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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

3 October 1969. Thought for the Week: "Communism is not just a belief in economics or in politics or in foreign affairs; it is not just the support of the Soviet Union. Communism is a whole philosophy of life. It permeates everything you do. It permeates your family life, your relationship with your friends, your business relations, the professional relationships. It has to do with your own thinking of what the importance of man is…."
The late Dr. Bella V. Dodd, former top American Communist.


"The Kremlin's collective security plan for Asia was yesterday described by China as an attempt to dominate Europe, Asia and Africa. Peking described the security alliance recently advocated by the Russian leader, Mr. Brezhnev, and mentioned by the Soviet Foreign Minister, Mr. Gromyko, in the UN General Assembly last week, as gangster logic. The attack was in one of the harshest anti-Russian articles distributed by the China news agency and broadcast by Peking Radio. - The Australian, September 25.

Students of Marxist-Leninist dialectics have persistently pointed out that the Moscow-Peking "split" has been exploited by both Moscow and Peking to confuse the non-Communist world. As Red China continues to increase its nuclear power, there is no doubt about its frightful potential threat over the next ten years. But Moscow carefully exploits this threat in order to make its own steady global expansion more acceptable. And it is assisted when Peking attacks its South-East Asian "security" plan, the one which has got Prime Minister Gorton and his Minister for External Affairs, Mr. Freeth, into so much trouble.

By attacking Moscow, Red China helps foster the dangerous illusion that the Soviet is moving into the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia primarily to curb Red China. The truth is that every Soviet move is part of its overall global strategy for complete World Communism. It is true, of course that the Red Chinese also seek to have the whole world under Communism. But they believe that they should be the leaders of World Communism instead of the Soviet. However, this conflict does not prevent what might be described as competitive co-existence. For example, the Soviet and its satellites have always supported proposals to seat Red China in the United Nations.

Canadian Minister for External Affairs, Mr. Sharp has said at the UN that Red China has asked Canada to back its admission to the UN. This is the first time that Red China has openly indicated an interest in joining. It is not without significance that Red China has helped the Canadian Trudeau Government with a new deal to buy more of Canada's mounting wheat surpluses. Should Red China, with the aid of the Soviet, gain entry to the UN, it can be confidently predicted that the dialectical play between Moscow and Peking will be continued inside the UN. But fortunately increasing numbers of people are starting to see what this play is all about, and realise that their future will not be secured by the non-Communist world aligning itself with either Moscow or Peking.


In launching the League of Rights' Annual financial appeal, National Director Eric Butler states in a personal letter now in preparation for posting to all supporters that, "The League is based on the concept of personal responsibility. As National Director I am painfully conscious not only of my responsibility for advancing the League's programme, but also for our full -time staff who have jeopardised their prospects of economic advancement to serve their fellow-men. This sense of responsibility weighs heavily at times. Please help me by sharing this responsibility, by giving and/or pledging to our 1969-70 Fund of $25,000."

The Fund has been launched by 12 supporters pledging approximately $3000~ a magnificent start. |
Donations and/or pledges should be sent to Box 1052J, G.P.O. Melbourne 3002 or to P.O. Box 3 Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland.


"The Commonwealth Public Service Board yesterday granted pay rises of 18 per cent, to about 680 second division public servants. The increases range between $1750 and $2650 a year and will add about $l million to the Public Service pay bill. - The Australian, September 23.

Just twenty years ago the Liberal-Country Party coalition was promising in the 1949 Federal Elections "to reduce the burden of Government" as a contribution to putting the shillings back into the pound." The latest substantial salary increases for Federal public servants follows the 9.43 per cent increase granted to over 40,000 in July. It is only a matter of time before Federal Members are looking for further substantial salary increases also. All this helps to feed the fires of inflation and makes the task of the Communist easier.

Under the new awards second division public servants will be paid from $11,478 to $17,378 a year. First division salaries are from $19,500 to $22,750 a year. Increases under the new salary range also go to statutory authorities like the Snowy Mountains Authority and the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Second division public servants are engaged on "top policy advising and management functions in the service." They are a major part of the bureaucratic army of occupation, are well paid by the taxpayer, and exert enormous influence on policy making. A large number of the bureaucratic army makes no constructive contribution to the well being of Australia, many merely putting marks on pieces of paper to see how many others are doing likewise.

The average Australian farmer, producing the basic requirements of life, food, is urged to work harder, and to get bigger, by highly paid officials "advising" Mr. Anthony and others. And the average net income of the farmer is made less than that of the official. The Gorton Government obviously feels that the taxpayer's highly paid officials now require other considerations. And so they can now leave their jobs and take their pensions with them. As long as they go to another Government job - Federal, State, local and semi Government, or University - Commonwealth public servants will not lose any superannuation benefits, towards which taxpayers have contributed.
If they have more than 20 years' service, they can even go to private enterprise and retain their pensions. This means that senior public servants could seek higher salaries in private enterprise knowing that their pension rights would not be affected.

