Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

12 September 1969. Thought for the Week: "Truth is the most important serum and integrity the most devastating weapon that can be used against the totalitarian concept."
Edward Hunter in Brainwashing.


"This statement (on foreign affairs at Canberra on August 14) was carefully prepared in consultation with the Department of External Affairs. We have experts all over the world who are constantly feeding in information about what's going on… it was really a sort of conspectus of what's going on in the region, rather than any sort of policy statement". - The Hon. Gorton Freeth in a radio interview with the Managing Editor of Albany (W.A.) radio station 6VA, Mr. Ted Furlong, and broadcast on 6VA "In Town and Out" September 5 and repeated on September 7.

A careful examination of Foreign Minister Freeth's "explanations" of his controversial foreign affairs statement on August 14 reveals the frightening truth that Mr. Freeth is appallingly ignorant of what he is trying to discuss, and that he is little more than the mouthpiece for the "experts". The type of "experts" Mr. Freeth is prepared to follow slavishly, have been consistently wrong on the subject of Marxism-Leninism for over 50 years. These are the experts responsible for the critical plight of the non-Communist world today.
It is only necessary to consider their attitude to Southern Africa, holding a major strategic area for the whole free world, to realise how disastrous their advice has been.

Mr. Freeth was at least frank on one point in his 6VA interview (a transcript of which we have before us). In answer to the interviewer's statement, "to a certain extent, ministers and politicians come and go, but your department and departmental officers continue for a lifetime, don't they", Mr. Freeth said, "That is so."

He made no suggestion that the statement he read contained views, which he, or the Prime Minister, had initiated. However, he has subsequently attempted to defend those views, as has the Prime Minister. As it has been admitted by Mr. Gorton that no other members of Cabinet, not even the Minister for Defence, Mr. Fairhall, were informed of the nature of the statement before it was read, then Mr. Gorton and Mr. Freeth must accept responsibility for the views put forward. It is merely playing with words for the Minister for Foreign Affairs to claim that the statement was "not really an announcement of a policy change."

The statement revealed that in spite of the Soviet's long and consistent record, Mr. Freeth, the Prime Minister, and their "expert" advisers, are prepared to consider the possibility of a type of regional "security pact" in South-east Asia with the Soviet. In his 6VA interview Mr. Freeth denied in one breath that he was "welcoming the Russians" while in the next breath he said that "There was a welcome to signs of increasing willingness on the part of the Russians to co-operate".

Australians concerned about their future should ponder long and hard on this revealing statement by their present Minister for Foreign Affairs. Unless words have lost their meaning, Mr. Freeth is saying that he welcomes an alleged willingness by the Russians to co-operate in South-East Asia. He therefore believes that there is some genuine modification of a consistent Soviet policy directed towards advancing Communism. There is no evidence whatever for such an incredible view, and if Australian electors endorse this view by uncritically re-electing the Gorton Government with its present majority, they will be encouraging the Soviet strategists to intensify their diplomatic, trade and psychological offensive right throughout Asia.


"Russia's proposals for a collective security system in Asia contained the inherent danger of political subservience to the world's major communist power, Lieutenant General Vargas warned yesterday. A dominant Soviet role in economic matters favored the developments of an equally dominant role in political affairs …he said." Barry Wain in The Australian September 9.

As General Vargas of the Philippines, is the Secretary General of the South-East Treaty Organisation the warnings about the Soviet in his annual report cannot be easily brushed aside by those Government Members attempting to support the Freeth-Gorton statement of August 14. General Vargas said: "It must not be forgotten that the long-range goals of the Soviet Union, like those of Communist China, are to erode Western influence and to replace democratic governments by communist regimes. However "correct" Soviet actions may appear to be in the short term, the establishment of diplomatic, commercial and relations will facilitate the covert introduction of personnel skilled in the subtle propagation of communist theories and practices. In short, the Soviet concept entails the very real danger that in time, the regional countries may find themselves subjected to rigid external political domination which denies them the right to determine even their awn domestic policies."

