the riots in Northern Ireland.
The London School of Economics (established by the Fabian Socialist conspirators) and Trinity College axis provides a continual stream of agitators from all over Western Europe. In a London School of Economics newsletter SYNIC 9 we read the following Illuminating items: "IRISH: The Irish Civil Rights Solidarity Campaign is working among Irish immigrants, and Bernadette Devlin's speeches around the country are partly on their behalf.

ZIMBABWE REVIEW: Monthly from ZAPU 283 Grays Inn Road.
The current wave of arrests by the South African security police indicates the widespread underground network of the African National Congress. There are indications of a new Terrorist Trial" being organised. At a conference in Tanzania, ANC streamlined their organisation, and altered its emphasis to pay more attention to the armed struggle. Training is now taking place inside Rhodesia.
PEOPLE'S DEMOCRACY VOICE: Ulster organ of People's Democracy From Northern Informer
NORTHERN INFORMER: From People's Democracy in London, giving low down on Ulster's dirt…

Left wing groups in Wandsworth and Lambeth have joined together to provide a more militant campaign against racialism. Participating are: IS, Young Communist League, YLs, Young Socialists and Black Power groups.

So here we have concrete proof that the whole spectrum of revolutionary groups, including those operating inside Northern Ireland, is being co-coordinated from the London School of Economics. The Rhodesia Herald of August 15 stated that, "it has been reported from sound sources that a group of French revolutionary students have been in the Bogside area of Northern Ireland giving advice on such matters as the refined petrol-bomb and the precise height at which to erect a decapitating wire between two lampposts.
"This is the same kind of "outside" agitator who has plagued my home Quebec Province in Canada. Highly trained student revolutionaries from France and West Germany inspired the wave of student unrest in Canada, which culminated in West Indian students causing millions of dollars of damage to the Sir George Williams University when they wrecked the computer centre. Today in Northern Ireland both the Maoists and Old Left Communists backing Bernadette Devlin are the real "detonators" now causing chaos."


New Times Annual Dinner, Friday, September 19, 6. p.m. The Australian League of Rights Annual Seminar, Saturday, September 20, Theme "Student Power". Papers by: Dr. Geoffrey Dobbs, senior lecturer University of North Wales, U.K. Mr. Eric D. Butler, recently returned from eighth international lecturing and fact finding tour; and Mr. Patrick Walsh, former undercover agent, fresh from Southern Africa. First Paper at 2.15 p.m.


"Mr. Averell Harriman, who led the U.S.delegation to the Paris talks on Vietnam until President Nixon had him replaced, yesterday proposed a startling peace plan. He said the U.S. should promise long-term economic and technical aid to Hanoi and award a large slice of political power in Saigon to the National Liberation Front, the political arm of the Viet Cong" - The Australian August 26.

In spite of the fact that we have on a number of occasions documented the Harriman record of consistent appeasement of Communism from the days of the Second World War through to the Vietnam disaster, many have found it hard to believe that wealthy men like Harriman could be serving the cause of International Communism. We trust that Mr. Harriman's frank proposals for obtaining "peace" in Vietnam will at last shock responsible Australians into a realisation that it is treachery in high places in the West by the powerful and influential who have sold the pass to the Communist barbarians. Mr. Harriman not only proposes selling out to the Communists in the South; he suggests that the U.S.A. offer Hanoi massive economic aid. Mr. Harriman speaks for powerful groups in the U.S.A.


The Corrupting Influence of Power

The central feature of man's history has been the struggle for power by some men over all other men, and the struggle by other men to resist surrendering power over themselves. Lord Acton's famous statement that "all power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely", is the statement of a natural law, one which history has demonstrated to be a reality.

Today there is a growing tendency to believe that fundamental natural law can be disregarded, particularly by those who like to regard themselves as intellectuals. The law concerning power is just as inexorable as the law of gravity. It is true that an individual can stand on a four-story building and claim that he does not believe in the law of gravity. But his views on the law have no bearing whatever on the result if he steps off the building; the law will operate!

It is important at present to grasp that violation of a natural law always produces the same disastrous results. If Mr. Gorton continues to centralise power at Canberra, and in the process tears up the Federal Constitution completely, the results will be just as disastrous as if Mr. Whitlam were centralising power. The label cannot change the reality. A bottle of poison always has the same deadly effect on the individual taking it - even if it is labeled icing-sugar!

Centralised power will always result in the death of the real freedom of the individual. An individual without power is one unable to make decisions. He is at the mercy of those who, because they have usurped the individual's power, make decisions for him. It is the capacity to make decisions, which enables an individual to develop himself.

Centralised power results in the individual being driven down the scale of existence until he is little better than an animal in a field. Like the animal, he may be well fed and looked after - but he is at the mercy of those who have power over him. He is a slave. The modern threat of slavery is worse than what was experienced in the past because in a centralised modern society power is imposed through a graded structure of bureaucracy. It is significant to note that large numbers of the petty officials of the Nazi movement (National Socialist) were quickly recruited by the Communists when they took power in East Germany. The change of label did not change the reality.

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