The Associated Chambers of Commerce rightly expressed concern at the Prime Minister's suggestion that they should follow his lead. Private employers' superannuation schemes are designed to encourage stability and loyalty within private organisations. It is certain that under any Government led by John Gorton there will be no attempt to do anything realistic to curb the growth of a Federal bureaucracy increasingly recruiting from the Socialist thinking students being produced by the Universities. Sooner or later the bureaucracy must be reduced to a proper level by insisting that Government itself be confined to its proper role in a truly democratic and free society.


"Whistle at a hare and he'll stop short, freeze, and listen. Britain's political leaders are apparently only just catching a low whistling sound that has been coming from the British people for years but it is suddenly increasing in volume. The politicians have begun to get the message. They've stopped careering on about the Common Market entry as if it were the most obvious benefit in the world. Their ears are erect, and they're listening." - From Noel Hawkin, London, in The Herald. (Melbourne) September 27.

For years the defeatists and anti-British elements in Australia have claimed that it was inevitable that the United Kingdom must enter the European Economic Community generally known as the Common Market, and that Australia, and other members of the old British Commonwealth, should realise that they had to develop other associations.

Contrary to popular opinion, de Gaulle was not implacably opposed to the United Kingdom entering the Common Market. But he was insistent that the British should first be completely humbled. He also knew that the British people have never been enthusiastic about the Common Market. British public opinion, in spite of years of expensive brainwashing by the powerful forces seeking to have the United Kingdom in the Common Market has never been pro-Market.

Dogged British anti-Common Market forces led by genuine patriots like the late John Paul, more than held their own in the defence of British sovereignty against the threat of government by bureaucracy from Brussels. The Australian League of Rights also made its contribution when it fired its first "shot" by sending Mr. D.J.Killen, MP, and Mr. Eric Butler to Britain in 1962 to put the case against joining the Common Market.

Opposition to the Common Market project has hardened since Mr. Enoch Powell recently put himself at the head of those urging caution. Former fanatical Common-marketeer Edward Heath has had to react by falling in behind Mr. Powell, in the same way that he has done on the race issue. Although still claiming to be an outright "marketeer", Prime Minister Wilson is making every effort to make it clear that the United Kingdom's traditional political and national freedom will not be jeopardised in any way. He also senses which way the political wind is blowing.

The defeat of the Common Market plot may be claimed to be a negative victory, but it will preserve sufficient British freedom of action to evolve a new initiative in international and Commonwealth affairs. If there were some statesmen at Canberra and Wellington at the present time, they would seize upon the growing British opposition to the Common Market to come forward with constructive proposals for strengthening the links between the old British Commonwealth.


"More strikes and 'increasing industrial ferment' were forecast yesterday by the president-elect of the ACTU, Mr. R.H. Hawke. But, he said, the question of industrial strife depended a lot on the attitudes of the Government and employers." - The Sun, (Melbourne) September 29.

At the recent Congress of Australian Trade Unions Mr. Hawke was elected to succeed Mr. A. Monk. Mr. Hawke received 399 votes against his opponent's 350. It is estimated that approximately 226 of Mr. Hawke's votes were provided by the Communist-controlled Unions. The position on the interstate executive of the ACTU is at present evenly balanced with 8 members opposing the Communists and 8 who normally support the Communists. Mr. Hawke as president will hold the balance of power. The Communists are at present planning to have the Victorian and Tasmanian Trades and Labor Councils taken over. If they succeed, they will gain two extra votes on the interstate executive of the ACTU, and Mr. Hawke will have then lost his present balance of power. He will be a captive of the Communists and their allies.

Do Mr. Hawke's belligerent threats about more strikes aid increasing industrial foment suggest that he is prepared to go along with the revolutionaries instead of attempting to offer some constructive policies for trade unionists? Mr. Hawke is presented by his admirers as a new type of Trade Union leader - a University educated man. It would be instructive to learn whether Mr. Hawke has been brainwashed into believing that the inflation is "inevitable", and that there must be constant conflict between employers and employees about the depreciating value of the money unit, or whether he is capable of some constructive thinking about finance-economics.


"We do not agree with P.L. McDonald (Herald 24-9-69) that the Rev. Ian Paisley should be kept out of Australia. We say let the Australian people hear him, because we know that every time he speaks he exposes himself and the bigoted system he represents. To refer to Miss Bernadette Devlin as the Roman Catholic opponent of Ian Paisley displays an abysmal lack of perception or a deliberate attempt to confuse and mislead. Miss Devlin has proven her courage and integrity by helping to defend her people at the barricades". - F. Kearney, Hon, Sec. of the Connolly Association of Australia in The Herald (Melbourne) September 27.

The overwhelming majority of readers of Mr. Kearney's letter in The Herald would not have seen another letter by the same Mr. Kearney, in the Communist Tribune of Sept. 10 in which he said, "We would like to record our appreciation and gratitude for the coverage you have given in Tribune to the 'Irish Question."

The fact that a number of prominent Australians who should know much better have appeared on the Connolly Associations's platform, does not alter the fact that this Association is a Communist-front organisation for misleading Australians of Irish background. Renewed violence in Belfast and the Dublin Government's foolish suggestion that UN troops be brought in, confirm the accuracy of the report we provided in last week's On Target. It is significant that none of the factual material we have reported has appeared in any of the daily papers.

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