The realism of General Vargas is refreshing, even if chilling, after the vaporings of Mr. Freeth and Mr. Gorton. In his 6VA interview, Mr. Freeth confirmed the predictions of those who said that the Soviet was about to approach Australia for joint development of fishing. Mr. Freeth said "We sell things to Russia - we've had a trade agreement with Russia for many, many years now. And we would like to have some arrangements regarding fisheries. You know, there are tremendous developments taking place round the Australian coast, and if we can get sensible co-operation of mutual benefit - just as I said the other day, where you sell a bale of wool or a bag of wheat to the Russians, this is because it's of mutual benefit."
It apparently has never dawned on the simple Mr. Freeth that the Soviet trawler fleets being extended all over the world, could be designed for purposes other than catching fish.

The Marxist Leninists do not regard trade as Mr. Freeth regards it. Mr. Freeth stated in Albany that while he disagreed with Communist ideology and principles, "we've got to learn to live with them, because the only other alternative is, I believe, ultimately the annihilation of the human race."

During the past 25 years the non-Communists have been learning to live with the Communists - "peaceful co-existence" it is called! - while one third of the total population of the world has passed under Communist control and another one third has been coming under Communist influence. Long before another 25 years have passed the whole world will be under Communist totalitarianism - if there is a continuation of the cowardly policy advocated by the Freeths of the world.

Apparently it has never occurred to Mr. Freeth that the very exports he advocates to the Communists provide the West with a weapon to force the Communists on to the defensive. His departmental "experts" support economic sanctions against anti-Communist Rhodesia. Why not start to deprive the Communists of the economic blood transfusions they have been receiving from the West for far too long?


The organisers of the Annual New Times Dinner for Friday, September 19, announce that they regret they cannot take any further bookings. Those wishing to hear Dr.Dobbs, Mr. Pat Walsh and Mr. Eric Butler will have to attend the League of Rights National Seminar on Saturday, September 20, starting at 2 p.m.


"Mr. Barnes should be removed from office as Minister for Territories, a UN expert said yesterday. Mr. Paul Morawerz, an economic adviser to the UN and the World Bank, was talking to HSV7 - 3DB's "Meet the Press." He said, "To me, Mr. Barnes represents what his department represents - 19th century paternalism." This needed to be replaced by 21st century intellectualism". - The Sun (Melbourne), September 8.

Mr. Paul Morawetz is an interesting study. He came to Australia as a Jewish refugee from Czechoslovakia in 1940 and immediately started to prosper as a paint manufacturer. He was even then well known for his strong Leftist views. He sold his paint business in 1959 and managed to attach himself to the UN as an "adviser." Much of his time has been spent in advising in Africa and Latin America. Following a visit to Red China, presumably on the pay roll of the UN or the World Bank. Mr. Morawetz told Australians of the tremendous "progress" being made under Mao Tse-tung. Mr. Morawetz said in his "Meet the Press" interview that experience had taught him that, "the leaders of developing countries paid greater attention to the needs and wishes of their people than leaders in the western countries." Perhaps Mr. Morawerz might care to state in which African country leaders are paying great attention to the needs and wishes of their people.
As Tanzania is one of the countries listed to whom he has allegedly given advice, he would surely know whether or not the people were happy about the increasing number of Red Chinese being brought into the country by their "leader".

It was, of course, sheer effrontery for Mr. Morawetz to tell the Australian Government that Mr. Barnes should be "sacked" because he does not agree with his policies. But this was a typical reflection of the intellectual arrogance for which Mr. Morawetz is known amongst those who have met him. He should be very much at home with the World Bank, the creature of top secret Communist agent Harry Dexter White, of the U.S.A. Treasury Department, and now headed by the Kennedy's friend Robert McNamara, the former disastrous American Minister for Defence.


"An attempted takeover of the civil rights movement in Ulster by the People's Democracy group which backs Miss Bernadette Devlin has provoked resignations and widespread protests within the movement. Four civil rights leaders in Belfast who have resigned from the movement's national executive committee of 14 in protest against People's Democracy plans and policies are leading resistance to the group."- The Australian, September. 5.

The continued troubles in Northern Ireland are once again providing an example of how trained revolutionaries skillfully exploit differences between different groups. Commentators who hark back to the brutalities of Cromwell (who treated his fellow English as roughly as he did the Irish) tend to obscure the fact that traditional religious bitterness in Northern Ireland was dying until the present troubles started. What is happening in Northern Ireland is part of a worldwide pattern of violence carefully fostered.

We have reliable reports that at least 400-500 trained revolutionaries from other parts of the world are now operating in Northern Ireland. By the use of illegal radio stations and other means, Protestants are being inflamed against Roman Catholics, and vice versa.
It is a tribute to the Christian clergy that many of then both Protestants and Roman Catholics, have been working together to try to prevent further violence.

One of those who resigned from the civil rights movement because of the activities of Miss Devlin's People's Democracy group, Mr. McAmerney, a retired company director, charges that "We have been infiltrated by an extreme socialist group which is using us for political ends which have nothing to do with civil rights."
The behaviour of Miss Devlin has been outrageous. She is an elected Member of the British House of Commons and like all Members of Parliament should be expected to set an example against mob violence, irrespective of who is responsible, which undermines the Rule of Law. But Miss Devlin physically participated in the violence by breaking and providing stones for one of the mobs engaged in violence.

However, this was obviously in keeping with her revolutionary philosophy. She has been quoted as saying in London that she wanted a Socialist Government in Ulster "along Cuban lines." It is significant that she rejected the suggestion of Mayor Daley of Chicago that funds collected in the U.S.A. should be sent to the Irish Red Cross instead of being entrusted to her. Miss Devlin made the revealing statement that she had no love for the Red Cross - allegedly because it had refused her request for money to supply gas masks for children to protect them against gas. The Irish Red Cross no doubt wondered what kind of people Miss Devlin and her associates must be to have children amongst any mob of rioters likely to have tear gas used against them by those striving to keep law and order. And like Mayor Daley, they no doubt felt that funds given to Miss Devlin and her friends would be used for dubious political purposes.


In Mr. Patrick Walsh's report on the Ulster Riots (On Target, August 29) we made a typographical error, which had the People's Democracy movement being linked with the Black Power movement, in the "U.S.A." instead of the "U.K."


Peaceful Co-Existence

In attempting to defend his famous foreign policy statement on August 14, Mr. Gordon Freeth has stated that there is no alternative but to accept "peaceful co-existence" with the Soviet Union. As the Prime Minister has in yet another statement, at Canberra on Tuesday evening of this week, (September 9) given further support to the conception of "peaceful co-existence" with the Soviet, it is essential that all actionists be well equipped on just what "peaceful co-existence" means to the Soviet leaders.
The following should be used:
"Peaceful Co-existence" was first outlined by the Soviet strategist Lenin as a necessary tactic in "inevitable" conflict with the "capitalist enemy." Khrushchev, whom the gullible Western politicians thought was the first Soviet leader to advocate "peaceful co-existence", said bluntly that "peaceful co-existence" was only a temporary state, that it could not continue permanently, that either the "capitalists" or the Communists must go to the grave.
If Prime Minister Gorton, Mr. Freeth and their advisers have their way, obviously Australia is expected to go to the grave.

We have before us the Soviet's official publication, A Dictionary of Philosophy (no copies available for sale) edited by M. Rosenthal and P. Yudin, published in Moscow in 1967, and we recommend that the Prime Minister and his supporters carefully study the lengthy explanation of "peaceful co-existence". After some typical Communist double-talk, it is stated that today "War… is now fraught with dangers of a world conflict". But "peaceful co-existence does not mean giving up the national liberation movement; on the contrary, it creates the most favourable conditions for it. Moreover, since the struggle for peace, for peaceful co-existence, is conducted against imperialists - the source of military danger - this brings the masses to a better understanding of their vital interests.

American Communist Party leader Gus Hall has explained "peaceful co-existence" even more clearly. Writing in the Communist journal Political Affairs for December, 1963, Hall said that it was false to suggest that "peaceful co-existence" meant that the "Soviet Union must lessen its fight against U.S. imperialism… must withhold aid from national liberation movements or must even sacrifice the interests of other socialist countries…The Soviet Union has consistently waged a vigorous and effective struggle against U. S. imperialism, and has at the same time consistently pursued a policy of peaceful co-existence."
Mr. Hall also referred to "the economic and technical aid to the new countries, socialist and non-socialist…that has enabled them to inflict repeated defeats on the imperialist powers.

The ideological drive behind the worldwide Marxist-Leninist movement is based upon the philosophy of dialectical materialism. This philosophy completely rejects the concept of "peaceful co-existence" as suggested by Mr. Freeth and Mr. Gorton. Both these men should be asked what evidence have they that the Soviet has given over the traditional Leninist concept of "peaceful co-existence" as a tactical weapon in a war for world conquest.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159